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Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Teen Female

You: Hey

Stranger: hey !

You: ASL??

Stranger: f 19 here

You: 16 Male

Stranger: cool, I'm allison

You: David, what you look like??

Stranger: I'm 5'7 tall, with long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, I have a fair complexion, and a slim but fairly curvy figure

You: I'm 5'8, short blond hair, blue eyes, palish, and I have a toned body

Stranger: sounds great, so what are you into?

You: Anything tbh, but no rape

Stranger: oh yeah I hate rape roleplays too don't worry

Stranger: hmm how about I'm your older sister's best friend?

You: Sure, you wanna start??

Stranger: yeah sure, do you want this to be both romantic and sexual or do you prefer one?

You: Just sexual, maybe some rom elements

Stranger: okay yeah I can do that

You: Okay, let's do this then

Stranger: it's late at night and your sister invited me to stay with her tonight. I've been having a hard time falling asleep so I decide to walk downstairs to get myself a drink of water. I walk into the kitchen and am startled when I hear a noise in the living room. I walk over to the living room and see you laying down on the couch watching tv in the dark

You: I'm flicking the channels "Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring..."

Stranger: I walk into the living room and stand behind the couch with your back to me "what are you doing up this late?" I ask you

You: "Jesus Allison, cared the crap outta me." I say startled "Nothing, what about you??"

Stranger: "Oh sorry" I laugh when I see you jump "I just came down to get a glass of water" I say "I couldn't sleep so I didn't know what to do"

You: "Wanna watch TV?" I say indicating the space beside me

Stranger: "sure, why not?" I smile and take the seat next to you as I get more comfortable in the couch

You: "You can choose what we watch"

Stranger: I smile and take the control from you as I flip through the channels before choosing a random movie "so how have you been? I haven't seen much of you since I don't come over as much" I say

You: "I've been good, schools been the same, except I don't see you in the hallways of course" I say as I smile

Stranger: I laugh and smile as I look over at you "well it's not like we talked much anyway when I went to school with you" I say

You: "It was still nice seeing you, it always is"

Stranger: "you're so sweet" I smile and playfully nudge your arm "so did you get yourself a girlfriend yet?" I smile

You: "Ha, good one"

Stranger: I raise an eyebrow at you "what? no luck?" I ask

You: "I'll never get a girlfriend, look at me"

Stranger: I frown and place a hand on top of yours "hey don't be like that, any girl would be lucky to be with you" I smile and run my fingers through your hair mindlessly

You: I look into your eyes and move in for a kiss

Stranger: I notice you lean in and turn my face so that you end up kissing my cheek "whoa, I'm your sister's friend, wouldn't this be weird for you?" I ask

You: "No, it'd be the best thing that could happen to me."

You: Still there??

Stranger: I giggle and smile as I look up into your eyes "oh yeah? and why would it be the best thing for you?" I ask as I continue running my fingers through your hair

You: "I've uh...had a crush on you" I mumble "For 3 years"

Stranger: I blush and giggle as I scoot in a bit closer to you "how come you never told me?" I ask you

You: "Why would I?? You're waaaay out of my league"

Stranger: I smile and shake my head "what if I told you I thought you were pretty great?" I ask as I look up into your eyes and bite my lip

You: "Then I'd laugh, because I'm not all that"

Stranger: I shake my head "you're wrong, you're funny and amazing and cute" I say as I lean in closer to you "like I said, any girl would be lucky to be with you" I whisper, my face closer to yours now

You: "You're a girl."

Stranger: I laugh and nod my head "yeah I guess I am a girl" I smile "now kiss me" I whisper

You: I lean in and kiss you softly

Stranger: I lean in closer to you and deepen our kiss more as I scoot even closer to you, almost sitting on your lap

You: I pull you onto my lap and wrap my arms around your head

Stranger: I giggle into our kiss as you pull me onto your lap and wrap my arms around your neck as well as my legs around your waist

You: I push you away from our kiss slightly and pull your top off

Stranger: I let you pull my top off and you notice I'm not wearing a bra underneath "should we go somewhere more private, maybe your room?" I say into our kiss as I press my bare chest to yours

You: "I'll go first, then you, incase we wake up my sister"

Stranger: I smile and nod as I keep my top pressed to my chest to cover myself slightly while you walk upstairs. I wait a minute before walking into your room and am surprised when you push me up against the wall and kiss me again

You: I pull my t shirt off exposing my chest

Stranger: I throw my top off to the side and wrap my arms around your neck against and jump up to wrap my legs around your waist

You: I moan into our kiss and put my hands through your hair

Stranger: I smile into the kiss before pulling away and whispering in your ear "your sister is going to kill me for this" I giggle as I begin to kiss your neck and leave love bites on there

