How Did This Happen, The Best Job In The World by aliveinpr

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Fiction | At work, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Wife

How Did This Happen, The Best Job In The World

by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

I spent a lot of time in my studies, but finally got my Masters degree and now I was among the job searchers. My husband, John, was thrilled at my accomplishment and we spent the night out at a fancy restaurant with steak and champagne, then to a club to dance to my celebration. With a little bit too much to drink, John said, “Sally, the club is closing and we are too smashed to drive. The bartender called a cab for us.” I knew he was right, so we could pick up the car tomorrow.

John and I had been married for six years and he had a nice job that kept us comfortable, even with my upper graduate loan payments. I wasn’t going to waste my degree being a housewife, John finally agreed that I could find employment, especially since it would help pay off my debt.

John and I had great sexual relations when first married. Maybe it was my studies and his work schedule that made our sex life dwindle. Now, I was usually the one to initiate sex. Usually I would begin to stroke his cock and balls while in bed and then when he was erect, he became very active for about an hour. Many mornings, I thought about his morning erections and waking him with a blow-job. I keep thinking that if I did that, we would never get out of bed in time to get him off to work. For some reason, I never thought about Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Tonight, we were celebrating my degree with honors and during the ride home in the cab, I had unzipped his pants and gave him a blow-job and didn’t care if the driver could see me bobbing my head in my husbands lap. John kept trying to push me away saying, “The driver, he will see you.” I didn’t care, I just vacuumed his cock like a common slut until he filled my mouth and throat with his sperm. We got into the house and John said, “Sally, you never did anything like that in public.” I licked my lips and looked at john with a smile and said, “Public, smublic, it was just the cab driver. I’m sure he sees blow-jobs in the back of his cab hundreds of times. Get over it, I’ll do it again when I feel like it.”

Our love life needed a boost somehow. I had become frustrated for too long and knew it was up to me to liven up our lives. Over the years, my only orgasms were from his tongue and lips sucking and licking my pussy, a rare occasion, but an orgasm I welcomed. I did enjoy when he would insert his cock into me, but that had become ‘fast and furious’ leading to his soon snoring next to me in bed. I was sexually exasperated, I wanted that euphoric feeling of an orgasm I was familiar with through masturbation, my saving grace for sexual well-being.

I started undressing as I was running to the bedroom and I yelled back, “IF YOU WANT SOME OF THIS PUSSY, BETTER HURRY WHILE IT’S LEAKING.” John didn’t waste time as he chased me to the bedroom and we both fell on the bed naked as I said, “That made me so hot, if our ride was any longer, I would have sat on your lap with your cock in my pussy. That would have made the cabby’s day.” John tried to laugh, but I pulled his head into my pussy to keep his tongue busy. I was lucky, John fucked me twice that night. I thought, maybe a public blow-job would get me repeats, twice in a night was a first, John was a wild man. I hoped that I woke up his libido for the sexual excitement I so needed.

I spent the weekend checking the employment ads and one stuck out as being right up my alley. A web designer and video product tutorials. I quickly fired up the computer and made a DVD of my web designs and the tutorials that I used in my graduate work. My resume was done and printed. I just needed to choose what outfit I was going to wear, I wanted to dazzle during my interview.

Monday morning, I called the number and I was stunned that the lady said she would see me in a hour. I had to rush, a good shower, hair washed and dried, and then I picked a nice business suit. A skirt that was about 3 inched above the knees, a white blouse with a tie at the neck and a matching jacket. I wore my nylons held up with a garter belt and 4 inch pumps. John looked at me as I was ready to leave and said, “Baby, you are going to stun them. A beautiful woman armed with fantastic visual materials.” I kissed John and he reminded me to be relaxed, confident and self-assured during the interview.

I arrived ten minutes early and I remembered what John said, but I still had rubbery legs as I approached the receptionist. She smiled as she asked me to have a seat and she would announce me to the HR. I sat and took some long slow breaths as I thought about answers I knew I would be asked. My hands began to tremble when my mind was brought back to earth as the receptionist called my name.

