Gina and Janet Go To The Drive In by Janetiamher

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True Story | Female, Male, Old Male, Pissing, Water Sports, Written by women

I last left you with having met John’s cousin Gina from Italy. She was as tasty as her mother DeRonda was. DeRonda had thrown a little party for her mostly to announce her engagement to a man back over in Italy. That and Gina wanted to check me out as well. I was so worry about her especially after finding out that her and John used to be close. However, I had nothing to worry about from Gina.

The four of us ran around doing all types of stuff. We went to amusement parks, to New York City shopping and we spent a lot of time out at the lake. Where we fished and went water skiing. The fun lasted until the first part of August at least for John.

He had to start football camp that first week so we did not see much of him through the day as he had practice in the morning then again in the afternoon. About two weeks into football, camp Gina and I decided to go check him out at practice. Well really, I asked Gina if she would like to go watch him.

It was midweek or so when Gina and I ran down to the practice field. We almost did not get to go as her bodyguards were not to keen on the idea. However, Angelo stepped up and he told them he would go along just to make sure she was safe. We decided to take the limo down to the field so the three of us hopped in and the driver got going.

On the way Gina asked, “Janet, Just what does John practice on the field?”

I looked at her funny like when Angelo said, “You will have to excuse Gina she has never seen American football before,” as he gave a little laugh.

Gina told me John explained the game once to her but she was interested in something else at the time. I sat there the rest of our ride to the field explaining to her about the game. Gina knew all about soccer so she caught on about football after some explaining. Angelo even told me I had surprised him with my knowledge of the game.

We pulled up alongside of the practice field in the limo. I noticed some of the coaches and players looking our way. I think they thought that maybe we were scouts or something. Angelo got out first as Gina and I sat in the limo. He walked around and I asked Gina what he was doing?

Gina replied, “He is just making sure it is safe.”

“Safe from what Gina?” I asked not knowing why she did have bodyguards.

“Papa is afraid I will be child napped,” Gina replied.

“You mean kidnapped,” I said.

“Yes that was what I meant to say Janet sorry it is hard for me sometimes this language of yours,” Gina replied with a smile.

I told her that it was OK, as I understood what she meant. Gina told me that she gets tired of her body guards being around her all the time. Especially when she is in Italy as she has even more bodyguards following her there. Gina told me that is why she likes to come visit her mom because she can sneak away from time to time. She told me over in her county her papa will not let her go anywhere with out her bodyguards.

Angelo came back and he opened the door to the limo as he said, “Miss Gina you may come out.”

Gina flipped him the double finger salute as he turned around. Now I should have mentioned what Gina and I had on that day. It was a hot August day in the 90’s. We both had on the same outfits. We both wee in short shorts and a bikini top. Gina’s top did not show to much as she did not have huge tits. On the other hand, my tits were huge and it is so hard to find a bikini top that will hold my girls in.

Therefore, as I am getting out of the limo I may have bent over a bit too far. For as I stood back up both of my fucking tits are hanging from my top. Angelo just stared at the girls as they hung out at him as he helped me from the limo.

“Damn tits anyways,” I said as I tucked the girls back away.

“Wish I had that problem,” Gina replied.

“Wish I had my mouth around those,” Angelo replied.

Gina and I both looked at him and asked him, “What did you say?”

“Nothing at all,” He replied as he walked to the front of the car with the driver.

Gina and I walked over to the fence; it only came up to about your waist. I think it was there just to keep the dogs off the field. We stood by the fence watching the players doing exercises; I searched the field for number 56 and found him. I pointed him out to Gina.

“Look at that cue butt when he bends over,” Gina said as she smiled at me.

She was right about him having a cute butt and it looked very good today. You could see the back part of his jock strap as well as his butt cheeks. He had been sweating very badly. Gina yelled and jumped up and down at John. I tried to stop her but it was too late. Damn near the whole team and coaches turned around and looked at us. The players yelled and hooted as the coaches shook their heads.

“Gina you can’t do that when they are practicing,” I said.

“People cheer during the game NO so why not at practice?” Gina asked with conjecture showing on her face.

I explained that they were learning plays and stuff like that. When you yell you distract them from learning anything. Gina told me she thought she understood but she had a question for me. I asked her what it was.

