Power ladies destiny by FINC

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Fantasm | At work, Black, Reluctance

Jezebel stood at the paint flecked door and knocked again. She was so warm in her blue trouser suit the gold piping making her look like some kind of naval officer. The electricity company insisted she wore it and she had to admit if anyone could make this look sexy she could. She knocked again her legs snapped together as if on parade the heeled black shoes the only item of clothing she had any say over. The man made fabric jacket squeezed her bosom tight together the stay pressed trousers only hinting at her long athletic legs beneath. She'd left the cap in the car, they'd never know back at the office; and so her ringlet hair was tied up in a bun above her swan neck. Jez's beautiful face was pouting and dark, the skin glowing against the hint of red highlights in her black locks.

"Man it was warm!"

She knocked again.

There were sounds inside and Jezebel looked up and down the dirty run down street, the row of homes sprouting washing balconies and loud rap music. She'd been working her way along the houses for maybe an hour. The street was experiencing power problems and it had not taken long to decide someone was messing with the power companies fuse boxes. Someone was probably tying to over ride the meters. That always seemed to be the case.

A stunted man appeared at the door looking hunched and greasy behind his pebble glasses. He stuttered as the statue like black girl as she towered over him in an authorative manner.

"Hu? Power drain, what? I..." he mumbled.

"No you can't have a look; go away."

He tried to close the door but the power lady put her foot in the way. She wasn't angry; she expected this sometimes. "I'm sorry sir," she a said with a fake smile, "but the meters are company property and if you like I can call a police officer to assist me with entry."

The geek muttered again his scrappy jumper and flat basin cut black hair making him look like some type of Egor character from a cheesy Frankenstein movie. He stepped aside looking the woman up and down as she strode in.

"Ok if you insist," he giggled resigned to the fact he had no choice.

"What's your name miss?" He asked as he pointed the way to his cellar door.

"Jez." She replied in a matter of fact way as she used her torched to seek out the box. The stair well was humid and already her perfect complexion was moistening.

"There's nothing down there," he warned, his voice echoing against the masonry.

Jez turned and gave him a wry smile. "I've been in twenty of these houses this morning and the meters have all been in the same place."

She turned her torch to where she expected it to be as if in demonstration. "There we are, uhh!" The fuse box was open with cables trailing from it the hum of power audible, the whole apparatus looking dangerous and very, very illegal.

The geek nudged her from behind and she instinctively shot out a thin manicured hand.


Jez shuddered as the sparks flew, her knees buckling the geek catching the curvy figure in his arms.

"Tu! Tu! You should no better than that miss." Jez had caught the box casing as she fell, the jolt of power dropping her like a stone.

The geek carried her down into the cellar struggling with her height Jez moaning softly. He adjusted the cables and the weak lighting came on. The cellar had an old bath tub some shelves and a large tarpaulin covered bugle in the centre of the dusty room. She lay there chest rising and falling as she slowly recovered.

The man his glasses steaming began to strip the black beauty. His filthy fingers unbuckled her pants the flared long trouser legs coming off over her heels shoes. She lolled on the floor rubbing her dark perfect pins together scraping the toe of her shoes along her glowing shin. Her waist bulged out and he could see she only had a black thong as panties the summer days been so hot.

She rolled onto her back and arched herself as she groaned from the electric burn. The man snapped her buttons on her jacket ripping it open her lacy bra bulging out with her chocolate melons wanting to bust free. He could feel her nipples through the lace and he pressed with his thumbs as he removed the ripped jacket completely.

Jez began to come round. She was dizzy and disorientated.

"Aw, uhh no, what uhhh!" She groaned as her tits were squeezed tightly. "No, uh awwwww!"

Her puffy lips quivered her eyes still half closed. The geek was lifting her pulling her arms behind her to bind them at the wrist.

"Get off me you fucker!" The man ignored her shouting helping her to stand.

"That's it miss, don't resist. In the bath, go on."

Her legs struggled to climb in, her heels slipping on the slimy inside surface.

"Get that big fat ass in the bath. Com'n that's it Jez, oh you're so lovely, just like that Beyonce girl out of that pop group."

Her hour glass figure glowed with the reflection of the low watt bulb. Jez's full round ass trembled, her imprisoned domes heaving and that long sexy neck dripping sweat.

She slid onto her side her arms useless behind her. Her vision was better her voice more coherent. She groaned as the geek finally snapped her bra allowing her wonderful tits to swell the dark nipples pointing out at right angles to each other. The bath was lined with clear oily mixture maybe sunflower oil and her tits glistened as they mopped the side of the bath clean. "Ugh get the fuck... ugggghh!"

The geek began to caress her body smearing the oil into her ass, along her thighs and molesting her tits until they were two slimy mountains the gel dripping from her erect nipples. Jez wriggled and protested; as he squeezed she gulped and moaned his fingers pinching her slippery nipples to extract a belly grunt from the black beauty.

