Bigboy and His Bitches Part 3 by wife4hungblk

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Bigboy and his bitches; Part 3

Vickie and Julie were in each other’s arms quickly, kissing, tearing each other’s clothes off until Vickie says, we need to slow down and get in that shower girl. They do. They hug as they stand under the hot streaming water laughing as Julie says, “I don’t think I can scrub off the slutty feeling of having a black man cumming in my married white pussy. God that was so nasty feeling, having my pussy stretched so much and feeling his black balls filling me so deeply. Have you ever felt a man’s cum so hot and squirting so forcefully inside you Vic?”

“Hmmmm wait till you feel an animal cum in you sweetie. If you think that was good you will love having Bigboy give you his baby seed. It feels like a volcano is erupting inside you. Then it feels like its puddling inside you, seething hot as it scalds your insides and spreads all through your body.

Thinking of fucking Bigboy while trying to soap each other's bodies, hands sliding in cracks and crevices until we are both panting and moaning, is an exercise in futility. We enjoy each other's bodies much to much to even attempt such a feat. It has always been this way since they were young girls. I remember the first few nights we had stayed over together after finding my father's stash of porno. We had both eagerly turned page after page of fucking and sucking as our easily influenced young minds absorbed every minute detail on those pages.

I clearly remember Julie's silence and the way she stared at one particular magazine and how she blushed when I had said something like, "Boy you must really like what's in that one", and reached and grabbed it from her as she sat there breathing heavy. I also fell silent as my eyes pored over the pages as I saw girls licking each other's pussies and fingering each other with looks etched on their faces like they were in heaven. Each picture seemed to jump from the pages and I felt funny between my legs like I wanted to touch myself there.

When Julie came and sat beside me and began looking at the pages with me her leg was against mine and I was suddenly very aware of it and the warmth of it seemed to permeate all the way to my pussy as we gazed at women hunching their pussies into other women's mouths. Then on one page there was a blond woman dressed all in black leather with holes for her titties and ass and pussy. She was holding a whip with a nude dark haired woman cowering at her feet. The next page had the blond woman wielding a large strap on black cock rammed in the dark haired woman's pussy. Then we heard dad's truck coming up the road and had to quickly put them back under his bed.

That night we lay in my bed and the tension was so thick between us it could have been cut with a knife. We both had worn only panties and tee shirts to bed when we normally wore PJ's. I think we both knew we were wanting to explore the feelings we both had obviously experienced earlier but were to ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it. I was afraid she would think I was weird and nasty and laugh at me or worse. Every time our bodies touched that night it was like a jolt of electricity ran through us both. Julie was always the one unafraid to try new things and I was the laggard, always thinking of outcomes and consequences so it wasn't surprising when she said, "Vickie, roll over here and look at me". I rolled over and she was laying on top of the blankets completely nude with her head held up on her hand looking in my eyes. "If you don't want to just say so but I can't sleep thinking about you and me doing what we saw today".

I had never felt so hot so quickly. My breath was coming in gasps as my mind grasped what she meant and my button was throbbing so hard it was like it was reverberating in my ears and my pussy seemed to feel empty. These were all relatively new feelings to me but I already knew I liked them. I was too embarrassed to speak so I just removed my panties and tee shirt and lay there looking at her as I wondered what we were supposed to do next. Julie was never the one to remain curious about anything for long and once I was nude she quickly put her arms around me and kissed me. Neither of us were well versed in kissing but I guess we had good instincts because soon we had our tongues entwined and were both rubbing our pussies on each other.

Julie actually seemed more in control than I was and my lips found her breasts and I began licking and sucking at her skin heatedly. The fire in my pussy was new and spread through my entire body like a wildfire. I wanted something bad, I didn't quite know what but I knew that tasting her skin beneath my tongue and rubbing my button on her thigh seemed to bring it closer and closer. I wanted to enjoy this, to go slow, but I was driven to do what I had seen those women in the book doing, to make Julie's face have that look of heaven etched on it. Julie wanted it too, her hands kept pushing me lower and her thighs opened widely, lewdly, her hips hunching and rolling and she moaned constantly.

