Motorcycle Granny by fbailey

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Motorcycle Granny

I used to laugh at my grandmother when she cruised around town on her little motorized scooter. With that she could do all of twenty-two miles an hour on flat ground. A couple of years later she had a little motorcycle for going up into the woods on but that one wasn’t street legal. A year ago grandma got a better motorcycle that was cheap and older. Then a month ago granny bought an old refurbished Indian Motorcycle. She soon became ‘Motorcycle Granny - the sexy senior citizen.’ That’s what it says on the back of her black leather jacket too in bright pink letters. Grandma also wears leather pants and a leather vest without a bra.

My mother says that grandma changed a lot after grandpa died and that she is just going through a stage or something.

I like Granny she’s cool. Not every fourteen-year-old boy has a sixty-year-old grandmother to go bike riding with and I don’t mean bicycle either. Granny lets me use one of her older motorcycles and we go riding together.

We were way out in the boondocks one day when Granny saw an old run-down bar with three Harley motorcycles parked out front. We stopped and went inside. I looked around and all I saw was three gruff looking guys with beards to go along with the three motorcycles that we saw outside. Then there was the guy behind the bar that told her to get me out of there. Granny told him to go fuck himself and that I was her pimp. She also told him that I would kill him if he gave us anymore lip.

That made him and the biker guys laugh. The bikers bought Granny a shot of whiskey with a beer chaser and an orange juice for me. Then one of them asked her how much I charged for a straight fuck. Granny told him that she was the best two-dollar whore that he ever rode. He laughed and said, “Two dollars.” Granny said, “Or two rides for ten dollars.” That just made them laugh even more. Then the three of them slapped ten dollar bills onto the bar in front of me. Each one wanted to ride Granny twice.

I watched as my grandmother stripped naked right there in the bar and climbed up onto the pool table for them. All grandma had on besides her coat and boots was that vest and pants. I knew that she wasn’t a bra but I really thought that she would have a pair of panties on at least. She looked pretty good too and her breasts hung nicely. Then I watched as the first guy got up on the pool table and started to fuck her. He was probably three times her size and his cock was sticking out of his pants as he shoved it into her. His cock was probably twice as big as mine was. Granny loved it and kept insulting him so that he would fuck her harder. The other two guys fucked her too right after he pulled out. They reamed her non-stop for about thirty minutes straight. Then Granny called for a time out and sat naked at the bar on a stool for another shot of whiskey and a beer.

When she finished that drink the bikers weren’t ready for their second turns yet so she asked me to fuck her. I whispered to her that I was a virgin but she just said that it was time to change that. Besides she told me that a pimp always gets to fuck his girls. The motorcycle guys cheered me on and told me that Granny was actually a pretty good fuck. She thanked them for the compliment.

So I helped Granny get back up onto the pool table again. I had watched as the last two guys had just dropped their pants and underwear to their knees and fucked her so that was what I did. I looked at Granny’s hairy pussy and wondered if I really should do it or not. Granny told me too just stick it in her and then she opened her legs up wide. I looked inside my first pussy. It was a wet, pink, and slimy. So I fucked my own grandmother and I enjoyed it. She really was slimy but I was fucking a girl and that is all that a kid my age really needed to know. Grandma gave me plenty of encouragement and told me that I could fuck her some more any time that I wanted too. So I pumped my cum into her hole and added it to the other gobs that were already in there. When I pulled out of her one of the other guys was ready to plug her hole for the second time. He asked me if it was my first gangbang and I told him that it was. He laughed and told me that he had been in a lot of them before but that Granny was one of the best. After the other two bikers finished fucking her Granny got dressed to leave. She just pulled her black leather pants right and slimmed the inside. She handed me the thirty dollars and told the men that we would be back again next week if they wanted an encore.

We rode back to grandma’s house to get cleaned up. She made me get completely naked and take a shower with her. It was kind of nice and she let me wash her body. I got my first feel of boob that day from Granny. She let me suck her tits and feel of her pussy too. After we dried off Granny needed to pee first but she wanted me to fuck her again when it wasn’t so slimy in there. It was a lot better that second time and I was real happy that no one was watching me either. Granny wrapped her legs around me and told me a couple of things that would make it feel better for us both. Basically I had to slow down and take longer strokes. She really was cool. I shoved my cock into her until I felt that same feeling that I get when I jerk off. Then when I started to cum grandma did too because she told me so. She even thanked me for being her pimp. She asked me for the thirty dollars back so that she could start a college fund for me. I got dressed and then I went home.

When I got home mom asked me how my ride was with grandma. I told her that we had a great time and that we were going to do it again next week too. Mom was pleased that I liked hanging out with grandmother.