Jez still protested loudly. "No, stop, no uh, no, no, leave, uh me, uuggghh aww uggggghhh!"

The geek shook his head. "No, no. I knew you were the one as soon as you entered. So lovely, incredible I've never... well not with some one who looks like..."

He paused to look over to the big sheet in the centre of the room his hands squelching as they groped Jez's fine tits. "I just had this urge to build it you see. I needed power and well my bill was overdue and you cut me off." He nodded to the power box, "so I had to borrow some for free."

Jez had finally managed to twist herself in the bath and she sat upright. He was still gripping her tits and she gritted her teeth looking down at his scrawny hands kneading her. His pale sickly skin looked even worse against her brown rich flesh. She reckoned he hadn't seen daylight for ages.

"What the fuck are you talking..." She hissed totally confused trying to stand her feet slipping again.

He pushed her down then moved over to the tarpaulin pulling it back.

"I knew it would all make sense once I finished it. And you from the power company too; what are the chances of that? No its fate!"

Jez saw a metal seat with syrups either side. He'd made it out of bits of piping and shopping trolley wire. At its base was a device, maybe with the motor from a washing machine. Protruding from the motor was a clear Perspex tube about 10 inches long. It was thick like a man's forearm, the plastic ribbed in a corkscrew type effect along its length. Inside the tube appeared to be hundreds of solid beads all packed together around the rigid centre shaft.

Jez's eyes grew large in amazement. The shaft traveled back onto a wheel like a piston arm; so if the wheel spun it would pump back and forth. The shaft continued back into a gapping hole in the motor casing touching a disk which when turned on vibrated a hundred times a second. The tip of the Perspex rod finished with a large encased fist size ball bearing the Perspex slight curling in to hold the ball in place. It gave the rod a solid smooth round head. This ball bearing also rotated at a sedate pace once the machine was fired up.

"Oh my god!" moaned Jez her eyes popping from her sockets.

The hunchback laughed." Yes that right, I've made a big robot cock and you're gonna ride it for me!"

He pulled Jez kicking from the bath. She screamed but the noise of the busy street would mask any sound from deep in the house. Jez refused to stand, so he half dragged half carried her to the chair. "Oh god, no, no you can't no ugh!" Jez was pinned back into it, her chest heaving her arms hooked behind the seat restraining her. The man gripped her thong sliding the material down her legs over her shoes.

"Ugh, no, no!" She was naked, her dark trimmed pussy hidden between two clenched thighs.

The geeks used both his arms to prize each calf over the stirrups locking them in position. Jez grunted and squealed until she sat legs so wide, her groin open slit now visible below her black bush. Her mouth was dry, lips cracking a little as she shuddered.

"N, n, nnnnoo oh god, oh god!" His fingers spread her labia the pink flesh accentuated against her external tanned flesh.

"Ooohhh uggggggg!"

He smeared jell over the ball bearing head angling the cock to her spread lips. He had a crank which slowly ratcheted the whole length higher and higher the tips cold slimy surface quickly pressing on her hole.

"Ooooh noo uggggghhhhhhhh!"

He began to crank the handle quicker and quicker the tip pushing forward bit by bit. Jez looked down over her mountainous tits in horror. She could feel the head opening her up sliding past her lips. Now she could see it. The ball bearing head was pressing eagerly at her stretched pussy.

"Come on, a big girl like you can take that." The geek said as he continued to crank.

Jez gave a wide eyed stare then her eyes crossed in sensation the greased head slowly inexorabley opening her up until finaly the head was inside her,feeling ever so wide and solid. Her pussy was peeled back to allow the tip to penetrate, the pink flesh wet and tender.

He cranked the handle again and the head popped in completely, her walls feeling the beginning of the corkscrew ribbed plastic. "Ugggg, nooooooo oh shit, shit its aggggggg!"

The geek stood back to admire his spread black witch. Her fantastic thighs were at right angle her feet kicking, but held in place by stirrups. Her breast were wet with perspiration her mouth a open in one long gasp as she felt the monster tip snug inside her. "Oooooooooooooooo!"

He turned the switch and the machine sprang to life. Chuga! Chuga! Chuga!

Jez felt the head first. The slimy steel ball began to spin inside her. A gentle throbbing sensation like someone was licking her insides. Then the shaft began to twist slowly, the ribbed plastic feeling like it was burrowing. The central rod vibrated with a mechanical hum sending shivers up inside her, the beads shifted and dances around the shaft making the whole length seem to pulse with life. And finally the wheel began to turn the whole length pumping at one thrust a second, the thrust pushing the cock 4 inches in then pulling 4 inches to the rear of stationary, a total of 8 inches thrust.

The cock was coming almost out of her before sliding back in the greased shaft making it effortlessly penetrate her. She gritted her teeth her eyes continuing to cross in deep hole sensation.