Soon my mouth was hovering above her pussy and its scent excited me, drew me and my mouth closed over her button and she lifted her hips and put her hands on my head and held me to her as her hips out-turned and she began quivering beneath my mouth and I began licking her like a dog would as I sucked at her small button and soon her whole body was shaking and she was groaning like she was in pain until suddenly she sat upright and was pulling my head from her saying, "Oh my god that was fantastic Vickie. I think you made me cum. Lay down and let me do you now", I did and she did and for the rest of our years in high school we learned each other's bodies every chance we got. We were inseparable! We never dated boys from our town or school because we always wanted to share them. We actually thought we might be gay. We only used guys to heighten our own sexual pleasure when we dreamed up another way to cum such as when we would lick each other's clit as our current boy toy fucked us.

It was a wonder no one we knew ever found out about us. We still thought we might be gay when Julie met Ray. She was telling me what a good fuck he was and how we would have so much fun with him. Then she began finding excuses that we couldn't meet together with him and finally she told me she loved him and they were going to get married. I was overjoyed for her, hurt and wondering what would become of me, and if she wasn't gay was I? After they were married we seemed to drift apart although we stayed in touch occasionally. I missed making love to her but thought she was happy with Ray and never dreamed she missed me also.

I knew I loved her. There is a place within my heart that will always have her in it. It had been hard for me to accept that as close as we'd been we could just part like we had. I knew she must love Ray tremendously for that love to separate us. Now I'm finding out that she missed me as terribly as I missed her. This thing with Jack was just another thing we shared together and showed us both that we still thought as one like back then.

Feeling the emotions and longings again that we had awakened in Jacks sleeper made it impossible for us to keep our hands from each other and soon we were laying, still soaking wet, embracing on my bed, kissing as we only kissed each other. I always felt like I was spinning down in a vortex that was sucking me into her body as our lips joined and our emotions soared at the closeness it brought us. Her kiss expressed what her words could never seem to say before. Today though, she broke the kiss, gazed into my eyes as if searching for something and said to me what I had said hundreds of times to her, "I love you, I really do Vickie, if that makes me queer or gay or whatever then so be it, I love you and I want you to know it", she said with emotion.

My eyes filled with tears. All these years I waited for her to utter those words, those three words that my heart has ached to hear. I knew she loved me, it was expressed in her kisses and the way she made love to me but for whatever her reasons, Julie, the girl that never held back anything had held those three words from me all these years, until now. I looked at her and sobbed, "I know it Julie I always have. I have never doubted our love and never placed labels on it, it was just there always understood. I just never understood why you couldn't say it?"

"I don't tell people I love them unless I do. Other than my family I've only said that to one other person. I was never sure if what we had was just sex or real love. Ray taught me what love really is. When we talked about you and he said he was sure you wanted to fuck him and he admitted he'd always wanted to fuck you but he hadn't, I realized why you hadn't also. I realized that it was his love that kept him faithful just as it was your love that held you back from hurting me. All this time we've been apart was because I've loved him so much I couldn't even trust you to keep from losing him but then I realized I WAS losing you and that broke my heart. I think I finally know what love really is and I love you so much Vickie. Ray saw it every time he was around you and would come home and tell me how much you loved me and what a good friend you were to me and how lucky I was to have you as a friend. Every time he did that I would go and cry because I was keeping us apart even after all we'd shared together. I finally realized that you have been offering me love almost my whole life but I could never accept it even though I loved you and knew I did. You and Ray taught me to trust our love.

"What made you think you couldn't trust me Julie, did I do something", I asked.

"No, I couldn't trust anybody. I trusted you more than anyone in my life. I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone before because I do know you love me and I can trust you. You remember when we first made out that night after we looked at your dad's magazines? Well a few nights later after I went home I was laying on my bed playing with myself when I saw someone looking in my door. My Uncle Bob was staying with us while mom and dad went to some kind of business thing for a week. Well, he was standing there with his dick in his hand watching me. When he saw me looking at him he walked over beside my bed and asked if I'd like for him to do that for me?"

I was really scared he was going to tell mom and dad what he'd caught me doing but I lay there looking at his dick and it was big, bigger than those in the magazines and I kept seeing all those pictures in my mind and wondered if he wanted to do that to me. "Don't worry Julie I won't tell your mom and dad. It will be our little secret", he said as he sat down on my bed and leaned over and put his arms around my thighs and began licking my clit and sticking his tongue up in my pussy real far. I kept cumming and cumming and even when I got so sensitive I tried to get away he wouldn't let me and kept eating me until I was just hunching uncontrollably, cumming so hard I thought my bones would break. I really loved it.

