Cassy III_(1) by Austen+Mahone

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Fantasm | Erotica, First Time, Incest, Romance, Virginity, Written by women

Two other couples had already come by the pool and they were busy trying to put the fish in the barbeque rod. One of them had caught four fishes to our three, I noted.

Our guide had brought along wine and some local drinks.

"Well, how about we amuse ourselves with some music?", he asked.

He did not really wait for a reply. He turned on the exotic music to the full blast.

The couple who had caught four fishes got up and were soon dancing to the music. The other couple followed their suit. The guide had already offered them the drinks. Within minutes, everyone else was uncomfortably close to each other, nearly grinding against their partner. The girl with the belly button, whose name I did not know, had her bikini top nearly taken out.

"Why don't you join them too?", the guide said pleasantly, with a wink.

"Only if the lady says yes", Steffan said.

I rolled my eyes. But then, why not?

I got up and offered my hand to Steffan.

He raised his eyebrows but complied. We danced with the drinks still on our hands.

"How you feeling about this trip now, coz?", Steffan asked.

"Not so bad. It has been quite relaxing really. You were right, Stef", I said.

"So you've given up on Tom then?",Steffan teased.

I smiled and looked at him. There was something about him when he asked that that I still have not forgotten. He was smiling but he looked guarded.

"So...?", he asked again.

Like it was actually important to him. I think that was the moment I really let go of the last of the taboos that I had.

"Maybe, and it's Tim", I said.

"Then let's pretend that I am Tim since I have deprived you of the pleasure of his acquaintance", Steffan said.

"How so?", I said, my eyes twinkling.

He took both my hands and pulled me towards him and placed it in his shoulder. My heart was beating really fast now. Sure, he probably thought he was just doing a nice brotherly thing but then I had let my inhibition drain away. I just drew myself even closer to him. I could feel his body, warm and half naked. All the toned muscle and the strength on his arms. I could feel his heart thumping away too, maybe a bit fast but that could easily have been my imagination. I rested my face on his shoulder to be deprived of the look on his face when we were dancing, so close to each other. I closed my eyes. I don't know how long we danced that way. I don't know if I had made him uncomfortable. He was hard against me. I could feel his arousal pressing against me. But I did not know if he would acknowledge it. It was both comforting and mortifying to know that he was as turned on as I was. After all, we were unchaperoned siblings who probably looked like lovers to anyone.

Suddenly, the music stopped to be replaced by clapping.

Everyone else had already sat around the fire.

"How long have you guys been together?", one of them asked.

"Geez, you must go a really long way back! Are you married?", the guide asked.

"No, we are not married. But we have known each other since we were infants, haven't we?", Steffan asked me.

His voice was carefully controlled, and a bit tense. It might have seemed calm to anybody else but he could not fool me.

"Yup, we sure do. What about you guys?", I asked the other couples.

After that, there were interesting stories exchanged over the barbeque.

The belly button, whose name turned out to be Samantha was into adventure sports. She had a plan to kiss her fiance on five different continents before they got married on the sixth. They were onto continent number five next month.

The other couple, with the four fishes- John and Lenette turned out to have met each other a week back. I was bemused and asked what they would do if one of them turned out to be right out of some psychopathic movie. They just laughed and said that they had been old acquaintances who had happened to meet on one of the roadside Inns.

Our guide then took to telling us about the local myths about some stream which had magical properties. Everyone oohed and ahhed and wanted to go there. It was not that far from the inn, but there was nobody there when we finally reached the famous place. The other couples remarked that it was nothing special and nearly turned around immediately.

However I was taken by the reflection of moon on the stream and light-headed due to the wine. Steffan seemed to feel the same way too as he went towards it rather than away.

The guide said,"Well, I trust you will find your way back when you feel like it. Good night."

We muttered our goodnights and the guide disappeared away into the night.


The whole evening had been fun after the dance. We had been exchanging pleasantries with the other campers but Steffan had never quite looked into my eyes after that.

Now he did. I smiled and held his hands. He brought another of his hand and held mine tighter. We strolled silently to the stream. It really was beautiful. Then we sat by the edge of the stream. My head was lying on his chest. I could not help feel extremely unsisterly towards him. I wanted to not do that but I then I was not quite my usual self. Somewhere along the evening, I had weeded out the resistance my body put up when it thought of Steffan.

