Step Daughters' Desire chapter 12 by jb_funn

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Step Daughters' Desire chapter 12

Janis, Monique, Elise and Sandra acting as run-away slaves are hiding in the woods behind the compound of the estate attempting to avoid capture by the slave hunters from the security unit.

Mean while Kim Li is in the play room with Master. She is moaning and screaming while her movements are restricted by the tight rope around each tit and tied to the three foot spreader bar above her pulled tight by the hoist controlling the spreader bar. Her arms are tied behind her at the wrist and elbows putting a strain on her shoulders. She is blindfolded and ball gagged. Her nipples bulging from the tight rope bound around the base of each tit hurt with the pinching pain of the nipple clamps.

Master is whipping her back, ass and legs with the flogger making her scream into the gag and struggling to remain still to avoid any more pain in her tits caused by pulling on them. Her screams of pain turned to groans of pleasure and he dropped the flogger reaching through her slightly spread legs to feel her hot wet pussy getting his hand slick with her juices. He rubbed the juices on and in her tight ass hole before driving his hard big cock balls deep in her ass. She squealed and humped on his cock driving in and out of her back door.

She ignored the pulling pain of her rope bound tits as she gushed cum from her cunt forced by the huge orgasm crashing through her body and pussy. Master moved out of her ass with a still hard cock and away from her. He let her hang by her tits until the orgasm passed and she stood taking the pressure off her hurting tits. He struck across front inches below her purple bulging tits forcing her to scream into the gag and thrash sending fire like pain through her tits and nipples. Another strike of the cane made her scream and fight to stand still and take the pain across her stomach.

He slipped his hand between her thighs from behind pushing three fingers in her sloppy hot cunt making her knees give slightly as she moaned with pleasure in her pussy spread to give him free access. He finger fucked her cunt thumbing her clit as her hit her with the cane from her tits to her knees. The pain turned to pleasure mixed with the pleasure of the finger fucking. He dropped the cane and slammed his big hard cock in her cunt as his fingers exited. The sudden change in her cunt sent her over the edge. Forcing her to squirt cum down her legs. He continued to fuck her hard and deep as he bit her neck forcing her orgasm to push longer and harder. He pulled from her cunt as she slipped into semi-conscious sub space.

Before she came back to reality he moved her to a padded table with a tall pole at each corner. He tied her ankles up and spread to the poles at the base of the table forcing her hips to hang on the edge of the padded table top. He stretched her arms to each corner of the table and tied them. He pulled the slack rope from the tits rope tying a tit to the top of the poles her wrist are tied to.

When she calmed down and focused she felt his hard cock pounding in her sensitive pussy as he held a buzzing hitachi on her clit. She screamed and struggled as the devilish orgasm ripped through her body making her release a continuous flood of cum. He pounded his cock in her and buzzing her clit forcing her to stay in one harsh orgasm until he felt the cum rising from his balls and pulled out. Keeping the hitachi on her sore sensitive clit he moved to her mouth burring his cock in her throat releasing a flood of cum. She screamed on his pulsing cock as her own orgasm became painful and she blacked out.

She came to on her knees, ass up, head down, ankles tied together, wrist pulled back to her ankles and a rope around her lower back and the back of her thighs keeping her to stretch out any. She tried to jump and screamed when the leather paddle came down hard on her ass cheeks. She screamed continuously as her rained blows down on her ass with the paddle.

She is still screaming and struggling when he dropped the paddle and rammed his cock up her ass. She grunted and groaned as her fucked her ass hard, deep and fast. She is getting close to another painful orgasm when he reaches under his balls to press the hitachi on her clit. She screamed louder and exploded with another massive orgasm taking control of her body. He felt her ass clamp down on his cock locking it so tight he could not move.

When she relaxed the grip on his cock he pulled out hard and pounded deep in her cunt triggering another colossal orgasm in her cunt forcing cum to squirt over his cock and legs. She came very close to passing out again. When she was able to breathe again she asks. “Master, mercy please. I can't cum anymore.”

He pulled his cock from her cunt, untied her and carried her to the couch and held her in his lap. She put her week tired arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. Her tits are hurting after being tied tight for so long. He spit on his hand and massaged her tits until they stopped hurting. She smiled and shivered with goose bumps and said. “Thank you master for using me, the after care and loving me.” He smiled and kissed her with love.

He carried her naked cum leaking body cradled in his arms like a small child making her feel safe, protected and loved more than ever in her life. As he approached the kitchen with the naked exhausted little woman Diann and Angela smiled. They saw the angry red whelps over her body front and back, cum dripping from her pussy and a smile on her lips. Angela giggled. “Another very happy little slave.” Master told Angela to bring two gator aids to Kim Li's room. She replied. “Yes, Master.” and got the gator aid from the frig and hurried up the stairs ahead of Master and his bundle of love. She opened the bedroom door and turned the covers down on Kim Li's bed.

He went into the bath room while Angela helped Kim Li drink most of her gator aid making her feel much better. Master came from the bathroom with his hard on standing out from his loins. Angela saw it and quickly bent over putting her hands on the bed and spreading her legs. Master smiled, flipped her short skirt up and pushed his hard on deep in her hot wet pussy and fucked her hard as she grunted and moaned. She squeezed his cock and her body tensed as thundering orgasm raced through her sending cum gushing down her legs. He felt his orgasm building, pulled out and said. “Knees.” She quickly turned dropped to her spread knees, hands behind her and her mouth open looking up at him with gleeful eyes.

Gripped her hair with a hand on each side of her head and shoved his cock balls deep in her throat. She gagged slightly, relaxed and swallowed allowing his cock down her throat. He pumped her head on his cock a few strokes and shot cum into her stomach. She sucked and licked his cock clean as he slowly withdrew from her mouth. He lifted her to her feet and kissed her telling her to call him for lunch. She squealed, hugged his neck. “Yes, Master. Thank you very much.” and hurried back to the kitchen. Diann smiled as she noticed the smile and cum on her chin and thighs. “I see you got rewarded for your service to Master.” Angela giggled. “I know he serviced me wonderfully.”

Master crawled in bed with Kim Li turned her back to him and spooned her as he held her breast in his hand as her head rested on his arm. She moaned happily and snuggled into his body as tight as she could. They fell into an exhausted sleep. Kim Li lay awakened and lay still enjoying the loving feeling coming from her Master she loves so deeply for a few minutes before Diann quietly entered the room. She gently awakened Master to inform him lunch is ready. Kim Li did not move until Master did. He smiled when she turned her head to look at him and said. “I love you, Master.” His hand moved to her pussy to find it is leaking arousal juice.

