A Month Of Triple Penetration by fbailey

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A Month Of Triple Penetration

Mom sat us both down and said, “Okay, here’s the deal. Your sister is almost fourteen and still a virgin. So I what I need from you is to fuck her silly for a month and don’t play favorites, she has three holes, use them all. Is that clear?”

I looked up at her in total shock, then I looked at my little sister who was also in total shock.

Mom said, “It’s for your own good and for your sister’s too.”

She then told us to stand up and undress. I hadn’t seen my sister naked in several years and she hadn’t seen me either. I was hard as usual and it was sticking up in the air.

Mom said, “I guess you had better get started right away…I’ll watch.”

I was actually scared and figured that Betsey was too. Mom had me lay on my back on the couch and had Betsey suck on my cock to get it wet. She told her the wetter the better. After a while Mom had her try to sit down on my cock and held it up for her. Betsey was having trouble getting on it and made Mom mad. She left the room and came back with a gob of something on her finger. She shoved that finger into Betsey’s pussy making her cry, and then she positioned her over my cock, and pressed down on her shoulders making Betsey scream out in pain. Mom told her to get used to it, but she did tell her that it gets better.

Well since we were already at it I decided to see what it felt like. My friends had told me so many different stories about fucking girls that I couldn’t figure out if they were lying or not. As I moved my hips up and down Mom helped my sister to get into the same rhythm with me. Finally Mom let go and stood back to watch us.

It was nothing at all like I had been told and I knew immediately that my friends had been lying about getting fucked. It wasn’t very long before I was cumming in my sister. She smiled down at me apparently feeling the warm liquid spray around inside her.

Mom was happy and told us to stay naked and to fuck any time that I got hard. She told Betsey to make sure that I got hard. Then once again she told me to use her three holes.

When we were alone, I asked Betsey what three holes Mom had been talking about. She thought about it a moment and then said, “I think she means my butt hole.”

I laughed and asked, “Really?”

Betsey said, “It has to be. I already used my mouth and pussy on your cock and that only leaves my butt hole.”

I asked, “Do you think it’ll hurt like your pussy did?”

Betsey laughed and said, “I don’t think so I’ve passed bigger turds than you.”

I laughed because I had passed bigger turds than my cock too. So I said, “I’m ready to do it if you are. Where did Mom get that stuff?”

Just then Mom tossed a tube at us from the doorway. It read K-Y Jelly. I put some on my finger and stuck it Betsey’s asshole. She seemed to enjoy it so I slipped in another finger. Betsey told me to stop fooling around and put it in. She got on the floor like a dog and I got down behind her. My cock slipped in much easier than it had into her pussy.

As we fucked Mom explained, “That’s called the doggy position and you are having anal sex. The reason it hurt so much in her pussy was because of her hymen, it was still intact assuring you that she was a true virgin. Most girls her age have inserted things and broken their own hymens.”

I asked, “What things?”

Mom replied, “Oh mostly vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, and my favorite, corn on the cob.”

I asked, “You can really get a corn on the cob in her pussy?’

Mom laughed and said, “Not hers silly, mine.”

I said, “I’d like to see that?”

Betsey said, “Me too.”

As I thought about Mom shoving an ear of corn into her pussy I started to cum in my sister’s ass. She liked it but said that she had to use the bathroom when I pulled out. Mom laughed and told her to keep the door open so that I could watch her go. Then she sent me to follow her.

When we came back out Betsey said, “Mom that was embarrassing. He watched me wipe.”

Mom said, “Get used to it. From now on he will watch you do everything. In fact from now on he will wipe your pussy after you pee and you will hold his cock when he pees. Is that clear?”

We both said, “Yes.”

Mom smiled and said, “You can both wipe your own asses after you shit but the other one has to watch. You will both take baths and showers together and sleep together too. Is that clear?”

We both said, “Yes.”

Then Mom had us take a shower and I was to wash Betsey and she was to wash me. Mom told me not to leave any part of her untouched. She then told Betsey to give me a blowjob in the shower and to swallow all of my cum. Once again she told her to get used to it. It seemed that everything we did together involved Betsey getting used to it.

