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Montana - Mother Lover, Sister Lover, Neighbor Lover by eternalone

Montana was 15 the first time he blackmailed a woman for sex, and she was a lady, not one of the town tramps that got passed around. Her husband was president of the Rotary club, she had been a Den mother when her sons were in Cub Scouts, was Home Coming Queen her senior year, years ago. Glory days, come and gone. On her wedding day, she was pure as the driven snow. Only had intercourse with her husband. Before marriage, there may have been some fingers in her young pussy. Her lips may have t Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 104 times, Posted Nov 28, 2022

Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Incest, Old Female, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Young

Margo Bonds With Adult Son by eternalone

Ken probably thinks this story is about him. It was his plan that set everything in motion. He may believe his mother would not have awakened her inner woman, if not for him. Others would say Margo had a hunger, that could not be denied. If not her son, fate would still have provided what she needed. She had a hunger for young cock, that few women experienced. Her son was the first to benefit, but many others would follow. For Ken, this was going to be a story about revenge sex, with hi Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 261 times, Posted Nov 16, 2022

Fiction | Incest, Old Female, Oral Sex

Bonnie and Grandson Tyler by eternalone

Bonnie, and grandson Tyler – multi generational bonding. A Case Study Narration Case Studies in Psychology – How to read (FYI only) Our intent is to give the reader a Rear Window view, into the lives of individuals who were the subjects of various Psychological Case Studies. A Rear Window view allows for a very personal experience. We want the reader to empathize with the subjects, not merely read about them in a detached way. We want the reader to feel what they may have felt, to experie Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 336 times, Posted Nov 08, 2022

Fiction | Blowjob, Incest, Old Female, Oral Sex

Invisible Girl (An Erotic Romance), Pt. 17 by zenmackie

Chapter Forty-Six Jane was lying on the beach when she heard her mother calling,  “Jane, we’re going into town now.  Do you want to try to call Peter again?” She certainly did.  She felt as if they’d been apart for weeks.  She jumped to her feet.   “I’ll be right there!” She grabbed her blanket and towel and took off for the cottage.  The path meandered around the dunes but she was in such a hurry that she ran right up the dune in front of her.   As she neared the crest there was a sudden e Read more...

Rating: 68%, Read 1849 times, Posted Oct 27, 2022

Fiction | At work, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Male, Oral Sex, Submission

Mum 7 : Mo’s big day approaches. by Fatman50

I woke up with a full erection, l thought about having a wank but decided to shower and get ready for school then go and find Mum. Once dressed l left my cock and balls hanging out of my trousers, l made sure l was hard, then went downstairs. Mum was in the kitchen preparing my breakfast, she was naked as usual. “Hi baby,” she said when she saw me, she came over and kissed me, taking hold of my cock. “I’m full of cum already,” she said, “your father was horny as well this morning, that was so Read more...

Rating: 89%, Read 23264 times, Posted Oct 26, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Boy, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Fisting, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Old Female, Old Male, Oral Sex, Pissing, Submission, Teen Female, Water Sports, Young

How I Had Three Sisters by dmastercookie

Some years back I worked with a little Vietnamese girl who was about a decade older than me. Despite being a bit older, she was a little spitfire of energy always running around hyping everyone up. She was super friendly with everyone which included me. We often stayed late after work playing games together. She would host team parties at her house and loved a good drink, always making sure everyone was enjoying one too. I was kind of new to drinking any kind of alcohol and she delighted in g Read more...

Rating: 87%, Read 52831 times, Posted Oct 21, 2022

Diary | Asian, At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Reluctance

The Spark by [JamesBondage]

A chill wind blew across the gas station lot as Jack pulled out his phone, relieved to see he still had a signal. He was deep in the countryside and there were some final phone calls to make before heading into the true no-man's land of the mountains. He pulled up his calling app, switched to his address book and tapped on the entry for his agent. As he waited for an answer, Jack paced about. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose before putting his spare hand in his pocket to conserve Read more...

Rating: 52%, Read 4259 times, Posted Oct 20, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Female, Fisting, Hardcore, Horror, Humiliation, Latex fetish, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Sado-Masochism, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Torture, Toys, Transsexual, Voyeurism


We had been friends for some time and we had both confided we were bisexual. We constantly flirted with each other and touched each other. We had shopped for clothes together and ogled each other’s almost naked bodies and ran our hands over each other as we tried on clothes. Then some ago while we were at a five-day trade fair, on the first night we became lovers. In the afterglow we confided we both have a fetish for hung men, eight inches is our benchmark. And watching hung men masturbating. Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 6949 times, Posted Oct 20, 2022

True Story | Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Oral Sex, Spanking, Threesome, Voyeurism, Written by women

Trick or Treat by Unclear_Thoughts

Brad rummages through the boxes in the garage looking for the Halloween decorations. His wife always decorated for the major holidays but, this year he was on his own. His wife passed just after New Year’s, a victim of a drunk driver. His two daughters were devastated, and he was crushed. No one expects to lose their spouse that early in life. Since the accident Brad has just been going through the motions, trying to maintain as normal a life as possible for his daughters. Finding the boxes, Read more...

