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Holiday Slut by BigRedOne

Holiday Slut We are a young married couple in our early thirties with two gorgeous kids, we grew up two houses apart and have been friends, companions and finally lovers from the time we were toddlers. Neither of us has ever needed nor wanted anyone else and as other friends have come and gone we have always been there for each other through thick and thin, even now after 12 years of marriage we are just as much in love with each other as we have always been. Our sex life is good, no, great Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 1436 times, Posted Nov 01, 2022

Fiction | Blowjob, Cheating, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Voyeurism, Wife

Breakfast on the Porch by HANNA_Merlin

**** On the front porch, Hanna was kneeling down, sucking her Uncle’s cock. Swirling and sucking the head before licking the underside of his cock. Fondling his balls, she made love to his cock. Her mouth was hot and wet, sucking his cock like a pussy. Up and down his fat cock, sucking him deep inside her throat. “Ah, just like that. Your one sick little girl, sucking your own Uncle’s cock.” He groaned. Letting go of his cock with a “pop!” She got up. “Says the pervert who rapes teen gi Read more...

Rating: 66%, Read 7627 times, Posted Oct 24, 2022

Fantasy | Exhibitionism, Male, Teen Female

Class In Session by CarnationWriting

Eli couldn’t move. His hands were bound above his head, and his feet barely touched the cold linoleum floor. A gentle draft dusted his bare skin. The room was dark, but he could just barely make out a crowd of faces in front of him, staring. For a moment, he was terrified. What the fuck was going on? Suddenly there was a tight, wet sensation against his cock, slowly enveloping his tip as a soft hand with long, sharp nails wrapped around his throat. He glanced down, fighting to breathe, and saw  Read more...

Rating: 79%, Read 8851 times, Posted Oct 23, 2022

Fantasy | At work, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Boy, Discipline, Domination, Drug, Exhibitionism, Female, First Time, Girl, Group Sex, Humiliation, Mature, School, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Written by women

I got to spend the summer alone with my innocent sister (1) by TheTrueAnalizer

Introduction Our parents joined some religious cult many years ago that revolves very heavily about asexuality and abstinence, it wasn’t until I got to leave the village occasionally once I turned 20, that I really understood how much the cult vilified sex, so much so that not one of us in the cult’s school received education about it, in the hopes of not ever doing it. As I have gotten to work outside the village more frequently, I have pretty much learned all there is to, but have refrained f Read more...

Rating: 78%, Read 17055 times, Posted Oct 23, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Incest, Male, Massage, Masturbation


We had been friends for some time and we had both confided we were bisexual. We constantly flirted with each other and touched each other. We had shopped for clothes together and ogled each other’s almost naked bodies and ran our hands over each other as we tried on clothes. Then some ago while we were at a five-day trade fair, on the first night we became lovers. In the afterglow we confided we both have a fetish for hung men, eight inches is our benchmark. And watching hung men masturbating. Read more...

Rating: 76%, Read 6949 times, Posted Oct 20, 2022

True Story | Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Oral Sex, Spanking, Threesome, Voyeurism, Written by women

Daddy's Darling Daughter by mashrubba

PART ONE It was the swimsuit that did it. Yes, when you get right down to it, everything that happened between me and my daughter Lisa that summer started with the damned swimsuit. It was early June. I was in the living room watching television when Lisa walked in. She had just turned 18 that spring, and there was no denying it any longer - Lisa was becoming a woman. Fortunately she had inherited her mother's looks; thick black hair that cascaded around her shoulders, an angelic face with wide Read more...

Rating: 80%, Read 25156 times, Posted Oct 19, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Incest

Cop Stop by sandstorm3636

It was just past sundown and Melody had been driving for over an hour. She hated going to visit her parents but they would cut off all financial support if she did not at least make it out to their house once a month. She had moved to the next town over to intentionally distance herself from them but it had backfired spectacularly when she got pregnant and had to rely on them to supplement her income. Over the years she just got used to relying on them again and had fallen into a routine. They  Read more...

Rating: 67%, Read 16230 times, Posted Oct 17, 2022

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, At work, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Body modification, Coercion, Cruelty, Death, Discipline, Exhibitionism, Extreme, First Time, Humiliation, Murder, Non-consensual sex, Pissing, Rape, Reluctance, Snuff, Torture, Toys, Violence, Virginity, Water Sports, Young

Stolen Smile - Revelations by AndrewW.