I had always had a kind of crush on him he was so good looking and after that I really loved him. Then when he said I could do anything I wanted to his dick and he undressed and lay down on my bed naked with his big ole dick sticking straight up I got even hotter than when he was eating me I believe. He let me suck his dick, taught me how to deep throat it saying all the boys love a good cocksucker. He even fucked me a little bit, put his fat dick head in my pussy and rubbed my clit until I cum with him inside me but he wouldn't break my cherry even though I begged him too. He came in my room every night after all the kids were asleep and we did everything together. He even tried to fuck my ass but it hurt so much I couldn't be quiet so he never tried it again.

I still remember the feel of his hard dick throbbing in my little hand and how I felt as I stroked and sucked it. I loved it, I really did! I loved him with all my heart and would never have done anything to hurt him. I even had thoughts of marrying him when I was grown. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me but it was wrong even though he couldn't help but do things with me. I promised him I'd never tell anybody as long as he promised to let me come visit him and make me cum. That went on every night till mom and dad come home.

A couple of nights later I woke up and my dad was standing looking at me. It was a hot night and I was laying there in just my panties and they were soaked from me cumming thinking of my Uncle Bob and the things we did. My hand was still in my panties from me falling asleep exhausted from cumming so much. As my eyes adjusted to the light I noticed my dad was in his underwear and he was stroking his cock real slow. I knew it was wrong but my clit began pulsing and my hand was already on it and my fingers began unconsciously rubbing it. I watched as his dick got stiffer and longer and then noticed that my hips were undulating and I was moaning.

My dad's eyes were gleaming like they were on fire and his dick had precum streaming from it, something my uncle had explained to me and I knew my dad was near cumming. He seemed like he was in a trance or something and he pulled his underwear down to his knees and got between my thighs and pulled my soaked panties aside and began pressing his dick in me. I felt his dick meet something inside me and he lurched forward and I felt a pain that brought a loud scream from my mouth. He clamped his hand over my mouth and held it there while he fucked me roughly until I felt him swelling inside me and suddenly he jerked his dick out and crawled quickly up to my face and said, "Suck my dick you little slut, Bob should have fucked you like you begged him too. I'm damned if you're gonna run around beggin guys to fuck you and ruin my good name you fuckin tramp. Now suck the cum outta my dick like you wanted to do to your Uncle Bob".

I was crying and he kept ramming his dick into my throat and somehow I began enjoying it and began sucking on him, deep-throating his dick and he began moaning and soon he was groaning as he filled my mouth with his hot man cum. Then he sat there on the bed panting saying, "I'm disappointed in you Julie, here I thought you was the good one and then Bob tells me how you were playin with your pussy and begging him to let you suck his cock and fuck him. I got mad and called him a liar and then I come in here and your panties are all soaked in your girl cum and your hand is still in your pants and I guess I just kinda lost it knowin he was tellin the truth. You're awful young to be sucking a dick like that, who taught you that girl?"

"Uncle Bob, he made me suck his nasty dick all week while you were gone. He ate my pussy too. He caught me playing with my pussy and made me do all kinds of nasty shit to him. I guess he was afraid I was going to tell you and he made all that stuff up to tell you in case I did". Dad stood up and pulled his boxers up and I think he almost cried as he said, "That's why he didn't fuck you ain't it girl, so's he could deny everything?"

"He put his dick in me but he didn't take my cherry. He tried to put it in my butt too but it hurt too much and he was afraid I'd wake everybody up"

"I'm sorry I hurt you Julie. I was wrong to believe him. Its just that your mom and me ain't been doing much with sex and all that and when I seen you all sexy like you were and I remembered what Bob had said it was like some dark force took me over and I just didn't know what I was doin. How you feel about Bob now girl?"

"I thought I loved him daddy, he told me he loved me and how pretty I was and everything. He made me feel real good and did things I'd never done before and made me feel grown up. I hate him daddy, I hate him for lying on me and I hate him for what he caused you to do to me. I'll never trust anybody again, never!" Dad just held me real tight and I cried myself to sleep. I remember hearing my dad murmur, "He might be my brother but he's gonna pay for this little girl, don't you worry none, he'll pay. God forgive me for what I done to you baby girl!" A week later five guys caught Bob and took him in an alley and clamped a hog ring on his nutsack and castrated him and then dropped him at a hospital.

