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So where should I start...

My names is Jordan and I am 18 years old and I am currently a senior in high school. I am about 5'8" and about 145 lbs, although im somewhat skinny I am considered to be cut and very strong for someone my weight. I also play 3 sports, football, wrestling, and track. Life these days have been a shit load better than it has in the past. As I am laying down in my bed with a girl next to me, I stare out of the window watching the sun rising and I wonder, how did we end up on the same bed?

The beginning

It all started during the end of my sophomore year (around May), I went with my two friends Kevin and Eddie who were both juniors at the time, to a party at an old friend's house. While we were there, I met a girl, her name is Lindsay. She had an above average looking face (at the time it didn't seem that she took care of her face that well, but still looked good nevertheless), but an amazing body, as she had great hips, huge tits, and probably the fattest ass I have ever seen. Although she is from the same town as me and my friends, she goes to the other high school in the district as our town is pretty big so its split in half. Anyway, at this point, I haven't even kissed a girl, and my confidence with girls were... to say the least very low as I was (and still am) a very shy kid. Eddie and Kevin already knew Lindsay, as they were in the same SAT night classes held at the middle school. Eddie was "talking" to Lindsay already as he has already gotten a blowjob from her, so since they were "together", I didn't even bother hitting that. So that night my drunk ass was pretty much chilling on the coach watching TV and having random convos with Kevin as everyone else were probably sucking each others dicks or fingering their pussies or whatever the fuck they wanted. The funny thing is, although I do not remember how, but me and Lindsay ended up exchanging our numbers.

The next morning, I woke up around lunch time as I fell asleep at around 3 am the night before after I was dropped off at home. I checked my phone and I got a text message from Lindsay, it read "You are so fuckin funny when ur wasted I fuckin love u". I obviously thought nothing of it but I still smiled as I was reading it. Obviously, at the time I did not have feelings for her (or any girl for that matter), especially because she was talking to Eddie. I wasn't the attractive type of guy anyways. The town I live in is considered really rich, and I live in a very small house and am considered very poor compared to other kids. At the time I was about 5'6" 120 lbs, very scrawny, although strong for my weight and athletic compared to others. I was generally a very unhappy kid with only few friends despite playing 3 sports. School ended about 4 weeks later without me and Lindsay ever speaking or seeing each other once.

Summer/Junior year

Summer came along, so did football training. I kept myself busy with football for most of the summer, my friends also played football so I still talked to them. Kevin, Eddie, and I went to a party in the same house as the one before after one of our football training sessions. Then I see Lindsay walk in with two of her friends, Jess and Bailey. There was nothing special about Bailey, as she definietly had breast implants and had an average looking face. Jess had a good looking face and a nice body, but was chubby. Still nothing compared to Lindsay. I ended up drinking a ton, but little did I know Lindsay was sober, as it was her turn to drive her friends. As I was passed out on the couch a few hours later, my friend Lance woke me up and told me we needed to catch a ride, as Kevin was supposed to be our ride but his curfew was midnight so he left early. Lindsay ended up giving us the ride home as we packed into her car. I thanked her and all she replied was "I love you"... to this day I still don't know why she would tell this to a kid she barely talked to.

Eddie and Lindsay stopped talking at around August, as Eddie said she was an idiot because she did everything with him.. except for sex. Football started around then, so that meant triple sessions, which also meant no jacking off as I would usually come home at around 9 pm all tired as fuck. I did get to see Lindsay a few more times before the summer ended. Still nothing ever happend between us, as I was too shy to even have a real convo with girls. Junior year started, and on October I finally got a car for my 17th birthday. This meant it was my turn to drive, Kevin and Eddie continued to take turns driving, so they didn't really need me to drive them. So I ended up usually giving Lance rides to parties when he drank as he was only a sophomore and didn't have his license yet. For a while, I went to different parties which were mostly sophomore kids, but in the back of my mind I still thought of how hot Lindsay was. Then one day, Kevin and Eddie needed me to drive because Kevin got in an accident so his car was in the shop. So we go to another party, and we run into Lindsay and her friends yet again. This time, Jess was driving so this meant Lindsay was the one drinking. I found this funny because last time I wasted and she was sober, and now she was wasted and I was sober. Lindsay ended up giving blowjobs to 3 guys that night and making out with about 7. But then it was the next morning when the problems started.

