Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman by beagle9690

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Jelly bean and her bail bondsman.

By beagle9690

April of 2011

It was exactly 5:00 AM when she finished her daily aerobic and stretching exercises. Anita wiped her face with a towel and picked up a water bottle.

Anita sipped from it as she walked into the bathroom to admire her black leotard clad figure in the mirror.

At five-five and weighing 125 lbs, Anita is a small petite woman with an incredibly strong compact dancers’ figure. That wasn’t always the case.

Overweight as a teenager Anita never had a boyfriend or even kissed a man except for her father and uncles… until she met him.

Ten years before and immediately after graduating college, Anita sent her resume to fifty school districts and/or places of higher education.

Few called for an interview; those who did never called her a second time with a job offer. Not even as a substitute teacher after one year of her best efforts. As a result and much to the concern of her mother and father, Anita ballooned out to 170 lbs.

Anita’s mother, Mary, had Anita late in life when she was forty and her husband Marvin was fifty. They tried for years to have a child before almost giving up. To them their daughter was a precious gift from God.

Danny hired Anita a week later with a non disclosure clause in the contract for her to sign and a mandate of a 20% raise if she met the terms of her job probation. Anita gratefully signed and didn’t bother to read it for reasons that you shall soon see.

Anita undressed and ran her hands over her firm perky breasts feeling her nipples harden at her touch. She thought about “her Danny.”

Anita then caressed her plump little pussy waiting for Danny to finish his workout in the basement so that they could shower together, their ritual on the weekend.

There are only two people in the world now who are allowed to call him Danny; Anita and her Mother.

Anita’s Mother thinks the world of him as did her father before he passed away. Danny was the son-in-law and son Marvin always wanted.

Danny is always very strict with Anita much to her parent’s approval and Anita loves Danny more than all the stars in the sky.

Anita took the hairpins out of her generous bun letting her thick auburn brown hair tumble to her trim waist. A magnificent brown waterfall of 10 years growth of healthy pampered virgin hair. Nobody but Danny is allowed to touch her hair and Anita wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anita gets naked when Danny does it. He cuts it precisely straight and blunt across the bottom as is his preference….waist length. Danny doesn’t like bangs or layers or any type of perm in Anita’s hair.

It is her crowning glory and Danny’s love reins when she sucks on his cock or when he fucks her.

During Anita’s interview Danny saw something in his little jelly bean’s eyes; when Anita was nervously clumsy, overweight and somewhat unsure of herself. Danny saw a timid young woman who was obviously very intelligent with great potential. The transcripts from her college included in Anita’s resume spoke of a perfect grade point average.

Anita grew up in a nurturing two parent middle class home. Daniel grew up in foster care moving from foster-home to foster-home. He wasn’t so much abused as he was ignored and pretty much left to his own devices.

Anita entered college at fifteen (her mother drove her to and from) and graduated at nineteen with honors earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, a teaching certificate and minors in science and literature.

Daniel enrolled in the school of hard knocks at sixteen after he was suspended from High School for being disruptive and incorrigible.

He never bothered to return. Daniel could easily do the work but found school boring and without challenge; a total waste of time.

Being a lawyer in his business is a great advantage and fulfilled an unspoken promise.

At twenty-five Daniel took the test and passed to receive his high school equivalency diploma. John Anderson, a friend and mentor pulled some strings for Danny to get into an accredited law school.

An older man in his seventies, John was a former law professor. He retired to practice law part-time in his home town. John doesn’t need the money and does it keep his mind sharp. Many of his cases are pro bono and he is selective for those. John will not take slackers; only solid working class people, the common man (person); and of those most in need.

Being a Constitutional Scholar and staunch constructionist, John was sick of the liberal politics so prevalent in academia today.

Danny attended the mandatory one year of formal studies that New York State required in an accredited ABA law school. He hated it but stuck it out. He found the liberal professors pompous and anal retentive, so unlike his friend John.

Danny and the old scholar cut a deal for Danny to work under a clerkship. Danny could leave when necessary to attend to his business. They fudged things a bit and John allowed Danny to do his clerkship in his own way.

Danny seldom worked in John’s Law Office during good weather. Instead the classroom was at the end of the breakwater at Point Breeze arguing law when they went fishing in the late afternoon until dark. Sometimes it was over games of chess in John’s home when the weather was bad.

But getting back to his love, Anita.

Anita Jones prattled on during her interview trying to cover all the bases by offering personal information about her and her family life that Danny wouldn’t have thought to ask.

In essence Anita oversold herself but Danny found her innocent enthusiasm refreshing and her mannerisms precious.

Daniel decided on the spot that Anita would be his project.

Much like Eliza Doolittle was to Henry Higgins the likable pompous ass in George Bernard Shaw’s Musical, “My Fair Lady”, minus the pompous ass part. Anita was far better educated then Daniel was, but Daniel was better disciplined.

Daniel Skinner can be a hard man in his business dealings; hard and tough as iron. Sometimes the nature of his business dictates hard and ruthless. As far as he is concerned people have free will and can make choices; good as well as bad.

Anita’s hugs and sweet kisses stole his heart, while Danny’s gentle strictness pushed Anita to excel. She gained a new understanding of herself as did he. Danny would give his life for her.

A bail bondsman isn’t respected by many but is necessary to those who need them. It gave Danny a chance to put down roots. While a bounty hunters life is fraught with risks. Daniel started out as bounty hunter at seventeen, lying about his age to become a member of a crew.

He first sought out and worked with the meanest and toughest bounty hunters in the business chasing down fugitives for established bail bondsman.

Danny took his beatings and learned from them; hit first and hit hard. Those bounty hunters were tough and sometimes mean with the jumpers. Many were hard drinkers and wanting to fit in Danny took to those lessons well.

He then found a steady partner and found a better way. Forget the reality shows about bounty hunters on television, it isn’t like that at all.

You blend in with your surroundings and act like the average Joe.

Paid snitches were the mainstay for information. They will often locate your man and save you much trouble.

The money was good and Daniel banked most of it. He never had much of anything growing up and really didn’t need much working out of a suitcase. Being a Bounty Hunter was a dangerous life and Daniel has the scars to prove it.

Personal responsibility and accepting the risks and consequences is the cornerstone of his philosophy.

He is respected by those in his profession and most of his clients, both criminal and straight. As a lawyer Daniel adheres strictly to the laws of the states in which he does business….well perhaps he bends the law a little.

As a bounty hunter Daniel adhered to the federal statues but does what it takes to get his man and these days his woman?

He has told many a client to save their money and let the friend or family member rot in jail. In those cases that was good advice.

Daniel is an angel when he posts bond for people when other bail bondsman won’t give them the time of day.

On the other hand, Daniel Skinner is a ruthless cold hearted son-of-a-bitch when those same people don’t listen and their dear misunderstood innocent friends and/or family member skip bail.

The audacity of Daniel to demand his bond be satisfied and especially when he seizes their collateral because they can’t pay up!

To his friends and acquaintances he is Mr. Skinner, Daniel or Dan.


I was impressed with Anita’s resume when I received it in the mail. She graduated with impressive credentials. On paper Anita is almost overqualified for the job.

My ad with job development was posted for a month. I turned down all of the applicants. Their idea of the job duties of a personal secretary was obviously different then mine.

It was beneath their dignity to bring me a lousy cup of coffee; they were professionals they said not waitresses. I was willing to pay damn good money for that cup of coffee.

Personal secretaries yes…. romantic partners no; I never mix business with pleasure. There are too many other women available out there for that and I had my little black book.

I changed the wording in the ad, upped the wages and reposted it as, “Personal Secretary wanted with experience in accounting and brewing coffee.”

Even at that point I didn’t plan on romantic involvement…..and then mush. Anita walked into my life and turned my whole world upside down.

I work out of my home. The building is an old National Guard Armory that was decommissioned in 1948.

It was an unsuccessful indoor flea market and co-op when I seized it to satisfy a debt owed to me. The owner left the state and disappeared into the woodwork when her daughter jumped bail.

The three story red sandstone structure was built to last and despite the graffiti and general cosmetic disrepair the building was still a grand old lady.

I am not particularly skilled with my hands except to fight and break heads and those days are mostly behind me now.

One of the perks of my profession is being acquainted with people on the fringes of society who owe me favors and it was time to cash them in.

I am familiar with many disreputable but nonetheless skilled contactors and tradesmen. Free labor was no problem and when applicable I paid for the best materials at their cost. They know better than to cut corners and cheat me.

The perimeter of the foundation was dug up along with the basement floor and then crushed stone and drain tiles installed before we poured a new concrete one.

The sandstone was sandblasted and cleaned inside and out. Next the slate roof was completely redone. The original copper gutters were replaced with the same and the clay tile pipes that the gutters drained into were dug up and replaced with larger diameter PVC pipes to carry the water to the storm sewers.

The bars and plywood were removed from the basement casements and I had block glass windows installed in their place.

I found a reputable and honest blacksmith to remove the bars from the remaining windows and he refurbished them. He also made new shutters with working hinges if I ever felt the need to close them and then installed them.

The old windows were replaced with highly efficient triple paned ones. Once they were in place the blacksmith returned and reinstalled the bars with the addition of a clever locking latch of his design along with heavy hardened steel hinges. The bars could now be opened and closed when not locked in place.

The locksmith was expensive but worth every penny. Impressed with his work, I called him back and had him remove and rebuild the iron gates behind the two heavy four inch thick oak wood entry doors. He repaired and refinished these mentioned oak doors as well.

I had the building completely rewired to exceed industrial codes and added a backup flex-fuel generator; go big or stay home. I had the plumbing redone the same. I went so far as to have a pump installed in the original well in the basement as a backup, just in case.

I replaced the old boiler system with a modern efficient model but unfortunately that precluded central air. I settled for portable air conditioners on wheels that could be vented out the window and put away when not in use.

Now for the inside and as I said she is a grand old lady. The floors were stripped and sanded down to the original wood and refinished as was the remaining original woodwork. The damaged or missing woodwork was replaced to the original design.

I started on the first floor, room by room trying to restore it as original as possible. There were some exceptions in my living quarters on the second floor. I removed walls for a large modern kitchen and bathroom sparing no expense in materials since they were mostly on the contractor’s dime. The rooms on the third floor were done last but remain empty.

I replaced what was left of the rusted and decrepit fence. That was a project in itself; four acres of twelve foot high chain link fence minus the barbed wire.

This was a minor problem because I would need a variance for one acre in the city but not the town; the tax map for the city included one acre of my property on the north side. The rest of the property was in the township as was the building. The zoning officer for the city refused my first building permit.

I put up the fence on the North side one section at a time keeping the old posts in place under the guise of repair and maintenance. I took plenty of photographs before removing the old posts and then won at the subsequent hearing when I produced the original survey and abstract to show the fence was always there.

I spent the following spring, summer and fall landscaping the property with the help of inmates from the county jail or on work release for community service. The Sheriff agreed because there was nowhere for his charges to go and they could be locked inside. I worked alongside them to help supervise and I fed them well.

Having a fence such as this gave me a secure area to store seized property such as expensive boats, trucks, cars, motor vehicles until they could be disposed of.

We planted creeping English Ivy along both sides the fence line, cleared the overgrown brush and planted trees and bushes giving the old armory grounds a park like setting.


My Mom woke me up the day of my interview one hour past when I should have been up. I set the alarm time on the digital alarm clock but forgot to slide the button over to actually set the snooze.

I rushed around the house getting ready while trying to remember everything. I left the house with just enough time to spare until I got to my car. I had a flat tire. I hated to ask my Mom but what else could I do.


Anita was almost one hour late for her interview. Annoyed, I walked out to the gate and saw a green Honda Camry with two women in it parked in the street. One of them was trying to call someone on a cell phone.

I walked out and flagged them down assuming one of them was Anita Jones and I was right. The other woman was her mother. It is said that you can tell what a young woman will look like when she gets older by looking at her mother….at sixty Anita’s mother was still a looker, slim and trim with the same brown eyes and brown hair although it was much longer and pulled up in a French twist. There was no doubt that they were mother and daughter.


