Adopted part 6 by mstrmrd

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adopted part 6

"Ungggh! No! Don't fuck my pussy again, Walter!" Patty gasped. "It's a

sin! You know it's a sin to fuck your adopted mother!"

Walter paid no attention. He was on top of her now, holding her legs open,

trying to stuff his big cock up her pussy. Ten minutes earlier, he'd barged into

her bedroom, catching her naked feverishly finger fucking her cunt.

That was all the encouragement her horny teen had needed. Patty had

valiantly resisted her craving to fuck him again, but she still hungered for his

prick, and both of them knew it. Patty had immediately stopped playing with her

cunt, trying to act stern as she asked Walter to leave. Walter had just grinned

and stripped off his pajamas. Now he was only seconds away from getting his cock

back into her pussy, where they both knew it belonged.

"Please, Walter! Don't fuck MaMa's cunt again! No, Walter, no! Tell...tell

your counselor about it this afternoon! She can help you! Don't keep fucking Me!"

Walter got the tip of his huge fuck organ into her hairy cunt slit. The

second she felt the giant prick plowing in, Patty knew she was a goner. She

stopped struggling, instead lay still on the bed. Her legs were spread wide, her

knees up to her shoulders. She didn't try to lower them, though that would have

made it harder for him to fuck her. Instead she just lay there, looking down,

watching the huge cock spearing deeper and deeper into her tight, buttery cunt.

"Do you still want me to stop, Mom?"

Walter stared at her, smiling, knowing the effect the big cock had on his

horny adopted mom. Then he lay flat on her naked body, crushing her big tits

under his chest. The next thing Patty knew, he was ramming his prick all the way

up her tight, juicy pussy, completely stuffing her cunt.

"Ungggh! Oh, Walter! You bad boy!"

The sex-starved woman raised her legs as high as she could, draping her

ankles over his shoulders. Then she frantically started wiggling and humping,

pumping her wet pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock. Walter met her

strokes, ramming his cock into her furry fuck opening. Soon the woman and teen

were humping in rhythmic unison, their bellies slapping together and the bed

springs squeaking as they feverishly, hungrily fucked.

"Still want me to stop, Auntie? Do you?"

Patty responded by twisting him around, surprising him with her strength,

pushing him onto his back. Now she was on top, her knees planted on the bed to

either side of his hips, where she could control the speed and energy of their


Patty gripped his shoulders, her enormous, stiff-nippled tits swaying

heavily over his chest. Her face was flushed and contorted, a mask of

uncontrollable passion. Furiously she started wiggling and humping her ass again,

shuddering as she pistoned her glove-tight pussy onto the satisfying stiffness

of her teen's cock.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me, Walter! Please, please, please, baby,

fuck my juicy cunt!"

Walter looked up, watching his giant fuck pole sliding in and out of his

her tight pussy. Then he started bucking to meet her strokes, fucking his ass

off the bed, ramming his cock deep inside her cunt channel. Soon they were

fucking in rhythmic unison again, Patty groaning and sighing as she felt herself

drawing closer to a violent, early-morning cum.

"Fuck my wet pussy, honey!" The bed springs squeaked in protest as she

humped her ass in a frenzy, banging her hairy pussy onto the root of his prick.

"Unngggh! My cunt's so wet and juicy! Oh, harder, do it harder! I need fucking

so goddamn bad!"

Walter fucked her as hard as he could, bucking his ass high off the bed,

clawing her hips as he speared his huge fuck pole in and out her pussy. Patty

felt a violent orgasm welling up in her loins. She fucked her hung adopted son

like a bitch in heat, her face contorted in ecstasy, thinking of nothing but the

satisfying stiffness of his huge, pounding cock.

"Fuck me, fuck my pussy! Ungggh! I cumming now! I'm cummiiinnngggg!"

Walter heaved his hips off the bed, impaling his prick into her pussy. He

came at the same time, spewing great, sticky gobs of cock juice into the buttery

tightness of her cunt.

Patty squealed as she felt the load spouting into her cunt channel,

soothing the itchy walls of her pussy. But already she was thinking of how

ashamed she felt, how sinful it was for a mother, even a adopted mother to

willingly give her cunt to her very own son.

