Rose's Video: Chapter 4: Kate's Date With Rose Second Half by kornslayer

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Fiction | Incest, Lesbian

POV: Kate

I examined her body for over five minutes as both of us were silent. All she did was play with her pussy and smile at me. I swear I actually felt my love for her becoming stronger. I didn't even touch my twat, but yet it was dispensing my juice faster than a leaky faucet.

"Come on, Mom, take advantage of the hot piece of ass playing with herself right in front of you. I'm not going to judge you; I just want to give you what you lust after."

I licked my lips for a moment as the entire bed quaked. I loved everything that took place right then and there, but yet, it wasn't like flipping a light switch. Regardless of my how ready, loving and willing she was, I couldn't just flip it.

My eyes had gone across the front half her figure so many times; I knew where every single zit, mark and everything else was on her. I couldn't just deal with the emotions right then. I knew I'd have to deal with them sooner or later, was she willing to work with me.

"You know," she said, leaning towards me. "I don't usually have sex on the first date," she informed me, placing her palms on my tits. "Although, I don't have any problem doing it for you, old, sexy thing," she flattered me, as she rubbed them softly. "Wow, these are so soft, like clouds, Mom."

"Thank you," my supportive daughter. "How many women have you had sex with?" I asked, covering her nipples with my palms.

"A few, but enough that you might call me a slut."

"Seriously?" I asked, slanting my head back.

"No, but you shouldn't judge me either. I had sex with Delila and Lucy a couple of times apiece, and even once one three-way with them."

"No kidding?"

She nodded and kissed me. "I was still nervous as hell when I shot that scene. The woman was still pretty nice about it though, and I'll let you in on a little secret."


"After we finished our orgasms, we had sex again."

"Do you mean that MILF?"

She nodded again and then I peeked down at her breasts. I uncovered her nipples and caressed the sides of her boobs for a moment.

"I'm sorry, but I'm trying to understand this whole thing, from what the sex means, to the possibility of pleasing you and even pondering the question why you are so ready and willing."

"Well, I think this says it all, Mom: even though you want to give me shit about being underdressed in front of Lil, there is still nothing I wouldn't do for you."

I calmly brought my head back up and stared right into her eyes. She gave me a somewhat happyish look, but then she failed for words. Her hands remained on my melons, and she still rubbed them.

From one second to the next, I just slowly moved my head towards hers and let our lips come together. Our hands slipped down, and our knockers clashed together as we both enveloped each other.

'I guess following my heart was the right thing to do. I don't know if I'll even get a chance actually to get into her panties again, but I'll give a thrill trying.'

After six minutes, my lips parted from hers and then I pushed myself onto her a bit. She willingly lied down on her back, and I got right on top of her. We started making out again, and my hands came up towards her face.

I caressed her cheeks for a lustful moment, and I knew both of our pussies were contaminating the sheets. I wasn't even sure how long we had been there by then, but every single minute was terrific.

'Oh, the chemistry between us is undeniably tremendous. Rose is rubbing my butt now, so she must have a thing for me, or she loves me a hell of a lot more than I gave her credit for in the past. Either way, it is now or never. I can't expect her to let me try this again if I just back out now,' I thought before my lips drifted off hers.

"What's wrong, Mom?"

"Nothing at all, babe," I let her know, moving some hair out of her eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too."

I slathered my lips one more time before I nonchalantly began climbing down towards her crotch. My heart seemed to be attempting to break free from my chest, but I kept my cool. I glanced down at her cherry, but she failed to touch it this time.

"Drool all you want, Mommy, I don't mind at all. Feel free to touch me; nothing will bite you. Fondle my body if you need to because that includes the ever so soft and wet lips you see before you. You aren't looking at my face, so you know what pair I'm talking about."

"What if I can't please you, Rose?" I fretted, looking at her and covering my mouth. "If I don't make you feel good, what if this changes our relationship for the worse? I can't lose you."

"You won't, Mommy," she let me know before blowing me a kiss. "You watched my video a million times before, right?"