I was greeted with a hand shake as the HR introduced herself as Ellen. Her grip was firm and her other hand held my arm. As we walked toward her office, she had her hand on my shoulder as I felt she was directing me. She followed me into her office and told me to take a seat. As I began to sit, she put her hand on my shoulder again and gently followed me down. She then went behind her desk and took my resume. As I watched her, I saw a very beautiful, striking woman. She was poised and gave an air of authority. Her clothes fit her well and gave an aura of sexual prowess, but was well suited in the work place.

She looked up from the resume and said, “I see this is your first full time job, no other jobs as you worked on your degree.” I said, “I found that trying to work part time was cutting into my school work, so I gave up trying to work. We were able to live on my husband’s income.”

She looked back at my resume and then said, “I see you have a DVD with you. Is that the type of material that would benefit our business?” I smiled as I kept eye contact and said, “You will see that I am well qualified. I have studied your products on line yesterday and I think customers would have questions. I would make sure their questions would be answered with a YouTube tutorial. I would cover everything so they would know as much about the product as you do.” She smiled, took my DVD and placed it in her lap top and turned it around toward me. Ellen then got up and walked around and stood behind me, with her hand on my shoulder, she leaned over and pressed the play button.

As she was watching my DVD, she had both hands on my shoulders and I felt her fingers softly kneading my shoulders. After my presentation was done, she returned to her desk and turned the lap top back around. She ejected the DVD and asked, “Could you leave this with me? I would like to show it to Mr. Reynolds, our CEO. To be honest with you, your DVD is very impressive. He should see your work.” She stayed quiet for a time and then said, “You are very striking and your work, I think, is excellent.” Her eyes seemed to be roaming my body as she was smiling and clipping my DVD together with my resume.

As Ellen escorted me back to the reception area, her hand was lightly on the back of my neck as she said, “I am impressed with you and your work. I have a feeling Mr. Reynolds will feel the same. Is your phone number current?” I assured her that my number on the resume is current. She then asked, “If things go well, when would you be able to start work?” I looked at her and with a big smile, I said, “Just tell me when you want me to start.” With that, she ran her hand down my arm and shook my hand with both of hers.

I was beaming when leaving the building. I was excited and felt the entire interview was positive and I was glad I put so much work in my DVD instead of working part time. My DVD impressed my Dean and I was glad I included it with my resume to impress my prospective employer.

John was upbeat when I told him of the interview and he thought we should celebrate again. I said, “John, not now. I don’t have the job yet, so let’s wait until I get that call.”

John knew I was right, and down deep, I felt he wanted to repeat our celebration of the other night with the cab ride home. I thought, when I do get that call, John will get his celebration and cab ride home. My pussy was tingling at the thought of being watched. Maybe with some coaxing, the cab driver would take the long way home, now I was getting excited.

I got that call. I think I was walking on air as I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine before calling John. I think John dropped the phone when I gave him the news. I told him that I would start on Friday, just a day to see the plant and meet the staff. He told me to be ready to celebrate, dinner and dancing. I told John we should plan on getting a cab ride home again and I said, “And, I’m not going to wear any panties.” Now, I know John dropped the phone.

Our celebration was super exciting and with every dance, I could feel John’s hard cock press against my pussy. I was tingling when I heard John tell the cab driver that he would give him a twenty dollar tip if he took 45 minutes to get us home. I didn’t have to give John a blow-job to get him hard, I unzipped his pants, pulled my dress up to my waist and rode him long and hard. Several times the cab swerved and I knew the driver could see my pussy pumping John’s cock. I wasn’t too quiet when John pumped his cum into me. When we got out of the cab, the drivers smile told me that he liked the entertainment and I gave him a hug and quick kiss as John gave him a fifty dollar bill. It didn’t take long for us to shed our clothes while running to the bedroom. Again, John was a wild man. Our lustful, wild and passionate fucking brought on many earth shattering orgasms as John filled me two more times.

