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Montana - Mother Lover, Sister Lover, Neighbor Lover by eternalone

Montana was 15 the first time he blackmailed a woman for sex, and she was a lady, not one of the town tramps that got passed around. Her husband was president of the Rotary club, she had been a Den mother when her sons were in Cub Scouts, was Home Coming Queen her senior year, years ago. Glory days, come and gone. On her wedding day, she was pure as the driven snow. Only had intercourse with her husband. Before marriage, there may have been some fingers in her young pussy. Her lips may have t Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 103 times, Posted Nov 28, 2022

Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Incest, Old Female, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Young

Davey's Journey Part III - A Walk by the Lake by RealGood2020

Kelly is going to camp, so gives Davey a going away present! Davey decides to go camping to take his mind off of Kelly, and meets another little girl while there! One week. This is how long I and Kelly had been seeing each other after our second encounter. Most of the days we would go for walks through the woods, talk, hold hands, and head to our little getaway to have sex. For a couple of days, we couldn't do this because there were just too many people around, so all we did was Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 490 times, Posted Nov 24, 2022

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Girl, Teen Male, Young

Davey's Journey Part II: A Walk through the Playground by RealGood2020

Davey meets up again with Kelly, where he takes her to a special place so they can 'get to know each other better.' Four days. It had been four days since my encounter with a blonde, preteen beauty named Kelly. It was an encounter that, on one hand, I didn't want to have again, but on the other hand, I 'really' wanted to have again! I thought about going to the playground near the woods where I had my encounter with her, and just sitting on a bench and waiting. I decided against t Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 1008 times, Posted Nov 21, 2022

Fiction | First Time, Girl, Teen Male, Young

Davey's Journey Part I: A Walk in the Woods by RealGood2020

A teenaged boy encounters a young girl in the woods that begins his journey of sexual encounters with numerous other young girls. “Aww, nothing like a refreshing walk through the woods to enjoy your first week of Summer break,” I told myself strolled through the trails in the forest near my high school, enjoying the fresh air, the sounds of nature, and the fact that I don't have to deal with the stress of said high school for at least a couple of months or so. While technically it wasn't s Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 1251 times, Posted Nov 18, 2022

Fiction | Girl, Teen Male, Young

Tragedy by TheStoryAuthor

The inland suburbs of San Diego gave way to high desert terrain as we headed East on the Interstate. The horizon in front of us was still dim as they sun struggled to raise through a heavy covering of gray clouds. I had picked up Priya in Escondido, and after waiting to ensure that Clara had food and water for the day, we headed towards the rugged terrain of Anza Borrego. After a fun rendezvous on the wilderness with Makahlya a couple of months ago, she had arranged another mid-week trip.  Read more...

Rating: 50%, Read 6791 times, Posted Oct 29, 2022

Diary | Incest, Non-Erotic, Teen, Young

Truth or Dare with my friend and our parents. by Katie_Tells

TRUTH OR DARE (With my friend, her parents, my parents, and another of our friend's parents.) There will be a number of readers that won’t believe this story. It is true. I pondered how to write the story and from what perspective. I ultimately decided to just go with how I experienced the night. My name is Katie and my closest friends Becki and Jenni (yes- they both liked to end their names with an “i,”) and our parents took annual camping trips in the Sierra Ne Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 3923 times, Posted Oct 27, 2022

True Story | Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Young

Mum 7 : Mo’s big day approaches. by Fatman50

I woke up with a full erection, l thought about having a wank but decided to shower and get ready for school then go and find Mum. Once dressed l left my cock and balls hanging out of my trousers, l made sure l was hard, then went downstairs. Mum was in the kitchen preparing my breakfast, she was naked as usual. “Hi baby,” she said when she saw me, she came over and kissed me, taking hold of my cock. “I’m full of cum already,” she said, “your father was horny as well this morning, that was so Read more...

Rating: 89%, Read 23263 times, Posted Oct 26, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Boy, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Fisting, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Old Female, Old Male, Oral Sex, Pissing, Submission, Teen Female, Water Sports, Young

Mum 8 : Dog day and more. by Fatman50

We saw Jeff’s car turning into a fancy gateway and drive up a long track to what looked like a very expensive place. Dad turned in and followed. The main house looked to be fairly new, it was very big and impressive, then there was a big yard surrounded by outbuildings. The grounds looked immaculate and then there was what looked like a long run of cages and as far as l could see, each cage contained a dog of various size. “Mmmm,” Mum said, “looks like you’ll have a few to chose from Alice.” Read more...

Rating: 89%, Read 17339 times, Posted Oct 26, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Domination, Extreme, Female, Fisting, Girl, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Old Female, Old Male, Pissing, Rape, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Water Sports, Young

Family Curiosity Made Me a Sex Toy by Thepartysover365

There is quite an age gap between Brian, my step brother and I but he was the horny bastard that introduced me to sex. Back when his dad first started dating my mum, we would have to share a room when they stayed over. I will never forget the first weekend we experimented and I became his little play toy. With me being considerably younger, of course I would be sent to bed earlier but this particular Friday night our parents were obviously in a good mood as they had let me stay up later to watc Read more...