He moved out of bed pulled her legs over the edge of the bed spreading her knees to expose her hot wet pussy open like a blooming flower. He turned to Diann. “Lick her clean.” “Yes, Master” as she bent pushing her mouth into Kim Li's pussy. As she licked Kim Li's leaking cunt she spread her legs giving Master a good view of her own hot leaking pussy.

His cock came to full attention at the view of her ass and pussy peeking out under the short skirt. He flipped her short skirt out of the way and eased his hard on deep in her tight little ass hole. She grunted with each hard stroke in her ass and licked Kim Li's pussy and clit harder as Master fucked her ass harder and harder causing an orgasm to come to life in her body. Kim Li moaned and pushed her cunt into Diann's face as she felt an orgasm rushing through her body.

Suddenly Master pulled from her ass and slammed in her twitching leaking pussy forcing her to cum long and hard. Her squealing into Kim Li's pussy triggering an orgasm making the two slaves to cum long and hard. Master could not hold back his cum when Diann's pussy squeezed his cock triggering his cum shooting orgasm deep in her cunt. The three of them moaned and shook as they orgasm-ed together.

They calmed down and Master picked Diann up, turned her facing him, bent her over telling her to clean him. As her sweet young mouth engulfed his cock he told Kim Li to lick her clean. She moved to her knees behind Diann and hungrily licked her leaking cunt as Diann sucked and licked Master clean. Diann moaned at the overload of pleasure from Kim Li's expert work on her cunt and clit. Kim Li licked and sucked up Diann's cum as she orgasms on her face. Master pulled from her mouth and told them to shower before lunch and went to his shower, cleaned up and dressed before going to the dining


Diann, Angela, Kim Li and Master enjoyed a very good lunch and he smiled when he saw the small bowl of hot sauce beside his plate. He turned to Angela. “Thank you for the hot sauce little one.” She smiled and said. “I do not want a burning sauced pussy like Monique got.” He laughed and ask if anybody knows how the run-away slaves are doing. Diann told him two captured two being hunted. He asks which ones captured. She told him Monique and Janis. She also told him Monique encountered two real kidnappers in the woods and was rescued by two of the slave hunters. He excused himself from the table going to his office.

He called Robert. “What about the kidnappers that caught Monique, Robert.” Robert told him. “Boss they were killed when they attack her rescuers. But Monique was not harmed and continued the game.” Frank smiled. “Amazing little woman. Who saved her from the kidnappers?” Robert replied. “It was Jeff and Shawn, Boss.” Frank said. “I want them rewarded well for a job well done. Did you take the bodies to the police?” Robert replied “No sir. We found their van and disposed of the bodies and van where they will never be found.” “Very good, Robert.”

Frank told Robert to do whatever needed to prevent it happening again. Robert told him that to cover the whole ranch they would need more security officers and attack dogs. Frank told him to get whatever he needs and put officers horse back on the ranch. Robert agreed and told him he will get right on it. Frank told him he wanted all personnel on the estate protected and ask about the new ranch hand and his family. Robert told him that he and his family had been moved onto the ranch with the other ranch families.

Frank ask about the children on the ranch schooling. Robert advised him that they attend public school in town. Frank told him to advise the families with children that starting immediately they will be schooled on the estate and will not leave the estate without security. Robert laughed and said the families will be very happy to hear that news.

Frank slept with his cock buried in Kim Li's ass while she was tied, blindfolded in her bed. She slept sounder than she has ever before snuggled against his loving body, her ass full of his big cock. She woke the next morning with Master fucking her ass. She moaned and said. “Good morning, Master.” before gushing cum as he forced her to orgasm fucking her ass and thumbing her clit. He pulled from her ass and pushed in her pussy to shoot a full load of cum in her. She squealed and said.”Ooooo Thank you Master. I love you with all my heart.” He pulled out, untied her, removed her blindfold and let her suck and lick his cock clean. He sent her to the shower as he left her room back to his suite.

He showered and dressed to meet the ladies at the breakfast table. During breakfast he ask Kim Li. “Is there a building we can use for a class room for the children on the estate?” She said. “Yes, Master, there is a large enough room near the slave quarters or we can use the vacant building near the commissary.” Frank turned to Elise. “Elise, I know you have my three daughters to tutor but I want you to check the new class room and get what you need to school the children on the estate. Get books, desk and computers that you need.” Elise smiled and replied. “Master, most of the schooling can be done online and with your permission with an assistant or two we can give them a better education than they will ever get at overcrowded public schools.” He smiled. “Good get it done before fall semester school starts. Kim Li, see that Elise has the budget she needs.” Kim Li giggled. “Yes, Master.”

He asks what she thought is funny when he heard her giggle. She told him that she felt joy in her heart seeing his concern and generosity to others. He blushed at her comment and all the girls giggled.

He told them that he is going to be busy today and he wants them to take the dogs to the play room and have fun with each other and the dogs. They all thanked him for the chance to enjoy sex with each other and the dogs. He told them they can play this morning and do their chores this afternoon. “Janis, since this is Sunday and your day as my slave. You will be with me this afternoon and tonight. I will call you when I am free.” She replied. “I will be anxiously waiting, Master.”

Frank is going over some reports and paper work in his office when Robert calls and asks if he can see him. Frank told him to come to the office and waited wondering what problem has arisen now. Robert knocked on the front door and is greeted by Sandra with a big smile. “Good morning, Robert. Please come in. Master is expecting you in his office.” She escorted him to the office. Robert entered and greeted Frank. Frank returned his greeting and ask what he needs to discuss. Frank told him that he is aware that Frank wants to help young people when he can.

Robert proceeded to tell Frank that he had seen a pair of seventeen or eighteen year old twin girls in town that is living on the streets. Robert has talked to the girls and thinks they are good girls struggling to stay that way and would like Frank to meet them. Frank agreed to meet the girls and they left for town after checking the play room monitor to see what the girls were up to.

He saw a row of naked bodies Kim Li on her back legs spread, Elise on her knees mouth eating her pussy, Angela on her back under Elise licking her clit, Monique between Angela's legs sucking and licking her pussy, Diann under Monique eating her pussy and fingering her ass hole, Sandra on her knees, ass up, tongue fucking Monique as Rebel fucked Sandra in the ass.

