The City of Rorthage by shadowdoom

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Male, Pregnant

My name is Edwin and I am an elf who lives in a massive city called Rorthage. This city is filled with all kinds of creatures like myself. Goblins trolls ogres Orcs pretty much anything you can think of is in the city. Rorthage is a City where money isn't needed. if you want something you have to do something for someone to get it. For example, say if you saw a sword laying there and somebody was watching it and you told him you wanted it. He would have just told you-you can have it but first you have to do something for me. Which means you have to earn it. Once you get your house you don't have to pay any bills any of that crap. You live like a king and eat whatever you wish. So yeah things are free in the sense that you don't need money but you do have to work for something. Sometimes people will just give you things just because they don't want them anymore.

Learning objects wasn't difficult in this city and once you own those objects they belong to you. You don't have to pay anything simply because it belongs to you. In Rorthage each race of creatures is separated from each other so less conflict between them. Every now and again some creatures would end up fighting each other like elves and trolls and sometimes even Orcs. We elves are very peaceful race and we don't like fighting unless we have to. Anyway, I was sitting in my backyard one afternoon practicing my magic spells. “come on! I've been working on this spell for the longest and I still kept perform it. Why is this spell so difficult? All I'm doing is trying to conjure elves to protect me in case I get in fights. Conjuring spells shouldn't be too difficult. Well, I'm not giving up until I conquer this spell.” I was never good at certain spells and the sad thing about it is my little sister could perform this spell. Supposedly this is supposed to be a Basic Conjuring spell. I guess I just suck when it comes to Magic but I'm trying to get better.

I tried multiple times a day and I just can't do it. Even so, that doesn't mean I'm going to give up nothing's impossible. I'm getting too stressed out trying to get this spell. Maybe I should go take a walk. I used a magic spell to show me my level of sorcery. It said. HP 1000. Sorcery 1900. Sprint 1500. So if I have so much magic why am I so shity at it? I have a lot of magic so I need to start learning more. I figured I should go to the store so I made my way to a store nearby. When I went inside of the store I saw a man who is also an elf and I went up to him. “hey my good man I'm actually having trouble with magic and I need some help.” he looks at me and smiles Softly eager to help. “okay what do you need help with? I need help with this Conjuring spell. I'm trying to summon elves when I need them to protect me. “he laughs teasing me but only for a few seconds. “you need help with that. What kind of Elf are you? A really bad one I guess. I can teach you some magic. It won't take long at all.”

So we went to the back and he started teaching me some magic spells and how to summon various things. My training was coming along pretty well and when I was done I went over to the guy to thank him. “thank you, sir. I'm happy that you were willing to help me free of charge. Well, we elves need to stick together, don't we? Yeah, we do. Anyway, where are you going to go after? If you don't mind me asking. Oh, I'm just going to go wandering around you know get some exercise. Good idea anyway I'll see you later.” I quickly left the store going to go take a walk. I had no idea that I would wind up being seen by her. As I was walking I started thinking about why I never had a girlfriend.

Without paying attention I turned left walking in an area I wasn't familiar with. I found myself walking through a deep forest when I realized it I was going to stop but I continued going.

I went up to a sign that was in the forest and it said welcome to ore Village. When I saw that sign my eyes lit up realizing where I was. “Shit I'm near an orc Village. I need to get out of here before I am spotted.” when I turned around I accidentally bump into something and fell back. Right in front of me was a tall sexy green female Orc. She was muscular and has green eyes huge tits and armor pretty much all over her body. She even had a metal plate around her crotch area. She looks down at me smirking slightly. “what's an elf doing in this area? I don't know I accidentally came here okay.” when she got close to me her body gives off pheromones that reek. Jesus Christ, she is so smelly but then again she is an Orc. Naturally, they don't take showers or anything like that so that was normal. I was looking down from her wooden shoes up to her metal plates and armor. The funniest thing is she was actually gorgeous compared to most Orcs.