"Whether you think about how I did it to her or vice versa, use that inspiration to make me moan. I know you'll love it, only because I'll make you feel good emotionally. Lean down and get a feel for my pussy lips. Caress them, scrub them or something in between. After you have me moaning and jiggling around for a moment, then slowly let your tongue out and let it slither right into my slit. It doesn't matter if you go in shallow or deep, just make sure you remember: you are committing the best felony with your flesh and blood daughter."

I grinned and clenched my fists too. It took me a moment to angle my head down towards her snatch.

"Mom, you are vibrating so much, is your pussy gonna be raw soon?"

"Maybe, this is at least in the top five of the biggest moments of my life, but may I have one kiss before I do it?"

She leisurely leaned up with me and placed both of her hands on the back of my head. "Anything for you, Kate."

"Stop calling me that, tart."

"Make me," she counteroffered before she kissed me.

My hands stayed down as she pleasured my lips with hers. 'She is a sexual ninja, and she seems to be screwing me inside and out.'

After a moment, her lips drifted off mine. "You told me only you could love me the way you do, so let me return the favor, Mommy," she proposed before she slanted her head back.

"Are you sure what this, babe?"

"Yes, harlot," she replied, lying down on her back. "Eat your daughter's pussy and fulfill your sick incestuous desires," she proposed, placing her hands on her it. "Wow, it is wetter than a monsoon, so you better get it now," she warned me, rubbing her lips. "Whether it is for the best or worst reason, your heart wants it."

I seemed to be frozen as I just viewed her in the sexist position I could possibly imagine. I slathered my lips numerous times over a moment, but then I peeked back at her face.

"Don't tease me, Mom," she ordered me before blowing me a kiss. "Do you need another kiss?"

"No, sweetheart," I muttered, calmly getting down onto my stomach.

I viewed that wet slit again and lazily brought my fingers to it. I breathed as steadily as I could while I brought my fingertips from both hands to those lips. I rubbed them from bottom to top every so slowly.

"I like that," she moaned, jerking around. "But, please don't tease me, I want to feel your tongue inside my twat, Mommy. Do that for your loving daughter, pretty please," she pleaded, scrubbing her breasts.

"Okay, Rose," I whispered, prior to letting my tongue out.

Before I could even get within a few inches of her pussy, I felt her palms gently land down atop of my head. She failed to pressure me physically, but I certainly felt it emotionally. I closed my eyes, and the tip of my tongue lightly came down on her pussy, but I almost instantly jolted back.

"That tickles, Mom," she laughed, jiggling around. "Get back here and give me more."

I breathed incredibly heavily, but yet I felt a full body high. I placed my fingers on each side of my sweetheart's cherry and calmly let my tongue out again. I let a small section of it come down on the bottom of her lips and licked her lips in a single stroke.

"Oh, hell yes, Mom. Go ahead, get your feet wet, but then you dive in head first. I want to you do this sick shit with me, so do it and make us both love it."

"What about your juice, should I drink it?"

"If you can, yes, but you don't have to be perfect to please me."

 I nodded, and I allowed my tongue back right into her snatch.

"You must not be afraid, sexy lady," she moaned, rubbing my head and slanting her head back. "Take the ride with me, and have the time of your life now. Eat that sweet cunt, Mom."

As her words entered my ears, tears erupted from my tear ducts, and I lick my lips several times too.

"I don't think you could possibly love me more, don't ever change, Rose."

"I promise I won't, but in return, you have to eat me out right here, right now."

I glanced down on at her twat again as if it was a painting. It was just so beautiful, not because of what it was, but because I was Rose's. Then I pictured the sight of Rose eating out that MILF in the video.

A few seconds later, I felt my twat unleashing some more juice. The premise was intoxicating, to say the least, but I just had to push myself to have what I already wanted.

"Fuck it," I let out before I let my tongue into her slit and closed my eyes.

"Yes, Mommy, stick it in deep for me though. Feel my labia back there and make me vibrate," she moaned, rubbing my head.