Sandra screamed into Monique as Rebel forced her to gush cum from a powerful orgasm triggering a chain reaction of orgasms from one end of the pussy train to the other. Frank turned the audio up. He and Robert laughed at the orgasmic chorus of moans and screams from seven happy slaves.

Robert and Frank found the twins sitting at the corner of the restaurant, backs against the wall, knees pulled against their breast. They are identical twins, blond hair, blue eyes, about five feet three inches tall, maybe one hundred pounds, very slim figures, and ample breast. They are wearing shorts and T-shirts and worn out tennis shoes. Frank approached the two hungry looking girls. “Good morning, ladies.” They looked up at him and one said. “Good morning, Sir. We do not put out for anything.” Frank laughed. “I see you have been hit on a lot. I am not hitting on you, I have plenty of women at home to take care of me.” “My friend met you the other day and ask me to talk to you.” He told her they are about to have breakfast and ask them to join him.

She smiled and thanked him and said they did not need charity. Frank grinned and told her he might have a job for them if they are interested and he will buy them breakfast while they discuss it. She turned to her sister.

“Caylie, what do you think?” Caylie replied. “Cristin, we need work and I am so hungry I can't stand it.” Frank extended his hand to Cristin as Robert offered his hand to Caylie. They sat at a corner table reserved for Frank.

Frank said. “Cristin, Caylie, my name is Frank Brown and I would like to ask what your plans are.”

The twins are looking down until he told them his name. Their heads popped up and eyes flew wide open. Caylie ask. “Are you Frank Brown of the Brown Estate outside of town?” He smiled and replied. “Guilty as charged.” They told him they had heard wonderful things about him and his helping people. He told them that is why he is here today to offer them a place to live, food, clothes and a quality education for them helping with the mansion. He asks them what wanted to do for college majors. They both told him they wanted to be teachers. He smiled and thought he might have Elise's assistance for the new class for the children.

He told Robert to drop him at the insurance office and take the girls to the clothing store, so they can get what new clothes they need and put it on Roberts company card. Robert said. “Boss I understand what you are doing but I will not leave you unprotected. We can drop the girls at the store with instructions to the store staff to assist them and I will escort you to the insurance office.” Frank smiled and thanked him for his efficiency. As they took Caylie and Cristin into the department store where they knew Frank very well. He told the manager that the twins are his wards and to give them whatever they want and to make sure they have clothes befitting a young teacher. They looked at him with confusion. He smiled and told them he will explain on the way home.

He went to the insurance office where Miss Johnson greeted him with a smile and a good morning. Frank returned her greeting and ask to meet in the conference room. He told them that he no longer had time for the insurance agency and is going to sell it to the three of them as a partnership since they are all licensed agents. Miss Johnson spoke. “Frank, we know about your good fortune and are very happy for you. We will run the office for you as we have been for the past couple of weeks. We appreciate you willing to sell it to us, but the sad fact is we cannot afford to buy it. “Frank laughed. “I happen to know that each of you can pay $500.00 each for your share in the agency.” Their mouths flew open and Miss Johnson said. “Frank, this agency is worth hundreds of thousands.” He chuckled. “I know exactly what it is worth, and I would like to give it to you. The only reason I am selling it to you is to avoid you having to pay gift tax.” I will ask Boyd to meet with you all and work out the details of the owner transfer. Robert stood inside the conference room door smiling at the reaction of the three staff members.

Back at the mansion the seven slaves continued to engage in sexual pleasure with each other and the dogs. Angela is on her hands and knees moaning as Max pounds his doggy cock deep in her cunt. Monique beside her with Speedy's cock pounding deep in her ass forcing her to grunt and squeal with pain and pleasure. Sandra beside Monique with Stretch hard fucking her cunt with his cock stretching her to the max forcing her to scream with orgasm after orgasm as she licked Kim Li's pussy as she fingered her cunt. Janis is next to Sandra with Rebel ramming his cock hard and deep in her ass as she licked, sucked and moaned in Elise's cunt making her cum back to back multiple times. Diann is on her back, legs spread, moaning as Monique nibbled and licked her clit and pussy forcing her to cum hard and long.

Diann, Elise, and Kim Li turned and slid under their cunt licking partners and ate their cum leaking pussy as they got their pussies ate out in a 69 position. The group is in a pussy eating, finger fucking, dog fucking orgy creating a room of grunts, moans, squeals, and screams as they had orgasm after orgasm. The dogs knotted and filled the girls’ cunts and asses with hot cum. Sandra went limp unconscious as Stretch waited for his knot to shrink enough to slip from her pussy. When he popped out of her cunt his cum mixed with Sandra's cum flooded Kim Li's mouth and face. She rolled the unconscious Sandra on her back, licked and sucked her cunt cleaning the large amount of cum from and on her.

The other dogs finally pulled out of their bitches and the girls lay on the mats recovering from a morning of extremely pleasurable sex. Finally rested they took the dogs back to their kennel. As they approached a strange man came around the kennel and all four dogs formed a protective line between the girls and the stranger growling with the fur bristled up on their necks ready to attack the intruder. The girls froze until Luke appeared and commanded the dogs to stay. He introduced the frightened Tommy Moreno to the girls and dogs. The girls greeted him, and the dogs licked his hands. He explained to the girls Tommy is the new ranch hand and has been assigned the duty of caring for the barn animals and feeding the dogs.

The girls told Tommy they are happy to meet him and left the dogs with him to put up. Tommy and Luke smiled with appreciation as the girls walked away with their short skirts providing a sexy view of their naked asses. The seven slaves worked efficiently as a team to prepared lunch for Master's return. Frank called Monique telling her there will be two guest for lunch.

The girls heard Frank enter the front door and hurried to greet him. He had just closed the door with Cristin and Caylie standing inside with big smile as they took in the massive mansion that they hoped to be their home soon. The seven slave girls approached, hugged and kissed Master thanking him for a fun morning. He turned to the twins. “Caylie, Cristin these ladies are my family. Janis, Kim Li, Monique, Elise, Sandra, Diann, and Angela. Ladies this is Caylie and Cristin and they will be staying with us and helping with the domestic chores. The seven slave girls said in unison. “Welcome to our happy home, Caylie and Cristin. It gives our heart great joy to welcome you.”

