Joe chapter 4 by Krejik

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"Good morning Mr R" Cynthia's meek voice replied.

"Were you in the living room?" He asked.

"Oh no sir, I'm on my way to the bathroom."

"Ah, of course you are," he said then lowered his voice. "Better fix your shirt, it's inside out."

Then he closed his bedroom door and I could hear muffled voices. Mom was up too! What time was it? I heard the bathroom door and after a moment the toilet flushed and Cynthia's footsteps rush into my sister's room.

Oh crap my dad knew. He came out after a little while and grabbed his and moms coffee then walked back to his room. Not a word to me. Maybe I still looked asleep. My fingers were cold but my heart was beating a million miles an hour.

What would my dad do? Was he mad? No, wait if my dad was going to do anything he would have. Maybe he thought Cynthia was coming from my room, meaning she slept with Charles. My dad wouldn't care, neither are his kids. For some reason that made me mad.

I imagined myself correcting my dad and telling him I fucked her all night long! No way that's crazy talk. If he was cool, I could be too. My dad was the reasonable one. He'd be more pissed if it was my sister he caught in the Hall with her shirt inside out.

I found myself wondering if she had snuck into my room. Was she still there? Oh the shit would really hit the fan if she hadn't gotten out yet.

All the thinking and I slipped into a nightmare sleep. I woke to sounds of my dad cooking. My mom was on the smaller couch watching her shows. My dad walked in and sat next to my mom.

"Morning son, I'm making some biscuits, then I'll make bacon and eggs. Sound good?" Saturday morning alright no work today for my dad. He always cooked the best breakfasts on Saturday.

"Yeah sure," I replied "don't let me stop you."

We laughed. After a few minutes my dad got up and walked back to the kitchen. He had an internal clock that could have been Quartz. Perfect timing for everything.

Cynthia and my sister came into the room, next. Neither looked like they got much sleep.

"Did you sleep out here?" My sister asked. She looked puzzled.

"Yeah he couldn't make it through my movie last night. Sorry mijo," my mom said using a voice like I was 10 years old again. She always knew how to make me feel younger then I was. It was cute some times but not in front of Cynthia.

Cynthia just sat next to me smiling. "Mr R's making breakfast?" She asked. Cynthia had been to our house enough times to know the answer to that.

My sister threw herself on the small couch with my mom. Aida curled up in a ball and stared at the tv.

"She looks half asleep, like I feel," I said nodding to my sister.

"Yeah, well Cynthia woke me up!" Aida snapped.

"Sorry, I didn't know you didn't sleep good last night too," Cynthia slipped. She looked right at my mom to see if my mom understood. Mom was into her tv show but I got it. Great, now I'll be washing my sheets again.

How the hell will I have a chance with mom and dad home today! Mom usually waits until Sunday to do laundry but if she sees me doing it she'll freak and insist she can do it for me. I didn't like the idea of sleeping in Charles and my sister's mess.

When Charles came out of my room he looked at my sister but she gave him the cold shoulder. He shrugged and sat next to me on my right. Cynthia had worked her hand under the blanked and was petting my leg.

"Time to eat!" Dad called out. Perfect timing again dad.

The rest of the day went by fast. Charles left shortly after breakfast and Aida didn't even come out of her room to say bye. Cynthia had the idea we should all go for a swim and my parents decided to join us. Aida stayed in her room. It was awkward to be alone with Cynthia in front of my parents. Why the hell wasn't my sister spending time with her best friend.

Several times she would tease me and try to get me to chase her. My dad would laugh and make encouraging remarks to her and my mom just stared at her. She seemed to see Cynthia's playfulness as a danger. With an occasional, "that's not how a lady acts, Cynthia."

"Oh relax, they are young and having fun," my dad would say. This repeated itself a couple of times. Eventually, I decided to get out. My mom and Cynthia made me uncomfortable.

I took my shower and when I came out there was no Cynthia. Her parents had come to get her and she had rushed to change and leave.

The rest of the day really flew by, we had all gone out and Aida had been quiet most the day but as always my dad managed to cheer her up. When we finally got home after 11:00 pm I was exhausted and threw myself into my bed. It smelled weird. Then I remembered, "Charles and Aida." But it only smelled like bad dude body odor. Without thinking I began stiffing around my bed sheet for hot pussy smells. Nothing not even the smell of semen.

I replayed the morning over. Neither girl slept good but Cynthia didn't know my sister hadn't slept good either. Hmm. How had my sister not known I was sleeping on the couch? Of course she didn't watch my mom's movie last night. But if she didn't know I was sleeping here how did she know to go to my room to fuck Charles?

"Oh shit!" I said aloud. "I think my sister fucked me last night," I realized.

She didn't know I was on the couch, the plan was Charles should be there but I fell asleep and my parents ushered him to my room. She didn't know because her and Cynthia were closeted up in her room. Cynthia must have fallen asleep waiting for my sister to goto Charles. Because Aida didn't know I was banging her best friend.

But my sister came to me instead. That's why she was using Aida's voice she fucking was Aida! Just after we finished Cynthia made a coy play for the bathroom as an excuse to be up at night Incase my parents got up. She then looked into my room knew Charles wasn't me and came and fucked me on the couch too!