It was all new to me, but she pushed me to the challenge. I let my tongue roam freely for the time being as my fingers remained on Rose's lips. I immediately tasted her juice and gladly drank all I could, but of course, I couldn't get all of it.

"Yes, you are officially committing the best felony there is, Mom. You are fucking your daughter, now enjoy it. Play with those lips, tongue my clit and maybe bring those hands up to my knockers too. I'll pull out the lesbian out of you, and you will love it like nothing else."

"Rose, I love more than life itself, but shut the hell up, I'm trying to pleasure you."

"Sorry, Mommy."

"It is alright," I answered, placing my palms on her boobs. "I still love you."

I pressured her down a little bit, but not enough to secure her down. She jiggled around a bit, but I was still able to eat her out with any issues. Despite that I had never done it before, I found myself eager to learn and had a lot of aspiration to make sure she loved it.

She spread out her legs a bit for me, so then I had even better access to her amazing sweet pussy. I kept my eyes up on her, but she had her eyelids shut and were undoubtedly in no condition to pay close attention to my face.

'I'm certain it only because it is your slit, but it and your juice tastes better than candy. Yes, you yummy young thing, let out your juice and give it all to your mommy. I want it all, Rose, so do not hold back. Your dazzling mom will take all she can get, and make damn sure that you are satisfied too. I'll fuck you senseless all night long if you want me to, chicky. I'm letting my tongue in deep, and I'm crying too, dear. It is only because I love you more than anyone on the planet, including your father. You are my pride and joy, and I'm fucking the hell out of you.'

"Yes, Mommy," she moaned, scouring the bed with her back.

Suddenly, she began attempting to lean up, but I kept her down. "I'm still screwing you, hot stuff, so hold still."

"Just keep fucking me, Mom, it feels so damn good. Don't you dare stop, or I'll spank you for a change."

I let my tongue out. "I never spanked you, bitch," I corrected her, brushing her pussy lips. "I love you, and I'll never hurt you, angel," I let her know before I inserted it right back in there.

"It was just sexy talk, hussy," she whined, hitting the bed with both hands.

I laughed a little bit and shed even more tears. Even with my daughter's juice coming out rapidly, I still managed to watch her. It hurt my eyes somewhat, but I didn't give a shit. The undeniable chemistry and love in the room made me feel immortal so to speak.

"You are almost there, Mommy, you are very close now. Get my clit with that slimy tongue and allow me to give you the best gift a woman can give her mom: a massive orgasm directly onto your face," she let out before she managed to break free from my hands and slant her body up. "And you've never eaten pussy before?"

I shook my head no, but let my tongue again. "Am I that good, or is it just because I'm your mom?"

"Both," she answered before she placed her hand on my neck and kissed me.

My hands stayed on her twat, and I continued to play with it. I made her feel good and vibrate quite a bit as we made out. I had my eyes closed, and I was sure she did too.

"Of, fuck, you have some fingers," she moaned, kissing me.

"I know," I muttered before my hands jumped up to her chest. "And I love them using on my sexy daughter," I mentioned before forcing her back down. "Your mommy knows how to take of you, Rose," I made clear before I implanted my tongue back inside her slit.

"And I welcome that with open arms, Mom," she moaned, dropping her hands on my head.

I shoved a couple of fingers in there too, so I increase the pleasure. It didn't seem that Rose needed it as I saw her shaking her boobs and slathering her lips frequently.

"Suck those lips into your mouth, Mom. Massage them ever so nicely for me, but do it because you are a sick bitch, and not because you love me so much," she let out, mopping my head.

I nodded and followed her order.

"Yes again, Mom!" she roared, arching her back up. "Suck on them now! Do it!" she yelped, pulling my hair.

As if it was possible, I felt even more tingles flowing in my body. The strong sexual chemistry I ever felt was established right at the moment. We looked directly into one another's eyes, but of course, we had different faces though.

"I don't envy dad right now, because he is missing some sexy action right now: you are just fucking seconds away from getting a bathtub's worth of my lady juice, you slut," she groaned, rubbing my head. "You sick and twisted tart, what kind of woman has a crush on their daughter?"