“I’m sorry I’m late!” I exclaimed jumping out of the car, “I had a flat tire and then I had to ask my Mom for a ride and in rushing I forgot the directions. We weren’t sure it was the right address and I tried to call you on the phone but nobody answered and my alarm didn’t go off and….”

“It is all right, Ms. Jones,” he said interrupting and extending his hand for me to shake, “I’m Daniel Skinner,” and he looked at Mom who was getting out of the car, “and this lovely lady must be your Mother,” he added while shaking my hand and smiling.

‘My God,’ I thought, ‘he is gorgeous. I assumed I was going to be working for a much older man, damn Monique. I really need this job.

I don’t want to live at home all of my life. Why did I have to be late?’

As he was shaking my Mom’s hand I could tell she impressed by him and I was still thinking.

‘He has such blue eyes and a scar by his right eye. I wonder how he got that. It looks like his nose was broken once but wasn’t set properly. That just gives Danny’s face a rugged character. I wonder if he is married,’ but Mom beat me to it.

“A pleasure, Mr. Skinner,” Mom said, shaking his hand, “Are you married?”

‘Why no lovely lady, are you looking for a husband? I might be available”

‘Don’t say it Mom. This is so embarrassing. It’s bad enough that Mom had to drive me here like I was a child, don’t say it…. damn too late’

“Not me I’m much too old for you,” Mom said smiling and now thoroughly charmed by him, “But I know a very smart young lady who is looking for one….I’m only kidding. Did you know that my daughter is a Mensa member?”


I picked up Anita’s soft leather briefcase and then took her arm in mine. We walked to my office together. I could tell she was embarrassed and a little flustered but I pretended not to notice.

As we walked I was thinking, ‘Anita doesn’t look like anything I expected. Anita is a plump little thing and blushes so nicely. She has a wholesome innocence about her that is so refreshing.

I can tell that Anita and her mother are very close. I never knew my real mother or my father and I envy her that.

Anita has the softest brown eyes that I have ever seen. I am drawn to them and she has such kissable lips. I wonder if she has ever been kissed by a man?

Somehow I doubt that by the way Anita blushed when her mother was talking about her….’


As we walked to his office I was thinking, ‘Danny is so handsome.

I would almost work for free. I hope I get this job. He can’t be much more than thirty. Black hair and blue eyes… he is just yummy.’

“This building used to be an armory, Ms. Jones. The first floor is for my bail bond and law practice as you can see. I live on the second floor and the third floor rooms are empty.”

I was just listened mesmerized as he spoke. Danny pulled a chair out for me to sit down and I sat, “I going to make a pot of coffee before the interview starts. Would you like a cup?

“Yes, milk and one sugar for me please.”

He went into the next room and while Danny was gone I looked around his office. It was very austere and simply furnished. There was barrister bookcase full of law books. The two bottom shelves were completely full but the top shelf only contained a beat up copy Black’s Legal Dictionary.

His desk was uncluttered and organized with just an old fashion silver filigree fountain pen and common yellow cedar pencil adjacent to the white 8” x 11” tablet by his telephone. There was also a lead glass crystal candy dish full the little jelly beans.

Danny returned with two large brown mugs of coffee and handed me one while placing two napkins in front of me on the desk.

“I also take mine with milk and one sugar, Ms. Jones. Would you be offended if I asked you to bring me a cup of coffee?”

“No, of course not,” I answered and wondering why he ask such a question. I always brought coffee to my Dad.

“Very good, now tell me about you, Anita.”


I listened and asked a few questions but mostly listened. I approved of the way she was dressed; proper and conservative in a navy blue skirt and jacket; black shoes, a white frilly blouse and taupe stocking; very business-like. Anita’s brown hair was styled in a short layered pixie haircut that didn’t seem right for her.

But Anita was taking this interview seriously. Her youthful enthusiasm was catching. I was delighted with her and I could tell Anita really wanted this job because she oversold herself.

I already made up my mind. As far as I was concerned I was buying in the figurative sense and all the pound sterling in Jolly Old England would not dissuade me.

I would have to think it over to decide the best way to go about it.

Anita has the same small frame as her mother and they are just about the same height. She certainly would look and feel better with the weight off. When that happened Anita’s striking resemblance to Audrey Hepburn would be astounding.

Strict but gentle seemed the best course of action. I would set the example and work alongside Anita.

I’m sure that Anita could be an asset to the business and I hoped Anita would enjoy working for me until she got her teaching position.

I would also have to do something about her nails…Anita bit them.

I noticed Anita’s mother’s hands were nicely manicured and obviously professionally done; short and sensible with a clear coat of nail polish. What a knock out Anita could be; especially after seeing her mother.

I also wondered if Anita was a virgin….well so much for mixing business with pleasure…”


I was sure I talked too much but Danny didn’t seem to mind.

He listened patiently and was looking at me thoughtfully with his baby blue eyes. Of course if he hired me I couldn’t call him Danny.

That wouldn’t be proper. It would be Mr. Skinner. This was a business after all. I was not so nervous any more. He listens so patiently and seems so easy to talk to.

At the end of the interview Danny said, “I will give you my decision in a week’s time. I will say this though, I approve of the way you are dressed. I keep with a dress code for myself during business hours and will expect the same for my hire.”

I just nodded hopefully. Danny was wearing a suit and tie. I was glad I listened to Mom when she helped me select my clothes. Mom was right. I would tell her what Danny said about them.

I also wished I listened to Mom and not had my almost waist length hair cut short for this interview. I could have just pinned it up like I did with my other ones. I look nice with my hair pinned up in a bun.

Mom taught me several ways to do it. We did our hair in those styles for church, holidays or other special occasions when we dress up.

Dad calls Mom and me his gentle ladies.

I never went to a salon for my haircuts; not even when I was in college. Mom always did that for me and for Aunt Joyce. We never had bangs or layers. Mom cut our hair perfectly straight across the bottom. Aunt Joyce, Mom’s sister cuts Mom’s hair the same way.

Stubborn me, I had just enough money in the credit union to buy four new tires for my car but instead decided to make an appointment with the most exclusive and expensive hair salon in town, “Monique’s. I was thinking a chin length blunt cut bob that I could easily grow if I didn’t like it.

To make a long story short the place was almost opulent in décor while Monique’ was charming and very persuasive.

We spent almost an hour just discussing my haircut, the consultation. Monique convinced me that I was hiding behind my long hair and while the bob was a step in the right direction, an edgy, modern cropped hair cut would project confidence and a professional image to my prospective employer while still being attractive and sexy to the discriminating male.

I left Monique’s 3 hours later and $250.00 poorer with a balance of $20.00 in my checking account.

“I have to appear in court in ninety minutes. Would you like to call your Mother for a ride? You can use my telephone if you wish.”

“No thank you, Mr. Skinner. I have Mom on speed dial in my cell phone.”


Anita put her briefcase on my desk and slid it forward to open the flap to get her cell phone. She knocked her coffee cup over in the process spilling her cold coffee on my desk and onto my lap which caused me to stand suddenly.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Skinner, let me help you!” Anita exclaimed as she grabbed the briefcase to get the napkins underneath. She then managed to knock over my empty coffee cup which I caught, but sent the candy dish crashing to the floor scattering jelly beans and pieces of lead glass in all directions.

Anita dropped her briefcase napkins in hand and tried to come around the desk to get to me. She caught her shoe on the leg of the desk and tripped leaving her shoe behind. I caught her and pulled her close while picking her up and swinging her away from the broken glass.

As I put Anita down I stepped back with my hands on her waist. She looked up at me, blushing.

“Are you hurt, Ms. Jones? I asked, very amused with the surprised and embarrassed blush on her pretty face.

“No; I’m so embarrassed, Danny, I mean Mr. Skinner, I….”

I interrupted Anita by putting my index finger over her lips and watched her eyes get big…big soft and brown; Anita is so smart but so naive and innocent in the ways of men and women. She would be delightful to have around.

“Hush, you have done enough talking for today. It was an accident plain and simple. Nobody was hurt.” I quietly said while looking down into Anita soft brown eyes, “You should call your mother now…..”


I’m such a klutz. I helped Danny clean up my mess and he then went upstairs to change clothes. I was certain that Danny would never hire me now. Thank goodness my coffee was cold and I didn’t burn him.

I only took a couple of sips from the cup with all the talking I did.

Danny made me sit in the chair with my hands folded in my lap like a naughty child until Mom pulled into the driveway out front to pick me up. He then took my arm and briefcase and escorted me outside. Danny opened the door for me to get in and closed it before walking around to talk to my Mom.

“Well Mr. Skinner, how did my baby’s interview go?

‘Oh, Mother!’ I thought, “Why did you have to call me your baby in front of him. I love you Mom, but now I’m really embarrassed.’

“It went swimmingly, Mrs. Jones. Isn’t that right, jelly bean?” He said looking at me and smiling. I just nodded, thinking, “Great, now he’s making fun of me. I can kiss this job goodbye.’

I saw him looking at Mom’s purse and at the photograph of Mom and me together when my hair was long. It was taken when I graduated from college at our summer house in Maine. Mom had it put in a small plastic picture frame holder made for her key chain.

“Who are those two beautiful ladies in the picture?” Danny asked, “Are they sisters?”

“You really are a charmer, Mr. Skinner. That’s Anita and me last year at the summer house in Maine on the beach. What do you think of her new look.”

“Well….its, ah, boyish, I mean very appropriate for a young girl… young lady who is serious about entering the job market.”

‘Don’t say it, Mom…don’t say it,’ I thought.

“I have other pictures from when Anita was a baby to the present. Would you like to see them?”

“I have some time before court, yes I would be delighted.”

Mom looked at both of us and smiled……


I sulked in my room for the rest of the day looking through the want-ads in the newspaper I refused to talk about my interview….the perfect opportunity and oh well, clumsy me. I would never have my own apartment.

I went downstairs and looked in the cupboards for something to eat and there was nothing to eat…at least not what I wanted, junk food and no great loss I was too fat anyway.

The tire on my car was still flat and would be until Dad came home to change it. I dreaded telling them I spent all that money on a haircut. Somehow I realized they wouldn’t be impressed.

I just stood there looking at the flat tire and feeling sorry for myself when Mom pulled in with the groceries.

“Give me a hand with the groceries will you baby?” Mom said getting out of her car.

I dutifully followed Mom into the house with several bags in each hand and as I was helping her put them away when Mom asked, “Did you have a good sulk?” and I blew up at her.

“Did you have to call me your baby in front of Danny, Mom, did you?

It is bad enough I made a clumsy fool of myself.

It’s bad enough I spilled coffee on Danny and then broke an expensive candy dish.

I’m not a baby; I’m twenty years old for goodness sake. Can you imagine what Danny thought when you called me that?

It’s bad enough Danny thinks that I’m a young girl who looks like a boy?”

“Is it Danny now? What happened to Mr. Skinner?”

“I meant Mr. Skinner.”

“Of course you did.”

“You can return all the blouses and skirts we bought. I don’t need them. I can’t even buy my tires now. I did a stupid thing and spent $250.00 on this ridiculous boy’s haircut!”

“That was your decision to waste your money that way, Anita. Your father bought you that car for you to use with the stipulation you maintain it. It is going to sit in the driveway with a flat tire until you can afford four new tires and a spare.”

“Don’t you get it Mom; he’s never going to hire me. Even if I find a minimum wage job I can’t afford to drive. How will I get to work?”

“You can walk or take the bus ….the car stays put.”


Mr. Skinner called exactly a week from the day of the interview. I was certain that he was going to hire my baby. Call it a Mother’s intuition.

“Good morning lovely lady. This is Daniel Skinner. Is your sister, I mean your daughter at home?”

“Good morning, Daniel,” I said, smiling, “You don’t mind that I call you Daniel, do you Mr. Skinner.”

“Please do.”

“Well in that case you may call me Mary. Anita is at work.”

“I don’t understand? Who is Anita working for?”

“Anita got a job as a waitress at Zane’s truck stop on Route 17. I hear the food is very good there despite the rough crowd. May I take a message?”

There was a pause in the conversation as if Daniel was caught by surprise or was thinking……“I see, well thank you for your time, Mary. Good bye.”

