Girls Weekend by NE-AB-CUCK

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It had been months since she had a weekend away with the girls.

The first day and night were uneventful, lots of shopping a nice meal and some drinks and games that night.

The next morning they were headed to the mall, she wasn’t to keen on spending money but was glad for the company and to live vicariously through someone else’s credit card. They drove around the parking lot and finally found a space at the end of a long row. As she exited the vehicle her foot fell down along the curb and she rolled her ankle. It wasn’t broken for sure but walking was very painful. Reluctantly she decided it best to go back to the hotel room, so her sister drove her back and dropped her off.

As she walked into the lobby favouring her foot a ruggedly handsome man held the door for her. She had seen him last night and noticed his nice butt and broad shoulders, not a gym rat but certainly looked after himself. He was dressed in what appeared to be gym shorts and a tee shirt, but didn’t look like he had worked out at all. He slowed up as they headed towards the elevator, and asked her what had happened. She told him the story about her ankle. As they entered the elevator he surprised her by offering to take a look at it. He told her how he was a physiotherapist and that he could help speed the recovery by showing her some stretches.

He seemed nice, and genuine so she said “If you don’t mind, but I don’t want to take up too much of your time”.

He said “Don’t worry, I’m free all day as my conference got cancelled”.

As the elevator got to his floor he said “My place or yours?”

Without really thinking she quickly said “Yours”.

A mild feeling of angst washed over her, not sure exactly how her husband would take her going into a strange mans room, regardless of the why, but he had told her many times she was a free woman, to do as she pleases. Still, it was a strictly professional arrangement, she DID have an injury, and he WAS qualified to take a look.

As they got to his room she was surprised, where her shared room had 2 beds, this one had a chaise lounge, arm chair and a nicely upholstered ottoman.

He had her sit down on the chair while he sat on the edge of the ottoman. He reached down and gently lifted her injured foot onto his knee. He undid the laces and carefully slid the sneaker off her foot, however the pain still made her wince a little. He peeled off her ankle sock and looked her ankle over, moving it too and fro, some pain but nothing serious. His touch was firm and it was obvious he knew what he was doing.

He asked if it was ok if he took a look at the other ankle just to compare, a bit odd she thought, considering his nothing serious prognosis. But she said it was ok and he proceeded. Now she was sitting with a foot on either knee and he started to massage both of her feet. OK she thought, it feels amazing, and he is a professional.

She glanced down between his spread knees and almost gasped, his loose shorts had ridden up during her “exam”. Apparently he had gone commando, because through the leg hole protruded the throbbing dark purple head of an impressive member, which was undoubtedly erect.

In her distraction she had let her legs spread, her long skirt opening up unwittingly exposing her panties and essentially inviting him to explore further with his talented hands. It felt so damn good, her guard was down. She could no more hide the growing wet spot than he could his own arousal. With no words said he slipped off the ottoman onto his knees with his head under her skirt. She heard him inhale her musk as he placed kisses along her thighs. With surprising strength he levered her ass up of the chair and swiftly pulled down her panties. She was glad she for some reason decided to shave while her husband slept the night before her trip, she would have to tell him she did it for him.....or would she?

Her handsome saviour showed that his expertise with the human body was in the carnal arts as well. His tongue and mouth manipulated her dripping quim in exquisite fashion. He explored her sex in its entirety, licking and sucking her folds. His fingers delving into her opening while his tongue found her clit. He would drive her to the brink of orgasm over and over, until finally, he pressed his tongue as hard as he could below her clit and rapidly sucked, curling his finger just right, and her toes as well, she exploded, her orgasm flooding over her entire body.

Her eyes were still closed as he rose to his feet. Quickly he tore off his shirt and shorts. What stood before her was an impressive specimen, solid, tanned and oh so delicious. As her eyes wandered lower her own obviously widened, and her whole body shuddered. The purple head she saw earlier was attached to a beautiful shaft, covered in thick veins, with a pronounce upward curve. The head was quite large, with a nice taper flaring out. She knew that ridge would mimic what her husbands thumb had so many times done and where his little cock could hardly reach. He was shaven, and below that impressive shaft hung an impressive set of balls, another first for her, filled with copious amounts of seed, she would surely feel their heavy slap as he thrusted into her.

A huge drop of precum had formed and was starting to drop off the end of his weapon. Demurely she encircled his shaft at the base and brought the tip to her tongue, it tasted sweet, and he smelled of the hotels coconut body wash. Her husband had bought many toys over the years, but this was a real throbbing cock, pulsing in her hand, she could feel his heart pumping to maintain this magnificent rock hard rod. She licked around his crown, his animalistic groans surprising her, he was really excited. She could just get the head and a small amount of the shaft in her mouth, straining to keep her teeth from grazing it. She realized her other hand could join the first and stroke him just nicely, cupping his huge balls and giving them a loving squeeze from time to time. He signaled that her ministrations were getting him close to cumming, and there was only one place where she wanted that to happen.