Rating: 83%, Read 19428 times, Posted Oct 21, 2022

True Story | Authoritarian, Boy, Domination, Female, First Time, Girl, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Voyeurism, Written by women, Young

Me and My Sisters; A True Story by michaell

Me and My Sisters; A True Story I grew up with six sisters, three older and three younger. I have seen all six nude and I've also seen my mother nude many times (but that's a different was a neighborhood prostitute, along with three other mothers). I was lucky enough to have had sex with two of my older sisters and even taught one younger sister how to suck cock. Those stories follow. Kathy Kathy is two years older than me and we were always close, so it was no surprise that Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 24624 times, Posted Oct 20, 2022

True Story | Bi-sexual, Female, Incest, Mature, Teen Male, Young

Family Holiday Perversions by Thepartysover365

It was holiday time! The parentals were all packed and shouting at me to hurry up as I rounded up the last of my stuff. While I was doing this the house phone rang, it was my best friend's mum informing us that she was ill and couldn't come on holiday with us. I was gutted and immediately went into a teenage strop. It also threw a spanner into mother and step fathers plans as they had intended on doing their own thing for most of the week, now they were stuck with me. Great. It was too short n Read more...

Rating: 89%, Read 71209 times, Posted Oct 18, 2022

True Story | Bestiality, Female, Girl, Incest, Lesbian, Voyeurism, Young

Teacher's Fun Part 1 by drivercolt

Teacher's Fun MC MMM/fff Part 1 This story was originally written some years ago by Pagan. I have tried to find him to thank him for writing such a fine piece but to no avail. If anyone knows where I can find Pagan, or if Pagan himself should read this , please contact me through this site (drivercolt (at) y a h o o (dot) com ) so I can thank you and get your permission for posting the story. I have made a few editorial changes to this story to suit my lustful tastes, and there was q Read more...

Rating: 90%, Read 56405 times, Posted Oct 17, 2022

Fiction | Mind Control, Young

Cop Stop by sandstorm3636

It was just past sundown and Melody had been driving for over an hour. She hated going to visit her parents but they would cut off all financial support if she did not at least make it out to their house once a month. She had moved to the next town over to intentionally distance herself from them but it had backfired spectacularly when she got pregnant and had to rely on them to supplement her income. Over the years she just got used to relying on them again and had fallen into a routine. They  Read more...

Rating: 67%, Read 16231 times, Posted Oct 17, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, At work, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Body modification, Coercion, Cruelty, Death, Discipline, Exhibitionism, Extreme, First Time, Humiliation, Murder, Non-consensual sex, Pissing, Rape, Reluctance, Snuff, Torture, Toys, Violence, Virginity, Water Sports, Young

My Sisters Family’s Orgy Section 3 by arinnapolina

Part 14 Tracy whimpered and moaned each time my prick slammed deeply up inside her. Each stroke of my seemingly tireless cock brought her closer and closer to orgasm, yet my own climax was still a long way off. Fucking Jodie and having Tracy suck me off had definitely taken the edge off for me. Despite the hot clinging tightness of my sister's cunt, I felt like I could screw her forever! In any case, I intended to make sure that this was one fuck, my sexy sister would never forget. Soon, she w Read more...

Rating: 82%, Read 17258 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

Fantasy | Blowjob, Erotica, Incest, Oral Sex, Young

Cuckold family Episode 2 by JuicyLucy1

Episode 2 Chapter 1 Being fucked by Pete in front of my husband James was the most thrilling thing that had ever happened to me. I had never felt so full of lust. Lost in a sexual frenzy. Pete’s hugely thick cock filling my pussy and fucking me to so many mind blowing orgasms. Seeing my husband James suck his cock excited me too, I had wondered if James might be a little bisexual and it didn't bother me at all, I would happily fuck a girl so how could I be so hypocritical. In fact it turned m Read more...

Rating: 82%, Read 7911 times, Posted Oct 15, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Cuckold, Female, Girl, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian, Threesome, Young

High School All Boys School 2 by trek4lyf

Sunday morning came and we are preparing to attend our Sunday mass this morning. So I got up early, wearing our Sunday best and ran out of my dorm to meet up with my friend Manuel. Since I am still flustered from all of the questions last night. I Ran down from my dorm building, ran to the 4th building where Manuel’s dorm is located, ran up and knocked at this door. He opened it while he was still putting his clothes on, he gestured to come in and I walked in without hesitation. After he put on  Read more...