I sat there thinking, ‘Yes, yes, I just knew it.’


Getting out of my recently acquired red Corvette convertible, I walked completely around the building to see if there were other doors besides the front entrance. There was a back door near the kitchen.

Judging from the cigarette butts in a metal pail full of sand the employees took their smoke breaks there. The perimeter of the building and parking lot was clean and tidy; an indication the inside was the same

Satisfied I went inside and sat in a corner booth near the kitchen so I could watch both entrances. Old habits are hard to break and being aware of my surroundings has always served me well.

Most of the customers were truckers and dressed for the road. I was the odd man out in a suit and tie.

There was no sign of Anita yet. One of the waitresses seeing me looking around caught my eyes. She reached behind the server’s station hesitating while doing something with her hands.

She walked over to me with a menu in her left hand and I watched her slip something in her dress pocket with her right.

“I’m Sally and I’ll be your server this afternoon. Can I start you out with something to drink?” She asked while handing me the menu.

Sally is a tall voluptuous and buxom in her early forties. I’d say about five-nine in height and about one- hundred-forty in weight. Sally’s flaming red hair was styled in a single thick braid that just brushed the top of her tight little ass. She had a beautiful figure and flaunted it nicely in her tight fitting brown polyester dress and white apron. Sally gave me a little show as she walked over….a little tease.

She was studying me boldly with her green eyes. Her eyes said, “I’m available”. I was tempted as I checked her out, especially the third finger on her left hand….. No engagement ring.

“I’ll have a cup of hot tea. Does the Chili here taste as good as you smell, Sally? If I’m not mistaken you’re wearing Jovan.”

That didn’t faze Sally a bit, “Yes, I’m wearing Jovan Musk.”

Sally leaned in close and whispered, “Do you like?”

“I like very much and no doubt so does your husband.”

I was teasing Sally and she knew it. Sally wasn’t married. Waitresses work hard for their money and I respect that.

They will often wear a wedding band to keep from getting hit on by customers. The lack of an engagement ring was another clue.

“I only wear it to keep away unwanted advances. But you already know that handsome. I was looking at your hand too,” Sally said smiling and touching it with hers’.”

I tugged on her braid, “Do you want me to advance, beautiful?” I asked smiling and enjoying the batter.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“I like it hot and spicy, Red. But unfortunately I’m here on business and will have to settle for a bowl of chili and a cup of tea….for now.”

After Sally left, I was thinking about waitresses in general and then about the only married woman I ever had as a lover.

Barbara was the only person I ever told about my almost adoption.

Back then all I wanted was to get laid. I am not much a drinker now except for wine with a meal or an occasional glass of bitter India pale ale or stout. I like brandy or Irish whiskey over a game of chess.

I have always had a sweet tooth though and especially for ice cream and jelly beans.

Waitresses were always a good bet. They told that I was charming in a rough sort of way with the gift of gab. I always had plenty of bed partners with waitresses and a warm place to sleep. They took me home with them and babied me; they also screwed my brains out.

I met Barbara in the Manhattan Criminal Court on Centre Street. We were the only two passengers in an elevator when the power went out during a city blackout. The emergency generator was offline due to some construction going in the basement.

Barbara was buxom strawberry blonde who normally wore her middle of the back length hair in a tight bun at the base of her neck and dressed very prim and proper except when she was with me.

Her husband was a doctor who regularly attended lengthy retreats somewhere on the Hudson River. Barbara implied prayer was an option.

I met with Barbra all over New York State and always at a different bed & breakfast until we found one with plenty of sand.

Her beautiful hair was always down then or she wore it in a ponytail.

Barbara would curl it for me if I asked. When she was with me Barbara dressed to show off her marvelous figure and she wore makeup. Barbara was a vivacious fifty when our affair started.

I was eighteen and I loved her.

Barbra taught me to dance and how to act and dress in polite company. I went with Barbara to my first Renaissance Fair in Sterling, New York and while we were there I bought her a red ribbon for her ponytail.

After that day Barbara always told me that I made her feel young again; I didn’t understand what she meant at the time.

Barbara surprised me with a gift of a leather bound copy of Black’s Law Dictionary at our next bed & breakfast romantic tryst. We made a game out of it asking each other questions and creating scenarios for pretend cases and then argued actual ones. I carried that law dictionary and another dictionary with me when I was on the road to read when I wasn’t driving or was on stakeout to pass the time.

Barbara saw something in me and encouraged me to get a High School Equivalency and then attend college. Our affair lasted two years when Barbara broke it off suddenly without an explanation.

Shortly after I passed the New York Bar at thirty, I received a package by a Private Currier Service and I signed for it.

It was from a Law Firm in New York City; the name of the firm is not important.

Inside the cardboard box was an envelope with the Firm’s Letter head on it and inside the envelope was a newspaper clipping?

There was also a rectangular lead glass crystal candy dish containing a solid sterling silver filigree fountain pen and a common cedar pencil?

There was also a note in the candy dish, the most priceless gift of all.

It was written on fine linen parchment that was tied with red ribbon; the ribbon I gave her at the fair and was secured with a wax seal. I opened the note first to read Barbra’s flowing handwriting?

The note simply said, “Always marry for love and then remain true. Never be ashamed of where you come from; therein lies your strength. I always knew you had it in you. I love you Danny.”

I recognized the pen; Barbara carried it with her always. It was a gift from her parents when she graduated from Law School and then held in trust for me by the law firm after Barbara died.

That was the first time in my adult life that I cried….


My first day was terrible. Being new I’ve been assigned the worst tables and have to work the counter were the tips are generally lousy. Sally had to step in five times to correct my orders and mollify my customers because of my mistakes… God bless her. I was nervous and dropping things. The men here make me so nervous. I have been hit on more times than I can count from males sixteen to seventy.

Sally had to cover my section for almost an hour on my first day when I was groped by a Mexican trucker. Zane chased him out of the restaurant with a baseball bat and then took out the headlights on the Mexican’s truck for good measure.

I was a wreck and I locked myself in the bathroom and cried.

I’ m able to handle things better now, but sometimes we get so busy it makes my head spin. I hate Jason the day cook. He was always leering at me.

He whispered lewd things to me that made me blush when I picked up my orders. Seeing this Sally stepped in and threatened to cut Jason’s balls off with a rusty knife and now Jason won’t even look at me…good.

We sit together during our breaks and talk. Sally feels I need to find another line of work but has my back for as long as I work here.

Sally suggested that I follow up for my teaching job while I work here, but in the mean time I should call Danny and keep on calling until he hires me. Funny, that is exactly what Mom said...”


I finally saw Anita filling coffee cups for two unwashed and dirty looking men in their early twenties. They were wearing stained and greasy leather jackets and sitting on stools at the counter near the cash register.

One of them was a large porcine looking brute with a shaved head and the start of a big belly.

The other was a skinny greasy little weasel with no chin. He had filthy dirty hair sticking out in all directions under the camouflage bandana tied around small head rodent looking head. He also had a high nasal laugh like a donkey braying every time big mouth porcine man made a joke or stupid comment.

I didn’t hear what they said to Anita but they were laughing as she walked away blushing with a coffee pot to refill the cups for the customers at her tables.

As Anita was returning to stand behind the counter the big porcine one slapped her ass. I’d seen enough damn them. Anita wasn’t some low woman or biker’s whore to be treated like that. She would start today and would be leaving with me as soon as possible.

Sally was right on top of it though and was telling them to behave when I walked up behind them. They weren’t wearing colors so it was obvious that they were not affiliated with any known gang.

“Ms. Jones, may I have a word with you, please?” and when Anita saw me her face lit up and that made me feel so good.

“Danny, I mean Mr. Skinner. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, Danny what are you doing here?” the porcine loudmouth said mockingly and the weasel was laughing in his nasal bray and slapping the counter while looking at Anita.

“Ignore this trash, Ms. Jones. The job is yours if you want it. I would like you to start today to give you your orientation.”

There were two burly seasoned truckers sitting on stools at the far end of the counter watching us as if they were expecting trouble. They saw me watching them out of the corner of my eye and one of them nodded, solemnly.

“Of course I’ll take the job Mr. Skinner,” Anita said smiling and I was thinking, ‘what a beautiful smile my little jelly bean has.’


“My shift will be over in an hour. Can you give me a ride?” I asked hopefully, “My car is well, indisposed of at the time.”

“Forget it Danny, she is going to give us a blow job and then we’ll ride Anita for you,” the big lout said standing and getting right in Danny’s face.

“That’s right,” the small one said looking at me and rubbing his groin. I had them pegged right away for what they were, disgusting louts and I tried to ignore them but now I was just plain scared.

Things got real quiet and it seemed everybody was watching us. Danny is a true gentlemen and so soft spoken. They looked mean and tough.

I bet they were carrying knives and now they were going to hurt him.

Sally tried to get in between them, buying time and I was thinking, ‘Where in the world is Zane. Go get Zane, Sally, go get Zane.’

“Alright, funs over. Why don’t you two boys stop kidding and sit down. Order anything you want. It’s on the house.”

“Shut your pie-hole, bitch,” the bald one said to Sally while poking Danny in the chest with his index finger, “I’m talking to the pretty faggot here.”

“Red,” Danny commanded quietly taking a couple of steps back, his eyes never leaving the two of them, “Step away and give me some room, “And the tone of his voice changed ever so slightly, “It is time to put out the trash.”

I was thinking, ‘No Danny, don’t. Wait for Zane. Why doesn’t somebody get up and help him.’

“I’m waiting, faggot,” the loudmouth sneered.

“Try poking me again,” Danny said quietly. When the big lout tried Danny moved quickly to one side grabbing the man’s wrist and elbow while applying pressure and twisting.

I think Danny must have kicked his feet from under the lout because in a blink of an eye baldy went crashing to the floor onto his stomach. Danny had his foot on the lout’s back and the arm was straight up in the air with his hand bent at the wrist.

Fortunately somebody did get up and help. The two trucker’s at the end of my counter who ordered double helpings of hot roast beef with gravy, lots of gravy over mashed potatoes, including over the vegetable of the day, corn.

They were so hungry when they came in they had dessert first. They helped themselves to apple pie with cheddar cheese in the refrigerated case at the end of the counter where they were sitting.

I rushed over to stop them but too late. They smiled and placed their orders. They then both of them handed me twenty-two dollars each and told me to keep the change. They asked me when I started working here and teased me about the look on my face when they helped themselves to the pie. One of them had a daughter my age in college and showed me her picture.

They were holding the little lout’s arms behind his back by the wrists.

One of them was anyway; the other was opening and closing a switchblade that he took out of the little lout’s leather jacket pocket.

“It seems we have a situation here,” Danny said quietly while applying pressure to the big one’s hand and wrist, “Do I let you go, or do I call the Sheriff. I can simply break your wrist and still call the Sheriff. How many good people have you terrorized and gotten away with?”

“Like she said, Mr. Skinner,” the little one whined, referring to Sally, “We were only kidding.”

“Shut your mouth. When I give you permission to speak you both will apologize to Ms. Jones and,” he looked at Sally.

“Ms. McCarthy,” Sally offered and Danny replied, “Thank you, Red.”


The idiot on the floor finally found his voice and was trying to bluff his way out, “Go ahead and call the fucking Sheriff. We’re Hell Dogs. Go ahead and break my wrist. One telephone call and you fucking disappear off the fucking face of the earth.”

“Yah, that’s right, were Hell Dogs, faggot.” The little weasel repeated.

“Well if that’s the case there is only one thing to do,” SNAP, I simply broke his wrist and let go to step back while he scrambled to a sitting position to hold his broken wrist to his chest as he rocked back and forth in pain..”

“You are a poltroon and a liar, big mouth,” I said, taking my business card out of my pocket and throwing it to the floor next to him.

“Thank you for your help gentlemen. If there is anything that I can do for you just ask. You can keep the switchblade. Please let go of the weasel so that he can help his clueless leader.”

The little weasel helped the big porcine idiot to his feet not meeting my eyes.

“Take him to the hospital or not. It makes no difference to me but I have changed my mind. I won’t have you soil these gentle lady’s ears any further with your disingenuous apologies. Your apologies would be as worthless as you both are.