She started to move towards the bed when his strong arms grabbed her and maneuvered her towards the chaise lounge. His member bouncing stiffly against he rear, he spun her around and deftly French kissed her, he tasted like her pussy and spearmint. She reached between them and gave his cock a couple of long strokes, his hardness unwavering and her fingers nearly unable to encompass his girth, she shuddered, he shuddered. It was time.

Gently he leaned her back onto the lounge, her sex swollen and prominently on display, he rose and walked to his bag, pulling out the golden wrapped magnum condom he walked towards her, taking it from the foil, he handed it to her, she looked him in the eye, and tossed it, to hell with protection, this may never happen again. He asked if she was sure, she said if you are clean. His answer was unspoken.

She had a front row seat as he expertly furrowed his plow back and forth across her lips and bouncing over her throbbing clit. He somehow knew that she had never taken such a visitor, he stroked his shaft forcing out an impressive amount of precum, and mixed with her juices deemed her ready. The tip slowly spread her opening, meeting some resistance as the pronounced flare made room, with a satisfying plop he passed her labia, and slowly plunged into her depths. The feeling was not unfamiliar, as the toys her husband used were similar in size. But this was different, it was harder, yet softer, and oh sooooo hot, she could feel him throbbing. She could feel the veins as they pulled at her lips, he bottomed out, with still 2” of shaft left. He seemed to know that her limit had been reached, her cervix blocked his path.

She languished as he began a similarly paced withdrawal, snatching her phone of the armchair next to her, aroused beyond her wildest dreams she snapped pictures of her sex as this beast pulled her lips lewdly outwards. He began a steady rhythm, reaching down he stroked her clit with his thumb, she began to orgasm. The surging throes contracted her in such a way that there was no longer any pain as his well controlled strokes reached their end. She put her legs around his waist and pulled him tight, buried to the hilt, filled beyond her wildest dreams. He ground his pubic bone into her mons, rubbing her clit just right, his balls thudding against her as his muscled ass pounded her with short strokes. This was a feeling she didn’t know she could have, a raw lust had overcome her. His strokes were becoming fervent now, his breaths came in between the loud moans, he was close.

She was now being pounded, pummelled, his omnipresent hard-on growing even more so, she could feel him swell, the flared head, the curve, the veins strumming her nerves like never before. She felt him stiffen, and about half way in he stopped, almost as if frozen. With a lion like roar she felt the first salvo of cum erupt from the monster, his jerking motion caused the prominently flared head to stroke her g-spot, she exploded, his weapon spurting round after round deep inside her canal, she could feel the hot spurts filling her, she didn’t know it was possible for a man to cum so much.

He collapsed onto her, staying rooted inside even as his tumescence faded, they kissed. Bing, her phone goes off. Crap, she had texted her hubby to come get her since the weekend was ruined. Hurriedly she got dressed, kissed this man whose name she didn’t even know and rushed back to her own room.

Not a second too late, knock knock knock. She opened the door for her husband. She was radiant, glowing. His nostrils flared as he subconsciously registered the smells of sex. She laid on the bed nonchalantly. He asked her how her ankle was, acting surprised at first she quickly recovered and said it was not bad, that she had taken a pill that made the pain go away. Her ever observant hubby noticed a golden shimmer in the folds of her skirt. “What’s this?” he asked, reaching for the object, eyes bulging as he recognized what it was, and also what brand. She was stunned, caught. Her husband had an expression she had never seen, it scared her as he reached for her, but he didn’t grab her hands, he violently ripped off her skirt. He could see the evidence in her panties, they were soaked, the telltale pearly sheen gave it away, there was no getting out of this one. As he slowly peeled her panties off she quickly realized there was nothing to fear, she had gotten stuffed in the best possible way and her husband was zeroing in on his just deserts. He dove face first into a bigger cream pie than she had ever seen, she manipulated her kegels and pumped the strangers cum out for her loving husband. He lapped it up, but that was all she could handle, too sensitive and too tender. She handed her phone to hubby and told him to check out the photos. She drifted off to sleep as her husband furiously stroked himself. He was so proud, so happy. This was her first adventure, and he hoped she would explore her freedom as much as she wanted.

Rating: 82%, Read 12089 times, Posted Nov 13, 2020

Fiction | Cheating, Cuckold, Wife


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