The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 28 by SSelxuyt

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Fantasy | Body modification, Consensual Sex, Violence

With another Paladonic Knight stronghold destroyed behind them, Lyden’s family must come to terms with the end means. But just because one base is destroyed, it doesn’t mean the Knights are defeated.

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Chapter 28

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Truth and Bluffs

Megan stared at the tiny Faery in shock. She understood taking strong, decisive actions, but to unleash three MOAB bombs on US soil against a camp of Knights was too much. Intellectually, she knew the Paladonic Knights were considered a terrorist organization. She also knew that they stood against magical creatures and anything from the other world. They were evil, filled with hatred, and didn’t belong anywhere within her personal world-view.

However, she also knew that the PK’s goals were to protect humanity, for which she and one other person in this magical car were members. For the first time since dumping Bobby and chasing after Sheldon Lance, she questioned if she was on the right side. Oh, she understood that Eldon was a good and decent guy. She’d seen the way he tried to protect both humans and non-humans. He had a big heart, and she could tell from his other lovers that it was big enough to have space for her in it if she still wanted that.

But the fact that he could be allied with such a monster as Oberon made her question Eldon. How many lives were just lost while the small Faerie chuckled with glee? Vague images of bloody body parts flit through her mind, but she couldn’t place them. Had that happened while she was dazed and during their escape? It was one thing to employ violence when needed, but those unclear memories hinted at something much worse. A sinister malevolence that made her shiver in fear.

Megan swallowed the lump forming in her throat as her mind worked to figure out how to escape from these people. It was one thing to know that Shlee was a werewolf, and Eldon could change into an ogre, but to see them for the monsters they were changed her whole perspective. She met the actual devil, and he hadn’t seemed this evil. He was sadistic and cruel, but she couldn’t see him killing so many people in the blink of an eye. Or was she being naive? He was the incarnation of evil, after all.

Eldon stepped towards the Faerie King, probably to congratulate him on being so wicked, but before he got the chance, the merman in the water suite struck the small man hard enough to knock him out of the air before his shape changed into that of an attractive mermaid.

“What the ever-loving-Hell were you thinking, Oberon?” Bridget demanded as she stood over the shocked king. Megan felt the tension in the room as everyone waited for Oberon to retaliate. She’d seen a small bit of what he could do in his wrath and suspected they were all dead. History was full of monarchs that reacted poorly to being humiliated, and the more powerful the ruler, the more heinous the revenge.

“About fucking time, Sugar-Tits,” Oberon slowly lifted off the floor with a flutter of his butterfly wings. “Brock is cute and all, and I honestly expected him to be the one to finally snap, but it’s good to see you too, Bridget.”

“What are you talking about?” Bridget asked, stepping back and covering her mouth in fear.

Megan looked around for somewhere to hide, knowing that at any moment, the car was going to be filled with blood and gore. Lyden sat in the front, rage contorting his face, while his human wife sobbed next to him. Megan remembered that she was a powerful sorcerous and was probably her best bet in escaping alive. She just needed to rescue the older woman, and together the only humans in the car might have a chance to survive.

“Oberon,” Lyden’s voice broke through Megan’s thoughts as she realized she’d missed whatever Oberon said to the mermaid. “This time, you’ve gone too far! I don’t care if they were the enemy, you can’t detonate bombs like that. It makes you just as evil as the Knights who were planning to use those bombs. There were more than just Paladonic Knights there, also, or were you too busy popping heads like pimples to see the children and other people at that camp?”

Megan paused on her slow walk to the bound woman. Lyden didn’t approve of the attack? That made her feel a little bit better, at least. It meant that Eldon and his family weren’t the monsters, she was beginning to fear they were. But that wouldn’t save her from Oberon’s anger once he decided to unleash it.

She could feel the magical car vibrate under her feet as she looked around. Becky looked at her with hopeful, if tear-stained eyes, as though she knew what was in Megan’s mind. From the outside, the magical car was small, but inside, she was still a good ten feet away from the captive woman.

“I had to do something to get your kid to grow a pair,” Oberon chuckled. “Looks like it was the half without a pair that finally grew a backbone.”

Megan took another step towards Becky, but a hand on her shoulder made her jump. She turned to see Shlee looking at her and shaking her head. “Wait,” the werewolf whispered. “I don’t smell anger from Oberon.”

Of course, the werewolf wasn’t afraid or angry. Megan saw first-hand how powerful and strong Eldon’s women were. While there were times they seemed to walk all over him, she’d seen him stand up to them as well. It was part of what attracted him to her. It was also what made her try to act tougher than she felt at times to try and match up.

“You did all that to teach me a lesson?” Bridget asked in horror as she backed up to the fountain where Brooke sat.

Oberon floated up to within inches of Bridget’s face. The mermaid’s face turned an unpleasant tint of green, but she didn’t look away.

“Listen, Dollface,” Oberon began as though trying to explain something to a child, “just because I don’t love you anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t still care about you. What we had was special, and I’ll never forget it. You were a good lover. Because of that, I wanted to make sure you were safe before I left.” Oberon turned and floated to the doorway as everyone stared at the Faerie in shock.

What a brutal breakup, Megan thought, glad she wasn’t in the mermaid’s shoes… Or rather, her water suite. While Oberon’s tone remained gentle, his demeanor and body language, as well as his callous choice of words, showed how little he really cared. I wonder if all Faeries are like that, or at least what makes Areth different? She hadn’t spent much time around Lyden’s tiny lover, but enough to know that she actually cared.

“Oh,” Oberon said right before reaching the door, “and I needed you to stand up for yourself. You’re so meek, sometimes I wonder who you could be if only you asserted yourself more. Don’t let the world get you down, toots. Between you and Brock, you could be unstoppable. And keep the new digs. Consider it a parting gift from me. Ah, and Lyden Snow, make sure you treat Arethusa with the respect she’s due. You might find that paperwork on the couch an interesting read. Ta ta!”

Oberon didn’t open the door but floated through it.

Megan let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Becky still gave her pleading looks, but as she watched Eldon go to his sister to comfort her, and hear him commiserate about how horrible Oberon was, Megan realized she’d jumped to the wrong conclusions.

“Come one,” Shlee tugged at her arm as Lyden went back to join his children and Brooke. “Let’s let them have a family moment.”

Megan allowed herself to be dragged to the front of the car, where Becky glared at her, realizing that Megan wasn’t going to free her.

Her thoughts were a jumble as she tried to get her emotions in check. The last few moments were a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings, and now she didn’t know what to think. She knew what she didn’t want to think about, though—all those lost lives, and how quickly she’d assumed the worst about Eldon—and was grateful when Shlee started talking about other things.

“They’ll be tied up for a bit, so I want your help in devising a plan for when we get to the capitol,” Shlee said as she sat in the driver’s seat.

Megan looked around, but the passenger seat was already taken by Becky, as she thought about what Shlee was saying.

“The capitol?” she asked, trying to get her mind in gear. Then she remembered that they were supposed to be going to Washington to stop the PK’s working through intermediaries to pass legislation against the magical creatures and their world. She glanced at Becky, not entirely sure why the woman was bound by invisible bonds, but remembering something about her being in cahoots with the Knights. “Should we really be talking around her?”

Shlee glanced at the older woman, then shrugged and grimaced. “Even if she were bugged, there’s no one back there to listen to our conversation. I still can’t believe that bastard did that. I hate the Knights and everything they stand for, but that…? That was too much. And even if someone were listening, I don’t think this car would allow such signals out.”

Megan was glad she wasn’t the only one who felt that what Oberon did was overkill. Being from Texas, she believed in justice, and the old saying, “Go big, or go home,” but to blow them up like that? Even if they planned on using those bombs for something else, the ends didn’t justify the means.

Megan appreciated putting her mind to use rather than think about what they barely escaped from. Shlee was smart, as well as beautiful, and not for the first time, Megan felt a bit daunted by the woman. She refused to let it show, though, and met Shlee’s ideas with either agreements or counterpoints as they discussed what to do next.

“Dad,” Eldon’s voice broke through with a note of urgency. “You’re going to want to see this!”

Megan turned back to see Eldon holding a sheaf of papers about an inch thick.

“Can’t it wait?” Brooke asked as she continued to comfort her daughter.

“Not really,” Eldon said, shaking his head. “I’ve only skimmed through this, but if this is what I think it is, then Oberon has dropped more than one bomb today.”

“What do you mean?” Lyden grew panicked.

Eldon grimaced as he held out the papers. “Sorry, Dad. Poor choice of words. I meant that the documents Oberon left were the plans the Knights had for using those bombs, and how they were going to blackmail governments into passing their laws. But that’s not the worst part.” Eldon stopped talking as Lyden started shuffling through the papers. He waited until his dad looked up at him before continuing. “There is still one bomb out there, and we’re headed right for it.”

The words took a moment to sink in, but as Becky started to chuckle through her gag, Megan felt her stomach drop.

Despite the drama with Oberon only moments before, Lyden Snow and his family jumped into action. They grabbed cell phones from the glove compartments and started making calls. Megan knew that as a diplomat, Mr. Snow had connections, but the speed with which he reached the president shocked her.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Lyden said into his phone. “According to the documents we retrieved, the bomb is hidden in a maintenance shaft within the Pentagon. I haven’t had time to go over all of these documents yet, but it looks like it can’t be disarmed without a certain code, and I haven’t seen the code yet.” Pause. “No, Ma’am. Sonia is with Shelly right now. I have no way of sending these to you.” Pause. “Yes, we should be there in… a couple more minutes. We would have been there sooner, but we ran into complications.” Pause. “Yes, we heard about the attack in Wyoming. It seems the Knights failed to take proper precautions and blew themselves up. Yes, it’s a terrible tragedy. What? Oh, that’s good to hear! We’ll see you in a moment, Ma’am.”

“Good news?” Brooke asked, standing next to her husband.

“It seems the MOAB bombs that Oberon set off weren’t nuclear,” Lyden said as they felt the car come to a stop. “Just really powerful. I haven’t seen a map yet, but it sounds like they were far enough away from any population centers that casualties were low. They won’t know much more until the fires burn down, and they can investigate the crater.”

