Cumming on Sister_(0) by Incestlover95

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Fiction | Incest

This story is not true in anyway it is just something i hope happens or happened this is my fantasy if this isnt something you like then please stop reading. If it is something you enjoy then please tell me what you think.

The narrator-Jack

The Sister-Rachel

I had just turned 16 when I had finally had my incestuous moment, I wasn’t a small kid but wasn’t big either. I had just woken up and noticed that I was sporting a huge boner I was about 7 inches then. Well luckily I had woken up early than normal, so I started to jerk myself off and I was going to town. I was ready to cum when my sister opened my door and took my load to her face.

My sister was 17 c cup boobs and a nice peach ass. I had never shot that far before I was so embarrassed and just stunned I couldn’t move. She stood there not saying a word with it just sitting there sliding down her face when finally it hit her lip she licked it out of habit I think.

She didn’t say anything just walked out, a couple of minutes went by when I had finally got the courage to get dressed and go down stairs. My dad was sitting there drinking his coffee and mom was serving breakfast.

I sat down to eat when I heard my sister come down my heart stopped I was waiting for her to say something about what happened. "Hey mom, Hey dad" She said and sat down to eat. The day went on like normal and I just kept thinking what she was going to do about it that’s all I could think about.

It started eating at me is she gonna blackmail me into doing chores or something worse, i couldnt get those thoughts out of my head it was unbearable it was hurting me.

It was also kinda exciting for some reason the image of her with my cum sliding down her face was getting me to be rock solid and it was pushing hard on my jeans so much that it might be able to tear through the jeans.

8 hours go by its about 10:36 when I get a knock at my door, and I know its my sister cause my parents are already asleep. She comes in and closes the door and looks at me and says "we need to talk". We sit there and just stare at each other for what seemed like forever when finally she says "i know it’s normal for people to masturbate" "yeah" I say "however the fact that you came on me isn’t what worried me" "I’m so sorry about that I have never shot that far" I say frantically.

She holds up her hand to stop me from talking I don’t care It was my fault I should have knocked, what concerns me is how much it turned me on". I was shocked to her say that She continued "I was wondering could you do it again" "cum on you" "yes" she replied.

I sat there and thought about it for a moment and said "yeah sure" So I pulled down my shorts and started to jerk it. She moved closer to me So she would be able to take the load, "if I had some motivation it would help" she smiled and took her top and bra off exposing he perfect pink nipples.

I was going hard now when I felt the twitch in my balls that said I was close "come here" I said she got right next to my cock and I blew like a volcano she sat there and let it drip down her when finally she took a finger and started to clean her self she ate my cum which gave me another hard on.

She smiled and said "maybe again tomorrow" and it went like that for months I would just cum on her and it was perfect until I got the urge to do more. One time we almost got caught my mom and dad left and we decided to do it in the kitchen and I had just finished and we were dressed when our parents walk luckily my sister was great at this “we were making donuts and we spilt the frosting" and she wiped if up and ate it in front of our parents.

That was the hottest thing i had every seen in my life it made me feel so much more for my sister and i didnt know how to handle it anf i was getting pent up.

Finally about 4 months down the road I got the courage to ask for something extra like a blowjob maybe "maybe let me think about it" She said as I finished on her. The next day at 12:36 am she came in and said "get it out and close your eyes" I did just that and a minute goes by when I feel the most perfect lips wrap around my cock and just start giving me the greatest blowjob of my life it was heaven I almost came right there.

I opened my eyes and she was naked all the way down I could even see her perfect little slit dripping on my floor she continued to suck me off when I told her I’m "close" she just went harder and I just let go and came down her throat it had to have been seven shots of cum.

She kept on until I was unloaded She smiled and said "maybe tomorrow you can feel this" sticking a finger in her pussy and then sliding it in my mouth and walking out of my room like it was nothing I sat there thinking tomorrow is going to be a great day.

This was the start of something amazing and it kept getting better i just hadnt realised it yet but when i figured it out my life became like a porno movie.........

I hope you guys and gals enjoyed it if not let me know whats wrong and i will work on it, also if you want names i will post them in the next story.

Rating: 93%, Read 30537 times, Posted Jul 24, 2018

Fiction | Incest


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