You: "So worth it" I say back

Stranger: I push you back until we're both standing at the foot of your bed and I push you down so that you're laying down. I quickly run to lock your door and strip off my pants as I climb on top of you and lay down over you as I kiss you again

You: I reach behind you and I grab your ass

Stranger: I moan softly as you grab my ass and begin to grind down on top of you "looks like someone's excited now" I smirk

You: "Why wouldn't I be?" I lean up to kiss you again

Stranger: I moan into our kiss as I reach down to grab your hands and place them on my boobs

You: "Oh god" I moan into our kiss

Stranger: I giggle as I keep my hands on yours as I use your hands to massage my boobs "is this what you've been wanting all these years?" I whisper in your ear and playfully bite it

You: "This is what my dreams are made of honey" I say as I roll my thumbs over your nipples

Stranger: I moan louder and bite my lip as I close my eyes in pleasure "keep doing things like that to me and we might wake your sister" I gasp as you continue playing with my nipples

You: "I know how to make sure that doesn't happen" I stick my tongue in your mouth

Stranger: I moan around your tongue as I kiss you back and grind my hips against yours, our underwear being the only thing that's covering us now

You: I flip you over on to your back and slowly crawl down your body to your pussy

Stranger: I gasp as you flip is over and look down at you while you crawl down my body and stop near my pussy, my breathing getting quicker by now

You: I lift your legs up and slide your panties up. I am then less than an inch from your pussy

Stranger: I wrap my legs around your head and attempt to pull you in closer "please baby" I breathe out

You: I kiss your thighs and then blow on your pussy

Stranger: I squirm underneath you impatiently and reach down to grab your hair "please" I beg as I look down at you

You: I look up and look you in the eyes. I then dart my tongue out and lick your pussy

Stranger: I moan loudly and bite down on my lip to keep more quiet "oh my god" I breathe out as I tug on your hair slightly while you lick my pussy

You: I then lick you pussy from the bottom to your clit

Stranger: I arch my back as you keep licking my pussy and begin to grind against your tongue "you're doing so good baby, I'm so wet" I moan softly

You: I take you clit in my mouth and start sucking it

Stranger: I grind against your mouth quicker as my moans get louder "oh god don't stop" I moan as i tug on your hair harder now

You: I put my hand under you and grab both your ass cheeks

Stranger: I gasp as you grab my ass and look up at you with begging eyes "please baby, I need you" I moan

You: I lick harder and faster

Stranger: "oh fuck I'm so close" I moan and bite down hard on my lip to keep in my moans and grindy hips against your mouth hawter and faster

Stranger: faster*

You: I slide a finger into your ass and start pumping it

Stranger: "fuck baby I'm gonna cum" I moan as my breathing starts to get uneven "please baby make me cum" I moan

You: I slide another finger into your ass as I eat you as fast as I can

Stranger: "oh fuck I'm cumming" I moan as my legs shake and I arch my back off the bed as I release all over your mouth

You: I continue to eat you out as I suck up all your juices

Stranger: I shiver slightly as you suck on my sensitive pussy and I laugh softly as I smile down at you "that was amazing" I smile as I pull you up to kiss me

You: "I love you" I say looking into your eyes

Stranger: I blush and smile as I look you in the eyes and kiss you "I love you too" I say as I pull away from our kiss "tell me, have you ever been with a girl before?" I ask as I trail my hand down your stomach and to the waistband of your underwear

You: "Nope, you're the first girl I've been with"

Stranger: (still with me?)

You: Yeah, didn't get the last one

Stranger: I giggle as I flip us over so that I'm on top of you now and pull your underwear down "then I'm going to make sure this is a night you never forget" I smile as I lean in to kiss you again

You: I grin widely and return your kiss

Stranger: I straddle you as I stroke your erection slowly while I look you in the eyes and bite my lip "are you ready?" I ask

You: "Definitely" I say returning your look

Stranger: I smile and lean down to kiss you as I slowly place you at my entrance and slide you inside of me

You: "Holy fuck, that's so fucking good"

Stranger: I giggle as I slowly move my hips and grind down on you "fuck you're so big baby" I moan as I look down at you while I ride you

You: I move my hips up and down whilst you ride me

Stranger: I drag my nails lightly down your lower stomach while I bounce up and down on you "tell me how you feel baby" I moan as I lean down and bite down on your bottom lip

You: "This is the best feeling I've ever had" I say as I kiss you

Stranger: I grind down harder on you as I bite my lip to keep my moans in "you're fucking me so good babe" I whisper in your ear

You: I kiss your neck as I increase my thrustst

Stranger: "cum for me baby, show me how good I'm making you feel" I whisper as I bounce up and down on you now