I asked my dad if he had that done to his brother and all he said was, "I been expecting you to ask me that girl, come walk with me a bit". He walked down by the pig sty and got a little metal box down from over the side door to the barn and handed it to me and said, "I know this can't ever make up for the pain we caused you baby and what I took from you but at least you'll know it won't happen to another girl and that I really do love you and ain't nobody gonna cause you to be hurt. I just hope you can forgive me some day sweetie!" As he walked away I opened the box and Bob's nutsack and balls were in it. I dumped it in the pigpen and watched as they began chewing on them and wished they were still attached to Bob while they did it. I think I forgave my daddy that day!

"Wow, I said, I can't believe you never told me that Julie! Did your mom ever find out about any of it", I asked?

I think so because I know her and dad began having sex more often and she began hugging me and telling me how much my dad and her loved me all the time after that. Dad never could look me straight in the eye after that though and I know he would give anything to go back and relive that day over again. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't start playing with my pussy because I wanted him to fuck me like Uncle Bob wouldn't. I know it turned me on watching him even though he was my dad. If I had woke up and screamed instead of playing with myself I don't think he would have done anything. But I didn't, so I guess it doesn't matter now. I do feel sorry for Uncle Bob now though and I take some of the blame for what happened but he didn't have to be such a cowardly asshole.

"I guess I can see why its hard for you to trust people Julie but we've been like sisters since we were little", I said.

"More like kissin cousins I'd say", Julie laughed. There's more Vickie but I'm afraid you'll think bad about me, if you know the real me. There was stuff I never told you about back when I used to spend the night all the time, stuff I just couldn't and still can't. Seemed like back then every time I played with my pussy I got in a mess.

I was about to tell Julie she could play with that beautiful pussy and see if it made me all crazy, if she wanted to, when we hear a knock at the door and someone yelling, "Yoo Hoo, anybody home?" "Oh shit I forgot, it's Aphrodite and Ronny. Come on I want you to meet her and especially Ronny!"

"Shouldn't we get dressed first", Julie asked laughing.

"Why, we'll just have to take them off again", I reply, grinning as I grab her hand and pull her after me. "Come on in beautiful, and bring that handsome, seductive guy with you. I'm dying for Julie to meet him", I say laughing as Aphrodite enters with Ronny walking beside her. Ronny sees us standing there nude and immediately begins prancing and mewling, his cock unsheathing and Aphrodite says, "Stay Ronny", and he stops and stands there with his tongue hanging wetly, saliva dripping from it as he glances from her to us like he's awaiting her to unleash him on us.

"My, my, I feel over dressed suddenly for some reason. Seeing you two makes me wish I were younger. I'm not sure I want to undress in front of you two. Hi, I'm Aphrodite and this is Ronny, one of your admirers as you see, pointing to Ronny's huge cock as it hangs stiffly beneath him."

Julie is staring, mesmerized by Ronny's cock as she says, "Hi Aphrodite, I'm Julie, my god do you let him put all that in you?"

"Well, usually, but today its all for you Julie, if you'd like it anyway. Would you like to become one of Ronny's bitches, I'm sure Vickie is wet right now thinking of becoming his lover", aren't you sweetie?

I walk to her and say, "Lets get you out of these clothes right now, I'm dying to see your beautiful body. Ronny keeps you in good shape doesn't he? I begin removing her blouse and Julie is obviously aroused from seeing what she is soon to have and when Aphrodite places her hand on her chin and pulls Julie's lips to her own she moans and returns her kiss passionately. I remove her blouse and bra and admire her breasts, firm and pert for a woman her age with little sag and nipples that are already hard and erect. "Hmmm have you had work done on these", I ask as my lips suck at their supple skin?

Uh uh, Aphrodite moans as Julie's and hers lips suck and bite at each others, their tongues interweaving, licking at each other as they obviously are enjoying their kiss. Julie's hands find Aphrodite's breasts and begin squeezing, kneading them as their hands begin roaming each other. I undo Aphrodite's skirt and lift it over her head before pulling her slip and panties down her hips and thighs until they lay in a pile at her feet as my lips begin exploring her beautiful ass cheeks, hands gripping them, squeezing them as I spread them and savor her scent. She obviously uses a body perfume and its fresh scent mixed with the musk like odor of her sex is intoxicating and draws my tongue between her twin orbs to taste her there.

