As good as it gets III by sbksbk

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Fiction | Asian, At work, Hardcore

Objective 5: Make a tasty cum juice for me one glass full.

This was kind of easy. But everything has a difficult part. Here is a “glass full”.

Rani had some fucking work in school. So she left in the morning wearing a killer red saree. I just wished I had school.

Before she left, she gave me a glass used to serve champagne, came close to me and gently felt my cock.

Rani :( whispering to my ear in a sexy voice) make him work.

Me: Can I use your “painting room”???You know. Use your TV. ??

Rani: OK. But can’t you just think of me and do it???

By telling me this, she was naughtily playing with her navel stud tail. This was cruelly intentional and she saw me licking my lips and off she went with her naughty smile.

I watched her leave in her car and waved her goodbye..

I went to the “painting room” to start my errand.

I started imagining many sorts of fantasies about me and my love having sex. But just as I start imagining her with her saree, I lose control and would cum..

I did not realize that she was home until she knocked and asked, Rani: Hey . You busy??? Can I come in??

I could understand that she was teasing me.

Me: (panting) You start teasing me. Come in now and I will eat you out. I will not be able to control. You better stay outside honey.

Rani: Have you filled it???

Me: Not yet. But soon. I will call you.

After long hours of hard work, I filled three fourth the glass. Then I thought of urinating in it. So I did. I urinated a little and made the glass full. The urine was very well mixed with my cum, so it was unidentifiable.

I never realized I could cum this much.

So I went downstairs to call her. I kept the glass in the “painting room” itself.

She was not there and so I called her by her bedroom door.

Me: Hey. Its ready.

She opened the door.

Rani was on her bathroom gown and was preparing for her bath.

I could not help stop looking at her deep cleavage. Even the darker patch around her nipple was visible. I never realized I had opened my mouth until she asked after a long time.

Rani: Are you done over there??

And I looked her face. She had a smile on her lips.

Rani: Ok . Shows over..Give me something I want.

Me: Come on madam.

And I escorted her to the “painting room”.

Me: Here is my one full day hard work. Please have a seat Madame (in a French accent)

And I lead her to the couch. I tried to make the occasion more dramatic. I put the glass on a plate and walked just like hotel waiters towards my angel. I bent and gave her the glass.

Me: Please enjoy Madame.

She bowed her head and held the glass.

I just waited there anticipating her next move.

But, Rani: What???

Me: I want to see what you do with that.

Rani: Oh yeah.

She dipped her finger in my cum and sucked it passionately..

She did it once more and sucked it like sucking a cock . Up and down. With her eyes closed..

Then she took three gulps of it in her mouth and spilled the last gulp sexily through her lips and bit them.

She had this weary and sensual feeling on her eyes and face that proved that she was crazy about my cock and our future sex.

I could not think how lucky I was.

Then she stood up and turned her back towards me. I was thinking of her next move with the cum juice left.

She slowly removed the upper part of her gown and exposed her bare back to me. The tattoo made her extra sexy. Her side boobs were visible. I felt like holding them and ravishingly lick them.

But, to be honest, her techniques have worked on me. I have a lot of self control than I was used to be.

Coming back to her act, she showed me taking the cum juice in her right palm and brought it to her breast. She did the same with the other hand.

Then she slowly massaged her juicy hands on her boobs. I couldnot see them but was clearly understandable.

I was shocked to see her doing such sensual acts.

There was still some left in the glass. I knew exactly what she was going to do next. And so she did. She put back her upper gown to position and poured the last drops on her hand. The end of her gown was just some centimetres from her pussy. The only problem was her back was still turned towards me. She looked at me in side through her sides and smiled sensually.

She then, with her other hand held her lower end of gown and upped it a little making her butt slightly visible to me. Slowly, she moved her hand with cum juice to her pussy and moved her hand up and down slowly. You know. She was rubbing it on her love-hole.

Damn ,. She knew all porn stuff.

I waited there just looking at her body. Well. Waiting for her kiss and result.

