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Sue's Woodshop by secondus3085

Sue looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t super happy with her look but she felt that she fit the part of a high school shop teacher. She towered over most of the students being six foot tall, and with her build she looked like she could dominate a rugby pitch. Her flannel shirt and overalls hid her saggy Es, and with her hair up she almost looked like a man. She splashed some water in her face and dried off. She knew she had a couple of minutes before the next period so she took her time Read more...

Rating: 91%, Read 42874 times, Posted Oct 27, 2022

Fantasy | Extreme, First Time, Incest, Mind Control, Monster, School

Class In Session by CarnationWriting

Eli couldn’t move. His hands were bound above his head, and his feet barely touched the cold linoleum floor. A gentle draft dusted his bare skin. The room was dark, but he could just barely make out a crowd of faces in front of him, staring. For a moment, he was terrified. What the fuck was going on? Suddenly there was a tight, wet sensation against his cock, slowly enveloping his tip as a soft hand with long, sharp nails wrapped around his throat. He glanced down, fighting to breathe, and saw  Read more...

Rating: 79%, Read 8851 times, Posted Oct 23, 2022

Fantasy | At work, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Boy, Discipline, Domination, Drug, Exhibitionism, Female, First Time, Girl, Group Sex, Humiliation, Mature, School, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Written by women

Stolen Smile - Revelations by AndrewW.

“Do I have any cum on my face?” Alyssa asked me as we passed under a streetlight. Looking closely, I was struck by how unaffected her makeup was even after the aggressive blowjob she had just performed. Her hair had loosened a little from her bun, but everything from her lipstick to eye shadow looked like it had at dinner. I didn’t see any sign that she had just taken a load from me not more than a minute earlier. “No, I don’t see anything.” I responded. “That’d kind of impressive” “With h Read more...

Rating: 52%, Read 3339 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

True Story | BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Hardcore, Latina, Male, Romance, School, Teen Female

Mum 6 : Alice’s initiation. by Fatman50

I woke feeling the weight of Mum’s head resting on my tummy. I could feel her warm breath on the head of my cock. She must have sensed that l was awake and she kissed my cock. “Good morning,” she said, kissing it again. I reached over her and held her breast, tweaking her nipple. “Good morning Mummy,” l said, “did you sleep well.” “Mmmmm,” she replied, “l don’t want this ever to end.” I felt her lips slide over the head of my cock, felt the comforting warmth of her mouth as l grew to full  Read more...

Rating: 87%, Read 29145 times, Posted Oct 12, 2022

Fiction | Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Old Male, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, School, Spanking, Teen Female, Teen Male

Bicurious In College No Longe by Derrik

It was a warm spring day like any other. I was a sophomore in college and lived in a house with 3 other guys. I lived in the finished garage so I had plenty of space to myself. I am an average built white guy with light body hair standing at 5'9" and 190lb. My cock is 5.5" cut and thick with a hefty pair of balls swaying beneath. I always considered myself good looking and had a girlfriend that I had been dating for about 6 months. I was not a virgin by any means but I felt I was missing somethi Read more...

Rating: 77%, Read 8403 times, Posted Oct 11, 2022

True Story | Anal, Asian, Bi-sexual, Boy, Cheating, Drug, First Time, Gay, Masturbation, School, Teen Male, Toys


This morning I woke up and something was different. At first I thought it was the weather. Autumn had just started last week and the chilly winds had picked up in the evenings. Not only was the air different, something about my bed felt different, smoother. When I looked under my blanket, I realized I was completely naked. Who had taken my clothes off? Every night I slept with my pajamas on and this morning I had nothing on me. Not only that, but the cloth that once contained my morning wood was Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 6739 times, Posted Oct 07, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Gay, Oral Sex, School, Virginity

Invisible Girl (An Erotic Romance), Pt. 14 by zenmackie

Chapter Thirty-Five “So—how did the dinner run go last night?” asked Suzy.   She and Jane were unpacking and hanging a shipment of baby clothes at the back of the store while Mrs. Jorgenson minded the register.  It was a rainy day, and there were no customers in the store. “Oh, fine,” replied Jane.  “I just brought him some sandwiches and stuff.  He works at The Word Works—you know, the bookstore?” “Oh sure.”  Suzy concentrated for a moment on a tiny dress that wouldn’t stay on its hanger.   Read more...