I can't lie, I was somewhat upset I didn't have the balls to make a move on Lindsay. But whatever. She texted me that morning, and she wanted to hang out. I picked her up, and she wanted to go get some food. As we were eating at the diner, she started to really piss me off. She was talking about how amazing bla bla bla's cock was and how bla bla bla is a great kisser. Now I thought, why the fuck did she tell me this? I was starting to think she was considering me as a guy friend, which I absolutely hate. To me, girls and guys can't be friends unless they do shit with each other. I went through the whole time listening to her shit, I dropped her off and went home, I then called her and went off on her. She seemed very confused (I just realized then that she wasn't a very bright girl). I kept going and going, I told her how much of a bitch she was for kissing all these guys and that she only wanted to be just friends with me because I was too ugly for her. She then got really upset when I accused her of thinking I was ugly, so she hung up on me. I thought that was the end, but damn I was totally wrong. Little did I know she was a psycho and probably a compulsive liar.

She then started to spread fake rumors about me in her school, such as how I don't shave my pubes (which I do) and that I have a small dick (untrue). She claimed I tried fucking her and that she denied me or something like that. This put me into a deep depression, as there was nothing I could do about this and I realized how hard it was gonna be to prove everyone this was wrong. Otherwise life was fine, as I had a successful football season and even better wrestling season as I placed 3rd in the state tournament for my weight class, so there were the positives despite all this conflict that I had started with Lindsay. Spring came along and during one warm night in April, I walk out of the gym after working out, I go to my car and drive a few blocks down to a Burger King and I notice a girl weeping. I go closer, and it was Lindsay. For a while I just stood there without saying a word. She broke the silence and asked "who are you?". I replied "its Jordan, listen I don't know what's going on but I wanna...." then she cut me off and said "my life really fucking sucks, all these guys call me a fucking slutty whore and that im gonna be a fuckin prostitute after I graduate high school, all they do is use me as a sex toy, they don't fucking like me, I wanna fucking die, I am sitting outside right now because I don't wanna be around anyone now.."... I paused then managed to blurt out "im sorry to hear that", "do you need a ride home?". She seemingly was reluctant, but agreed to it. It was probably the most awkward ride home I've ever given in my life, my cock was getting harder as I realized this beautiful girl was sitting next to me, all pissed off. Finally, I reached her house, as she was getting out of the car, she gave me a kiss to the lips and thanked me. It took me a few minutes to realize what just happend. Nevertheless, instead of being a jerk and telling everyone that she kissed me, I decided to not tell anyone at all.

About a week later, she called me at around 1 am, which woke me up. She told me that she wanted to talk. "Whatever" I replied, "So what did you wanna talk about?". "Do you like me?", she asked. "Lindsay, we already had this conversation, im not gonna be friends with girls that I do nothing with and I...", she cut me off and said "No that's not what im talking about". I swear after she said that I didn't say anything for about 5 minutes, and I decided to hide my feelings from her. "Listen, I do not know, I think you are very pretty, and that's about it" I said. I was not gonna give her the ability to pretty much ruin my life if I told her my true feelings for her. All she blurted out was "Ok" and then hung up.

End of Junior year/Summer

Lindsay then met another guy at my school (I don't know how), and he was probably the biggest scum bag ever. I mean, everyone thought I was a scum bag, I'd get suspended from school, my gpa was about a 2.4, and I've been known as the school pot head. But this kid was 10x worse, he was in my grade and I've known him for about 11 years or so. He was apparently a coke head and also was rumored to be a dealer. I was worried about Lindsay, but at the same time, if I showed concern for her, then she might know. I couldn't let either one of those things happen, she could potentially fuck up her life by doing that shit, or she could potentially fuck up my life if I told her the truth. So I had no idea what to do. I decided to try to talk to her as "just a friend" although I hated how she thought I was like that. So I called her and then I was like "Listen, I don't wanna seem like im cock blocking or anything, but I wouldn't be around that kid, I've known him for a long time and I've heard...". She cuts me off yet again saying "Why the fuck do you care? Either you lied and really do want me or you wanna be just friends which you told me that you hated". All I said was "sorry" then hung up on her, regretting that I even tried to help her out. I decided I wanted to forget all about her and just move on and pretend we never talked.