Caylie and Cristin looked at each other with concern when they saw the way the ladies were dressed. Frank smiled at them and said. “Not to worry girls you will not be required to wear the house uniform unless you want to.” They breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at him. Monique told Frank lunch is on the table. Taking Caylie's hand she led the way to the dining room as Janis took Cristin by the hand and followed close behind. The other girls fell in behind Master as he followed to the dining room. The twins gasp as they entered the large beautiful dining room.

As they enjoyed the fine meal Frank explained to the twins that Janis is his wife and the other six his daughters. They all giggle happily as he said they were his daughters. He noticed the confusion of the twins and told them that the ladies will explain later. They smiled and blushed. Frank told Elise that the twins want to become teachers and that they had graduated high school the past year. He told her he thought they will make good assistant teachers for the upcoming class of estate children. Elise thanked him and looks forward to having their help.

Frank told her that he knows he is putting a lot of work and responsibility on her, but she will need to help them get registered for fall college classes. She smiled and told him she will be happy to help them register for online classes. Caylie asks. “Online classes?” He explained that Elise has a masters degree in education and accounting which she achieved from online classes. He told them that if she wanted to leave she could be a qualified professor at any college or university in the land and she is willing to help them become just as good. He told the ladies that he wanted alternate uniforms for the seven of them. He explained he wanted short skirts and button up blouses with accessories and for them to design what he wants. Kim Li said. “Yes, Master”

Lunch finished he told the ladies to spend time with the twins answering any questions they may have and acquaint them with the mansion letting them have one of the rooms each that the girls just moved from. He stood and took Janis's hand leading her to their bedroom. He told her to strip and she quickly removed her uniform leaving her stockings and heels on. “You know my favorite position she giggled as she stacked two fluffy pillows at the center of the huge four poster bed and lay across them, arms extended to the top corners and legs spread to the bottom corners. Her pussy gaped open leaking girly juice as she became aroused with the thought of him tying her and fucking her holes for his and her pleasure. She smiled as he tied her spread eagle and blindfolded her with her ass elevated for his use. She said. “It has been a while since you took me this way, Master.” “Do you want to safe word, bitch.” She laughed. “Oh no, Master. I need you to fuck my brains out and make me ask for mercy.”

He stood beside the bed naked with a throbbing hard on wanting to drive deep in her ass. She felt his weight on the bed just before she jerked against her ropes and squealed from the surprise pain on her ass cheeks as he slapped her with the leather paddle. Her squeals turned to screams as the paddling started to hurt and burn in her red abused ass cheeks. He paddled her until her screams turned to moans and she gushed cum on the bed.

He lay between her legs and licked her pussy and clit making her orgasm again moaning with more pleasure and pain. He used her cum to lube her ass hole as he licked and sucked her pussy and clit. He moved up her body grabbing he hair pulling her head painfully back as her rammed his cock balls deep with one hard thrust in her ass. She screamed and squeezed his big cock buried deep inside her shitter. The pain turned to pleasure and she relaxed her grip on his cock letting him pound in and out of her tight ass using her hair to pull her back to his thrust.

He is about to cum in her ass as she tensed and screamed with a squirting orgasm blasting through her pussy. He pulled from her ass and shoved his cock deep in her sloppy hot cunt. He pounded her pussy brutally forcing her to cum with one hard long orgasm shaking her body violently. She is near blacking out when he pulls out of her cunt, moving up to her mouth and pushed his throbbing cock deep in her throat to erupt cum into her stomach. She went limp, leaking cum from her cunt and mouth as he pulled out.

He untied her from the bed post, flipped her on her back, pulled her ass to the edge of the bed bent her knees tying her ankles to her thighs, pulled her hands to her ankles and tied her wrist to her ankles. He spread her knees apart opening her leaking pussy and gaping ass hole. “Keep them spread.” “Yes, Master.” He licked her wet pussy and nibbled on her clit making her wiggle and moan with the pleasure of his oral manipulation of her cunt. She can feel the orgasm building again in her body when he pushed two fingers in her pussy as he toyed her clit with his tongue and lips. She moaned and humped his fingers and mouth. She grunted when he added a third finger to her open cunt fucking her with them. She is humping and grunting when he added a fourth finger making her squeal with the added fullness.

She tensed and moaned loud when he inserted his thumb and forced his hand in her cunt past his knuckles. She exploded with a squirting orgasm when he pushed his hand in her up to his wrist mashing her G-spot and gently biting down on her clit. He fist fucked her making her orgasm continuously with the most intensive orgasm she ever had with him. The orgasm is so hard and long it took her breath and she blacked out.

When she came to she is on his lap with his arms around her, the blindfold gone and untied. She blinked, looked in his eyes, smiled and asks. “Why haven't we done that before. It felt so good to be stuffed so full in my pussy.

Master I hope you do that more to me.” He smiled “You want me to do it again now?” She giggled “I would love it, but I don't have any more cum in me and need to ask for “Mercy” to rest and recover if you permit, Master.”

“I am your slave girl and will submit to your wishes and pleasure if you want to do more to me.” He kissed her passionately. “I think we both can use a break, bitch.” She hugged his neck resting her head on his loving shoulder.

“Thank you, Master, for loving me so much.” He laid her in the bed crawling in behind her, pulling her to him, pushed his semi-hard cock in her ass and held her tit as they fell asleep.

The twins talked to the other slave girls as they cleaned the kitchen. Cristin asks. “May I ask if you are Mr. Brown's daughters why do you wear short French maid uniforms with no underwear around him. Does he force you to have sex with him?” “You called him, Master as in Master/slave. Are you all forced to serve him as such. He seems like such a nice caring man to own slaves.

Sandra explained. “Angela, Diann, and I are his step daughters.” Janis is our Mom and his first slave.” We were jealous that she was so happy with him and we begged Mom to help us achieve the same joy and happiness that she has.” “She loves us more than anything and wants us to be as happy as possible, so she explained her relationship with Daddy Frank making us want it more than ever.” “Our Mom was the happiest woman alive until we joined her as sister slaves.” “Master was reluctant at first thinking it would make Mom unhappy until she convinced him that it would in fact make her happier knowing her daughters would be loved, protected and cared for in one happy family as long as we live.” “She did not want us to hook up with some jerk that did not have the qualities as Daddy Frank and get hurt or injured trying to achieve the happiness she has.” “You ask if he forced us to have sex with him. It is right the opposite. We begged him to fuck us and he finally did and accepted us as his slaves when we ask to join Mom as sister slaves.”

