The Dr is always right (Dr & Lisa 3) by nikkitassassin

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Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Lactation, Male, Pissing, Sado-Masochism, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Water Sports

After our inital weekend of fucking, I had to return to work. This meant Mon - Fri we fell into a routine of play for the both of us. A typical work day was like this...

I woke up to those gorgeous tits squished between the two of us. Leaning over I woke Lisa in the way she was so fond of, by twisting her nipples and sliding my cock between her legs. Lisa lurched away and struggled against her bound wrists until she realised where she was. I untied her and smiling she took each of my hands by turn and seductively sucked the drops of milk from them. We both loved that she lactated so freely!

Gazing into my eyes she pushes my cock into her tight pussy and rolls me onto my back. Riding cowgirl her tits bounce so much and the weight of them causes her to gasp in discomfort. Each gasp is followed by a smile and her pussy clenching in pleasure. There is no lust in this room just 2 adults loving each other and we fuck slowly, Lisa grinding into me before sliding up and down my shaft. Too soon though I feel my cock strain to release, and I spread my seed into her womb. Falling onto me she kisses me deeply and we cuddle before I need to piss.

Now Lisa has this fetish, she likes me to push my semi hard cock into her pussy and piss. It really turns her on for some reason. So the two of us stagger to the bathroom where I push my cock into her. As the golden flow begins she geabs my arse, pulling my in to the hilt and lets out little excited squeaks. We then showered (with a quick finger fuck) and I go downstairs. Slut comes down, and after a quick breakfast I strap her into the milking device and go to work. We fuck at lunchtime and have a major fuck session after work. Today was different though...

Laying in bed we talk about our future. "I love you Doc but there is one thing that doesnt feel right?"

"What? What is it?" I ask with concern written across my face.

"Well er..." She stutters then whisper it inside my ear.

"Oh" I say in response. "Well we shall look into that later!" And whisper an instruction to you in the same secretive way, as if we are hiding "John & Lisa" from "Doc & Slut".

As usual we fuck cowgirl, however as I go to piss inside of slut she refuses. "No! Thats disgusting!" She says.

"But you brought it into this!" I argue.

"I changed my mind. Womans perogative. "

I slap my slut. "Sluts dont have a perogative" she looks at me stunned, but her pussy visibly quivers as her mind turn pain to pleasure. Her body still wants me.

Grabbing her hair, I drag my slut to the sex room and throw her into the body stock, securing her on her back, body stretched taut and ready for abuse. Calling in sick I turn back to you. "You wanted these tits abused.... Now what should I do...." I muse aloud.


Laying there on the restraints I hear your musings. "It's hard to say sir", I say aloud to try and please you then whisper "They don't belong to me. They belong to you", Struggling, resisting a little, I gain a little restraint over my emotions.

What have I gotten myself into I fear. To get these tits were one thing but letting someone own me was another, it was sexy at first but now...? Now half our realtionship is sensitivity and the other half wanton lust and cruelty. It is mentaly breaking, I feel like I am half brain dead. Can I save the other half? Do I have the strength too. I just don't know... Maybe if I please you...

"Do what you want Doc. I will always love you." I say pleading I can keep my self together.


Walking round your trussed up body, your mind blind to my intentions I take up a riding crop. With one quick swish I bring it down onto your left tit. "I thought I said be still!" I hiss.

You go to talk but I cover your mouth, looking round I grab your soaking slutty thong and use it to gag you. Returning to your tits I give each one several more lashes, "I thought you wanted to submit, you have hurt me in your insolence."

Your face shows fear, not at the crop, but at having hurt me. Once more I crop your tits and your breasts are criss crossed in red lines. I appraoch you, taking out the thong, and like you have many times before to me, I wrap an arm around your neck and kiss you deeply, I feel you start to respond to kiss, falling into the gentle emotion after the punishment given.

Breaking the kiss you give me a glare of hardend resolve to not be broken.

Sighing I pick up the nipple clamps and attach them before whispering "you came to me... remember!" I walk to your spread legs, taking the leather paddle. "Doc I... aaiiieeee!" You squeal as I cut you off with a sharp smack across your pussy. After several more pussy spanks I see you sag in the restraints. We have been at this for hours since you refused me in the morning and I am tired, both physically and mentally.

Letting you out of the stocks I carry you to the bedroom. You still look at me without the lust and devotion you had just yesterday.