"How do you feel about a midnight swim?", Steffan asked.

"Isn't it a bit breezy?", I said.

"Bubble-burster", he said.

To which I promptly got inside the stream. It was quite shallow around the edge.

He got in after me, splashing me with water after he did. I swam to the middle. He came after me and caught me around my middle.

I fought for a while, a mock fight but then he kept holding me. I had stopped laughing now and was closing my eyes. I leaned closer to him.

"Don't Cass. You make it so hard for me", Steffan said weakly.

I opened my eyes. He was staring at mine. His hands were around mine.

There really was nothing else said. He did not let go of me but took me to the shallower edge. His mouth was on me before I could protest. After it was, I did protest but only because we were not out of the stream fast enough. My hands were digging into his chest, his back, his hair... Every surface that I could find. He was sucking on my lips, his hands having already found my bottom. We stumbled onto the land, desire making us forget everything else.

"Oh God Cass... Too long have I waited...", his breathless voice was murmuring as he nibbled into my ears.

I found his lips and opened my mouth, my tongue finding his. It felt like a battle as our tongues explored each other. His hands were now kneading my boobs. My nipples had turned stone hard long ago. He paused with my lips and turned his attention to my nipple as he wanked away my bikini top.

Then he concentrated fully on my breasts, swirling and nibbling away while his hand went inside my bikini bottom to explore its moist delight.

His feet was rubbing against mine all the time and that just managed to make me hotter.

"Oh God! Steffan... I want you. I want you so badly. I can't even... Oww... Ahhh.. Oh yesss... Steffan...!", I was being quite vocal now.

He had his fingers inside my pussy and was slowly moving it up and down. While he was still ravishing my boobs. Or enticing my tongue or neck.

His thumb was directly pressing against my clit and he was massaging it. I was nearly jumping which just seemed to heighten his excitement.

I took my hands to his dick and rubbed it slowly. His kissing started turning even more aggressive if it was remotely possible. His dick was straining against his shorts. It was the biggest among all the dicks I had ever seen and nearly twice the length and girth of the last dick I had touched. I pulled it out and started moving my right hand along its length as fast as I could while I slowly massaged his balls with my left hand. Steffan grunted softly. Now his kiss turned intimate and what it lacked in intensity was made up by the intensity of the various actions going on on the other parts of my body.

I just wanted to touch every inch of him, just savor him and be one with him.

He must have felt the same way because he slowly took my hands and put it on his back.

"Do you want this as much as I do?", he murmured,still nibbling my ears.

"Just do it Steffan!!", I said.

My whole body was hot with desire. I could see nothing and I knew I wanted him in me. Desperately. He slowly put his dick inside. He was met with resistant.

"Oh God... I thought you were bluffing...", Steffan murmured.

Then swiftly slammed the whole length of his dick on my pussy. He did not pull out. I had cried with pain in the midst of so much pleasure. There was probably some blood down there.

Steffan kissed my eyes gently as he let my pussy accommodate his dick. Then he gently started pushing in and out. It hurt for a few seconds but with Steffan caressing my breasts, stroking my hair and kissing me so sweetly, soon enough the pleasure started outweighing the pain again. Soon it was all pleasure and our desire came back, a lot stronger. His right hand was pulling at my hair and the left was mauling my right breast. Our mouth was glued to each other, dancing with the music of our body.

I knew what it was before it fully took me. My moans had increased in intensity and the urgency of our lovemaking had increased. He was groaning, muttering my name along with something incoherent.

And then it hit me. Waves and waves of pleasure. Only it did not stop. I reached up to meet his every thrust, prolonging my orgasm. His orgasm was triggered as my pussy gripped his dick hard in its orgasm. He closed his eyes. His mouth bit into my clavicle and he sucked at it till our orgasm lasted. Even after my orgasm had stopped, he gave a few more thrusts and then held me against his arm.


Rating: 91%, Read 16051 times, Posted Aug 07, 2015

Fantasm | Erotica, First Time, Incest, Romance, Virginity, Written by women


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