Jude and Connor: the kiss Chapter 3 by sexy1998

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Judes POV

Connor sat on top of me and continued to kiss me with intense emotion

and I reciprocated. I felt him lean his body, telling me that we wanted

to switch positions and I obliged, I was now sat on his groin area and

felt him start to softly grind. I let out a soft whimper to let him know

I appreciated it and I felt him chuckle as we kissed. I pinned his hands

down and I felt him arch his body to be closer to me. I broke the kiss

momentarily to remove his shirt and he took mine off. Without hesitation

we continued and I let my hands trace down to his defined muscles

feeling each part of him in detail. His hips seemed to tessellate with

mine immaculately and I let my lips sink towards his chest. I used my

mouth to caress him softly, my tongue circled his nipples and I could

feel Connor holding in a soft whimper. All of a sudden Connor flipped me

so I was the one laying down again and he mimicked my actions but I

didn't hold back on my groans and moans.

Connor seemed naturally amazing at this, he used his tongue and lips

together on my body to arouse me beyond anything else. I wanted to give

him everything I had, I wanted to make him feel how I felt every second

I was with him. In euphoria. I was about to switch positions so I could

show him what he meant to me physically but then Connor started to slip

lower on my torso until he was at my bully button. I felt his hands

start to undo my pants and all of a sudden I realised what we doing.

"WAIT! Connor we can't! I'm... I'm not ready" I say slightly embarrassed

at the fact I had to tell him. I felt the blood start to rush to my cheeks.

" Woah! Jude don't be embarrassed! It's fine! I promise! I was getting a

bit ahead of myself anyways! I just want you to feel comfortable with

what we do. Promise you will always tell me if I do something your not

comfortable with?"

I looked down at the bed.

"Promise me" Connor said lifting my chin up.

"I... I promise... And I'm sorry Connor. But we will get there one day.

I promise that too." I said reassuringly

"One day" Connor repeated and he got up to my level and simply held me.

It was a moment I wouldn't trade for anything.


"One day" I repeated and I creeped up next to my boyfriend and cuddled

him (me being the bigger spoon obviously) and I felt him curl into me. I

could smell his hair, mango shampoo and I took I'm a deep whiff and

pulled him in tighter. I was tired but I didn't want to sleep. I could

simply lay here for eternity with Jude. I kissed him gently on the back

of his head and realised how lucky I was to have him. He made me a

better person and I couldn't thank him enough. I took in another sample

of his smell and that's when I got caught.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Jude asked whilst lightly laughing.

"I thought you were asleep! Ummm... I was doing that because... Uhhhh..."

"Because I'm cute?" Jude said finishing my sentence.

"Yeah! That's exactly why! How'd you know?" I asked him

"Because you're super cute and I would have done the exact same" Jude

said with a smile

I retracted my hands, sat up and crossed my arms. "I am not cute! I'm a

man! A macho, manly man!" I say almost child like.

"Okay okay! Your my macho, manly man who happens to be extremely cute"

Jude says whilst sitting up.

"Okay, I can settle for that I guess." I say half carelessly.

"Hey you wanna do something today?"

"Like what?" I ask curiously

"We could go to the movie theatre, reenact the whole pinky thing, that

was pretty cute" jude teased

"Yeah well because of that you get no more cuddles OR kisses for the

rest of the day" I say with authority.

"Nooooo I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! I promise not another word!" Jude

begged whilst miming a zip action on his lips.

"Okay you get off for good behaviour" I went over to Jude and delivered

a kiss just for him and planted it on his cheek. Then another but this

time on his lips and Jude deepened it again but quickly backed out.

"Nope! Remember where that got us last time?" Jude pointed out but I

wanted more.

"Fine" I say and walked out his room and downstairs.

"Connor? Where are you going?"

"Where are WE going? Is the question you should be asking." I corrected

"Fine, where are we going?" Jude said with emphasis on "we"

"You'll see, I have an idea" I say turning my back and opening the door

for Jude. I gesture for him to leave and he does so.

"If You will follow me please dear sir" I say in my poshest voice. And I

take Jude's hand and lead him towards out first official date.


Connor led my outside and took my hand in his. A majestic sunset began

as we walked towards the coast, the view was spectacular but didn't

amount to the view of the boy that was on my arm. I smiled as I looked

down, wondering how I ended up with such a wonderful person.

"So where are we going?" I ask, still not knowing where.

"I told you! You'll see!" Connor says boastfully, almost mocking me.

"At least give me a clue?" I practically begged him. I was so curious,

not knowing was killing me! "Pleaseeeeeee?"