Friday arrived and I wanted to have the same look as Ellen. I met the receptionist first and she said her name was Colleen as she walked me to Ellen’s office. Ellen walked from her desk and gave me a hug and congratulated me in my new job. She then walked me down the hall, again with her hand lightly on the back of my neck. She stopped and knocked lightly on an open door with the name of ‘Paul Reynolds’. “Come,” I heard, “come on in.” My God, this man was in his 50's, but was well built and handsome. I think I would have guessed he was at least 40. His smile was beaming as he reached out to shake my hand. He too, shook hands with the other hand on the arm. He told me he was impressed with my DVD and then instructed Ellen to take me and introduce me to the staff I would be working with.

We went to the sales staff, then the R&D staff, and then she took me to the plant where I was lead around and greeted by several people that put the parts together, those that packaged the product and the staff that shipped the product. Right away, I noticed that everyone seemed to be happy in their jobs, they were so relaxed. Ellen explained that Mr. Reynolds was good to the employees, he made sure they felt needed and they were all special.

I was then shown to my office. I was dumbfounded that it was well equipped with the computers, printers, video equipment and still cameras necessary for my job. Ellen’s hand was on my shoulder as she said, “I’ll let you check out the equipment, if there’s anything special you need, let me know. In the mean time, just walk around and chat with people. Get to know your way around and just be comfortable. I was so excited, I wanted to give her a hug and kiss, but I didn’t want to be unprofessional.

I marveled at the equipment, most was better than I had to work with at the university. I picked up a video camera and checked it’s operation. As Ellen said, I then began to wonder the halls. I got to the sales area and met Mike. He said, “Ellen said that you studied our products and it left you with questions. She said you would do tutorials that would answer any questions customers would have. Give me an example.” I looked at him smiling and said, “Your X3110 module gives the number of input and output plugs, but you don’t say what type of plugs. RCA, HDMI, 1/4 inch phone plug, etc. These are things a buyer needs to know. They want to know if the module is compatible with their equipment.” Mike smiled and said, “You’re not only beautiful, but you are smart too. Oh, maybe I’m being too forward, I’m sorry.” I smiled and thanked him for the complements.

I spent a lot of time watching the parts assembly and video taped some of the activity. I asked the foreman, Steve, if there was anything propitiatory that I should leave out of any videos or photos. He let me know there was nothing secret, just that we assembled our product better than the competitors. I gave him a pat on the shoulder, and then thought Ellen’s touching was infectious. I liked it, it showed that I cared, and that was the feeling I got from Ellen.

Six months with my new job and I was beginning to miss the celebrations John and I had. Our sex life was ebbing and I was craving that thrill of being watched by the cab driver. Just the thought of being watched got my body tingling and at times I masturbated reliving the images in my mind. I went back to the normal fondling John’s cock to get him erect and then a quick fuck, but I was no longer reaching my orgasms.

Three times at work, I went to Mr Reynolds office to ask a question, the door was ajar, and pushing it open a bit, I saw Ellen with her skirt up around her waist, bent over his desk and his pants down as his cock was plunging into her. She mumbled “Yeah, fuck me hard, I want it bad. You know what we like.” I don’t think they ever saw me, I just quietly backed out and shut the door, I didn’t understand why they didn’t lock the door. I kept asking myself, ‘what WE like’. It was their business and I didn’t say anything. I never said anything about it with John.

December rolled around and Mr. Reynolds hosted a Christmas party. I was told he showed his employees that there work was important and he didn’t hold back. There was a big tent in the courtyard, a small band for dancing, a catered buffet with BBQ ribs, corn, potatoes, salads, various vegetables and any type of drink you wanted. John and I arrived on time and we met the wives and husbands of the employees. I stuck to wine while John had his bourbon. We danced and sang and the party was in full swing.

I was sitting at a table looking around, when Mr. Reynolds came over and asked me if there was anything wrong. I told him that I was looking for John. He said, “Please call me Paul, Mr. Reynolds is a bit stuffy. As for your husband, he needed to use the restroom and I had Ellen show him where the bathrooms were. I also thought he should know what we do here and I asked Ellen to give him a tour of the plant.” I smiled at him and he noted that my glass was empty. He took the glass and brought me back a full glass of wine.