Rating: 68%, Read 2524 times, Posted Oct 06, 2022

Fiction | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Oral Sex, School, Submission

Mum, my goddess 3 by Fatman50

It must have been a good ten minutes before any of us stirred. Jeff was flat out on his back, Mum was lying beside him, her head on his tummy as she nuzzled his flaccid cock. Dad was sitting up looking at one of Jeff’s magazines while playing with his cock. I crawled over to him to see what was in the magazine, not surprisingly it was full of girls and boys having sex with animals. Some of them looked younger than me. I pointed to one photo of a boy with a Labrador knotted in his bum hole. Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 87912 times, Posted Sep 11, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blackmail, Boy, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Oral Sex, School, Submission, Teen Female, Threesome, Transvestite, Wife, Young

Mutual Benefits - Chapters 16-20 by BashfulScribe

Chapter Sixteen “So, first of all, I’m sorry,” Lexi began as we found our table. “Ah, so Morgan’s talked to you already,” I replied with humor, sitting down. I put the straw in my drink as Lexi pouted at me. “I’m allowed to feel sorry without Morgan telling me anything!” she defended herself. I put on a faux blank expression. “Oh, so she didn’t talk to you?” She blushed. “Look… I…” I chuckled. “Apology accepted.” “No, you haven’t even heard it yet. That’s not fair.” She wasn’t turning an Read more...

Rating: 73%, Read 6691 times, Posted Sep 02, 2022

Fiction | Asian, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Romance, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male

Cum-Control 1: Teaching Danni a Lesson by HornyTeenLover

PLEASE READ: This story is entirely a work of fiction and fantasy. All characters involved in sexual encounters or tones in the story below are of the age of 18. At no point do I condone or encourage the behavior in the story as it is sexual assault. This story is only intended for your sexual pleasure. ------------------------------------------------------ Life is tough as a high school boy, especially when you fall into the geek or nerd category. No, I wasn't some 300 pound, thick glasses we Read more...

Rating: 88%, Read 161672 times, Posted Aug 21, 2022

Fantasy | Coercion, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, School, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

S.O.L. Games: Web Design by SKOLL

DON'T START AT THIS CHAPTER! This is kind of like a choose your own adventure: -First read any Level 1 chapters in any order (Jump Ropes, Floor is Lava, Pet Teachers). -Then read any Level 2 chapters in any order (Web Design, Teacher Taut, Chemistry, Tug of War). See the link in my profile to get ALL my stories in eBook and audiobook formats! -------------------------------------- DISCLAIMERS -I'm just trying to be helpful with these disclaimers. I don’t want to spring things on anyon Read more...

Rating: 87%, Read 28279 times, Posted Aug 15, 2022

Science-Fiction | BDSM, Cruelty, Domination, Extreme, Gothic, Horror, Humiliation, Male, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Pissing, Plumper, Rape, School, Slavery, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Torture, Violence, Water Sports

Dave finds a new book part 7 by arcaineone

As Lola walked to her friends house her stomach was a knot of nerves. She almost went back twice but, talked her self into going ahead. Her parents had gotten take out pizza and she had already had 3 slices before leaving. Her parents were being way more affectionate than usual as she went out the door. Her mother was straddling her dad's lap and the two of the were kissing hard and breathing like they were running a race. She shook her head as she shut the door. Her dad has his hand up mom Read more...

Rating: 80%, Read 7057 times, Posted Aug 08, 2022

Fantasm | At work, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Group Sex, Male, Mind Control, Old Female, School, Teen Female

Invisible Girl (An Erotic Romance), Pt. 6 by zenmackie

Chapter Nine “Have you ever wanted to be invisible?” Jane had been waiting in line to get into the cafeteria for lunch when the sound of his voice made her start and turn around…to find him standing behind her and pretending to read the book he held open in his hands. She had never told him about being the Invisible Girl.   She still often felt invisible when she wasn’t with him, especially when she was at home.  But it seemed to her that lately, she was gradually, if sporadically, becoming  Read more...

