The After Party (Teaser) by xoxoKitty

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Fiction | First Time, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

She was too far gone in the moment. The feel of his hands roaming her bare skin, his tongue gently yet hungrily seeking her’s, the feel of her small body being pressed against his. It was too much to resist, so Max gave up trying. She deepened the kiss and formed her body against his. Her head was swirling with lust and passion, and the next thing she knew they were laughing and falling into the plush of a mattress.

Max had liked Landon for several months. It was a clich?igh school thing; Max was nearly obsessed with him, but he was popular and didn’t seem to notice someone who was as much of a loser as Max. Landon was known by everyone in school. He was the badass badboy hottie in a band. Max was just the scrawny pale girl who watched from the sidelines and ignored the insults and jokes. Though she didn’t think she was THAT bad looking. She had long razored black hair with thick swooping bangs that ended in spiky layers above her vivid blue eyes. Her eyelashes were thick and dark, and her lips were full and a misty rose color. She was 5’5”, 110 lbs., and was still waiting for the boob fairy to pay her a visit. Though even with an ungifted chest, she was still curvy and developing nicely into a bombshell of a high school junior.

Max breathed out as Landon’s lips explored her neck and collarbone. The skin there was so smooth and delicious. Landon could only imagine what delicacy was waiting below her hemline.

Landon stood at 5’ 11”, and was 150 lbs. He was muscular, without being to muscular, and had a light tan. He was a brunette with mesmerizing emerald eyes and incredibly attractive lips. His facial features were sharp and defined, which was just what his metal band needed for publicity.

A smile spread across Max’s lips and her dainty hands explored lower and lower until they met the button of Landon’s black jeans. His lips formed a surprised and delighted smile, and he gently tossed Max onto the bed and covered her tiny body with his.

Only half and hour earlier they were glancing at each other from opposite sides of the room. Both of them were too timid to talk to the other. They were at a party. Landon because he was invited to practically every high school social event, and Max because her best friend who was a tad more popular than she was invited and told to bring a friend. Neither of them had been drinking. Max was afraid of getting in trouble or looking like a fool. Landon didn’t have the chance, because he had arrived “fashionably late” a few moments earlier.

Landon’s group of friends noticed who was catching his eye, and drunkenly muttered for him to go for it.

“Everyone knows that chick is a virgin,” one of them had said.

“Easy pickings,” another said, “A girl like that would give anything up to a guy like you.”

And so Landon went for it. He approached her and asked her if she wanted to go play a game with everyone else. Max blushed and agreed, knowing it wouldn’t be Candy Land, and followed him upstairs.

About 10 of their classmates were sitting in somewhat of a circle with a bowl of paper scraps in the middle. Landon led Max to a break in the circle and the group whooped and hollered for her to pick a piece of paper. She drew one from the bowl, praying that it was the sex god who was watching her like she was the sexiest girl in the world. Her prayers were answered.

Max couldn’t help smiling and blushing bright red as Landon led her to one of the room upstairs. They’d have an entire hour alone together, doing whatever they wanted. Max was a shy girl, but had always dreamed of transforming into a sex kitten when she decided to swipe her V-Card. She had spent countless late night hours reading erotica and watching videos for this moment.

Landon started out slow, gently kissing her cheek and soft lips. He took Max’s nuzzling and parted lips as a sign of her lust for him, and gradually poured it on her.

And this is where he found himself. About to deflower a gorgeous girl.

Landon was shocked when he felt Max’s fingertips brush the skin above his black jeans. He didn’t expect this from a girl who he’d barely ever heard three words out of. But he wasn’t complaining. He could feel Max’s smile against his own, and he carefully flipped her onto her back. He rolled over onto her, kissing her like she’d disappear if he didn’t. His strong hands explored her smooth pale skin, and snaked their way up to her breasts. They weren’t big, he would guess a small B, but they were satisfying. Barely a handful, but so soft and smooth and lush that it didn’t even matter.

Max’s back arched, making their bodies press closer together, as Landon explored her breasts. He skillfully slipped her plain black T-shirt off. Pale pink lace, satin cloth, and a little white bow greeted him. Landon smiled deviously and playfully said, “For me? You shouldn’t have.”

Max smiled and wrapped her arms around Landon’s neck. “It’ll look even better on the floor,” she whispered in his ear. Landon smiled crookedly and shook his head, laughing. “What a little devil,” he said.

Rating: 66%, Read 10460 times, Posted Mar 26, 2010

Fiction | First Time, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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