Her pressing back into my strong laving has us both moaning as Julie licks and sucks at the flesh of her twin mounds, gently biting her nipples as Aphrodite's mind begins succumbing to the adoration we endow upon her older body. I know she has never experienced this before and her breathing is hurried, shallow and her body writhes as we torment her with wet laving and soft sucking from both sides of her body. Julie's tongue ravages her mons as my own tongue seeks the moistness of her inner lips leaving her hunching between our laving, legs becoming weak with her arousement.

I guide her to the couch and sit her there with thighs spread as I begin mouthing her left breast and Julie her right. Our hands glide over her thighs as we spread her and I whisper to her, have Ronny eat you, let Julie see what she's in for. Aphrodite loves what we're doing to her and when she snaps her fingers and pats her mound Ronny is there in two long bounds and licking her avidly as her cries echo through the room. I kiss her as his tongue torments her entire pussy and Julie spreads her covering skin so she can feel the full effects of his tongue upon her swollen clit.

Ronny works his magic skillfully and soon Aphrodite's hips lift and she moans as her body tenses, his long tongue working in and out of her pussy as he drinks her cum. Her head and shoulders jerk upright with each wave of pleasure that tightens her muscles as he covers her mound wetly, tongue twisting and turning like only an animals can as it laves her asshole with a pressured probing and slides slickly around and over her clit eliciting strong cries from her lips as she cums very intensely.

Aphrodite is gasping as she turns to me and says, "I see this is going to be an exciting weekend by the way its beginning. I thought this was to be Julie's day, shouldn't she be here as the object of our attention. She looks at Ronny and simply says "Go" and he stops and goes and lays down and licks the fluids leaking from his tip. I see Julie watching him and I say, "Why don't you help him out Julie and do that for him, he is here for you to learn with you know".

" mean....can I just.....I I just...", she stammers as her thighs squeeze together and a soft shudder runs through her body.

"Just suck his dick baby, just like he's a guy. You know you want to and we both have so get down there on that dick girl", I say to her.

Aphrodite lays down beside him and begins jacking his cock off and he rolls to his back as she lifts it saying, "Come on sweetie, I'll hold it for you and show you how." Julie gets on her hands and knees and moves to where her face is over his cock and her hand reaches out and she grasps him lightly causing a voltage like thrill to grip her clit and she moans as she feels his thick cock jerking strongly in her hand. I see her juices dripping from her pussy and know she's excited and wet. I see it in her eyes, a veil of lust envelopes them as her mouth lowers and she moans as her lips close over his bloated tip.

Julie feels so slutty knowing other people are watching her suck a dogs dick, but instead of deterring her it drives her excitement and soon she is sliding her lips down his cock as she sucks at it. Her tongue licks at the juices that flow continually from his tip, each taste eliciting a moan from deep inside her as she begins craving this dog's cum. I slide my fingers in her pussy and begin scratching inside her, raking her G-spot as her sucking becomes frenzied, head bobbing quickly, lips sucking at him as they move quickly up and down his shaft. I hear her choking as his slick dog dick slides deep in her throat as he hunches hard into her mouth but she doesn't lift from his cock, instead I see her throat constricting as she swallows his cock moaning.

Julie's mind is lost to her endeavors and every time her lips press down his cock until his swollen knot meets her mouth she tries to shove her mouth over it and moans her disappointment when she can't. Her eyes are glazed when she lifts her head and asks, "Will he fuck me now, god I want to fuck him so bad".

"Just climb up on it and put it in you and fuck it sweetie", Aphrodite tells her. "He'll let you and you don't have to worry about him knotting you yet. I think maybe you should knot Vickie's lover before you allow Ronny to please you that way. Ronny can become quite painful when he's with a new bitch I've been told by friends that have borrowed him at times.