I lay you on the bed, and grab your skin lotion. Gently I rub in it into your breasts, throwing the nipple clamps out the room. Gently I massage your aching limbs, and sooth your poor bruised pussy. I touch you with tenderness and love. A contrast to the punishment inflicted earlier. Out of habit from our time together you reach for my cock, your brain on autopilot. I push your hands away. "Not tonight. Tonight lets just sleep" I say gently but you already are...


I fall asleep, my mind still broken from the mix of punishment and tenderness my Doc has shown me. How can my mind resist when my heart and pussy yearn so badly for this man!

I awake the next morning strapped into that damned milking device. He knows this is my favourite toy, the joyous climax to my mornings. My tits already ache from not being milked recently....

"You have found my weakness," I think to myself. "I don't have many doctor. But being treated like a cow is one of them!"

As soon as I am strapped in here I am submissive, I just hope the Doc doeant remember the only other time I was this submissive to him, my only other weakness...


I attach the suckling teats to your nipples, giving them anfirm tug to assure they are properly gripping your massive udders, before walking around you, strapped down as you are. For a good few minutes I just enjoy the scene of you strapped there, your tits hanging down, your firm pale ass in the air, the smell of your lust and the shimmer of your juices between your two puffy cunt lips.

Licking my lips I first go to the juicy cunt, served as it is between two spread and powerful thighs. Laying on my back, I slowly run my tongue along your soft shaven lips, tasting the trickle of your juices that has escaped. I hear you sigh at the mutliple attentions your body is getting this morning despite the unisal start to the day. Reaching spread your lips to show me the little fuckhole I want to fuck so depseratly, however, instead I run my tongue up your pussy until I get to the the hard nub that is your clit.

Making small cicles around your clit I occasionally flick my tongue back down to the entrance to your little love tunnel before returning to then little lump that drives you so mad! I gently suck the it into my mouth and as it is under this suction flick my tonge across it.

I can feel you fight your restraints and your thighs clamp my head in place as I lather attention on your pussy.You try to grind your pussy into my face, your restraints foiling your efforts greatly, your pussy soaking my face faster and faster as I fuck your clit. I can feel your body shivering as you come very close to an orgasm, that tightening in your body.

Pulling my head from your thighs I hear you whimper in disappointment. I chuckle evily and walk round to your face. "Not yet my sweet" I tell you in a sickly sweet voice, reaching down amd taking my hard cock in my hand I press it against your lips. Your face, before submissive when shown a cock is now stubbornly resistant after being denied your orgasm and keep your mouth firmly shut.

"Tut tut!" I say, pulling on one of your milking teats. You gasp in pleasure, your body betraying you, and I slip my cock into your mouth. I feel you press your lips against it, trying to control how I please myself on that gorgeous mouth of yours.

"No... do you want to be released and cum?"

Held as you are at the brink of orgasm you give easily this time, your eyes shooting meance at me, and I push my cock further into your face and throat.

I slowly start to fuck your throat with long, deep strokes, enjoying the feeling of you trying to accomadate me.

Usually my size is no issue for you, but now the weird angle of your head prevents you from getting breath like usual.

I start to fuck you hard until I feel you gag, then whip my drool covered cock out of your mouth. You try to scowl at me with your slime covered face but a smile is creeping across your face. Somehow the battle stil rages in your mind but now I can see the slut getting the upperhand.

Scooping up your spittle I return to behind you, massaging the slimy wet saliva into your little rosebud of an arsehole...


Still panting hard, my mind reels from how much I enjoyed the throat fucking I just got. I was desperate for you to go further, desperate for you to break my gag and humiliate me totally in that way. Still a bit dazed I am brought sharply back when I feel your hands on my arse.

"No no no... please!" I beg, breathing hard. "Don't do that!" I know my mind is close to collapsing into total slut. Lisa the teacher would soon be no more, and the feeling of your wide cock ripping up my arse always send my 'normal' self running for cover.

"No?" You ask, in that way that brooks no answer other than the one you want. But what answer do you want??

Reaching between my legs I i feel you rub your finger across my sensitive amd swollen clit. I feel your body shudder, the slut in me demands more punishment, more fucking, more... just more.

"No?" You ask again

"Eehhh.... Mmmmh... YES!" I cry out, tears running down my face. Not even I know if they are tears of sadness or joy.


I laugh, "You Slut" and easy my cock into your sweet little arse, clenching my teeth at how tight you have kept it. Little by little I slide my rock hard cock in until your tight shitter is clenched around half my cock.

Slipping a finger into your cunt I rub that sweetspot in your pussy, hearing you sigh deeply.

"Relax" I say.