Mr. Reynolds, Paul, then took my hand and led me to his office. He closed the door and asked me to sit down. He stammered for a minute and then said, “I’m sorry for what you have seen. I thank you for keeping quiet. I’m very pleased with your work and when I saw your video for new employees on ‘Sexual Harassment’, that bothered me. Please know that Ellen and I are good friends, she doesn’t expect any special treatment or favors. The other employees are free to 'fraternize' as long as no favors for sex.” My eyes opened wide, I couldn't think of anything to say, free to have sex with your co-workers seemed strange for a big company.

I looked at him and said, “I didn’t think you knew I saw you. I’m sorry if I caused you any embarrassment. I thank you are a super boss and I know all the employees feel the same way.” He said, “Ellen and I have an arrangement with her husband.” I gave him a questioning look, and he said, “Her husband gets so turned on when she gets home and tells him that we fucked. It seems that’s special for him to see her leaking cum. They had a very stale love life until she cheated and then confessed to him. She told me that he became a wild man in bed as she would tell him details of our fucking.”

“Oh, my God,” I said, “she fucks you to get her husband horny.” Paul then said, “She seems to want sex all the time and her husband seemed to lose interest until she confessed her cheating. She seduced me and felt guilty and finally told him that she was getting fucked every day at work.” I was stunned, ‘Every day’, I thought, ‘she must need sex, every day at work and then every night at home.’

There was then a knock on the door and Steve announced that it was time for the ‘Secret Santa’ gifts to be given out. We went back into the courtyard as I noticed John and Ellen join the group. John’s shirt was partially out, his hair mussed and I thought I saw some white staining around the fly to his trousers. Ellen’s skirt had the zipper on the side and not in the back and most of the buttons of her blouse were undone. I began to fume. I watched Ellen walk over to her husband and began whispering in his ear. It didn’t take long before he was pulling her away and they disappeared into the building and down the office hall. Now the ‘WE’ clicked, she told her husband that she just got fucked and his reaction was to ravage her body as she described and confessed what she had done.

Ellen had seduced John so her husband would get sexually aroused. I began to think that maybe that could be a way to get John aroused. He was a wild man when he knew the cab driver was watching us. I looked down at John’s crotch, said, “The evidence is obvious.” John gave a look of guilt, and before he could say anything, I finished my wine, took Mike’s hand and pulled him inside to my office. I glanced behind me and saw John watching. I knew Mike was single and I also knew he would not hold back if I began to unbutton my blouse. This was a first for me, but my pussy was now in control, maybe a bit of revenge. Yes, no sooner had I taken my blouse off, Mike was working on my skirt. As my skirt dropped to the floor, I noticed John peeking in the door. Mike began to undress as I was removing my bra and then slowly pushed my panties to the floor. I knelt in front of Mike and marveled at his cock, larger than John. My mouth watered as I licked the pre-cum from his cock and said, “I need this in me, please fuck me.” Mike bent me over and thrust his cock deep into my pussy.

With the reflection in my window, I noticed that the door was now open and John was standing there rubbing his erection in him pants. Soon, he was joined by Paul. My orgasm really hit a high peak knowing there was my husband and boss watching me getting fucked. As Mike was pumping his cock into me, I kept yelling, “YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME DEEP. LET MY HUSBAND SEE ANOTHER MAN FUCKING ME.” Mike told me that he was about to cum, and I yelled, “CUM IN ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM.” The muscles in my pussy were squeezing his cock as it stretched me. My legs began to spasm and my body shook as I had a violent orgasm. I felt Mike’s cock swell deep in my pussy and then he began to throb as his semen was pumped into my womb. When he pulled out, I took his cock in my mouth and began to clean him.

As I was bent over, I felt another cock being pushed into my cum filled pussy. I looked back and saw Paul was the owner of that cock as he began to pump hard. I saw John, in the door way, his cock out of his pants and masturbating as his eyes were glassy staring at the sight of his wife now taking the second cock from another man in less than ten minutes. I was wild, my body shaking and legs trembling as another orgasm was forming. Knowing John was watching, I was amazed at the size of Paul’s cock as I pushed back hard igniting my passion, a shattering climax hit causing all my nerves to send waves of pleasure to my brain, an orgasm I had never experienced. Paul’s cock expanded my pussy wide as he slammed into my cervix. Mike’s cock left my mouth, my upper body lowered causing my ass to rise higher where Paul could fuck me deeper.

