The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 22) - Succeeding At Work by All+These+Roadworks

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Domination, Humiliation, Lesbian, Mind Control, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports

Chapter 22

Laura caught the bus to the Pretty Titty. It was full, and so she was forced to sit in the middle of the back seat, looking down the aisle. Given that she was wearing a short skirt and no panties she knew she should sit with her knees together but every time she tried she thought "feminist" and flinched, and ended up finding the only way she could be comfortable was with her legs parted. As a result, anyone getting on the bus could see her bare, wet twat, if they looked in the right direction, but thankfully most were just concerned with finding their seat and few noticed her slutty fuckhole on display.

At the Pretty Titty, Laura had something to ask Edgar before she got started. Her stripping name was "Kitten Tits" but her collar was encouraging her to use more descriptive words than "tits". She thought she might get away with saying "Kitten Tits" very fast, so the collar thought it was all one word - after all, it presumably didn't shock her for words like "titillation" or "attitude" - but she didn't want to end up being shocked and pissing herself in front of customers if she was wrong or said it too slowly.

"Can I have a new name?" she asked Edgar when she got there.

"What do you mean?" he asked, distracted by the work he was doing.

"Instead of Kitten.... you know," Laura said, blushing.

"What, are you too shy to say 'tits' now?"

"No, it just doesn't feel like... me," said Laura.

Edgar grimaced. "Well, what do you think DOES feel like you?"

Laura had been thinking about this on the bus. She knew they wanted a sexually suggestive name, but if she kept saying the same word for her tits and cunt all night it might expire and she'd get shocked for it. So "Slutmelons" and "Kitten Twat" and "Fuckballoons" were right out.

"I thought I might say, 'Hi, I'm Laura, and I'm a slut,'" she said.

Edgar made an unhappy face. "I don't get why you don't like 'tits' but you're happy to call yourself a slut, but you can try it today. And I'll think about it. But if I don't like it, you'll call yourself Kitten TIts or stop working here."

He looked at Laura's clothes. "That skirt's no good, by the way. You look like a secretary or something. Did you bring something sexier?"

Laura blushed. "No."

"Then you can work in just your panties today," Edgar said. "Now go get changed."

Laura wasn't wearing any panties, but she didn't tell Edgar that. Instead she hurried to the change room.

She did have panties WITH her, of course. And while they might be soaked in her cunt juices, they were still preferable to going completely naked. She pulled them out of her bag and looked at them. The most modest pair would have been perfect, but they were the ones she has pissed in, and they still smelled of urine. They were no good. Of the others, one was the string bikini brief that covered nothing, the second had a cut out crotch-window that exposed her twat, the third said "use me" on it, and the fourth was just a tassle that clipped to her labia.

They were all awful. Only the "use me" pair concealed her pussy, and she wasn't sure she wanted to give the customers that encouragement. The tassle was worse than naked, and hurt her labia to boot. Of the other two, both clearly showed off her pussy lips, but at least the cut-away pair covered her ass. She reluctantly took them out and put them on. It felt weird wearing panties but still feeling air on her cunt, but she needed this job and they would have to do. She removed her skirt and shirt, leaving herself dressed only in panties and high heels, and went out to work.

Being a Tuesday afternoon the club was mostly empty. Even the two naked girls licking each other's pussies on stage were relaxed and lazy, casually lapping at each other and taking time to just cuddle occasionally. Laura served the few solo customers, leaning over as she had been told, to display her tits, and saying, "Hi, I'm Laura and I'm a slut. I like tongue-kissing women. Do you like my milkbags?" The customers allowed that they did, and with no one else to serve, Laura was left to relax near the bar and watch the girls on stage.

As on the bus, she sat here with her legs slightly apart and her cunt visible. She got a few looks from the customers but mostly Laura was surprised and alarmed how quickly she was getting used to having her cunt on display to men. She was alarmed, too, to feel herself getting aroused again. She had hoped that masturbating in the mall toilet would satisfy her, but Laura had an extremely hard time looking at two pretty women lezzing off without her pussy responding. She had to catch herself a few times when she found her hand moving as if of its own accord toward her twat with the intention of stroking it.

Edgar noticed her doing it anyway, and mentioned it the next time she came over. "Hey, Laura the Slut, do you want your masturbation break, or do you want to get up on stage and give the customers a show? Because those are the only two ways you touch your pussy on work time, remember?"

Laura blushed. The idea of getting up on stage appealed to her briefly, mostly because she desperately wanted to be close to the two sexy women with their faces buried in each other's snatches, but she was not remotely enough of a slut as to volunteer to masturbate in front of strange men. "I'll take my break," she said, and vanished to the toilets to satisfy her pussy.

As before, the toilet doors didn't have stalls. Laura just picked one, sat on the seat, and began frantically fingering herself as she had done at the mall. She wanted the taste of cunt in her mouth - like Bethany's had tasted, or like the girls on stage must be tasting right now - so she regularly brought her fingers from her pussy to her lips and licked the honey from them. It tasted good, and she came quickly.

