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I was particularly horny that hot August summer’s day, in the Northern Italian town of San Remo. If I didn’t find a woman very quickly, I would be obliged to masturbate, and I’d much prefer touching female flesh than my own if I could help it, but when I had too much sperm to evacuate, and there were no girls around, that’s what I had to do otherwise I would have certain problems. I wasn’t against prostitutes as they asked no questions, took a little money and everyone was happy. However, women in this little town were either with someone or just too busy shopping or coming from or going to work, therefore not available. I wasn’t out for beauty or love or even compassion or friendship; no, all I wanted was just sex, and this place didn’t seem ideal for that. I was on a two-week holiday and although there must hundreds of women around, there didn’t seem to be too many in this little coastal town and right now, with the way I was feeling, I would settle for any girl, as long as she had nice legs. Unfortunately, to top it all, at about two pm it meant siesta in this country, which accounted for the empty streets.

As I was strolling near the park along one of the main roads, I couldn’t help but notice her. She was sitting on a bench across the street. Her legs were crossed in a most advantageous way, at least from where I was standing. Her thin see-through, off-pink, summer dress was raised high up on her thighs and her red platform heels brought out her calf muscles all the more, thus rending her already enthralling and exciting body, even more arousing and tempting. Her uncombed flaming red hair added a sense of mystery, as her piercing green eyes stared straight at me, in an intriguingly come along look. Although I couldn’t speak Italian, I knew they either spoke English or French here, which were both my languages. So what could I lose by crossing over. Besides, body language has no frontier; everyone in the world understands it, and hers was perfectly clear. Her smile was delectable and I could already feel my hardness in my pants growing. It’s true that I don’t wear underpants especially in the middle of summer so I was that much more aroused by the stunning site, which she was so openly offering me.


In a couple of strides, I’d crossed the road and was sitting next to her.

‘Hope you don’t mind me sitting here?’ I uttered discretely.

‘Absolutely not, I was wondering when you would come over.’ She answered warmly. It occurred to me that we were both speaking English, I, with my London accent, and she with a beautifully moist American one. That thought made me overlook her statement, which would later ring home.

‘I guess, from your accent, that you’re from the States, where abouts?’

‘Philadelphia. And you must be British. I love a true English accent. The one they call the Queen’s English’

‘I’m from London, actually; and yes I am able to acquire the Queen’s English.’

She uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way, which allowed me a quick glimpse in between. She wasn’t wearing any underwear either. My penis was now beginning to burst and it was showing through my white cotton jeans. The red tee shirt I was wearing was becoming rather moist with perspiration. Luckily my aftershave was powerful enough to cover my natural odours. Her own very strong Patchouli was also most inviting. I often wore Patchouli myself but it would depend upon my mood and body choice, as you will realize a little later. That’s when her first phrase struck me.

‘You said you were wondering when I’d cross over, I think?’

She grinned and nodded.

‘That’s right honey; I’ve been watching you for about ten minutes walking up and

down the road looking.’

‘Looking?’ I asked intrigued.

‘Yeah, looking! Probably for a girl, I think.’

‘You’re very perspicacious!’ I uttered a little embarrassed.

‘I know!’ She sighed, grinning at the same time.

‘I feel particularly hot sitting here, wouldn’t you like to go somewhere a little cooler?’ I attempted.

‘Why not? My hotel is just there.’ She sighed as she nodded to a small hotel a few

metres away. I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, but at the same time, I felt there was something strange and uncanny about her. I had to be sure about something.

‘A little direct isn’t it? I was thinking more in the way of a drink somewhere.’

‘We can have a drink in my room, if you like.’


Now I was sure. Either she was a nymphomaniac, which would suit me perfectly, or she was a prostitute and that would depend on how much money I was prepared to spend on sex; and then again, something was cooking.

‘Ok, but how much is it going to cost me? I inclined.’

‘To begin with, what makes you think we’re going to do anything? Secondly, I

never take money for sex.’