Paul didn’t tell me he was going to cum, but I felt his cock swell and he pulled my ass tight to his groin. His legs began to shake as I felt pulse after pulse as his cum was now flooding my womb. I was moaning as another orgasm built in my shaking body, but when I noticed four more men standing in the doorway, there naked cocks in their hands, I went over the top as my body felt electrified. John stayed still, smiling as he watched, his eyes not blinking, he seemed to be on a sexual high. Paul pulled out and then one of the other men shoved his hard cock into me. He didn’t last long before I was filled with another load of cum. The next man pulled me to the couch and had me straddle his legs as I plunged down on his cock. He pulled me to his chest as I then felt another cock at my rectum. With all the cum displaced from my pussy, it served to lubricate his cock to enter my ass. John was now watching me being double penetrated as he pulled on his hard cock. My eyes locked with John’s as he spewed his ejaculate two to three feet in front of him. His cock stayed hard and his hand continued to pump himself as he watched his wife being fucked by several men.

There were six or seven more men that fucked me that night. Even Ellen got in on the action as she was now getting gang banged as she watched her husband fucking me. It was 5 am when we were all spent. I was leaking cum as John was picking up my clothes. I just held onto my clothes as I walked naked through the parking lot to our car. I didn’t know what John was thinking as he was silent all the way home. I walked naked to the front door and didn’t care if neighbors saw me. Inside, John undressed, laid me on the couch and fucked his cock deep into me. John asked, “Are you guys always fucking at work?” I said, “No, but maybe after tonight, I might get fucked every day. Ellen gets fucked by Paul every day for her husband. He wants to see her pussy full of cum.” John said, “I can’t understand it, but I was really turned on watching you. You were so beautiful smiling every time a guy pumped his cum in you.” Sally said, “God, it was so hot to see you watching me. I just had to have cock deep in me, I kept watching you, your look seemed to tell me that you wanted this, you wanted me fucked by other men.”

John spread my legs and looked at the cum pooling at my opening. He plunged three fingers into me and pumped them causing the cum to flow. John said, “You are so beautiful, especially with your pussy full of cum.” I was feeling another orgasm building as my mind was imagining all the men at work fucking me each day. The gang bang tonight was so exciting, I wanted to use every cock in the plant. I was going to be a company slut, a company cum dump.

I smiled and asked, “Do you want me to come home with my pussy full of cum like Ellen’s husband wants?” John’s eyes enlarged as he said, “Oh, yes. We’re going to take more cab rides too, and you know what the drivers tip will be.” I purred as I pulled him tight to me and asked, “You mean cum from you and the driver?” John said, “Exactly.” I wondered how sore my pussy was going to be as John fucked me two more times before we fell asleep at noon that Saturday.

When I woke, my pussy was tingling as I recalled our company party. I rolled over, but John was gone. I got a nice warm shower and only put on my short robe. I went to the kitchen and there was coffee already made. No John. Now I wondered if I pushed the button too hard and John now had after thoughts about his wife’s sexual enlightenment. I sat with my coffee in the living room and cried. Our marriage was over, I thought. I did know that I didn’t want to quit my work, I loved it there and I also had a craving for the sexual activities there. I knew it was wrong, but my pussy was throbbing with the thought of being fucked every day at work.

I needed to talk with John, I loved him and didn’t want him to leave. I was now crying hard, John was still gone. He must have woke having second thoughts of seeing me, his wife, being gang banged by men I worked with. I thought I was the worst slut in the world now. What was I going to do now? Would we divorce because I craved other men fucking me? I called Ellen at home and told her, “I think John left me, I don’t know what to do.” Ellen said, “I’ll come over so we can talk. I might bring my husband so you can understand our desires.”

