The Girls – Part 8 of 9 – Virgin Lost by mister+miss

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The next day, Sandy and I walked hand in hand down to our secret river spot and laid out our blankets beside each other. To start things off, I stripped quickly and fussed a bit with making a backrest against the log from the day before so I could lay partially propped up. Sandy removed her clothes a bit slower than usual. I think she was nervous. She kept looking around. Making sure we were alone. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her chest, pressing my erect penis to her backside. She raised her arms as she pushed herself back with a moan, and I cupped her breasts and began playing with her little pink nipples. I lightly kissed her neck and moved one hand down between her legs, cupping her vagina before allowing my middle finger to explore her slit. She was soaking wet, and when I began gliding my finger along her slit and ticking around her clitoris, she pressed back harder and moaned. “Oh God Michael….that feels sooo nice…put your finger in me…now move it in and out…Yeah…I like that.”

After a few minutes, she reached back and grabbed my penis. After giving it a couple of tugs, she turned around and put her arms around my neck. She looked up at me and her eyes looked worried. “I’m really nervous. Let’s go slow ok?” I nodded and said “As slow as you want. One step at a time and we can stop anytime you want.” She then kissed me softly and we swirled our tongues together. She took my hand and we moved to the blankets. She laid down and leaned her back up against the log, and I got down beside her. We resumed necking and she gasped a bit when I put two fingers in her slippery vagina. I fingered her for awhile and without being able to stop myself, I began pressing my penis rhythmically against her body. I was so worked up that I knew if I didn’t stop I’d spurt all over her side.

Sandy’s groans and rising hips worked in time with my pumping fingers and I used my thumb to rub her bump on the in-thrust. I moved my fingers faster and faster, taking my cues from her sound of passion. When she was getting lost in her feelings, I stopped. She opened her eyes wide and with a pleading look she said “Awww?” I smiled and said “Patience.” I moved myself down and nestled between her legs grabbing them behind her knees and kind of raising them up and open so I had as much access to her vagina as possible. “Michael…..wh..what are you doing?” I began gently nuzzling her vagina with my nose and she tensed slightly “Michael…oh God…are you sniffing me! Don’t smell me like that…it’s embarrassing.” I then began licking her folds and she drew a deep intake of breath. As I got more into it, she moaned “Mmmmm..Michael….oh…oh…that’s sooo bad.” She put her hands on top of my head and weakly attempted to push me away, but I then circled her clitoris with my tongue and she responded with a moan of concession and pulled my head towards her. Within a few seconds, she was moaning and writhing beneath my mouth. I moved my hand up to her hole and began slowly fingering her as I licked. “Oh God….Michael…I’ve never…felt…oh my…keep doing it….finger..faster…oh!” I then began to run my finger rhythmically from inside her hole back to her anus making sure to press harder and harder on her anus as I progressed. “Michael…oh fuck….oh fuck….that feels sooo good. I’m going to cum….don’t stop…Mmmmm…..Michael!” Her hips were rising with each stroke and lick and she was soaked. Her juices were glistening off the entire inside of her thighs. I then pushed my finger into her anus and she lurched back in surprise. “Michael…your finger is in my ass…oh god…don’t…oh Michael…I think I like it.”

I continued to move my finger from her vagina hole into her ass as I licked her clitoris. Her legs began shaking and she pulled at and pinched her nipples moaning and begging me to go faster. Her hips rose off the blanket and she threw her head back. “Cummmming…don’t stop…..awwww.” She stopped breathing for a minute as the first major wave of her orgasm hit her. :Ok…stop…stop now.” She breathed. I could feel a flood of her juices on my hand as she finished her orgasm and let her bum back down on the blanket. Breathing hard, she reached out to me and folded me in her arms. She kissed my neck and nuzzled me as her breathing returned to normal. “Fuck…that was huge Michael…I’ve never felt like that before.”

A couple of minutes went by and then she said “Ok big boy…your turn. Lie down on your back.” Under her devilish grin, I laid down. My penis was sticking straight up and she looked at it and then very slowly licked her lips. She looked so very sexy. She then got her mouth wet with her saliva and lowered he lips and tongue down onto my penis. Her mouth was so wet and warm that I moaned in appreciation. She then began bobbing her head up and down on me like she’d been doing it all her life. I began to thrust up and she sensed I wanted to cum. She stopped, looked at me and moved her hips up over my penis so that her vagina was right above it. “Are you ready?” she asked. I nodded. She began lowering herself down until I could just feel myself between her warm wet vagina lips. I wasn’t even at her hole yet and despite everything I tried, the feel of her vagina touching my penis was too much. I thrust up and with a groan and a “Sorry”, I began spurting my semen all over her vagina. I held her hips in place and she looked down wide-eyed. “Wow…what happened?...I wasn’t expecting that!” She giggled as she watched me cum and then she looked at me and said “That was interesting.”