Rating: 78%, Read 3500 times, Posted Aug 03, 2022

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Discipline, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Role-playing, School, Spanking, Submission

Ain’t no black guy gonna fuck this pussy by SnakeBiteRalph

This is a story about me (Abby) and my friend Susan. We are both seniors in a private high school. We are both 17 years old. I am 5-5 and weighed 135 pounds. I have an athletic shaped body and long legs. I have long blond hair. 32 D sized tits and a small ass. Susan on the other hand is a tall statuesque girl with a big ass and long legs. Susan is 5-11 and weighs about 150 and 34 DD tits. Susan has long black hair. Susan is by far the prettiest. Neither one of us are strangers to sex as neither  Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 14417 times, Posted Jul 20, 2022

Diary | Asian, Black, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Interracial, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, School, Threesome

Instructor Mike’s Academy - Part 3 - Is this Love? by qtaimee

Warning: This is an explicit semi-fictional/semi-autobiographical multipart series involving White Daddy / south asian boy raceplay, crossdressing, and more. If you are not of age and/or find the notion of White Cock superiority to be offensive, then please do not read on. Instructor Mike’s Academy - Part 3 - Is this Love? I picked up the note and read carefully so as to not miss anything: “Hello little aimee. As the days go on, your instructions will become more complex but today we will Read more...

Rating: 50%, Read 2318 times, Posted Jul 19, 2022

True Story | Asian, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, First Time, Gay, Interracial, Male, School, Submission, Teen, Transvestite, Young

Invisible Girl (An Erotic Romance), Pt. 4 by zenmackie

It was all right for him. All he had to do was zip up his fly and hide in the shadows for a couple of minutes until he could make his escape. She, on the other hand, naked and already breathing hard, had to jump down from the window-seat, grab her underwear and run through the house unlocking doors, switching on lights and appliances. Then scramble into her underwear, then the rest of her clothes and her glasses—snatched up from the floor where she’d dropped them—before dashing back into the  Read more...

Rating: 88%, Read 2687 times, Posted Jul 17, 2022

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male, School, Spanking, Submission

Instructor Mike's Academy - Part 1 - Taking the First Step by qtaimee

Warning: This is an explicit semi-fictional/semi-autobiographical multipart series involving White Daddy / south asian teen raceplay, crossdressing, and more. If you are not over 18 and/or find the notion of White Cock superiority to be offensive, then please do not read on. Aside from a few things altered, this recounting of several months of my life is almost entirely true. It feels good to get it off of my chest as a form of therapy regarding past sexual experiences. This experience almo Read more...

Rating: 80%, Read 5291 times, Posted Jul 13, 2022

True Story | Asian, Authoritarian, BDSM, Boy, Consensual Sex, Domination, Exhibitionism, First Time, Gay, Interracial, Male, Masturbation, Pissing, School, Submission, Torture, Transvestite, Water Sports, Young

Instructor Mike’s Academy - Part 2 - Now I Understand by qtaimee

Warning: This is an explicit semi-fictional/semi-autobiographical multipart series involving White Daddy / south asian teen raceplay, crossdressing, and more. If you are not over 18 and/or find the notion of White Cock superiority to be offensive, then please do not read on. Instructor Mike’s Academy - Part 2 - Now I Understand I did some yoga to chill me out and then went to bed. I knew I'd need a good night's sleep for what was to come. Class actually took my mind off of things until th Read more...

Rating: 60%, Read 6436 times, Posted Jul 13, 2022

True Story | Asian, Authoritarian, BDSM, Boy, Domination, Exhibitionism, First Time, Gay, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Massage, Masturbation, Role-playing, School, Submission, Teen, Transvestite, Young

Invisible Girl (An Erotic Romance), Pt. 2 by zenmackie

The next few days passed her by without really registering, a distant distraction like a television playing unwatched in a corner of the room. Outwardly she was still the Invisible Girl, for which she was thankful, because this allowed her to give her attention almost entirely to the stranger she had suddenly become. Who was this girl who had done all those things, things that played themselves over and over in her mind, things she had never even heard of but knew were bad, things that would  Read more...