Weeks passed and June came along. School was ending, and Lindsay was gonna graduate soon. I had a friend from the other side of town, and he invited me over to his place to hang out. He told me I could stay the night at his place, so I was going to be able to drink that night. Perfect, maybe some bitch will be stupid enough and suck my dick or something like that if she's all wasted and shit. When I got there, there were only about 15 kids there, and it seemed like more were on the way. I knew maybe half the kids, most of them are from the other side of town so they go to a different high school. Nevertheless, it didn't feel awkward or anything, as everyone was pretty much chill. Later that night at around 11, Lindsay and her friends walked in. I was already wasted out of my mind so I didn't even say anything about it. I tried staying away from her, but she approached me. "Hi", she said. "yooo Lindz heyy I haven't seen u in like a million years how u been" is what I replied as I was already all fucked up. I assumed she was a bit tipsy, as her face was getting red from the shots she took. "Can u come outside with me?". "Uhhhhh sure I guess" I replied. So I walk out with her to the backyard, and went by the pool and took a seat on one of the chairs by the pool. I started the convo by saying "uhhh so wazzup". She paused for what seemed like an iternity, and told me "You know I... wait nevermind". She then leans and puts her arms around me and starts kissing me, this time not just a little kiss that lasted about a second. 100 things were going through my mind at that point, I wondered to myself if I should break off from the kiss and tell her I don't like her, tell her the truth, or just try and get in her pants. But I kept making out with her for literally about 10 minutes, until she realized I was popping a boner and she felt my cock. "I wanna see what Jordy's packing in there" she said. She undid my belt, pulled my jeans down, then my boxers. "Holy fucking shit, I didn't realize how big it was". She started to suck on my cock, and to that point it was probably the best feeling I've had in my life. But I was kind of worried that someone would walk in on us so I told her that we should just stop. "Hell fucking no, everyone else is wasted in there doing whatever the fuck they want, they won't fucking notice." she told me firmly. She continued sucking on it like a lollipop and kept moaning about how good it tasted or something weird like that. Then finally I told her "im going to cum". So then she replied, "don't worry Jordan, cum in my face, I love that shit because im a dirty fucking slut". I probably had the best orgasm in my life and jizzed all over her pretty face. She then started to lick it off her own face and said "thank you, I love you", although it seemed more like "tang goo, I wub u". She then pulled off her own tight ass pants, I then realized she wasn't wearing any panties. It revealed the nicest pussy I've ever seen (I watched tons of porn), I started to finger her and she started moaning and blurting out "Uhhhhhhhh oh my god", I then licked her clit until she came, she returned the favor by cumming all over me, honestly it was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen, I don't know why. She somehow ran inside and washed off her face without anyone noticing anything on her face. About an hour later she left the party with one of her friends and I obviously stayed the night at the same house I was already in. I fell asleep on the couch around 3, and I swear I was probably jacking off all night to the thoughts of Lindsay.

We woke up fairly early, around 10, and went out to get some breakfast. I was so glad to manage not to reveal my true feelings for Lindsay, yet I was still able to make out with her (the funny thing, this was probably my first kiss, at the age of 17), and get a blowjob. But we both thought of it simular to a one night stand without the fucking so we didn't talk that much. She graduated a few days later, and was gonna go to the local university, so I was still gonna be to keep in touch even after she leaves in August. Before I knew it, it was July. I decided to spend most of my summer with Eddie and Kevin, as they were going to a university about 10 hours away. During football training I would usually hang out with Lance and his friend Andrew, who were both incoming juniors as I was going to be a senior. I started to feel more and more depressed, and I knew it was because I didn't think I could hold my feelings in any longer. At the same time, I was glad that none of my friends had any idea I did anything with this girl. Lance and Andrew didn't even know Lindsay too well. It was during the later part of July when my life changed.