“Are those distractions as well?” Gina asked me as she pointed to my boobs.

I looked down and I saw one of my goddamn tits had jiggled out of my bikini top again. I was popping it back in when I looked up to see John and another player coming our way. I smiled at John but he did not smile back.

“Janet, what are you guys doing here?” John asked.

Gina spoke up before I did and she replied, “Leave her be cousin I wanted to see what you were practicing on the field,” as she flashed him a big smile.

“Sorry John we should not have come,” I said.

“It’s OK Janet, we only have one more drill to go but don’t yell at me again please,” John replied.

About that time a football hits John in his back and we heard, “You boys playing football or making dates,” it was John’s coach yelling that.

John told me he had to go and he started to run back to his coach, the other player Steve who I knew said, “Janet, ask your girlfriend there if she wants to go to the drive in with me, you and John Friday night?” Steve then ran and caught up with John.

“Janet, what is a Drive in?” Gina asked.

“You have never been to a drive in? I asked her back.

“If you tell me what it is I might have been,” She replied.

I told her that a drive in was where they showed a movie outdoors on a giant screen. You sit in your car and watch the movie however if you have your boyfriend with you. You did a whole lot more than watch the movie. I did not have to tell Gina what that meant.

“I want to go Janet,” Gina said. “You go with John and I go with the other feet ball player,” she added.

I did not correct her, as it was just too funny. I told her I would check with John about it when he got home tonight. We turned our attention back out onto the field. I could see John at the other end of the field and it looked like maybe they were going to run a few punts back. I explained it all to Gina has we watched.

We watched them run through a few drills then I noticed that the coach had just the punt team and the run back team on the field. I could see John standing by himself awaiting the punt. I told Gina to watch as this is what John did best.

The team kicked the ball to him. John was waiting to catch it at about the twenty-yard line. John caught the ball and he took off running. Gina and I both were jumping and yelling. He dodged tackles as he ran up the field. He was going to the right then to the left as players missed him at the fifty-yard line. He made his move to the far left. When he did that, you were not going to catch him, well normally. John was at the around the ten yard line right almost in front of us I saw him look up toward us both.

For the life of me, I do not know if John just did not see the player coming in from his left side or what. However, this player nailed him hard. It looked like it was in slow motion as I watched his body twist and jerk as his helmet went flying then that body hit the playing field with a loud crunch.

Gina and I both stood there in silence. John just lay there for a few seconds. My heart stops beating as he lies there. It starts again as I see him slowly stand to his feet. He shook his head and then patted the fellow who had tackled him on his butt before he picked his helmet back up and put it on.

The coach came over to him and grabs him by his face mask. I do not know what he is telling him but the coach is pointing toward us. Then he patted him on the butt as he blew his whistle, which meant practice is over. John comes running over to us with Steve following him.

“JOHN, are you OK?” I asked him as I notice Steve just staring at Gina or me. I could not really tell whom he was staring at her or me.

“Yeah and I would have scored if not for those,” John said pointing to my tits.

I look down and sure as shit, my damn big boobs had popped out of my bikini top as I was jumping and cheering him on. I tucked them back in and I told him I was sorry. It was then that I realized Steve had been staring at my tits.

“Damn Girl you should flash the other team when we play, those would stop them in their tracks,” Steve said with a smile.

My face turned a little red as I gave John a kiss. I told him to go shower he was all sweaty. Gina was poking me from behind with her hand. Therefore, I told John to introduce Steve to Gina, which he did. They said Hi to each other and a handshake. John turned to Gina.

John said to her in Italian, “di aggregarsi ad un doppio appuntamento,” (which meant, “Care to join on a double date.”

Gina looked at Steve and she said, “You may have me at the drive in.”

Steve looked at her with his mouth hanging open and then he looked to John. John shook his head as he said, “I think she means you can take her to the drive in.”

We all broke up laughing and Steve told her it would be his honor to take her. Angelo came over and as him, John and Steve talked, Gina and I walked back to the limo. About half way there, Gina leaned into me.

“No Janet, I did mean he could have me at the drive in,” “He kind of cute,” Gina said as we climbed into the limo.