Rating: 89%, Read 13959 times, Posted Jul 04, 2022

Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, School, Submission

Invisible Girl (An Erotic Romance), Pt. 1 by zenmackie

PROLOGUE: Spring, 1965 She’d begun to think of herself as the Invisible Girl. She’d had friends: kids she’d grown up with, stumbling through the grades together in the Boston suburb of Ridgeton, connected by the endless and complex threads of shared experiences in their small world. And many of them had continued on to the local two-year community college, just as she had. But somehow between grade-school and this, her first year of college, it was as though some spell, working so slowly as t Read more...

Rating: 89%, Read 33819 times, Posted Jul 01, 2022

Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male, Reluctance, School, Spanking, Submission

Grueling Erections by mrmoon

Pierre woke up to the grueling ring of his nightstand alarm. With a groggy groan, he slowly lifted his hand and slammed it, hoping to shut it off. Unfortunately, before his fingers found the button, loud footsteps resounded across the hall, followed shortly by his mother's shrill voice. "PIERRE RUVOLO! GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP! IF YOU'RE LATE I SWEAR THAT YOU'RE PHONE WON'T BE THE ONLY THING THAT'S GONE!" He rolled his eyes, rolling onto his back and groaning, arms spread out. An obvious tent appea Read more...

Rating: 69%, Read 7828 times, Posted Jun 23, 2022

Fiction | Boy, Gay, Male, Masturbation, School, Solo, Teen, Teen Male, Toys, Virginity, Young

Tinder for Teacher 5 by HornyForIncest

The weekend passes with minimal texts from Caleb. Just good morning and goodnight texts. So on Monday, I dress to make his jaw drop. I put on my maroon velvet body suit with the piece of fabric that goes around my neck like a choker. It makes a window to my cleavage. And I put on my black jeans that hug my legs and ass to make it look plump. And I pair that with my black chunky boots. I look sexy as fuck in my fall outfit. I always dress nice to school, but never to this extent. He’s for sure  Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 1859 times, Posted Jun 04, 2022

Fantasy | Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Male, School, Teen Female, Voyeurism, Written by women

Timestop: The Class Test by SKOLL

See the link in my profile to find all my stories and more chapters to this story DISCLAIMERS I'm just trying to help with these disclaimers! I don’t want to spring things on anyone. My writing is SUPPOSED to be gross and wrong, which is what makes it so thrilling to write! You SHOULD feel icky reading it! I try to creep myself out as I write, getting into the mindset of a perverted VILLAIN. I do not condone any of the things I write about! All characters are 18+. This is a work of fiction. A Read more...

Rating: 88%, Read 117290 times, Posted May 29, 2022

Science-Fiction | BDSM, Cruelty, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young

Retarded Girl Gives into Her Ovaries by JasonSensation

Rachel is a student with special needs. Her parents told her time and time again about what to expect when her ovaries activate. But nothing could have prepared her for the intense sexual cravings brought on by her body. Rachel: Hey Tod. Tod: Hi. Rachel: Look Tod, I’m not wearing any panties. It is a half hour before school starts. They, and a few other students, are waiting in the classroom. Rachel throws her skirt above her ass and exposes her dripping wet pussy, thick thighs, and round  Read more...

Rating: 64%, Read 11512 times, Posted May 28, 2022

Fantasm | Exhibitionism, Group Sex, School

Two Wrongs... - Chapter 1 by Tw11ster

Heather was in trouble and she knew it. She was 21 and tonight was Friday; typically, that would mean going out with her best friend Mary to get hit on, drink free, and shoot them all down. Tonight wasn't going to be like that. This past Wednesday she was called into the office of her English professor Mr. Morrison. Heather had cheated off of Mary and Mr. Morrison confronted her with the plagiarized paper. Heather's stomach was in knots - next week Mr. Morrison would tell the dean and Heath Read more...

Rating: 73%, Read 8386 times, Posted May 21, 2022

Fiction | Blowjob, Coercion, School