“When he inherited the Shultz estate Kim Li, Monique and Elise were slaves owned by the estate making them Master's property. He gave them a choice of staying or leaving. “ “Even though each of them are wealthy they chose to remain slaves of our Master and became a part of our family.” We are each used as BD/SM sex slaves because we need it and ask for it.” “We each have a designated day to serve Master as his slave for that day and we each eagerly wait for our day with Master knowing he is going to use, abuse and fuck us senseless. Something we each desire and need.” “We have a safe word and can use it anytime we don't want to do something. Even though none of us will use our safe word for fear of disappointing our loving Master.”

Caylie asks. “Is that why he brought us here? To become slaves to serve him.” Kim Li giggled. “No, he did not. Master is the most loving generous man alive. He brought you here to give you the opportunity to achieve your educational goals with your welfare in mind.” If he thought that you did not have the intelligence and desire to achieve your goals you would not be here.” “You are not prisoners and can ask to leave any time you wish, and he will have one of the security unit to escort you anywhere you want.” “If you stay you will not be required to serve sexually. You will be expected to help with chores and assist Elise teach the young children of the ranch employees, so they will not be in danger of abduction by ransom hunting ass holes and get a quality education superior to any over crowded public school.”

“Also, if you do stay and complete your education and want to leave the family he will give you the money making you financially independent. “Elise, Monique, and I have more than one million dollars in a trust fund for each of us. We choose to stay and serve Master because we feel the love and security of a happy family headed by our Master.” “Any one of us would die for any member of our family.” Caylie asks. “You feel like part of the family even though you were a slaves before you met him and his family.” Monique laughed. “You don't understand because it is hard to imagine that a man can love a woman as much as his own family like Master does. For the first time in our lives we feel like we are as much his daughters as his step daughters. He treats us all the same from his wife/slave to his youngest daughter, Angela.” “We girls are as much sisters as if we came from the same mother and father.” “If you don't believe that try mistreating any one of us.” “Sandra can tell you what happens in a case like that. She found out the hard way when she acted like a bitch to Janis and Diann.” Sandra said. “Yes, Master showed me how wrong I was, and it will never happen again.”

Angela explained. “The bottom line is we are Master's family and slaves because we want to be.” “I bet if you stay at least a month and witness our family joy you will be begging to become part of the family.” You can't understand the true joy we get from being a part of this family, slave or not.”

Cristin said. “You all make it sound so wonderful it is hard to believe you are slaves.” Elise said. “Slave is just a term to remind us that Master is head of the family and we are not to act in any way that might hurt the family or disappoint Master.” “You will find that Master will punish any of us for acting like undisciplined teenagers that you find in what is deemed a normal family, and we understand if he has to punish one of us it is to teach us to be better people. We appreciate the punishment and crave his forgiveness.”

Kim Li thinking the twins will be more comfortable with girls their own age asks Diann and Angela to show them their rooms. They smiled and helped the twins carry their new clothes to their rooms. The twins loved their rooms and ask Diann and Angela to stay with them for a little while. They agreed, and they sat in Caylie's room to talk. Caylie ask if there are rules they should know as not to do anything wrong. Diann told her that they may not be part of the family yet but as part of the house Master will punish them for infractions of rules set for them. She told them he does not allow smoking, drinking or drug use. She told them that he will not punish them as severely as he does one of the family of slaves, but he will find a suitable punishment.

She told them that he expects them to appreciate what he is doing for them by working hard without complaint to achieve their educational goals. Other than that, he will let them know if they are pushing the rules limits. They ask if they are allowed to go to town. Diann told them that as long as they are members of his home under his care they are in danger of abduction by someone trying to get ransom from Master. For that reason, if they wish to go to town they will have a driver/bodyguard at all times. Caylie looked at Cristin and said. “That is why Robert refused to let Mr. Brown leave without him.” Diann smiled and said “That's right. There has been one kidnapping attempt on Monique recently and Master doubled the security unit and added six attack dogs for the unit.” “We have to get back to help with the chores. You are not confined to your quarters feel free to join us or explore the mansion. If you go outside do not leave the fenced compound area for your safety.”

The twins talked after Angela and Diann left them. Caylie giggled and said.

“Cristin how did we get so lucky to have a guardian angel helping us, giving us the most wonderful home to live in?” Cristin replied. “I don't know sis, but I will never do anything to jeopardize our good fortune and if you do I will kick your ass.” They laughed and showered enjoying the big most wonderful shower they ever saw. The shower felt so good on their bodies that had not had a decent bath in several days. They spent the next few days helping Elise with the class room and the other girls with the day to day chores. They observed closely at the true happiness the slave girls projected all the time. It was like there was never an unhappy moment in the family.

They also saw daily Master cradling a happy, smiling, naked, exhausted slave in his arms as he carried her to her room and spent the next few hours with her. They realized that he truly loved and treated each of them equally. Finally, Caylie had to ask. “Angela, we have seen your Master take a girl daily into the basement for hours and then carry her lovingly as she seems to be so happy, exhausted, naked, with whip marks on her body. What is that for.”“Is he punishing you all for something we have not noticed or is he just sadistic.” Angela said. “It may appear that way, but it is something we want and look forward to.” That is what he gives us as an expression of his love giving us what we desire and need to feel like we deserve his love.”

“But it looks like he beats you.” Angela smiled. “You can't understand until

you experience it, but Master has a way of turning pain to pleasure.” “Yes, it starts out as pure pain but quickly turns to pain and pleasure. There is not one of us that does not experience a wonderful orgasm from the pain.” He always fucks all of our holes until we are so satisfied and exhausted we can't cum anymore.” “Then he does what we call after care, showing us the tender deep love, he has for each of us.” When you see him carry us from the basement or what we call the play room to our room as part of his aftercare he lovingly puts us to bed and snuggles with us while we sleep and recover from the extreme pleasure in the play room.” “I can't put it in words how it makes us feel so happy and loved and can hardly wait for our turn to go to the play room where he actually uses, abuses, and fucks us so hard.” “If you ever get to experience a play room session you will realize what a wonderful man and Master we have.” “I would not trade my life here for anything else.” “The marks and pain go away quickly and there is nothing but the pleasure with the knowledge that no other man alive could love us as much as our Master.”