She turned with the empty glass.

I gestured-”so???”

Rani: what??

Me: the result??

Rani: oh. I’m sorry you failed. (in sadness).

Me: (in utter bewilderment) what the fuck???

Rani: (laughing) you should see your face. Of course you won. This is the best possible dish I could have. .I loved it.

Me: (relaxed). Oh god. You scared the shit out off me.

I still waited for her to come near me and kiss me.

Rani: what??? Go to sleep.

Me: nothing else???

She understood what I meant. And waved me a flying kiss.

Rani: Catch that you naughty boy. Now, go jerk off and get some sleep. You got a big day tomorrow.

Me: hell yeah. But I can’t jerk off because all I have is in your stomach and your pussy.

Rani: Oh . I’m sorry sweety. (laughing mockingly)..

Me: Ok, ok good night.

I was so much tired that I slept fast. Pretty unusual.

Objective 6: Fingerfuck me and make me cum within 3 minutes.

I woke up very late that morning.I cleaned myself up and went to Rani’s bedroom.

To my surprise, she was sleeping too. I haven’t seen her sleeping this long.

So, I went down to kitchen and made her a cappachino with a smiling face on it.I went up and sat by her and woke her up..

Me: Comeon. Comeon. Rise and shine. Honey.

She smiled before opening her eyesand opened her beautiful eyes. Wow. There was love in it.

I handed her the coffee. Her hair was all messed up. But still she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I kept on thanking my luck.

She held the coffee and in a husky voice, Rani: Thank you. (like a baby).

Me: you slept well. ???

Rani: Yeah. Did you??(with a naughty smile).

Me: Of course I did. You drank up all my energy. Didn’t you. (after a few minutes). Any programme today??

Rani: Yeah. I have to go to school for some work. But I am thinking of not going. (a bored expression on her face).

Me: No. You should go.

Rani: Ok. Now you want me out of this place. I thought you wanted to see me always.

Me: Oh..I do. Baby. But there is a plan. You haven’t been to school since you studded and did that tattoo. This is your chance. Wear something really hot and go give the bastards a show.

Rani: Hell yeah. I never thought of it.

Me: Just watch how the other lady teachers and gents and students react to this. Watch their faces. Lady teachers will be mounted with their jealousy to your beauty and male teachers will not take their eyes of you. As for the senior students . They will be running to the bathroom just after they see you and watch your walk.

Rani: Oh let me see if this all happens upright.

Me: you bet. Call me after you get dressed. I will judge you.

Rani: (feeling excited). Ok.

And I went downstairs and put on the TV. I waited for her call. .About 1.30 hrs. And then it came.

Rani: Anand. Come up here.

I ran upstairs. And opened the door.

There she was. Facing the mirror. Then turned towards me.

Oh my god. Did you directly give birth to ths angel. What a beauty.

She was on a transparent white saree with sleeveless blouse. She smelled like pure jasmine.

She let me take my time. Her face was a bit tensed too.

After about 2 minutes.

Rani: How do I look?

Me: Oh my god. Baby. You are one beauty.

But I used this oppurtuniy to touch her assets.

Me: But. There is something.

Rani: (tensed) what??What is it.??

I went towards her. Me: may I??

Rani: yeah. We will make an exception here. Come on..

And she turned towards the mirror.

Her fragrance was really having an effect on me. That alone gave me a strong hard-on.

Her tattoo was a bit concealed by the ties of her blouse. I softly touched her back and adjusted the ties so that it was very clearly visible.

Then I saw that her cleavage was not visible.

I whispered to her ear, Me: You never disappoint the audience.

I held her saree pallu with hands from both her sides and narrowed its width so that her cleavage was visible.

Me: Do you feel anything bad to do that?.

Rani: No. Its just. I am in school. So.

Me: Oh honey. School is the only place you could do such things with saree. Utilize it to max. Will that guerrilla principal ever ask you to stop showing your cleavage??. No. No. Its ok.

