Divine Succession - Chapter 08 by DragoTime

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Wife

One moment, Arla and Maya were watching their planet burn, and the next, they were sat in a large bath together, with two other girls with wings around them. One of the girls had pure white robes on, whilst the other had light blue trims on it.

“What’s going on?” Arla asked.

“We have been ordered to bathe you, in order to prepare you for the Lord,” Said one of the girls, who looked slightly older than the other.

“I don’t understand, where are we?” Maya asked.

“Why heaven of course,” the younger angel replied.

“Heaven…are we dead?” Maya asked.

“No no, you’ve been brought here by the Lord himself,” the older angel told them. “He saved you from burning. You should feel honoured.”

“So what now?” Arla asked.

“Now we prepare you for the Lord’s pleasure,” The younger angel replied. She soaped her hands up, and went straight for Arla’s boobs. Arla let out a yelp, and slapped the angel’s hands away as she did so.

“Look, we’ve got a job to do, and this’ll be so much easier if you just let us get on with it,” the younger angel said.

“Now now Felicità, that’s not the way. Mortals respond much better to kindness.” the older angel scolded her, before turning to the two mortal girls. “My dears, you wish to please the Lord, do you not? The Lord wishes for you to be bathed, and we’d very much like for you to let us do so. It would make our jobs so much easier, and we promise that it will be an enjoyable experience for you.”

“Well…okay then,” Arla agreed, her sister nodding too.

“Good girl,” the older angel smiled. “Watch what I do, Felicità. Follow my lead.”

“Yes Miss Piacetta,” Felicità nodded.

The older angel, Piacetta, then began caressing Arla’s breasts with her soapy hands, rubbing them sensually, both to arouse her, and to wash away the sweat and grime that came from living in their village. Felicità then joined in, rubbing Arla all over, including her pussy, which caused her to moan. Maya looked on at her older sister with jealousy.

“Hey, what about me?” She asked.

“Felicità, see to her, would you?” Felicità nodded, and got to work on caressing Maya, who moaned from the pleasure of being fondled.

“Like this?” Felicità asked, as she rubbed Maya’s pussy.

“Yes, that’s it, you’re learning fast,” Piacetta replied.

The two mortal girls moaned as they were simultaneously washed and stimulated. They closed their eyes, feeling their bodies be caressed by these two angels. Eventually they concentrated on the girls’ groins, rubbing and fingering their pussies.

“Oh God…” Arla moaned. “Ohhhh…..”

“No, we’re not God, just his faithful angels,” Felicità giggled. The two mortals’ moans got louder and louder, as they got closer and closer to climax. They were almost there. Almost…Almost…

“It looks like they’re ready.” Felicità and Piacetta stopped stimulating the girls, much to their annoyance, and turned to see Amia, who had walked into the room. “I shall be taking them now.”

“Yes Lady Amia,” The two lesser angels bowed, pulling the mortals out of the bath. Amia took both of their hands, and guided them out of the room.

“Where are we going?” Maya asked the archangel.

“To serve the Lord,” Amia replied.

Amia led them into a large, luxurious bedroom, where David was laid waiting for them.

“Welcome ladies, please, come and lay down with me,” David smiled. The girls got on the bed, and David held them close.

“Would you like me to leave you alone, Lord?” Amia asked.

“No no, stay and watch,” David replied. “You might pick up a few tips on how to please that husband of yours.”

“As you wish Lord…” Amia said, annoyed that she had to stay and watch his debauchery. She sat down on one of the chairs in the room.

David stroked the girls’ skin, and his felt them shiver from fear.

“What’s wrong girls?” David asked them. “There’s really nothing to be afraid of. I only want to make passionate love to you both.”

“Yes Lord…” Arla said distantly.

“Oh I get it,” David said. “You’re afraid of me because I sent everyone on your planet to Hell. Well don’t worry your sweet little heads about it. They got what they deserved for being so selfish, burning you just to make their crops grow.”

“But we volunteered!” Maya protested. “We wanted to help them!”

“Nonsense girls, they just convinced you that you did,” David told them. “Why don’t you just forget about them? Forget about your family and friends. Forget about your village, and your planet. Forget all of it.”

“Forget about what, Lord?” Arla asked, and David just smiled.

“Oh, nothing,” he said. “You two were just about to give me a blowjob.”

“Oh…yes Lord,” Arla smiled, feeling rather stupid for having forgotten. The two girls moved down to David’s groin, and Arla licked David’s length, while Maya focused on his balls.