She continues smiling at me and checking out my body. I had no idea what she was going to do to me. Even as hot as she is she is still disgusting because she's an Orc. Strangely I feel like she likes me for whatever reason but it's just a hunch. She walks two more steps as she looks down at me. “we don't get too many elves around this area. It's a good thing I found you when I did because if others were to find you - you'd already been dead. Hey, you're actually pretty sexy.” I was staring at her as her voice got slightly sexual. “so tell me little elf have you been humped by an Orc?” I was completely oblivious to what she meant by that. It was such a strange question and I didn't know anything about that word. I knew it was a word that the humans created I just wasn't familiar with it. Edwin was clueless and didn't know what she meant by what she said. He didn't know that she was asking him if he's been fucked by an Orc. Orcs are known for being rough in the bedroom and they love elves. And was were very lusted-after by the Orcs so it would make sense for her to ask him a question like that. When the orc realized he didn't understand her she smiled and walked closer to him.

“it seems you didn't understand let me rephrase that. Have you ever Been Orcknized by an Orc?” the word was created by the Orcs, used to describe a man typically an Elf who engages in sexual activity and is brutally fucked by a female Orc. My mind was going crazy because I couldn't believe she actually said that. I knew we were desired but I didn't know like that especially us Elf men. The females were mostly lusted-after so I was very shocked. I responded back to her after a minute of coming to terms with what she just said. “No, I've never been Orcknized before and I'm not going to be. You need to stay with your own kind. Well, I've always wanted to demolish a male Elf and you basically came to be willing to be Orcknized. Like I told you I came here by accident. So you mean to tell me you came into an orc Village by accident? It doesn't matter because I know what I want and I'm not giving you a choice.” the orc moves her plate out the way revealing her beautiful fat green pussy. I didn't want to suck that because I felt like it was disgusting but she grabs my head placing it on her crotch. She puts my head to her fat pussy and makes me eat her out. I started eating her out which causes her to moan lightly. I couldn't believe I was eating her out but I must admit her vagina tastes good her pussy was getting so wet as I was sucking it and eating her out. She grabs my head and makes me go deeper. “ahh this is why I love elves they are so good! Keep going just like that baby!” she was forcefully making me eat her out and I try to pull away but I couldn't. Some part of me was disgusted that I was actually eating out an Orc. And then there's the other part of me that is enjoying it.

I started swirling my tongue around her insides as she starts moaning just a little louder. I knew eventually she was going to fuck me because she was getting so turned on. I wasn't worried about that part but I was worried about being destroyed by her. Orcs are far stronger than elves and I'm hoping I don't die. I mean who wants to end up with a broken penis right? After I make her come I could try to run away but all that would do is piss her off. Making an orc angry isn't a good idea. I wish I knew why Orcs were so attracted to us Elves. Yep running away wouldn't be a good idea. She's so strong that I can barely move my head. So if she wanted to she could easily crush me. Makes me worried about sex with her. Right now I'm experiencing two things excitement and fear. I'm excited because I am slowly getting turned on but I'm scared because she might crash me. The armor she was wearing was shining silver and she had metal on her tits and on her arms so her whole body was covered like a knight.

The female orc screams out as she was about to explode. “oh fuck! Here's your reward my naughty little elf!” she squirted a huge amount of her Orc juices in my mouth and down my throat. God, she was squirting so much. She lets go of my head as I quickly pulled away. I was trying to catch my breath while she was looking at me with erotic expressions. “tee-hehe you're such a naughty Elf. Sitting here eating out this Orc's pussy. Hey, it's not like I had a choice you made me. Yes, I did and I can tell you enjoyed it after all your little friend is awake.” she looks at my huge boner as she smirks. “to say elves don't like Orcs you're pretty excited! Right now you're probably thinking I'm disgusting but soon I'll change your mind. I'm going to change your perception of us. Hehe, when I'm done with you-you'll be an orc lover. First things first I need to take care of you.”

She walks up to me and quickly unzips my pants and takes out my huge cock. “whoa you're bigger than most elves! I'm impressed. I think I like elves a little more now.” she lightly start stroking me off and I started moaning. Her hands were rough but even so, it felt good. Slowly but surely she starts stroking me faster while looking into my eyes. As if she was trying to see every reaction I did. Female Orcs are known for super high-level hormones. And if I pull away it's not a good idea and I don't want to get my head bashed in. Once they get too horny it's a wrap. My horny Expressions were really starting to show as she saw it in my eyes and giggled. “my-my the look on your face tells me that you are ready to be Orcknized! Just because I have a perverted facial expression doesn't mean I want it. Say what you want my little elf darling but Expressions Never Lie. I'll give you a taste of how good I am.” she sexually smirks again and begins sucking my cock and oh my goodness she gives an amazing blowjob.