Angelo got in and we head back to home. Angelo told Gina that she would not to be going to this drive in Friday night. Gina scoffed at him but before she could say anything, I moved to beside him at the side seats in the limo. I placed my hand on his leg as I ran it up over his thigh and onto his cock.

“Oh I think she will be going,” I said as I felt his cock growing hard to my touch.

Gina looked at me with her mouth hanging wide open. I think she was in shock from seeing me rubbing his cock through his pants. Angelo did not say anything he just rather leaned back into the seat. I rubbed at his cock until it was hard in his pants.For a man in his late forties or early fifties Angelo had a nice cock. I could see it throbbing every now and then. I pulled my hand away and I went back to sitting beside Gina. Angelo looked at me with lust in his eyes.

“Gina will be safe she will be with John,” I said as I looked at him. “I might come back over and finish what I started if you say it is OK,” I added as I lifted my bikini top over my big tits.

“OK but no where with out John, understand,” Angelo replied as he looked at my tits then to Gina.

Gina shook her head OK as I moved back along side of him. I left my tits hanging out as I rubbed at his throbbing cock again through his pants. Angelo reached out and he started to rub his fingers across my nipples.

My nipples started to get hard as he rubbed them; they were rock hard in no time. When he started to pull and pinch on my nipples, I unzipped his pants. I unsnapped them next and he rose up as I pulled them down past his knees. I tugged at his boxers that he had on and slipped them down past his knees. Angelo’s hard cock was out in the open as I stared down at it.

“Damn you have a very thick cock,” I said to him as I tried to wrap my hands around it.

My fingers did not meet when I wrapped then around his cock as I grasped onto it with my hands. I pulled it away from his little belly he had as I held it in my hand. His cock was only about six inches if that. However, it was as thick as his wrist. Hell, he could have worn his watch around his cock, as it was that thick in my hand.

I took my hand and I pumped it up and down on his cock as he started to squeeze my tits. I pumped and pulled at it as it throbbed in my hand. Between Angelo, playing with my tits and having this thick fucking cock in my hand my pussy started to get wet.

I looked over at Gina who was just sitting there watching my hand run up and down on his cock. I squeezed at his cock and his pre-cum started to leak from the head of his cock. Angelo left out a little moan as it oozed from his cock. I wanted to run my tongue along his cock head, to get a taste his pre-cum. However, I did not do that. Instead, I dropped to the floor of the limo onto my knees. I parted his legs as I climbed between them I never once left go of his fat throbbing cock.

I took his cock and I ran it over my tits and between them. I had never seen so much pre-cum leaking from a cock before. Angelo’s pre-cum was oozing from his cock onto my tits. When I had enough of it on my tits, I placed his cock between them. I took my hands and pulled my boobs tightly together around his fat cock. I started to move my tits up and down on his cock. His cock was still oozing pre-cum as I ran my boobs up and down it.

“Ahhhh, Jeanette your tits feel wonderful wrapped around my cock,” Angelo cooed out as he lies back in his seat.

I did not reply, as I was too fascinated with all the pre-cum flowing from his cock. It looked almost as thick as glue as it coated and stuck to my tits as I pulled them up and down over his chubby cock. My pussy was twitching and throbbing as I used my tits to fuck his cock.

I looked up and back to Gina. She had her hand down inside her shorts playing with her pussy as she watched me. I could see she was rubbing hard between her legs. I heard a small moan escape her lips every now and then.

Angelo’s chubby fat cock was sliding between my tits with much ease from his pre cum. My tits were slippery and shiny from his pre-cum. I bent over and I lapped at the very head of his cock each time it came out of my tits.

“OHHh Jeanette you make me cum soon,” Angelo moaned out loudly.

I pumped my tits faster up and down on his cock. I pinched at my own nipples while I squeezed them tighter around his fat chubby cock. I loved watching his fat cock head coming out from between my tits. I looked back to Gina and I saw her moving her head from side to side. I knew she was in mid orgasm as her hand dug wildly in her shorts.

I licked at Angelo’s cock each time it appeared from between my tits with my tongue. I bent over more as I worked just the head of his cock into my mouth. I closed my mouth around as I began to suck at it as I squeezed my tits around it.

“Io vado a cum,” Angelo yelled out I do not have to translate that.