Megan glanced at Becky and was surprised to see the woman wasn’t weeping over her past comrades anymore. Bits and pieces of her own treatment at the Knight’s hands floated through her head in disconnected flashes, and there was nothing pleasant about it. But she still didn’t wish that fate on them.

Lyden opened the door, and two men in black rushed in, looking around. Megan knew the look of professionals, and these men screamed it. One of them, a huge black man, nodded to the open door, and Megan received another shock. The President of the United States stepped inside with a fond smile.

“Ambassador Snow,” the older Latino woman stepped up to the man, giving him a quick hug. “I’m so glad to see that your family is safe. Before you ask, the Pentagon was evacuated, and the bomb found. A Faraday Cage has been set up around it to block out any signals, while they try to find the code to disarm it. I take it that’s the dossier you recovered? Thank you. I’ll make sure it ends up in the public’s eyes so they can see which senators are traitors.”

Megan had seen the president on television plenty of times in the past, but it did nothing to show how tall or slim the woman really was. And the way she stepped in and took over spoke of many years used to having authority. But was that a lingering look at Eldon? Megan shook her head, dismissing the thought.

“President Louise,” Lyden greeted her with a warm smile. “Thank you for being willing to listen to me. I’m really sorry about Wyoming. It’s a terrible tragedy, and one that I hope is never repeated.”

Megan schooled her face to be neutral. She knew they couldn’t reveal how the bombs actually went off but didn’t like deceiving the most powerful woman in the free world.

“We’ve never had such a tragedy on US soil,” President Martha Louise said in somber tones. “Even 9-11 didn’t cause this much ground damage, though thankfully it was in an unpopulated area. As much as I hate what the Knights represent, and their tactics, I wish they would have been smarter.”

“Had they not blown themselves up,” Bridget broke in, “they would have used those bombs on innocent civilians.”

Megan wondered if the two Secret Service agents were used to being around other-worldly creatures as they barely batted an eye at the mermaid in her water encasing. They didn’t even give the tied-up Becky more than a glancing look. President Martha gave her one quick glance, then refused to look to the front of the car again. The agent’s professionalism meant they were either gay or not interested in the way Bridget’s soaked shirt clung to every curve.

“True,” the President agreed. “But I still can’t believe that the Knights would go that far. Their extremist agenda has crossed a line.”

“Ma’am,” Shlee said, her voice full of respect but urgency. “We need to get this information in front of the public as soon as possible, to stave off the Knights spinning it their way.”

President Louise nodded even as she frowned. “There will still be people who believe we performed that attack or will believe whatever the Knights claim, but you’re right. I’m sure you have the means to get that information to your contacts?”

It took Megan a moment to remember that Shlee was a reporter and the fact that she was a werewolf a secret. Shlee nodded before grabbing Eldon and her, hauling them from the car into the early afternoon sunlight.

“I called my station,” Shlee told them in a rush. “They have a camera crew on-site already. I hope you don’t mind me interviewing you. Oh, and Eldon, my love? Act like you and Megan are a couple. It’ll go better with the viewers.”

“I…” Eldon started, then stopped and looked at Megan. Even worn out and haggard, the man had the indecency to look incredible. From his entrancing eyes, that still managed to carry concern for her, to the way his delicious lips twitched as he offered her a smile. “As long as you’re okay with that,” he told her.

“Don’t let it go to your head,” she smiled up at him, giving his firm ass a hard smack.

Megan swallowed her laugh as Eldon shook his head and muttered something she didn’t catch. She ignored the sting in her hand, shocked at how hard his glutes were. Was he wearing granite underwear?

A camera crew approached them at a run as Shlee ran her fingers through her strawberry-blonde hair. Before they were set up, Megan slipped her arm around Eldon’s waist and pulled him close. His warmth bled into her side, and she had to fight a sigh at how good he felt there. Her heart rate sped up, even as she schooled her face. She wanted him. She wanted his strength by her side and in her life. But she didn’t want him to know that. She realized when she first approached Eldon that she came on too strong, and changed her tactics, hoping to get him more interested. She walked a fine line and was never sure when she went too far one way or another.

Despite her earlier reservations in the magic car, she thought she knew and understood his worth. She needed to show her worth to him. She needed to be emotionally strong and appear as though she didn’t need him. Then, maybe, he would learn to share his strength with her and know that she could handle him leaning her way.

“I’m here with Sheldon Snow, and one of his girlfriends, Megan Myers,” Shlee had clipped a microphone onto her filthy shirt, and spoke into the camera. “As many of you know, I’ve been embedded with Embassador Snow’s family as he works to ensure peace between our world and the magical world ruled by the Pillars. Forgive my disheveled state, but we—only moments ago—escaped from a camp of Paladonic Knights with critical information concerning terrorist attacks on US soil.”

Shlee paused and turned to Eldon and Megan. “Will you please tell us in your own words what you discovered while being held captive?”

Eldon’s mouth opened, closed, opened again, and hung there. His eyes held a glassy look as he stared at the camera. Megan couldn’t believe this man was camera shy. She pinched his side, then spoke up for the unseen audience.

“Eldon and I were on our way to testify before Congress about a law that the Knights were trying to pass through proxies,” Megan said, keeping her voice concerned, but not hysterical. She wondered if any of her friends from back home would see this report, and what they would think of her now. Some mocked her for chasing after Eldon. And while she might not have captured him, they wouldn’t know that. “Our vehicle was attacked, and the next thing I knew, we were being held in a cell…” She continued to speak, relating what she could remember, leaving out much of the escape details, mainly because she couldn’t remember them clearly. When she reached the discovery of the documents—claiming that they stumbled across them in the base instead of Oberon—Shlee interrupted her.

“Since I was there, I already know what was in the documents, but will you please tell our viewers?”

“Attack,” Eldon mumbled.

Megan gave him a quick peck on the cheek, hoping that would snap him out of his fugue. “That’s right,” she agreed with her faux-boyfriend. She hoped Bobby saw this. Saw what a real man looked like. She only wished Eldon were a tad more animated. “The attack in Wyoming earlier today was by them, and they were planning on bombing the Pentagon tonight if the vote didn’t go their way. The document also listed politicians that they were paying to make laws that supported their racist views.”

Eldon finally snapped out of it, pulling her tight to his side in an almost painful grip. “The Paladonic Knights have long shown that they only care about themselves. Tonight proves that their bigotted beliefs don’t hold with the values true Americans hold in their hearts. People and creatures from the other world aren’t out to hurt us. But the Paladonic Knights only care for the power they can gain by causing fear in our hearts. We need to stand together, stand united against the hate, and only then will peace prevail.”

“Wow,” Shlee smiled at the camera. “Quite the speech. I can see why you’re the ambassador’s son. But let’s be honest with our viewers.” Megan could see from Shlee’s body language that she didn’t want to continue, and when she spoke, Megan understood why. “There are dangerous creatures across that veil. Are you really trying to tell me that vampires and werewolves and ogres don’t intend us, humans, harm?”

Ouch! Megan marveled at how Shlee managed to get that question out. Not only did she bring up the vampires—which still has to be a fresh wound in her heart, but she also lumps her own race into the dangers.

Eldon gaped at her. Megan knew he wasn’t dense, but if she didn’t step in soon, it was going to ruin the momentum he had going. “Yes, there are dangerous creatures over there,” Megan said but shook her head. “But that’s like claiming that there aren’t dangerous humans here. If nothing else, the Knight’s attack earlier today shows which group is more dangerous.”

Eldon nodded next to her as she spoke and then popped in at the end. “I can’t speak for every race, but my wonderful fiancee is a werewolf. Um, no, not miss Meyers here. Is my fiancee dangerous? Ha! Of course she is! But she’s also one of the smartest, biggest hearted—is that a word?—most beautiful woman, I’ve ever had the honor to know. She gets along great with my wife, and even likes Megan, here. I’ve seen her protect the weak, defend the innocent, and fight true evil—both human and otherwise.”

Shlee broke into a bit of a coughing fit as he spoke but quickly recovered and faced the camera. “Your family sure is unusual, Mr. Lance. You have a wife, a fiancee, and a girlfriend. For the viewers at home, I can say that I’ve met them all, and they are good people. Megan, here, is the only human, but they all get along great and share a powerful love for one another. If nothing else, it shows that different races can get along and work together to meet common goals.”

Even though Megan knew she was faking the part of being a real girlfriend, she still felt warm inside at those words. She cleared her throat to respond, but Shlee kept talking to the camera.

“I’m sure your wife and fiancee will appreciate when they hear your praise, Mr. Lance,” Shlee said, a slight flush to her cheeks. “While we seemed to have gotten a little off-topic of the attempted terrorist attack by the Paladonic Knights, I’m sure our viewers are curious about the relationship dynamic, Megan. As the only human, how do you handle it?”

Megan blinked, caught off guard by the sudden question. Only Eldon’s strong arm across her back stopped her from taking a step away as she thought. I’m supposed to be faking this! Why is Shlee putting me on the spot like this? My friends are going to see this. What is she expecting me to say?

Before she knew what she was going to say, her voice broke past her lips. “At first, I wasn’t sure about having to share him. But as I got to know him, and his other women, I found that I share a deep respect for each of them. I never saw myself in this type of situation, but now that I’ve spent time with Eldon, his new wife, and his fiancee… Well, they’re all really great people with huge hearts. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope I can continue to be a part of it with them.” She flashed a smile at the camera, hoping she sold it, though also wondering that none of that felt false to her.

“It must take a woman with a powerful heart, herself, to speak so honestly,” Shlee beamed at her as she spoke. “Well, that’s all for now. Back to you in the studio, Mark, but stay tuned as further developments take place.”

The cameraman gave the signal that they were free, and Shlee took off her microphone. “Thanks, Frank. I’m going to talk with these two for a moment,” Shlee told the man before grabbing Eldon and Megan by the arms and hauling them out of earshot.

They were in an open area with no one around when Shlee finally stopped and faced them. “You two were incredible! Well, Eldon, you were a little slow on the uptake, but you recovered in the end. And Megan, wow! I could smell your emotions the whole time, and I didn’t realize you really felt that way.”

“Wait,” Eldon cut in. “You weren’t acting?”

“Shut up, you big oaf,” Megan snapped, feeling her cheeks burn. “Don’t let it go to your big head…” Her eyes dropped to his crotch before adding, “Either head!”