Rating: 81%, Read 29578 times, Posted Oct 20, 2022

Fiction | Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Romance, Solo, Voyeurism

Back In The Saddle with My Amazon Queen by FootLover44

I just moved back home from being in the military for almost a decade. I got to fuck a lot of good pieces of ass while I was gone. Had a couple steady ones but, I was always bouncing around a bunch. Unfortunately with moving and getting settled back in the real world, I was running on a little bit of a drought. 6 months dry without any pussy. Jerking off helped but I needed to get back on the horse and find something soon. Hanging out at the bar one night with all the old friends, I ended up t Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 3632 times, Posted Oct 19, 2022

True Story | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Foot fetish, Male, Oral Sex

Between Cold and Spicy (What a Ride edit): Chapter One by DarksX

Between Cold and Spicy (What a Ride): Chapter One "Prove it," I let a hint of my lascivious thoughts escape through my smile, and I felt in my bones (and in my subsequent boner), Jelly would appreciate it instead of it being a problem. And I was right. "Prove how?" she smiled, looking suspicious, one of her expressive and naturally bright red-colored eyebrows up. The proof was right there, on top of her eyes. I realized but obviously wouldn't say it. Unless she dyed it too. "I don't know. Yo Read more...

Rating: 83%, Read 19289 times, Posted Oct 19, 2022

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Virginity

Wedding arousal by bridgetrose

SUMMARY: This is a story about a girl who finds herself extremely horny on the night of her wedding. While she initially prefers to seek out her husband to alleviate the itch between her legs, he is consequently too drunk to satisfy her after binging at the reception. And so she inadvertently seeks satisfaction from another source. An incestuous one… I would like to point out that I didn’t use any names in this story. I did that on purpose, so you can fantasize all you want. :) DIS Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 752 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Written by women

My Sisters Family’s Orgy Section 3 by arinnapolina

Part 14 Tracy whimpered and moaned each time my prick slammed deeply up inside her. Each stroke of my seemingly tireless cock brought her closer and closer to orgasm, yet my own climax was still a long way off. Fucking Jodie and having Tracy suck me off had definitely taken the edge off for me. Despite the hot clinging tightness of my sister's cunt, I felt like I could screw her forever! In any case, I intended to make sure that this was one fuck, my sexy sister would never forget. Soon, she w Read more...

Rating: 82%, Read 17258 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

Fantasy | Blowjob, Erotica, Incest, Oral Sex, Young

My Sister’s Family’s Orgy Section 2 by arinnapolina

Part 8 The camera zoomed in between little Cindy's skinny wet thighs as Tony lay his daughter down onto the hastily-prepared bed. Her wet pussy-slit looked quite swollen and juicy, the tight, shaved cuntlips pulled apart by her wide-spread legs into a hungry grin of her desire. Tony loomed above her, his impressively large cock still only at half-mast as he knelt between his daughter's thighs, for a second before dropping his face into her crotch. Tony's put his hands under her ass and lifted  Read more...

Rating: 83%, Read 26122 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

Diary | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Oral Sex

My Sister’s Family’s Orgy by arinnapolina

Part 1 When my sister Tracy, and her husband Tony invited me out to their farm in the country for a few weeks, I was more than a little surprised. Sure, Tracy and I had always been close as brothers and sisters go, but apart from the occasional family get-together, we hardly ever saw each other since I'd moved to the city. On the phone, Trace sounded her usual bubbly self and reminded me that I hadn't visited them since the Christmas before last. She suggested I come on out for a bit and enjoy  Read more...

Rating: 82%, Read 26261 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

Fantasy | Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female

Sexy BFF's Chapter 10 by JennyLane

Jenny, Gracie, Missy, Rose and Tory strutted down the hallway and out a back door to a stone walkway painted in stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. Five other heavenly bodies came upon a picnic bench secluded between some trees as the sun was setting over the city down below. A red checkered table cloth covered the table and it was covered with a magnificent feast! Ribs, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fried Chicken along with corn on the cob, salad, baked beans, potato salad among the highlights. I Read more...

Rating: 42%, Read 1529 times, Posted Oct 15, 2022

Fantasy | Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Transgendered

Brothers Do Love Sisters Part 4 by butliquor55

The next morning after breakfast, I was headed to town to pick up groceries for Mom, when Jenn asked if she could ride along and would I drop her off at the beauty shop while I went shopping. I told her I would be happy to but that she wasn’t going to get any better looking than what she already was. She just laughed at me and told me she at least had to try. As we cruised toward town, I found a spot alongside the road and pulled over and shut the truck off. “What are you up to?” Jenn Read more...

Rating: 86%, Read 23996 times, Posted Oct 15, 2022

Fiction | Bestiality, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Voyeurism


Gloria was a C-level actress who was struggling to make a mark in the film industry. She was popular enough to get a few modest acting jobs and to be recognized off-set, but she was still trying mightily to convince producers and directors that she belonged in their movies and that she could handle more lucrative roles. She was definitely attractive enough to be a leading lady, and she had a great figure, with big natural 36D tits, so she felt she could even be a sex symbol actress, like Scarlet Read more...

