A Mother's Love (CAW 28 entry) by pars001

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Fiction | Blackmail, Coercion, Non-Erotic, Violence

Beatrix looked back into the dense London fog; someone was following her. Turning into the next alleyway she waited. They had made a really bad mistake if they were trying to take her life. The soft click on the street stones plus an even softer tapping let her know they were close. A moment later a hooded figure started to turn the corner when she leaped out. Swinging her Kitana she took the top of the hood completely off the figure.

“Damn it, Beatrix!” The headless body issued, dropping a scythe then stooping to pick up the skull head that was rolling on the ground. “If I wasn’t dead I might be now!” There was an eerie echoing laugh as the body placed the skull head back on the body covering it with the hood. Beatrix had already taken the? What the hell? Was this a scythe? Strange, she thought, she could almost feel the damn thing vibrating in her hands as if it was alive!

Taking another look at the figure she gasped, she’d be damned if he (she guessed) didn’t look like death! “Uh huh. Who sent you? The agency? No one outside of them knows who I am!”

There was a moment of silence then the figure said, “All will be revealed when you hand me back my scythe.”

Her eyes narrowing, she laughed, “Do I look that stupid? Hand a weapon back to an obvious enemy? No, I think I’ll hang on to this.”

There was a sigh then the figure spoke again, “You don’t know who I am, do you? I made a mistake thinking that you would go down that easy. Alright, I am open to negotiation, what do you want in order I regain my scythe?”

Beatrix could only stare at him: negotiate? What in the hell was he on about? “You’re right about one thing, I am UNSURE as to whom you are. The weapon though I am very sure about, at present, I think it unwise to return it.”

Again the hooded figure gave a sigh, “You don’t realize the implications of you not returning it to me. I have a job to...”

“Oh I’m sure you do but I don’t intend to be a victim of yours,” Beatrix spit back at the figure.

Shaking its head a moment, then figure nodded to Beatrix, “Alright, what do you want to know? Afterward, perhaps we can discuss me regaining my scythe, okay?”

Beatrix thought a moment. She’d never seen an agent nor heard of one with a scythe. “Alright, first question, who in the fuck are you? Second, how in the hell were you able to follow me? Third, who do you work for?”

“Obviously I am not dealing with a fool. Alright, I was called Ankou by the Celts, Smierc by the Polish, Hel by the Norse, King Yama by the Hindus, Yama by the Chinese. Do you need more? I have been called Thanatos by the Greek, though the name you might know of best is Grim Reaper,” the figure said, shocking Beatrix a moment.

She almost dropped the scythe watching as the figure tried to suddenly lunge and wrench it from her grasp. “Uh, uh, uh, I don’t think so! So you expect me to believe that you are death? If I remember right you can take any life just by your touch.”

Nodding slowly as the figure picked itself off the ground, it stated, “Under normal circumstances that would be true, but you hold the scythe. I demand you give it to me! I have to keep all the appointments that were made for today.”

Still not truly believing the figure she stood there her grip increasing upon the handle. “I need proof, now!”

“I can’t take a soul before it’s appointed time. I can’t just take a soul without the knowledge, that is with the scythe. What has happened today is extremely rare. You are a rare soul indeed. Now then, may we please finish our business so I can continue on?” Death asked Beatrix, though she could see that he was still trying to figure a way to wrest the scythe from her.

“Okay, suppose that I believe you? You were talking about a deal?” This seemed to perk up the figure of Death.

Shaking his head emphatically, Death knew he had her. “Yes, a deal, what is it that you wish? Power, money, eternal life? What can I give you that will have you relinquish it?”

Beatrix could only shake her head, why was it just her that saw him? “Why am I the only one that can see you?”

“Your time was twelve minutes ago, one can always see me when their time is upon them. As I said, you are a rare case in that you not only heard me but saw me sooner. I can grant you anything that you want,” Death said, a bit of hope edging its voice.

“Anything huh? I seriously doubt that! If you really are Death then you know what I want. You also know that no one or thing can ever grant it!” Beatrix spit out at the figure of Death.

“What? You are right, there is only one who can and they are the only one who can,” Death said, a shocked sound in its voice.

“I thought so! Goodbye, asshole!” Laughing, Beatrix started to walk away with the scythe in hand.

“WAIT!” She heard the voice of death behind her. “You can’t do this! Those whose time is at an end must be released or the world will grow unbalanced! Beatrix! Stop! This will end the world!”

Whirling, she saw that Death was trying to catch up to her. “GOOD! You took him when you shouldn’t have, so if the world ends then so be it! Now unless you have a solution then I will be going, though...” Beatrix looked at Death. “I could use this on you, as I remember it is the only thing that can destroy Death.”

There was a strained moment of silence then a booming noise was heard. Sighing, Death looked at Beatrix, “Now you’ve done it! They are on the way.”

Beatrix stood firm. She knew something was coming, something far more powerful than Death. Something powerful enough to make Death shake and cower. The booming increased then a multitude of winged? Angels? Appeared before her. Beatrix wasn’t sure. Then a voice spoke to her.

“Beatrix, I have felt the pain that you are feeling. If we restore him to you, then will you relinquish the scythe?” The beautiful, powerful voice asked her.

“As long as I can be there with him, watch him grow, not cut down by a drunk idiot. I also want to remember with extended life.” Beatrix knew she was pushing it a little, but this was for him.

There was a moment of pause before the voice said, “The desire of your love has been granted. Please remember that I love him as I do you. Hand the scythe to Death and then all will be right.”

Beatrix nodded, tears filling her eyes. It was almost too good to be true. When she handed the scythe to Death, the wind started to swirl around her. Then all was gone.

Just then her five year old came flying out of the house. Tears started again in her eyes. Tommy? He was alive? Grabbing him as he was racing across the yard she started to kiss his little face. Beatrix blinked what in the hell was going on? She was in the front yard of her old home, the home that her son was...

“Mommy? the little boy asked staring at her. “Are you alright mommy? You’re crying, did you fall down?”

Laughing a little, Beatrix could only shake her head as she held the little boy tighter to her. Suddenly, there was a squealing as a car came screaming down the street. Running over the sidewalk not twenty feet from them, then back on the street before barreling past. Beatrix shook her head as a dark hooded figure saluted her and floated after the car.

Rating: 87%, Read 20524 times, Posted Oct 31, 2016

Fiction | Blackmail, Coercion, Non-Erotic, Violence


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