No Longer BFs by Bro+Stimulus

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Fiction | Anal, Gay, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, Teen Male

Me and Taylor had always been friends since we were nine. Back then he has a lot bigger than me and stronger. So I find it incredibly funny now since we're 19 and I'm now 5'8 and 210 pounds. While Taylor hasn't grown since the 6th grade, still remaining a short 5'2 and light 150. I was what you would call handsome. I had green eyes and jet black hair and my body was pretty decent. While he had long hair due to is parents being hippies. His dark brown hair went all the way to his back. Which I repeatedly made fun of saying he looked like a girl which was true his face was kind of girly, plus he had no hair on his body except for his head. I wondered if he would ever find a chick, I guess that's why we're watching tv now in my basement.

"What" he asked

"Huh" I asked

"Dude you're fucking staring at me" he said

"My bad I was just thinking that you totally look like a chick" I said as I started laughing.

"Oh my fucking god how old is that getting, seriously I think your gay for me Aaron" he accused

"What me, gay?" A shock of expression on my face. "The one who smash and slam Paula J, nawl dude you got it all wrong" I said

"Haha great cover man but you could never hit Paula" he said

"Oh really" I said as I pulled my phone out and went to my pictures. "So this isn't her sucking my dick or bent over my bed?"

His face went from laughing to shock than jealousy.

"Aaron your such a hoe man I'm outta here."

"I think your the one that's gay I've never seen you with a girl"

"Fuck you dude hell will freeze over before I take it in the ass."

He got up and left, I guess he must have a thing for her, oh well. I went up stairs to call Paula and talked to her until I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to a nice warm California Saturday. I stretched out and walked to my window, as I yawned and stretched I spotted an interesting situation. There was this hot brunette chick cleaning out my neighbor miss Anna's car. I could make out who she was. She was bent over in the front seat, obliviously cleaning the rug but all my eyes were focused on was her amazing ass. It was so plump it seemed like it was going to bust out of her jeans. Her thighs look soft and toned. I couldn't help myself I grabbed my 7-inch dick and begin to stroke it rapidly. I started to imagine that girl bent over my desk as I forcibly rammed my dick in her over and over. Having beg me for more as she moaned and bounced on my dick. Then she got out of the car I was able to examine her full body. Her long hair went down to her back which led my eyes to her small waist. That was connected to her slightly wide hips which framed a nice bubbly ass. I was ready to imagine cumming all over her face. Until she turned around and I found out the girl I was drooling over was actually Taylor. When the realization hit me I was far to close to stop, I came the hardest I ever came in my life. Three good spurts of sperm hit my window and my desk. My knees felt weak as I almost fell. I had to brace myself against my wall for stability. What the fuck did I just do, was I gay, no I couldn't be I thought he was a girl, I mean he looks like one, so it's okay right? No that doesn't make it right he's a fucking guy still. I looked at my dick as the last drop of but dropped on the floor. All these thoughts ran through my head as I showered and went down stairs for breakfast. I barely ate my cereal, I just sat there in a stupor until I heard the door bell ring.

The door swung open before I got to it and there standing before me was my best friend in a snug tank top and those ass hugging jeans. I just stared at him until he finally broke the silence.

"Don't say a fucking word alright my mom mixed in my sister's clothes with mines that's the only reason I'm in these tight ass pants." He said

I laughed because I thought that would be the best thing to do. Since I didn't want Taylor to catch me staring at his hips and thighs in those jeans. For fucks sake what is wrong with me I keep wanting him more and more. Why did he have to have such a girly figure.

But the laugh only angered him so he charged toward me and tackled me.

"I told you not to say anything" he said. We rolled around the floor wrestling.

"I'm going to have to shut that big ass mouth of yours up" he said. I wasn't really focused on the match as much as I was focused on touching his body. So it was no surprise when he got me in a chokehold. But I maneuver quickly out of the hold and put him in a full Nelson and bent him forward.