She watched him grimace before taking her by the shoulder and facing him fully with one steady hand and lifting her chin to meet his earnest eyes with the other. “I was an asshole before, and I’m sorry. I could make excuses about not wanting to put you in danger, or how your timing was terrible—”

“Eldon,” Shlee elbowed him, but he didn’t break eye contact with Megan.

“But the truth is, I’m glad to have you with us,” he continued as though he weren’t interrupted. “You’re strong, talented, resilient, and I like that you won’t take crap from anyone.”

“Crap?” Megan teased him at his phrasing.

“Yeah, well, I guess I got my dad’s dislike of swearing,” he gave a self-deprecating chuckle. “It can have its place, but it’s hard to be crass when I’m staring at such a respectable woman.”

Megan wanted to say something pithy, but after the last few hours, she chose a different tact. “I don’t know about all that shit—yeah, I’m still going to swear when I think it fits. It doesn’t mean I think any less of you. I have a confession to make, though. I don’t remember much about the escape, but what I do remember, and then what that Faerie did… Well, I thought you were all complicit in that violence. I should have known better, and maybe I still have a concussion, but… I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry also. You’re a good man, Sheldon, if quite a bit thick-headed… Both heads.” She winked as Shlee laughed at his side. “You don’t have to swear, to be crass. I’m a big girl and can handle it. But don’t think that means I’m just going to drop my panties because your gaze makes them wet.”

“Nothing like surviving a life-threatening ordeal to get the juices flowing,” Shlee chuckled before stepping forward and pulling Megan into a hug. Despite spending so much time with Mandy, Shlee, and Eldon, she was still a little uncomfortable with how friendly Eldon’s girlfriends treated her. It wasn’t that the women were unattractive, but she’d never been interested in women before. Still, it didn’t hurt that the other women worked to help her get closer to Eldon. Or at the least, help him be a little less thick-headed.

Megan returned the hug, whispering, “Thank you for everything.” Mandy and Shlee had pulled her aside shortly after she’d arrived in the Pillar of Fire’s home and had a long talk with her about her intentions. Since she couldn’t lie around Mandy, and Shlee could smell her emotions, they soon agreed to help her win Eldon over, as long as she didn’t try to take him away. And as long as she didn’t reveal the conversation. Megan’s heart warmed again at the generosity of the women in Eldon’s life. She didn’t know if she could do the same in their shoes but recognized that Eldon was a magnificent man when his head wasn’t shoved up his ass. And from the bulge she noted in his pants, he was majestic in other ways as well.

Is it seeing us hug that’s turned him on? Or is he just that horny all the time? she wondered. She noted that the hug was going on for longer than necessary, and tried to pull back, but Shlee tightened her grip.

“No need to thank me,” Shlee whispered right next to her ear. A moment later, Megan felt teeth nip at her earlobe. “Mmm, I can smell his arousal, though he’s trying to hide it. I know you’re not into women as much, but what do you say we mess with him a little bit?”

Megan was about to back down. She didn’t mind the attention, nor the idea of messing with Eldon, but other women never really turned her on. However, when Shlee’s hands dropped to her tight rear, squeezing, and she felt the werewolf's tongue tickle along her neck, she shuddered and nodded. She’d noticed an increased libido ever since that incident before the Devil, and wondered if the Pillar of Fire had done more to her with that burning kiss than she knew.

“Don’t you think you owe her a bigger thank you than that?” Shlee asked, raising her voice and asking Eldon.

“Umm…” He started, and Megan’s eyes fluttered as she felt Shlee’s teeth nip at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. “Don’t think that I don’t see what you’re doing love, but I don’t believe that now—or here for that matter—is the best time for that. Besides, it looks like the Secret Service is coming.”

Megan pulled out of Shlee’s grasp as fast as she could. She brushed down her shirt, as though getting rid of wrinkles that weren’t there before looking around. Sure enough, a man dressed all in black moved with a purpose towards them.

Megan wanted to curse the luck, though she also thanked it. She wanted to keep Eldon guessing, but Shlee made her feel like putty in her hands. What was wrong with her libido? She’d never had a problem keeping it in check before. Even Bobby, who’d done nothing but treat her right, hadn’t managed to turn her on the way she got around Eldon. Or his women, she had to admit to herself as her cheeks burned, and she glanced at Shlee. The werewolf dared to wink at her with a grin.

“The president is asking for your team, Mr. Lance,” the brawny agent said as soon as he was within earshot.

“We’re your team, huh?” Megan teased, hip checking him as she walked past. She forced her heart rate to drop as she regained control of her emotions and tried to regain perspective. Unfortunately, Eldon didn’t even have the decency to act as if she could budge him. Damn, he’s solidly built, she thought as she continued walking without looking back.

She heard the other two catch up and saw Eldon with his arm around Shlee as they followed the agent back. It was a good thing the camera crew wasn’t around to see him getting sweet on Shlee.

“Sorry to interrupt you three,” Ambassador Snow said, letting Megan know that he’d been watching them. She understood that there were few secrets in that family, but it still made her cheeks burn again. “Unfortunately, despite the bombs the Knights set off earlier, Congress is pushing to complete their vote.”

“I’d hoped to push it off,” President Louise said, “and get this dossier in front of the public, but it seems that they’re going to spin this in their favor somehow.”

“They?” Megan asked, then regretted it when all eyes turned on her.

“Sorry, I haven’t met you yet,” President Louise said with a smile. To Megan’s mortification, the older woman stepped forward and offered her hand. “I’m Martha. And you are?”

Megan’s hand rose on autopilot to meet the offered one. Is this really happening? The President of the freaking United States is introducing herself as though she were a common person? What the actual Fuck?

“M-Megan Myers, Ma’am,” she stuttered and then worked to put more moisture in her mouth. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I want you to know I voted for you in the last election. I didn’t believe anything the other guy said about you or your late husband.” Shut up, shut up, shut up! she chided herself and closed her mouth with an audible click.

The President’s smile looked genuine as she let go of Megan’s sweaty hand. And her laugh as she looked to Eldon and back was filled with warmth. “I appreciate that. Politics gets pretty dirty, and I think the fact that I didn’t stoop to his tactics helped. I miss my husband, but I’ve managed to keep busy in my position. And please, if you’re a friend of Lyden’s family, then call me Martha.”

Megan wanted to say something more, but her mind refused to cooperate. What did someone say to the person who was arguably the most powerful person in the free world?

“Taking my car will be the fastest way to get there,” Lyden said, holding his arm out to everyone to indicate they should get moving. “I’m sure they think you’ll be tied up here as they try to push the vote forward, Martha.”

“Good idea,” President Louise—Martha—said. “If we hurry, we can catch them with their pants down.”

Did she just glance at Eldon’s crotch? Megan wondered but dismissed it. With all the emergency vehicles and flashing lights, and the stress of the situation, she had to be imagining things.

“I’ll get my channel to get another camera crew to meet us there,” Shlee spoke up. “Hopefully, that little bit we just did will help swing the popular opinion in our favor.”

Megan heard Shlee call someone up and tell them to meet her with a camera crew as they followed Eldon’s father back to the magical Orange VW Bug. It looked much better than when they got in at the Knight’s camp, though she could still see some scrapes and bumps, and the rear fender was still missing. While intellectually, she understood the vehicle was magic and contained a portion of the Pillar of Fire’s soul, it amazed her that it wasn’t just a piece of machinery. It was a living, not quite breathing, object. And if what she heard was to be believed, it might as well be another wife to Lyden Snow, with some attributes that succubae had.

That thought turned her mind back to Eldon as he climbed into the car. Damn, he has a nice ass, she thought, then noticed the president looking as well. So was Shlee. Eldon already has one wife, and a girlfriend. They already told me that it wasn’t a competition between them, but a mutual sharing. Can I share as well? Do I want that? She met his gray eyes as he offered his hand, and she climbed in, feeling her heart hammer in her chest. Her panties were still damp from Shlee’s actions earlier, but she noted Eldon’s strong arms and the way he looked at her. He didn’t treat her like a piece of meat. He also understood that she wasn’t a dainty woman to be treated like fine porcelain. He was a complex man with a big heart. Big enough for three women?

President Louise entered, and Eldon offered her a seat. Her Secret Service agents remained standing as Martha patted the spot next to her and said, “I wish we had time for a nap.” The way Eldon’s cheeks colored finally put all the pieces together in Megan’s mind.

Make that four women… No, wait… I can tell that he’s still hung up with that succubus, Gloria. I would be the fifth. Megan never came in anything less than second place when she put her mind to something. Is his heart big enough for me, or should I cut my losses now? How do I compete with a woman with four arms, a damned succubus that was the epitome of sexual desire, a strong and caring werewolf, and the mother-fucking President of the United States? But a glance back to Shlee as she hung up her cell phone reminded Megan that this wasn’t a competition. Another glance to Lyden Snow as he talked to his mermaid wife and casually ran his hand along a window sill reminded her that Eldon had a good example of what a loving man could handle.

Then another idea struck her. Do I want another man? She’d cared for Bobby before Eldon swept her off her feet with that kiss in the nightclub, but barely thought of him since dumping him. She’d never cheated—intentionally—and was never interested in more than one lover.

Lyden Snow looked much younger than he should, young enough to be Eldon’s brother. She knew he was a good man, and while she saw the familial resemblance, he didn’t attract her. The only other men in the car were the two agents, and while they looked sharp and strong in their black suits, they also appeared very cold. She understood they were doing their job, but they didn’t interest her either. Her mind flicked over movie actors she’d crushed on as a teenager or past boyfriends, but none of them carried that lightning inside that Eldon produced with a simple gaze.

Another glance to Eldon, and paying attention to the effect he had on her, said enough for now. She wanted him in her life. She didn’t love him, but she liked him a lot, and was very interested in seeing where the relationship went, even with the other women involved. Perhaps one day she’d be interested in another man, but as her daddy always told her, “One target at a time.” And Eldon Lance sat squarely within her sights. She also wanted him between her thighs but suppressed the desire until she knew he genuinely wanted her, and everything that came with her.