I turned on the TV, probably just for the noise. I really wasn’t interested in any specific program showing. Suddenly a porn video popped up. It was a DVD in the player left by John. I heard a woman screaming to be fucked hard and it caught my attention. I focused and saw a naked woman, her legs spread wide as a cock was thrust into her pussy and another cock was in her mouth. I also saw several naked men all around her, there must have been twenty or thirty, I lost count. She was fucked in many positions and the one that made my pussy spasm and leak, was when she was double penetrated. Double penetration, two cocks at the same time last night, was exciting and now I saw what Johns view was in my office. Two other men’s cocks in his wife’s pussy and ass at the same time.

I was mesmerized as I watched. She smiled at the pleasure these men were giving her. She kept screaming to be fucked deep and hard. Many shots showed a cock pulled from her pussy or ass and focused on the amount of cum leaking from her. My robe was now open as I leaned back on the sofa and my fingers were working on my pussy as a strong orgasm was building. It wasn’t long before I was screaming along with the woman on the DVD. My vaginal canal was squeezing my fingers and my fluids were flowing.

The video was so intensive, I didn’t hear the front door open. “Here.” I heard and then saw John kneeling between my spread legs, holding the largest dildo I had ever seen. He placed it next to my fingers and began to push it past my labia. I pulled my fingers out as he then pushed that monster deep spreading my pussy wider than I ever thought. It was finally inserted all the way and I felt my cervix being pushed further into my body.

I saw John’s eyes glisten as he fucked me with that fake cock. John then said, “I wonder if any of the guys you work with have a cock this big?” My body spasmed, my legs shook and my head threw back against the sofa as I began to yell, “GOD YES, FUCCCCCK ME. IT HURTS SO GOOD, FUCK ME HARDER. FUCK MEEEEEEE.”

That cock was bigger than any cock I had ever seen. I thought John had the biggest cock until last night. Some were fat, some were long, and some short and skinny, but I loved every one of them. That company I worked for was an awakening to my latent sexuality, I craved cock and cum. I looked at john and said, “I don’t know exactly, but I think we have about 200 employees, and most are male.” John pushed the dildo hard into me as he said, “Fuck them all, come home full of cum.”

The door bell rang and John went to the door as I laid, legs spread wide with a giant dildo deep in my pussy. I saw Ellen and her husband come in and she immediately ran her hand over John’s crotch. Ellen said, “You look inviting and I think Adam needs to fuck you so your husband can watch.” As Adam was undressing, Ellen had John’s cock out and she was pumping it in her hand. Adam turned me over on my hands and knees, leaving the dildo deep in my pussy. He then placed his cock at the entry to my rectum and began to push.

I was already stretched with my stuffed pussy and he had a hard time passing my rectal sphincter, but his cock entered. I worked the dildo in and out of my pussy as Adam fucked deep in my bowels. I watched John as Ellen was jacking him off. His eyes were big as he watched me being abused. I was in orgasmic bliss with the pain-pleasure exciting my every nerve. I felt my pussy release my female ejaculate, spraying Adam, the sofa and much of the carpet. I wanted my orgasm to last forever as both fake and real cocks pumped my pussy and ass. Adam filled my bowels with cum and the dildo was pulled out by Adam as they all saw my grossly enlarged pussy.

John said, “you look so beautiful. I didn’t realize how turned on I would get to see you being fucked by other men. Last night was super, my cock so hard seeing you being satisfied.” I asked, “So, do you really want me to come home with my pussy and ass full of cum?” “Oh, my God, yes,” John said. Ellen said, “I forgot to tell you, we have a women's employee lounge for your pleasure. Many of the girls get an afternoon rest, or nap, whatever, but use it any way you want. I imagine you will use it like I do. Just sign up when you want to use it,.” My pussy began to spasm at the thought. Ellen said, “All us women use the lounge. Sign up as soon as you get to work, but limit your time to an hour or less, give the rest of us some time.”

After Ellen and Adam left, John and I ran to the bedroom where we were both wild animals. John kept me excited as he told me many scenarios as to how I was going to be fucked at work. I was in sexual bliss knowing that our sex lives are now renewed. I knew I found the best job in the world.

Rating: 91%, Read 16657 times, Posted Jan 29, 2019

Fiction | At work, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Wife


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