“Uh yeah girls…that’s the stuff…” David groaned.

Several hours later, when the virgin sacrifices had long since lost their virginities, they fell asleep cuddled up to David, who looked over to his archangel.

“Enjoy the show?” He asked her.

“Yes Lord,” Amia sighed.

“Something wrong, Amia? You sound in a bad mood.”

“I am fine, Lord.”

“Amia, don’t lie to me. You’re mad at me, aren’t you?”

“Yes Lord.”

“What about?”

“About your damnation of an entire planet for a petty reason. Those were good people. They did not deserve damnation.”

“And who are you to tell me who does and doesn’t deserve damnation?”

“Your advisor Lord. One of my many responsibilities is to try and reign you in when I believe you are going too far. This was one of those times.”

“Amia, I advise you to go home and fuck your husband before I order him to do somewhat less pleasant things to you.”

“Yes Lord.”

David tried not to let Amia’s words get to him, but he couldn’t help but think about them. Fortunately he had his housewarming party to distract him. Invitations were a simple matter of David willing that all their family and friends would know about the party and be able to come. David walked around the party with pride in his step.

“Your father certainly seems to be enjoying himself,” said Samantha’s mother Marjorie to Jack.

“Well why wouldn’t he be?” Jack said. “He’s been really lucky lately.”

“Yes…you know, I didn’t think your parents played the lottery.”

“I guess they just decided to this week.”

“It does seem a little sudden though. They won the lottery a few days ago, and already they’ve moved in to this place. The paperwork should have taken longer than this!”

“Well…I dunno. I guess dad must have bribed someone or something.”

“Maybe I’m just being silly. I do feel a little bit drunk, which is odd, because I’ve only been drinking water.”

“It’s a real mystery,” Jack said, walking off as he smirked knowingly.

David looked around and saw two teenage boys who he didn’t recognise, stood talking to each-other. He scanned their minds, and realised that they were in fact Luke and Isaac Davies, the twin boys that Molly was fuckbuddies with. This was gonna be fun.

“You are becoming…firm. Hard. Erect,” David mentally commanded the two boys, and he grinned as bulges started to appear in the boys’ trousers. “Alright, now let’s let you two feel the power of God first hand. And second hand.” David then stuck his hands out slightly, and made a grabbing motion with them. Luke and Isaac gasped, and looked down at their groins, wondering why the fuck they could feel invisible hands on their cocks. David started moving his hands back and forth, and the boys moaned as they felt themselves receiving telekinetic handjobs.

“Hey guys!” Molly said cheerily as she walked up to the twins.

“Uh…hey Molly…” Isaac said, trying to hide his pleasure.

“You okay?” Molly asked. “You sound weird.”

“We’re fine…” Luke replied. Molly then looked down at the boys’ groins, and saw that they had boners, and were wiggling their hips ever so slightly. She looked around, and saw her father, making a handjob motion with both of his hands. He just winked at her, and then stuck his tongue out, and made a licking motion, Molly moaning as she felt his tongue run across her pussy.

“Let’s go to my room,” Molly said, grabbing both boys’ hands and dragging them off.

They ran upstairs, and slammed the bedroom door, all three of them still feeling their genitals being telekinetically pleasured. They pulled their clothes off as fast as they could, but Molly was surprised with what happened next; she’d been expecting the boys to go straight for her, as they normally did, but instead, they got on the bed, and got into the lotus position, making out passionately as their hard cocks rubbed against each-other. Molly was amazed, and watched them with glee, sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, while she felt her father’s invisible tongue do the same.

The three teens came quickly, and moaned out in pleasure, Luke and Isaac firing their jizz all over each-other’s stomachs. When they finished cumming, they felt David’s invisible hands/tongue move away. The boys stopped kissing, and looked over at Molly, whose legs were spread invitingly.

“Wow Molly, what happened to your tits?” Isaac asked her, staring at her divinely-enlarged boobs.

“Oh you know, puberty probably,” Molly smiled. “But I’m much more desperate for that big cock of yours.” Molly pushed Isaac onto his back, and climbed on top of him, mounting his cock with ease. She leaned down and started making out with him, while he grabbed her tits and played with them.

“Hey, don’t leave me out!” Luke said. He got on his knees in front of Molly, and she moved her lips from Isaac’s mouth to Luke’s cock, giving him a wonderful blowjob.

David was watching the three of them with his mind’s eye from the garden, when he was interrupted by Mr and Mrs Forrester.

“This is quite the party, David,” Mrs Forrester said. “I’m jealous.”