I would probably run into Lindsay and her friends about once a week, mostly at parties. But this time, I got a call from her after I dropped off Kevin and Eddie to another party. It was about 10 pm, and she wanted to go to the city with me, just me and her. I obviously agreed to it, so I picked her up and it was about a 45 minute drive to get there. She had a fake id, so she could get into any of the bars, clubs, or whatever. She also looked like she was about 25 when she actually was 18, but with me in the other hand I probably looked like I was about 15 when I was actually 17. But somehow, I was able to get in, I guess the bouncers just didn't give a fuck. We walk in together, as we were probably the youngest people in there. We grabbed a few drinks and had some small talk for a little bit. Then, giving me a serious look, she says "there's something I need to tell you, I've been holding it in for almost 2 years, and I can't hold it in anymore, my life has been miserable during that time, even though I was able to hide it very well". "I really really like you, Jordan. The reason I didn't do anything with you as soon as I met you wasn't because you are ugly, in fact I think you are pretty cute. I wanted to start off slowly, but I did not know how to have a relationship, as all I did was make out with random guys, give random handjobs and blow jobs. But I always wanted to start something with you, I was just too scared of rejection, because you seemed that you didn't like me very much, but now I know you were probably too shy at the same. I am so sorry, you don't understand, if you don't like me its fine, I will move on, but im sorry, I can't hold it in anymore". Then I paused, and told her "ummm ok, can we go outside by the alleyway where nobody can see us?". She grabbed my arm and took me outside. So when we went out, we stood there doing nothing for a while until I broke the silence. "You know, I've felt the same this whole time, I obviously didn't say anything because, one, you were with Ed when I first met you, and two I thought u thought I was too ugly so you only wanted me to be some guy friend which I didn't want, but now I understand everything, I never knew you felt the same way". She then grabbed me into a tight hug, and we were kissing passionatly for a very long time. While we were still kissing, I managed to get my jeans off, and she somehow got her pants off. We were half naked when we broke off the kiss so we can take off all of our clothes. As I was seeing Lindsay undress, my cock was standing straight up, it was an amazing feeling. She was wearing those bras where you could see through it to see her hard ass nipples. Then she took off her white panties, which exposed her amazing shaved pussy. I was staring at this goddess in front of me in the back of an alleyway of some nightclub. Before we knew it, we were both naked. "I know you might not have the stamina to go too far real quick, but its ok baby we will go as slow as you want" she said. That was kind of insulting but I couldn't give a fuck. While I was eating her pussy out and licking her clit, she would not shut up (which I liked). "AHHHHHH FUCKK DON'T FUCKING STOP JORDAN I WANT THIS FEELING FOREVER UGHHHHHHHHHHH". And surprisingly, she said she was gonna cum (that quick?), so when she did, I licked it all off. So it was her turn, as she was sucking my 6.5 inch cock for what seemed to be a very long time. "Cum in my fucking mouth now, I wanna taste this juice.". So I did, I thought it was weird because I always thought girls would hate that, but I could be her bitch for all I care, I would do pretty much everything for this girl, I fucking loved her. But unlike last time at my friends house, it didn't end here. For some weird reason, there was a couch sitting outside right by the door to go back into the club. We went to the couch (I don't know how it wasn't that dirty), and I laid on my back on it. She obviously went on top of me, as she grabbed my cock and lined it up into her pussy. I was already kind of tired, but it was too great of a feeling to even notice I was. As my cock was inserted into her loose pussy, she started to moan. "OHHHHH FUCK MANNNNNN FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA ME JORDAN THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT I WANT YOU INSIDE ME I DON'T WANT THIS TO END EVER AGAIN AHHHHHH UHHHHH FUCKKKKK YOU KNOW I'VE BEEN DREAMING OF THIS FOR 2 YEARS"... then I mumbled "im about to cum Lindsay". "CUM INSIDE OF ME! IM OBVIOUSLY ON THAT FUCKING PILL CUZ I'VE FUCKED A LOT, NOT TO BRAG, BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING I'VE EVER HAD IN MY FUCKIN LIFE". So when I was right about to cum inside of her pussy, something weird happend. All the cum came out at once, its not like id shoot a load one by one like it usually would do when I jack off. "Oh baby, that was amazing" she said. We got our clothes back on and kissed for another good 10 minutes, and went back inside.

