Alexandra's Secret Advice to Her Brother by Wayne+Gibbous

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

You've asked me about how it all happened and here's at least how I remember it.

First off, my name is Alexandra but everyone calls me Alex. I'm fourteen and a half with shoulder length ash blond hair that has some curl to it, hazel eyes, five foot three, one hundred and eight pounds, kindof a trim athletic build but not muscular, light skin, nice legs, and enough in my bra to get all the looks I want.

I'm also a good student, usually on the principal's list, and I like math the best of all my classes. I also have lots of friends, girls that is, and a few friends that are boys but no 'boyfriend.' I have dated some but not too seriously. Yes, I've given a few handjobs and one blowjob (no, I didn't swallow, I finished him by hand, if you must know) but no intercourse yet. I also have a Stylette hair brush like all my girlfriends. The handle makes a really nice dildo and Mom thinks its just a hair brush.

I have a mom and dad and they're both doctors. Mom's a pediatrician and Dad's a OB/GYN. Yeah, I know there must be a million jokes about Dad's work and all, but Mom says he's good at what he does. I also have a sixteen year old brother, Tom, who gets good grades, is tall and considered very cute by all my girlfriends, and he has just started driving. He dates some but doesn't have a serious girlfriend at this point.

I had come home after school on Wednesday and had a report due on Friday on a figure in the American War for Independence. I looked in the den and saw that Tom was on the computer.

"Can I get on pretty soon. I've got a report to do and need to look up some stuff."

"Sure, beautiful, it's all yours."

Maybe I should mention that my brother kids around like that all the time. I'm far from beautiful but I do know that I'm pretty and no slouch in the looks department.

I sat down and hit "Delete" to clear the search line of the browser but what it did was take the browser back a page. The page read "Sexuality Forum" and had a bunch of postings on it.

The first was:

Tommyboy: Can anyone give me ideas on how to seduce my sister? Shes a year and a half younger and really a knockout. I dream about making love to her all the time and want it to happen. Any ideas?

Omigod, I thought, that couldn't be my brother. No way. Impossible. Even though...he used to be called "Tommyboy" when he was little. Damn. The following posts were:

HotMomma: Its not that big a deal. My little bro pulled his di*k out and soon enuf I was playing with it.

RodMan: Cmon guy, get a gf and soon.

Loverboy: I say go for it. Keep it in the family.

Dudinski: I say, send her to me you leave her alone.

Cherubgirl: Be honest with her and tell her you think shes really hot and if any guys ever gone down on her. If she says yes, ask if she likes it and offer to do her. If she says no guy has ever done it to her, offer to do it and let things progress from there.

HotLolita: Find a day when nobody's home and watch a movie together. Start touching her neck, boobs, make it romantic. Good luck. I still f**k my brother from time to time.

GroupSexLover: Let her catch you masterbating and see what she does. If she doesn't freak out let her know you were dreaming of her while you were doing it. See if she would like to join in.

Happylady: Offer to give her a massage then let your hardon accidently nudge her and see what happens.

I just sat there not knowing what to do. Was Tom really asking this? About me? While I sat there rather stunned, I did realize that I was a bit turned-on and felt a rather lovely tingle between my legs.

I couldn't deny that I was getting wet sitting there thinking about my brother's lust...for me. I closed my eyes and imagined us together naked holding each other. Rather than being repelled, I was really getting worked up thinking about it.

"Wonder what his dick looks like?" I thought. It had been several years since I last saw it and it wasn't much to look at back then. But now that he's sixteen, well.... I looked down at my hand between my legs. Geez, I'm sitting here fingering myself thinking about sex with my brother!

To be honest, it didn't seem repulsive; he's a really good-looking guy and it now appears that he's all hot to fuck his little sister. Hmm. And he didn't know that I knew. That makes it interesting.

Well, it was really difficult to focus on doing the research for my paper. You can imagine. Later, at dinner, I'm sitting there looking at Tom thinking about what I'd stumbled across. He wanted in his sister's pants. It was kind of a complement that he desired me over all the girls in his high school. As I thought about it, it realized that I'm getting wet again; my third pair of panties today.

I needed to make a decision about what I would do about my little 'discovery.' There was no denying that I was really turned-on by the whole thing; I've got the panties to prove it. Could I really want to have sex with my own brother? All my friends thought he was sexy, did I? Hmm. I had to admit I was really interested.