I pulled my mouth from his cock and I pumped my tits up and down on it. I wanted to see his cum shooting from his cock. I watched as that chubby cock throbbed twice then it fired off two full and thick globs of cum from it. His cum was very white and thick; after the firing of those two shots it just oozed from his cock.

I released my tits that had his cock encased between them. I took his cock into my mouth. I had never tasted such lovely cum, John’s did not even taste this good. I sucked and lapped at his cum that was oozing from his cock. I cleaned his cock of all his cum and then I looked to see there was plenty of cum left on my tits.

I was going to lick that cum from my tits when Angelo grabbed me from the floor of the limo. He more or less tossed me up onto the back seat beside Gina. Angelo reached up and he pulled my short shorts right down without unsnapping them. Angelo slipped to the floor himself this time.

Gina’s arms wrapped around me and we kissed as Angelo parted my legs and he buried his face between them. Gina and I swapped tongues as Angelo used his on my warm wet pussy. Angelo’s tongue was all over my pussy. He would lick at my pussy lips then bury it up into my pussy. From there he would flick his tongue at my clit that swelled each time his tongue lashed out at it.

Gina stopped kissing me and she bent over to lick his cum from my tits. I settled back into the seat as they both used their tongues on my body. Gina lapping up Angelo’s cum from my tits. Angelo in turn was flicking his tongue wildly at my pussy.

I felt Gina biting lightly at my nipples as Angelo buried his tongue deep into my pussy. I felt his thumb go to my engorged clit. He thumbed it as he dug his tongue deep into my pussy. I swear I felt his tongue hit my special spot.

“AHhhhhhh fuck,” I yelled out as a very powerful orgasm rushed over me.

My thighs started to shake and my pussy convulsed once before my juices started to squirt from my pussy. Angelo removed his face from between my legs and he watched as my pussy squirted its juices at him. Gina bit at both my nipples as I felt Angelo’s thumb pressing hard against my clit.

Angelo rubbed hard against my clit with his thumb. It causes my orgasm to continue. As he pressed harder at my clit and Gina bit even harder on my nipples, I felt my eyes rolling up into my head as I leaned harder into the seat. My whole body shook and trembled as another orgasm rushed through it.

This time my pussy did not squirt out juices. I just shook in the back seat of the limo as my pussy started to pee. I tried to say something but just moans came from my lips as I started to pee wildly in the back of the limo. Angelo buried his face right into my powerful stream of pee. He opening his mouth and drink my pee as it streamed from my pussy.

Gina went back to kissing me and I returned her kisses with passion of my own. My pee slowed to just a small trickle as Angelo lapped at the last few drops with his tongue. I broke my kiss with Gina as Angelo got back into his seat. His face was dripping with my juices and my pee as he sat back into his seat just staring at us. I pulled my shorts back up and flopped back into my seat well satisfied.

Angelo looked to me as he said, “Your pussy rain is like sweet wine,” as he licked at his lips.

Gina lean into me and as she hugged me she whispered in my ear, “Thanks Janet for getting him to let me go Friday.”

I looked at Angelo and I asked, “You are going to keep your part of the deal right?”

Angelo just gave me a smile as he replied, “Jeanette, my words are as true as that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Thanks Angelo,” I said as I gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek.

Angelo looked over to Gina as he said, “I will have a talk with your papa when we get back home maybe we can give you a little more time to be out on your own.” “Just as long, as you promise to be aware of the people around you,” as he smiled at us both.

It was then that I realized we had been sitting in the driveway at DeRonda’s house. Angelo told us to get out as he has a limo to clean. We both gave him a big hug and a kiss on his cheek as we got out. We ran into the house hand in hand smiling and so full of joy.

Gina and I ran to her room as the two men in suits opened her door we went in and flopped down onto her bed. We lie there together just looking up at the ceiling as we held hands. I asked Gina if she had ever done anything with Angelo like that before. She told me NO she had always been a little afraid of him, as he was so close to her papa. She told me that Angelo is a man of his words and if he said, he would talk to her papa about the security around her all the time he would. Gina told me that her boyfriend back in Italy has never been alone with her. However, after today that will all change she was sure of it.

“Thanks Janet all because of you someday I may be free,” Gina said as she rolled over on top of me.