I remember Ray sitting at home and I go and turn the laptop on and sign in the website making sure him and Cheryl can watch Julie's debasing and bring the laptop and position it where all the action is on camera. I hear an anguished cry and look and see Julie's head thrown back in tortured pleasure as she feels Ronny's thick dog meat open her inner lips and impale her as Aphrodite holds his cock as she pushes back onto him. Julie is moaning her pleasure as she lifts and falls on Ronny's thick dog meat by the time I'm through adjusting the camera. Aphrodite is rolling Julie's clit under the balls of her fingers and Julie is rocking forward and back as she drives his long stiff dog cock deeper with each hard backwards thrust of her hips.

I see Aphrodite is on all fours and I grin as I walk to the back room and open the door and say c'mon boy. Bigboy immediately smells all the sex in the air and tries to lick at my pussy as we walk back. As soon as he sees Aphrodite on her hands and knees he mounts her and begins a frantic search for her sex. He's in her quickly causing her head to jerk upwards with the sudden pain of his stretching her moist inner flesh. She cries out, "Oh damn", as he drives his pistoning dog meat into her forcefully. Her head drops and she moans loudly as his tip impales her cervical opening, quickly driving his big mastiff dick along her uterine passage until he's pounding deep in her womb within seconds of his sudden entering of her pussy.

"Oh god baby, thank you, thank you, oh shit he's fucking me so good.....oh fuck.....oh damn......fuck me......fuck my bitch pussy......yes....yes...he's there...oh goddamn he's fucking me there so good.....oh god yes....doit...shove it in me.....oh god Vickie he's...oh god...he's...h.hh..he's....aarrrggghhhhhhohhhhfuccckkkk.....h.h.hurts.....oh damn it hurts...k.k.knot...oh god I'm his....fuck me Bigboy.....oh god make me yours boy....aiieeeeeeeeee...he's cumming....yes...yes....soooo hot......doitboy......fill my bitch pussy up....oh damn I love this Vickie.......shit...shit!

Seeing Bigboy fuck her so well has my pussy streaming my own wet need and I straddle her back and let Bigboy lick my pussy as I hold his big head and hunch into his fat animal tongue as he licks inside me like he wants to lick the flesh from my flowing inner vagina. Tasting me must excite and renew his interest in fucking Aphrodite's pussy because he begins fucking her with forceful thrusts that lift her ass and drive her forward across the room as she screams her pleasure at his renewed assault on her womb. I have to jump from her back as he begins hammering her deeply with his entire swollen dick and throbbing knot expanding within her. Her head flails and her face is etched with the exquisite pain she feels as Bigboy uses his whole powerful body to hunch his cock into her painfully.

She loves it and hers and Julies moans fill the room as they both cum repeatedly. Julie is pressing down onto Ronny's cock like she wants his knot in her, screaming unintelligibly when Aphrodite yells, "Fuck Ronny, Fuck" and Ronny begins fucking up into Julies pussy forcefully, lifting her with each hard thrust of his hips.

Julies’ eyes register the surprise and pain of Ronny's incessant assault on her pussy as her body tenses and begins shaking. She cums so hard her thighs straighten out to the side and as he continues fucking her, soon her legs are straight out to the rear and she's laying on his big body holding him as he hammers his knot into her supine body as she begs him not to stop. His knot begins immediately swelling and her pussy feels like its ripping as his tip tries to puncture her wombs deepest walls. Not even Jacks black cock filled her and stretched her like Ronny is. His knot is so hot and each hard throb radiates against her walls incensing her mind until she feels crazed, unable to withstand the pleasure welling in her but unable to escape his swelling animal dick. Julie's mind seems to melt as she watches Aphrodite's similar plight and she feels a kinship with her new found friend and a love of her dog that is indescribable.

"Roll Ronny, Roll Boy", Aphrodite tells her dog and he begins hunching and lurching until he has Julie pinned beneath him as he lays upright with his dick still lodged fast within her. "Stand and fuck, Stand and fuck", Aphrodite implores Ronny and he lifts his hindquarters as Julie feels his entire cock stiffen the length of her birth canal as he lifts her by her pussy until his front paws wrap her waist and he begins hammering his dick in her forcefully. Her shoulders are on the floor, her ass held up by his embedded cock as he holds her to him and fucks her senseless.