“I agree with Martha,” Shlee said right next to Megan, making her jump. The woman could move with silence and sneak up on a skittish cat! “I’d love to take a nap, and perhaps continue what we started, but this car moves too fast.”

“So they…?” Megan whispered but was unable to finish the thought.

Shlee didn’t answer but smiled as they felt the car come to a stop. Megan grimaced, wondering if Eldon just slept with whomever, or if he was ***********ive. Not that Martha wasn’t attractive for a mature woman with her brown skin and the look of intelligence in her equally brown eyes, but she was the fucking President! Honesty was integral to a relationship.

“Dad, I don’t know—” Eldon started, shaking his head and bringing Megan back to reality. What had she missed in the conversation as she dwelt on her own demons?

“You saw what happened last time,” Lyden appeared to be pressing his son to do something.

“Yeah, and part of the Whitehouse blew up!” Eldon argued. “Not to mention the last time I took that form, how many died?”

“Mandy isn’t here now,” Lyden refused to back down. “There won’t be a repeat of that. And we already found their other bombs. They won’t risk blowing this vote up. They need it to pass to subjugate magical creatures.”

“The bill to term them Lydonese passed, by the way. Security has been increased tenfold since then,” Martha added. “No one is getting anywhere close with anything resembling a weapon. While I don’t like the idea of forcing people to do anything, this may be the best way to ferret out who is still loyal to the Knights, and who is being duped.”

“But…” Eldon looked around, and when his eyes landed on Megan, she saw his jaw clench, then nod. She wished she could read his mind, but offered an encouraging smile instead. He nodded again, though she had no idea what they were talking about. A moment later, Mandy stood in his place. He’d grown an extra set of arms and now stood as a beautiful woman with blonde hair, brown eyes, high cheekbones, and a set of breasts pushed against her shirt. However, the look on her face was one of fear that Megan hadn’t seen the woman make before.

“I don’t know how well this will work,” Eldon said with Mandy’s voice and lips.

“Just don’t take advantage of your wife’s body while you’re in her form,” Shlee said with a hungry grin. “Though it might be fun once we get back to her to be tag-teamed by both of you. Shit! I didn’t mean to add that last part. Sorry, Madame President.”

“No!” Eldon/Mandy snapped before anyone else could say anything. “She and I can’t be in the same area when I’m like this. It’s too dangerous. Not only will people be unable to lie, but they reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. People are willing to kill to keep those to themselves.”

Megan took a moment to wonder what her deepest, darkest secret was. She tried to be an open book unless she counted keeping her true feelings from Eldon. She resolved to keep her mouth shut, rather than attempt to lie until he changed back. Mandy warned her how the ability worked. She could talk all she wanted without revealing secrets, as long as she didn’t try to lie. Considering that she was trying to keep from Eldon how much she wanted him, she’d need to be careful.

“Let’s get this over with,” Eldon groused. “I feel like I’m violating her privacy, or something, while like this.”

Once again, Eldon showed that he was a decent person. How many other men would rejoice to be able to slip into a woman’s body, and play with themselves, or worse? What would she do, if given a chance to experience having a cock? She didn’t know, but a slight thrill at the idea scared her. She liked being a woman. Felt comfortable in her own skin. But there was still a bit of curiosity as to what the other half felt.

The Secret Service agents were the first to exit the car. If they’d thought anything odd about the way the interior was way too large for the exterior, they never showed it. Professional to the core, one of them poked their heads in and stated it was all clear.

Megan suspected that the car could have moved them all past security, but also supposed that Lyden had directed it not to do so, to ensure they didn’t start a fight or scare anyone when they suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

They were all checked for weapons, and Shlee had her cell phone confiscated. Eldon hid his second set of arms under his shirt, making him look wider than Mandy really was.

The building they entered was one she didn’t recognize. It was large, with marble columns outside, and a white façade. Part of her marveled that she was allowed to walk in with the rest. She understood the President and Ambassador Snow being allowed to go through security, but a simple word from Martha was all it took to get the rest of them in.

“What is that monster doing here?” a loud voice demanded as soon as they entered a massive room. Tiered seats semi-circled one half, leading down to a dais where the vice-president stood at a podium. A rotund senator that sounded like he was from the deep south glared at them as he pointed to Brock in his magic water suit. “After their attack in Wyoming, we don’t want any of their kind here.”

“Senator Buseldorf,” Martha said, facing the fat man, “I’m sure you’ve heard of what happened before the bombing of the Whitehouse? The last time that the Paladonic Knights tried to cover their tracks? This woman here can coax the truth from any situation.” She pointed to where Eldon stood in Mandy’s body. “If you don’t remember, just think of how disgraced senators Otton and McConley confessed to their treason.”

Buseldorf paled at those words, and sat back in his seat, though he continued to glare as they walked down to the dais. The Vicepresident nodded to her, releasing the podium for her to stand behind. Everyone else stopped in the aisle, except for Eldon, who stood by the president.

“Senators,” Martha greeted them in a tone that somehow combined familiarity with a demand to be heard. “I’ve caught the rumors about Ambassador Snow and me. Let me set the record straight right here while I can tell no lies. I count Ambassador Snow as a friend to not only me, but also our great nation, and the human race as a whole. However, I am not, nor have I ever been in a romantic relationship with him.

“Now then, with that out of the way—” she tried to continue, but a woman near the front who was scarecrow thin and had the weathered face and shape of a hawk interrupted.

“How do we know that you can’t lie?”

The grin that crossed Martha’s face was more feral than friendly. “Senator Seamons, I’m so glad you asked. You will be in the field of effect as well from your seat. No, no. Don’t get up and move. You wanted to know, and what better way than for you to answer a question?”

“I’m not the one making claims of truth,” Seamons declared as she stood up. However, the Secret Service agents moved to cut her off. They firmly, but politely, indicated she should retake her seat. After a moment, she swallowed and did so.

“I promise not to embarrass you, and ask you about that incident with the coffee boy a couple years ago,” Martha said, never losing her toothy smile. Even Shlee would be jealous of how hungry Martha looked.

There were a few snickers, but also a fair bit of grumbling.

Seamons didn’t speak, but after another glance at the agents, she nodded. Megan couldn’t remember which party Seamons belonged to but suspected that it was the opposite of Martha’s.

“Two years ago, there was an attack on our embassy in Dubai, remember?” Martha asked, her voice remaining professional, but Megan was close enough to see the glint in her eyes. She also noted the way color drained from Seamon’s face. “I ordered that embassy to be closed, and the staff removed a week prior, but it didn’t happen. Why?”

Seamons swallowed a couple times before regaining her feet and squaring her shoulders. She didn’t try to flee but met Martha’s gaze with a fierce one of her own. “I have always stated that the order was intercepted before reaching the ambassador and his staff. And the results of the investigation afterward backed that up. Why are you bringing it up now?”

Martha’s smile never wavered. “A very political answer, Senator. And yes, every word you just spoke was the truth. However, it didn’t answer my question. Why wasn’t the embassy—that we knew could not be properly defended—closed, and everyone moved to safety before the attack—that we had credible intel stated would happen—occurred?”

“I have stated—” Seamons began, but Martha’s crisp tone cut her off.

“Don’t tell us what you’ve already said. The investigation that you led concluded that the request didn’t reach the embassy because it was intercepted. I don’t want to hear that again. I want you to tell us why the order wasn’t received by the embassy?”

“I—What do you want me to say,” the senator stumbled over her words and looked around. Panic colored her face as she searched for allies and found none.

“The truth,” Martha softened her voice, but her eyes remained hard.

“That’s… I… Well…” Seamons worked to find the words to speak as the assembly mumbled even louder. No one chuckled now as it was apparent that Seamons was trying to cover something up.

“Seven brave men and women lost their lives in that attack,” Martha pressed. “American lives, that we are all sworn to protect, govern, and serve. Just state why the embassy wasn’t closed, and we can continue.”

Seamon’s eyes roamed the room, seeking allies, but no one met her pleading gaze. Her lips twitched once, twice, then she faced the president’s gaze and spoke. “I was too busy getting fucked silly when the email arrived in my in-box. As the young man plowed me from behind, my head landed on the keyboard, and I somehow deleted the order. I realized my mistake after the attack, and I paid the IT guy to cover my tracks as we pretended to investigate. It really shouldn’t have come through as an email, anyway.”

“Well, I must apologize,” Martha said, a flush entering her angry demeanor. “I said I wouldn’t embarrass you, but it seems to have happened anyway. How many of the others investigating knew the truth?”

“I… What?” Seamons looked confused for a moment, then all color fled her face. “Oh, fuck. It was an accident! You have to believe me! It… It’s your fault, anyway! If you weren’t so friendly with the Lydonese, the Arab countries would still be our allies. Your policies are to blame for their deaths.”

Martha’s face remained stoic while Seamons ran out of steam. Then she faced the rest of the assemblage. “As you can see, no one can lie in the presence of this woman.” A roar went up as Seamons was hauled from the room by security. Megan didn’t know what would become of the senator, but suspected her career—at the very least—was over. It was too bad that this session wasn’t being filmed to catch that on camera, but she hoped someone managed to sneak in a recording device to catch that spectacle. Martha grabbed a wooden hammer and banged it several times until the room grew silent.

“As I was saying. No one can lie. So let me state without any political rambling or subterfuge, that the horrific events in Wyoming were not the result of an attack by the Lydonese, but a failed ploy by the Paldonic Knights. I have in my possession a dossier stating which politicians are under the thumb of the Terrorist Knights, and what they’re further plans are.”

“I heard it was the Knights trying to fight the Lydonese, and those monsters detonated the bomb,” someone yelled from the crowd.

“I heard that the Knights set it off as a last-ditch effort to kill some new evil that was trying to enter our world,” another senator said, this one a female.

“I’m sure that’s exactly what you heard from your constituents, Senator Hammerlaw,” Martha nodded to a skinny fellow in a gray suit and white cowboy hat who’d spoken first. “It was your state that housed and protected the Knights. And it was your state that ultimately paid the price of your hubris.”

“Well, they paid me pretty well to let them conduct their business in peace,” Hammerlaw shouted and banged his hand against the table in front of him, as though he denied the claims instead of admitting them. His eyes widened comically as he realized his mistake, but he continued to speak, instead of shutting up. “And furthermore, I secretly visit gay clubs when I can. I love the feeling of taking a hard cock up my ass.”