The whole thing of sex had occupied my mind for the last year or so. My friends talked about it all the time and I was masturbating once or twice a day. I was really getting pretty good at bringing myself to orgasm but sex with a guy hadn't happened. Maybe this was the opportunity. I did love Tom and I trusted him.

So, I went to the computer and brought up the sex forum page from earlier. At the bottom of the page, I began to type in the comment box:

"I say go 4 it. Complement her on her looks. Nice lips, legs, bod in general. keep it lite. See if she responds showing off a little more. Take ur time. If she shows more, then complement more and see what happens. I'm a girl and it would work 4 me. Girls like the attention. Gdlk, let me know what happens."

Then in the 'name' box' I typed in 'girl4U' and clicked 'Post Comment.' It immediately appeared on the screen with the rest.

The next afternoon as I'm on the computer, Tom comes in and says, "You know Alex, you are the prettiest girl I know. You've really become a knockout, sis."

"Gee, thanks, Tom, that's sweet. You make me feel good." I figured I'd leave it at that.

The next day, I wore a halter top after school and then would change into something a bit less provocative before my parents got home. As I came down the hall, Tom was coming out of his room.

"Oooh, Alex, what a look. You are one gorgeous girl, sis, really fine."

"Aw, Tom, you're making me blush. But thanks, big brother, its nice to hear especially from someone who thought I was nerdy not long ago."

"You've grown up and, I might say, 'out' quite a bit. Really nice." And I went downstairs smiling.

I brought up the forum the next day and it read:

TommyBoy: Heh, girl4U, I think its working. She's showing more skin than usual. Any more ideas?

So, I typed in:

girl4U: Great, tiger, why not go ahead and give her a direct compliment on her breasts. She can't miss that. Gdlk.

After school, it seemed appropriate that I work on my tan so I slipped on the skimpiest bikini I had and even rolled it in to make it a bit smaller. I walked by Tom's room and said, "I'm off to work on my tan. If anybody calls, let me know."

He's laying on the bed and I can see his eyes are glued to my boobs. "Wow, Alex, you have such a beautiful body. And an amazing pair of boobs. Just the best."

"Thanks, Tom, they've changed since you last saw them when we used to take baths together. Your little sister has filled out quite a bit."

"Oh, it'd be fun to bathe together again, sis, lots of fun."

"Yeah, wouldn't it," I said and went on downstairs. That'll give him something to jack-off to.

The next day, the forum has a new post:

TommyBoy: Its working. She's parading around in a tiny bikini and I'm telling her how nice her boobs are. We even talked about how it was when we used to take baths together.

So, I typed:

girl4U: Well, how about the next time you shower, just kinda kid her if she wants to join you.That's pretty suggestive. See what she says.

Sure as anything, the next day as I was working on my homework at the kitchen table, Tom says, "Looking great today, sis. I was thinking about what you said about wouldn't it be fun to bathe together again. Great idea. I'm off to shower, wanna join me?" So, I figured I'd up the ante a bit.

"You'd just want me to soap your front real good, huh?" He was standing there with a giant hard-on coiled up in his shorts. "Go ahead, maybe another time. Thanks for asking though. You never know."

I knew he'd be cumming in the shower on that one, for sure.

Later, the forum read:

TommyBoy: I asked her if she wanted to shower with me and she said no but thanks for asking. She seemed to mean it. Any ideas.

I typed:

girl4U: Well, definitely ask her again. Make sure she knows you'd never tell anyone. Maybe that'll help.

On Saturday, our parents were doing free clinic work and I'm in a cut-off tee and no bra. I don't droop so I am covered but its pretty sexy. My brother is hanging around pretty close. Wonder why.

Tom says, "How about that shower together. It would just be for you and me; our secret. We'd look good together. Waddaya say?" "We would look good together, Tom, I've never thought of that but we would."

Now, I had to really make up my mind. I was instantly wet just thinking about it and that pretty much made up my mind for me. But I wanted to set a few rules.

"If we did, you'd have to promise that it was a soaping session and no more. Can you do that?" I thought he would burst his shorts.

"Absolutely, Alex, on my honor. Just for fun. OK?" I waited a minute to let him stew.

"When would this take place?"

"Could be right now. You don't look busy and I'm not."

"You promise, soaping only."

"I promise, Alex, I promise."

"Well, Mom and Dad's shower is bigger. We're not little kids any more."

"Especially you, Alex. You're really big on top. And beautiful, too."

