In Peter's Arms Ch.1_(0) by TheSexStoryStudent

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Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Male, Rape, Romance, Spanking, Submission, Teen Female

I grew up in a big house. I had a lot of friends in school, and my grades were acceptable. I never questioned the yelling that happened late at night, when my parents thought I was asleep. I just thought everyone's parents were like that. I was very popular in school as I grew to be 13. My breasts were bigger than any other girls and my butt was admired by every boy in the school. My curly ginger hair went down almost to my waist and my eyes were a brilliant blue. Everyone began to notice me. I liked the attention, but some of the attention frightened me.

One night I was at my house taking a shower when my father knocked on the bathroom door and came in. I told him I was taking a shower and ignored him. The next minute I heard him getting in the shower with me. I was about to scream when he covered my mouth with his hand and yanked on my ginger hair.

"Be quiet," he hissed.

I sobbed quietly as his hand drifted down to my breasts. His finger circled my nipple, and he could tell it wasn't becoming erect. That just angered him, so he grabbed my nipple and pulled. I tried to cry out in pain, but my plea was muffled by his hand. His hand left my mouth and he continued to caress my nipple as his other hand traveled down to my vagina.

"Please Dad, don't-"

I screamed as he thrust me against the wall with all his might. I hit it hard and crumpled to the ground. I heard him chuckle and leave, as I sobbed.

And that was just the beginning of the abuse.


My mother never knew. For 2 years the abuse continued and then one day my parents divorced. Just like that! I never knew why. I didn't really care, I didn't have a life anyway. My bruises from all the abuse meant I had no friends. My grades dropped. I sinked into depression. All I had was Peter. He had been my friend for seven years. He didn't know of course, I could never bring myself to explain the bruises. But he worried. He was 6'3 and well built. His black hair was curled at the top and pushed to the left side of his head. He had a brilliant smile. He didn't tower over me, luckily. I was 5'9. We did everything together. Played video-games, went swimming, and watched action movies. We did all this things at his house, so I could avoid my dad. I had never had a boyfriend, and was not a virgin. My father made sure of that. I had read online that sex was supposed to feel good, but my father was rough and he hurt me. He never did anything for my pleasure. When I tried to resist, he...he whipped me. Hard. I knew Peter was suspicious, but I pretended to be happy. And I was, when I was with Peter.

"No. No. No, no, no way!"

I laughed and laughed at Peter's face of disbelief when I beat him. It was his favorite game to play, because he always won. But not today!

"Revenge is a bitch," I gloated.

He smirked. "You got lucky punk. Now c'mere!" He reached forward and began to tickle my weakness.

"NUUUU! No stop! Peter! I swear to god-HAHAHAHA NUUUU"

He laughed at my feeble attempt to fight back. I heard my text alert go off on my phone so I pushed him off and checked it. It read-


I bit my lip. Peter noticed the concern on my face.

"Hey," he said. "What's wrong Tia?"

I wiped away the tears forming in my eyes. "Na-nothing. I'm fine. Everything is fine," I said clenching my fists.

He took my hands and un-clenched them. He looked at me softly. "Is this about your dad?"

I stared at him, wide-eyed. "No! Look, I have to go." I took my hands away and left.


I opened the door to my house and looked around. I spotted my dad on the couch drinking a beer. I wanted to cry, knowing the abuse that would follow.

He turned around, his face twisted into a permanent scowl. "Where. The. Fuck. Have. You. BEEN?!"

I felt the tears sliding down my cheeks already. "I-I was with Peter."

His scowl went even deeper. "Bet you let him in your pants didn't you, you fucking slut?!"

I stared at him, horrified. "No dad, of course not! We were playing video-games!"

He got up from the couch and rushed over to me. He slammed his arm against my throat and put his face close to mine. I squirmed, trying to get free from his choking grasp. "You are mine." He growled. "He slid his finger down to my pussy. "And is this mine?" I sobbed, and kicked against his weight. He raised his hand and slapped me. I cried out in pain.

"ANSWER ME BITCH!" He screamed.

"It's yours daddy!" I sobbed. He released me, and said, "Go to my room and get ready. I left something on the bed for you to wear." And with that, he left for the bathroom. I stood there, crying. Thinking about my life. What happened, I thought. I'm better than this. But I knew one thing was for sure. I had to do what he said, or I would get whipped. I walked upstairs, wiping my tears away. The abuse had gotten worse over the years, simply because I never enjoyed it. I had never had an orgasm, and I think my dad wanted me to like it. So he punished me harder, believing it would turn me on. But it never did. I reached my fathers room and saw something terrible on the bed. It was a pair of restraints, and they were nailed to the headboard. I backed away, imagined the intolerable pain, until I backed up into my father. His arms closed around me and pushed me forward.

"No.." I sobbed.

My father laughed evilly. "Yes." He grabbed my wrists and used the restraints to tie me to the headboard of the bed, so I was facing the headboard. Then he proceeded to remove all my clothes till I was nude. I had to admit, my father said my breasts were huge. And my bubble butt fit into my curves nicely. But I never got to enjoy them. And I dreaded what was coming next. I heard him open his drawers. I hoped it was for a condom. I was on the pill, but I always hoped he would wear one to be extra careful. No such luck. I cried out and my dad attached the metal nipple clamps. It hurt so bad. Luckily my father had never pierced me, so the pain could have been worse. Then I heard my father unbuckle his pants. His dick was about 3 inches when it was limp, and got to about 5 when erect. I was thankful for his tiny size. At least he wasn't pounding me like a horse. As I felt his dick brush my pussy slightly, I began to cry. There had to be something better than this....

"I'm gunna make you scream slut." He whispered in my ear.

Was that supposed to turn me on? Fuck you dad. He slowly slid into me, and then quickened his pace. He groaned.

"Fuck yeah..." He groaned.

Can I get a fuck no?

He thrusted faster and faster. Quickening his pace, grabbing my hair...groping my tits. He groaned and moaned and kept saying,

"Fuck, your so tight you little slut. Daddy's fucking you, you worthless piece of shit..."

I was trying not to cry in pain, it hurt SO bad, all the while thinking, no wonder my mother left you. And just like that it was over, as he shot his cum inside me. He sighed and untied me, ripping the nipple clamps off. I covered my mouth to avoid screaming in pain. He waved his hand, "dismissing me"

I ran to my room and put my clothes back on. Then I checked my phone. 2 MISSED CALLS. Most likely Peter. I dialed his number and say on my bed.

"Hey," I said when I heard him answer.

"Tia. Why the fuck have you not responded. I have been worried out of my mind."

"I'm fine," I lied. I wanted to tell him. Just then, I nearly broke. But I couldn't. I promised myself that I would never tell anybody.

"No your not."

I started to cry.

"Tia?" Peter asked softly.

Then I began to sob.

"I'm coming over."

"No Peter-"

Fuck. He hung up. What have I done?

Rating: 91%, Read 20826 times, Posted May 23, 2017

Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Male, Rape, Romance, Spanking, Submission, Teen Female


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