The next weekend Granny and I rode back to that same bar. The same three motorcycle guys were there and that time they had four other friends with them. Granny smiled and told them that her pimp was starting a college fund and that the new price was ten dollars a fuck. Grandma sure enjoyed herself that day. The bartender wouldn’t them fuck her on the pool table anymore because he said that it stained his felt. Granny didn’t care where she got fucked and threw a towel from the lady’s room onto the floor in the corner. That day I made a hundred dollars. Granny got fucked for two hours straight and even gave a free one to the bartender.

Once we got back at her place I asked Granny if I could fuck her dirty and she just smiled at me. She said that my grandfather always liked to fuck her after one or two of his friends had too and that he always liked sloppy seconds best. She said that I reminded her a lot of grandpa. As I soon found out grandma liked the second fucks best too because she was that much wetter down there. She loved gangbangs.

Slipping my cock into her slimy pussy felt so good. I had watched her get fucked eleven times that day and I needed relief. Granny loved it. She loved the feel of my cock in her and she loved the fact that I was her grandson. Apparently grandpa used to fuck my mother when she was a teenager and he always said that incest was best. Grandma said that he was absolutely right about the incest being the best. While I was fucking grandma she told me stories of my mother as a teenage girl trying to fuck every boy that she possibly could. Basically grandpa would let my mother take all of the boys that she wanted to up to her bedroom after dinner all week long and fuck her. Then once or twice each week grandpa would get to fuck her as payment for the sexual privileges that he allowed her. He always fucked my mother right after some good looking boy had fill her pussy with his cum. Grandpa loved adding his cum to her freshly used hole and it seems that mom liked it too. I got so excited listening to grandma telling me stories that I filled her with my cum much sooner than I wanted too. After we took a shower together grandma took the hundred dollars from me. She said that in about five years I should have enough money to go to college but that I would have to start pimping her out to my friends. What! That was correct grandma wanted my friends to fuck her for ten dollars too. Why not, most of my friends really wanted to fuck a girl but they couldn’t get one to let them do it yet.

When I got home mom asked me about my day with grandma again. I had thought about a good story to tell her but I told her the truth anyway. I told my mother that I had been fucking grandma and prostituting her out to motorcyclists for the last two weeks. She went into shock for a moment and then she started to bitch me out when I stopped her. I told mom that I knew all about her letting grandpa fuck her twice a week after one of her many boyfriends had just filled her pussy up. I convinced mom that I knew a whole lot more about her than I should know. I asked mom if she still liked the second fucks best and she blushed as she told me that she doesn’t get many of them anymore. The truth was that she had only had two such occasions since I had been born. That was really too bad because mom deserved a lot better than that. I told her to come into my bedroom after dad was done fucking her that night if she wanted seconds. Mom smiled at me and said that she just might do that.

I was lying in my bed wondering if I had made a big mistake in telling mom what I knew about her when she opened up my bedroom door. There was a light on in the hall behind her and I could see that mom was naked. Wow! I had never seen her completely naked before. I had only seen her tits a couple of times when she was changing her clothes.

Mom slowly walked over to my bed and got in under the covers with me. She told me that dad was asleep already. She said that it never took him very long to go to sleep after making love to her. I reached for her tits and she didn’t stop me. She said that she had had a long talk with grandma after our conversation earlier in the day and that grandma had told her how good I was in bed. I felt of mom’s firm tits and then I felt of her soft pussy. Dad hadn’t left very much cum in her but I knew that we would both enjoy what was about to happen.

I sucked on mom’s nipples for a while and then I rolled over between her legs. Mom opened them up wide for me like grandma had and allowed me in. Then mom reached for my hard cock and placed it right at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed my cock into her and mom smiled up at me. As I slipped my cock in and out of her she told me how good it felt in her. Not only was it her first ‘second fuck’ in many years but my cock was bigger than my father’s cock was. Plus the fact that this time the second fuck was incestuous. It had been many years since her father had fucked her and she hadn’t realized just how much she had missed the incest part. She loved the fact that it was her own son that was giving her that second fuck and she was very happy about it. When I started to cum inside my mother she clinched her teeth and snorted. It was her attempt not to cry out during her orgasm. She said that my father hadn’t given her an orgasm in quite some time.

After that weekend I would take four to six of my classmates over to see grandma after school each day. I would always be her last fuck. Then at night after dad fell asleep mom would climb in bed with me. I would fuck mom whether or not dad had. So that was the way it went for a while.

As business picked for grandma she asked mom to help her out. Mom loved the fact that she could get three to six second fucks in after the first kid had filled her up. She seemed to like me being her pimp as much as her mother did. All three of us were happier than we had been in a long time and mom was keeping dad worn out too so he never asked what she was up to.

By the time I hit fifteen years old I had a really good start on my college fund and I was even fucking some of the boy’s sisters while they were fucking my mother and grandmother.

Life was pretty good.

The End

Motorcycle Granny


Rating: 84%, Read 142232 times, Posted Jan 30, 2008

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Mature, Old Female, Prostitution, Teen Male


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