"Now who's mouth is going to be shut now" I laughed. He struggled and squirmed to break free, unfortunately his ass happened to be pressed against my dick. I pretended to struggle to keep him locked up but I just grinded my dick into his ass harder enjoying the feeling. All the moving only made my dick even harder than I thought was possible. Than suddenly he stopped.

"DUDE what the fuck is that? DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING BONER?!" He screamed. Immediately I let him go, as he got up and turned around. I was still on my knees with a very noticeable bulge in my shorts. He stare at me than at my dick than back at me.

"Ummm sorry I started to think about Paula, I ummm had her in the same position last week" I said grinning hoping that it would fool him. A sigh of relief came from him as he looked at me.

"Aaron that's still fucking gross man, but I can understand I got a boner when I was dancing with my sister at a family reunion. But still that's just fucking weird." He looked back down at my dick which wasn't going down no time soon.

"Look man I gotta go okay"

I close the door behind trying and failing not to look at his ass. My dick was begging for release and all I could think of was putting it between Taylor's ass. I went up stairs to my room and started pumping my dick to the thoughts of Taylor.

"You want me to suck huh" he said as I slowly slid into his month. He expertly slick and suck on my dick while his hand fondle my balls. From my dick he looked me in the eye. He took my dick from his smooth lips and begin to lick and tickle the head. As he handled my dick with long wet strokes. He slid my dick back into his mouth until his nose touched my pubic hair. Than slowly he came up and started jacking my dick. He looked at me with his hazel brown eyes and said.

"Your gay for me aren't ya, you want to stick that dick into my tight warm ass right and pound me until you shoot your hot nut into me right? Ofcourse you do because your gay for me" he said as he flick his tongue across my sensitive head. That's when I exploded my first shot landed on my chest and the rest around my dick. What was wrong with me I was imaging being with my best friend who was a fucking guy. I just couldn't get his ass out of my mind.

Even when my mom came home I couldn't get back to normal I was barely listening to her when she said she was going out. That's just great now I have to be here alone with my incredibly gay thoughts.

It was around 5:45pm when the doorbell ringed, I came up from the basement and opened the door to find my friend in basketball shorts and a tight t-shirt with his hair pulled back.

"What's up are we still watching the game tonight?"

"Yea my bad I totally forgot." Through my mental stressing I totally forgot that we we're suppose to watch a game tonight.

"Yea I bet you did and I bet you also forgot how my team put a pounding on your team last time huh." He said. I couldn't help but think of the pounding I wanted to give his ass right now.

"Yea whatever at least my team got to the playoffs" I said as we entered the basement.

"Don't worry this is our year and it starts with a win tonight against your team."

"Your fucking dreaming"

"Wanna bet than?"


"Alright loser has to be the others bitch for a week"

"Ok bet"

"Alright bet bitch now get some of your mom's beer"

"Hey your team hasn't won yet bitch" I said as I got up and got some of my mom's beer. She doesn't mind if we drink ever now and again she just doesn't wAnt us out there where we could end up in trouble or hurt. So I got a couple and sat them down as the game started.

The game was pretty good but i wasn't interested in the game my eyes kept drifting toward my friends legs which were incredibly smooth. I just wanted to feel him up and take that body of his. The desire to him grew with every beer I drunk, it was more than I wanted him I now needed to penetrate him.

It was the starting of the 4th quarter, I already had six beers in me while he only had three. To say that I was blatantly staring at him was an understatement. I wanted him I wanted to penetrate him I wanted no needed to own him. He finally realized and asked "dude what's up?"

"Your right your totally right" I said in a drunken slur.

"Right about what?" He asked

"I'm totally gay for you" I said

"Haha nice way to come out the closet Aaron but you got the wrong one" he said laughing and smiling at me.

"I'm serious" I said staring into his eyes. I got closer to him and kissed him, his eyes shot open and he pushed me back.

"Dude what the fuck, if your gay that's fine but I'm not, I'm fucking out of here I'll see you tomorrow" he said as he got up to leave. But there was no stopping it I wanted him and I was going to have him. So I got up and grabbed him, before he could react I threw him face down into the seat of the couch, pinning him.