What lie was he trying to tell that let that nugget slip? Megan wondered.

Silence fell on the floor. Everyone looked at one another, and more than a few hands lifted to cover mouths to stop any words from inadvertently slipping out.

“I have thirteen illegitimate children,” one man shouted all of a sudden, breaking the hush.

Another woman screamed, “I’ve been laundering money from my state for over a decade to pay for my plastic surgery.”

Megan turned to face the president and noticed Mandy’s eyes widen in fear. Before anyone could move, Martha leaned forward and spoke into the mic. “Ambassador Snow’s son has an amazing cock. In my dreams, I’ve fucked him countless times.”

The room burst into pandemonium as people started to shout their darkest secrets. Megan didn’t feel like saying anything in particular and simply kept her mouth shut. Shlee stared around in fear, hands raised, and claws out as her mouth elongated into a muzzle. Several senators saw her, pointed, and screamed.

Eldon suddenly stood at her side, back in his true form. “I knew this was a bad idea!” He shouted to be heard over the din. “There must be something wrong with me when I take her form.”

The door in the back banged open, and everyone turned to see the real Mandy and half-dragon Mei enter, an unbound Becky right behind them. A few senators screamed and passed out. Megan didn’t understand the fear. Mei looked frightening with her horns, tail, and wings, but not enough to cause that kind of reaction. And they didn’t know that Becky worked for the Knights, now.

Becky! What is she doing free? The answer hit her almost immediately. Mandy and Mei wouldn’t know that Becky was evil now, and must have freed her. She reached behind her to grab a gun and then remembered that she left her weapons in the car. Megan couldn’t do much against magic, but she adopted a defensive stance. She knew twelve different forms of martial arts and would defend those around her to the best of her abilities.

The newcomers spotted them, despite the chaos. Mandy and Becky rushed towards them, while Mei twisted a finger in her ear as though the din was uncomfortable to hear. She didn’t run as she followed the other two but sauntered down the aisle that cleared for Mandy and Becky. Did Becky brainwash Mandy too? Megan didn’t know, but she stopped Eldon from going to his wife. He would be thinking more with his heart than his head.

The looks in their eyes are wrong, Megan thought as she planted one palm against Eldon’s broad chest. She saw him give her a strange look, but wonder of wonders, he didn’t try to push past her. She ignored the warmth that suffused her, knowing that he trusted her opinion. Now she only hoped she wasn't a fool. They look happy, but worried. Not like they’re getting ready to attack…

Mandy stopped and stared at where Megan stood between her and her husband. “What’s going on?” She shouted to be heard, waving her upper right hand at the commotion around them. “Mei showed up, said you were all kidnapped. Then Gaia said you’d already escaped, and we would find you here. Why do you look like you’re ready to tear my head off, and why is this place in such a shambles?”

Megan didn’t wait for anyone else to answer, though she noted the tears streaming down Becky’s face.

“How do you feel about the big lug behind me?” Megan asked, keeping her eyes locked on Mandy’s. She knew the other woman couldn’t lie and waited for the answer.

Mandy’s brows drew down in confusion before she said, “I love him with all my heart. He’s my husband. Why the hell are you stopping me from reaching him?”

Megan breathed a short sigh, then nodded to Becky. “And her?”

Mandy grimaced and shook her head. “Megan, I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re coming between my husband and me. You promised never to do that. I like you, but not enough to stop me from pummeling your ass if you don’t get out of my way.”

Megan opened her mouth to speak, but Eldon finally spoke behind her. “I love you, too, my wonderful wife. Megan is just being protective because Becky was trying to kill us a little bit ago. She was brainwashed, though she doesn’t believe it.” Megan felt a firm hand land on her shoulder. “Megan, let my wife through, please. I’d really like to hold her in my arms. Keep an eye on Becky, though. Oh, and thank you.”

Megan took a half step to the side and let Mandy by. When Becky rushed forward, Megan moved with all the speed she had and used her martial arts training to bring Becky to the ground in a hold that locked up her arms. She was as careful as she could be of the woman’s pregnant stomach, but that wasn’t going to stop her from protecting her friends.

“What are you doing?” Mandy demanded, but Megan ignored her.

“I’m not…” Becky started, then choked off. She tried several more times to speak, but couldn’t get very much out.

“She hasn’t been able to say much since we untied her,” Mei said, finally reaching them. Quiet was finally descending in the large chamber, though Megan noted several paramedics caring for fallen senators. “But we got the gist of it. Her mind is fractured, and she’s confused, but she’s no threat to my family.”

Megan didn’t know what was going on and turned to look at where Eldon, Mandy, and Shlee held one another. The three were talking, but Mandy shook her head.

“We found her tied up and gagged in the car. I can’t believe she’s alive! As soon as I touched her while untying her, she went into convulsions,” Mandy explained.

“I held her down until she recovered,” Mei added. “When she came to, she broke down into tears and did her best to explain, but she finds it hard to talk around Mandy. I’m sure my dad can fill in the rest of the details, but what’s happening here? I know humans can get violent, but Dad always claimed things weren’t this bad.”

“It’s my fault,” Eldon said, and if Megan didn’t know better, she’d think he was on the verge of tears. “Mandy, I’m so sorry, but I was using your form to make the senators confess, and to try and get the vote to go against the Knights. I… I didn’t know you… you would…”

Mandy pulled him into a fierce hug, wrapping him tight in her four arms, and there was no mistaking the tears in her eyes as she comforted her husband. Megan remained confused, but Lyden’s arrival and his disapproving glare at Megan reminded her that she was still holding Becky down.

Megan stood and then offered a hand to help Becky up. The older woman refused the offering and slowly gained her feet, keeping her red, raw, and tear-stained eyes on her husband.

“S…s—sorry,” she spoke brokenly through stiff lips. To Megan, it appeared that she was fighting herself to say the words, but with Mandy there, they had to be true.

“Is… is she free of the mind-altering?” Lyden asked, and the cautious hope in his voice nearly broke Megan’s heart.

“I felt something shift in her when we came into contact earlier,” Mandy said, “but nothing since. Without someone to read her thoughts and verify, I think she’s struggling to come to terms with what happened. It’s almost like two people are fighting for control of her. She didn’t tell us everything, but we pieced together enough to know that something was done to her mind.”

Before anything else could be said, Lyden lunged forward and swept his wife into his arms. Becky held him for a brief moment, then shoved him away, screaming, “No! Not… Not safe.” Becky dropped into a crouch and held her head, shaking.

“Let’s leave them be,” Eldon said right behind Megan, making her jump. “I can’t stand to see her like that, and I don’t think they want us watching them, either.”

Brock joined them as they made their way through the crowded aisle. Some people called out to them, calling them monsters and worse. Megan knew bigotry existed in the world, but having grown up as a middle-class white woman, she hadn’t really understood how bad it could truly be. Nor how inventive some of the insults were.

“Damn it,” Shlee swore as they reached the door and picked up their phones. “My boss is pissed. Somehow channel twelve already has the scoop here, and is… let’s see…” Shlee scrolled through her phone for a moment, swearing and cursing as she went. “Fuuuck! Eldon, this isn’t good. Your dad is going to want to know about this as soon as possible. You go tell him. Mandy, you should probably go with him, or go hide in the car. The reports list you specifically as the cause of the chaos. Megan, you’re with me. It’s time for a sequel to your earlier interview and damage control. We’ve got our work cut out for us because the sequel needs to be better than the original.”

The speed and demeanor in which Shlee spoke made Megan’s head reel, but she followed the other woman past several ambulances, and to a news van that looked similar to the one earlier, but with a different camerawoman.

“How bad is it, Josie?” Shlee asked as the woman came forward with a camera already on her shoulder.

Suddenly, another woman with short brown hair stepped up, mic in hand, and asked, “So, Shlee, is it true what the reports are saying?” The mic was shoved in front of Shlee, who growled but backed up a step.

“What the hell is this, Karen?” Shlee demanded. “You’re the tech, not the reporter!”

“Language!” Karen hissed, then brought the mic back to her mouth. “We’re live. Early reports from inside claim to have seen you change into a werewolf as your, um, friends attacked congress. Care to comment?”

Megan noted the way Shlee’s hands flexed and wondered how close the other woman was to losing her temper. Before she could, Megan stepped in front of the camera and added a little extra Texas twang to her voice as she spoke.

“Now, I don’t know about Ms. Olsen becoming a werewolf and all,” Megan made sure to look right into Karen’s challenging gaze. “But what I can tell you is that if not for Ambassador Snow’s family, things would have been worse. In fact, Shlee Olsen here helped several people out, despite the hallucinations we were all seeing in there. I don’t know if it was gas or what, but there was some crazy shi—uh, stuff going on.”

“It’s Megan, right?” Karen asked, moving the mic back and forth. “Hallucinatory gas wouldn’t affect cameras, and yet Channel Twelve has somehow gained footage showing Shlee Olsen—longtime reporter on this channel—changing into a werewolf. Some people are even claiming that her reporting in the past has heavily favored the Lydonese, despite the repeated attacks from their world.”

“Attacks from…” Megan trailed off at the audacity of the woman. Before she could continue, Karen shoved a screen in front of her that clearly showed Shlee transforming into a werewolf with Senators all around.

“Clear proof that this was an attack from the Lydonese,” Karen crowed as though she’d won some battle.

Megan didn’t understand how the video was taken. All of their electronics were confiscated before they entered. “Illusion magic,” she said, but knew it didn’t come out as confident as she wanted.

A furry hand landed on Megan’s shoulder as Karen’s eyes expanded in fear. Turning, she saw Shlee in full werewolf form, grinning at the camera and licking her lips.

“Yes, I am a werewolf, but what happened in there was not an attack on the government by the Lydonese. It was orchestrated by the Paladonic Knights. It was their bombs that went off in Wyoming, and their bomb that was discovered at the Pentagon. The Paladonic Knights are—”

“You heard it here first,” Karen pulled the mic back to her mouth, cutting off Shlee and stepping in front of the camera. “Shlee Oslen was a werewolf all along. How many other Lydonese have infiltrated human society, and what is their ultimate goal? Are they really friends of humanity as Ambassador Snow would claim, or are they after something darker? More Sinister? Stay tuned here as we continue to investigate these underhanded practices.”