"Well, you might as well have a preview," as I reached across my midriff and pulled off my tee. My nipples were swollen and rock-hard. "Hope you're not disappointed."

"Oh, Alex, you are beautiful and your breasts are perfect."

"They are nice, aren't they? Let's go shower."

So, Tom got the water nice and warm and had stripped down to skin and his most interesting part was pointing directly at me. "Wow, my brother is really well-hung. We do make a nice looking couple."

I slid my shorts off. "You aren't wearing panties, sis, shit you're hot. Let's get wet." I already am, I thought to myself.

He had the soap in his hand and I said, "Me first." and took the soap. I lathered up my hands, "OK, turn around, backside first."

"I was hoping you'd do my front first."

"I'll bet you were. Turn around. That's it." I soaped Tom's nice muscled back and butt. Squatting down I lathered his legs reaching under and around and running my hands almost up to his balls and cock. I could feel his muscles tense as my hands went up his legs.

"Okay, my back now," and I handed him the soap and turned away. His hands ran up and down my back, then all over my ass. He lathered again and worked his hands between my cheeks up and down just skimming my labia underneath. His touch sent little jolts radiating throughout my body.

Then he knelt and washed my legs reaching around just short of my pubic mound. "Let's turn the water temp down, it's getting warm in here."

As he adjusted the faucet, he added, "Sure is, sis, I think its us providing the heat."

"Finally, my front and take your time, Alex, no rush."

"This looks in need of a special washing," I said as I gripped his cock with both soapy hands. "Hows this, big brother?" I asked, smiling and looking him directly in the eyes. I was pulling and pushing my soapy hands back and forth and he was arching his back thrusting his hips toward me. Obviously, he was liking this and, honestly, I was, too.

"Still not clean enough, big brother. Let's get you good and clean." I soaped his cock up again and went back to 'work.' He was clearly enjoying every stroke with little moans now and then. Then his hips began to move back and forth in my hands, so I just held my grip steady and he fucked my fists.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, OOOH, OOOOH," and his cum spurted all over my abdomen in splats.

I started laughing and he said, "That was terrific, sis, you know how to do that pretty well."

"No comment," I replied.

He hugged me for a minute, then I continued on washing his chest and arms. I went back to his dick which was already pretty hard again. "Make sure that's really clean, sis, that's nice."

"OK, we can't take all day. Wash me up so I can get to tennis practice on time. With that, he lathered my breasts.

"You feel so good all soaped up, so soft and smooth. Let's get those nipples clean and shiny," as he rubbed and circled my lathered boobs.

"They oughta be getting pretty clean, Tom. I can't take all day." He then ran his hands down my sides and around my front along my stomach and abdomen. He soaped again and began rubbing around my pubic mound. I was shaved so it was easy for him to slide a finger down my slit nearly all the way beneath me.

I moved a leg aside to give him a little more room and he soaped my pussy lips very thoroughly, just what any guy would do if given the chance. He rubbed very nicely and really I could have let him do it all day, but I actually did have tennis practice.

"Party's over, Tom, time to rinse and run. Sorry, you seemed to be having so much fun and parts of me have never been so clean. You too. I'm out," as I stepped from the shower and toweled off.

I was soon at practice but still reliving the erotic suds session with my brother. It was both fun and very sexy. I was close to cumming and I don't just have a climax at the drop of a hat, but a shower?

I really had to think all this through. Feeling each other up is one thing, fucking is another. So, back home, I go online back to the forum page. There it is:

TommyBoy: I want to thank everyone, esp. girl4U. Your advice was great. Now we've showered together, how do I get her in bed. BTW, her body is even better than I dreamed possible. Help.

So, I typed in:

girl4U: Bet U 2 had fun. Why not plan a romantic evening next time no one around. Champagne or wine, candles, romance her. Then lead her to the bedroom and go from there. Make it the same as if she was just any grl. Gdlk.

Let's see where this takes us.

In the next week or so, he hinted about showers a few times but I just laughed it off. Then the parents announced they were going to a big dinner dance at the Medical Society on Saturday and we would be on our own. I was certain Tom would pounce on this and, sure enough, he said he'd like to cook a nice dinner for us. "What a nice idea, that'll be great," I replied.

Saturday arrived and after our parents left, he said that he planned a nice dinner and was going to dress up for it. So, I went to change and picked out a nice dress. Underneath, though, was my skimpiest bra and thong panties (The ones my mom doesn't know I have.). Well, we had showered naked together so maybe underwear wasn't so sexy. So, off with the bra and panties.

