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True Story | Black, Interracial, Voyeurism, Wife

For a long time it had been my fantasy to see my wife “Elaine” get satisfied by a stranger and I always felt if she was truthfully honest it was something she wanted to experience too. Although I had told her this fantasy a few times, generally arising when we were both feeling horny after we had had a few drinks it had never progressed any further, that was until last week when things changed dramatically. On Friday after going down to the pub for a few drinks to unwind from the week's tensions, we had got home and gone to bed, as we lay there she slid down the covers and sucked my cock until it was hard aching for her pussy. She slid back up the bed slowly wanking me off, and then to my surprise she began the conversation about fucking a stranger. My cock felt like it was going to explode as she said that she was interested in trying it out for real. We lay there and chatted for a while coming up with a plan and a few rules that were to be in place before we went ahead with it. We decided that she was to go out on Saturday night down town on her own and pick up some fella that took her fancy, she was to text me when she was coming back with the stranger and I would then go into the spare bedroom and watch her fuck her new lover.

The spare bedroom sat directly opposite our bedroom and I knew it would give me a great view of the events that were to follow. If she left the lights on in our bedroom the spare bedroom remained in darkness allowing me to watch without my presence being known by the stranger. There were a few stipulations, I was not to get involved in the nights events, I would only be allowed to watch from the spare room but and after the stranger had gone I would be allowed back in our room and let her do whatever she wanted to me. I just wanted to select Elaine’s outfit for the night, this sounded pretty fair so we both agreed to each other’s demands. All the way through this conversation she had been wanking me off and I was ready to fuck her, I reached down to her pussy, she was the wettest I had ever felt her. Her juices had dribbled down her pussy and began to leave a damp patch on the bed sheets. It was obvious the thought of what was to come had turned her on real bad! I moved close to her ready to slide my dick into her pussy, “not tonight my love” she said “I want you gagging for it all through tomorrow.” The bitch was going to enjoy teasing me.

Saturday evening approached and after downing a few straight scotches to sort out any last minute nerves, Elaine went upstairs to the bathroom to prepare herself for the evening. I went into our bedroom and began to go through her draws selecting what she was to wear that night. I was in two minds as to what she was to wear but then I thought fuck it she had agreed to wear anything I selected; besides I wanted to get her back for not letting me fuck her the night before. I wanted to see her get well and truly used so I thought a tight revealing slutty outfit would certainly attract plenty of pussy hungry blokes. As she walked into the bedroom she clocked the outfit lying on the bed that I wanted her to wear, Elaine never said anything but I could tell she knew I wanted her to look like a slut, this was confirmed when she put her make-up on. She put on a bright red lipstick she had never used before because we had always joked that it made her look tarty.

She pealed on the skin tight black lycra dress, black seemed suspender tights and knee length patent boots. Nothing more nothing less!

Elaine stood up after getting her boots on; she spun around showing off her outfit. God she looked so fucking hot! I wanted to fuck her there and then but I knew somebody else would be getting that pleasure before me. There was a toot from the waiting taxi cab outside, as I opened the front door for her I whispered in her ear, “enjoy yourself tonight” with a twinkle in her eyes. She replied “OH I intend to, I will text you later” she walked out the door waving her mobile. I watched her ass wiggle in the tight dress as she walked up the path towards the taxi, her sexy boot heels clicking with every stride. I saw the taxi driver look my wife up and down, he must have thought all his Christmas’s had come at once. As she crouched into the cab I wondered if she would tease the old boy the same as she had being doing to me, maybe flash him her pussy. Even if she didn’t he was going to get a great view in the rear view mirror for the next 20 minutes, I was sure Elaine would tell me later that night if she had indeed teased him.

After 35 minutes I heard my mobile bleep, an incoming text message, I immediately thought Elaine had bottled it and was texting to say she was coming home. I felt disappointed in one sense, but in another way I was pleased she was coming back so I could get my own wicked ways with her in her slutty outfit. The text was from Elaine but to my surprise it just read “xxx”, I then noticed there was a picture attached when I opened it didn’t make sense:

I text her back and asked what the picture was, she then sent some more of the same picture, each one becoming more clear.

It was clear from this picture she had taken the shot while sat it the back of the taxi, lucky bastard the old boy he must have got a right eyeful of her lifting her dress up to take the shot. I then knew she wasn’t coming back and that I wouldn’t be getting to fuck my wife first I would have to wait and watch someone else enjoy her beautiful assets. This was the first of a few surprises she had installed for me tonight.