I’m not going to call the Sheriff. I have something worse in mind. You have my card. Ask around about me and then pray I don’t make that telephone call. Out with you trash. You have thirty seconds to be off the property……”


Danny was willing to take them both on for me. He didn’t even need a baseball bat. What kind of a man is he? They ran out of there. What did Danny mean by “that telephone call?” Danny stuck up for me and Sally too. He called us gentle ladies.

I just stood there after they left not sure what to do…correct that.

I knew what I wanted to do; what the romance novels my Mom loves to read said I should do but I was too shy and unsure of myself around men to try.

Nobody cheered afterward like they do in romance novels. But there were some heads nodding in approval and the thumbs up before everybody went back minding their own business.

I finished my shift while Danny sat at the counter and talked with Zane and the truckers who helped him. He ate two bowls of Chili. Sally was back and forth flirting with him and I was stewing in my own juices…I thought Sally was my friend.

At the end of my shift I came out of the bathroom from changing out of my uniform into my blue jeans, sneakers and a loose white peasant blouse that had embroidery on the sleeves and collar. Danny took my arm and walked me to his Corvette. I was imagining that I was his lover and other naughty thoughts like that.

Just as Danny was helping me in and had closed the door Sally came running out of the restaurant. She had taken her hair out of her braid and it was streaming behind her as she ran like a wavy red flag to settle over her shoulders and down below her waist when she stopped.

Sally knew what to do. Sally put her arms around Danny’s neck and kissed his mouth and I mean really kissed him, long and deep. Danny was enjoying it. It was if I wasn’t even there.

I slid down in my seat and pretended that I didn’t notice but I watched the whole thing. Danny kissed her back and his strong hands were buried in Sally’s long red tresses when they should have been in mine. Danny should be kissing me like that.

I watched Sally put her hand at the base of her throat and she was damn near panting. She looked flustered…Sally flustered?

How do I compete with that? How do I compete with figure like Sally’s and with all that hair? I used to have beautiful long brown hair and now I look like plump boy. Damn you Monique…no, damn me for listening to her. I hate the way I look.

It will take me years to have hair like that again, years……

Danny got in next and reached behind me. I hoped that he was going to pull me close to him and kiss me. That would show Sally.

Instead Danny grabbed my seat belt shoulder harness and hesitated before saying, “You are officially on the clock now Ms. Jones. Please sit up straight so that I can buckle you in.”


“Yes Sir,” my little jelly bean said while sitting up straight and folding her hands on her lap.

Anita was looking straight ahead with her lips poised in a pout; now how cute is that? Anita is such a baby in some ways, but in a cute ways. Imagine, pouting at her age.

I can’t help it that Sally kissed me like that, or that I enjoyed it and kissed her back.

It was a marvelous and spontaneous thing. Sally is a beautiful woman and she took her hair down for me. The kiss was a gift….her way of saying thank you. I tasted the real Sally with her guard down, not the tough waitress who probably looked after Anita since day one.

Sally McCarthy is a class act and a fine brave lady and I am definitely going to follow up on those kisses.


He glanced at me a few times and was smiling. Perhaps I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. There was an accident up ahead and I couldn’t just sit there. I’m going to kiss him and thank him when we stop….good here goes…

I touched his arm, and he turned and looked at me with those blue eyes….”Yes, Ms. Jones,” and I chickened out.

“What did you mean when you told those louts about the telephone call?”

“They are cowardly thugs plain and simple. They were not wearing colors, or if you like insignias that proclaimed themselves as members of a gang.

Biker gangs take such things very seriously. The Hell Cats in particular. They can be very violent, but they are also discrete and keep tightly to themselves. They seldom go into straight places and when they do they do not bring attention to themselves.”

“But what about the telephone call?”

“That was a bluff and breaking his wrist raised the stakes to make the bluff convincing. In their minds I let them off easy.”

“Do you know any Hell Cats?”

“Personally, no, but I have contacts who do; hangers-out. They would get the word out for me.

“What could happen to the louts if the hangers-out got the word out?”

“If the louts… I like the way you put that Anita for it is a very lady like way to describe them. If they were wearing the Hell Cat’s colors and were not members they would be killed; claiming affiliation and then bringing attention to the Hell Cats; definitely the loss of one or both ears as a warning. Especially if the police were called and their subsequent arrest was reported to the papers with the name Hell Cats mentioned.”

I shivered when he told me that and noticing Danny took my hand and squeezed it.

“The important thing is you’re safe and they will never bother you again. I’ve met your Mother. Mary is a lovely woman. I can tell you two are very close and that your Mom loves you very much.

Someone once wrote, “Never be ashamed of where you come from for therein lies your strength. You are your Mother’s daughter, Anita.”

Danny let go of my hand and became quiet and thoughtful… but so was I……


Danny got out first and opened the car door for me like my Dad always does for Mom.

“It’s still light out Ms. Jones. I will give you part of your orientation while we walk the path along the fence line.”

This time Danny did all the talking while I asked a few pertinent questions. It actually sounded exciting because there might be a certain amount of travel involved and possibly overnights. I learned that I would be signing a non-disclosure agreement and could not discuss any confidential matters and that was just fine.

It was like we were in our own little world inside the former armory compound. The beautiful ivy that had overgrown the fence guaranteed us privacy and Danny explained he tried to create a private park like setting.

It was getting dark when we finally went inside. I would be starting tomorrow morning at 9:00 o’clock sharp. We went into his office and as he pulled a chair for me to sit on. I noticed that the broken candy dish was in the bookcase next to the well worn law dictionary.

Danny had glued it back together as best he could and put the silver fountain pen and pencil inside of it. His jelly beans were now in a small unbreakable plastic Tupperware container.

“Your office will be in the large room near the front door on the left,” he said sitting down and removing official looking documents from the drawer.

“Take this home and read it. Tomorrow morning you will sign them in the presence of a Notary Public. The County clerk will notarize for free.

What size ring do you wear, Ms. Jones?”

“I’m really not sure,” I answered, wondering why Danny would ask me that.

“Let me see your hands.”

I held them out across the desk and Danny took them gently in his and was frowning. He was looking at my nails…I bite them.

“This is totally unacceptable,” he said sternly, “biting your nails like a child.

The minute you sign and get your contract you will stop! You will be spending time with me in public and your appearance reflects,” and changing the tone of his voice ever so slightly, “Do you understand, Ms. Jones?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said looking down. He was using the same tone as he used with the louts. There would be no compromise.

“Good, very good, that concludes your orientation,” Danny said, while still holding my hands, “We are officially off the clock.

“Anita, look at me,” he said kindly and I looked into his blue eyes and Danny was smiling now.

“You have beautiful little hands, Anita” he said quietly while gazing into my brown eyes, “dainty and smooth petite hands with such long fingers,” he was giving me goose bumps and my face felt warm, “a pretty girl like you should be showing off such beautiful hands.”

I was thinking about Mom and Aunt Joyce and how they did each other’s nails. People were always asking where they had them done.

“Would you do something for me, Anita? Would you please stop biting your nails?” I just nodded my head while looking back into his blue eyes. Danny kissed my hands just like in romance novels and then he squeezed them before letting go. OK, I admit it, I read them too.

I thought I was going to faint, he kissed my hands.

“I’m going to change my clothes before I bring you home. You should call your parents and let them know that you are fine and will be home shortly.”


After I dropped Anita home I stopped by Zane’s Truck Stop for coffee and a dish of ice cream, the later if Sally wasn’t there.

Just a hunch but I had a feeling that Sally might be there and I was right. I had a black linen sports jacket and a white long sleeve shirt in a garment bag in the trunk depending on where we ended up.

Sally was wearing form fitting blue jeans and a deep emerald green silk and cotton blouse that set off her beautiful red hair that was fixed in a nice ponytail.

She was sitting with a waitress who was on break. Seeing me Sally got up quickly but then caught herself and smiled, not wanting to appear too eager and let me walk over to her.

I walked over and introduced myself to the other waitress. If nothing else my dear Barbara taught the importance of being polite in gentle company.

I took Sally’s arm and said, “Well beautiful, where would you like to go?

Do you dance?”


I was so excited that I could hardly stand it. We went to City Hall to get my papers notarized and then Mom dropped me off at work. Tomorrow was going to be another nice day.

I decided that I would walk to work in nice weather. It should only take half an hour at a brisk walk.

The last thing I expected was that Danny would invite Mom in for coffee and apple turnovers or that Dad would send me flowers.

Dad sent 2 dozen long stem white roses. Mom said that Dad offered to pick me up after work but I informed her firmly that I would rather walk.

As much as I enjoyed my Mom’s visit I wanted to be alone with Danny. He looked so different now with a suit and tie, so different when he brought me home the day before.

Yesterday evening Danny was wearing black boots, black jeans and a tight black muscle shirt that looked like it was painted on…wow, talk about a bad boy look. That shirt showed off his barrel chest, lean ropey muscles and flat washboard stomach. Danny helped me in and closed the door of the Corvette before vaulting into the driver’s side seat without opening the door.

“I’m sorry for showing off,” Danny said smiling, “I wanted to do this since I got it. I’ve owned the Corvette for a week and today’s the first time I drove it. I’m not sure I’m going to keep it. What good is a fast car unless you have a pretty girl sitting next to you?


Anita’s first morning at work was pretty much what I expected. Mary dropped her off and naturally I invited her in for coffee and fresh apple turnovers I bought earlier. No doubt Mary was curious to see what kind of man her daughter was working for and particularly after the incident in the restaurant…..the dirt bags.

Anita gave her Mom a short tour of the first floor and then we all took a stroll on the grounds before I served them refreshments. Mary’s hair was up again and this time styled in a braided bun. Unlike that short boyish haircut, I would love see Anita wearing her hair this way on occasion.

I had to take a private telephone call and I walked outside to take it. While there I saw a small red pickup truck pull in front of the building.

A familiar looking woman in her late forties got out and walked to the bed to take something out. She was struggling to lift a large potted jade plant and I walked over to help her.

As she turned I held out my hand in introduction, “Good morning. I’m Daniel Skinner and you must be Anita’s Aunt Joyce. It is obvious that beauty runs in Anita’s Mom’s side of the family.

Joyce was a honey blonde with the same slim and petite but well rounded figure of her sister. She was wearing a light green muslin dress and had sandals on her small feet. It occurred to me that Mary was wearing similar sandals and the same dress in pale yellow.

Joyce’s hair was pulled back in a long ponytail and tied with a green silk scarf. Joyce looked me over boldly as she shook my hand. I was thinking, ‘It is obvious were Anita gets her looks. Joyce is another beautiful woman. I’d love to run my hands through that thick blonde hair….’

“I’m pleased to meet you Daniel. Please call me Joyce. I’ve never met a bail bondsman let alone a bail bondsman who is also a lawyer. I used to come here when this was a flea market. I sell Avon. We have products for men if you are interested. Patty Shriver used to sell her natural homemade soap here on Sunday. Do you know Patty? I am partial to her spearmint or almond soap.”

“No, I’ve never had the pleasure. But it is certainly a pleasure to meet another beautiful woman from Anita’s family, Joyce. Would you like to join the other lady’s for coffee?

I’ll carry the jade plant. I hear they bring good luck…”


The first thing that Danny had me do after Mom and Aunt Joyce left was to start organizing his files. That was a monumental task in itself. Nothing was in alphabetical order. His files were in cardboard boxes with covers; the kind of boxes that computer paper comes in.

The boxes were neatly stacked on the floor, at least 100 boxes and they had numbers on them; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etcetera. Amazingly, Danny can recall where a particular file is from memory.

I am very good with numbers. Mathematics always came easy for me; any kind of math. This was not a good system. Danny wanted my opinion on the best way to organize them so that anyone working for him could find the particular file he asked for.

We went to an office supply store and Danny gave me great latitude to order whatever I thought was necessary. I didn’t go overboard but I can tell you how good it made me feel that Danny was taking me seriously and trusted me to do this for him.

It was well past lunch time by then and I get a one hour unpaid lunch break.