“Well don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep on working for your husband,” David said.

“Well let me say, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” Mr Forrester said. “You’re a good man, David.”

“Yes, your wife’s lucky to have you,” Mrs Forrester smiled.

Yes, David thought. He was a good man. Wasn’t he? Good men use their divine powers to give their family and friends outstanding pleasure in the form of hours-long shower orgies. Did good men use their divine powers to send entire planets to Hell?

“You’re the lucky one, Mrs Forrester,” David said. “Your husband’s far better than I am.”

“Oh nonsense,” she said. “You’re a wonderful man, David.” David figured he should do at least one nice thing for them. Mrs Forrester was a nice woman, and she deserved better than a cheating husband, even if he was a really nice cheating husband, so he sent mental commands at them both.

“When both of you wake up tomorrow, you will both have the bodies of your 21-year-old selves, only 100 times sexier. Amy will also be there. The 3 of you will be in a loving, 3-way marriage, which will last until death do you part.”

Happy that he’d done at least one nice thing, David went over to the bouncy castle, which he’d enchanted with a spell to make it so that everyone on it would get naked, so David stripped off, and jumped on.

“Hey bro,” said David’s older brother Joe, who was also on the bouncy castle. “I didn’t expect to see you on here.”

“I could say the same for you,” David said.

“Well, Jenny said I should give it a go.” Jenny was Joe’s wife, who was currently pregnant with their 3rd child.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge. You can do what you want.”

“So can you, it seems.”

“Wait, what?” David asked. Had someone told him about his powers?

“Well now you’re rich, you can basically do whatever you want,” Joe clarified.

“Oh…right…” David said, relieved.

“I just can’t believe you’ve gotten so lucky though,” Joe continued. “I’ve been playing the lottery for 25 years and never won a thing, but you two won 100 million on your first try.”

“I guess we’re just pretty lucky.”

“Yeah, looks like the big man upstairs must really like you.”

David liked his brother. Sure he’d been mean to him over the years, but he was a good guy for the most part. That’s why David made the decision he made then.

“Well actually Joe, I know for a fact that I’m God’s favourite guy in the whole universe,” David said proudly.

“Oh yeah? And why’s that?”

“Because he’s me.”



“You’re God?”



“If I’m not God, then how do you explain the blowjob you’re getting?”

“What blow-”

Joe was interrupted by a sudden feeling of a warm wetness engulfing his cock, followed by the feeling of it sucking and licking it. He looked down, but all he saw was his suddenly-erect penis, with no sign of the invisible mouth fellating him.

“What the fuck!?” Joe asked as he looked up at David.

“I told you, I’m God,” David replied.

“Hey daddy.” The two men turned and saw Joe’s 17-year-old daughter Chloe, who too was totally naked, her large boobs bouncing up and down as she jumped. “Hi Uncle David. Great party.”

“Why thank you Chloe,” David smiled.

“Hey…Chloe,” Joe managed. David’s powers were preventing him from feeling embarrassed about being naked, but he didn’t like the idea of his daughter seeing him get a blowjob, even if she didn’t know it was happening. “Listen…I gotta go.”

Joe got off the bouncy castle, and reached for his clothes, but David stopped him.

“Come with me, bro,” he said. David grabbed Joe’s hand, and dragged him through the garden and the house, making sure no-one would care about their nudity. David led his brother to his bedroom, and sat him down on the bed.

“Okay seriously David, how the fuck are you doing this?” Joe moaned as he felt the invisible girl deepthroat him.

“I told you, I’m God.”

“David, there’s no such…fuck…thing…”

“I see you require more proof, oh ye of little faith.” David snapped his fingers, and Joe moaned as he felt thousands of tongues begin licking him. Every inch of his skin was being caressed by sensual tongues.

“Holy fuck…” He moaned.

“Believe me yet?” Joe only moaned in response.

David was loving the feeling of power he had over his older brother. For their entire lives, Joe had been the lucky one. He’d lost his virginity at 14 to the hottest girl in the school, while David had lost his at 17 to the school slut, not getting into a proper relationship until university. Joe had somehow managed to be the school sports star while still getting good grades, while David had struggled in school. Joe had been on $20,000 a year more than David for the last decade. Hell, Joe even had a natural 9-inch dick. So David was very much enjoying finally being the lucky one.

Joe let out a loud groan, as a thick load of cum shot out of his cock, landing on his stomach and groin. David just sat down next to Joe on the bed, and allowed his brother to ride out his orgasm.

“Believe me now?” David asked, allowing his brother’s cock to soften.