"Okay! Okay! I hope you aren't scared of heights" Connor teased but I

still had no clue what he meant until we turned the corner. A fair was

in town, in came every year apparently but I never had any intention on

going. In the middle of it stood a massive Ferris wheel, probably about

thirty meters high. It was lit beautifully, red, white and blue fairy

lights illuminated it and the luminous, neon pink rims made it look

strong and defined. It was simple to say I was super excited.

"You're taking me to the fair?" I say in a monotone, bored way, but I

can't contain my excitement any longer and it explodes out of me. "ILL

RACE YOU THERE!" I shout already running but it doesn't take Connor long

to catch up and he tackles me to the ground. I turn over and realise

this is the exact position we were in the day we shared our second kiss.

The smiles disintegrated from out faces and he looked into each other's

eyes. There was no one around but nothing could have distracted me from

Connors deep brown eyes. This time instead of Connors phone ruining the

moment, he bang to close the distance between our lips and I lifted my

neck in anticipation. When they connected I still felt the same spark I

felt with all our kisses.

However next thing I knew Connor turned me around and left me lying on

my stomach.

"Hey what are yo-" I begin to say but I'm interrupted by Connor shouting.


I chuckle and run to catch up to him but he beats me there by a a minute

or two.

"I so beat you!" He says mockingly

"Yeah well, first's the worst and seconds the best!" I say folding my

arms and turning away.

When we reach the top of the queue, I begin to reach for my wallet in my

pocket but Connor stops me. He pays for both of our tickets and I ask

him why he didn't let me pay.

"It's our first date! There is no way you're paying!" Is his response

and I laugh softly to myself. We sit next to each other (obviously) and

begin the slow ride but I knew it wouldn't ever be boring, because

Connor was here with me.


I looked at Jude, God he looked cute, all I wanted to do was hold him

close. But then I realised, I'm his boyfriend, I can hold him close! I

do the classic yawn and stretch move to which he only laughs at a

snuggles in closer. I've wanted this for so long and I can't believe

this is actually happening! We sat in comfortable silence until I broke

it with three words that I'd known for a few days now. I'd just been

scared to say them, scared Jude wouldn't feel the same way. But I don't

care anymore, if he doesn't he will one day but I need to say it. It's

been eating away at me ever since I knew. I wanted him to know this, I

wanted him to know how much I appreciate him, how much he means to me

and how much I like him. If I didn't say it now, I knew I'd regret it.

"I love you" I say plainly and simply. It didn't need a massive

paragraph behind it because I'd only be repeating things I'd already

said about him. After what seemed like an eternity, he responded.

"I love you too Connor" he says, turning to look me in the eyes. I lean

down and Jude angles his body for a kiss and our lips crash together. I

open my mouth and grant Jude's tongue entrance, he cups my cheek with

his hand and pulls me in closer. He pulls back slightly and whispers in

my ear two words that prove his devotion. Two words and I knew exactly

what they meant without a moments thought.

"I'm ready" he says and nibbles on my ear.

It's fair to say that the ride seemed to go snails pace after that.

"My dads on a trip for the weekend, we can go round mine for the night?"

I say already feeling... Excited.

"Sounds good" Jude says with a smirk.

I smiled the rest of the ride imagining what would be happening tonight.

"I love you so much" I repeat waiting to reach the end of the ride.


The moment our feet touched the ground, Connor couldn't seem to keep his hands off me! They were either around my waist, around my shoulders or we were holding hands. Connors house wasn't too far from where we were so it took us only a few minutes to get there. Once we approached Connors front door, he took out his key and entered it into the lock. I saw an opportunity and I attacked his defenceless neck with my mouth. He tilted his neck to show more skin, allowing me to leave love bites up and down him. He pushed the door opened and turned around, he grabbed me by the the collar of my shirt in a half aggressive, half playful manor and pushed me inside, slamming the door behind him. He manoeuvred me so I was against the wall and our lips met again, he pinned my hands against the wall and almost by instinct I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel him grind, harder then earlier but that only increased my pleasure. Our kisses developed into an open mouth tongue wrestle that neither of us wanted to lose. Connors hands released my arms and I placed them behind his neck to balance on him. Suddenly I felt his two large hands grope my bum and squeeze tightly whilst he kissed deeper than before. Whilst doing this he managed to walk to the bottom of the stair case and he broke the kiss to set me down.

"I would attempt to carry you up there" Connor said looking straight at me "but I am not risking hurting you"

"I know you would never hurt me con" I said, still deciding on Connor's pet name. With that I made my way upstairs and from the sign on a door saying "Go patriots!" I assumed that was Connors room and made my way over. I was surprised to say the least when I was practically tackled from the back onto Connors bed. He turned me over looked me in the eyes.