Caylie asks if she would be allowed to see the play room. Angela told her she will need to ask Master that question. When she asks Frank if she could see the play room. He told her that she is not ready for that yet. She sat in her room after dinner watching television unable to shake the curiosity of the play room. She smiled with an idea how she could see the play room after all she has a safe word if she needs it. She pulled her back pack from the closet and got a joint out. She waited until almost time for him to come wish them a good night and lit the marijuana joint and puffed it a few times to get the smell in her room and flushed it down the toilet. Frank checked on Cristin telling her good night and went to Caylie's room. He knocked on her door and waited for her to tell him to come in. The smell of the marijuana hit him as soon as he opened the door. Stepping inside and closing the door he looked at her with a frightening stern look making her think she has fucked up. He said. “Caylie, you know I do not allow drug use in my home.” She replied. “Yes, Sir. I am sorry it will not happen again.” He moved to the side of her bed, pulled the covers back, picked her up and draped her across his legs as he sat on the bed. He pulled her wrist behind her holding them restrained as he flipped her short nighty above her hips exposing her panty covered ass.

She struggled and screamed when his hand came down hard on her ass cheeks. She begged. “Please stop. I promise I will never do it again.” He spanked her ass as she screamed and cried trying to get away from his hand. When she stopped screaming and started moaning he stopped spanking her. As he started to pick her up from his lap he noticed her panties were soaked with pussy juice or cum. He turned her to sit on his lap with her sore burning bum. He put his arms around her pulling her close to him. “Caylie, I don't want to hurt you, but while you are in my home you will do as I say. Why did you do that knowing I do not allow it.” As she sat on his lap with her head on his shoulder she suddenly realized what Angela meant about feeling loved. No one ever cared enough about her to punish her. She thought for a minute and answered his question. “Sir, I thought if I broke the rules you would take me to the play room. I am so curious about what is down there I took the chance just to get to see it.” “Silly girl, I will let you see the play room when and if you are ready.”

She giggled. “Yes, sir. I did accomplish one thing though. I got a taste of what Angela and the others feel when you take them to the play room and spend the day with them.” “I know now that you truly care for Cristin and me. No one has ever cared enough about me to punish me for doing wrong. I feel the affection from you holding me and taking the time to ask why. Is this what Angela called after care?” “Yes, pumpkin. I never punish my girls and leave them hurting and feeling alone and unforgiven.” “I understand a lot more now of what the other girls have been trying to tell me. Thank you, sir, for caring about me.” He put her back in bed, covered and kissed her good night.

She asks. “Sir, do you forgive me? I promise never to do it again.” He smiled you will be forgiven when you get rid of the rest of your stash.” She threw the covers back, pulled her back pack from under the bed, got the remaining three joints and rushed to the toilet and flushed them. Turning to him. “Am I forgiven now, Sir.” He smiled. “You are forgiven.” She hurried back to bed, pulled the covers up and outstretched her arms smiling at him. He kissed her good night, turned the light off as he left the room.

She fell asleep with a smile feeling more loved than any time in her young life and slept better than she has in years. Morning came and a knock on her door awakened her. She sat up on the bed and said come in. Angela walked in the room to tell her breakfast is almost ready but before she could say anything Caylie threw the covers back and flew in Angela's arms giggling like a happy child. Angela pulled back smiling. “Good morning to you too. You are very happy this morning.” Caylie laughed. “I am loved and in love. You are right the pain is worth the love he gives.” “And how do you know this?”

Caylie told her what she did, why she did it and what he did. “Angela, he spanked me because he cares about me. While he was hurting me I suddenly understood why he was spanking me just like you said. The pain turned to happy pleasure and I actually had an orgasm in my panties.” “The after care was incredible. I have never felt loved like I felt while he held me and talked to me. I am in love with him and will never break another rule.” She giggles. “On second thought maybe, I will.” They laughed together, and Angela told her to get ready for breakfast and went to wake Cristin. Caylie hurried to shower and dress for breakfast. Hurrying to the kitchen she asks if she can help.

They all looked at the hyper happy young girl and giggled. Kim Li said.

“If I did not know better I would say someone has been to the play room.”

Angela laughed. “Close but not quite yet.” Angela handed her the plates asking her to set the table. She squealed and said. “I love you all and I have never been happier in my whole life.” Cristin came in the kitchen sleepy eyed as Caylie went to set the table. Cristin ask why Caylie is so excited this morning. Angela snickered. “She got spanked.” Cristin asks. “What? Who spanked her and why?” Angela smiled. “Master spanked her, and you will have to ask her why.”

Cristin sat at the table waiting for the others that stood in the hall waiting for Master to come for breakfast and Caylie stood with them for the first time. He approached the smiling ladies and said. “Good morning, ladies. I am starving.” They each said, “Good morning, Master.” as Caylie smiled and said “Good morning, Sir.” As they sat for breakfast Caylie rushed to his side and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Sir. Oh, sorry am I allowed to do that.” He chuckled at her cheerfulness and said. “I never refuse a show of affection.” She giggled and sat down. The others had to laugh at her new found attitude.

Janis sitting to his right whispered “I think you have a problem. What did you do to change her like that?” He leaned over and whispered. “I spanked her last night for smoking in her room.” “Aaah that explains it. She fell in love with you last night for caring enough to punish her.” “Now we have another decision to make about another slave.” He replied, “We shall see.” He sat back and asks. “Which one of my beautiful girls is mine for the day?” They all looked at Sandra and she said. “I am if it pleases, Master.” He chuckled and said “It pleases me very much. You are one of my seven favorite slaves.” They all laughed as Caylie joined them realizing even more that he does not show any favoritism.

Janis smiled and said. “Master, I thought you should know that you have three slaves thinking of running away.” He smiled and said. “I bet it is Angela, Diann and Kim Lie.” They all giggled and Janis said, “Very perceptive of you, Master.” He called Luke. “Luke do you have six men to volunteer for slave hunter duty this morning.” Luke laughed. “Boss I think I can find a few volunteers. Is six enough?” Frank thought a minute looking at the worried three soon to be run-away slaves. “Luke now that you mention it maybe you should get nine volunteers.” “No problem, Boss. They will be ready. I will get one more to add to the eight we used last time.” Angela said. “Oh, shit we are going to get gang banged.” As soon as she said it she looked at Master. “Sorry, Master. It just slipped out.” He said. “Come here and I will give you something to remind you not to do it again.”