Karen signaled to end the connection as Shlee let out a yowl. Megan moved to place herself between Shlee and the usurping reporter. Rage burned red in the werewolf’s eyes, but even though Megan knew that Shlee could toss her aside like a ragdoll, she only had to put forth a token effort to keep Shlee back.

“Not the wisest move, pissing off a werewolf,” Megan said over her shoulder.

“Are you kidding me?” Karen asked, glee filling her voice. “After that bombshell, I’ll be guaranteed to make it to into syndication!”

“Not if you choose your words that poorly after the Knights detonated bombs on US soil,” Megan snapped. She was tempted to help Shlee beat the woman to a pulp. Destroying Shlee’s career and reputation, just so she could advance her career, was a dick move. She knew she couldn’t live with herself if she followed through with that impulse, and suspected that Shlee felt the same.

Shlee’s body shifted under her palm as she returned to her human form.

“Are you a werewolf, too?” Karen asked, not appearing in the least like she was afraid any longer. “Can I get an interview with you?”

“I’m not a werewolf,” Megan told her. “I’m worse. I’m a pissed off Texan, and you just made a huge mistake.” Before she had the time to rethink it, her fist shot out and made a satisfying crunch against Karen’s nose.

“Did you getsch’at on camerwa?” Karen mumbled as she held her nose and picked herself off the ground.

Too late, Megan saw that the camera was still rolling. She cursed as she realized what Karen had done. Karen had manipulated the situation to try and catch Shlee going on a rampage. How stupid could she be? Had Shlee lost control, she would have killed Karen.

Unless Karen has some sort of protection against a werewolf? Megan didn’t know and didn’t want to stay near the woman any longer. She didn’t have a chance to pull Shlee away, though.

“What is your game, Karen?” Shlee demanded. “Sucking cocks under desks not working fast enough for you? Everyone knows you’re the office slut. Hell, on any given day, I’ve smelt between two to five guys on you. Oh, I’m sorry, are you still recording?”

Megan tried not to smile as Karen’s face burned red. The smile broke anyway when she saw Mandy rushing towards them.

“I did what I had to do to get ahead,” Karen spluttered, managing to talk through her busted nose. Except, her nose wasn’t as busted as Megan thought it should be. Blood still dripped from behind Karen’s hand, but otherwise, the nose almost looked unharmed. “The Daughters of Respite aren’t as strong as we once were, and so yes, I sucked cocks and more to get into a position to help our cause out. You always pretended to be fair when reporting on events, but I knew the truth. I knew the monstrosity that lurked within you, and now the rest of the world knows too!”

She’s a Daughter of Respite? Megan thought. She remembered something about them supposedly being all but immune to magic. That would explain why she wasn’t afraid of Shlee.

“Traitor!” Shlee screamed at the woman. “Don’t you know that the D.O.R. are all Lydonese that were kidnapped and magically twisted? You’re one also!”

“I refuse to believe the propaganda spouted by your filth,” Karen literally spat at Megan and Shlee’s feet. “After today, and the plans the Knights and we put into action, your kind will be reviled and hunted into extinction. And only then will humanity rule the world as God intended us to.”

“What plans?” Shlee demanded.

But Mandy was close enough for Megan to see the expression on her face. She was scared. The rest of that group followed close afterward, and only one Secret Service agent—bloody and limping—accompanied the President. The large black man did his best to shield her as he followed in their wake.

“We’ve got to go,” Megan said, gripping Shlee’s arm and trying to pull her away. Despite her own strength, Shlee didn’t budge.

Turning to the camera, Shlee yelled into it, “The Paladonic Knights and Daughters of Respite are out to destroy the peace that could be had between our kinds. Don’t let their racial hatred blind you to—”

A blinding flash of light from the south erupted, making Megan flinch and close her eyes. As she reopened them, Mandy was there, and her strength was enough to dislodge Shlee from her spot. Whatever caused that light, it was brighter than the sun overhead.

“What’s happening?” Megan demanded as she followed after.

“In the car,” was all Mandy said as they picked up their pace into a run.

The Orange Bubble screeched to a halt about fifty feet away, as Megan heard shouts for them to be stopped and arrested. Whatever happened in that building hadn’t gone according to plan.

She kept her eyes locked on freedom before her. There was little doubt after the way Karen acted that if she remained behind and tried to defend herself that she’d be believed in any capacity. For better or worse, she was stuck with this family.

Gunshots rang out, making Megan duck her head and redouble her speed. She didn’t know if they were being shot at, but the shouts for them to stop didn’t let up.

She heard a grunt behind her and finally turned to see the hobbling agent hit the ground, his dark eyes wide and glassy. Panic thickened her resolve as she realized that President Louise was the only person still behind her. Even Becky managed to outdistance them as they rushed for the car.

More shots fired, and she saw dirt jump into the air around them. For a fleeting moment, she thought to abandon Martha but kicked that thought in the gonads. Her daddy would be super disappointed in her if she left America’s representative behind like that.

“Do you need my help?” Megan panted as she allowed the President to catch her.

Martha’s eyes were large, but determined, as she sped on. “No. Agent Roberts was a great man. Those bastards will pay for this.”

Megan noted how she drew in deep, ragged breaths, and shook her head. She slipped one arm around the President and helped her regardless of her protestations. Megan’s brother died defending their country overseas. She had no desire to die, but if she did, she’d do it living up to his standards.

That thought made her chuckle as she saw Eldon encouraging them on from the open car door. They were so close! But the rounds impacting the ground seemed to be getting closer, also.

Just as she reached the door and shoved Martha through, she noted that the brilliant light in the south was still there. Strong hands gripped her wrists, pulling her into the car.

Safe! she thought a split moment before intense pain shattered against her back, leg, and neck. No matter how bright the light was outside, it couldn’t hold back the darkness.

* * * *

Megan’s eyes opened slowly as she heard voices talking around her.

“The first thing they’ll try to do is impeach me.” That had to be Martha talking.

“How can they do that?” Eldon spoke up. “You didn’t commit any crimes!”

Megan looked around, trying to figure out where they were. She remembered the pain right before passing out, but she didn’t feel it now. The way everyone acted was as though only moments had passed, but they weren’t in the car. She heard water sloshing from somewhere, and soft light filtered down from an unknown source above. She realized she was reclined back on a couch and sat up as Shlee placed her hand on Eldon’s leg.

“They own the media. Things didn’t go as well for Megan and me, either. I still can’t believe Karen was a stupid Daughter,” Shlee said and looked around the room. She noted Megan sitting up, and her face paled. “You’re awake!”

Megan blanched as she saw all the relieved, but worried looks directed her way. Now that she was upright, she made out the rest of the room. They were in a large family room, opulently furnished with a large fountain in one corner, Brooke and Bridget relaxing in it. Marble pillars supported a high roof. Plush couches circled a firepit in the middle, and her feet landed on the softest brown carpet she’d ever felt.

“What happened?” she asked and looked around. She didn’t recognize this place, and yet she felt very welcome and comfortable.

Then she saw her hand. Or rather, she saw through her hand. “Am… Am I a ghost? Did I die?” She started to panic, but before she could go too far down that road, Becky was before her.

‘You were shot several times,” her soft voice soothed the edges of Megan’s terror. “I’m healing you right now, and Brock is holding you in his watery shell while Bridgette is here, but my husband also brought you into his Mens Mundi to help.”

“You can talk again,” she said with a quick glance to where Mandy sat on the other side of Eldon from Shlee.

Becky nodded and glanced over her shoulder to where a bound and gagged doppelganger writhed on the floor before saying, “In here, the real part of my mind is free to speak. I still have all those memories that the Knights implanted, but with Mandy’s hand on my back out there, and surrounded by my loved ones, I can keep those subdued. Something about the Orange Bubble’s aura, combined with Mandy’s talent, allowed my true mind to resurface. But for right now, I need you to remain calm. Now, I know this can be embarrassing, but with the Orange Bubbles ambient energy, coupled with being in here, there is something you can do to help with the healing.”

“Ambient…? How bad am I?” she asked, feeling a lump forming in her throat. She remembered the pain of being shot and clutched at her neck and back. She felt solid enough, though she could see through her skin with ease.

“You lost a lot of—oomph!” Eldon started but cut off when Mandy’s left two elbows struck his ribs.

“You’ll recover with help,” Becky cut in, her voice still soothing. Megan knew she couldn’t lie, but wondered how close to death she really was. Being transparent couldn’t be a good sign.

“What do you need me to do?” she asked, glad that her voice didn’t reveal the emotions within her.

Becky released a soft sigh and looked around the room before turning back to face Megan. “I assume you’re over eighteen?” Megan grimaced but nodded.

Do I really look that young? She didn’t think so, but perhaps whatever was needed required an adult. Then she remembered the stories she’d heard about this family, not to mention her own experiences, and she had an idea of what would be needed. But if she was hurt that bad, how would sex help?

“Good. Now, forgive me, but I don’t really know you, or how you came to be a part of my husband’s group. Are you in a relationship?”

Megan’s lips turned down, and she glanced at Eldon but shook her head. She wanted to be in an official relationship with him, but he needed to man-up and ask her.

Why did he flinch when I shook my head?

Becky glanced over her shoulder, and her grimace vanished as she faced Megan again. Before she could speak, though, Megan said, “Who do I have to fuck, to live?”

“Language, young lady,” Lyden chided her. “I understand you’re stressed, but that’s no reason to—”

“Relax, Dear,” Brooke spoke from the fountain. “Let her be who she is for right now.”

Lyden nodded, and Megan noted Mei chuckling, but turned back to Becky. Lyden Snow was cute enough, but she wasn’t interested in Eldon’s dad. Would she have to sleep with him because it was his Mens-whatever-this-is?

She’d already screwed Eldon, and even in front of an audience, but she wasn’t sure if she were up to a repeat performance. Not to mention that this time would be in front of Eldon’s imposing father. The devil did something to her then, making her spitefull and egg Eldon on, until he took control, taking her hard and fast. Megan couldn’t claim she hadn’t enjoyed it, but it certainly wasn’t what she’d expected her first time to be like.