It was then a waiting game; I sat having a few beers my mind racing wondering what Elaine was up to, different images in my head but the one image that remained all night was of her stood in the doorway in her sexy outfit her eyes twinkling “enjoy yourself tonight” “OH I intend to, I will text you later”. Time seemed to drag; I was counting down every hour as it past. As I looked up at the clock, it read 1.00am, where the fuck was she, we had planned she would get back by midnight the latest, I began to drift off into a sleep. A harsh bleeping of my mobile phone woke me with a jolt, I opened the text, it read, “get your arse in the spare bedroom I will be back in 20 minutes”. Excellent, I thought, she is bringing someone back to fuck. I finished off my beer then went upstairs to our bedroom and switched the lights on; walking along the corridor to the spare bedroom I switched off the landing light and walked into the darkness of the spare room. I undressed and sat by the side of the bed so I could duck behind the bed if need be. I could feel the pulsating of blood flowing through my erect cock, the thought of what was about to unfold enough to keep my dick rigid with excitement. I heard a car pull up outside and then the unmistakable clicking of Elaine’s boots up the path. The front door opened and I could hear some muffled voices and next footsteps up the stairs.

Elaine reached the top of the stairs and turned immediately left towards the bedroom, she must have had a fair few to drink as she was little unsteady on her feet. I saw a figure closely follow behind her, as he walked into the illuminated bedroom I had my second surprise of the night. Not only was this a black guy but he was nearly half her age, around 22 at a guess. Elaine and I had many conversations about our previous sex partners and I knew she had never had a black cock before, perhaps that was the appeal? Then what surprised me even more was the shadow of a second figure walking up the stairs, as he walked into the bedroom I could see he was also black, around 30ish, tall and well built. I latter heard the older guy was called Jim and the young guy Will. Elaine and Will stood directly in front of the doorway, they began to kiss, there was no passion in the kisses just pure wanton lust. Will groped at her taught body and began to grind his restrained hard-on into her. As Jim passed behind her he put his hands on her shoulders and forcefully pushed her down to the floor “get on your knees bitch”. Jim then sat on the bed looking at her “get his cock out then”, Elaine slowly began to unbutton Will's jeans, he had no underwear on and as she undid more buttons his cock sprang out, he was probably around 6.5”, I felt a little disappointment as I’m sure Elaine had been hoping he would be bigger. She licked the side of his shaft then reached up to cup Will's heavy spunk laden balls, in a flash Jim grabbed Elaine’s hair and tugged her head back, she let out a small cry in pain, “I didn’t tell you, you could use your hands did I you fucking whore!” I could not believe she was letting them treat her that way, what she said next made me realise she was enjoying being treated like this “no you didn’t, I’m sorry Sir”. Jim then pushed Elaine’s head towards Wills cock; she opened her mouth and Will began to feed his manhood down her throat, she took his full length right to the base without gagging, a trick she had done to me on many occasions. Her pale white complexion, the tarty red lipstick and the black cock sliding in and out of her mouth was an amazing contrast in colours, I could not believe what I was seeing, my wife no more than 15 feet away sucking another man’s cock and being treated like a complete slut. Jim reached under her dress and began to rub her pussy; she let out a muffled groan and parted her legs to give Jim even better access to her cunt. Jim moved his hand from under her dress, I could see his fingers glisten in her pussy juices, dam she must have be soaking. “Right you fucking slut, it’s my turn!” Jim said as he lay back on the bed, Elaine stood and turned towards Jim. She was stood with her back towards me; she bent forward her legs slightly apart, her dress had ridden up and I could see the bare flesh above her stocking pantyhose. What a great site my wife’s tight little ass in that skin tight black lycra dress, her long toned legs encased in black nylon and her sexy boots. She was standing in the perfect position for me to see between her legs and watch her unbuttoning Jim's jeans and I’m sure she knew that. I heard Elaine take a sharp intake of breath when she pulled Jim's cock out of his white Calvin Kliens. Then I saw why. If she had been a bit disappointed with the size of Will's cock then she certainly wasn’t with Jim's, he was fucking huge not only about 10” long but girth to match, Elaine had to use both hands to slowly wank the thick black shaft. To my amazement as she did this he got even harder, the veins in Jim’s dick started protruding along the full length of his shaft. Elaine lowered her head and began to lick up and down the sides of his cock, then she tried to get his huge dick into her mouth, she could only take about three or four inches because of the thickness of it. Jim held her head and tried to force her down even more, she took about another inch or two but then her body bucked as she began to gag. I began to wonder if she would be able to take him in her pussy, she felt pretty tight with my 6.5”, Jesus; if she did take him her pussy would be well and truly used. It was time to see as Jim said “get your fucking pussy on this you white ho”, Elaine crawled up the bed so she was straddling him, still with her back to me. Jim pulled her dress up around her waist and then undid the tie at the top of her dress, again pulling it down to her waist. She sat up so her pussy was just rubbing the tip of Jim's cock, Will had now moved to the side of the bed and was playing with Elaine’s pert little tits. She began to lower herself down onto this mighty phallus; I could see she was dripping wet her own pussy juices thankfully lubricating Jim’s tool. Her pussy lips began to spread wider and wider apart as she took more and more of him inside her.