As we were leaving Danny suggested, “Well Ms. Jones, it is lunch time and you must be hungry. You didn’t have an apple turnover, just coffee?”

‘That’s because I’m on a diet, Danny,’ I was thinking, ‘Mom and I had a long talk about my weight last night and then a good cry when I said I was her mother’s daughter and I should start looking like one.’

“I wasn’t hungry, Sir.” I replied, still thinking, ‘Not just a diet but a complete lifestyle change. Move more and eat less. I know the scientific formula to burn calories and the relative values of carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and fats. That’s part is easy; now I have an incentive, you.

Yes sir, Mr. Skinner, you are going to be my project.’

“Technically you are off the clock during lunch time and may take it when you choose assuming of course we are not busy. It’s in your contract Anita.

I’m hungry now. It will take me just a minute to call ahead and get takeout from Chang’s or you can join me in a booth.”

“So, technically we’re not boss and secretary if I accept?”

“Yes, I would say that is the case.”

‘Well here goes,’ I thought, ‘my first big step. I’m going to kiss him and finally thank him. He must taste wonderful. Here goes Anita you can do this.’

“That would be nice, Danny. But only if you let me buy,” and I was thinking, ‘Darn me, I should have kissed him.’


Anita sat across from me and ordered first, steamed vegetables with white rice. She must be on a diet so good for her. She was no novice to Chinese food and handled her chopsticks like a native. I had a taste for hot & sour soup and steamed dumplings.

We had a delightful lunch together sharing 2 pots of Chang’s special blend tea and just talking. Anita is well read and her vocabulary reflects that. I love the way Anita brings the tea cup to her lips in both her little hands as she sips from it, or how she arranges her cloth napkin on her lap just so after daintily wiping her lips. I got my little jelly bean to laugh. Anita has a sweet musical laugh like the tinkling of little silver Christmas bells.

I coaxed many shy smiles from her; shy and sweet warm smiles. It has been a long time since anyone has called me Danny and smiled at me that way. It sounds nice coming from Anita’s kissable lips….kissable but not yet.


I love saying that, Danny, Danny, Danny and Danny. He touched my hands while we talked giving me the courage to squeeze his back. But goodness, Danny can be so funny without being vulgar. The food was good but my dinner partner was delightful. Danny looks into my eyes when he talks and everything….we went well past the lunch hour…


“Can you believe it Joyce? Anita has been working there for 3 weeks now and I’ve never seen her happier. She lost 10 pounds and has stopped biting her nails. Marvin and I tried everything to get her to stop. That’s one of the reason’s I called. Would you like to have a girl’s manicure night later; you me and Anita?”

“What time, Mary?’

“How about eight?”

“Eight is good for me. Is that hot boss of your daughter’s going to be there? If he doesn’t ask Anita for her hand soon I just might been interested.

“What will your husband say when he hears of your infidelity, Joyce?”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t looked Mary, I know better?”

“Well, you got me there,” I admitted, “You should have seen Daniel the evening after the altercation at the truck stop. It looked like his shirt was painted on when he brought Anita home. It is said that clothes make the gentlemen. Daniel he looked so hot and dangerously sexy, anything but a gentleman.

“Right, like either of us is going to do anything but talk about it Mary, what fun.”

“I may have had my doubts at first until I heard that Daniel stepped in to protect her. You have to admit he won’t let anything happen to Anita. Marvin thinks the same but also that Daniel is too old for her.”

“And then you pointed out to Marvin the differences in your ages; you didn’t listen to Dad either…”


Anita has worked here nine months and still walks to work unless the weather is particularly nasty. My jelly bean addresses me as Danny all the time now unless there are clients in the building or Joyce and Mary stop to have lunch with Anita. I insist on Mr. Skinner then. As much as I want to I haven’t kissed her yet. We have had a few more lunches together at Chang’s and I think of it as our place now.

I really don’t mind her family stopping in as long as Anita gets her work done.

The diet and exercise have really paid. Anita is down to one-hundred-twenty and holding and her short pixie cut is now almost an ear length blunt bob.

I keep Anita busy with various projects. I have Anita looking into the feasibility of doing closings on the sales of residential property, her idea and a good one. I have no real interest in practicing criminal law at this time.


I have been working for Danny for nine months and loving every minute of it. There is no point in kissing him now for saving me but I am sure he knows. I’m very relaxed around him; even when Danny is serious or grumpy. I feel I can ask him anything.

I have seen Danny watching me and smiling. Thank goodness in another four months I will have grown all the layers in my hair and will finally have a perfect bottom of my ear length blunt bob. I keep my hair out of my face with barrettes or a head band while at work but not during lunch to see if Danny notices.

I have my own apartment now, a small cozy efficiency apartment.

The downside is that my walk to work is 45 minutes; but on the plus side I’m 15 minutes from home.

I’m only twelve hundred dollars away from paying Dad outright for the car that he bought for me. Not that I am ungrateful, I explained my position to Dad, but I will not drive it until I own it outright and can purchase my own insurance.

I discussed the whole thing over with Danny and he agrees with me. We have such wonderful conversations during our private lunches in or out of the office and we talk about everything.

Danny works out in the morning and I’m always a half-hour early to make him his coffee; not because I have too but because I want to.

Danny often comes up from the basement in just his gym shorts and sneakers to have his coffee. He never wears a shirt and he is just dripping with perspiration.

I have watched him hit the heavy bag and his hands are a blur. In between punches when I least expect it Danny will spin around and kick it; he can kick really high.

I have completely stopped biting my nails and Aunt Joyce gave me a gift of makeup the first night we got together to do my nails; imagine me wearing makeup.

Danny certainly notices, even the most subtle change of eye shadow or lipstick. I test him to see if he notices. Danny will simply say “lipstick” or “eye shadow” and I can’t fool him even if I change it several times during the work day.

Now we girls….Aunt Joyce, Mom and I get together for an hour of stretching and calisthenics every other day. I walk and exercise every day now. They also do their kegel exercises those nights as a preventive measure but I wonder? The women in our family never had those kinds of problems. They also treat me more like an adult now and we talk about things that I didn’t know they knew about…at their age.

I read up on kegel and there are other benefits for strengthening those muscles…. they will come in handy when the time comes. I started doing them in my apartment when I am alone.

Danny makes me so horny that I can hardly stand it. I take long baths pleasuring myself just thinking about him. I want to suck on his cock and feel it inside of me; goodness what naughty thoughts. I was never like this before I met my Danny…isn’t it wonderful?


Apparently Anita wasn’t about to wait for me to kiss her. There were some unique circumstances behind our first kiss.

It was a cold clear day in February. Things were slow and we were caught up on everything. We decided to have lunch at Chang’s and Anita wanted to walk.

Anita bought herself a new navy blue wool coat that came down to her knees and the coat had a deep practical hood. She was also purchased a pair of knee high black leather boots lined with sheepskin.

On the way there Anita was excitedly was telling me that it was official. Last night she had taken all of her “fat clothes” as she put it, clothing that were too big for her to the Salvation Army drop box and good riddance.

“Mom, Aunt Joyce and I are going shopping for my new wardrobe. I’m buying just enough clothes to get me by until I hit my goal of 115 lbs.”

“A pretty lady deserves pretty things,” I said taking her hand and squeezing, “Perhaps it’s not my place to say but I’m speaking as Danny now. I’m very proud of you. You look better and no doubt you feel better. Any man would be lucky to have you and most of them aren’t good enough for you.”

When we got to Chang’s I went into the rest room while Anita waited for me in the foyer. She had the most mischievous smile on her face as I came walking out.

Pointing with her finger, “Danny, I want to sit in that corner booth.”

“OK, I…” and before I could finish speaking Anita took my arm, something she has never done before and practically dragged me there. I was amazed how strong she is for such a small woman but pleasantly pleased as well.

“Are you ready to order yet?” Anita asked sliding into the booth next to me. “I know what I want.”

Something was going on. Anita always sat across from me. I noticed that Anita was watching something or somebody across the room.

“Well this is a nice spot,” I said to Anita as the waitress brought us are menus and I ordered our pot of tea, “The jumbo shrimp and broccoli looks good. What are you going to have?”

“I’ll have the same.”

With that same smile on her face Anita turned to me and took my face in her hands and kissed my lips, “Put your arms around me, Danny,” she whispered.

I did and then whispered, “Are you going to…” and Anita kissed my lips again, whispering “Good, she saw us, Jane is coming over.”

“I get it Anita, I’ll play along,” I whispered as slid my fingers into the soft downy hair at the nape of her neck.

“Anita Jones, is that you? I almost didn’t recognize you with short hair. It’s been too long.”


‘Good, Jane is checking my Danny out,’ I thought, ‘you are still the same disingenuous and conniving, grasping harlot you always were. I will never forget how you treated me all through school.’

“Hello Jane you are looking well.” I replied in greeting while thinking, ‘Not long enough you bulimic wretch.’

“Are you still married to Doug Turner?” I asked, knowing the answer but I was thinking, ‘Take a good look at Danny….you can’t have him he is mine!’

Doug Turner was an overweight wimp and a real Momma’s Boy in school who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. He also was a target for bullies because he wouldn’t fight back. I felt sorry for him and felt a kindred spirit because we were both plump.

I offered to study with Doug in the library after school but he dismissed my offer as if I was nothing.

Doug was held back twice and was a senior at nineteen when I asked him. I was fourteen when I jumped 3 grades ahead and would be graduating High School at 15 that year.

At fourteen and seeing an opportunity, Jane tricked him and lied about her age. Jane was prettier then and was very popular with the upper classmen because she put out. When Doug got her pregnant it was statutory rape. Need I say more? Jane and her mother were after his family’s money and no doubt judging from the fur coat and jewelry Jane is sitting pretty.

They deserve each other; a tramp and a cuckold. Everybody knows your well deserved reputation, Jane. Four children at twenty-one; I wonder who’s father’s of the other three are?

I immediately regretted thinking that. They were innocent children after all and I was ashamed of myself. I am so lucky to have Danny and unlike Jane I will marry for love.

“Yes, we have four wonderful children and we have been married seven years now. I barley have time to myself caring for them. A mother’s work is never done. Thank goodness for their nanny and our housekeeper.

I just broke away for a little time by myself. You know how it is; the sacrifices a mother makes for her children. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I don’t see a ring on your finger Anita. Did you ever graduate college?”

“I’m a working girl now,” I said sliding out of the booth and taking Danny with me. I stood as close to him as I possibly could. Danny put his left arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. “I’d like to introduce you to….”


“Daniel Skinner at your service,” I interrupted offering the woman my right hand while thinking, ‘definitely not my type. Much too skinny and gaunt…black hair that is obviously dyed, layered and teased to look ratty; no doubt the current style in Hollywood with the current crop of young shallow attention seeking actresses….the word tramp comes to mind.

A full length mink coat of all things…not that I have a problem with fur for cold weather but Jane is wearing it inside to draw attention to her.

Heavily applied makeup, trashy…ridiculous amounts of gold jewelry; bracelets necklaces and bobbles with diamonds everywhere, assuming that the diamonds are real…. a ring on every finger… and long painted finger nails and in her case the sign of a lazy woman…and such thin stingy lips… she reeks of stale cigarette smoke mixed with too much perfume… nope… not for me.’

“Any friend of Anita is a friend of mine,” I offered politely, “but my sweet lady is too modest. Anita graduated with honors and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, a teaching certificate and minors in science and literature.

I hugged Anita again because my little jelly bean was all that and much more.

“Anita did all of this before she was twenty. There is nothing my lady can’t accomplish when Anita puts her mind to it.”

“Well, ah yes, that is all very good I suppose if you like that kind of thing,” Jane replied frowning. Now I really didn’t like her.

Jane Turner can’t hold a candle to Anita in any category and especially at being gracious.

“Who do you have your insurance with Daniel? I’m sure my husband can do better,” and she reached in her mink coat pocket for a business card.

“No thank you, I’m quite happy with my agent,” I replied while politely accepting the card.