Her mouth feels so good so warm! She moves up and down sucking my 10-inch cock as I was moaning. She also uses her fingers to play with my testicles. She sucks cock so fucking good and the funniest thing is my ex-girlfriend doesn't suck cock that good. She pulls away for a few seconds smiling giving off very confident looks. “as you can see we or so really good at pleasing our mates.” I was taking back for a moment.

“well, I'm not your mate! Oh, darling of course you are. You ate out my pussy I suck your cock and I'm about to fuck you. I would say we are mates. Yeah, but who said I claimed you? You didn't have to your body did. You claimed me by letting me play with you and not do anything. Hehe, this is probably one of your fantasies, isn't it? To go into a forest and be sexually messed with by an Orc. Keep thinking that. As I stated before I came here by accident. Sure you did darling but your cock says otherwise.”

She was right about one thing. No matter how much I try to deny it and erased it from my mind. Deep down I am attracted to Orc women. So why am I attracted to them? I guess because they are known for having huge tits and are rough in the bedroom. After 5 minutes I started shooting semen inside of her mouth. Once I came I quickly started running through the forest and the orc screams out telling me to come back. I was running somewhere because I needed to hide. As I was running I found a secret cave so I went inside and I stayed as quiet as I possibly could. She was in the forest looking for me. “darling no need to play hard-to-get. I don't know why you're running we both know that we are attracted to each other. You can hide all you like you're just making me hornier. The longer you hide the stronger hormones are becoming. I want you and you want me so let's just be honest with ourselves. I guess I'll have to find you and we can get down to business. I'm tired of waiting I'm ready to get physical.”

She walks through the forest and she was in range. About 10 or 15 seconds later she ran so fast into the cave and she was right next to me. “see dear we are connected. No matter where you go I will always find you. Simply because we are mates.” I looked around trying to see if I could get away but sadly I couldn't. She picks me up and takes me outside as I was trying to fight. “honey stop struggling you're just wasting your time. Just be truthful with your feelings and accept the fact that you like me. Yes I know just put me down. If I really am your mate you have to do what I say as well. Okay dear just don't run away again.” she places me down as I turned over looking at her.

“okay darling I'm tired of waiting and I've reached my limit! It's time to Orcknize you!” her aggression kicks in and she grabs my neck pushing me to the ground. I can tell she was about to get it on. She moves the Plate away from her crotch and also the two plates away from her breasts. When I saw her huge tits that's when my boner started to appear. Suddenly it came into her mind and she picks me up taking me to a chair that was nearby. When I got to the chair she sits me on it as she looks at me spreading my legs. “first things first I'm going to milk you, darling. Hehe, you're going to enjoy this.” she gets closer to him and puts her tits between his cock and starts moving up and down giving him a tit job. Good gosh her tits feel so good between my cock. “hehe it's so hot when elves are moaning! Tell me why do you love elves so much? As you know a lot of Orcs want elves because of their beauty and sweet personalities. Not to mention we love how you guys live. Yeah, that's true even though most of the time you just want to fuck us.

That may be true but not all of us are like that. Yes, I do want to fuck you but I also like you as well. And since you're my mate I want to make you happy. Hehe, I'm glad you came to me because I've always wanted an Elf boyfriend.” she moves her huge green tits up and down faster gradually picking up speed. I couldn't help but sit there and moan passionately. 5 minutes later I started shooting semen all over her tits as she smiles happily. “good! But I'm not finished. As I said it's time for roughness!” she picks me up and walks over to her house that wasn't far it was like 5 minutes away. When we got inside of the house she throws me on her bed and then she gets on top of it and I knew what that meant. She positions herself getting ready to put my cock in her fat pussy. When she got a good position she slams down and moans in pleasure. She convinces the Orcknizeing with him. Bouncing her body up and down roughly while moaning loudly. “ah yes darling! I've always wanted to have sex with an elf!!” she was bouncing down so rough and fast. Surprisingly as fast as she was going she didn't break my dick so that's good news. The pleasure is unbelievable I've never been this excited before. I had ex-girlfriends and none of them could ever ride my dick this good

Oh, my goodness, I feel like I'm about to bust a nut already and we just started. I need to hold in my orgasm no matter what.