We had talked about using condoms when we had chatted on Friday night, obviously that had gone out of the window, in fact it intensified the whole thing, my wife was going to let a stranger spunk inside her dirty used cunt!

Inch by inch, Elaine took Jim's dick. I could hear here moaning as she did “Oh god you’re so fucking big Sir your stretching my puss!y” Although she didn’t take him down fully the first time as she started bucking up and down on him she took more and more of his length, I could tell because she was leaving a shiny ring of pussy juices around his shaft that was getting further and further down. Jim grabbed her ass cheeks and finally pulled her right down his length, Elaine let out a squeal of both pain and pleasure, he started to fuck the living shit out of her, she was like a rag doll being abused by her master. Jim slowed down his fucking rhythm and pulled Elaine’s ass cheeks apart rubbing his finger over her tight little ass. I had only ever taken her ass once before so was surprised to see her try and sit back slightly so his finger tip slid into her ass. Jim turned towards Will and said, “looks like this dirty whore wants both our cocks.” Will needed no second invitation, and he moved around behind Elaine rubbing his dick around her ass. He then made a gargling noise and spat on her asshole, he used this to lubricate his cock before he gently eased it in her tight ring. This view of my wife being DP by two black guys was way more erotic than anything I had dreamed up before hand.

It didn’t take long before Will started to increase his strokes, I could here he was about to come and he began to pull out, “No I want you to come inside me please!” Elaine barked. Will then carried on fucking her arse; he grabbed her hips and started to buck faster and faster finally erupting, filling her ass with his young virile spunk. Elaine carried on ridding Jim’s cock as Will withdrew from her, as she did I could see Wills spunk slowly dribbling out of her ass, down onto her pussy and then mix with Elaine’s own juices around Jim’s shaft. Not much long after Will had come Jim started picking up the pace of his rhythmic strokes, Elaine was screaming with pleasure. “Fill me with your spunk please Sir!” Jim’s spunk laden balls began to tighten as he grabbed Elaine’s body and started to drive into her, he seemed to come for ages inside her. Once he had finished with her he pushed her off him like she was a cheap hooker, I could see her used pussy still wide open after the stretching it had just received. Within a few minutes Jim sat up. “Right Will let’s get the fuck out of here, Oh by the way bitch give me a text If you want me to introduce you to a few more of my boys sometime.” With that they both dressed and headed down stairs out of the house.

I walked into our bedroom, Elaine lay exhausted on the bed, the room smelt of sex and sweat. “Lie on the bed and close your eyes” Elaine ordered, guess this was the final demand she had made on Friday night. I lay there with anticipation as to what was coming next; I could feel Elaine crawling up the bed on all fours. I thought she was going to sit straight on my hard cock but she kept crawling up, past my chest until she had my shoulders pinned down with her legs. She then sat over my face and slowly rubbed her pussy over my mouth nose and chin, I could feel, smell and taste Jim and Wills spunk inside her. She started to grind her pussy down onto my face harder and harder until she came on me, her juices mixing together with the spunk making a sex cocktail that I was greedily lapping up. I needed to come badly my balls felt like they were going to explode so I pulled Elaine down off my face and got her to lie down. I easily slid my cock into her pussy, it was full with Jims cum, I could feel it squelch each time I drove into her. Jim had well and truly stretched her pussy to its limits; I could hardly feel her so I withdrew and flipped her over onto her front, I was going to take her ass like Will had done a few minutes before. I started to fuck her doggy style, even her ass felt looser than the last time I had it “Oh by the way” Elaine said “you know the pictures I sent you”, “Yes”, “It was the Taxi driver who took them”. As it turned out Elaine had got into the Taxi and caught him looking up her skirt, when she had sarcastically asked him if he had seen enough he replied “look love I’ve been doing this job long enough to know when a wifey is going in the town looking for some cock action”. Elaine liked his honesty and so explained to him what we had planned for the night; it had then been his idea to send me the pictures. “I thought he deserved a treat,” she explained, “so I got him to pull up in a lay-by and gave him a blowjob, he couldn’t have had sex for ages because he only took a few minutes to cum and when he did he had bucket loads of spunk.” I could not believe my ears, she had given this old boy a blow job even before she had got into town, the dirty spunk bucket. I decided to treat her like to cheap tart she had been all night and fucked her as hard as I could until finally I too filled her with my cum. As I lay down I thought about what had just taken place, my wife had every hole filled with spunk by a strangers. This was far far better than what we had talked about only 24 hours earlier, I just wondered if it could ever be beaten

Rating: 87%, Read 98397 times, Posted Oct 27, 2011

True Story | Black, Interracial, Voyeurism, Wife


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