Gina asked me to tell her more about this drive in we were going too. I told Gina more about having fun at the drive in, she just shook her head yes, as she smiled at me. About that, time there was a knock on her door and DeRonda walked. She came over and she joined us on the bed.

“Girls I have something I want to talk to you about,” DeRonda said as she sat down.

DeRonda told us that she just got a phone call from John’s coach about some girl flashing her tits at him during practice or something. She told us that she believed we had some explaining to do. I showed her instead; I got off the bed and I jumped up and down.

My boobs jiggled and bounced as they popped out of my bikini top. DeRonda smiled and she told us she would let that slide. She looked back at me and with a smile; she told us she had one more thing before she would leave us alone.

DeRonda looked at me and smiled as she asked, “Whose idea was it to seduce Angelo?”

Gina jumped up from the bed as she replied, “Not me mama, it was Janet,” as she pointed at me.

“I see,” DeRonda replied as she looked at me. A smile came over her face as she added,” I have been after that man to loose up on his security toward Gina since he got here and you succeeded in less than a few hours,” “I hope Gina thanked you Janet.”

“I did mama and we all are going to go do a drive by Friday,” Gina yelled.

“She means we are going to the drive in, DeRonda,” I said with a laugh.

“Had me, worried there for a second,” DeRonda replied with a laugh.

Friday finally came John had morning practice but none in the afternoon. He came home from practice, took a shower and we went right over to see Gina. She was outside helping Angelo wash the limo I was shocked I had never seen this girl lift a finger since she was here.

Angelo came over to John and shook his hand as always. He told John to walk with him. I went and helped Gina wash the limo. As we were washing the limo, DeRonda walked out. I think she was in shock seeing Gina actually working. She came over and she started to help us as well.

After we had, the limo washed. The three of us were using chamois to dry the limo. John and Angelo walked around the corner of the house. Angelo had his arm up around him on his shoulder as he always does. They both stopped and just stared at us then they looked at each other.

John said, “Damn the world is going to end all three of them working together.”

Angelo walked over to DeRonda and he said, “La limousine è pulita e credo che sarà solo per noi di uscire per cena stasera,” (which meant, the limousine is clean and I think it will be just for us to go out for dinner tonight.)

Angelo and DeRonda walked into the house together and as she got inside the door she turned and she said, “Now you kids be careful and have fun and we will see you come Sunday,” as she closed the door.

Gina turned to John and I and she asked, “Did mama say I did not have to be back until Sunday?”

“Yes Gina that is what she said as Angelo has put you under my control,” “You will listen to me,” John said in a stern voice.

John looked funny standing there as two wet chamois hit him squarely in the face. Gina and I both laughed as we ran to him and removed them. After all, they had truly slipped from our hands, we told him as we both gave him our evil little smiles. John told Gina to go get a few things and we would be off.

Gina looked at him and said, “I got all I need right here,” as she held up her credit card. “Let’s just get out of here before they change their mind,” She added as she herded us toward John’s car.

We dropped John off at our apartment while Gina and I went shopping. We then returned home and started to get ready for the drive in. John had already taken his shower and he told us he was going to get some gas in his car for tonight. I walked into our bedroom to find Gina sitting on the bed crying.

“Gina what is wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing Janet, these are happy tears as I thought this day would never come as I feel free,” Gina said with the biggest smile I had ever seen on her as we hugged each other.

Gina and I were getting ready in the bedroom when John got back. He had no sooner walked in the door than we heard a knock at the door it was Steve, John’s best friend and teammate. Steve was about five foot 11 inches with black short hair; his weight had always been trouble for him however, this year he was in good shape. Steve had just a little bit of a beer belly on him because he loved to drink beer.

I tried to always make sure I was with those two when they got together mainly for fear of John ruining those lovely six pack abs by drinking tons of six packs. Steve had seen me in the nude as I had seen him from skinny-dipping at the lake. I never had sex with Steve however, John had asked me once if I would consider a three way with him. I had told John no because he was just a little to fat for me.

However, this was not the real reason at all. I was more concerned about their friendship as I hade come to figure out that once John shared me with one of his friends, they rather thought I belonged to them as well as John.

