The Darkroom by bstrbrwn1

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Sometimes when I think back on things I still can't believe it all happened.

Here is a little background. My sister is a year older than me. She's always been miss popular, cheerleader, etc. She's pretty hot too. 5' 6, brown hair and eyes about 115 lbs with a nice 36D chest. Ok, so I looked at her bra one day. As for me, I'm taller 6'1 short brown hair, blue eyes and about 145. For that reason, I played basketball in high school, which is how all this started.

Since we were close in age and active in extracurricular activities in school we wound up at most of the same parties. There been several occasions where we have both wound up drunk on someone’s floor for the night. This also led to the loss of my virginity at one of these parties, but that's a whole other story.

During one of these parties my junior year of high school is when all the 'fun' really started.

Normally my sister Sara and I drive there together, since we have to share a car. We had been at the party for about 2 hours and had a couple of beers. There was another party happening over at Steve’s house across town, so some of the kids left, leaving about 17 of us hanging out and talking trash. Not a bad mix 8 girls and 9 guys. Most of the girls are pretty cute. There were a couple on the heavier side, but plenty of others to talk with and hit on.

About 11pm, a couple of the girls started talking about games they used to play when they were younger, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven, post office, etc.

One of the girls Kim, suggested that we should all play 7 minutes in heaven, to which most groaned and opted to voice how much of a childish game that was. So Kim, being her wondrous self added that we change things up a little to make it more 'advanced'.

That pretty much got everyone’s attention.

It seems that Kim's mom was an avid photography buff and had her own dark room in the basement. She suggested that we change it to 15 minutes of real heaven with a few changes. Instead of just sending in two people for 15 minutes to do whatever they wanted, she proposed that the guys all write down things they wanted to do, from kissing, to sucking or even fucking. Then the girls would draw one of the suggestions from a bowl and would have to enter the dark room and fulfill what is written. In return the girls would do the same and the guys would have to follow through. There was a little embarrassment running through the group but a lot of nodding of heads.

A couple of the girls said they would be embarrassed to pick a guy out to do things with, so we needed a way to make it 'fair'.

It seems Kim had this all thought through. She decided that the girls would go up stairs to one of the bedrooms and the guys would hang out in the family room. The guys would send a guy with a slip of paper to the dark room and then call up to the girls and they would send one down.

Since the dark room has a double door arrangement to keep out light, the room would be totally dark, that way neither would know who the other was. After they were finished, the girl would leave. Once the guy heard them walk up the stairs, they would come out and they would continue with the next one.

Sounded simple, right?

A couple of beers later, everyone was pretty much up for it. So, the girls went up stairs and the guys hung out.

We all looked at each other and waited for a volunteer. My buddy Jason said he would go for it and pulled a slip of paper out from our bowl.

"Crap, it just says Make Out".

But, down he went. Once he had gone we yelled up to let the girls know they can send one. We heard someone come down the stairs and go to the basement.

The rest of us guys joked around and waited. After about 10 minutes we heard the girl come upstairs and Jason came back too.

He had a pretty big smile on his face.

He explained that she came in and he told her his said to make out. Hers said "Jack you off". So, they made out and she jacked him off. I guess there's a girl running around with something on her shirt.

We heard some giggles from upstairs and some chatter, so we opted for the next person to go.

Tim was quick to jump on the band wagon. He pulled a slip that said "Eat Pussy". So, with a grin, he went to wait.

Again we called and one of the girls went to join him.

After his turn, he came back kind of disappointed.

He explained that hers only said fondle each other. He felt her up and realized it was either Tina or Fay, one of the two 'big' girls. But, following the rules he did his best to eat what he could.

Scott volunteered next and with a big grin pull out his slip. Lucky him, it read "Fuck".

After he had left and his partner had gone to join him, the beer was running its way through me, so I went to take a piss.

While I was walking back to the family room I walked by the stairs and could hear the girls talking upstairs. They were giggling and talking about what happened and how it was. I started to go back to the living room when I heard something that would really changed things.

One of the girls said, "OK Sara, it's your turn now."

My sister was going to be the next one to go.

My head was swimming with ideas. The thought of my sister going in to a darkened room and sucking or fucking somebody had more than just my mind reacting. Images of my sister in her cheerleading uniform and her bikini ran through my mind causing a little bit of a stir below. Maybe the beer had a little something to do with it, but I knew what I wanted to do.

Oddly enough, after 12 minutes Scott came back up. Seems hers said Make out. So after some heaving kissing, the 'fucking' didn't last more than a couple of minutes.

Oh well, he "got his", as he liked to put it.

Our star forward was moving toward the bowl next, so I shot up and said, "I'll go next". I think everyone was a little surprised at my outburst, but no one objected.

I reached in to the bowl and held my breath as I opened it. There were a few things I would have loved to pull out, mine said "Finger pussy".

Not exactly what I had in mind, but now my brain was racing with the thought, "I'm about to finger my sister's pussy".

I descended the stairs and walked to the dark room. I almost didn't believe this was real. After entering the first door I stopped. I cracked the door open a little to see.

I heard someone coming down the steps and my heart started to pound faster. I could see the stairs from the door and my stomach did a flip when I saw my sister coming down the stairs. I hadn't really noticed before but she had sexy toned legs sticking out of her denim miniskirt. The top she wore clung to her chest, making them appear to stick out even bigger then I had imagined.