She just hoped that Walter's counseling sessions with Margaret Kelly did

him some good.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Man, I really think this is doing me a lot of good, Mrs. Kelly," Walter

said, later that afternoon. "You must like sucking my prick better than any

woman I ever met in my life!"

"Then why don't you just let me suck your prick when it gets hard, Walter?"

Margaret raised her face from his lap, a glistening strand of saliva hanging

obscenely from her lower lip to the tip of his prick. "I'm sure you can see why

your mother feels so ashamed of letting you fuck her. Why don't you just let me

suck the cum out of your cock instead?"

"Yeah, but I like fucking her too," Walter grinned. "Besides, she's really

horny. If I tried to leave her alone for a couple of days, she'd probably wind

up attacking me. Then she'd really feel guilty."

Walter winced, his cock throbbing with blood and jism. He held Margaret's

head with both hands, guiding her face back down to his prick.

"Keep sucking," he said.

Margaret was happy to oblige. Walter's cock was so tremendously long and

fat, nearly as sweet to suck on as her own nephew's. Margaret's hunger for

cocksucking and cum-gulping had grown even stronger since she'd begun fucking

both the young studs. Hardly a half-hour had passed in the past day that she

hadn't thought hungrily of the pleasure of sucking prick, of stuffing a really

big one down her throat and slurping out its rich, sappy load of spunk.

Again the horny lady opened her mouth wide, plunging her open lips onto

the tasty stiffness of Walter's huge cock. She shut her eyes, concentrating on

the pleasure of cocksucking. Her lips ovaled wetly around the fat, veined shank

of his fuck pole. Margaret eagerly started sucking cock very hard, slurping and

gurgling loudly as she nursed on the blood-beating hardness of her young

client's prick.

Walter's cock grew longer and stiffer, the red leaky cock knob pulsing on

the roof of her mouth. Margaret nearly choked herself, trying to stuff his prick

farther between her lips. Her fingers tightened on the root of his cock, and

then she commenced a fast, urgent hand job, feverishly jacking his boner from

the base to the sucking lips.

"Harder," Walter pleaded. He stared at her, entranced by the spectacle of

the gorgeous woman with a mouth full of cock. "Suck the cum out, Mrs. Kelly! Oh,

shit, I'm really going to shoot big this time!"

By now Margaret's right hand was a blur, wildly tugging up and down the

huge, throbbing cock. She alternated between puckering her cheeks sharply inward

and flaring them outward again, keeping a constant, suckling pressure on the

tasty hugeness of Walter's cock.

More cock juice was bubbling out all the time, which Margaret eagerly

lapped up with her swirling, swiping tongue. As Walter had promised, she sensed that

he was really going to squirt a big load of cream. Again she suppressed the

gagging reflex, plunging his enormous fuck organ farther into her mouth. At last

her cocksucking efforts were rewarded with a spewing load of cream.

"Oh, Mrs. Kelly! Suck my cock, Mrs. Kelly! I'm cumming!"

The stick white stuff gushed from the tip of his prick, making the cock-

lance tremble and pulse as it disgorged its sappy contents deeply into her mouth.

The cum squirted onto her tonsils, running plentifully down her throat,

satisfying Margaret with a mid-afternoon belly full of hot, tasty jizz. Eagerly

the cock-loving woman sucked harder than ever, violently beating his prick at

the same time, refusing to take Walter's huge prick out of her mouth until she'd

licked the last traces of spunk off the crown of his cockmeat.

"Oh, Mrs. Kelly," Walter moaned, slumping on his seat. "Oh, shit, you

really made me cum that time!"

"But you still want to fuck your mother, don't you?" Margaret sighed. She

smirked as she sat up, licking the cum sap from her mouth. "I'm supposed to be

helping you with that strange little craving of yours. I don't think I'm making

much progress."

"I guess not," Walter grinned.

"Perhaps it would be wise if I were to call your mother and set up a

private appointment with her," Margaret said. Then she smiled to herself,

considering the idea. Patty Wayne was undoubtedly a very horny woman, to so

freely allow her own adopted son to fuck her. It had been a long time since

Margaret had enjoyed a cunt licking session with another woman.

Rating: 91%, Read 48507 times, Posted Sep 15, 2009

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Male, Mature, Non-consensual sex, Old Female, Oral Sex, Young


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