"Howd I get so lucky?" He asked

"I don't know, you must have been really good in a previous life" I teased and he slightly chucked whilst leaning down to peck me on the lips. He took of his shirt and then mine.

"Now where did we get up to?" he asked whilst he made his way to my pants button.

"No." I said with authority, Connor looked up with his cute little puppy dog eyes, he looked really disappointed, but then I continued. "I want to go first" and I flipped him over so he was laying down.

Without hesitation I unbuttoned him and pulled down his pants to reveal a pair of tight boxers that barely hid Connors manhood.

"Whoa" I said looking straight at his crotch

"Your sure you want to go first?" Connor asked sincerely

And with that I ripped off his last item of clothing off of him. Like a spring, Connors manhood shot up almost hitting me. I'd never seen another... Dick before. I felt the blood rise to my cheeks once again.

"Hey don't be nervous! This will be amazing! This isn't just some hook up Jude, I love you" Connor reaffirmed and I took him in my hand.


Judes hands closed around me and I felt a warm pulse travel through my body. I felt a smile play on my lips and I closed my eyes anticipating what's to come. Shockingly, jude's lips closed around it and I felt his tongue wrap around me. My body arched it pleasure like before but it was more immense this time, more focused on a certain part of me. I felt And heard jude gag and I pulled him up.

"We don't have to do this Jude, I'll still love you, no matter what." I say reassuringly.

"Are you kidding! I love this!" He said as he plunged back and a small groan slipped out. I couldn't help it, I'd never experienced something like this, it was the best thing that had ever happened to me! Jude used his hands to latch onto mine and our fingers intertwined, Jude pulled his way up and began to kiss me, our hands still together.

I broke the kiss, "it's my turn" I say, looking forward to the new... Experience.

Jude simply nodded and turned to lay on his back. I quickly tore of his pants and then noticed the outline of his member. Being the tease that I am, I played around a little bit before revealing Jude. I used my tongue to circle his tip, precum already oozing onto his underwear. Jude seemed out of breathe and super excited

"Plea... Please Connor" Jude said in between breaths of pleasure.

I slowly pulled his pants down his legs and he was already rock hard. The thought that I had done that just turned me on even more and I couldn't resist it any longer. Without hesitation I quickly went to work on his member, I saw out of the corners of my eyes Jude clench his hands in euphoria, he lifted his groin area forcing me to go deeper and I obliged. I almost got Jude entirely into my mouth when he pulled me up so his mouth was at my ear.

"I want to do it" at first I wasn't sure what he was talking about but then he pulled out the small, square red package from earlier and my eyes widened.

"Jude... Are you sure? I really don't want to-" but he cut me off by planting a single short kiss on my lips which was followed by him turning around on all fours.

"Jude, that's not how I want this to happen! I want to see your face, I want to see your reaction when we become one... And I want you to see mine. You mean the world to me Jude, like I said this isn't just some hook up. This is our first time... Making love." I say, slightly slopping but it needed to be said.

"Come here" I said and took the condom out the wrapper and slid it on me. I led Jude down so he was on his back, facing towards me. He lifted his legs slightly in the air and I guided myself to his hole. I was right on the brink of entering, but I teased Jude again by just rubbing against it, letting him get used to the new sensation.

"I'm ready" he simply say and I don't waste a moment. I begin to push the tip in and Jude looks extremely uncomfortable so I pull out.

"Jude if it hurts maybe shouldn't, maybe we should wait?" I say afraid to hurt him in any way.

"What did I say Connor, I know you would never hurt me. Now get back here!" He demanded and pulled me by the hips so I was back in position. I began to push in again and saw Jude adjust to me and slowly I pushed in more and more until I was fully in. Again Jude clenched his hands in a mix of pain and pleasure and he told me to start. I started slow, a constant rhythm to help Jude. In and out, in and out, in and out. Jude quickly got used to it and told me to go faster so I did. With each thrust Jude would let out the sexiest moan I have ever heard. It was like he was trying to hold it in but he literally couldn't. I couldn't help but get faster and faster and I was so close. I felt like I was about to erupt but I kept going, knowing what was coming (no pun intended ?)

"Con... Con... Connor" Jude groaned which made me even closer. "Im so close" he finished and with that he released all on to his torso and within ten seconds of thrusts I also came, but I was still inside of him. I pulled out, threw the used condom in the bin and led next to Jude.

"That was... Wow" I said unable to describe what Jude happened. Jude was just about to respond when the door burst open and my dad entered the room.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING!" Adam said completely horrified.

"CONNOR WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS FAGGOT?" He asked, insulting me and my boyfriend.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" he screamed at Jude and Jude wrapped a towel round his waste and left the room. Then my dad came over to me.