As you do, either through obedience or a desire to be released sooner, I slide my cock into the hilt, my balls brushing the bottom of your slick pussy.

"Mmmh, i love your ass" I say smacking your buttock.

I give each cheek a good spank before leaning forward "You like me in your arse dont you?"

"Yes... yes I love it, fuck me up the shitter." You cry through gritted teeth. Hearing your tone, I ram my cock into you. Holding your hair in my fist I fuck you like a wildbeast, ramming my cock in and out of you until I feel that familar feeling brew in my nuts.

Rushing round to your front I look at those huge tits being milked and shoot my load all over your face "uugghh" I moan.

"Thank you.... thank you!" You say, my cum mixing with your teary face and messy make up.

I listen to your words, said with such desire and lust. Have you finally broken I wonder?

Offering you my cock as I think I order "Clean me"

With gusto you set about licking and sucking the cum from my cock, whilst that on your face drips to the floor.

Removing my cock, I take your hands from the restraints one by one and handcuff you.

Pulling roughly, I pull the suction from your huge titties. "Argh... ugghh" you moan as the teats are pulled away.

Undoing the rest of the restraints, I feed a hook through the cuffs, and pull on the chain leave you standing on tiptoes, the cum still dripping onto your titties as they hang down your body, yiur nipples still dripping a little milk.

Taking my whip I walk round you slowly."Will you submit?"

"NO!" I bring the whip down across your back. I ask again.

Again you say no.

Again I whip your back.

We repeat this several times over. You refuse to submit. This punishment obviously isnt working. I need to change tack.

Droping the whip, I sling your legs over my shoulders and once again bury my face into your juicy cunt. I bring you to the edge of orgasm and pull away from your lovely pussy. "I can eat this all day, it so juicy. Your cunt has submitted".

You glare at me and I chuckle at your definace. Once again start to lick that cunt bringing you to the edge and stop. You moan in lust and desperately try to make me lick it again. Counting to ten Inonce again bring my face to your slick lips. This time I dont pull away, just count to ten and start licking again. Several times I bring you to the edge before I finally go all the way and eat that pussy as you go through several orgasms, screaming my name and calling down the almighty. "Oh.. g...god. oh oh oh... you.. b.bastard!" You stutter as I finally withdraw from your legs and let them drop to the floor.


"Fuck you" you say but your twitching body cries for more assualt on its sexual needs.

Sighing I unhook you and with a handful of hair drag you through to one final locked door. Unlocking it you stare at the device in this room, a gynaecological chair with stirrups.

Next to it is a covered item, the lumps in the purple satin drape inciting your curiosity.

"Whats that?" You ask with uncertainity.

"You'll see" I reply, tying you down wih the thick leather straps on the chair. You are so curious you dont even fight me.

With a magicans flourish I uncover the fucking machine I have purchased. This device designed to operate a dildo intonyour ass as well as your little fuckhole.

Opening the box of dildo attachments I take the smallest ones, show them to you and as the relief spreads on yiur face trash them.

I make a big show of thinkung before starting with a 6" that's a reasonable diameter. I point at each, increasingly bigger, dildo, watching your face. Coming to one about 8 1/2" long and about as thick as you wrist you squeak in fright.

"Uh huh" I said attaching it it to the pole for your pussy.

I did the same procedure again for your ass but stoped very quickly about 7" long. "Ah hah." I muse and teasingly pick up a bigger one. You struggle ib you bibds and I laugh returning to the 7".

Positioning the machine so that each "cock" leaves the tip in each time it retracts, I make sure you were nice and wet before setting up the last item in the box.

"The auto lube is meant to provide 4 hours of constant lubrication." I tell you before putting your sensoary deprivement hood on. I start the machine up, to turn off in 2 hours, and walk out of the room...


I struggle as the machine fucks my holes, I can't go anywhere and I can't see anything!

All I can feel is my holes getting more and more wet, not knowing how long it has been as orgasm after orgasm hits me. I feel myself squirting at times. Once, twice.... "aggggghhhh" I scream into the latex hood on my head.

My eyes roll on the back of my head, my face covered by my own drool, desperatly trying to get cool air through the two nose holes.

My brain washes everything out of my head except wanting to cum. Wanting to cum for him, to please him.

I feel the 7" pummelling my ass, not as big as Doc but the force is enough to make me squirm.

I don't even know how many times I have cum, or if it's been 2 hours,2 minutes, 2 seconds?? I don't know anything.

All I know is today builds up in me as lust. Slut has won out over Lisa and I hit the biggest orgasm in my life, I squirt so much I pass out, my body twitching with more orgasms.