We ended up leaving around 5 am, as I was waiting until I sobered up so I could drive. It was truly amazing though, we went from being nothing to going out within hours. From then on we'd talk everyday and probably saw each other 4 times a week, obviously fucking on all occassions. Then she texted me, telling me she needed to tell me something very important. I was kind of worried, was she gonna break up with me? was I not good looking enough?

It turns out she was planning to rent a small 1 bedroom apartment in the other side of town so she wouldn't have to dorm in the college she was going to. She said it was about $1000 a month, and wanted me to chip in a few hundreds. I was happy to do so, although she was rich and I was poor. I asked her how she had the money, and she told me her job as a waitress at a local restaurant gave her a raise and that she saved up almost enough to pay for rent. So I was very excited, I had family problems at home (I do not want to go far into that) and although I did not hate them, I thought it was best for me to move out for the last year of my high school. This meant I had to transfer to the other high school in our town, and to be honest, I was kind of excited for a fresh start for my final year in high school. My previous 3 years weren't too good, I had only about 5 friends and many acquaintances, but many haters at the same time as I was viewed as some little punk for a while because I was a complete asshole during my freshman year. The kids never forgot that so they treated me like one until this year. This also meant adjusting to new teammates in sports, although I did know many of the kids on the team. So August came along and I finally moved into the apartment. I practiced with my new team, and they were all glad to have me on the team. They made me feel comfortable, which was amazing because I was always treated like shit in the other high school. Despite moving to the other side of town, I still kept in contact with my old friends. Kevin and Eddie are gone already, but I still text them and they said they would come back around Columbus Day to hang out. I also still chill with Lance and Andrew occassionally. But when I wasn't at home with my girlfriend, I would usually hang out with my new friends at the new school, mostly with Bobby (the kid who had the party when Lindsay gave me my first kiss and blowjob) who was the star running back and a senior, Trequan who was a junior and moved into town last year, and John who was a senior whom I remembered from middle school. Bobby and John both knew Lindsay before I did, which was weird, but also said that she has changed a lot, probably because of me. Before I knew it, it was time to go to school and start my Senior year.

Senior year

Lindsay started school 2 weeks before me. But during my school year, id usually start school around 7:30 and she left a little later in the morning. And sometimes, she wouldn't come home until 9 pm if she had night classes. Nevertheless, we were as close as ever. We fucked in pretty much every corner in our small apartment, we fucked so much that we needed air freshners when friends would come over to hang out. She came to every single one of my football games which was amazing because some of the away games were about an hour away. We ended up going undefeated and taking states. I was having an unbelievable time in life, especially considering I was living in mizery the last 3 years. Although I've always been a good athlete, this was the year I broke through. Being the backup running to Bobby, I still got my share of carries and made the most of it, and it obviously paid off because we won states as we were an unstoppable duo. Winter quickly came along and wrestling started, I did not lose one match and somewhat easily took the state title. Life living with Lindsay had its problems though, although it was nothing compared to what I went through in the past. Money was obviously tight, because I worked short hours at a local deli because of sports. And Lindsay worked more, but still had to go to college. Otherwise, life was great.

As I was fucking the shit out of Lindsay right now, you would think I was just really horny, but at the same time it was the happiest time of my life, I couldn't be happier with anyone else. For other people who didn't like me, fuck you, you are just mad that some scrawny kid is dating some "dirty slut", they could continue to live in the past for all I care. But anyway, I got out of bed and made myself breakfast as Lindsay still was deep in her sleep and got ready for another long day of school, track practice, and studying.

Rating: 71%, Read 12830 times, Posted Nov 25, 2009

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