'Me, and Lil, woman. She is your godmother.'

We maintained eye contact as I kept her lips in my mouth and my tongue teased her labia. She abruptly jerked around and yanked my hair, but I kept going. Nothing and no one was about to stop this magic train. Only except me, as I let the very tip of my tongue come to the bottom of her clit and allowed it to slither right up to the top.

"Yes, you ravishing skank!" she screeched for over ten seconds.

From one second to the next, her cherry freed her orgasm right to my face, and she made sure not to be shy about giving it all to me. I had to close my eyes, but I felt it all, and it was quite the sensation, to say the least.

It was cool and refreshing, but the whole taboo aspect of it just added like metaphorical steroids to the situation which made it hotter than hell. I wasn't sure just how long it lasted, but it certainly felt like an eternity.

With each drop of that juice, I swear I felt another ounce of love for her. She gave me the most sincere form of flattery I could possibly think of, and it was just one giant delight.

"Fuck, I love the crap out of you, babe," I told her right before I casually climbed up on top of her.

I glued my lips to hers, and we both wrapped our arms around one another. We made out, and we both kept rubbing our bodies together. Rose massaged my back ever so softly over our twenty-minute make out session.

'Damn, this whole experience has been mind-blowing. I gave birth to some special woman.'

As those twenty minutes came towards the end, we lost a little steam, but kept our lips together. Suddenly, we both began breathing slightly less, and my heart rate slowly went down too.

At the very end, our lips stopped moving entirely, and my head lazily rose up just a couple inches. "I swear, I could have ten more kids, and none of them would be as great you, Rose."

"You are only saying that because you got into my panties, Mom."

"If you say so," I muttered, leaning marginally and lifting my right tit towards her.

She instantly placed both hands on it and took my nipple into her mouth. I felt her glossy tongue instantly making it flying up and down, which made me grab onto the tall legs at the back of the bed.

I squeezed them as tightly as I could and closed my eyes. "Yes, just like that, angel. I can't possibly love you enough; you are just perfect. As you pointed out, it could be linked to us having sex, but it just makes me love you that much more."

She placed her hand on my left boob and gave it a rather firm crunch. She failed to hurt me, in fact, she just made me feel even better. As my nipple sought shelter inside her mouth, she couldn't help, but to suck it for me as well.

I made the whole bed move across the floor a bit a few times because my defenses were going down rather quickly. I desired to look right at her as she performed her pleasuring act, but that was the problem. I seemed to be playing with sexual fire, and I was going to get burned.

"Damn, I'm cheating on your dad, but you are worth it, babe. I had no idea how great the sex could be, Rose. I built it up in my mind, but you shattered those expectations. You are one cute woman, and you might be your dad's princess, but you are my angel."

That didn't distract her at all, she just kept sucking on my nipple, and I did my best to fight the urge to scream.

"Oh, you sweet-tart, now you are finger fucking me?" I pondered, twitching a bit. "Yes, have them take underground shelter inside Mommy's slit. Make us both bloom if you need to, Rose."

I could say whatever I wanted, but she was out on her own mission: to make her mom cum. Between her sucking on my nipple, fingering my clit and the sexual taboo of the whole thing made me the happiest mom on the planet.

I cheesed as much as I could as I brought my hands down to her head and angled it up. Then we made that intimate eye contact I had been craving. I sat down on her legs, but yet she didn't stop playing with my pussy.

"You have my enchanting brown eyes, Rose. I'd love for them to be red, considering roses are red, but you'd still be dazzling with weird red eyes," I chuckled, caressing her head. "I swear if I wasn't married, I might take you to my bedroom and keep you in there for a week straight. We just wouldn't be wearing clothes, sweetheart."

Her mouth lazily drifted off my nipple. "Not even socks, Mommy?"

"No, not even socks."

Her head rose, and her arms nonchalantly went around me. "You aren't falling for me, are you? You are still married, but we can't see each other like this again."

I broke eye contact and sighed. "I know, but you have to admit we have magic, babe," I pointed out before peeking back at her.