“I insist that you call my husband, Daniel. My signature and personal cell phone number is on the back and I will give you will get the special treatment if you get my meaning. You won’t be sorry. We are the biggest agency in the tri-county area. Give me one good reason why you shouldn’t call?”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to bow out and respectfully decline. I don’t wish to offend you.”

“I’m already offended with your lack of manners for not answering a lady’s question,” she said in a loud voice, “I demand that you answer me!”


‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘this couldn’t be better if it was scripted. Danny must know something about them that I don’t. I bet his friend John Anderson told him. He and the old gentlemen play chess early Friday afternoon when Sunday is out and they can’t go fishing. Let Jane have it, Danny!’

Danny looked at me and I nodded my head.

“I’ll give you two. There are several pending investigations against The Turner Agency with the State Insurance Commission and with the Attorney General dealing with misappropriation of funds, or late payment of funds on Doug’s policy holders accounts with the Insurance Carriers that he represents as a licensed insurance broker.

Many of these mentioned policy holders filed claims only to find that their policy was canceled or consisted of less coverage then they paid for and assumed they had.

I am sure that you, Mrs. Turner being a stay at home Mom with four children to nurture is not aware of these unfortunate events.

Your husband owes back taxes and utility bills on several investment properties independent of his father’s business. Those mentioned investment properties have gone belly up. Your husband is presently being sued for millions by his creditors and backers and he will lose.

Doug’s Daddy is in no position to bail him out again, including paying off the lien on your two homes, here and in Cape Cod. These facts are a matter of public record.

Douglas Turner Sr. wisely had his personal property and assets protected and sheltered years ago. Everything is above board and legal.

It will withstand the most invasive and meticulous scrutiny of the impending forensic investigation and audit. Douglas Sr. will come out of the impending disaster just fine while Douglas Jr. not so fine.

Are you aware that a spouse is culpable for her husband’s debts?”

It was amazing, Danny had her speechless. Jane was standing there with her eyes practically bulging out of her head she was so angry. Her mouth was opening and closing but nothing was coming out.

She looked like a fish out of water gasping for oxygen and some of the people in our section of the restaurant had stopped eating and were watching us.

“Good day, Mrs. Turner,” Danny said turning his back to her when Jane finally found her voice.

“How dare you. Our attorney is a shark and will eat you alive, Mr. Skinner. I am personally going to sue you for the defamation of my husband’s character.”

Danny turned to face her again, “Calumny, vilification and slander will be impossible to prove in open court without extensive corroboration.

Everything I have told you is factual. Nor have I engaged in famosus libellus, the Latin for libelous writing. Also keep in mind Mrs. Turner that you vigorously solicited a response from me in a public place in front of witnesses.”

“Fuck you, asshole and the donkey you rode in on. You will hear from my lawyer!” she screamed loudly.

But then seeing everyone was watching lowered her voice and said,

“I feel sorry for you, Anita Jones, hooking up with this loser. You will never amount to anything.”

With that Jane turned and walked out of the restaurant. Moments later she was back in the restaurant and out of the cold.


Calamity Jane was standing in the foyer and screaming into her cell phone and repeatedly calling someone a stupid bastard as our waitress Song Lew, Chang’s daughter returned with our meal

“Song Lew, do you have any idea what that lady is screaming about?” Danny asked as I sat down across from him.

Song Lew smiled and replied, “Oh her, the pain. Mrs. Turner is no lady, Dan. She eats here on occasion but when she does often meets with different men in our parking lot supposedly for business transactions. Funny business if you ask me. The pain is talking to her husband. There is a flatbed tow truck and a Sheriff car in the parking lot and they are repossessing her Mercedes. What a scene she caused. Dad wasn’t happy with her at all and told her never to come back.”


It occurred to me after Song Lew left that Anita was sitting across from me and I asked, “Would you mind telling me how you know calamity Jane?”

“I went to school with her when she was Jane Hakes. Why are you smiling like that?”

“Well a hake is a type of codfish and hakes would be the plural of codfishes. You knew the codfish when you were in school. There now you are smiling,” and I slid over next to her and kissed Anita’s lips.

“Are you going to tell me why out of the clear blue sky that you finally decided to kiss me, jelly bean?

“I was showing off?”

“You were showing off because?”

“I wanted Jane to think that you are my boyfriend,” Anita replied blushing.

“Do you want me to be your boyfriend, Anita?”


“Yes,” I said totally embarrassed and blushing but glad that it was finally out in the open. I knew that Danny had taken Sally out a few times these past months but Sally was too old for him; she is Aunt Joyce’s age for goodness sakes.

“There will be irrevocable conditions, Anita.”

“Anything you say Danny.”

“Give me your hands,” and Danny took them and kissed them, “these are the conditions:

Sally and I are no longer seeing one another.

Furthermore as your boyfriend I will be required to swear off all other women as is only proper. I will only be allowed to have eyes for you. Those are the irrevocable conditions and you will demand them.

Now for my summation:

Your sweet innocence is charming and delightful. You are my sunlight when you smile. Your gentle laugh is likening to the tinkling of the purest of silver Christmas bells.

I adore the way you hold your cup in both your little hands and how you fold your napkin just so. You are so cute when you pout. You pout when you are angry or deep in thought and your full generous lips are irresistible and begging to be kissed.

With your permission I will kiss them often.

Your eyes are the softest brown that I have ever seen and I was drawn to them the moment I looked into them.

You are a chaste and gentle lady and so darn pretty….make that a beautiful chaste and gentle lady who can do anything that she puts her mind too. You are best thing that has ever happened to me Anita and I would you be mine.”

I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, “Yes Danny.”

“Anita, I have no need to know why but in my opinion you have no reason to impress or prove yourself to the likes of calamity Jane Turner. You are far more intelligent and refined then Jane can ever hope to be.

Jane’s life resume and moral compass will always be that of the gutter despite a temporary glamour of contrived respectability that she promotes with jewels and furs to impress the gullible.

“Let’s eat our lunch before it gets cold. I have done enough talking for now and so have you. We are taking the rest of the day off. I’m so glad that tomorrow is Saturday…”


Despite the cold blustery winter day my heart was warmed by Anita’s sweet kisses. We walked hand in hand. This is something I have never done before. Anita kept stopping to put her arms around my neck to kiss me.

I meant every word that I said to my jelly bean in the restaurant and what I am saying just now.

I was convinced after the first kiss that Anita was the one; I just know it. I can be a hard intimidating bastard if need be and I’m not one for being mushy.

Those words came from my heart of hearts….there I go being mushy again.

A few of the old crew from my days of a bounty hunter would have laughed at me if they knew, except for Duke, and in those early days I would have cared what they thought and now not one wit.

I sought the meanest and the toughest bastards to teach me the ropes. I then signed on with Duke Marion at nineteen. He had the reputation for bringing back all of the bail jumpers unhurt. The prosecutors loved him and the defense attorneys hated Duke.

With Duke it was his way or the highway consisting of five simple rules. Duke worked alone and initially wouldn’t take me. Somehow or other Duke decided to take me on a trial basis. He deliberately pushed me hard and made fun of me finding fault with everything I did. Duke called me pretty boy Dan; even in front of other bounty hunters.

I made a big mistake by calling him out. I was drunk and determined to kick the shit out of him. Duke said, “I don’t fight with pretty boys. Get lost you motherless bastard!”

I swung and Duke easily moved to one side grabbing my wrist and arm while using a variation of a technique that I used on the porcine brute that abused Anita

He then punched me in the back of my ear and that was the last thing I remember until I woke up sitting beside Duke in his pickup truck. We were driving down Route 20 in Oklahoma following up on a lead. I was buckled in and my ankles were duct taped together while my wrists were duct taped behind my back.

“Do you still want to be my partner, Dan? No more nonsense or posturing on my part. What say you?

“Yes,” and I was thinking through a pounding headache, ‘some tough guy I am. Duke is older and almost half my size.’

Good, you keep on reading on reading your Law Dictionary, son. I’ll start you off with Mr. Webster’s to improve your vocabulary and I expect you to learn twenty new words a day. Consider it a gift. It’s on the seat next to you.

I’ll teach you the right way starting now with rule number 1. Never lose your temper and never let anyone get to you no matter what they say. Never take it personal because they are not worth it.

“Rule number 2. There is always someone tougher than you are. Learn how to fight smart.

Fighting can be counterproductive so start using your intellect and try to reason with them and talk things out for most situations. It works; particularly when you have a reputation for being fair and neutral in your dealings.

Being the big bruin that you are, I concede that intimidating and mean can work in some scenarios. I know you are a tough bastard and if you came at me sober I would have put a 44 magnum slug in your knee cap.

Rule number 3: Duct tape is your friend.

Rule number 4 ; being able to hold your liquor young man is not an accomplishment and will never put money in your pocket, just somebody else’s.

Rule number five; if the shit hits the fan all the rules go out the window and you do what has to be done. But remember there are consequences.”

I never abused or beat anyone that I brought back and I have been at it for 30 years.

I ignore them and simply refuse to speak with them or acknowledge them.

They get “the talk” and are told what to expect beforehand.

Our friend Duct tape is particularly effective with the big mouth imbeciles.


I’m in love and I can’t help myself. Everything is so wonderful and the sky is so blue and the air is so clean and cold….I feel a warm glow inside of me.

I keep stopping to kiss Danny. I don’t want those kisses to ever end. Danny picked me up several times and was laughing. He then put me down gently and kissed me back

Mom always told me that my time would come, “be patient Anita” she said, “You will know when you find him. He will realize how special you are.”

Danny gave me a wonderful summation… better than any love sonnet ever written.

My Danny can be so serious and stern (grumpy) to keep me on track, and then so sweet and he can make me laugh.

We are going to make love when we get back I just know it….well I hope we are going to make love? Danny will teach me…..I wonder how big it is.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We have the rest of the day together and I’m not done kissing him yet.

We are walking hand in hand for all to see and he really is my Danny now. I will do anything it takes to keep him…anything.


We were almost to the door when Anita said, “I’ll be right with you. I have to fix my boot” I turned and took two steps, SPLAT; I was nailed between the shoulder blades with a snowball.

I turned to see Anita standing there with the same mischievous smile as in the restaurant. “Was that necessary?” I asked walking towards her.

“Oh my what a face you are making, grumpy!”

Anita put her arms straight above her head and dropped flat on her back into the deep snow in the yard while swishing her legs and arms up and down/out to the sides.

“Now what are you doing?”

“I’m making a snow angel.”

“You are also getting covered in snow. Aren’t you a little old for this kind of childish behavior?” I asked, frowning.

“I don’t want to spoil my snow angel,” Anita said holding out her hand for me to help her up.

When I did Anita got close and kissed me, “Oh, don’t be such a big grump,” and with that my sweet, gentle and chaste little lady put her foot behind my ankle and pushed hard, tripping me and sending me onto my back into the deep snow.

Needless to say I was surprised that Anita caught me off guard like that. My jelly bean is such a small woman….oh what the hell…..


“Not like that Danny,” I said dropping down on my back next to him, “haven’t you ever made a snow angel before?”

Danny grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Mush, mush and more mush. I never made a snow angel before. Will you please teach me?” Danny asked laughing and kissing my face.

“What does mush mean you big grump?” I asked putting my head on his chest while he stroked my hair. I could hear Danny’s heart beating in his chest and it was beating only for me.

“It means little silver Christmas bells and sunshine…”


Danny walked back and closed and locked the front entrance gates to the compound and this is something I have never seen him do before. We were now in our private winter wonderland.

We made more snow angels and then a really nice snowman, plus we kissed. Our snowman had a carrot nose but we didn’t have coal for eyes, and we kissed. Danny used an old pair of sunglass so who could tell anyway, and we kissed.

Danny put his scarf on him and an old baseball cap on the snowman’s head. I made the snowman’s mouth with my lipstick.

I ruined the lipstick but who cares; that didn’t stop me from kissing Danny.

“Well, enough of this nonsense, Anita,” Danny said, grumpily but not meaning the nonsense part, he enjoyed every bit of it. It was Danny’s idea to build the snowman, “you are soaked through and starting to shiver.”