‘Oh, I assumed …’

‘I know what you assumed,’ she interrupted cunningly with a slight grin, ‘only I

never said we’d do anything but then again, I never said we wouldn’t. You just suggested we go somewhere a little cooler and I proposed my hotel room, that’s all. We can sit and talk over a cool drink if you like. The mini-bar is full.’ I was certain she was teasing me and I could feel my rod begin to lose its hardness but even sitting here next to her was enough to get me going again. I wanted to put my hand on her knees and caress the top of her thighs; they were so white and soft with tiny freckles here and there. As I looked closer at her legs, my phallus was starting to prick up again. After thinking about it a few moments, it seemed better to go to her room rather than stay out here on this bench, and after all, perhaps I could tempt her into going further once we were up there. After all, she did say maybe and when a girl says maybe, it is always a good sign.

‘Right-oh, let’s go to your room and chat a little. Oh, by the way, what’s your


‘My parents christened me Frances but my friends call me Flame, what’s yours?’

‘I should have guessed. I’m Paul.’

She grinned and took my hand as we got up from the bench. Her thigh muscles were tense and her calves were so shapely that I hardly looked at her small breasts but did notice the hardness of her nipples as they pressed against her transparent dress. She was definitely nude under her frock.

‘Paul, I’m happy to meet you. She squeezed my hand in hers, as we started to

walk towards the hotel.’



On arriving at the reception, the young male desk clerk winked at Flame as we walked past. For a second I thought that something might be going on between them but what the heck, it didn’t really matter, I knew what I wanted and I was pretty sure she wanted the same thing so we started going up the thickly carpeted stairs. I’d noticed the elevator but it didn’t bother me walking up a couple of flights, it would give me time to get into shape for afterwards. And on top of that, she was leading the way a few steps prior to me, and that gave me a magnificent view up her dress and a closer look at her perfect legs.

Two floors up, we arrived on the landing and walked along the still carpeted corridor to her room about half way along. By now, I was really feeling horny and the bulge in my pants was betraying my inner thoughts as I watch her gently sway while she led the way.

‘Be patient,’ she whispered feeling my flies with her hand. ‘We’re almost there and

I promise you, you won’t regret it. You can do what ever you want with me, after a drink.’

‘I thought you just wanted to chat.’

‘Now there you go misinterpreting my words again. I said, that maybe we’d do

something and then again, maybe we wouldn’t but now, I’m pretty sure we will. And I never said I just wanted to chat.’ She smiled as she pushed the card key into the slot and a slight click was heard, thus releasing the latch for the door to open. We went inside and I closed the door behind me.

‘What do you want to drink?’ She whispered as she through the card key on a


‘A gin and tonic would be nice.’

‘I think I’ve got that, I’m having a cold beer, she uttered as she sauntered over to

the mini-bar in the corner of the room.’ In the meantime, I sat on the bed thinking about what was ahead. A few moments later she was handing me my drink as she was kicking off her platforms, but stayed on tiptoes thus keeping her leg muscles tense. It’s as if she knew that that was driving me crazy.

She pulled her thin transparent straps over her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor. Her body was perfectly shaped, as I couldn’t help stare at her for a second. He skin was soft ashen like alabaster. It shone slightly as the sun spread through the slits in the pulled blinds. She began unbuttoning my flies as she slowly crouched


bringing my trousers down thus bending her knees in such a voluptuous way that I almost forgot what she would find, or should I say, not find, under my trousers.

‘Wow, no underpants, that’s cool. I love men who don’t wear stupid

undergarments, it’s so way out. I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of fun, honey.’

As she was pulling off my pants, I’d quickly whipped off my tee shirt and we were then both completely naked when she started licking my rod. Our glasses were on the sideboard and still half full but our minds were focussed elsewhere, now. My phallus was saluting smartly and her nipples were sticking out furiously, as she was savagely sucking my tip. Although I could feel that I was beginning to come, I wanted it to last so I pulled out of her mouth and grabbed her by the shoulders with one arm then place the other under her knees and picked her up as I kissed her on her open mouth. I carried her over to the bed and place her gently down as we continued kissing with our tongues inside each other’s mouths. I looked at her over for a moment and noticed the lack of pubic hair.

