JUst Grin And Bear It by worik+brown

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Fiction | Anal, Bestiality

I bought myself a computer earlier this year, and it wasn't long before I found my way into all the porn sites I could handle. One day I was visiting a site that had free links to anything and everything that had to do with sex. As I scrolled down, I noticed a link called "dogsex," intrigued I had to check it out. That's when I saw my first beastiality picture, it was a really sexy woman getting fucked from behind by a big dog. I can't remember ever being so instantly arowsed. After that I was hooked, I sought out every kind of beast site I could find. I saw lots of twisted stuff, with chickens and snakes and shit like that, which never appealled to me. But there was something about sex with a dog that I just couldn't shake.

Skip ahead about a month or two later, I was watching a shemale porno that I rented. As the images of a guy getting banged up the ass by this really hot chick flashed across the screen I found myself getting really horny. I pulled my stiff, 8" cock out of my pants and began to stroke it. I realized that I wanted to feel what the guy in the movie was feeling, because my ass felt really empty. I could go a grab a dlildo and have at it, but I really wanted to get fucked by someone. And then I heard a scratch at the door...

My dog, Bear wanted to come in. Ideas began flashing into my head, and I quickly went to the door to let him in. Bear went directly to his food bowl and I headed to the bathroom for some lube. I stuck a big glob of vaseline up my ass, pushing my fingers through my hole in an attempt to loosen myself up. Satisfied that I was ready, I called Bear into the bedroom.

Bear came in an sat down in front of me. He was an unfixed, male rottweiller around 110 pounds. I began talking to him and scratching his head. After a minute of two, I noticed the tip of his cock pointing out of his sheath. I rubbed down his back, slowly inching towards his rod. I wanted to touch it so bad. Reaching underneath him I carefully touched his dick with my finger. Bear seemed surprised and twitched a little but he didn't growl or anything so I proceded to put my hand around his shaft. I was so fucking hard I thought I was going to explode, I'd never been so turned on before.

As I cupped Bear's shaft with my hand, he stood up giving me better access to his cock and balls. I slid my other hand under his balls and gently rubbed them, I noticed there was more of his prick sticking out now. I leaned in closer, it was bright red and really pointy, definitely meant for buisiness. It had kind of a musty odor, and I found myself moving my head closer and closer until I was basically looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. My mouth started to water and I knew that I wanted to taste it.

I touched the very tip of Bear's fuck pole with my tongue, it tasted sweet. I decided to go a little further and put my lips around the tip of his cock, I stopped there, not sure if I wanted to go any farther. It tasted alright, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to do this. Bear must have sensed my hesitation and quickly bucked his hips driving his shaft into my mouth up the the sheath. Well, it was hard to argue with that. So I began sucking my dogs cock, taking it as deep down my throat as I could. His cock just seemed to keep growing and growing. Bear started bucking his hips as a blew him, bouncing his balls off my chin. The next thing I knew he was shooting precum down my throat, and I knew I had to stop there. I had other things in mind.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth surprised to see it was almost as long as mine. Precum continued to shoot from the end of it. I was still rock hard and my ass was twitching in anticipation. I turned over onto my knees and stuck my ass in the air, hoping Bear would catch on. He paced around the room a bit, eventually coming up behind me and jumping up on my back. He started humping right away but he wasn't hitting his mark. I moved my ass around hoping we'd match up better. When I felt the tip of his cock slide between my butt cheeks and touch my asshole. I was so excited I almost blew my load right there. Bear knew he had his mark and with one big thrust he had pushed his rod all the way into me.

Holy Shit! That hurt. I screamed out in pain and tried to get up. But there was no way Bear was stopping now. He had wrapped his arms around me and but all his weight on to my back. Now Bear was ready to get busy. He pulled his big dog cock half way out of my ass and drove it back it. The force behind the thrust pushed my face into the floor and a screamed out in pain again. But Bear just repeated the process, picking up the pace with each thrust. I looked down underneath me and could see Bear's balls smacking into mine as he slid in and out of me. The view was starting to turn me on again, inspite of the pain.

The more I got turned on, the less I noticed the pain. I began jerking off as I watched Bear's balls go back and fourth. I began to wonder about his knot, I hadn't felt it yet, but I knew I wanted it. I reached around and tried to feel Bear's sheath, I couldn't feel anything, maybe it was already inside of me, I thought. So I put my arm back down and continued to enjoy the ass pounding I was receiving.

Suddenly, Bear dismouted. I have no idea why. But I quickly turned to see what was the matter. My bum felt really empty, and I wanted him back inside me in the worst way. He appeared to just be taking a breather. He paced around the room again, with his long, red cock bouncing around underneath him. I moved to the other side of the bedroom and positioned my ass towards the mirror on the closet door. I wanted a better view this time. I bent over and looked back. I could see my ass was wide open already, from the early stretching it received. I started calling to Bear, hoping he would finish the job.

Bear strutted over and give my gaping ass a lick and quickly jumped up on my back again. I reached back and gided his cock between my ass cheeks. I felt the tip of it easily enter into my hole, as he pushed forward, his girth began to stretch me out again. I was eager to accomidate him, and let out a huge moan as I took his entire length. The view in the mirror was excellent, it turned me on so much seeing this huge dog cock getting pushed into my ass. Soon Bear began thrusting wildly again, I was in heaven although this time I felt something bigger push agaist my ass. I almost came in anticipation. Finally the knot...

I quickly looked back towards the mirror, I could see a mass of flesh the size of a soft ball pushing against my sphincter. I put my head on to the floor, reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart. "Come on Bear, give me that big knot!" As he thrust I could feel it enter a little deeper each time. When it was half way in I thought I couldn't stretch any farther, it felt like he was tearing me in half. The mix of pain and pleasure was undescribable. So much so that I blew my load all over the carpet, without laying a hand on myself.

Not that Bear was going to stop because I came. He continued pushing his throbbing cock into my ass, and I continued to moan and cry in extasy. He still couldn't get his knot into me though, or so I thought. He pulled his cock about three quarters of the way out of me and thrust back in with all of his might. Sending his entire length, knot and all, straight into my ass. He did it with enough force that it gave me rug burn on my forehead. There was less pain now that the knot was all the way inside of me, and my ass never felt so full in all my life. I looked back in the mirror and could only see Bear's sheath going into my ass, there was no visible signs there was a knot at all. It was buried.

His thrusts were slower now and he was beginning to pant and whine. I knew he was getting ready to cum. Thinking about all the dog cum that was about to be shot deep inside my ass was getting me really hard again and began jerking off furiously. Bear's hips started bucking as he came and I could feel his hot seed flowing inside me. It was long before I came aswell, shooting another load all over the bedroom floor. I had never had such intense orgasms before, and the way Bear draped over me after he came, I don't think he'd had any either.

I knew now Bear would be trying to pull out of me, and I had no interest in explaining myself to a doctor why my ass was ripped to pieces. So I grabbed his collar and held him over top of me. After 15 or 20 mintues it felt as though his knot had shrunk considerably and I let him go. His cock slid out of my ass easily making a big popping noise as it left. Dog cum ran down my leg and splattered on to the floor. This was the best sex I'd ever had, and I couldn't wait to try it again. Although I did walk funny for a day or two.

The End

Rating: 75%, Read 117472 times, Posted Apr 10, 2005

Fiction | Anal, Bestiality


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