Danny took my hand and we went inside talking off our coats and boots and not only did he close the heavy wood front door and lock it, Danny closed both the iron gates and locked them. I was thinking, ‘We are locked in safe and secure in our warm and impregnable castle…yes I know it is an old arsenal and now I’m going to surprise Danny again.’

“Go upstairs and get out of those wet cloth clothes,” Danny said, “ Take a hot shower if you like, it will take the chill off.

I will be upstairs shortly to join you.”


I went upstairs wondering what Anita was planning next. I found her sitting on the couch wrapped in a quilt. Anita’s clothes were draped over the kitchen chairs to dry including her under garments and my jelly bean had the same mischievous smile on her face.

Anita is just so darn cute when she does that, I can read her mind and know something was up.

“I got a chill Danny. Why don’t you shower first?”

“Fine, I’m freezing. Don’t worry though; there will be hot water for you. I have hot water on demand.”

I went into the bathroom, undressed and turned on the shower. I then hid behind the bathroom door, waiting. I heard the shuffling of little bare feet approaching on the wood floor. I watched the doorknob turn slowly and then Anita opened it partially and looked in before entering. Anita quietly closed door; good she didn’t see me.

“Did you change your mind?” I asked putting my arms around her beautiful naked body, “or do you want to shower with me?”

“You know I do.”

“What else do you want, jelly bean.”

“I want you to make love to me.”

“But you are just a baby. What do you know of such things? You just learned how to kiss today.” I teased, rubbing Anita’s belly and nuzzling her neck and watching her pout in the mirror.

“I’m not a baby! Why does everyone keep calling me that?” Anita asked angrily while trying to push my hands away but then giving up.

“I’m teasing. Of course you are not a baby, Anita. You know perfectly well how I feel about you. I have never been blessed before with a woman like you Anita. I am not a particularly religious man. Blessed is the one word that describes how I feel about you if only one word was allowed.

I have never had a virgin before. I would keep you a virgin forever and I would have you right now.

All the gold and jewels on earth are but chaff in the wind compared to your sweet virginity.”

“But you can teach me. I want you to have it, Danny as my gift to you. I love you, Danny.”

And with those words, “my gift to you; I love you, Danny,” Anita just turned my whole world upside down. I always considered myself of a bit lady’s man and would jump at the chance and… aw mush.


Letting go of my waist Danny closed his eyes and sighed. I turned to look at him, thinking, ‘There, I said it and it came out so easily. I mean it with all my heart and soul. I wonder what my love is thinking. Does Danny love me? Is Danny going to say he loves me back now that I finally told him?’

Danny opened his blue eyes took my hands and kissed them.

“Anita Mary Jones it is precisely because of who you are that I love you the way I do.

I sensed you were outstandingly precious and special the day of your interview. Yes it was an accident, but if anyone else had broken that candy dish accident or not…well, I don’t know what I have done.

I certainly wouldn’t have hired them.

There were jelly beans everywhere, Anita and I was finding them days later; underneath and behind things.

I will teach you my love and you are my love make no mistake about that, but you must be patient and do what I say. Will you do that for us?” Danny asked, kissing my hands again.

“Yes Danny.”

“Have you taken precautions, Anita?” He asked while pulling me close to him and stroking my hair. I love it when he does that, it is such an intimate thing and I put my head on his chest and hugged him, thinking, ‘Danny loves me.’

“Yes, I’ve been on the pill for three 3 months now.”

“Excellent, would you like to spend the night, Ms. Jones?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered kissing his chest, “May we shower now?”


This time I knew what to do. Danny got down on his knees facing me as I washed his hair. He was running his hands up and down my body as far as he could reach while looking up at me and smiling. He was kissing me everywhere.

Danny’s cock is so big and hard…I just want to suck on it like I imagined doing while pleasuring the bathtub. I rinsed Danny’s hair and he stood up smiling as he pushed my wet hair behind my ears.

Danny took my face in hands… he kissed my lips, kissed my mouth long and deep, “I love you, Anita,” he whispered in my ear, “you have turned my whole world upside down and how I look at things and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I would be patient…. but I wanted Danny to fuck me so bad... I would suck on his rock hard cock which was pressing against me; I didn’t promise not to do that all patience aside….what a wonderfully naughty thought. Danny would lick and suck on my pussy…what another naughty thought.

Danny made me stand still while he shampooed my hair and it felt so nice to have my own personal naked shampoo boy with a big cock. Danny rinsed my hair and massaged in some coconut conditioner but didn’t rinse it out right away. Instead he handed me a bar of Pears Glycerin Soap.


I made Anita face away from me and I started with her neck and shoulders. I always buy and use this fine old brand of soap; it reminds me so much of Barbara. Anita is the only woman I have showered with since then. I would give my life for her.

Being with Anita has taught me it’s alright to fall in love again. Anita has broken down my barriers, my self-imposed walls….brick by brick for the sunshine of her smile to shine through and warm my heart and soul to mush.

I soaped my little jelly down, massaging the soap into her soft creamy skin with my hands and fingers. I worked my way around to Anita’s beautiful round and firm breasts wanting to lick and suck on them but instead soaped and caressed…feeling her upturned nipples harden at my touch. I finished by working my way down soaping and caressing everything including Anita’s small dainty feet.


Danny faced me while I worked up lather and started with his neck and shoulders while he kissed my lips. Goodness, Danny’s stomach is so hard and flat below his barrel chest. He has the hard massive ropey muscles and chest of a grizzly bear. He looks so dangerously sexy naked.

I have watched Danny do 200 hundred sit-ups and then 200 push-ups as if they were nothing; that was his warm up; after seeing that I started pushing myself particularly working on my sit-ups. I will push myself even more now. I wanted to start exercising with Danny and be able to keep up. I want to do everything with Danny.

I worked my way down washing Danny with my hands getting hornier by the second. I even washed his big hard cock, pulling back the foreskin to wash it and I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Danny’s cock was going to be my boy toy pleasure toy.

Unfortunately I got a little carried away and must have squeezed his balls to hard because I made Danny jump and growl in his throat. He tugged at my hair in warning.

“I’m sorry grumpy, I cooed,” kissing Danny’s lips and mouth while caressing his tongue with mine. Danny hugged me and quietly said, “Not so hard next time jelly bean. I realize it’s your first time.”

Danny keeps his public hair trimmed close and now I’m thinking of shaving my pussy. I know that Aunt Joyce shaves her flower (pussy). It is inferred that Uncle Bart likes it that way.

It is delightful all the subjects we talk about, including sex when we lady’s do our nails or get together to exercise when the men aren’t around.

Such as oral sex being a means birth control. Or things a woman can do with her hair to please her man; a hair job. Or any man worth his salt gives his lady the pleasure of oral sex as good as he gets it from her. The talk a lot about that one and give each other knowing looks.

Dad always left the subject of sex up to Mom. Aunt Joyce and Mom started letting me peek through the door of their private world when I got my own apartment and after I politely declined accepting the car until I could pay for it. I never realized the women of my family knew those kinds of erotic things and they implied there was more; I can’t wait.

I also never got the basic birds and bees talk because I could give it to them including the Latin nomenclature by the time I was twelve. I was getting the erotic from them now.


I got of the shower first with Anita right behind me grabbing and poking me with her hands and she was giggling and laughing. Anita found out I was a ticklish. I turned and grabbed both Anita’s wrists careful not to hurt her and crossed her arms in back.

“Grump, grump, grump, I love you grumpy,” and Anita sticking her tongue out at me.

I had to kiss Anita, I simply had too. I was so happy that I was almost giddy.

“I am almost as giddy as a drunken man,” so said Ebenezer Scrooge in the Christmas Carol. But I’m drunk with love, jelly bean, mush, mush and mush.”

I picked Anita up and spun her about and we would dance before the evening was out. John got me hooked on Charles Dickens. I spend several Christmas’ with John and his wife Naomi. John has every book Dickens has written.

“The sun is warm and bright my love. Old Sol’s light is nothing in comparison to your smile. (I made that up) It is cold and blustery outside but we are warm and cozy inside together.

You aren’t intimidated by me at all are you my love?”

“No, not at all. I know you will never deliberately hurt me even though you are normally very strict with me and that is good. I’ve made a very important decision about us.”

“What is your decision, beautiful?”

“If you can call me your jelly bean, I’m going to call you my grumpy bear,” and with that Anita stuck her tongue out at me again.

We toweled off and took turns drying each other’s backs and then Anita wrapped a towel around her head like a turban to blot the excess water from her hair.


My grumpy bear gave me one of his big flannel shirts to wear. It was much too large and almost came down to my knees. I looked cute though with the sleeves rolled up and the red plaid shirt smelled like Danny. Apparently I was going to have to wait until later to make love to him.

I wish I had a hair dryer with me because Danny didn’t have one; he just combs his thick longish black hair straight back.

I promised to be patient and so far this day was like a dream come true and getting better by the minute; Danny wanted to dance with me. I love to dance.

Danny was bare foot and wearing loose flannel pajama pants and a muscle shirt.

After grumpy bear…..I love saying that…. grumpy bear….after he found the station Danny bowed and asked, “Would you care to dance?”

The radio station was in the commercial mode. Seven minutes of commercials and then it would one hour of uninterrupted music.

Every summer since I can remember the family rented the same small summer house on the beach in Freeport Maine. When I was a little girl we would build a fire on the beach at night.

I was in my pajamas and Dad would dance with me in the sand until I was sleepy. Then Dad would turn the radio down and he and Mom would dance while I slept. I always woke up in my bed the next morning wondering how I got there.

I put my arms around his neck and Danny my waist as I kissed his lips.

”I’d love to dance with you grumpy bear,” I answered while taking the towel from my hair and dropping it on the floor. We then started to slow dance while waiting for the music to start.

When it started we were pleasantly surprised as we looked at one another and both started to say, “That’s my”….and it was….my favorite song…his favorite song….. And now the Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers would forever be our song.


I always wanted to go the beach when I was a child. The closest that I got to a beach until I met Barbara was a large sandbox adjacent to a municipal wading pool in a city park. Barbara and I danced on the large deck overlooking the beach at our favorite bed and breakfast on Long Island.

But now I was dancing with Anita and that was all that mattered.

It didn’t matter what song was playing when the Unchained Melody finished for we slow danced to every song that was played. Anita just seemed to melt into me and this was something I have never experienced before with any woman

We didn’t talk. We didn’t kiss. We just danced by the window watching the sun go down over our snowman.

Anita is my light and we danced in silent understanding. We danced in the darkened room until her cell phone rang. It was her mother. Sighing I let go so that Anita could take the call while I turned on some lamps and planned the rest of the evening in my mind.


Danny was sitting on the couch when I returned and glancing at the mantle clock I didn’t realize it was so late it was; it was almost 9:00 pm. I gave Danny my hairbrush and sat next to him on the couch facing away from him.

“My hair is dry now. Would you brush it for me please so that we can go to bed and make love?”

“Make love? When I said spend the night I meant you would be sleeping on the couch,” he said so seriously. Danny started to brush my hair and it felt absolutely wonderful, and when he finished.

“Now it’s my turn,” I declared taking the brush from him. I started brushing his thick black hair different ways playfully and teasingly.

I was testing my grumpy bear to see how far I could push him; sleeping on the couch indeed!

I gathered all longer hair on top into a bunch.

“What are you doing, Anita? What’s the barrette for?” and realizing he growled in his throat in exasperation. I love it when Danny does that.

“I’m just playing. Don’t be so grumpy”, I replied kissing his lips. Danny closed his eyes and sighed while I put the barrette in his hair and I was thinking, ‘I really can be myself with him.’

“You look precious with your hair that way. Do you want to look in the mirror? Can I take a picture with my cell phone?

“I’ll bet but not particularly, and no.” Danny answered smiling, “But you are precious.” He pushed my hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ears.

I took the barrette out and tousled Danny’s hair, “And you are a patient grumpy bear. My hair is brushed. May I suck on your cock now?”


“What a thing to say,” I said, caught off guard while being amused at the same time,” A sweet little thing like you talking like that.”

“I’m not a baby, Danny so stop it please. I’ll be careful of my teeth.

“You will? Who have you been talking to my love?” and in response Anita blushed most preciously. This made me wonder what went on during manicuring nights with her Aunt and Mother.