‘I love girls who shave their pussy, very Goth.’

‘I know, and I love men with big cocks and no pubes around them either, that too

is Goth.’ She’d noticed that I too shaved around my balls and cock, but in my case, it was for a particular reason. Maybe it was for her, too!

I slowly climbed onto her as my cock was touching her left leg. Slowly it approached her crotch. I kissed her tits one after the other as my pole was entering her pussy. I was forgetting myself. I knew I had some condoms in my pocket but right now I was too far gone to worry about it. However, I didn’t know this girl and she didn’t know me, it was a normal thing to suggest some sort of protection but could I interrupt the action at this point?

‘I have some condoms in my pocket,’ I suggested innocently. She grinned and

opened the draw of side table pulling out a boxful.

‘Beat you to it honey.’ She opened them drew one out, ripped the plastic open

with her teeth, then slipped it down my cock. As her fingers were running along my shaft, I could feel it hardening even more and my juice was beginning to move inside of me. I was ready; it was now or never. I wanted to wait a little longer, but it was just impossible, I had to come so I thrust myself inside her. I started to come and go, speeding the pace with each movement.

All of a sudden, she lurched forward and bit my neck, but in a very pleasant way. Was she a vampire? Surely not! She wouldn’t have been out in the sun in the


middle of the afternoon like that. I could feel her fangs inside my neck however, it wasn’t hurting me one little bit. It’s true that I have certain faculties that prevent vampires from getting to me but all the same, I would have known. No, she was having an orgasm and it was only beginning. She then grabbed me by the neck and turned me over so she was now sitting on top of me in a very Basic Instinct style. It occurred to me that she might have an ice pick under the bed but I quickly put that thought aside when she started coming and going, making me slide in and out of her. I could feel my juice beginning to race in my lower abdomen. Nothing could stop it now. As she was helping the movement, she was squeezing and releasing my penis inside of her, each time. Hell, this was heaven, if such a place existed, which I doubt as I was living it right there and then. YES!!! This was the climax, I felt shivers all through my body; my spine, my head, and my groin quivering all over, and as my essence was moving rapidly through my entire lower parts, along my shaft and into the rubber container, I was living sheer ecstasy. It lasted almost fifteen seconds.

She sighed softly throwing her head back. She then let out a scream of absolute pleasure. I knew she wasn’t faking and I just had to comment.

‘Ahhhh this heaven or maybe Hell, who knows, a Devil like myself can only come

from there.’ I didn’t know what the hell I was saying but I was savouring every moment of this, as I saw her green eyes roll back as she sighed softly again.

I pulled out slowly and stripped off the condom tying the end into a knot. As I got up to go to the bathroom, she just lay there on the bed with her eyes closed. I took my clothes with me as I intended taking a quick shower before leaving. I turned one last time to look at the beauty that was lying there when she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me.

‘Don’t flush the condom down the toilet, they have a water control system here,

and it might not go away altogether and block the structure. You’ll find a bin next to the washbasin; you can put it in there.’

‘Ok, if you say so. Can I take a quick shower?’

‘Of course you can, my darling, she gently sighed and blew me a kiss as she

smiled.’ I had a feeling she knew exactly who, or what, I was, and that made me very nervous, all of a sudden. Nevertheless, I turned and went into the bathroom. I found the bin and opened it. It was particularly clean. I’d never seen such cleanliness in a hotel bin before. I know they empty them each day but this one actually sparkled, and that too was quite uncanny. I dropped the condom in and stepped into the shower.