So many things were running through my head that I almost forgot that I wasn't actually in the dark room and she was already at the bottom of the stairs.

I quickly went through the second door and in to complete darkness. The dark room isn't very big, about 6 feet wide by 8 feet long. The only thing in the dark room is an enlarger on a table on one wall and some cabinets and a sink on the other. Not like you can really get lost.

I heard the outer door open and close then the inner door open.


The soft sweet voice of my sister questioned. I didn't want to say too much, so I cleared my throat to let her know someone was there.

"So, what'cha got?" Her voice was full of excitement.

Trying my best to disguise my voice I said "Finger your pussy".

All I heard back was, "Mmmm, and mine says Suck".

I nearly fell back and came in my pants at the words.

This really can't be happening I tried to tell myself, but as she drew closer, I knew something was about to happen.

I put my hands out to find her and felt my hand brush up against her shirt, form the firmness about it I knew it had to be her chest.

"Hey now", she said, "That's not what you are supposed to be fingering."

With that she took her hand and led mine down to her skirt.

I moved my hand between her thighs, feeling the soft flesh of her legs. I felt her skirt rise as she lifted it up to give me access to fulfill my part of the task.

I slid my hand up and let my finger find softness of her panties. I slowly let my finger slide along her cloth covered slit, feeling the heat and moisture increasing.

I felt her hands on my chest and heard her breathing get deeper.

I moved my hands and pulled her panties down to give me access for the rest of my task.

I slid my hand down her stomach, feeling her nicely trimmed pubic patch.

I slipped my finger along her now wet slit and slowly rubbed. Her breathing quickened.

She gasped as I slid my finger in to her tight pussy.

Slowly I worked my finger in and out of the wet slit. I heard her moaning louder now.

I used my thumb to rub along her clit as my fingers when in and out of her.

Her breathing quickened and I could feel her nails digging at my chest.

Then I felt her thighs squeeze together trapping my hand. It felt as if she was holding her breath and with a large moan let it all out.

My mind was spinning at the possibility that I had just made my sister cum.

After a minute she regained herself and panted "That was great, but now it's your turn."

In all that time, I had forgotten her end of the deal.

I was quickly reminded of it when I felt her hand opening the button to my pants and my zipper being pulled down.

I felt the cool air as she lowered my pants to my knees.

I could feel her kneel down and a cool hand wrap around my steal hard 8 inches.

My mind was reeling at the thought. "This is a dream", I told myself, until I felt the warm wetness of her mouth wrap around my shaft.

I let out a groan of pleasure and I swear I felt her smile.

Slowly she stroked me as she held me in her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head, teasing it.

I lowered my hands to her head and let my fingers wrap in her hair.

Gently she started to suck me in to her mouth, deeper and deeper.

I was in heaven...

I felt myself sliding in and out of her warm soft mouth. Her pulling me in and the suction as I slid out.

I felt her hands start to fondle my balls, which were building for an eruption.

My mind was in a fog. I so wanted to turn on the light and see my sweet older sister sucking on my cock.

I used my hands to guide her faster and faster. I felt her take me deep in to her throat and when she made a swallowing motion I could feel suck a pleasure I knew I wouldn't last much more.

I wanted to hold out and enjoy this pleasure as long as I could, but the images in my head of my sister sucking me and the mastery my sister was using sent me over the edge.

I barely had time to let out a loud groan before I felt the cum explode from within me.

I swear it felt like gallons of cum shot from me, spurt after spurt. I had never cum this much while masturbating, or even with my ex-girlfriend.

I felt weak in the knees as I felt all 5 spurts shoot in to my sister’s mouth. Wait? In to her mouth? In all the pleasure I was feeling, it dawned on me that my sister hadn't stopped sucking. She was still sucking, coaxing every last drop of cum from my balls. That's something my ex never would have done.

Not only had my sister just sucked my cock, but she had swallowed all of my hot juices.

I couldn't believe what had just happened.

Once my cock when partially limp, my sister stood up I'm guessing fixed herself and grabbed my shirt.

She pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips.

"Thanks", she said softly, "that was yummy".

I heard the door open and close, then the second door do the same.

Still in a daze about the whole situation, I fumbled to pull my pants up and get myself together.

I finally got upstairs and we relayed my experience, denying that I knew who it was.

The rest of the guys took their turn, except for Joe who had a girlfriend. All came back with their stories and grins.

After the 'game' we all came back down for a little bit. We all stood around with a couple more drinks and talking some.

I think I heard a couple of girls talking with Joe about the order the girls went in and trying to see what order we all went in.

I know the 'game' was a lot of the conversation.

About 2:30am most of us were ready to head home, my sister included.

She asked if I would drive home, and I agreed.

When we got in the car she put her hand on my thigh and gave a nice squeeze.

"That was a fun game, don't you think little bro?”

"Sure, sis, lots of fun!"

With that she leaned a little closer to me, gave me a wink and said, "I hope we can do more of that again."

Did she know it was me? Did someone tell her?

The answer to that is another story.

Rating: 95%, Read 222470 times, Posted Jul 06, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male


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