When she came back out of the toilets she thought everyone must know she had just masturbated. Her face was still flushed and her nipples were engorged and her cunt was still wet with juices despite Laura's best efforts to wipe it with her hand and then lick her hand clean. But no one commented. There were two new customers - two women, at the same table. Laura hadn't seen women customers at the strip club before but she assumed the procedure was the same. The girls were pretty, one blonde and one a redhead.

"Hi, I'm Laura and I'm a slut," she said to them, leaning over to let her swollen breasts hang down. "I like showing off my body. Do you like my fuckballoons?"

The girls giggled, in a cruel, mocking way. "What a slut!" said one. "Yes, we like your fuckballoons," said the other in a patronising voice. "A vodka and lemonade for me, and Suzy will have a rum and coke."

Laura took the orders to the bar, blushing, and passed them to Kelly, the blonde bartender. To her surprise, after Kelly poured the vodka and lemonade, she spat in it.

"Are you allowed to do that?" Laura whispered.

Kelly smiled. "I'm required to," she replied. "Management rules. Strip clubs are for demeaning women, he says, and that applies even if they're customers. If a girl comes here and orders a clear drink, we spit in it."

"What if she orders a different drink?" Laura asked.

"Well, if it's a milk drink, like a Bailey's or whatever, there's a little flask over there of pig sperm, and we mix some of that in."

"Gross," said Laura, but secretly she wondered what that would taste like.

"And if it's a dark drink," Kelly finished, pouring the rum and coke. "We..." She stopped and lowered the glass to between her legs. Kelly was working completely naked today and Laura could see her shaved cunt. As Laura watched, a thin trickle of yellow liquid escaped Kelly's groin and dripped into the glass.

"You piss in it?" Laura asked, shocked.

"Just a little," said Kelly. "Every girl who orders a drink here gets a little surprise, you see?" She passed the drinks to Laura. "If you end up working bar, you'll need to know this."

Laura took the drinks silently, still working out how she felt about what she had just learned, and took them back to the two women.

"Oh look, here comes fuckballons," the one called Suzy said, and her friend laughed, a mean, cruel laugh. Laura decided exactly how she felt about what she had just seen.

"Your drinks, ladies," she said, and placed the tainted glasses on the women's table. Then she stood and watched as the brunette drank her glass of vodka, lemonade and spit, and her friend sipped at her rum, coke, and piss. Neither seemed to notice there was anything wrong with their drinks, but Laura felt happy deep inside knowing what they were drinking.

"Feminist," a part of her mind thought, as Laura looked at the customers, and "independent women". Laura flinched uncomfortably, and spread her legs a little wider, and a vivid picture appeared in her mind of the brunette being slapped across the face by a naked man, and of the blonde having her large tits whipped by one of the Mayim Clinic's robot whipping machines. The images made Laura feel good, and she felt her pussy start to moisten again.


The rest of Laura's shift was uneventful, and she managed to make it to the end without needing to masturbate again. She got away just as the evening shift were starting and the club began to get busy. Edgar stopped her and said he was not happy with the "Laura the slut" greeting, and was thinking about making her Kitten Tits again next weekend. Laura simply agreed, as she still had to get to her regular appointment at the Mayim Clinic. She took her pills as she was leaving, and felt them settling in by the time she arrived at the clinic. Laura had been sexually active and aroused for most the day already, but the pills pushed her to another level, and she felt her mind begin to give way, in a semi-blackout similar to the one she had had at the lingerie store.

She didn't even remember most of what happened at the clinic. She knew that it was much like the night before, with images focused on teaching her to spread her legs and accept cocks. She remembered starting to hate the word "feminist" and associating it with pain, and other words were there too - "women's rights" - "consent" - "covering up". She thought that Amy had licked at her pussy again, which made her feel happy, and she knew that afterwards she had thanked everyone for watching her orgasm and whipping her tits and filming her having her cunt licked.

The only thing she was 100% clear on, though, was at the end, after the conditioning was over and Laura was mostly dressed again. She had clutched at Amy's hand, and said, "Please, I need to be able to say some words. With the collar, I mean."

Amy looked amused. "I don't think so, honey," she said. "What words?"

Laura knew what was happening. If she said the words she wanted she was going to get shocked. But if she didn't she could get what she needed. She whimpered unhappily.

"Say it, baby slut," Amy cooed, reaching out to gently stroke Laura's breast, still partially on display.

Laura's face wrinkled in distress. She didn't want to be shocked. But she needed to.

"Kitten Tits," she blurted, and then screamed as the shocks hit her neck and twat. Screamed, but only quietly, because she knew loud noises would give her another shock.

Amy looked surprised. She had probably expected Laura to want to be able to say "breast" or "woman". "Why do you want to say Kitten Tits, sweety?" she asked.

"It's the name they want to call me at work," Laura said.

"At the Department?" asked Amy.

"No, at... I work at a... bar," said Laura. "On my days off."