You: "I'm so close hun"

Stranger: I moan as I feel myself getting closer as well and kiss your neck as you keep thrusting in and out "come on baby, show me how much you love this, how much you love us"

You: "OH GOD!" I basically yell as I cum inside you

Stranger: I giggle and kiss you to keep in your moans quiet as you cum inside me and I release shortly after you "that way amazing baby" I smile as I brush some of my hair out of my face and lean in to kiss you again

You: I kiss you deeply and grab the back of your head

Stranger: I kiss you back just at passionately before pulling away and cuddling into your chest and kissing your chest tenderly "that was amazing" I say as I smile and look up at you

You: "I never want this moment to end" I say as I twirl your hair between my fingers

Stranger: I sit up a bit and kiss your lips softly, my lips lingering on yours before I pull away "I never want this to end either but your sister might be wondering where I am if I stay here" I laugh

You: "Coming back in the morning?"

Stranger: "of course" I smile as I kiss you once again and stand up to put on my clothes again

You: I return the kiss "I love you"

Stranger: "I love you too" I say as I look over my shoulder and walk out of your room and back into your sister's room

You: *next morning* I wal downstairs to the breakfast table "Morning"

Stranger: I'm sitting at the breakfast table with your sister and look up at you when you walk in "morning" I smile as I take a sip of orange juice

You: "Good sleep?" I ask both of you

Stranger: your sister ignores you as usual while I say "yeah I slept great, you?" I ask

You: "Yeah, suppose you could say that" I say smirking

Stranger: I try to hide my smile as well as I take another sip of my orange juice "well I'm going to take a quick shower, don't mind me" I say as I get up and leave the kitchen to go to the bathroom

You: I take ome toast to my room and then sneak to the bathroom

You: some**

Stranger: I'm in the middle of my shower when I hear the door to the bathroom open "hello?" I ask but I can't see anything from the steam coming from the shower

You: "Ready for round 2?"

Stranger: I laugh as I wipe the steamy shower doors a bit and see you standing there "your sister is going to wonder what's taking us so long" I smile

You: "I'm 'in my room' and you take long showers" I say smirking "And plus, I don't care if she finds out"

Stranger: I giggle as I open the shower doors open a bit and motion you over with my finger to come closer

You: I walk towards you, taking my shirt and bottoms off in the process

Stranger: I walk backwards so that my back is pressed against the tile wall and wait for you to come in with me

You: Naked, I walk into the shower and start kissing you whilst locking our figers together

Stranger: I smile into the kiss as I raise my arms up so that they're pinned to the wall, our fingers still intertwined

You: I grind my dick up and down your pussy as I push my tongue into your mouth

Stranger: I moan softly into the kiss and I feel you grind your dick against my pussy "please" I whisper in your ear

You: "If you insist" I say as I enter your pussy

Stranger: I moan loudly as I feel you enter my pussy "fuck" I breathe out as I feel the warm water run down our bodies

You: I kiss you deeply and grab your ass, wrapping your legs around me

Stranger: I wrap my legs around your waist as I grind my hips against your dick as it enters in and out of me

You: I squeeze your ass and suck your nipple

Stranger: I moan louder as you squeeze my ass and play with my nipples "well look who's all experienced now" I giggle as I bury my face in your neck

You: "All thanks to you baby"

Stranger: I moan more as I feel myself getting closer to my orgasm "fuck baby I'm so close" I breathe out

You: "Me too" I say looking in your eyes

Stranger: I look deep into your eyes as well as I keep grinding on your dick "fuck baby don't stop" I moan

You: "OH FUC...." I scream as I cum and interrupt myself by kissing you

Stranger: I feel you cum inside me and I release afterwards "oh fuck baby" I moan against your lips as I feel my legs grow weaker

You: "I love you so fucking much. Seriously"

Stranger: I run my fingers through your wet hair and smile "I love you too baby" I smile as I kiss you

You: "When will we be able to do this again?"

Stranger: "whenever we get the chance I guess" I laugh as I get out of the shower and dry my hair

You: "I want you all the time"

Stranger: I smile and turn around to look at you "I want you too" I smile and kiss your cheek "I should probably go downstairs now" I laugh "your sister isn't going to be happy if she finds out" I say

You: "I don't give a shit, it'd men we wouldn't have to sneak around" I look at you "What do you say??"

Stranger: "let's just give it some time babe" I smile as I wrap a towel around my body

You: "How Long though??"

Stranger: "soon" I smile as I open the door to walk out

You: I sigh as you leave and walk to my room to dry off

Rating: 54%, Read 5564 times, Posted Apr 06, 2015

Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Teen Female


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