“You don’t necessarily have to have intercourse with anyone,” Becky clarified. “You only need to be intimate. It isn’t the act of sex itself that will heal you up, but the closeness of two souls intermingling while in a Mens Mundi, and buttressed with the Orange Bubble’s succubus soul.”

Megan glanced at her transparent hand one more time, then over to Eldon. Before she had a chance to speak, she noticed Mandy and Shlee push their lover forward. Eldon opened his mouth to say something, but Megan cut him short.

“Don’t say a word,” she ordered him, trying to give him her most demanding look. She wanted him but didn’t want an audience. She wanted this to be his decision, and not because he was forced into it. She also didn’t want him to know how much she wanted his strength, his compassion, and for him to look at her the same way he looked at Shlee and Mandy.

Will he get jealous if I choose someone else? She dismissed that thought immediately. It was one thing to play hard to get, but she wouldn’t play the slut to get him.

“I see you’re conflicted,” Becky said, distracting her from her thoughts. “I can understand you not wanting an audience. My husband can create a separate space for you if you need it. One separated from the rest of us. If your willpower is strong enough, and he can guide you into your own mind space, it’ll be all the better.”

Then another thought occurred to Megan, and her mouth asked it before she could stop it. “If it’s the mingling of souls that heals me, then wouldn’t the more people involved be better?”

Is that hurt, or worry in Eldon’s eyes?

“Yes,” Lyden spoke up, though he sounded hesitant. “But there is a side-effect my wife is neglecting to mention. No, Becky, she deserves to know. You haven’t seen the pain Sonia suffered.”

Shelly’s girlfriend? Or not quite girlfriend? I know she’s synthetic, but what does that have to do with… “The mingling of souls isn’t temporary, is it?” Megan asked as her mind made the connection. “I’ll be linked, or connected, or… something with whomever I, um, get intimate with?”

“But you’ll die if you don’t! There isn’t much time left,” Eldon almost shouted. “I know you told me not to say anything, but I have to say this. I don’t… Okay, I do care who you choose, but I want you to live. You…” he covered his mouth and mumbled something, his eyes shooting to Mandy.

It took no time at all to figure out that he cared about Megan, despite his bluff treatment of her. And that alone made up her mind. With a quick glance at Eldon’s lovers, she knew they were on board with this, even if they hadn’t already given their blessing. Her heart wasn’t sure she could handle her man being with other women, but if he did, at least it was those two.

“Wait,” Martha cut in, her brows furrowed with concern. “Does that mean that… And why I keep dreaming of…” She trailed off and looked at Eldon. Even if Megan hadn’t already figured it out, this would have been the ‘aha!’ moment. Martha had stated that she dreamt of Eldon’s cock. How often had they done this?

“No,” Lyden shook his head. “You weren’t close to death. There was a little bit of mingling, but the same can be said of almost anyone who has sex, regardless of the method. Because Megan is on the verge of death, it will be more significant for her. Sonia had no soul at all, and afterward, it affected her the most because of their mingling.”

Hearing him talk so bluntly drove home how close to dying she was. Squaring her fading shoulders, Megan faced Eldon’s father. “Ambassador Snow, will you please make a space for Eldon and me?”

The young-looking older man nodded before saying, “To be the most effective, I will try to open your own space. You will control it. Once there, use your will to pull my son in, and he will appear if he’s willing. You won’t be able to pull in anyone who doesn’t want to join you.”

If he’s willing? she worried, but before she could think to reply, everyone vanished. Pressure shoved against the inside of her skull for several moments before she found herself in utter darkness.

Had she waited too long? Did she die because she dithered on a decision? Fear gripped her heart, making her chest hurt. Panic sent adrenaline through her limbs as she spun around, but saw nothing. Not ever herself.

She wanted to run but didn’t have a body to move with. If only she hadn’t left her home in Texas. She went to California for school, where she met Bobby and started dating the jock. He was the one to take her to that nightclub—not really her scene, but Bobby enjoyed it—and where Eldon kissed her, igniting her desires. Now she was dead because she couldn’t live in the house her father raised her in. Too many memories after his death.

As though thinking of the place conjured it, she found herself standing outside the front door of their large ranch home. Horseshoes cunningly wrought into the shape of a heart hung over the door. A porch swing hung from the overhanging roof to her right. Turning around, she saw the pastures where cows normally grazed but now stood empty. Would there still be horses in the barn behind the house? She doubted it if this was the afterlife.

Turning back around, she sucked in a breath and opened the door. Everything was just as she remembered it. She’d hired a caretaker to manage the place while she was away, unwilling to sell the property, despite multiple lucrative offers. Even if she couldn’t stay here, it was still home.

But now it felt so empty. Both her father and brother were dead. Would they be somewhere around here? Joking at the table, perhaps, sharing a beer and swapping stories? Or were they in their own special places in heaven?

Then another thought struck her, and she pounced on it with a vengeance. Without any fanfare or warning, Eldon stood before her, looking worried.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been pulled in that hard before,” he muttered as he took in his surroundings.

With a jump of glee in her heart, Megan realized she wasn’t dead. Not only that, but she had Eldon alone and in her house. Or rather, her mind’s representation of her home. Add to that the ease with which she summoned him, and she knew that he was more than willing to come here on his own.

“I was starting to worry about you,” he said before she could do anything. Part of her wanted to jump right into his arms, but his words sent a thrill through her and also made her pause.

“Tell me honestly,” she said, looking into his grey eyes. Some people might think that a dull color, but he brought them to life when he looked at her. He was so full of passion. Of life. “Do you only care about me because I’m useful to you, or do you care about me?”

Her heart almost stopped as he took a moment to think through his answer. She had to know. Death held no fear for her at the moment, but that didn’t mean she wanted to reunite with her family just yet. Before she took this step with Eldon, she wanted to know how he really felt about her. Was she wasting her time on a man whose heart was already taxed too far, or was there room in there for her? Megan couldn’t be sure, but she believed that Mandy’s presence, in reality, would ensure his honesty.

“Yes,” he finally said after a few heart-sickening moments. Megan stared at him, trying to decipher his answer. He stepped forward and grasped her hands, pulling them to his chest. “You’re one helluva woman, Megan. Strong, smart, talented, and a mean shot.”

“I’m not as strong as Mandy or Shlee,” she found herself saying before she could stop the words.

“No, you’re not,” he admitted with a grimace. “But I wasn’t just talking about physical strength, though for a human, you have that also. I meant your heart. Your character. We butt heads, but you’ve seen what I can do. You don’t back down. You stand up for what you believe in, but at the same time, I’ve seen you learn and grow. You care about others besides yourself, regardless of whether or not they’re the same race as you. I also saw how you protected Martha. You’re a good woman.”

Megan let out a self-deprecating chuckle. “Gee, can I get a letter of recommendation for my next job?”

“Heh, no!” he gripped her hands tighter. “Unless you’re finally sick of me and want to leave. I wouldn’t blame you, but I’d like to keep you with us. You’re a pain in my ass, but at the same time, it’s kind of endearing.”

Megan heard what he said, but also what he didn’t say. He cared about her, but not necessarily for her. Eldon liked her but didn’t love her. He respected her, though, and she had to admit that she didn’t love him. It was a good start.

It would have to be enough, for now.

She hesitated for only a moment more. Based on what Lyden told her, she had a choice. Link her soul to his, or die. “Well, I could do worse, but not a whole hell of a lot better,” she told him through a smile that she felt throughout her entire being. When he suddenly looked uncertain, her smile widened, and she added, “Don’t say a word!”

She didn’t give him any time to respond before pulling him further into her childhood home, and to her bedroom. While she had some of the usual girly furnishings, pink drapes, matching fluffy pillows, and even a music box on her dresser, she also had pictures of cowboys firing guns from horseback, a sturdy bed made out of smoothed logs, and a framed photo of John Wayne The Duke next to a saddle mounted on a wooden horse.

“Wow,” Eldon said, a note of something Megan couldn’t read in his tone. “This fits you, though I’m a little surprised that I don’t see any rifles or pistols mounted on the walls.”

A small giggle slipped from her throat before she could stop it. Was she that much of an open book? Of course, she wasn’t going to tell him of the .45 she kept under her mattress.

Now that the truth of what they were about to do was before them, she grew nervous. It was one thing to say she was willing to do it, and even though it wouldn’t be their first time, here in her mind’s room, and with her in full capacity of her faculties, she felt like an anxious virgin all over again.

Looking into Eldon’s eyes, she saw the same worried energy there, though he tried looking confident and act the gentleman. Her eyes dropped to his crotch as she remembered that supposedly he didn’t have a perma-hardon anymore. If that was the case, then he was aroused now, despite the only touching they’d shared being with their hands. Perhaps that was enough? Becky claimed they only had to be intimate, not actually copulate.

But she wanted more. She might not love Eldon, but there was something about his masculinity, his strength, and his personality that awakened a primal part of her. No, Megan didn’t love him, be she wanted him to claim her once again.

Of course, she couldn’t make that evident to him, either. No sense in making it easy.

“You’d better not make me regret this,” she challenged his ego, remembering how he’d acted last time. Reaching for the hem of her shirt, she pulled it up and off as she turned her back on him to face the bed. In the Pillar of Darkness’s demesne, she recalled how he’d taken charge, taken her hard and fast.

A low growl was all the warning she had before she felt his naked chest pressed against her back. His thick arms gripped her torso below her bra covered chest. His hot breath teased her ear as he spoke. “Last time, we didn’t have the opportunity to truly indulge. This time will be different.”

Is that… My god, it is! She felt his thick stiffness pressed against her lower back. How had he gotten naked so fast? This is my mind space. I control things here.

With a thought, she spun in his arms without technically moving, just as nude as him. She tilted her head up to kiss him, but he surprised her by lifting her up and throwing her back on her childhood bed.

She watched him, curious as to his next move. For a moment, he admired her slim body before saying, “Now I understand what they mean when someone has smoldering eyes. Your brown eyes are amazing.”

Megan’s mind stuttered as she processed that. She was lying naked before him, legs spread, and everything on display, and he chose to compliment her eyes? Sure, her b-cup breasts weren’t as big as Shlee’s, nor entirely as firm as Mandy’s, but she was proud of what she had. Despite her shorter stature, she knew she weighed more than most models her size, but that was all muscle, which she knew contributed to her smaller breast proportions. Her areolas were tiny, almost disappearing into the nipple when as hard as they were then. They might not be jaw-dropping, but she considered them cute and perfect for her frame.