Rating: 52%, Read 4283 times, Posted Oct 10, 2022

Fiction | Boy, First Time, Gay, Teen Male, Young

Saturday Delight 4- Stephanie's Movie Night by family_fun

I slowly awoke, still naked on Maxine's floor, but with a blanket draped over me and a pillow tucked under my head. The late afternoon sun casted through the window and revealed that I was alone. I looked around, but my clothes were gone, leaving me to walk through the house naked. I entered into the kitchen and went to the fridge for a snack after my skipped lunch. As I pondered, I heard a voice. "Mmmm, that's delicious." I turned to see Steph, my younger sister, sitting at my table with a Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 9196 times, Posted Sep 30, 2022

Fantasy | Incest, Young

Saturday Delight 3- Maxine's Secret by family_fun

Jodie had a head start, but I collected myself and went into the house not long after she did. I paused outside of Katie's door and could hear the two talking. "Yeah, it was really big. I couldn't even take all of it at first!" "Oh my god, I know! I had a lot of practice though. I stole one of the toys mom left. I've been using it to get ready." "Wow, do you still have it?" "Yeah, I'll be right back!" I hid around the corner and heard Jodie run to her room then back to Katie's. When I stepp Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 9550 times, Posted Sep 30, 2022

Fantasy | Incest, Young

Saturday Delight 1 - Katie's Bath by family_fun

It's hard being a single father to three daughters. They have so many demands and there's only so much of me to go around. Luckily for me, my sister Stephanie lives next door, and has always been a reliable source of help. Katie is the youngest, and is an energetic natural born athlete. Jodie is my middle daughter, and she is a tomboy through and through, spending more time in her tree house than she does in the actual house. Maxine is the eldest, and is a studious bookworm. These four ladies ru Read more...

Rating: 77%, Read 35219 times, Posted Sep 30, 2022

Fantasy | Incest, Young

Adam's Gangbang Birthday Surprise by wolfiram

Info: If you want to read in detail what happened before this story, check my profile. Sort by date to get the right sequence. The stories involve me and my husband. We just moved into our own small bungalow in this small town. Just enough room for us two. Since we won't have any kids, we decided to have one room as a home gym. Working out is a big part of our lives. I am Mike, 35, lean build with a 7 inch cock.. My Husband, Taylor, 28 but looks so much younger, hot body with a 8 inch dick an Read more...

Rating: 70%, Read 7565 times, Posted Sep 29, 2022

Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Black, Blowjob, Boy, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Interracial, Teen Male, Young

Benji and His Big Tongue by Thepartysover365

I was old enough to know better but still young enough to play the innocent girl act. Hormones raging through my young teenage body making me horny as hell and wanting to play with my pussy at every opportunity to get that sweet feeling of relief. Some days I would rub my clit and orgasm 6 times from morning until bedtime! In my quest to find ways to pleasure myself I discovered lots of things I enjoyed rubbing on or against. If other people were around I'd be very discreet but the urge for sa Read more...

Rating: 89%, Read 121477 times, Posted Sep 27, 2022

True Story | Bestiality, Female, First Time, Girl, Incest, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Solo, Teen, Voyeurism, Written by women, Young

Sarah's Submission: Ch 15 - Seducing New Pets by TonyMichaels

Once again, thank you for all of the support. Please continue to vote and comment. Those upvotes definitely help make sure that it will get the attention of other people to try it out. I really appreciate those that have sent me private messages with suggestions and critiques. I welcome any suggestions/comments/thoughts you have on the story. It is a long story that will continue to be published with a new chapter or two each week. If you are just seeing this story for the first time, I encoura Read more...

Rating: 70%, Read 10989 times, Posted Sep 26, 2022

Fiction | Authoritarian, BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Spanking, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Young

The Switch: 2 by sandstorm3636

Following their family outing to the mall, Marcus and his two daughters were quite tired. As promised Krissy went to bed with her father but they both fell asleep after little more than touching and spooning. Krissy awoke first the following morning. Marcus had rolled to the side of the bed and it was a simple task for her to slip out without waking him. She went to the bathroom that was connected to the master bedroom and opened a new toothbrush. She was in the middle of brushing her teeth whe Read more...

Rating: 73%, Read 12091 times, Posted Sep 25, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Blowjob, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Incest, Male, Pissing, Reluctance, Submission, Teen, Teen Female, Violence, Water Sports, Young

Mum, my goddess 4 by Fatman50

Why does time always slow down when you are waiting for something good to happen? My last lesson seemed to drag on for hours. When the bell finally rang, everyone jumped up, grabbed their bags and crowded for the door, Miss Richards shouting in vain for us not to forget to get out homework in by Friday. I could have rushed straight to the toilet block but l didn’t want to arouse suspicion, everyone else seemed more intent on getting off school property as soon as possible. Also, l was hoping Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 48461 times, Posted Sep 21, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Fisting, Gay, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Mature, Spanking, Teen Male, Transvestite, Young

Caring for my daughter - Part 1 - I don't need any clothes, dad by NormannBlaze

It is the worst day of my life. I have just learned over the phone that my partner of almost 20 years, Debbie, and our 18-year-old daughter Ava were in a car accident. A truck driver didn’t see them and crashed into the driver’s side of Debbie’s car. Debbie was driving and passed away on the site of the accident. Ava apparently was found unconscious and was hospitalized. I’m absolutely devastated. I’m in shock and arriving at the hospital. Ava is in lying in a bed. An odd system of splints sits  Read more...

Rating: 92%, Read 303583 times, Posted Sep 21, 2022

Fiction | Female, Incest, Male, Old Male, Pissing, Teen Female, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Young