"Of course we do, but I can't rip dad's heart out though."

"Okay, but we can still talk about the magic though can't we? We are going to have these great memories forever."

"Yes, Mom, which is why I have something else to show you."


"Get off me."

I followed her order and watched her get off the bed. "Damn, honey, you have a cute and skinny butt."

"Again, from you, Mom," she reminded me, bending down so she'd show off the goods.

I saw her digging through her bag, but of course, I was focused on her bottom and her pussy lips too. I couldn't help, but bring my right back to my twat. I rubbed it for over a minute as she seemed to be purposely taking a while digging through her bag.

"Are you masturbating, Mom?" she inquired, glancing back at me while still bent over.

"You are clearing showboating your ass right now, hun, and we've established that I'd love to have a piece of that any day of the week, so yes I'm playing with my cherry right now."

"Good to know," she mentioned, rising, but hiding her hands behind her back.

I wanted to ask what she was hiding, but I bit my tongue and let her come back to the bed.

"Well," she said, bringing her hands out. "I wanted to use this on you, but you did say you desired to make love to me, Mom."

"I get to make sweet love to you with this strap on, Rose?" I questioned, bringing my hands to it.

"I'll let you on another secret, Mommy: the director of the scene wanted to have me make love to that woman with one, but I thought it'd be too mushy. We wanted guys jacking off to seeing me eat her out, but not me making sweet love."

"You want it for us though?"

She nodded, and I had to lean over and kiss on the forehead. "I will never ever forget this, sweetie."

"I don't want you to, Mom," she said before kissing me on the lips and lying down.

I put each leg into the strap on and clipped it on as she watched.

I turned to her and grabbed the dildo. "Big and pink, that's classy choice, babe."

"For the classy woman, chicky."

"Fair enough," I whispered, prior to calmly climbing onto the bed with her.

I got right over her, but left a gap between us as we stared for a moment while smiling. Neither of us spoke, but there were a million things to be said. Our eyes and smiles did the communicating for us.

'We both know I want to do this, but yet, I feel paralyzed with lust and fear. It is like both emotions just collided, and now I'm unable to move.'

That was when her palms suddenly landed on my butt. "Come on, Mommy. You wanted to make your daughter feel good, so do it already," she commanded me before slapping my butt with both hands. "Let's not go through the stage fright motions again."

"Of course, bossy lady," I mumbled, reaching down and grabbing the dildo.

I aligned it with her slit and peeked up back at her.

She just blew me a kiss and let both of her palms voyage over onto my breasts. "I can't wait to have jugs like these."

"My breasts didn't get this big until I got knocked up. So keep that in mind, sexy woman," I informed her before I let the dildo slide into her pussy. "So, you know what to do if you want knockers like mine," I let her know before I laid my body on hers.

"Damn, your boobs are squishing mine, Mom. What the fuck is your cup size?"

"D's, but your C's still make you amazingly stunning, babe. Your breasts still have to fit the size of your body, so remember that. My melons do hurt my back a bit."

"Okay, Mom, but now I want you to kiss me and make love to me."

"Done," I said before I kissed her.

I wanted it to be a somewhat brief kiss, but her hands made their way onto my head. She kept our lips together for over five minutes as the dildo didn't move much. Although, a couple of minutes into our make-out session, I felt her pull the blanket over us up to my upper back.

I suddenly broke away from her hands. "Rose, my lips are getting tired."

"Fine, then you have to start thrusting that rubber dick now."

I instantly started doing that, but while keeping our bodies together and grabbing her arms. With the blanket over us, we both felt much hotter, but more comfortable too. Our eye contact also remain stable, which made the sex extremely intimate.

"Mom," she said, moving her hands to my shoulders. "Your bosoms are scrubbing mine without missing a beat."

"I know, I like it that way, now be quiet. I'm trying to make you feel good."

We both failed to speak a word as we created the ultimate pleasure together. Even as it was a rubber dick, I still felt to be making sweet love to my daughter. Our lips were only a few inches apart, so I had the urge to kiss her, but I fought it.