As the hot water was sprinkling over me, I was soaping myself all over and I knew the change was about to take place. I could feel my solar plexus begin to shrink and my breasts start to slowly grow. This was going to be an embarrassing moment as usual, but I couldn’t prevent it from happening. My only hope was that Flame would fall asleep, as she seemed very tired after fucking. I had a cap in my pocket to hide any unusual views of my face and head if ever it took place where I’d already been seen, but the rest of my body would become obvious after a few moments. I could feel my skin softening and my penis becoming shorter, and shorter until it just vanished, as did my balls leaving a slit in its place. I was slowly but surely becoming a woman. I could feel it in my tits and growing as they were taking shape. I was loving every moment of it. It was wonderful. I just stood there in the shower allowing my body to transform itself. I no longer had any sperm and therefore, the mutation could take place.

My true self has always been female but when I have too much sperm inside of me, after having fucked a few times, I become a man. I never really understood why. It just happened and had been doing so since I was fourteen years old. My parents were horrified when I once came home from school looking like a little boy after having left that morning as a girl. OK, so I’d had sex behind the bicycle shed when I was thirteen, but I was very precocious. The problem was to explain this to outsiders. That’s when my parents told me that I’d been adopted. They’d found me in a dustbin outside a hospital, when I was still a baby, while they were out strolling one day, and they so much wanted a child but couldn’t have one through natural means. My father was sterile, and on seeing me, they just couldn’t resist so no one really knew where I’d come from. They couldn’t believe that someone could just abandon a baby in a dustbin that way. The authorities put my picture in the paper for a while but since no one claimed me, the adoption was granted. Anyway, that was neither here nor there, in a few moments I was going to have to leave this bathroom, and Flame would see that the nice young man she’d made love to a few moments earlier, was now a ravishing young woman.

I quickly dried myself, and put my tee shirt back on as I did my pants, though they were a bit tight. I put the cap on, after having brought my long black silky hair up into a bun to fit under it. Usually, my hair went down to the centre of my back. I did cut it a few times but it tends to grow quickly, besides I like it like that. I must admit, I much prefer being a woman, it’s so exciting, and the power I have over men is


incredible and irresistible. Maybe it’s because I know what they feel inside and I can use that to my advantage even more than other women.

It was now time to leave the bathroom. I gently unlocked the door and peeked furtively around the corner towards the bed. Flame seemed to have fallen asleep so I softly crept out into the hallway and closed the bedroom door behind me. I didn’t know that she was only faking and she’d opened her eyes immediately after my departure. This time, I took the elevator as it was on the landing and it was open. On arriving at the reception, I walked cautiously through hoping I hadn’t been recognized. Everything was fine. The desk clerk was looking the other way. I was out and into the street in a few seconds, only now, I had to get back to my own hotel to change clothes, as these were most uncomfortable.


Arriving back in my own hotel room, dusk was beginning to fall and I knew that I would be on the prowl, tonight. I took my pants and tee shirt off and decided, this time that I would take a bath, a very bubbly bath. I would take my time and dress in the sexiest outfit I had. I was going to have fun tonight as the woman I was. If I met a man, well who knows, we might have sex, but I knew I couldn’t fuck too many men in one night as that would again fill me with sperm and the whole process would begin once more. There was a way of preventing it from happening but that would mean avoiding sex altogether. Even if I did use a condom, once a man had penetrated me and I was having an orgasm, I was obliged to take in the sperm. No illness could attain me, as I was different. No ‘AIDS’ or anything else could get to me but if I didn’t take in the sperm after having made love, I could very well wither away. I tried it once and it really wasn’t pleasant. So, the only way to absorb a man’s sperm without making love was to swallow it. Therefore, on some occasions, I did a few blowjobs. The transformation was then slower, but it did happen all the same.

After having had a long hot bath with plenty of bubbles, I climbed out of the tub and looked at myself in the mirror with great appreciation. Hell was I gorgeous, and I knew it. My long black hair dropped down over my breasts. I could feel my nipples harden and my clit bulging. I slowly placed my left hand over my pussy and started to softly caress it. It was soft, moist and warm. Mmmm, it felt so good being a woman again. As I circled around my slit and over my button, I could feel shivers begin to