I had a few of his friends thinking that because I had sex with them when with John, I would have sex with them without John. Some of his friends did not know when to stop and I had to tell John what they were doing. This usually ended their friendship.

With Steve, I thought of him more like a big brother and I enjoyed having him around as he made me laugh. Steve looked the best I had seen him look since high school. I think it was mainly due to him working out with John over at DeRonda’s house.

We heard Steve and John talking and Gina looked nervous. She kept looking at herself in the mirror and fussing with her hair. I told her that she looked fine. We both had tank tops with built in bras, you could see Gina’s hard nipples poking through her top very nicely. Where as my tits just filled and flowed over my tank top.

We both had tight sweat pants on that gripped at our butts. Gina’s butt looked lovely in hers and I even ran my hand over it more than an few times as I told her what a hot fucking ass she had. We checked each other over one more time, Gina turned around for me showing her body off in the outfit she was wearing. Gina looked ready for some fun to me and I told her so.

Gina had me turn around and she said, “Damn girl look at your goat toe,” as she pointed to my pussy lips pressing against my tight sweat pants.

“That’s camel toe Gina,” I replied as I pulled them even tighter into my pussy.

We both laughed as we made our way out to the living room. Steve jumped up out of his chair as we entered the room. John just stayed lying on the couch. Steve went over to Gina and handed her a bouquet of flowers.

“Hi Gina my name is Steve and you look lovely,” He said as he handed her the flower.

Gina just stood there for a minute as she looked at me then to John who got off the couch as he said, “It’s OK Gina the flowers are safe,” as he walked into the kitchen.

Gina took her flowers, she told Steve thank you, and she even gave him a short kiss that made Steve turn a little red in the face. Gina turned to me and she told me I did not even do anything yet and I got flowers.

I smiled at her as I turned to John who was coming back from the kitchen I said, “Well at least one of the boys know how to romance a girl,” as I stared at him.

John pulled out a big bouquet of red roses from behind his back that he handed to me. He then took me into his arms and kissed me deeply and passionately. I held onto the roses as I kissed him back.

He broke our kiss and as he laid his nose against looking into my eyes he said, “Not bad for a boy who does not know how to romance his girl.”

We all laughed and while Gina and I put our flowers in water, the boys loaded up the car. At least I thought we were taking a car. We walked outside and the boys were standing beside a conversion van. It was loaded on the inside it even had a bed in the back end. Gina and I both looked to John.

“Just something I borrowed from my dad’s lot,” John said.

We must have had that look on our face because John added, “No I did not steal it, I asked my dad to use it,” “Now let’s get going.”

As we climbed with John and Steve standing outside the van Steve looked at John and he asked, “What you stole a car bro?”

Gina pulled him in as she said, “I tell you all about my bad boy cousin back here,” as she got up onto the bed.

The van had a bench seat in the front. I cuddled up next to John and as I laced my arm through his it was off to the drive in we went. We arrived at the drive in in plenty of time before the movie started. The boys got out and they threw a football around. I told Gina come on I would show her the snack bar.

Gina got out of the van and she stopped. She looked over to John and John came running over to us. John told Gina look you are safe and with friends.

Nothing is going to happen so enjoy yourself you do not need me to hold your hand. He told her you yell I will come running you know that.

Gina threw her arms around him and gave him a deep passionate kiss right in front of Steve and me. It was a long and deep kiss with plenty of tongue action. Steve gave them both a long funny look as they kissed. Steve then looked at me.

“Hey their cousins,” I said with a smile as I gave him a long but not so passionate kiss on his lips.

Gina and I ran off leaving the boys throwing the football. As we walked to the concession, stand men and boys were whistling at us. Gina cuddled up to me as we walked. I told her it was OK and she loosened up a bit. We walked in and Gina started to talk in Italian as she pointed to this and to that. I told her to speak in English. She was just happy to be out I believe and had got to excited.

Bob the man who owns the drive and runs the concession stand is real good friends with my dad. While we were going through the line getting food, Gina was speaking Italian right up to the register. I think Gina had brought one of everything for us all. When we got up to Bob, he asked whom my new friend was.

“Bob this is John’s cousin Gina she is from Italy,” I said as I gave him a smile.

“So I take it that your boyfriend John is with you then Janet,” Bob replied.