Rating: 70%, Read 6076 times, Posted Oct 13, 2022

Fiction | At work, Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Female, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex

My Daughter’s Horsy Ride by arinnapolina

Carolyn stood in front of her full-length mirror looking at her semi-nude body. She was trying to decide whether or not she liked the new bra her mother had bought for her today. At this young age Carolyn had jumped right into a B cup bra, even though she had never worn a bra in her life. She had refused until this day to wear one. She was too much of a tomboy and the pink lacy bra that her mother had thrown at her this morning didn't suit her normal style. The more she looked at it though, the  Read more...

Rating: 80%, Read 57051 times, Posted Oct 13, 2022

Diary | Incest, Oral Sex

Mum 6 : Alice’s initiation. by Fatman50

I woke feeling the weight of Mum’s head resting on my tummy. I could feel her warm breath on the head of my cock. She must have sensed that l was awake and she kissed my cock. “Good morning,” she said, kissing it again. I reached over her and held her breast, tweaking her nipple. “Good morning Mummy,” l said, “did you sleep well.” “Mmmmm,” she replied, “l don’t want this ever to end.” I felt her lips slide over the head of my cock, felt the comforting warmth of her mouth as l grew to full  Read more...

Rating: 87%, Read 29145 times, Posted Oct 12, 2022

Fiction | Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Old Male, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, School, Spanking, Teen Female, Teen Male

Invisible Girl (An Erotic Romance), Pt. 15 by zenmackie

Chapter Forty Jane wasn’t sure how a person should dress to be kidnapped.  She thought it over while lying in her bed, still halfway between sleep and waking.   She thought about her previous encounter with ‘Mr. Bad Man’...and found herself curled up under the sheets and hugging herself in a mixture of anticipation and fear.  Not a real, serious kind of fear, but the pleasurable kind, like the anxiety she’d experienced before getting on a roller coaster, knowing there was no actual danger, but Read more...

Rating: 60%, Read 2869 times, Posted Oct 12, 2022

Fiction | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male, Oral Sex, Submission

Vampire Omicron: Chapter 6 - New Life by SKOLL

Start at Chapter 1. See the link in my profile to find all my stories and more chapters to this story Each chapter is like a 'stealth mission', with lots of slow build-up and pervy creeping around. The protagonist's mission is always to rape and abduct his victims, adding to his harem of vampires. Then occasional chapters show his sexual family lifestyle with his mind-controlled free-use slaves. Then right back to another stealth mission. DISCLAIMERS -I'm just trying to be helpful with  Read more...

Rating: 91%, Read 28634 times, Posted Oct 12, 2022

Fantasy | BDSM, Cruelty, Death, Domination, Extreme, Female, Foot fetish, Gothic, Horror, Humiliation, Male, Mind Control, Monster, Murder, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Snuff, Teen Female, Torture, Violence, Virginity

Mom Eyes The Kids Chapter Eleven and Twelve by arinnapolina

Diana dove in tongue first and began to slurp and slap that little lapper into Holly's hot cunt and against her swollen clit. She flailed and churned in the gooey pussy and burrowed up the fuckhole. Holly threw her ass and hips about wildly as she found out that having her cunt sucked was even better than she had imagined it would be, the physical sensations increased by the dark thrill that it was her own sexy mom who was munching her cunt – and, too, by the knowledge that she would soon be re Read more...

Rating: 79%, Read 16797 times, Posted Oct 10, 2022

Diary | Incest, Oral Sex

Comforting Mom by Unclear_Thoughts

“MMMmmm, OOOHHH... Yes honey!” I here through the wall. Mom and Dad having sex again like they do several nights a week. I just lay here imagining them, Mom on top riding Dad’s cock. Dad holding Mom’s firm ass, watching her mesmerizing titties bounce up and down. “Lick my titties, MMMmmm yes! Oh, your cock is so hard.” I hear Mom, she sounds like she is getting close. Dad always gets her off. “You like that cock do ya? MMMmmm take it. Ride that cock baby!” Dad always gets her worked up just befo Read more...

Rating: 79%, Read 30916 times, Posted Oct 10, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Death, Female, Incest, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Voyeurism

Swing Shift Ep. 2 by alex_sailor

Cindy messaged me at the end of the shift then told me to give her a half hour before calling her up. I did and she gave me directions to her house. She didn't have the heart to do it on their own bed so she led me to their downstairs guest bedroom. That was actually bigger than my apartment and had a nice full sized bed. We cleared the clutter that had accumulated on it and she stripped fast, urging me to get naked too. True to her word, she pulled me right to her for a missionary fuck and woul Read more...

Rating: 71%, Read 7376 times, Posted Oct 10, 2022

Fiction | Asian, Cheating, Female, Foot fetish, Male, Oral Sex