The geek cranked the handle again and began to burrow. The cock squeezed the gel out around her full pussy hole as it inched its way up her. Jez was panting and moaning her back continuously arched tits erect as she tried to relieve the amazing sensation.

The pumping was unrelenting firm and rigid, the other sensations of licking and vibration sending tingles up her nerves endings.

"Aww, aw, aw, aawwwwwggggghhhhhhhh!"

The thing was 7 inches in inside her and she felt feint her ass numb her fingernails biting into her own palms. She could see the monster slurping inside her pussy the mechanical pumping noises accompanied by air belching from her oily pumped hole. "Slock! Slock! Slock! Slock!"

The crazy bastard reclined the chair a little and she groaned as she felt her canal straighten allowing the cock to delve deeper.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!"

It was 8 inches in now, the pumping still a rhythmic thrust a second. The man was happy; Jez was taking the cock like an expert whore. She gritted her teeth her muscles tensed as she grunted with each thrust. The thing was twisting inside her, pounding against her innards. Her gut shuddered as the metal lapping head banged against her cervix. But still it was twisting and burrowing, her clit hard with the constant metallic vibration like straddling a car gearshift as it hummed in neutral.

"Ag, ag, ag, agg," she grunted uncontrolabely knowing in secret growing excitment she would have to take the full ten inches of vibrating arm sized cock. "Uggggggg ohhhhhhhhh!"

The machine quickened pace as the man turned a dial. The pounding increased to 2 then 3 thrusts a second. Jez shuddered and writhed and gave a long animal groan; she was been pumped like she was siring a manic bull. The cock was slopping in and out of her hole the whole chair and stirrups shaking at the frenzied speed.

"Oh, Oh, Oh"

Her groans were ones of humiliating pleasure. The machine was working better than he had ever hoped.

He reduced the speed but only down to 2 pumps a seconds Jez bucking and grunting in a continuous fast fuck.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!"

Her head flung back as the chair reclined more and she saw the geek his pants off his white curved cock erect. He straddled her chest thrusting the thing between her tits. The head was circumcised pink and sore looking the pale skin warty and unwashed. He was astride the stunning black woman's chest his cock in the sweaty valley of her two vibrating melons.

"Uhhhhhhh oh, oh, oh, oooooaaaawwwwwwwwww."

Behind him his mechanical toy cock was now all the way in, pounding and pounding.

"Ride it baby com' on yeah!" His cock began to thrust up between the fleshy mounds the geeks squeezing them together to create a hot sexy tunnel to probe. "Ah, ah, ah!" He could feel her tummy vibrating on his butt and he couldn't imagine the sensation she was getting rammed up her. He looked over his shoulder to marvel at the foaming entrance to her body, the lips slurping on the ribbed plastic as it extracted and re-entered. "Slop! Slop! Slop!"

He pressed her nipples looking into her sexy flashing eyes. He could see the supressed delight in them; the hardening clit the soaking hot hole, the vibration running up her spine making her teeth chatter.

His cock was rock hard and as he thrust his head kept slapping the underside of her solid tits making him wince. He spun round so he sat facing her pelvis his flabby ass facing her head. He looked down his finger tracing around her hole the cock pounding in and out.

His fingers pressed on her clit as his ass slid over her boobs to her chin, his ball bag resting on her thick lipped mouth. His leg straddled her head resting on the floor and he gripped his cock pushing down into her upturned mouth.

"Suck me you bitch all the way in ug, ghhhh, uhhhhhhhhh!"

He angled his cock down her through feeling her tense and buck. His own head and mouth was just above her clit the pussy slit belching and spitting as the piston continued to twist, vibrate and pound. He gripped the inside of her pinned thighs and began to pump in a shaking, noisy 69.

Jez could only gulp onto his cock her mouth vibrating from her groin penetration. Now her shoulder and neck shuddered to her mouth pounding. She coughed and spluttered taking the man deep into her throat pressing down with his weight. She angled her head back to ease the pressure but then gagged as his cock sunk further. "Mmmmgggggg!"

She was in a world of her own. She didn't care anymore. She slurped hungrily on his cock her pussy on fire the fucking the best of her life!

As he jerked his hips pumping her mouth his hands gripped the insides of her thighs trying to stretch them even wider. He licked around her clit the gel and body juices frothing on her coffee colored skin like the top of a cappuccino.

"Ug, ug, ug." He was grunting with satisfaction his meager cock able to slip easily down the woman's throat. The robot cock was all ten inches in thrusting hard against her cervix grinding her tender insides.

Her head was swimming, her mouth gasping for air around his throbbing dick. She could taste his dirty precome on her lips, smell the filthy unwashed balls slapping just above her nose. Her clit was aroused and feeling like it would bust. As she felt his hands push her thighs wider and the rotating cock angle up against her deep nerve bundle she realized she was about to come. It wasn't just the length; it was the width! She felt like a glove been tugged snugly onto a hand.