She was enjoying all my moves.

Then I went for hip. Her saree was already 5 cm down her navel. I made it 10 by slowly and smoothly pulling the saree with underskirt down and moved my hands back after caressing her navel stud.

Rani: wow. Isn’t that too much.

Me: No. This is what we wanted. This is what they want. Trust me sweetheart.

And I moved back to let her see herself. She posed like fashion models and was impressed very much.

Me: see. You fell in love with yourself. Now go.

Rani: (excited) yeah.

And she walked . I escorted her to her car.

Rani: I will miss you.

This, I never expected from her.

Me: (just controlling what I was actually going to ask). Its just 2 or 3 hrs. Come back soon.

I knew she was in love with me. She then hugged me tight. I enjoyed it very very much. I was stunned..

Me: You are breaking the protocols. Now go on.

She waved me bye many times and rode off.

I went upstairs and thanked my luck. The most desirable women of whole school . Was in love with me. I didn’t even care to think of consequences. All that mattered to me was my Rani.

She called to my mobile just after an hour and we talked for about 45 minutes. But she was not ready to tell me that she loved me. I waited for her to come.

After about 4 hrs , she came. She nearly crashed the car to the garage wall. Sure she was in a hurry. I waited for her by the main door. She gave a relaxed and warm smile to me and was definitely very happy to see my face.

She walked at first and then ran towards me. Her boobs were bouncing like footballs. She ran to me , grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. We entered the “painting room” and she locked the door behind me. I was utterly bewildered by her acts. I noticed that she hasn’t changed the dress style I designed for her.

Before I could open my mouth for asking about her day, She hugged me tight and close. I was in heaven. I could feel that she was kissing my neck and shoulder passionately. The wetness each of her kiss left was like oasis on a desert. I too held her close and tight around her waist. I caressed her back and gave some kisses on her neck in return.

We both were lost in that emotional moment. Then, I returned to my senses.

Me: What happened Sweety. ??? What’s this all about??

Rani: I fell in love with you, Anand. That’s what happened.

I knew it already. I just wanted to hear her tell me that.

Me: (acting like it was unbelievable to me) W..What. Is this a test or something??

Rani: No baby. It’s true. I am in love with you. It’s a feeling I have never had on anyone else.

I was very happy to hear these words and I looked at her pink lips and she knew what I meant and gave me a very sensual kiss.

My mouth was still and she was the one in action. She pushed me to the wall and searched for my tongue. I played her by moving my tongue away from hers and she laughed with her mouth still on mine.

She tasted like strawberries and I waited some more. Then I took action and rounded her strongly so that she was on the wall. I started kissing her strongly and sucking her tongue. We did this for almost 3 minutes. I half heartedly left her lips and started kissing her cheeks and chin.

She then started moving her hands to my cock which was rock hard.

I suddenly came to my senses and pulled myself back.

Rani: what is it??

Me: I am breaking the rules. I will have to wait till tomorrow.

Rani: No Anand. There are no rules now. It’s just you and me.

And she removed her saree pallu to show her enlarged breasts and her studded navel.

Me: (shaking my head) No Rani. No. You made the objectives and rules. I need to get this right and clean. As I had said. I have to earn you. Just one night more and tomorrow . We will make our love.

Rani put her pallu back and smiled at me.

Rani: As you wish baby. And she went to her room for bath.

I went to my room and masturbated in the bathroom. I, then lied on my bed and slept so that I wont have to see Rani till night. If I see her, Some way she will lure me for sex and I would easily succumb to her seduction. I woke up at about 8 pm at night. I went down to see Rani. She was watching TV. She was wearing a light blue nighty which was the first un-exposing casual dress I saw her wearing. I joined her. I didn’t want to completely avoid her, So I went and sit by her side on the two person couch. But still I did not touch her. he noticed it.

Rani: Anand..

Me: Yeah??

Rani: Hold me.

Me: what??

Rani: (sounding casual) Put your hand around me.