"And you need to say Kitten Tits a lot?" asked Amy.

Laura nodded.

"I'll tell you what," Amy said, smiling. "I'll adjust the collar to let you say it. But if it's that important to you, you won't mind if I take away the name Laura for a week, right? So if you say Laura, you'll get a shock?"

Laura was aghast. No, that wasn't all right?

But then Amy was moving right up against Laura, and she was cupping Laura's breast, and lightly kissing Laura on the cheek, and Laura felt the lust coming back. Laura wanted to be licked more. She wanted pleasure in her pussy. She felt her self-control ebbing away.

"It's all right to take away the name Laura, isn't it? Just for a week?" whispered Amy, nibbling at Laura's neck and squeezing at her fuckballoons.

And Laura heard herself say, "Yes."


When she got home, Erica was waiting, kneeling and naked. It was nearly 10 pm. Erica must have been waiting for a while. Laura had her skirt pulled up and her pussy against Erica's face before she'd even said hello. She needed this. She needed to use Erica right now, to have control over another woman. She grabbed Erica's hair and pulled Erica's face tight against her groin.

As she forced Erica to suck her twat, she remembered licking up the piss at the lingerie, and how humiliated and powerless she'd felt, and she gratefully released her own bladder. She felt herself pissing on Erica's face, and into Erica's mouth, and it felt so good that the orgasm started immediately and then continued to rock her for nearly a full minute. Her legs buckled and she ended up falling to her knees, still pissing. She didn't care. Erica could lick it up.

It was only when she recovered from her orgasm that she saw the tears on Erica's face. At first she assumed they were just from being pissed on, but then she realised that Erica had been crying when Laura came in and Laura hadn't even noticed.

She reached out from her kneeling position to caress Erica's face. "Baby, what's up?" she said.

"At work," Erica sobbed. "My boss assaulted me."

Laura felt a mixture of emotions. That's terrible, a part of her mind said, but another part said, is that all? "What do you mean, honey?" she said.

"He said I dress like a slut," Erica sniffled, "and then he made me sit on his lap and he started groping my boobs. He said maybe I was slutty enough to get a promotion. And then he put his hand between my legs and I think he was going to feel my pussy, but then his phone rang and he let me up. I ran out of his office."

Again, Laura thought several things. She thought, you DO dress like a slut, Erica. She thought, you ARE a slut. You fuck men. You fuck my friends. She thought, it's about time her boss noticed. She thought, that's nothing compared to what MY boss does to me - stop being a baby. She thought, I bet secretly you WANTED him to feel your boobs.

But mostly she thought: promotion?

"Oh my god, congratulations," Laura said, and kissed Erica. Erica, confused, kissed her back. Erica's mouth tasted of piss but Laura didn't care.

"Why... why congratulations?" asked Erica.

"Because you're going to get a promotion!" Laura enthused.

"What? No!" protested Erica. "He said that to make me... do things...."

"That's how you get promotions, baby," said Laura, kissing Erica again. This was wonderful. A promotion for Erica would help their money problems a lot. Laura wouldn't end up stuck with no money for lingerie again and she wouldn't have to lick up her own piss. She felt very loving towards Erica right now.

"I don't want to..." said Erica.

Laura slapped her, hard, and then kissed her. "There, there," she cooed. "Shut up, you dumb slut. I love you so much and you're getting a promotion."

Erica was confused and shocked and said nothing.

"I've taken away all your underwear," said Laura, "so it won't get in the way of you being promoted, and tomorrow we'll dress you in your cutest dress, and you can go into work and get promoted."

"No..." protested Erica, so Laura slapped her again, and kissed her again.

"Don't be scared, I'm going to be so proud of you," said Laura. "You're going to go to work and you're going to do whatever your boss says and I'm sure you'll get a wonderful promotion. And then I'm going to love you and I'm not going to need to buy a Taser and see what it's like to use it on your cunt every night."

"I..." Erica looked scared and confused and horrified.

"You love me, don't you?" asked Laura.

Erica nodded.

"I know you do because of the way you ask me to slap you and hurt you to make you a better girlfriend," Laura said.

Erica didn't remember asking for that and was silent, but Laura could tell what she was thinking.

"You ask me with your body, honey, and with how you behave. And you ask me because you love me. You do love me, don't you?"

Erica nodded yes.

"And you want me to hurt you to make you a better girlfriend, don't you?"

Erica didn't know what to do. She nodded again, crying.

"Good little slut," said Laura. She wasn't even trying to be demeaning now - the phrase "good slut" made her feel happy and she assumed Erica would like it too. She pushed Erica's head down until Erica got the hint and bent forward to begin licking up the piss. When she was done she took Erica to shower herself clean, and then the both went to bed together, where they cuddled and both, each in their own way, thought about Erica being molested by her boss tomorrow.

Laura fell asleep with a wet cunt.

(To be continued...)

Rating: 92%, Read 27704 times, Posted Jun 18, 2015

Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Domination, Humiliation, Lesbian, Mind Control, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports


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