“Awww Sandy. I’m sorry, I was just way too excited after everything we just did and when I felt your vagina touch my penis, there was nothing I could do.” I was mortified and it showed.

“Michael…relax…it’s ok. So you had a cum. You’ll be able to relax a bit more now. Let’s just give you a bit of time, and maybe you’ll get hard again.”

“Actually, I don’t think I need to wait.” I looked down at my still rock hard penis. I handed her some Kleenex and she wiped my cum off her vagina. I played with her vagina a bit to make sure it was nice and moist. She moaned in appreciation. Then she gently pulled my fingers out of her, and looking directly into my eyes, she began lowering herself down.

The first inch of my penis disappeared and she gasped and stopped. “Oh God.” She breathed. “You’re definitely in me a bit. The top is in me. I can feel it stretching me.” She then lowered herself another bit and I could feel the walls of her vagina struggle to accommodate me. “Ow… Ow…oh god that hurts!” She was looking into my eyes with a pained look and I leaned in and kissed her passionately. She then raised off of me and said “Ok…just a minute, I need to catch my breath.” She breathed in and out like a woman having contractions and then, looking at my eyes again, she reached between us, grabbed my penis and guided it back to her opening. “Michael, you know how it’s sometimes best to take a bandage off quickly?” With that she began a steady lowering of herself, taking me to a point where my penis bumped into her barrier. She stopped thereand threw her head back “Oh shit…ow…ow…ungh…oh god Michael you’re penis is sooo big in me….it hurts so much.”

“Just stay still for a minute. Let your vagina get used to it.”

She did, and within a few minutes, the pain was more bearable and she was able to smile as she realized she had me half in her. I looked at her and she just nodded at me. I grabbed her hips and plunged her down on me. I could feel her hymen tear as I broke through. She threw her head back and yelled out in pain, trying to raise herself off me. I wouldn’t let her. “Awww…oh fuck Michael, it hurts, it hurts…stop…oh please god….oh Michael, your penis is in me all the way…oh man that hurts!”

I held her down and again kissed her lips. I then moved down and kissed her breasts all over and suckled her nipples. In a few minutes, she shifted herself a bit which caused a minor movement of my penis inside her. She moaned and then moved a bit more. She was obviously still in pain, but she was also becoming aware of the pleasure that may be had. “You definitely fill me up.” She said, and then raised herself up a couple of inches and then lowered herself down again, moaning as she did. This was about her, and though I could easily have begun thrusting like crazy, I let her lead the way. I liked Sandy a lot, and was really not wanting her to hurt. “Whew…holy shit that was hard. I seem to be getting used to it though. It feels kind of nice having you tucked inside me like this.” She then started a slow steady up and down motion and was soon very much enjoying the new and erotic feelings that only fucking can provide. “ Oh Michael, this feels …well…it feels really good. I’m actually liking this a lot! God…oh god…we’re fucking Michael…aren’t we?”

I responded that yes, we were indeed fucking and for the first time I thrust up when she dropped down on me. “She drew in a deep breath and looked at me with wide eyes. “Oh god Michael, do that again. That felt sooo good.” Feeling safe now, I began matching her movements with thrusts of my own and soon we were in a nice slow steady rhythm. After about two minutes, I could feel myself getting ready to explode, and I told her. She looked at me and said “That’s ok Michael. Cum in me so I can feel everything.” She then began encouraging me to shoot. I held on to her hips and pushing her down on me as I gave one final thrust, I emptied myself inside her. “Oh Michael, I can feel you stuff. It’s warm and wet. I love it!” I stayed inside her for another minute and then raised her off my penis. She looked down and immediately began leaking a mixture of sperm and blood that ran down her thighs. “Oh god, look at this mess” she giggled. I grabbed the towel beside me and gently dabbed and wiped her vagina and thighs while she smiled at me. “Michael, I think we need to do that again. Maybe in a few minutes?”

We did indeed do that again. Twice! My penis actually got sore. Before the end of the afternoon we had tried the lap position again and the missionary position. Sandy was able to fuck quite freely and she very much liked it. Though I was unable to make her orgasm through just fucking, I did make her cum with my hand and mouth which she appreciated. She never got upset that I was able to orgasm so easily inside her, and we began to actually make fun of the mess my cum would make on her body. I knew as we left the river that day that Sandy and I had reached a new level of intimacy, and that we were both looking forward to many more sessions of advanced learning.

Jane and Lorelei had watched from a distance and told Sandy that they had. Sandy was embarrassed and angry for a few minutes, but then she calmed down and forgave them, on the condition that she got to watch them lose their virginity. For the first time, it was Jane who was reluctant but with a little prodding and coaxing, she agreed to let herself be watched, but only from a distance like she had watched me and Sandy. We agreed that Jane and I would meet in the same spot the next day.

Rating: 92%, Read 19780 times, Posted Mar 21, 2018

Fiction |


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