I came down and the table was beautifully set with flowers and candles were burning. Tom, in the kitchen, was serving up chicken cordon bleu. "Were ready, wow, you look beautiful. I have the best date in the world. Come sit." As he seated me he gave me a long deep kiss, tongue and all. Oooh.

We ate and played footsie under the table. He had some white wine open and we had several glasses as we ate. "Hope the cops don't raid the place, Tom, I'm underage."

"That's okay, so am I. Drink up."

After dinner, he took the plates and glasses to the kitchen and then led me to his bedroom. "Now, dessert; each other." Again, candles were lit and soft music was playing on his MP3 player. "May I undress you?"

"No shower this time?"

"No, nicer than that." I turned so he could unzip the back of my dress.

"Oh, Alex, you fox; no undies. All this time through dinner and you're not wearing a bra or panties. You're something." He was kissing me in most of my favorite places, then led me to his bed and began to undress himself. As you can imagine, he didn't take long.

As we lay on his bed, he began kissing and licking his way around my neck and shoulders, then down to my breasts to begin sucking on my nipples. Each time his mouth pulled on my nipple, I felt a direct connection to my pussy. I was feeling pretty hot at this point and was rubbing Tom's cock tip which was slick with his pre-cum.

Moving down, kissing my stomach, then tonguing my navel, I spread my legs to make it easier for Tom to find the goal each of us wanted. I felt jolts of electricity as he ran his tongue up and down my wet slit and began sucking on my pussy lips. I've heard a lot of girls rave about oral sex from their boyfriends and could see why it would be exciting but I never thought for a second that it would be as glorious feeling as this.

Tom's tongue was flicking in and out of me and I'm doing all I can to control myself. It really was electric and my hands were gripping his cock and rubbing back and forth. I tried to move myself to be nearer his dick and finally got the tip of it between my lips and began to suck him gently.

It was hard to concentrate with his tongue bobbing in and out of my vagina and I thought I might explode any second. He then moved his tongue to my clit and went around it gently and wetly. The feeling was incredible and then he slid his finger in me; I almost rocketed to the ceiling. He was moving his finger in and around while his tongue licked at my love button.

This must be heaven, I thought. It was as if my whole body was tingled by tiny sparks of electricity and I began to feel very warm all over. Then spasms throbbed through my midsection and I began to jerk my hips as the tension pulsed through me.

"Ooooh, ooooh, OOOOH, mmmhh, ummm, ummm." I must have buried his face in my wet pussy but he kept on licking and fingering me as I melted into a limp pool beneath him. I've given myself some pretty good orgasms but this was like a bomb went off inside me. No wonder some of my girlfriends raved about oral sex. WOW!

"God, Tom, that was sooo wonderful. Oh, you're so good. You make me cum so hard. I'm just out of breath."

"I loved doing it, you have the nicest little pussy I've ever licked. You're yummy, Sis, I'd do that whenever you want. But right now, I want to fuck you." He got up and went to his dresser. "I've got condoms, so don't worry."

He tore open the package and began to roll on the condom over his penis. He was up on his knees and his cock was sticking straight out at me.

I spread my legs and said, "I want to, too." He moved to between my legs and began to slide his dick along my dewy lips.

"That feels so nice, mmm." Then he began to ease it between my roused labia. "My first cock" I thought, "and it feels so good. I want us to do this every day from now on." He was now slipping in and out of my heated slit; the feeling was electric.

"You're so tight, sis, it feels like you're gripping me as I pull out. I've never felt that so much before from a girl, its really got me right to the edge of cumming."

As he said that, I began to erupt inside with the most wonderful waves of ecstasy...Unggg, ooooh, OOOOH, OHHHH, TOM, OHHHH, ohhhh."

"Oh, Alex, I'm cumming too, right in your beautiful pussy. MMMh, mmmh."

Tom was now collapsed on me in one big embrace with his cock still in me. I was hugging him tightly with my legs locked around him, holding him deep inside, when he whispered, "I've gotta be honest with you, Alex, you are the best lover I've ever had and I've been wanting to get you in bed for a long time. I hope you aren't mad at me."

"Oh, Tommyboy, how could I be, after all, I am the girl for you."

Rating: 95%, Read 171082 times, Posted Sep 20, 2010

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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