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME" he yelled

I put my dick right against his ass as he struggled to get up. All that did was massage my dick into a full blown erection. He started to kick and curse so I put more pressure on his back. I quickly grabbed his shorts and yanked them down.

"STOP MAN THIS SHIT ISNT FUNNY" he yelled. I stuck my middle finger in my mouth and moisten it before I tickle his ass hole. He clenched really hard at the weird feeling.

"AARON STOP PLAYING JUST CHILL....aaaaaaahhhhh" he yelled as my finger made it's way into his tight ass, it barely went in so I forced it the rest of the way. He grunted in pain as my finger invaded his body. His ass pushed at the little intruder trying to expelled it. He struggled against my hold but all it did was help me finger fuck him. I slipped a second finger into him and he moaned more out of discomfort than anything else.

"STOP FUCKING AROUND AND GET OFF ME YOU FUCKING FAG!" He yelled looking at me with hatred and anger.

"Oh I'm the fag huh well I guess this fag is about to be balls deep in your ass then" I said as I pull my sweats down revealing my hard dick which was leaking precum. Anticipating the nice tight warm ass it was about to pound. His eyes shot wide as he saw my swollen 7 inch dick. I ground my bare cock against his tender ass. He went into a full blown panic.

"GET THAT SHIT AWAY FROM ME AARON I'M NOT FUCKING PLAYING"he yelled. I put it up to his hole and started to push.

"STOP SERIOUSLY STOP THIS.....AAAAARRRRGGHH!!!" He scream as my head slipped into him, I wanted all of my dick nestled in there but he locked up his ass to keep me from gaining ground. So I started to grind against him as spoke to him.

"Your ass feels so good, I can't wait until my whole dick is buried inside your tight ass. You probably wanted this that's why you wore those jeans right. You wanted my dick inside you." Maybe it was from the things I said, maybe he figured he couldn't stop me, or maybe his ass couldn't hold up that long. But my dick slowly slid deeper and deeper into his rectum. He let out a steady groan and slammed his fist into the couch as my dick slid into him. I stopped to relish the sensation of his warm tight ass around my dick as he clinched and pushed trying to get my dick out. My balls were now touching his balls. At first I slowly stroke in and out of him eliciting a groan or grunt each time. His hands were balled up in a fist so tight his knuckles were white. His eyes were closed tight and his mouth was gaping open from the intrusion. His hair was all over his back and face. I picked up paced as I starting to pump his ass.

"Fuuuucccckkkk!!!!" He shouted as I pumped his ass harder and harder. His shirt had rode up to his shoulders, I stared at his smooth back and round ass that was now swallowing my dick. I took my hand from holding him down and gripped his waist as I started to really pick up pace. His hand shot back to keep me from getting so deep. But I wasn't having that so I grabbed his arm and useed it to pull him even harder back onto my dick. His head snapped up and he started to scream and shout.

"Sssshhhiiiittt fuck fuck fuck god dammit" his breathing was erratic, his head fell back onto the couch. My dick was starting to hurt from the friction. I was hitting a good rhythm until I heard a sound and stopped. I looked down at him then I started pumping even faster.

"You fucking fag your moaning your actually enjoying this" I said. He looked at me, his face was flushed and he was biting his bottom lip.

"Who.... the..... fuck.... would..... enjoy....this" he said between grunts. He bit his bottom lip and shut has eyes closed. Then all of a suddenly his ass tighten up and he groaned. This was too much for me I pounded his ass two more times before I let loose. My cum flooded his ass, he groaned when he felt my hot semen enter him. My whole body shook and twitched as my orgasm ran over me. I fell back into a sitting position. Taylor was still bent over the front of the couch his asshole was red and my cum was leaking out of his ass.

"I guess hell finally froze over" I said wishing I hadn't because after that left my lips he shot up pulled his shorts up and ran out. I had just raped Taylor and for the life of me I enjoyed ever minute of it. I looked toward the tv to see that my team had won I guess I have a new bitch this week. To be continued

Rating: 92%, Read 161955 times, Posted Jun 03, 2014

Fiction | Anal, Gay, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, Teen Male


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