“Yes he is here as well as one of his team mates,” I said. “How much do we own you Bob,” I asked.

“On the house Janet, just to show the lovely lady from Italy just how nice we are in these parts,” Bob said as smiled and he waved us through.

As we walked away, Gina and I both saw people pointing to us and talking. As Gina and I walked back to the van, she asked me why. I told her mostly likely; they were pointing to us and telling their friends that those two are here with John our star football player.

Then I smiled and gave a little laugh I said, “Or they were saying DAMN them girls be hungry,”

We got back in and we passed out the food we had hotdogs, hamburgers, French fries, pop corn and candy. We sure were not going to go hungry at least. Steve handed us all a beer including John.

I looked at John and I said, “You can only have four during the night and no more.”

Gina looked to Steve and she said, “You can have as many as you want,” “It will be easier for me to take advantage of you,” as she flashed Steve a big smile.

We all got quiet in the van and Gina asked, “Did I not use good English?”

With a big grin on his face Steve replied, “It sounded like perfect English to me,” which made us all bust up laughing.

The lights went down at the drive in and John turned up the speaker. Bob the owner’s voice came over the speaker and he said, “Welcome to the drive in, our first movie will start shortly but first I just want to give a big welcome to number 56 John _____ of our local college team.” “Lets all wish him and the Raiders good luck this year by sounding your car horns.”

The whole dam drive-in started honking their horns. The beeping just kept growing louder and louder. You could only hear the sounds of car and truck horns honking. They just kept horning until Steve told John to go get on the roof and give everyone a quick wave.

John got out and he climbed out to the roof of the van but he took Steve with him as well. Gina climbed up front with me and we both watched as people stopped honking their horns. Instead, they got out of their cars, cheered, and clapped their hands together. People started to come over to the van reaching up to shake his hand as well as Steve’s. Hell we had people reaching touching us as well until we rolled the windows up.

Gina asked me, “Does this happen a lot to John?”

“Yes it does and it is not even football season yet just wait till it is,” I replied.

“I think I am going to like this feet ball, I mean football,” Gina replied.

It was almost an hour later before everyone settled back into his or her car and the movie started. John got in and he looked at me as he said, “You did not have anything to do with that did you,” as he smiled at me.

“Who me the girl who is not afraid to show off her boyfriend,” I replied as I kissed him passionately in the front seat.

After a while, I wished I had not said anything, as we still had people coming over to the van for almost two thirds of the first movie. John and I never got any necking in until people stopped coming over. This did not stop Gina and Steve as you could not see way into the back of the van. The two of them were at the minute that they got into the back.

The first time I looked back, they were just talking. The next time they were kissing. The following time I looked back, I saw Steve taking off Gina’s tank top. I reached up and adjusted the rear view mirror so that I could see what they were doing without having to turn around. John had given me a funny look when I had readjusted the mirror.

I whispered into his ear, “Steve has Gina’s tank top off and he is kissing and licking her tits,” as I licked at his ear.

John whispered back in mine, “You would be getting the same treatment if only you would have kept a low profile.”

I rather smiled to myself as I thought why showing you off was almost as good as sex. John has never enjoyed everyone making a fuss over him when it came to football. However, I loved it.

I glanced into the mirror and this time I saw Gina had taken Steve’s sweat pants down and as he sucked at her nipples, she was pumping hard on his cock. Steve did have a nice curved cock I always thought it would rub against my special spot nicely. The movie was playing, John was still shaking hands through his window and I was watching the fun in the back of the van.

Gina pulled Steve away from her tits and she dropped to her knees in front of him. Gina grasped his cock in her hand and she started to lower her mouth around it. I could not see how much of his cock she had in her mouth as I could only see her head bobbing up and down. Steve just sat there at the edge of the bed with his hands beside him as Gina sucked at his cock.

I started to rub at my pussy through my sweat pants. I could feel the outline of my pussy lips as they pressed tightly against them. I rah my fingers up and down my pussy lips slightly tickling them as I watched in them in the rear view mirror.

I rubbed harder at my pussy as my fingers separated my lips. I ran my fingers up and down between my pussy lips until I brushed them against my clit. I started to rub my finger hard at my clit when I heard Steve moan softly in the back.