Angela quickly went to him as he patted his lap. She groaned raised her short skirt to expose her pretty little ass for the spanking she had coming. She lay across his lap with her wrist behind her. He held her wrist firm in his left hand and spanked her butt with the right. She struggled and screamed as her ass burned and turned red as he slapped her ass until she stopped screaming and gushed cum with her body shaking from the orgasm. Cayllie moaned and rubbed her thighs together as Angela got punished. He helped her sit up in his lap, kissed her, hugged her and told her she is forgiven. “Thank you Master. I will remember not to let it happen again.” She hugged and kissed him and went to help clean up breakfast.

The three run-away slaves hurried to their rooms, dressed in dark short shorts, T-shirts and tennis shoes. Janis handed each of them a lunch bag and a canteen of water as they came through the kitchen headed to the cover of the woods. Luke watched from the security building with binoculars until the three run-away slaves disappeared into the cover of the woods. He turned to the slave hunters and told them one hour to pursuit time. The three nervous excited slaves split up hurrying deeper in the woods in search of good hiding places to escape capture by the slave hunters knowing they will be punished and gang raped if caught. Knowing they will probably be caught they put huge amounts of lube in their pussy and ass to make it easier to take the very large cocks that will be raping them. Angela found a large tree with heavy foliage with several large rocks next to the trail close by. She walked past the tree, stepped on the grass and leaves covering the ground and jumped on the nearest rock walking on the rocks back to the tree climbing up in the foliage.

She sat patiently thinking she is well hidden from the slave hunters. Diann found some heavy underbrush and dug in under it pulling lose limbs to cover the area she dug out. She lay dead still thinking they would not be able to see her in the thick brush. Kim Li found a clump of boulders after checking for insects and critters she burrowed down between the boulders out of sight. She lay lifeless thinking she had found the perfect hiding place that she could wait until sundown to escape capture by the slave hunters.

The hour passed and the slave hunters began their pursuit of the three run-away slaves. At the edge of the tree line they saw the tracks of the slaves split up and broke into three man teams tracking the run-away slaves into the woods. The expert trackers followed the tracks to each of the of the slaves hiding in what they thought was safe places.

Angela watched the three slave hunters follow her tracks under the tree hiding her to the end of the rocks. One hunter said she had left the trail but did not go deeper in the brush. They looked at the rocks and smiled. Looking up in the tree as they walked back under her. She gasp as one told her she can make it easier on herself if she will come down. If they have to come up after her she will suffer more pain than she is now for running away. She took a deep breath and slowly climbed down into one of their arms. He slung her over his shoulder and carried her to a nearby tree. They heard a scream near them. Then another scream a little farther away. Angela's wrist were tied together as she hung over the shoulder of the slave hunter as her ankles were tied together. One of the slave hunters asks. “ Should we hang her from wrist or feet?” The one holding her over his shoulder said. “Feet.”

She saw the rope tossed over the tree limb above her and her feet being lifted. She screamed as she slid off the hunter's shoulder and swung a few feet off the ground. Her long hair hung down nearly touching the ground as she hung from the tree limb like a side of beef. She went into darkness as the blindfold was buckled over her eyes. She felt totally helpless as she hung from the tree limb sightless. She jerked in mid air as the gag was forced in her mouth. She thrashed and screamed into the gag as the pain fired up in her ass cheeks from a hand spanking her hard.

Suddenly she felt more pain in her tits as something like a cane struck across both her nipples. They caned her and spanked her causing almost unbearable pain in her body and ass. The caning worked up her front from her tits to her knees as she screamed and thrashed violently. They hit her front and back until her screams turned to moans and she hung limp from the tree limb gushing cum down her front in her face and hair. They stopped beating her lowering her with her cunt level with their cocks. She felt a rope pulling her hands up until her body was parallel to the ground, head hanging back. The gag was removed and a long thick cock force slowly in her mouth into her throat. She moaned and tried to relax and swallow to take the huge rod in her throat. She screamed on the cock when pain shot through her body from her ass when a large cock popped in her sphincter and slowly inched deeper in her ass. She tried to relax her ass muscles to accept the cock in her ass as the cock fucked her throat. When her ass relaxed and stretched the cock in her bung hole started fucking her pushing her onto the cock in her throat and then back on the cock in her ass. She screamed and shook as they fucked her at both ends. The pain turned to pleasure and pain forcing her to moan with the pending orgasm raging through her. She screamed on the cock in her mouth as the orgasm slammed her cunt forcing her to squirt cum on her rapist and her stomach. As she convulsed with the orgasm they climaxed spurting cum in her ass and throat triggering another orgasm squirting more cum on her and her rapist.

She sucked and licked the large cock clean as he slowly pulled from her mouth. The ass fucker moved to her mouth forcing her to suck and lick him clean as the third hunter unceremoniously rammed his huge cock up her ass balls deep. She tried to scream from the sudden intrusion and pain in her ass. He fucked her ass hard and deep as she sucked the cock with cum and her ass smell in her mouth. She felt the ass cock swell and waited for his load of cum and moaned when he jerked out of her ass and rammed balls deep in her tight unused cunt. She screamed as he fucked her hard and deep and shot a huge load of cum in her pussy triggering another orgasm slamming through her cunt making her gush cum around he buried cock. She went limp in her suspension, breathing hard, groaning and moaning in an exhausted state.

She did not feel the long pole slip between her legs and wrist or the blindfold removed from her tightly closed eyes she started to regain awareness and felt her body swaying side to side as they carried her tied to a horizontal pole. Mean while the screams they heard in the near distance was Diann as the slave hunters dragged her from her hiding place and tied her arms around a tree trunk mashing her tits against the bark of the tree. Her legs spread forcing her to straddle the tree making the bark scratch her pussy lips. The three hunters bull whipped her shoulders, back, ass and legs taking turns lashing her. One lashing her back, one lashing her ass and the third lashed her legs. She screamed with each lash on her helpless body forcing her to jump and force her tits and cunt against the bark of the tree increasing the terrible pain on the front and back of her body. They stopped beating her when her screams turned to moans and she humped the tree as she squirted cum on the tree trunk. When she calmed down They untied her from the tree and tied her hands behind her.