"Holy shit" was all I could say. "I fucked my 15 year old little sister and her 15 year old best friend on the same night!"

Somehow that had me so turned on. My sister thought I was nasty but she sure enjoyed the orgasm I gave her. I thought my lust for my sister was gone thanks to Cynthia but remembering the night before. Knowing that first wet pussy had been my hot little sister just made me want to ram it in her again.

Oh shit, i didn't even know I touched myself and I was full on jerking my hard on, thinking of the fuck my sister gave me. I blew my load onto my bed and rolled to the dry side and fell asleep with hot sexy dreams of Aida.

School started that week and it was all a blur. Catching up with friends I hadn't seen all summer. I didn't mention Cynthia to any of my friends. Even when they started comparing notes of the girls they claimed they banged over vacation.

Cynthia was great, she let me fuck her and pretended to be my sister for me. But now I had actually boned Aida, my sister. Would it still be good with Cynthia. She was great that night right after my sister had ridden my pole hard. But I thought that was just her. I found myself beating off more then normal and most was thinking of Aida.

My sister had jumped at going to school. She spent more and more time out of the house. I knew we needed to talk. But I had to get things straight in my head too. The next few days I tried to stop thinking of Aida or Cynthia. Whenever I started to think of either one I would want to stroke it.

I stopped masturbating for three days. Instead I'd go for a jog. Or just walk around by the park.

On the fourth or fifth night I found myself in front of Cynthia's house. It's been about two weeks since the last time we had sex and now I've gone five days without masturbating. Needless to say my 17 year old balls were full and needed relief. They led me here for a reason.

I walked around the back of the house. It had already started getting dark out. I crept up to her window, it was dark inside. I was about to tap on the glass when I heard her voice from the next window.

I crawled over to it and listened. Yea that was her. She was saying goodnight, I couldn't see anything with the curtains drawn. The light flipped off and I waited. The house was quiet.

I tapped on the glass. Silence. I tapped again. The curtain moved, there in the darkness stood a small girly figure. I gestured to open the window. She did.

"I had to see you," I whispered. "It's been too long and I need you." I anxiously pulled off my clothes.

There was a pause while she stood there, then she nodded and climbed into her bed. I crawled on top of her and kissed her. I worked my way down her body slowly squeezing her small breasts.

Worked further down, I lifted her oversized shirt and began rubbing between her legs. She held them closed tight, and I worked in to her button with my fingers. Slowly, her legs loosened and opened a little more. I pulled her plain white panties off.

I crawled back up her legs to lick her wet honey. She moaned softly. Her lips parting for my tongue. After working her slit till she was ripe. I worked my way up past her light bush, up to her tender little a-cup breasts.

Sucked on her hardening nipples and she purred for me. My balls where already aching for release. I wasn't going to make them wait any longer. I rubbed my shaft on her wet slit and slipped it in between her swollen lips. I pushed in, her hole resisted.

"Oh damn, your so tight!" I moaned to her as I pulled back and thrust harder.

"Tssk," she hissed and I broke into her hot tunnel.

"This is what I needed all week." I whispered to her.

"Mhmm," she hummed back.

I pumped her several times then thrust as far into her to give my nuts their needed release.

"Ugh. Yeah, so good" I encouraged her.

I remembered that she said she wasn't on the pill and I had just blown my cream inside her. It was getting me hard again inside her.

"I want you, and just you," I said as I began sliding myself slowly deeply into her. She liked it like this last time. I slipped deep inside her tight wanting pussy. I maintained the pace, pulling almost all the way out then slowly sliding my stiff long rod back in as far as it would go.

"Mhmm, yeah." She whispered.

I came insider her two more times like that. Her little hole was dripping from my baby juice.

"I needed that, baby" I said rolling off her.

I lay there naked next to her. Relieved. She rolled next to me and kissed me softly. Our kissed grew more passionate. I pulled her tiny body on top of me.

She put her legs around me and rubbed my sausage against her creamy pie. She kissed me and I lifted her up to suck on her soft breasts. They were small and perky. Her nipples responded quickly to my tongue.

I knew this was wrong. Everything told me, the small breasts, the virgin-like tightness of her cunt, the ultra small figure. This was not Cynthia, I thought as I lifted her small waist onto my ready cock.

"Mhmm," she moaned as I slipped into her love hole.

All night I worked into Cynthia's little sister, Isabella (most people called her Bella). It didn't even matter that she was four years younger then me. I had suspected it was Bella before but then it was too late I was nude in front of her. She had nodded, she knew I shouldn't be in her room but she let me in.

Now she rode my dick like she owned it. As day light peeked into the room I could clearly see Bella's face. She looked like a queen bouncing on my cock, it was her throne. She smiled at me, with her stunning hazel eyes, now knowing without a doubt that I knew who was ruling over my loins. Her light brown hair flowed down her back with a wisp on either side of her face. Bella's breasts were small and firm. Her nipples were small too.

I came into her heavenly tunnel one more time. She pressed my swollen mushroom deeper to leave my deposit in her little love bank.

"I'm yours," I said as I drifted into a deep sleep.

"Mhmm" she replied as she kissed me and climbed off my softening shaft.

Rating: 94%, Read 35454 times, Posted Jan 04, 2015

Fiction | First Time, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young


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