“Holy fuck…” David panted as he felt all the invisible girls vanished. “How?”

“I’m God.”

“Impossible,” Joe asserted, still laying down on the bed, cum glistening on his skin.

“All things are possible for God.”

“But God’s not real. And even if he was real, why would he be you?”

“The last God retired and made me his successor.”

“So what, you’re the actual God? Heaven and Hell, thy will be done?”

“Basically yes. You believe me then?”

“Considering what you just made me feel, I sort of have to. I guess this explains you winning the lottery.”

“Well, that’s just a cover story, since I don’t really want everyone knowing I’m God.”

“Why not? I mean, that’d be pretty cool.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well if everyone knew you were God, you could get anything you wanted! Everyone would worship you! Girls would be lining up to fuck you!”

“I can do that now. I’ve already fucked quite a few girls while I’ve been God. Hell, just before you all got here, I fucked Sam for 4 whole hours.”

“4 hours!? How the fuck did you cope?”

“God doesn’t get tired. God fucks as long as God wants.”

“I could do with some of that. Jenny and I have barely fucked at all since she got pregnant.”

“Well that’s easily solved. From now on, your wife will be constantly horny. She will crave your semen. Her body will revert to how it was when she was 18, but her boobs will be twice as big, her butt bigger, and her pussy hairless and tighter.”

“Oh wow…”

“You now have complete mental control over your erections. No matter how much sex you have, your penis will not get sore, and you will not get exhausted. Your balls will contain infinite semen, and every load you shoot will be 20 times bigger than your normal loads.”

“Oh my God, thanks David!”

“My pleasure bro. And pretty soon it’ll be yours too. Now get dressed.”


“What’s going on here? Where have all these people come from?” Achré asked one of his subordinates. Hell’s waiting room, where damned souls wait to be allocated tortures, was completely packed, having just received a sudden influx of a few hundred million souls.

“I don’t know, Lord Achré,” replied the angel Argoss. “They just appeared here. God must have damned them all at once.”

“Do they have the correct paperwork?”

“Genios said a massive pile of damnation papers appeared in one of the back rooms.”

“Well that answers that question.”

“What shall we do with them? It’ll take us days to organise proper punishments for them.”

“Just flood the room with lava. I’m gonna go and call Lady Amia to see what’s up.”

“Yes Lord Achré.”

Achré went to his office, and picked up the incredibly old-fashioned phone, which had a speaker straight out of the 19th century, but a modern keypad. He pressed the button marked “Wife”.

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked her as soon as she picked up.

“I’m sorry Achré, I couldn’t stop him,” Amia said, trying to talk through her tears.

“Amikins, calm down,” Achré said in the voice he used when his wife had had a rough day at work. “What’s he done?”

“He’s destroyed an entire planet and damned the whole population!”

“That’s…oh my…”

“Exactly. I tried to stop him Achré, but what could I do? He’s too powerful. He just stood there and watched it burn.”

“That’s insane.”

“I know, but he’s God. We can’t stop him. How are you coping down there?”

“Badly. Hell isn’t designed to receive 300 million souls in the space of a few minutes.”

“Just hang in there.”

“Can’t you talk to him? Get him to be a bit nicer?”

“I can try, but I really don’t want to anger him.”

“Amikins, I know I don’t like it, but I think you’re going to have to seduce him.”

“You think so?”

“He’ll be much more persuadable when his mind’s in a post-orgasmic haze.”

“I guess…you sure you won’t mind it?”

“Of course I’ll mind it, but I’m willing to accept it for the sake of the universe.”


David got dressed, and walked out of his room, where he felt a tugging on his shirt.

“Uncle David.” David looked down and saw Becky, one of the 8-year-old triplets that Samantha’s sister Fiona had.

“Yes Becky?” David asked his small niece.

“We’re out of snacks,” she replied.

“Well we can’t have that, now can we?” David smiled. “Let’s go fix that.” As they walked past Molly’s room, they heard her let out a cry of “HOLY FUCK”, along with a loud orgasmic moan.

“What’s she doing in there, Uncle David?” Becky asked.

“Fun stuff, now come on,” David replied, pulling Becky along.

Becky, along with about a dozen or so other kids had been sat in one of the many spare rooms watching DVDs, since the rest of the party didn’t really interest them. They’d been feeding themselves with plates of biscuits and chocolate and crisps and sweets and everything else kids love to eat, along with big bottles of Coca Cola, but just about everything was gone now.