"Oh god I can't stretch no more!" She said in perverse excitement.

The sensation and humiliation was too much her juices were flowing, the shaft feeling looser her walls more flexible. "Mmmmmm, Mmggggggg Ggggggggggg!!!!"

Her clit exploded, as she gulped for air only swallowing more cock choking as she did.

Her mind raced as she convulsed. "Oh, oh yesss yessssss oooohhhhhh, uggggggggg, no, no I'm gonna choke eieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

The man had a grandstand view of her flexing pussy hole, Jez's grinding teeth on his shaft telling him see was orgasming. "Oh baby yeahh! Ugggggg, keep swallowing yeahuggggggggg!!!"

The geek withdrew his dick letting the spittle trail across her nose and eyes as he dismounted her sweaty chest and shoulders. Jez was moaning and panting her inside now screaming for relief the aroused flesh too tender for contact.

She suddenly felt the whole animated rod grind to a halt half way through a thrust. The man had turned the mechanical device off. Jez's body relaxed with a long sigh from her. The man undid a latch and instantly she felt the rod loosen and begin to slide out of her. As it went it made a slurping noise her insides gripping to the ribs as they moved backwards.


The steel bearing end was clear of her pussy hole a trail of slime dripping from her slit to its tip until it finally snapped. The man moved the device away his fingers opening her up to examine. "Hmm let's have a look."

Jez felt strangely empty and light bodies now she was free of the horrendous probe. She bit her lip in disgust as she looked down at him; watching him examine her like some crazy doctor.

"Oh miss you have got a big hole now."

He could see an inch or so inside her pink tunnel the muscles tired and stretch her pipe dripping juice. He moved his cock to the entrance and plunged it in.

"Uggh oh fuck your loose I ugh can't even feel the sides!"

His poor excuse for a cock rammed up her completely unhindered and he had to rub his head against her top wall to gain any sensation of penetration; so loose and wet was her twat now.

"Mmmm uhh, uhhh ah, ah, ah, ah!"

She glared back at him in arousal and disgust. She grunted cussing him over and over but all the time the feeling of been ravished by this filthy man turning her hotter and hotter.

His hips bucked back and forth his hands gripping her slim perfect waist. He could hear her grunting slightly, her pussy now sore as fuck as he mouthed off at her.

"Ugh fuck, fuck that's it bitch yeah uggh ohh, ohhh uh, uh! Take it, take it you filthy black tart. I'm gonna come oh baby oh baby, good girl, good girl, goodeeiieeeeeeeee uukkkkkkk!!!!!!!"

The feeling of his liitle hard member burrowing away almost excited her as much as the monster dick. She gave him a angry powerful stare her lips glistening with sweat.

"Come on, come on you little bastard uhhhhh!"

His pencil dick jerked, the come spitting into her. "Oooohhhhhhhh ugggggggg!" His eruption was a heavy wad of sickly white and fluid. "Agggggg!" Jez's slack hole felt awash with his shot and as soon as he withdrew, her exhausted japing slit let his contents pour onto the floor like a drainage pipe emptying into a stream. Splaaaaaaattttttt!

The man was coughing and spluttering his body a sweaty mass. Jez looked to the ceiling exhausted but satisfied. "Oh fuck, ohhhhhhhhh." The man was gripping her stirrups adjusting them and Jez gave a sigh of relief.

"No, not finish yet," he replied raising both clamps so her knees were pushed back to her washboard tummy, legs and toes now pointing to the ceiling.

"Uh what I've done it; you've fucked me half to death with it. What more do you want?"

Her waist and butt were now struggling to touch the metal seat. She felt the familiar slimy steel ball from the cocks head. It was pushing against her ass crack the metal now rubbing her sphincter.

"Oh god ohhhhhhhhhh!"

The geek checked his cables he planned take it up a notch or two this time, he'd need all the power he could get. Her ass looked real tight. "Tu, tu!" He thought igniting the machine back into life, "we'll have to do something about that."

The thing began to burrow and Jez's groaned at the new burrowing experience. "Oh shit, aggg, aggg, yes, yes ,yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!"

Three apartments down a middle aged Latino couple sat in front of their favorite TV show. The picture fizzed and the lights paled then flared in brightness. The wife huffed and puffed in frustration at the power drain.

"I guess that young lady hasn't found that the fault yet." She said remembering how her husband had fawned over the stunning blue suited woman when she had looked in their own cellar earlier that day.

Her husband grunted, reminding himself of her fantastic butt straining in those company trousers

"Hmm? I'm sure she'll get to the bottom of the problem; eventually."

Rating: 78%, Read 30086 times, Posted Feb 26, 2006

Fantasm | At work, Black, Reluctance


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