Me: You sure??

Rani: Anand. You are not just my sex partner. You are my lover. I want to feel your love. Do it..

Me: Alright..

And I put my hand on her shoulder. She then laid her head on my chest.

We rested in the same pose for about 30 minutes.

Then we both had dinner.

Then TV again in the same pose.

Rani: Shall we do it, then??

I had totally forgotten about the missions in her warm presence.

Me: Oh. Yeah. We shall

Rani held my head with her hands.

Rani: Look at me. We can skip this if you want. Are you sure about this??

Me: Baby. I want to make this complete. I want to prove to you that I am the best. That I am worth it.

Rani: alright. I will call you when I am ready.

Me: Alright. Go on..

She ran upstairs.

I thought on and on and on about how to accomplish this. I thought of the ways of using my fingers.

After 20 minutes, the call came. I grew tensed and excited of touching the holiest part of the sexiest girl I have ever met. I was the luckiest man in the world. What more does one want than this? To my disappointment, she was not naked. She was wearing a full sleeve cotton shirt big enough to cover her pussy. She had undone some of her upper buttons to expose me her long and deep cleavage.

Me: I thought you would be naked..

Rani: There is a dress code for every act of sex.

And she came and sat on the couch and widened her legs to show her cleanly shaved love hole to me. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen after her face. I moved my head towards it to smell it.

She was enjoying my acts.

Rani: Howz it??

Me: enthralling and exhilarating..

Rani: you wanna taste it??

Me: No. I’ll save it for tomorrow.

Rani took the timer in her hand.

Rani: Shall I turn on the timer??(there was concern on her face)

Me: Baby. I’m gonna do this. Trust me..Now. Turn on the timer.

She turned it on.

I, first, simply rubbed the pussy. It was the first time I was touching one’s pussy. I was thrilled. She smiled and panted giving hard breaths. She closed her eyes. I started rubbing harder. For the first 1 minute, I just kept on rubbing. Then, slowly I inserted my middle finger into it. I at first tried to explore her insides, But then I thought of the time. I have to act fast. I finger fucked harder, thrusting it in and out. Rani grabbed the couch harder and was getting wild.

Rani: Ahh. Ah. Just like that baby. Keep up the good work. Come on honey. Make me cum. Make me yours. Ah. Ah fuu. Ff. Ffuck. I inserted the ring finger too and started doing in multiple speed. There was just 1 minute more. I used the other hand to rub her pussy from upwards. I continued with the same speed for another 20 seconds..

Rani: yeah. Yeah. This is it sweety. Fuck fuck; fuck. Here I go.

And she cummed.. I was drenched in her cum. It was so much. My dress was drenched with her salty tasty ejaculation. There was huge relaxation on both our faces. But my face expressed the shock that my girl could ejaculate this much.

Me: You are really gifted baby. Only few girls can cum that much.

Rani laughed loudly.

Rani: You have passed the tests honey. I am all yours. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Fuck me now.

Me: No..No. Sweetheart. I need some preparation for this. Tomorrow we will start fresh. Moreover you must be tired now.

Rani: wow. My techniques really worked out for you. You really have a great deal of self control. Come let me clean off that mess.

Me: Oh no. You are not gonna clean this. This shirt is to be like this. Its like earning a medal.

She laughed.

Rani: Ok then wait for me in my bedroom. We will sleep together. Nothing more. Just some huggs and kisses.

Me: No. Rani. I’ll lose control when you are near me. You are such a tempting woman. I’ll see you tomorrow. Go get some sleep. Coz tomorrow you won’t be getting it enough. Gud night darling.

Rani: (sad face) ok.

I held her head with my hands and kissed her forehead.

Me: I am with you. Just wait till tomorrow..goodnight.

And I kissed again.

And I went to my room and started dreaming of the next day. And gradually; Sleeping.

Rating: 50%, Read 9727 times, Posted Oct 13, 2013

Fiction | Asian, At work, Hardcore


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