I couldn't have left faster then I did. After Connors dad shouted at me

like that I was so disorientated that I just didn't know what to do. I

simply gathered my clothes and wrapped a towel round myself. That was

it. This reminded me of the time Lena spoke to me.

"I get mad. I get mad at the people who want to hurt us but I also get

mad with myself too, for not standing up to them"

I wanted to go back, I wanted to go up to Adam, but I didn't want to

scream or shout. I wanted to explain to him. I wanted to explain how

Connor is no different to the boy he was before. I wanted to explain to

him how him using such a derogatory term hurt not only me, not just his

son but the whole LGBTQ community. I wanted to explain to him how his

homophobic views are only going to drive his son away. I simply wanted

to explain to him that I lived his son, and that he loved me too.

Because that was all that mattered.

But I couldn't. I couldn't risk him hurting Connor even more. So I got

dressed in my clothes and left, I opened the door and I left. I walked

home on my own, feeling empty. I could feel the tears well in my eyes

and before I could wipe them away they were already half way down my

cheek. As I approached my doorway, I attempted to hide my tears, and

just as I was about to knock on the door, I broke. I broke down.

Completely and simply broke. It was like someone had dismantled me and

taken away my favourite part of myself. I turned my back on the door and

melted against it, my soft tears turning into a sob. I didn't even hear

the door begin to open because the next thing I knew Stef was standing

above me. She quickly bent down to my level.

"Jude, honey! What's wrong?"

In between my sobs I replied "Connor's... Dad... Found us... Called me a

... Faggot"

Stef attempted to calm me down but I couldn't. I'd just left my

boyfriend alone with his homophobic father, Adam had a history of

hitting Connor, who knew what he would do. As soon as Lena came home

Stef told her what had happened, I over heard her tell Lena to take care

of me and she darted over. Stef headed inside and out something in her

pocket, then she got in her car and started the engine, she pulled off a

zoomed towards Connors house.

I hoped Connor was okay.


I heard the door close after Jude and I was left alone with my dad. God

I despised him, he attacked jude and made him leave and I was beyond angry.

"Connor, what the HELL do you think your doing with that faggot?!" He asked

"Should I tell you what I'm doing, he's my boyfriend. Okay? Jude is my


"I did not raise some gay kid."he accused.

"So what am I dad? I stranger? Because I've never felt anything for

anyone the way I feel for Jude. He makes me feel special, like I'm the

only one who matters. You never really understand that did you? I bet

that was one of the MANY reasons mum left you!" I didn't mean that last

part, my dad had been through so much with my mum but it just slipped

out and I couldn't take it back.

"What did you just say to me" he said quietly but reinforced by anger.

He approached me slowly?

"Dad, I'm sorry I didn't mean that, but Jude honestly makes me so happy,

and parents should be happy for their children when they're happy!" I

said slightly retreating to the wall.

"You do not talk to me like that Connor. EVER! You know that. Your

mother and I loved each other so much but sometimes things just don't

work out. Like you and Jude, this isn't you Connor. This is who Jude

made you to be, this is who Jude wants you to be but it isn't you!

You're not gay!" He was now extremely close to me but I couldn't move

any more, he had me cornered but I wasn't giving up, I would never give

up on Jude.

"The last time I checked, Jude didn't make me into anything I didn't

want to be. You're the one who forced me into the closet, you're the

once that made me feel like I wasn't normal, you're the one attacked my

best friend and my boyfriend and I HATE you because of that." I put

emphasise on the word hate. I thought I heard the door open but

dismissed it when I feel a crashing wave of pain on my right eye. My dad

just punched me, square in The eye. I feel to the floor and protected my

eye from further damage.

Adam loomed over me and threatened to punch again but the door burst

open and Stef immediately came over and pulled out a pair of handcuffs

from her pocket. She wrapped them around my dads wrists and I felt my

eye start to swell shut. Stef pulled out her phone and called Lena.

"Hi love, listen I've got to take Adam to the station and Connor will be

needing a place to stay for a few days minimum. Please can you make sure

he has Space in Judes room to sleep?"

After a quick pause she continued.

"Thanks love, Can you come pick him up from his house as well?"

I'm not sure what Lena replied but Stef only said okay in return.

"Connor, sweetie Lena is going to come pick you up, do you want me to

wait with you?" But I couldn't look at Adam any longer, I just wanted

him to leave. I shake my hide sideways and Stef nods and leaves. I'm

left alone, just hoping and praying Jude is coming with Lena as well.

Rating: 68%, Read 6396 times, Posted Sep 22, 2015

Fiction | Boy, Fan fiction, Gay


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