Amazing night at Danny's (revised) by dannycasey1

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Fiction | Blowjob, Teen Female, Teen Male

The three friends Diana, Marcus, and Danny are hanging out at Danny's house. Marcus is a 15 year old black boy that is 5'6 and has a lean, athletic build with an 8 inch penis(true fact, no lie); he usually has a hard time getting girls because of th fact he is black in an all-white neighborhood. Danny is Marcus' 14 year old bestfriend, he's 5'10 has brown hair and a lean tan body with a 5.75 inch penis. Diana is a 5'5 ,14 year old girl with dark brown hair, 34b cup breasts and a lust for adventure.

While hanging out Danny goes to the bathroom to take a huge shit. After he leaves the room Diana says "Marcus?". "When i saw you on oovoo that one time, i got turned on by how jacked you were and I always wondered how big your dick was. Then danny told me it was 8 inches on the phone one day and i checked a ruler and i realized it was so huge. Do u mind if i feel your body and maybe touch your dick?" Marcus says " Well I always thought u had a rocking body too and i always imagined seeing your body nude and maybe even fuck it...." "Well it depends how wet you get me baby,and if i am can you maybe fuck me??" "Obviously babe", Marcus says.

Diana starts to feel up Marcus's muscular body and as her hands begin to go lower and lower down his six-pack Marcus' blood starts to rush to his cock. He immediatley gets a hard-on and thats when Diana sees his huge bulge in his pants and she starts to rub it. "Wow that is really big!" Diana said. Marcus sticks his hand in her sweatpants and feels her already drenched pussy through her thong. Marcus becomes even hornier and immediatley and grabs Diana's neck and starts making out.

Diana finally pulls away and says " I didnt know u wanted me that bad". " Well i really want you baby, you have a rocking body and i'm still a virgin..." Marcus says. Diana says "Do u have a condom?" " I always have one on me, just for these possible situations..." Marcus said. "Alright good cus we're gonna go farther than every before today" Diana says with a smirk. Marcus immediatley takes off his shirt and pants leaving him in his boxers with an outline of his immense member. Diana strips too down to her sexy undergarments as Marcus rubs his meat a little bit to keep it up.

He looks up and Diana is in a sexy black bra and and pink thong. They start making out intensly again as Marcus undoes her black silk lace bra. Her bra falls to the floor and Marcus starts to rub on her perky tits and begins sucking on her hard pink nipples. Diana rubs down his six pack eventually finding his rock hard cock. Marcus slips off his boxers and starts to stroke it up and down slowly. Marcus rips off her pink victoria secret g-strip and sees her tight pussy. She has the tightest pussy Marcus has ever seen, even tighter then all the pornstars hes seen. He can't help himself, he has to taste her cunt. He shoves his head in down in her crotch and begins to lick her Diana's moist slit. Diana is moaning like crazy while Marcus is swirling his tongue and sticks it in and out of her little pussy. She screams out, "Yeah lick might tight cunt you dirty boy!" as Marcus finds her tiny hard clit. She moans "It feels amazing". Marcus says a little conceided "Just wait until i put my huge cock into your pussy".

Diana gives a smile, Marcus stops and stands up. As he stands Diana plunges her mouth down on his dick, tasting his precum and licking the underside of his cock. Marcus moans " You're so good suck like a real pro." But the both of them have had enough of oral. Marcus asks her if she's ready, and Diana replies, " I want you inside me baby" He lays her on her back sticks his huge black cock into her tight little pussy popping her delicate hymen. She cringes a little but is then hit by a wave of pleasure. He realizes he's forgotten to put his condom on, but he doesn't give a fuck now.

He starts to pick up the pace and begins plowing her so hard down into the couch. She screams out "Uggghhh it better then i've ever imagined" Marcus picks her up off of the couch and starts picking her up and dropping her so that the only thing holding her up is his big black dick. She screams, " Oh baby you're so good, go deeper and deeper into me!" in pain and pleasure at the same time. Marcus loves it and so does Diana. "Best puusy ever!!" Marcus screams. Then he pulls it out and lays down ehausted. Diana says, "Don't worry i'll do the rest..." Diana spreads her legs and gets on top of him and starts riding his still thick member cowgirl. Marcus regains his breath and starts bucking underneath her as shes riding him like a black stallion.

Diana gets off and starts to suck his dick. She cant fit half of it into her mouth before she is choking. Marcus puts his hand on her head and pushes her head down deeper onto his cock. She is gagging as she tries to deepthroat him. But then Marcus pulls away and she has a smile on her face. She climbs back on and starts riding again. She is moaning once again. But marcus's dick is starting to swell. He tells diana that hes about to jizz. And asks her "Do u want me to jizz in your pussy?" and she nods yes. She screams "Dont worry baby im on the pill. Nothing will happen"

So marcus keeps fucking the shit out of her and she is crying tear of joy and pleasure. She creams out, " I'm gonna come too!!!". Her perky tits are flopping up and down as Marcus cums,its the most he has ever cummed in his life and he moans out seconds after "Fuck yeah bitch". Diana lets out a sigh of relief because her rough ride was finally over. Then he pulls his cock out and she starts sucking his dick again. She swallows all remaining the cum in his dick and loves it. Once she finishes both Marcus and Diana just lay there naked. "That was awesome" said Diana. "Maybe we'll try anal next time" Marcus says as they both let out a little chuckle. Then Danny walks in and asks for a second round? To be continued.......

Rating: 65%, Read 9299 times, Posted Aug 14, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Teen Female, Teen Male


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