After two weeks of being naked and having sex several times a day Mom said, “I want you to make a list of thirty-five boys to fuck your sister. In a couple of weeks you will start inviting one over each day to fuck your sister for three days in a row. On the first day they will fuck her mouth, then her pussy, and then on the third day they will fuck her ass. After the first three days she will have a cock in every hole at the same time. That’s called triple penetration and it’s every woman’s desire. Your sister will experience it every day for an entire month with a different boy in each hole.”

Felling left out I asked, “What about me?”

Mom said, “You get to fuck her all of the time, but if you need something extra, then you can fuck me.”

I smiled and said, “Okay.” Mom looked at me as if she hadn’t expected that reaction. In fact after two weeks of being naked and fucking my sister constantly I still had not seen my mother naked.

Apparently Betsey had noticed that too and said, “How come only we have to be naked? If he is going to start fucking you don’t you think that you should be naked too and let him wipe your pussy after you pee?”

Mom actually blushed and said, “Okay, okay, you are right. I have stayed dress to give you all of his attention but it has made me so horny that I can hardly stand it. I masturbate every chance that I get. A good stiff cock once in a while is exactly what I need.”

Mom stood up and undressed. Then she stood next to Betsey. I just stared at them both for a few minutes comparing their bodies. Mom was taller by a few inches and her face and hair were nicer than Betsey’s. Mom had a more mature body that was fully developed at thirty-four. Her breasts swelled to fill a C-cup while Betsey just barely filled a B-cup. Mom’s areolas were bigger and darker than my sister’s areolas that were small and light pink. Betsey was still a little girl in every way with her rounded tummy, no waist, and flabby butt. Even Mom’s pussy looked grown up. It wasn’t as puffy as Betsey’s was and it was trimmed. It also had a lot more hair on it. Mom’s nipples were harder and darker with nice big areolas around them.

I reached out to feel of Mom’s breasts with one hand and of her pussy with the other hand.

Mom said, “You’re all hands just like your father was. God, I miss him.”

Dad had died in a car accident a few years before but with the insurance money we lived well and Mom didn’t have to work. That was why we had the entire summer together. August was to be Betsey’s triple penetration month. That was only two weeks away but she was ready right then. In our two weeks together I had fucked all of her holes at least twice a day so I knew that I had been in her ass at least the thirty times that the other boys will be.

Mom said, “You can fuck me in one of my holes at bedtime but only after you have fucked your sister properly during the day.”

I said, “Okay.” I had my sister bend over and grab her ankles. Then I shoved my cock into her asshole. She no longer needed any K-Y to accept my cock in her butt but it did help on occasions.

I then pulled Mom right in front of me so her knees were touching Betsey’s back as I fucked her. I grabbed a hold of Mom’s nipples and rolled them giving her pleasure. Just as I cum in my sister’s rectum my mother cum too. She thanked me.

Betsey stood up and asked, “So how come I have to get used to being fucked all the time with triple penetration from a lot of boys for a full month? What do I get out of it?”

Mom said, “You get to have sex anytime that you want, with whoever you want, and in any place that you want it. You have at least five to eight years before you get married and settle down. Until then get it out of your system, live free, and fuck them all.”

I had to ask, “What about Betsey with other girls?”

Mom smiled and said, “I have plans for that too. I’m inviting a different girl each night for a sleep over. Some will work out and some won’t. I have prepared a list from her friends, classmates, and relatives.”

Betsey said, “So now everyone in school, both boys and girls, will know that I fuck around. Our neighbors and relatives will know too. Who won’t have a chance to fuck me?” She said that very sarcastically too.

Mom retorted with, “Only those that you haven’t met yet.”

Mom wasn’t kidding either, Betsey let all thirty-five boys fuck all of her holes, I got to fuck Mom, and together we shared about half of the girls that came for sleepovers.

The whole month of August was one long orgy at our house. There were boys and girls at our house fucking and sucking all the time. Mom let a few of the boys fuck her but not too many, mostly she liked the girls with me watching and then me fucking the girls after she was done with them. After Betsey’s triple penetration every day the boys were free to fuck her all that they wanted too before they left.

When school started in September Betsey and I were the most popular kids there. Absolutely everyone knew that Betsey and I fucked around and many of them wanted to try us out. The boys all wanted to loose their virginities with Betsey and all of the girls wanted me to take theirs.

Even the teachers knew what was up, because several of them propositioned us. I didn’t turn any of them down, that was for sure.

The End

A Month Of Triple Penetration


Rating: 80%, Read 81316 times, Posted Dec 06, 2009

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male


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