She was moving so fast it felt like hours went by and I was loving it. I never wanted it to end. I guess what she stated earlier becoming true. Slowly but surely I was becoming addicted to Orcs. I couldn't believe she was actually right about me loving fact that I was being wrecked by an Orc. I just sat there helpless and moaning because of her intense banging.

The hornier she got the rougher she was going and I was in a state of ecstasy. The female orc was assuming that he went to the Village because he wanted sex. The orc Village was one of those Villages that was known for having sex with elves. She looks down at me and her Expressions were so sexual. “since we are mates you might as well tell me your name. Oh, stop it we are not Mates. Darling, we are having sex that makes us mates. The minute your dick went inside of me made you mines. Am I wrong? Well no you're not. I don't know why you're resisting me. You know you like it so there's no point in fighting it. I'll let you do whatever you want to me. Anything you want since we are mates now.”

She was right after all. I'm sitting here laying on the floor being humped by this orc. So that's proof enough that we are mates because we are having intercourse. If someone were to find out that I was having sex with her I would be kicked from the Elf Village and Kingdom. It was one of our rules and it was not to fool around and stay with our race. Our race was dying off because our women are being raped by Orcs every day. No one is doing anything about it. Now there are some of us who just want to kill all of them. I'm supposed to be angry at them for raping our women yet I'm having sex with one. She humps harder and Giggles because of the pleasure. “fuck I'm so excited! Elf dick feels so good! I must admit you guys are great at holding in your orgasms. In a few minutes I want to see what you can do my little elf darling. Oh fuck I feel like I'm going to bust a nut! Go ahead darling what are you waiting for? Release the floodgates.” after I said it about 10 seconds I started shooting a huge amount of semen into her pussy. “mmm yes! Tee-hee. Now you're feeling like more elves should have sex with Orcs right? Y-yes! Hehe, we Orcs are amazing when it comes to having sex!”

She hops off of my dick As She lays down spreading her legs staring at me lustfully. “come on my little elf darling show me what you got. You got to have a lot of stamina with a dick that big! Okay baby!” I got onto the bed and I slowly started pushing my cock into her pussy. I was really feeling the intense heat once I plunged myself in. I started fucking away as we both were moaning in ecstasy. “oh fuck yes baby! Even though you're moving kind of slow you're still amazing. Makes me think about how you'll be when you really start moving.” I'll be done moving my hips faster and better. “ahh you're so damn good. So tell me do you still not think that we are mates? Or are you just Bound By the pathetic rules that you're not supposed to mate with someone outside of your race? I was like that but who am I kidding this feels too good! So do you accept me as your mate? Yes darling! Who am I kidding I've always had a thing for Orcs. I just never knew it until now. Great I'm happy you're being honest with yourself darling!” I was becoming addicted to her as I started pumping faster. I must admit as a child I've always been watching orc porn. I just could never see myself dating an orc until now. I was imagining a sex life with my new Orc girlfriend.

She starts moaning really loudly. “fuck! I'm sorry baby but I got to take control! We Orcs have really strong hormones.” she sits up and pushes me on the bed and hops on my dick bouncing roughly. I couldn't believe how much stamina she had And it was Unreal. And she was riding me I grabbed her tits as I started sucking on there while she was bouncing. “mmm fuck yes! You like my tits don't you darling? Yes, they are so big and green. Beautiful just like you and honestly who wouldn't want to suck these tits? Yes, baby that is true. Are you upset knowing that I took control once again? No baby. It feels good either way so the pleasures intensifying.” she goes more and more as I felt like the bed was about to break. She was also doing powerful poundings while moaning loudly. I slowly started closing my eyes because of the pleasure and surprisingly my dick hasn't started hurting yet. After we were done lovemaking I laid there exhausted. Before we started I assumed I was going to have a broken dick but luckily I didn't. She smiles and looks at me and she rubs her belly. “hmm half-orc and elf wonder how it will look.” that's when it clicked in my mind did I actually get her pregnant? If that's the case I'll have to take responsibility for impregnating this naughty orc.

Rating: 43%, Read 5708 times, Posted Jun 07, 2018

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Male, Pregnant


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