Julie feels raped, unable to escape as his knot swells until she feels bloated, her g-spot mashed and rubbed forcefully as he hunches hard into her. His dick sends sharp pains shooting from deep within her to race up her spine until they seem to meld into one continuous ordeal that enhances the waves of orgasm coursing through her until she feels her mind is lost to the madness she can't escape and wouldn't if she could. She is on the verge of insanity when her hips begin hunching in reaction to the rapid pulsing of his knot and she knows he's about to cum. Her body begins trembling as the first forceful seething blast hits her womb and immobilizes her body and she shakes violently as each lava like blast from his animal balls scalds her internally and keeps her trembling in a heaven she never knew existed before. She knows she is about to die as she sees Ray stroking his cock in wild eyed arousement as he watches her wonderful plight.

Her legs wrap Ronny's thin waist as she holds her pussy up to the most exquisite pain she has ever felt in her pussy as his knot grows with each buildup to his next jet of pure unadulterated pleasure into her soul as he breeds his new bitch. She grips her tits and squeezes as she tries to distract her mind from the pain stretching her womb as she hangs from her legs wrapping his body as he thrusts hard with each surge from his balls. Her mind seethes as she thinks of fucking Vickie's horses soon and then her world becomes black as she faints from the intensity of her body's muscles locked and frozen until her blood quits flowing properly. Her legs fall and she hangs lewdly by her pussy from Ronny's cock as he yelps and lays down to relieve the pressure tugging at his embedded knot. Each time he sporadically hunches into her Julie's face winces in pain and then smiles as her hips undulate gently and she moans softly and hugs her furry lover.

Aphrodite has her chest on the couch where Bigboy drove her to as she lays there smiling as she thinks about the wonderful friendships she has now. But like Julie her mind is out in the barn where her true desire lies. Bigboy is a wonderful new lover but the craving she has in her pussy is not for dog cock but something much longer and thicker, a cock driven by much greater power and force hopefully to still this need for animal cock she has had within her for what seems forever. I have finally found heaven she thinks as her gaze falls on the horses in the barn and she sees Jackhammers huge dick bobbing as she hears a woman's voice talking and he seems to respond to her with a stiffening of his long thick dick. Aphrodite moans and cums causing her pussy to clamp Bigboys cock, squeezing his thick knot and he responds with a hard thrust that has her hunching back into his steel like dick as she tenses tightly. Heaven she thinks again!

I see Ray on the camera stroking his dick as he watches his wife and Aphrodite being hammered by huge dog dicks. I know he could cum any second by the way he grips the base of his cock as it jerks, stiffens and strains upwards, afraid to touch his tip lest he spew and lose the heated arousement that flows through him as he watches this scene of debauchery. I want to feel his dick in me like I see it, hard, swollen, straining. I want to squeeze it with my pussy and make it cum even as he tries to constrain it. "I wish you were here Ray, I want to fuck you so badly right now. Would you like to put your hard dick in here and cum right now", I ask him as I sit with thighs spread opening my pussy for his view.

"Oh god Vickie, yes, yes, fuck I wish you could slide your pussy down my dick right now. I want you so bad, you know I always have", He moans as his balls begin twitching.

I rub my clit roughly as my gaze watches his dick flow precum as it jerks and sways. I see his hand grip his dick tightly and hear his moan as his glans swells and fires a long pearlescent stream of cum high in the air. Long ribbons of cum spew skywards repeatedly as he strokes it rapidly between each, tensing as his balls explode each new outburst from them. I cum hard as I think of how he will feel cumming in me as years of pent up need envelope us both as we fuck. We watch each other as our bodies release the energy of our desire for the other in tensing trembling joy.

It is so great to know that tomorrow I will finally feel Ray's cock bellowing its need deep inside my pussy. He is not as large as any of my animal lovers or even Jacks black dick, but I know I will enjoy him as much or more due to the years of wanting him. Damn I wish he were here now I think as my thighs squeeze and hips out-turn as my hand refuses to relent its rough rubbing of my clit as I stare at the dick I have craved so long.

I laugh as I hear Cheryl say, "Damn I guess I'm kinda late to the party from the looks of everybody. Ain't this some shit to wake up to. Fuck, I'm gonna be horny as hell all day today at work now. Red's gonna get a good fucking when I get home tonight. Gotta run, damn I wish I was there..bye, love you all!"

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Fantasy | BDSM, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Coercion, Exhibitionism, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Torture, Virginity


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