“Well then, looks like you kids really need some more food,” David grinned. Time to give them a show. David waved his hand, and all the kids gasped in amazement as all the empty plates and bottles began floating into the air. He then made the bottles all turn towards him, and he pointed a finger at them. Coca Cola fired out of his fingertips, and into the bottles, which landed back on the floor. He then made all the plates float one-by-one towards him, and he placed biscuits and chocolate and sweets on them, materialising them in his hands as he did so. He piled them high, higher than the laws of physics would normally allow, and set them down on the floor for the kids to enjoy.

“How did you do that Uncle David!?” Asked Ben, Chloe’s 11-year-old brother.

“I’m a wizard,” David replied, smiling.

“Wizard’s aren’t real!” Said the 7-year-old Max, the youngest son of Samantha’s other sister Mary.

“Hey, don’t say that!” David said in mock annoyance. “Every time you say that, one of us dies!” Several of the younger kids glared at Max at this, as though he was a murderer.

“But listen, I need you kids to not tell anyone about me being a wizard,” David said, crouching down. “It’s a secret. You promise not to tell anyone?”

“We promise,” the kids all said, the older ones rather annoyed at having been dragged into what was obvious just a magic trick that he’d Googled how to do.

“Good,” David smiled. Of course, David made it so they wouldn’t be able to tell anyone even if they tried.


It was nearly 4am when David and Samantha got done making love that evening. God held his wife close in his arms, willing their duvet to come and cover them up. He kissed her soft lips, and then licked a blob of cum off her cheek.

“Yummy,” he said, and Samantha rested her head on his chest to go to sleep. “Wait honey, don’t fall asleep. I wanna talk for a bit.”

“Oh…alright then,” Samantha yawned. “What do you wanna talk about?”

“Sam…am I a good man?”

“What are you talking about, honey?”

“I think being God is starting to go to my head.”

“What do you mean? Is this about all the incest? Because that’s perfectly fine. You’re God. You make the rules.”

“It’s not that. Today I sent an entire planet to Hell.”

“You…you did what!?”

“Exactly. I think I might be getting drunk on power.”

“Well David, we’ve been married for nearly 20 years, and I’ve never thought of you as anything but a good man. We all make mistakes. Even God.”

“I’m not sure I’m cut out to be God.”

“So you made one mistake. Think of all the people you’ve made happy. The kids seemed to enjoy the locker room shower orgy. I know I did.”

“I guess so…”

“And don’t forget, there are plenty of evil people in the world. People who’d just order the whole world to fuck or worship them, or just send everyone in the universe to Hell. You’re much better than all of those people.”

“Thanks Sam, you always know what to say.”

“That’s why you married me.”

The two of them kissed, and headed off to sleep.


Author's message: So when I saw all the negative comments about the last chapter, I made sure to write this one quickly to try and improve. I was really genuinely shocked at how many people disliked Chapter 7. I guess I messed up with how quickly David's corruption went, and for that, I'm sorry. I am glad for the constructive criticism though, because it's how you improve, and I'm glad that most people were nice about criticising me. Thank you for that.

This chapter, as a result, is trying to slow down David's corruption; to make him question his actions. That's not to say David's corruption won't continue, but it'll now be a much slower process than was originally going to happen. It does mean that hopefully there's more room for David to enjoy using his powers before things get properly serious. I did come up with one future plot detail this afternoon, but that's going to take some time to set up. Oh the things you think of when fetching bread for your lunch...

Aside from the whole "damning a whole planet bit", did people like the last chapter? Did you enjoy the shower orgy? I hope you did, because I really enjoyed writing it.

Anyway, enough of me begging for forgiveness and trying to make amends, here's some other stuff. This chapter has two sets of twins and two of triplets, which was entirely not planned and it just sort of happened. Felicità, for anyone who cares, is the Italian for "Happiness", and "Piacetta" comes from "Piacere", the Italian for pleasure. And yes, I'm aware it's a masculine word.

I hope I didn't put anyone off with a little bit of very brief gay sex. Honestly I figured I'd be realistic, as in a threesome, especially one where you've got an omnipotent being controlling things, you'd have them interact like that.

While I was writing this chapter (Okay, while I was reading other fics on this site and elsewhere...) I came up with an idea for a little one-off short story I'd like to do, but I don't know when or if I'll ever write that, mostly because I still have no idea how long this story's going to be.

Once again, I'm sorry for messing up last chapter. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but I really hope you enjoyed this chapter much more than the last.

Rating: 87%, Read 26370 times, Posted Jul 16, 2015

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Wife


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