“Do I have any cum on my face?” Alyssa asked me as we passed under a streetlight. Looking closely, I was struck by how unaffected her makeup was even after the aggressive blowjob she had just performed. Her hair had loosened a little from her bun, but everything from her lipstick to eye shadow looked like it had at dinner. I didn’t see any sign that she had just taken a load from me not more than a minute earlier. “No, I don’t see anything.” I responded. “That’d kind of impressive” “With h Read more...

Rating: 52%, Read 3339 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

True Story | BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Hardcore, Latina, Male, Romance, School, Teen Female

Unexpected by makoma

It was a sunny saturday afternoon, and I was at my neighbor’s house, babysitting their son's baby. I had just put baby Emmet to take a nap in the upstairs bedroom, where Mr. Jensen had assembled Cole’s old crib. Now, sitting on the living room couch with the baby monitor beside me, I couldn’t help but think that this was a funny twist, because when I was little, their son babysat me a couple of times, and now here I was, taking care of his baby. Our parents were close friends, and every time th Read more...

Rating: 75%, Read 21925 times, Posted Oct 16, 2022

Fiction | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Discipline, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Old Male, Teen Female, Written by women

Brothers Do Love Sisters Part 4 by butliquor55

The next morning after breakfast, I was headed to town to pick up groceries for Mom, when Jenn asked if she could ride along and would I drop her off at the beauty shop while I went shopping. I told her I would be happy to but that she wasn’t going to get any better looking than what she already was. She just laughed at me and told me she at least had to try. As we cruised toward town, I found a spot alongside the road and pulled over and shut the truck off. “What are you up to?” Jenn Read more...

Rating: 86%, Read 23995 times, Posted Oct 15, 2022

Fiction | Bestiality, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Voyeurism

Sandra is Different by VanessaEvans

Sandra is Different by Vanessa Evans She may not want to get ‘involved’ with, nor spend time with other people, she may even be a Loner, but she still has a lot of fun. Part 1 Hi, my name is Sandra and I am different to most women. I’ve been told that I am anti-social, a bit of a recluse, an introvert, and I tend to agree with those assessments. As I was growing up I realised that I had great difficulty making friends. I watched other girls talking to other girls that they hadn’t me Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 259 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

Willow’s Journal – an update by VanessaEvans

Willow’s Journal – an update by Vanessa Evans This Journal will make more sense to you if you read ‘Real World Update’ then ‘Willow’s Journal’ before reading this. Before I start, I have to apologise for the abrupt halt when writing my original Journal. I have no real excuse other than I my life was very hectic at the time. I’m going to write about my life at the start of my last year at school when I was in year 13. I know that my life is very busy, what with important exams and the addi Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 270 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

True Story | Exhibitionism

Sophie gets Blackmailed by VanessaEvans

Sophie gets Blackmailed by Vanessa Evans Sophie gets blackmailed by her younger brothers. Part 1 Hi, my name is Sophie, I’m 15 and I’m being blackmailed by my brothers, Tom who is 14 and Harry who is also14. Tom is the slightly older of my two brothers and is also more dominant than Harry who has only just turned 14. Me, I’m pretty much your average 15 year old girl except that I’m a bit skinny and I have the smallest tits in my class at school, they’re only a ‘A’ cup, and for some un Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 185 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

Baby Steps by VanessaEvans

Baby Steps by Vanessa Evans I used to be so shy but not any more and I love the way I am now. Part 1 I grew up with very prudish parents. When I left my bedroom to go to the bathroom I always had to wear a dressing gown over my nightie and I had to be fully dressed to go downstairs. My parents also sent me to a catholic, girls only school. Even the college that they sent me to was all girls catholic. At the college the other girls idea of fun was play chess. So, when I left college Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 57 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

I am one lucky Girl by VanessaEvans

I am one lucky Girl by Vanessa Evans A girl discovers that she has a passion, a fetish to be seen naked and performing sex acts with people watching. Part 1 Hi, I’m Isabella and my story starts at the end of my last year at school before going to college but before I get to it I’ll tell you about myself and a couple of the significant things that happened before that summer break. I am the only child of reasonably well off father (no mother) and we live in a big house on the outskir Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 78 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

So this man asked me out by VanessaEvans

So this man asked me out by Vanessa Evans Okay, so it was more like he told me where and when to meet him. Part 1 I was having a drink in a pub with two of my girl friends when one of them told me that a guy standing at the bar with two of his mates was staring at me and had been for the last half hour. I couldn’t understand why he would want to stare at me because there is nothing special about me. Both my mates are prettier than me and they have bigger tits. What’s more they were  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 46 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