I felt John’s hand touching mine as he moved his between my legs. I took that as meaning there were no more people outside the van. I looked to each of the windows and I saw no one was around. I kissed at John’s lips as I left his finger take over rubbing my pussy through my sweat pants. I broke our kiss and laid my face against his.

“Your pussy is wet already Janet,” John whispered into my ear.

I felt his hand tugged at the waistband of my jogging pants. I rose off the front seat as he pulled them down; I slipped them off one of my long legs. John’s fingers dug into my pussy. He slipped two of them right up inside me as he licked at my ear. John ran his two fingers in and out of me for a while as my pussy sucked at them.

I whispered into his ear, “Lick my pussy.”

I moved to the far side of the passenger door, I leaned against it as I parted my legs. I looked around to make sure it was dark enough and no one was around. I put one up onto the dashboard of the van and the other I draped over the seat. I felt John’s fingers running over my thighs as he lowered his face between them.

John took his tongue and he licked up and down over my pussy lips. I moaned softly as his tongue touched my lips. He licked at my lips then he parted them with his tongue. He started to run his tongue up and down between my pussy lips as I felt his finger move over my clit. I heard wet sounds coming from the back of the van.

I looked to the back as John probed his tongue deep into my pussy while he rubbed at my clit with his finger. Gina was now bouncing up and down on Steve’s cock. Steve had his hands on her butt cheeks pulling her up and down on his cock. Steve would pull her butt cheeks apart as he raised her up his cock. Gina’s ass hole looked almost like it was winking at me.

“AHhhh,” I moaned when I saw that.

John’s tongue and finger to my clit was bringing me to full strong orgasm. I put my hands to the back of his head pulling him into my pussy as I bucked up into his face. John just drove his tongue deeper into my pussy. I saw Gina start grind her pussy into Steve’s cock.

“Going to cum,” Steve yelled but Gina just covered her mouth against his as she rode his cock harder.

Gina was bouncing wildly on his cock as Steve grabbed her by the waist and he pulled her tightly down onto his cock. Gina stopped her bouncing and she just rocked back and forth on his cock for a while. She started to ride his cock again as she did I saw Steve’s cum running out from her pussy.

“Ooooh aahh,” I moaned loudly as my orgasm came over me.

My thighs started to shake as my pussy squirted its juices. I pulled at John’s hair as he removed his finger from my clit and replaced it with his tongue. John flicked his tongue at my clit wildly driving me deeper into my orgasm. He then sucked my clit into his mouth; he rolled his tongue around it as he sucked at it.

“Stop that John,” I yelled out however it was to late.

My eyes rolled up into my head as my body squirmed on the seat. My pussy convulsed and my pussy started to pee. I tried to fight it but I had no control. It was not a lot of pee that was coming from me but it was enough to soak John and the car seat. I started to regain control again as John removed his mouth from my clit. My thighs were soaked with my pee as it ran down onto the seat.

“Look what you done John,” I yelled as he sat up.

John looked at me and said, “Yes and I am not done yet,” as he smiled at me.

I felt John slip his two fingers back up deep into my pussy. I jerked and went back against the door as I felt his fingers touching at my special spot. I gave him a scowl look as I shook my head no as I told him NO. Then a wanting look as I felt him curl his fingers against my special spot.

My eyes closed as my pussy convulsed and sucked at his fingers as it started to squirt again only this time it was a fountain coming from my pussy. My body was jerking wildly on the front seat as I slid down until I was on my back with my legs against the ceiling of the van

“DAMN now that was a squirt,” I heard Steve yell out as my pussy squirt slowed to just dribbling out.

I opened my eyes to see Gina and Steve leaning over the front seat. They must have finished with their fucking and moved forward to see what was going on in the front seat. I just smiled at them both as I turned to John who was pointing up in the air. I followed his finger to see that my pussy had either squirted or peed all the way to the ceiling in the van.

I gave him my evil little grin as I asked, “Did I do that?”

The night at the drive in pretty much ended as the first movie ended. What with our front seat and John covered in my pee and my juices. The first movie ended and we decided to take the fun back to our apartment. I will save what happened at the apartment for a future story. That will end this chapter.

Hope you enjoyed this and more to come. I did not get to Kim’s return in this Chapter however, I will in my next one.


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