I wake up to the feeling of the hood being pulled off me, my eyes wandering around the room, squinting. My pussy feels empty, my sweaty hair is in knots and plastered to my face, drool stains on my chin, the mirrored ceiling shows me I'm a mess. I see my pussy juices all over the plastic floor!!

My brain is empty as my Doc askes sternly "submit?"

Out of anything I could've said all I could utter was "cum..."

"Do you submit?" He asked again tapping my face with his hand,

"CUM, CUM!!!" It's all I could say,

"Cum huh?" I heard a surgical suction vaccom turn on, slurping at the floor.

Moments later he brings me a jar, showing me a litre of of clear sticky liquid. He points at it "cum"

I look at him scared, and amazed at the amount of cum. Slapping one of my massive udders and holding my nose, he forces my mouth open. Doc holds my jaw as he pours the litre of my own pussy juice into my mouth. I swallow as much if it as I can, the sluttiness sending shivers through my body!

Coughing on the last of it, I treasure the taste of being broken fully, sweet but nasty.

"Good girl, now do you submit" he asked massaging my huge left tit , I nodded slowly as a smirk formed on his face..

"Good, submission is good" I say.

Unstrapping you from the chair I see you wince from your cramping muscles, sore form being boubd for so long. With tnederness I bend down and pick you up, your light weight frame being unbalanced by your enormous tits.

"You did well today slut" I whisper.

"Cum?" You reply still a bit dazed.

Carrying you to the bedroom I throw you face first onto the bed, your arse jiggling as you bounce onto the matress. Straddling you to keep you pinned down, I pull your hair back into a ponytail, they way I like it the best.

You squeak as a cold liquid hits your back, a new sensation from the pain of the previous few hours, but sigh as my hand massages your painful and aching back muscles. All the bucking and straining has caused you to use muscles like never before, and your throat is sore from the screaming, despite the cum you drank.

My large firm hands rub and ease muscles in your lower back making strong circular motions to ease out the twnsions, ocassionally adding more oil before, moving up to your shoulders and neck, rubbing the aches from your shoulder blades, the oil making your aoft pale skin glisten. At ease, your mind wanders to think of dreamy thought miles away from the sexual deeds of the day and soon drift off.

You come round a few minutes later to find something cool and heavy round your throat.

Panicking, you reach up to feel a smooth ring of metal round your next. Your hand fumbles around it but you find no hinge or clasp.

Sitting opposite you I wave a small USB, remote control like device at you. "Magnetically locked" I explain. "Submissives should know their place."

"But.. but.." you stutter.

Placing a mirror in front of you, you finally see the band of dull gold metal, easily mistakeable for a necklace band.

"However!" I state sternly and push the "play" button on the remote. Instantly the band displays "slut" in large red letters circling your throat.


I slap you hard. "Because you submitted!"

"Oh...." you whisper and look down.

Placing a finger under your chin, I raise your head and kiss you deeply. "I need a piss" I whisper "I know you really pike that"

A smile darts acceoss your face and you straddle me, crushing those huge, abise titties against my chest. I release my piss into the pussy the way thay you like and hear you laughing quitely.

Helping you off my lap I hear you sob, but also see the hand between your legs furiously rubbing your clit.

I look at you, face still plastered with your cum, a hand between you legs and judging by your movements, fingers now deep in your pussy.

"Get dressed my slut" I say, walking out the room


I sit there, nor even moving my mind reeling.

'What have I done?' 'Who have I become?'

This wasn't me, I see my hand rub the piss leaking from my pussy, guiding it to my mouth.

I'm not even in control of myself anymore UGHHH that was disgusting. Why did I put it in my mouth, why did I rub my pussy why did I submit? Why does that man make me want to do these things? All I want it to please him.

"Don't make me ask twice!!!!" He cries out from down stair.

I rush over to the closet pulling out a tight red lyrca dress and put it on. Severly tight every movement threatns to rip the dress. It reveals all without showing anything.

I put on some make up on over the cum and gold earrings to try and hide the collar. Brushing my hair back into a ponytail like he favours I come down stairs.

My doc sweeps me onto his lap and kisses my cum plastered lips.

"Did that solve the problem?"

"Yes doc, I now feel that I am totally your slut!" I reply knowing that I submitted because this man would anything for me right back.

"Good. Lets eat out tonight." He says taking my hand...

Rating: 83%, Read 28335 times, Posted Jul 14, 2015

Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Lactation, Male, Pissing, Sado-Masochism, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Water Sports


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