With a glance, she ensured her mound was smooth, as though having just been waxed. With an additional thought, she made it glisten with wetness and flexed her glutes to draw Eldon’s eyes there as her hips lifted.

Instead, the man continued to stare into her eyes. His obvious arousal made her glance down as a bead of silvery-gray precum leaked from the tip and slithered down the slightly corkscrewed length.

Did I really take that monstrosity into me? she questioned herself. Her heart jackhammered at the challenge to do it again. She knew she could adjust her body here to accept him without pain, but wondered how much more she could do. Could she change her body to look more like Shlee?

“No!” Eldon’s command startled her from her thoughts before he continued in a calmer tone. “Change back, please. You are exquisite, just the way you are. Don’t change anything.”

With a start, Megan realized she’d let her mind get carried away and forced her body back to the one she knew. She saw the approval in his eyes and warmed to him a bit more. Damn him! How does he make me melt like this? Shlee and Mandy were lucky to have this man’s heart, and hopefully, she would someday as well.

She bit her bottom lip before asking in her most challenging tone, “Are you just going to stand there, or do you need me to hold your hand?”

He chuckled before his eyes dropped to her heated snatch, then to his impressive manhood. “I’m more worried about you handling me,” he teased her, running one hand along his length. “I know you’re a strong woman and can handle it, but in here, things can get a little… wild.”

“Wild? How—Oh!” she tried to ask, but he vanished from where he stood, and before she relocated him, his lips were pressed to her sopping nether region, making her gasp. Her body shuddered as his tongue explored her folds. His hands gripped her thighs as he growled into her depths, pulling her down her bed and into his lap. Her legs draped over his shoulders, and her neck was a little kinked, but the way he used his mouth against her sent shockwaves through her torso.

She let her hands drop behind her to where his chest and abs supported her back, gripping his hips hard as he pleasured her. She felt his hardness between her shoulder blades and wanted to return the favor. It took her a moment to gather enough coherent thoughts to do what she wanted, but she soon found his rod before her upsidedown gaze. Her thighs rested on his shoulders now that she’d spun around, and she used her tongue to taste some of his fluids. His only response to her action was to redouble his efforts, and she felt his chin nuzzle against her clit as his tongue poked into her hole. He must be using this place to lengthen his tongue because it’s going deep!

She allowed her tongue to slip from between her lips and trace one thick vein as it wound around his girth. Taking a page from his book, she lengthened the muscle and was surprised at how easy it was to control as she wound it around the curves of his cock. She could feel his heartbeat through his member, translated through her ministrations, and smiled at the rapid pace of it. The tip of her extended appendage flicked against the underside of his tip. The way he moaned into her muff sent delicious thrills through her.

She had to push against his thighs and arch her back to lift her body up enough to place her mouth at the pinnacle of his man-mountain. Using her tongue like an extra hand, she aimed it for her throat and let herself back down. A quick thought allowed her to expand her neck enough to take him deep but made sure to remain tight. She felt his thick ridge as it passed her tonsils and entered her esophagus. She found that while in here, there was no need to breathe.

“Ungh,” Eldon gasped, breaking his mouth from her to gasp and moan. Using her arms, she continued to do inverted pushups, allowing her throat to act as an undulating cock-sleeve. “Wow. That feels… Oh, wow!”

She wanted to hear him talk dirty, to swear, or say something more, but he pulled her off him instead. With a speed that made her head spin, she found herself on her hands and knees, facing her headboard. Part of her noticed where she’d carved a heart with her initials ‘MM’ carved into it. As she looked at the piece of history where she craved a man who was worthy of her, an ‘SL’ joined it. Meanwhile, the rest of her mind focused on her pussy, where she felt his monster split her hungry lips with gentle pressure.

“That felt amazing,” he leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “But too much more and I would have been ending this party early. We need to take our time and make sure you’re healed up nice… ungh… and proper.” He pushed into her burning sex, as she felt herself heating up with his words and his movements.

She wanted to respond, to say something, anything, but the way his twisted cock stretched her, filling her up until she wondered if he was going to reach her ribcage, allowed nothing more than grunts and groans to escape her. She had to keep relaxing and using her willpower to open up to him, or she was afraid he’d tear her apart despite his gentle entrance.

She’d heard other women claim that size wasn’t as important as skill. And while she didn’t have anyone else to compare it to, she thought that Sheldon Lance had both. Just as she was sure she couldn’t take a bit more, he pulled back. Emptiness replaced the feeling of him stuffing her, and she shoved back against him to replace that ache.

After the skill with his mouth, coupled with the natural way in which he handled her, she felt her first orgasm coming. “Fuck me, Eldon,” she panted between gentle thrusts. He felt good that way, especially as he shifted and changed the angle of his hips, but she craved more. “Fuck me hard and make me cum.”

She felt his hands slide around her back and cup her breasts. “As you wish.” He nipped at her earlobe, and that was all the warning he gave before thrusting his hips forward with enough strength to make her arms collapse and for her face to land on a pink, frilly pillow.

She tried to pick herself back up, but his right hand landed between her shoulder blades, holding her down as the sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the room. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as bliss crashed through her body. She couldn’t find the breath to speak but knew that if she could, it would be one long moan. He continued to pummel her, filling and emptying her at a rate that made her cunt froth with juices. She wondered if this were the real world if it would start a fire, but one thing she knew for sure. Eldon Lance had ruined her for any other man.

As soon as her neurons started firing in the proper order again, she used her control over this space to shift their positions without allowing him to leave her.

She looked down at him now, her hand on his chest as she rocked her hips back and forth. “Now it’s my turn to ride you, cowboy,” she smirked at him as she tightened her inner muscles around his granite tool. He sucked in a breath but kept his eyes locked on hers.

He looked so earnest, so beautiful there beneath her. His firm chest under her hand spoke of his incredible strength, but the look in his eyes as he gazed at her spoke of a different strength. And a lot of desire.

They moved like that for a bit, finding a good rhythm, but keeping their eyes locked on each other. Megan felt her juices sloshing between them, lubricating where her clit ground against his pelvis. She knew she was approaching another orgasm, this one more sensual, and yet explosive than the last, but was determined to bring him off at the same time. She could tell from the way his face twitched with each thrust of her hips that he was getting close.

With a speed that would put lightning to shame, his hand shot up, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lips down to meet his. Their tongues met in a dance at the same time she felt wet warmth flood her insides. It was too much, and their combined moans echoed off the walls as they soaked the sheets.

She rested her head on his broad chest as her breathing returned to normal.

As her head cleared, doubts assailed her. Had he done this only to heal her? Did he really care about her, of just what she brought to their team? Shlee and Mandy both claimed that they were okay with Eldon accepting her into their relationship, but how did she feel about it? A tear formed at the corner of her eyes, but she made it vanish. She didn’t know if it was one of joy at having been claimed by him again, or one of sorrow, knowing that no matter what he decided about her, she’d never be the same again. Their souls were joined.

What would the two women say if they saw her lying there, his seed slowly leaking from her ravaged vagina and his arms wrapped tightly around her?

“I don’t think you need extra healing,” Shlee’s voice suddenly broke into their embrace. “You look completely solid to me now, but if you’re up to company, I’m more than willing to join in.”

Megan sat upright and looked at Mandy and Shlee standing next to her bed, admiring them with smiles on their faces.

“What?” she asked as she grabbed a sheet and tried to cover her nakedness. “How?” Looking down at herself, she saw that she was no longer transparent. Then she glanced at Eldon and noted the blissful smile on his face as he faced his other women.

“It seems you summoned us here,” Mandy said as she regarded Megan’s room. “I like this room. It suits you, Megan. When we build our family home, we should make your room just like this one, but with a bigger bed.”

Build their house together? While that comment alleviated any concern about how the other women really felt about her, it did nothing for her inner demons.

“Hello, my loves,” Eldon greeted the other two. They leaned in, and each gave him a kiss.

This is too much, she thought, her heart pounding. It’s too fast. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this!

Eldon let out a low moan, bringing her eyes back to his face where Shlee had his left earlobe between her teeth, and Mandy kissed him with gusto. His eyes somehow still locked onto hers, making her shiver as her sex drive sparked.

But the worst part, the part that pushed everything else away, was the feeling of him rehardening within her depths.

There was more to a relationship than sex, but as her hips betrayed her, and swiveled atop him, she knew that she would do what she could to stay by this magnificent man’s side. He could be an asshole three ways from Sunday, but he knew how to handle her, and knew her worth. Perhaps it was their conjoined souls making her feel and think that way, but she had to admit to herself that she was happy.

Of course, she wouldn’t admit that to Eldon. He may have earned her gratitude and respect, but he’d still need to do some work to win her heart.

A few seconds later, her last concern melted away as the other two women took a taught, tiny nipple each, sucking and nibbling as Eldon pumped into her from below. The spark of her resurrecting libido was now a raging furnace, and she didn’t care what gender her partners were, as long as they felt this good. She never considered herself a hedonist, but she abandoned all propriety while safely ensconced within the confines of her mental space, and with these beautiful people.

Before waking from this place, she learned what it was like to please and be pleased by another woman. While Eldon was talented with his mouth, she couldn’t deny that he could learn a thing or twenty from his lovers. They even found some creative uses for her old saddle as they worked to please one another.


From the Author


I know you’re all curious about what’s happening with Shelly, but due to the time distortion between the two worlds, events in this chapter had to occur before the next one. As I have it planned out, the next chapter will be the conclusion to this book. There will be a epilogue, but it will not be posted. It will be available in the published book. It’s also why this chapter was so dang long! I hope you enjoyed seeing things from Megan’s POV. It was interesting to get into her head and see how she really feels.

Since I just mentioned the end of Book II, I should probably say that I’ve already started outlining book three. It actually begins during this chapter in the timeline, but in another place on Earth, with a new would-be hero… Unless he turns out to be the villain.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, when Shelly finally confronts Jessica. Will all Hell break loose, or will heaven pay for the sins of the daughters?

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