invade me in waves of elation. I was getting hotter as my image in the mirror was blurring. I needed to sit down to be more comfortable so I pulled the deep padded armchair up to the mirror and continued my masturbation. My neck was flushing as I closed my eyes. For a moment I thought, - why face the mirror if I’m not going to watch myself? - But I was really beginning to enjoy my trip and therefore wasn’t about to stop. As my hand circled more precisely, the shivers became more intense. I could feel the orgasm coming. My body appeared to be receiving current from every direction. My head and spine were quivering in hot and cold alternative spasms, and my womanhood was once again, being satisfied in every possible way. As I was stroking the base of my pussy, I sped up the movement and felt myself fall in to an alternative state. My eyes closed and my head thrust back, this was it. The orgasm was there. AAAHHHH YYYEEEESSSSSS it was pure ecstasy. Hell this was a real rapture of delightful pleasure. I was so fulfilled with plenitude and completely elated. I knew I was going to live it up tonight in the body of the woman I’d always been.

I’d decided I was going to pick up a man and do everything I wanted with him. After teasing him until he couldn’t stand it any more, I would decide what he would suffer and how he would satisfy me, after which, I may please him in the most incredible coitus. Tonight, I would dominate; I was the mistress. I was the she-wolf. I was the Goddess. If I were in the mood, I would then burst his cock and fuck him, a second time, and even a third, enjoying myself to full. Yes, tonight, there would be no limit to my favourite sin, sex! Yes tonight, thunder would strike everywhere I would step and I would control it. I was back in my true body. I had to plan my evening.

To begin with, I was going to go out for a drink, and see what I could find. I’d pick up a rich and good looking guy, then I’d have him take me out to dinner, after which we’d go to a disco or something and if the evening was well tuned, I’d go back to his place and we’d end it as described earlier. There was no risk of changing after just one night with one man, and I really wanted to take advantage of my body once again, after having been a man for almost two weeks.

I slipped on a silver sequin mini dress, and silver high heels, after I’d made myself up. No string or other undergarments of course, although, occasionally, especially in winter, I did derogate from that rule. Tonight, however, I was on the prowl and that meant, “BE SEXY IN EVERY WAY”.


I hadn’t thought any more about Flame after leaving her hotel. I’d just left her on the bed without saying goodbye but I was sure she would be fine and who knows, I may even see her that evening, hoping she wouldn’t recognize me as a woman. What I didn’t know was that immediately after I’d left her room, she’d gone to the bathroom and taken the condom out of the bin. After opening it, she had drunk my sperm.


It was about ten pm and I was sitting at the counter in a bar. Music was playing very loudly. The place wasn’t packed but it was still early. There were a few good looking men around but when I saw the hulk enter the bar, I felt my clit bulge. This was the man. There weren’t many good-looking women around and I knew I could catch him if I put my mind to it, and I would. He was tall; he had between fair and ginger hair, and deep piercing green eyes. As he walked towards me, I had a feeling we’d met before but it didn’t really matter. He grinned as he came and sat next to me.

‘Hello!’ He grunted in a moist and slouching American accent. ‘May I sit next to


‘Be my guest.’

‘Would you like another drink?’

‘Certainly!’ I answered with enthusiasm.

He called the barman over and ordered a gin and tonic and a cold beer for himself. He must have guessed what I was drinking just by looking at my glass.

‘May I be presumptuous and ask you your name? He solicited in his deep sensual


‘Certainly, I’m Paula and you?’

‘Actually, my parents christened me Frank but my friends call me Flame, because

of my hair.’

He grinned as the barman brought the drinks. Suddenly, I knew I’d seen him before, and he knew it too. We both burst out laughing and clinked glasses.

I must admit though, I’ve often wondered how a boy could be a girl and a girl, a boy. Were we mutants, and left in a bin because the experiment didn’t work? Or was it something else? It had surely something to do with reincarnation and the


profound wish to choose one’s gender when coming into this world. However, this metaphysic subject is to deep to go into right now. I’ll certainly investigate it sometime though, and come back to it in a future story, so stick around and keep looking in; you never know what you might catch!!!

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Rating: 77%, Read 7515 times, Posted May 13, 2012

Fantasm |


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