She massaged my shoulders as softly as she could and slathered her lips numerous times. I could imagine what thoughts were going through her mind, but I decided not to ask her just yet. I kept the thrusts slow, to begin with, but I certainly did want to speed them up a bit.

With each passing thrust, we made the bed shake slightly, and I heard her moan a little bit. I saw her begin to bite down on her bottom lip so that I couldn't help, but to smile. Not at the pain, but the fact that she was taking it for me.

I was about to open my mouth, but her pointer finger instantly came to my lips, and she shook her head no. I released her arms and gave her another kiss before I arched my back. I let my breasts out into the light and brought my hands to her thighs.

She immediately began to cheese as if it was Christmas morning. Her palms slithered over onto my knockers right over my nipples. I let the speed come up as I resumed letting the rubber cock go in and out of her twat.

'And her slit is perfectly lubed up so I can thrust ever so easily. I have my daughter turned on more than ever, so I have to tread carefully.'

"I love your melons, Mom."

"Hey, my eyes are up here."

 She smirked at me, just like she always had before.

"I swear, Rose, I'll give up sex and chocolate before I lose you."

"Kate, stop getting all mushy on me and make me feel really damn good. I'm your daughter, and I certainly won't you let have me go unsatisfied."

"I'd never let that happen. When I get my hot daughter alone in a hotel room, I give it my all, bitch. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she replied, letting her hands return to my butt. "I swear, every part of your body is a work of art."

"I know, but you are even more perfect, Rose. Why else would I have developed an incestuous crush on you after seeing you naked? Why would feel the urge to fuck you with this strap on, sweetie? Can you answer that?"

"I already did, you are a sick bitch, Mommy. That's why you are making my pussy sore right now, but keep going until I just can't take it anymore. I'll hold out for as long as I can just so I can make sure you get to fuck me for as long as you desire to, Kate."

"I told to stop that, Rose."

"I'm sorry, Mommy," she said, sparking a tear.

"It is okay, and I love your shaking titties, dear daughter. That should be a screensaver; I'd never get any work done on my computer."

"The same goes for me on your breasts, Mom. I know they are real too, I could tell when I felt them."

"Damn right they are, Rose. I'm going tattoo all of this in your brain or die trying. I've never had such great sex with someone before. You are just one stunning and sexual young woman. I guess you get that from me."

Suddenly, she leaned up and got her hands on my neck, so she brought me down with her. "Am I fulfilling your fantasy?"

"Yes, babe," I responded before kissing her. "You did it just by kissing me in your bra and panties this afternoon."

"So, you are eager to please?"

"Yes," I claimed, wrapping my arms around her.

I abruptly sat down on my butt and brought her with me.

"So, I'm your cowgirl?"

"Yes, now I'm gonna have my way with you," I mentioned, prior to going to her left nipple.

I let it into my mouth and immediately began sucking the life out of it.

"Oh, Mommy," she moaned, encasing her arms around my head. "You are a lesbian already, aren't you? Shit, you know exactly what you are doing," she let out, applying pressure to my head.

'Yes, I do, Rose. Incest seems to be underrated, or maybe I'm just on the biggest high of my life. All thanks to you, sweetheart.'

"Yes, spank this naughty young woman. I've been incredibly bad and probably should get lumps of coal in my stocking this year and for several years to come. I'm helping you commit adultery, you cheating daughter fucker."

She suddenly ceased movement, and I just heard her breathing heavily. I could only guess that the stakes had risen, and she was getting towards to going nuts.

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I love it. Fuck, rub my pussy lips too, and thrill me to death, I promise, I'll never ever let this slip to dad. This hot sex will be ours forever," she moaned, releasing my head.

Our eyes met, and I saw the love and tears in her eyes.

"I certainly hope that if I bring home a woman for you to meet, that you don't ask me to have a threesome."

I let her nipple out. "Babe, you should know that I can't promise you that."

"Good, now kiss me."