The biggest slave hunter picked her up spinning her with her legs spread each side of his neck over his shoulders, forcing his huge cock deep in her mouth making her gag until she relaxed her throat and swallow taking it into her throat. She squealed on his cock when he buried his tongue deep in her cum soaked cunt. He fucked her throat as he drove her mad tongue fucking her pussy and pressing her clit with his chin. He forced her to orgasm again as he climaxed in her throat. He spun her around with her ass down and head up handing her to another of the slave hunters. She laid her head on his shoulder as they forced her to straddle his waist. He picked her up lining his huge cock up to her pussy opening and slid her down until she was impaled balls deep on his huge cock. She is feeling pleasure as he slides her up and down his cock when on a down stroke another huge cock pushed in her ass. She moaned and grunted as they fucked her ass and cunt together. She felt pain and pleasure as she was stuffed and stretched like never before. The colossal orgasm rushed through her body like a tidal wave slamming her cunt pushing squirting cum from her stretched pussy. They felt her clamping ass and pussy

on their cocks and erupted shooting huge amounts of cum in her ass and pussy together. The intensity of her orgasm doubled and she black out from holding her breath so long. She came to swinging from the transport pole carried by two of the slave hunters. She is in pain from the beating she took from the bull whips thinking she must have cuts from the lashes to her body but could not feel any blood. She hung limp with her head hanging back moaning from the pain and pleasure in her body, pussy and ass.

While Diann and Angela were being punished and fucked Kim Li was screaming in her own hell. The hunters had dragged her from the boulders and tied her face down on a horizontal log with her arms tied around the log and her legs tied spread to a limb between her ankles forcing he pussy open for their use. One of the slave hunters fucked her ass, one fucked her mouth and one used a switch to whip her shoulders, back and ass cheeks making her jerk on their cocks and scream from the stinging pain of the switch and the stretching pain in her ass. Her screams turned to moans as a powerful orgasm blasted her cunt. When she relaxed exhausted from the pain and pleasure they pulled out of her holes, untied her, moved her off the log, tied her arms across her back and tied rope around her arms and tits. The hunter with the switch lay on the ground as another picked her up forcing her legs apart he forced her down on his cock. He gripped her waist and worked her up and down his cock. The hunter that impaled her on his partner's cock forced her to lay forward and shoved his cock balls deep in her ass again. She squealed as he stretched her ass hole making her feel totally stuffed with two of the biggest cocks she ever felt in her cunt and ass hole. They slammed hard in her holes making her open her mouth wide to scream and got the third hunters cock rammed straight into her throat. She grunted, moaned and screamed as they fucked her mouth, pussy and ass. She felt the most powerful orgasm of her life teetering on the edge of release when they climaxed together filling her throat, cunt and ass with huge loads of cum triggering her powerful squirting orgasm. The orgasm is so hard and long she could not breath and blacked out.

She came to hanging by her wrist and ankles tied around a transport pole. She swayed from side to side with her head hanging back with her long hair dragging the ground. They came out of the woods moving toward the mansion a short distance behind the other two teams. The three run-away slaves were carried to a large tarp spread on the ground in front of the dog kennels. The slave hunters untied them from the transport poles and they lay exhausted on the tarp. Each slave was turned on the stomach hips raised to position them on their knees, heads down on the tarp. Their hands were pulled under them and tied to their lower legs, knees forced apart. They did not have the strength to struggle and waited for their fate. Luke got Rebel, Speedy and Max out of the kennel placing one behind each captive slave.

Luke commanded. “Boys lick.” The three eager dogs pushed their cold nose in each slaves pussy eliciting squeals from each simultaneously. The three captive slaves moaned with the pleasure forced on their sore well used cunts. They each got hit with yet another orgasm as the dogs licked them. Luke commanded. “Boys stay.” The dogs sat sniffing the smell of bitches in heat.

The three captive slave girls moaned and slowly calmed as they dripped cum from their pussies. Luke commanded. “Boys mount.” The three dogs lunged forward mounting the three captive slaves humping hard and fast. The slaves screamed at the same time as each of the dogs found their targets and rammed deep in each of the captive slave's sore well used pussies. They screamed long and hard as the dogs pounded in them until the pain turned to pleasure and they orgasmed. Each dog buried his knot in his bitches cunt about the same time making the slaves scream again as they had another orgasm.

Caylie heard the screams from the kitchen and looked out the back door. She saw the dogs on the slaves and yelled “They need help. The dogs are attacking them.” Janis, Monique and Elise busted out with loud laughter as Cristin ran to the door looking out at the three captive slave getting fucked by three dogs. Caylie in near panic screamed. “Why are you laughing. They need help.” Cristin stood frozen in her tracks. Monique took Caylies hand. “Caylie, calm down. They are not being attacked They are getting fucked by the dogs.” Caylie and Cristin looked at her in shock. “WHAT? Getting fucked by dogs?” “Yes, Caylie. It's part of their punishment for running away.”

Caylie went back to look out the door with Cristin and watched as the slaves stopped screaming and looked as if they are enjoying the dog fucking. She turned back to Monique. “Are they really enjoying the dogs fucking them?” Monique giggled and said. “Yes, they are having hard orgasms and enjoying every minute of getting fucked my the horny dogs.” “Caylie looked at the scene again. “They are still with the dogs on their backs.” Monique said. “They are waiting for he dogs knot to shrink enough to pull out of them.” Caylie's mouth flew open. “Are you saying they are stuck together?”

The dogs pulled from the three captive slaves releasing a flood of cum from each of them. Luke put the dogs back in the kennel as three of the slave hunters untied the slaves, picking them up cradling the girls in their strong arms and carried them to the mansion. As the men approached the door Janis asks Caylie and Cristin if they will show them to Angela and Diann's rooms. They said. “Yes, Mam.” opened the door and led the men to the girls rooms as Janis escorted the man with Kim Li to her room. Caylie and Cristin turned down the covers on the girls bed letting the slave hunter gently lay them in the bed. The hunters asks. “Can you take care of her now?” and left.

Caylie ask Angela if she is alright as she used a wet rag to clean the cum from her body. Angela smiled and said. “I am sore, exhausted and very happy.” Caylie gasp at her reply. “Your happy? How could they do that to you?” Angela smiled. “It's part of the run-away slave game we play. It's scary, thrilling, painful and very pleasurable. Remember what I told you about pain turning to pleasure like when Master spanked you? Well this is ten times more fun.” Caylie said. “But they forced you to fuck a dog.” Angela said. “I have fucked the dogs without being forced and loved it each time.” Caylie said. “I have to admit I got wet watching you fuck the dog. Does it really feel that good?” “Yes, it does. Ask any of us slaves.”

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