The Ultimate Hacker, Voyeur and Blackmailer by VanessaEvans

The Ultimate Hacker, Voyeur and Blackmailer by Vanessa Evans Author’s Note This short story was written one evening when Jon and I were in a crazy frame of mind fantasising about what just might be possible now, or in the not too distant future. If it were to happen to me the blackmailer wouldn’t get a penny from me, more like a reply to tell him to ‘make my day’ and publish the videos because all the contacts would have seen them or similar ones before. V Hi, my name is HAL, not real Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 39 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

Riley takes a year out by VanessaEvans

Riley takes a year out by Vanessa Evans Tomboy decided to take a year out from her education and spend it in Ibiza Part 01 Hi, my name is Riley and I’m eighteen years old. I grew up in a village on the outskirts of a large city in the south of England. There weren’t any other girls my age in the village, only four boys so I used to hang around with them and it’s fair to say that I grew up as a tomboy doing everything that the boys did and that included football and karate. Although  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 41 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

The Runaway Girl by VanessaEvans

The Runaway Girl by Vanessa Evans A fourteen year old girl decided to run away from her domineering parents who treat her like a housekeeper. Part 01 Tom is a self-made man. At the age of twenty eight he sold his tech company for a cool £25m. He had plans to start another company but before doing that he decided to take a year out and do some touring around the northern coast of the Mediterranean. Tom is a fit, healthy man who works-out three or four times a week and had often been  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 64 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

The Exposure that started it all by VanessaEvans

The Exposure that started it all by Vanessa Evans Part 1 I’ll start by describing myself. I’m Jade, twenty three, slim, not very tall, small breasts (AA cup), light brown, shoulder length blondish hair and average looks. I have a good job in Banking and have my own, small apartment in the city. I have a boyfriend now but when my story starts I didn’t have one. I have a great set of girl friends with whom I meet up once per week for a drink and a catch-up. About once per month or so we  Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 45 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

The Exhibitionist Girl’s Solo Holiday by VanessaEvans

The Exhibitionist Girl’s Solo Holiday by Vanessa Evans A girl goes on holiday to find ways to live her exhibitionist fantasies. Part 1 Hi, my name is Sadie and I’m and exhibitionist. No, I’m not at a meeting of exhibitionists anonymous I’m at home, my own small apartment typing this story. It starts about six months ago when I broke off my relationship with a young man that I’d been going out with for nearly a year. Why did I break up with him? Well basically he turned out to be a p Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 45 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

Showing Myself because I want to. by VanessaEvans

Showing Myself because I want to. by Vanessa Evans Part 1 My story starts one night when we were out drinking with a couple of my boyfriends mates. Josh and I had been going out for about 3 months after we met at a party at a mutual friend’s house. Josh is a year older than me and at 19 he was working as an apprentice plumber. Me, Rachel, I was just starting a job as a sales assistant at a big chain fashion store and I guess that you’re wondering what I look like Well, I’m your aver Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 37 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

The CEO’s Unusual Retirement Party by VanessaEvans

The CEO’s Unusual Retirement Party by Vanessa Evans Graham Paxton was a very successful businessman who, in the 25 years that he built his business empire, had developed it to make it worth billions. Unfortunately that was at the cost of his wife who hated the long hours that he worked and she left him when their only child, a girl, Siobhan was 12. Graham sent Siobhan to a private boarding school and when she left the school she went and worked for him and after another 5 years she became Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 42 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

My Sister gets me to Show Her by VanessaEvans

My Sister gets me to Show Her by Vanessa Evans Part 1 Hi, my name is Archie and my sister is called Alice, we are 18 year old twins. We’ve always got on well, helping each other with school work and talking to each other about everything, and I mean everything. I thought that everything meant everything but a short while back Alice told me a fantasy that she’d had for years. She told me that she wanted men to see her naked. I was shocked at first because although we’d shared a bath Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 61 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism

I am my Brother’s Slave by VanessaEvans

I am my Brother’s Slave by Vanessa Evans Part 1 Okay, I admit it, I’m not the brightest girl in town and I am a long way from being the girl with the biggest tits in town but I’m me and there’s nothing that I can do about it. I was always the bottom of my class at school except for in PE where I enjoyed myself and did better than a lot of the other girls. My name is Ella and I’m 18. I’m pretty much average in the whole looks department except that I’m a bit on the skinny side and my ti Read more...

Rating: 100%, Read 50 times, Posted Oct 14, 2022

Fiction | Exhibitionism