I went up to her and slowly pasted my lips to hers. We made out again and let our hooters come together again. Both of us let our hands touch one another's butts, but we both caressed them ever so softly.

I felt her sweaty body on mine, but it seemed to add to the sexual nirvana we had going on in the room. It was undeniable and iron clad too. I swear my heart had grown quite a bit just in the time we had been there.

"Shit," I cried, parting my lips from hers.

"What's wrong, Mom?"

I instantly covered my face with both hands as I just started dispensing out tears. I certainly didn't want to, but it next to impossible to stop.

"Mom, you are scaring me," she fretted. "Why are you crying, I thought we were having a good time?"

"We are, babe," I corrected her, uncovering my face. "Please get off me, Rose."

She instantly did that I got off the bed. I took off the strap-on and ran to the bathroom. I just went in and closed the door.

"Shit," I sobbed, placing my palms on the sink. "I just fucked my daughter and cheated on my husband. Who the hell does that?"

I had a couple of minutes to myself as I just tried to comprehend what I had done. I splashed water on my face, but failed to speak. I placed my right hand over my heart, and it was beating very hard as if it was going to give out.

"Mom?" she asked, knocking on the door. "May I come in?"

I didn't answer, but yet she came in anyway. I turned to her and saw all of her naked goodness again.

"Mom, what's wrong? We just had sex so you can tell me. Are you upset with me? Should I have not given into your lust?"

I grinned somewhat for a few seconds, but then I came to her.

I snatched her arms and kissed her. "No, so, you aren't mad either?"

"No, of course not. Why would I be upset? I know we already love each other so much more, it is a fact. I'm pretty damn sure we're going to be closer than any other mother and daughter in the country. How many moms can say that they had a sexual crush on their daughter and went for it?" she pondered, wiping my tears away.

"I don't know, but as you said, you helped me commit adultery though. That is just a lot to process, babe, especially putting it the way you did when we were having sex."

"It was just a one-time thing; there is nothing to be ashamed of, Mom. You didn't force me here, and it was quite magical for both of us. I know what I said about dad, but it was just so much hotter for us. You are married, and I'm your daughter. Not pointing that out would be like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and just getting a salad. We had amazing sex, and you know what?"

"What, sweetheart?"

She calmly came to my left ear. "I'd love to do it again."


"Yes," she responded, bringing her head back and putting her hand out.

I took it, and she escorted me back to the bed. We both lied down, and she stayed close to me.

She pulled the blanket over us and cuddled with me. "If you asked me to, I'd eat your pussy for three hours straight. I'd take every single drop of your lady juice, Mommy."

As she was on her back, I crawled on top of her and smooched her head. "What about your dad? Would you have sex with him if he asked?"

"Yes, I'd do whatever he wanted in bed. I'm like you; I'll do anything for my family."

"Would you take turns with me sucking his cock, Rose?"

"Oh, aren't you a kinky bitch, Mom? Is that something you seriously want?"

"Maybe, but you don't think I'm a freak, do you?"

She shook her head no and kissed me again. "Let's allow him to have the idea though; it might not be a good idea for either of us to bring it to him. What about seeing him fuck me, would that be okay with you?"

"Yes, you opened up a sweet door: incestuous sex is amazing. I almost want to see if Lil be interested in joining a foursome you, her daughter and me. You've seen Maria, don't you think she is sexy?"

"Yes, Mom, but I think you are getting way ahead of yourself. I'd be willing to do it with you again, but we can't make it a regular thing. Then you'd be having an affair."

"An incestuous affair, it can't be that bad if it stays in the family."

"So, you do feel better about having sex with me then?"

"Yes, do you mind if we go another round?"

"Just one?"

"Okay, then twenty-seven rounds."

"Fair enough," she said, pushing me off her.

She went right down to my pussy and dove in immediately.

"Fuck, you are the best daughter on the planet," I moaned, placing my hands on her head. "And this was the best date ever."

"Mom," she complained, bringing her head up. "Shut the fuck up already; I'm trying to pleasure you."

"I'm sorry, sexy daughter, pleasure away."

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