“We lady’s talk among ourselves just as you men do.”

“Nothing would please me more as long as I can return the favor. Revise that. I’m older, baby and I get to taste you first…”


Danny stood up, took my hand and helped me off the couch, “Think of baby as a term of endearment, baby” he said taking my face in his hands and kissing my lips.

“Did I ever tell how much you remind me of Audrey Hepburn or how much I like the musical she starred in, My Fair Lady?”

I put my head on Danny’s chest as he stroked my hair, “You dance as well as Audrey you know. I will say unequivocally that you kiss much better. I want you to undress me. Use your imagination and do anything you like but remember I go first.”

I stepped back and took Danny’s strong hands in mine and kissed each of them. Next I raised Danny’s hands above head so that I could take off his muscle shirt leaving only his flannel pants.

I put my finger over his lips in warning for Danny to remain silent and then brushed my hand from his forehead to his eyes pausing for Danny to close them.

“Keep them closed lover and stand still,” I whispered in Danny’s ear as I got behind him to kiss the back of his neck and behind his ears, “I love you grumpy bear.”

I brought my arms around the front to caress his hard chest and then his stomach while kissing him. I lightly touched his rock hard cock before pulling his flannel pants around his ankles for him to step out of.

Getting in front of Danny I put my arms around his neck and kissed his lips, “You are mine forever,” I whispered in his ear as I kissed Danny’s lips while dropping my hands to squeeze his hard and firm ass cheeks. Danny nodded and smiled.

I got down on my knees again licked the tip of his cock making Danny moan as he buried his hands in my hair, “OK, you go first. Don’t stop licking…”


I’m putty in Anita’s little hands. Not only am I incredibly aroused and horny as hell, Anita turns my whole insides to mush, mush and more mush….it is wonderful…it is magnificent… it is astounding.

I am absolutely giddy with joy such is my love for Anita Jones. God bless her parents….maybe I’ll start going to church.

Anita, Anita, Anita, my Anita, and she loves’ me!

Anita kissed and licked my stomach teasingly while looking up to smile and I looked down and smiled nodding my approval.

“Yes that's right, lick the entire shaft,” I said while playing with her hair................”Marvelous. Take your little tongue and lick the entire circumference of the tip….yes that’s the way to do it. Your tongue feels wonderful….alternate between licking the shaft from top to bottom and the circumference of the tip. Very good my love you are a fast learner for your first time.”

How did you know I would like you looking into my eyes when you lick and suck cock?” Anita just smiled and kept on licking giving my ass a little pinch.

Start sucking, good..........yes.... that's it.....suck and tease with your tongue….yes, yes, that’s it perfect….you are incredible.

Get your hands out of there and stop playing with yourself,” I tugged on her hair, “that’s my job now… would you like me to tie your hands behind your back with a silk scarf to make you behave?”

“That would be fun,” Anita said stopping and looking up.

“Such talk from a baby. Is that you talking or the lady’s getting together and talking?” I asked

“Maybe, maybe not,” grumpy bear,” was all she replied, giving my ass another pinch. Nope not afraid at all and bold as hell.

“When you get your technique down we will explore those options.

For now concentrate on what you are doing,” I gently admonished, “you will be next and I promise you won’t be disappointed….careful remember you teeth,” I tugged on Anita’s hair…”I’m going to use your hair to control the blow job now that you have the basics down….keep sucking..”


I can’t wait to taste Danny’s rich hot semen and then swallow all of it.

It is a scientific fact that semen contains traces of zinc, potassium, citric acid, free amino acids, plus ambrosia and other nectar delights. Granted, semen doesn’t contain ambrosia or nectar delights, I made that up but that is how it tastes to me. Nectar and ambrosia is the sustenance of the ancient Greek Gods. My sustenance is my lover’s love cream.

I don’t know whether is it psychological, physiological or both. Those would be the logical explanations why I so enjoy sucking on his cock.

In my heart I know the truth…. it was meant to be when Danny was there for me in the restaurant. With us sex will always be the ultimate expression of love between us. Most importantly Danny loves me and I love him more than all the stars in the sky.

I get incredibly horny and aroused just thinking about sucking on his cock and if I prolong the blowjob long enough I will orgasm when my lover comes in my mouth.

Danny was breathing loudly when he came and his orgasm was so uninhibited and wild; it was all because of me. Danny controlled my cadence with my hair; how I wish it were longer for him.

Danny filled my mouth with his sweet rich cum and I swallowed greedily, coveting every single drop. His cream of ambrosia tasted richer and sweeter than I ever imagined and I had my first little orgasm without touching myself.

I can’t wait until we have intercourse because I will surprise him with the results of those kegel exercises.

I am sure Danny will be gentle the first time. If Danny’s fucking is anything like how he controls my blowjob, I am sure in time he will pound and ravish me with his big cock.

I want intercourse both ways; hard, rough and fast; slow and gentle plus everything in between. I what to explore every position including being on top; I want Danny to be in control of me in all sexual matters. He deserves that and I know I can trust my grumpy bear.

I can’t wait for Danny to tie me with a scarf and ravish me. He is a gentleman and I am a lady. Together our shared imaginations will be like rare and exotic spices and aphrodisiacs to enhance and flavor our future sex life together.

I was never like this before I met Danny except in my imagination. My fantasy men were always handsome, well endowed, well muscled bad boys with black hair and blue eyes and now……Danny is a bad boy like my fantasy men with a sensitive side and everything is magnificent, wonderful and astounding…..but then as Danny always says….”so are you Anita”...I hugged him and put my head against his chest hoping Danny would stroke my hair, because I was ready to…….


My orgasm was incredible but so is Anita; Anita is magnificently smart, wonderfully sweet and astoundingly sexy. When she finished Anita stood up and put her arms my waist and hugged me.

“Are you crying, Anita? What is the matter, baby?”

“I’m so happy and I just had a little orgasm.”

“That is wonderful my love. I’m delighted for you to be blessed so.” ‘There I go being mushy again,’ I was thinking, ‘the hell with it…so I’m mushy with her and everybody else can go to hell if they don’t like it.

I really am her big grumpy bear.’

I stroked Anita’s hair and held her gently in my arms. Talk about an ego builder. Talk about a wonderful conflict of feelings. I felt ecstatic and humble at the same time. If there was ever a perfect woman for me Anita is she.

Such hidden passion and sexuality just below the surface mixed with her sweet innocence….I am so lucky to have found Anita. Talk about a blessing for Anita and I’m not talking about me…..imagine being able to orgasm like that……


He really understands. Danny stroked my hair until I was done with my happy tears and then took my hand. We went into the bedroom where I helped him put fresh sheets on the futon that he uses for a bed.

Like the rest of the upstairs apartment the bedroom was sparsely furnished and almost Spartan. There was a dresser, a floor reading lamp on his side of the futon and an oriental carpet on the floor. Most of the rooms upstairs or down have handmade oriental wool carpets on the floor.

There are no pictures on the apartment walls, but Danny has shades and curtains on all the windows that look to be professionally chosen by an interior decorator.

There are no knickknacks or unnecessary clutter anywhere; everywhere is simple and austere; especially the kitchen and bathroom.

The only thing on display in the bathroom if you can call it that is a stainless steel stand holding a cup with shaving soap in it plus a shaving brush and an old fashion silver metal safety razor.

Everything besides a bar of bath soap in a soap dish and two hanging towels are neatly put away in drawers or cabinets.

Danny’s kitchen is neat and uncluttered.

I have seen Danny’s bank statements and I know he can afford anything he wants….Danny is just not a material man. Give Danny a cup of coffee when he politely asks for it and he is more than content.

And that is another thing about Danny, how polite he is around women. My mother is especially impressed with his manners and can’t wait to meet Danny’s mother.


Danny and I got on the oak futon and he made me lie on my back with pillows underneath head and bottom so that I was nice and cozy.

“Now it is your turn. I want you to moan or scream or thrash or squirm..…just be your precious self, jelly bean.”


Naturally I started kissing Anita’s generous luscious lips while I lightly stroked her plump pussy with my fingers; Anita’s was very receptive to my touch and she pushed herself into my hand. She was moaning softly with her eyes closed.

I kissed and nibbled Anita’s neck and ears as I continued to stroke her damp pussy with my fingers. Anita’s hands were caressing my face and she was running her fingers through my hair.

I worked my way slowly down to her breasts, licking and kissing while paying particular attention to Anita’s nipples, feeling her pink nipples harden in my mouth as I licked and sucked on them….marvelous.

My fingers were back caressing her flower, her sweet delicious clitoris and I tasted my fingers once…. just a smidge…oh, the taste of a woman…my woman.

There is nothing better and soon my tongue would be lapping the sweet, musky nectar of Anita’s plump flower of womanhood.

The Irish might describe whiskey as the water of life, but my jelly beans sweet well of juice is my water of love.

I went down on her licking and sucking; probing her clitoris with my tongue. Anita’s hands were in my hair, pushing my head against her dripping pussy while silently urging me on with her soft demure moans and intakes and outtakes of her sweet breath.

Anita’s orgasm came in waves with her sweet water of love covering my face as I licked like mad and then Anita went limp.

I lay down next to her playing with her hard nipples as she lay stretched out on her back relaxing. Anita ran her fingers through her hair and was frowning.


“Danny, why don’t you ever talk about your family? Yet you know so much about mine. After tonight Mom and Dad are going to expect you over for dinner. Eventually they will want to meet your parents.

What shall I tell them when they ask about your family?”

“You are my family now, jelly bean.”

I rolled on my side to face him, “I’m serious. Why won’t you talk about them with me?” I asked again touching Danny’s handsome face, “Did they do something to hurt you? Are you estranged from them? You have no pictures on the walls or any photo albums anywhere that I can see.”

“My biological mother had me out of wedlock and died during childbirth. I almost died as well when I was born premature and skinny.

I wasn’t expected to live long after birth but the good Catholic Sisters of Mount Hope Hospital did a 24 hour, two week vigil by the incubator to pray, and to watch over me; especially Sister Mary Louise. That saintly woman was in her eighties at the time.

Sister Mary Louise chose my name for my certificate of live birth. They had to put something down.

Sister Mary Louise named me Daniel after her earthly father. I’m sure you noticed that my middle initial is M; M for Miracle; my actual middle name is Miracle.

“Don’t tell me,” I said, kissing his lips, “Skinner for being born skinny?”

“Yes, exactly, skinny undersized and under weight. I spent the first three years of my life under the care of the good Catholic Sisters of Mount Hope Hospital and was spoiled rotten until the state stepped in and I became their ward.”

“What about your Dad?”

“I have no idea who he was. The woman who gave birth had no identification on her, nothing. I found out recently that she was a heroin addict.

“You are my miracle now,” I said, snuggling closer to hug Danny to me, and I was thinking, “Of course we are your family now.”

“That’s life and that was the hand I was dealt. Our maker breathes life and then sometimes leaves us to our own devices; it is called free will.

There is no sense crying over it or dwelling on it. I grew up in foster care until I struck out on my own at sixteen.”

“Didn’t you have any kind of relationship with anybody in the foster families where you lived?”

“When I was eight years old I was almost adopted. The paperwork was signed but never filed, and...”

Danny’s voice started to crack, and he caught himself taking several deep breaths to gain his composure. I have never seen Danny like this before and I hugged him even tighter.

“Please tell me,” I said softly, wiping the start of a tear from the corner of my grumpy bear’s eye.

“I was with the Douglas’s on Long Island for almost a year and a half; Mark and Susan Douglas. They were wealthy people. I had my own room with its own bathroom. I joined the Cub Scouts. I went to a private school.

I even had my own dog a border collie adopted from the animal shelter. Her name was Patsy and she followed me everywhere and slept on my bed. Patsy was smart and gentle and loving and my best friend.

They encouraged me to call them Mom and Dad and I did. They told me that they loved me and I believed them. The social worker let it slip that my birth mother was a heroin addict when they inquired about my medial history. She wasn’t required to disclose that.

To make a long story short a baby came available for adoption and their lawyer assured them it was a done deal…..they kept Patsy for their new baby son.


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