Leeza The Teaser by Sqeeks

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Fiction | Coercion, Drug, Group Sex, Humiliation, Rape, Young

Leeza The Teaser Get’s Her Cum-Uppance!

She thought she was sooo smart, dressing in skimpy clothes, dancing in bars and pubs, teasing all the guys, accepting their drinks then leaving them with their tongues hanging out. Tomorrow night, a different bar, same routine. She got off on it – playing the sexy princess, desired but untouchable!

But at only 17 years of age, still at college, but having learnt nothing except that long blonde hair, pretty face, a great pair of tits and shapely arse, when moved in that certain way, will have men of all ages drooling, she thought she had life by the tail. Her Tail!

One day she would meet the son of a rich family, get married and never have to do anything but have a couple of kids and look good for her adoring hubby. Oh yeah, and give him what he wanted in bed to keep him happy. Easy!

Well, reality came a-knocking one night when she chose the wrong bar to mess around in.

All she had on was a very low cut white satin top, that had her 36c’s and pointy nipples well shown off, red high heels and a red micro-skirt that just about covered her arse cheeks, and the world’s smallest thong.

She wiggled up to the bar and immediately had a guy stand either side, looking down her gaping top at the peep of her pink nipples, offering to buy her a drink. “I only drink champagne cocktails” she said in her most superior voice.

“That’s fine, little lady” said Gus on her right – he winked at Dan, the barman, who disappeared into the back roon, reappearing with a cocktail shaker, already mixed it seems like.

He dressed a martini glass with sugar edges and poured the fizzy contents in to the glass, handing it across the counter to the waiting Leeza. She was so keen to show how mature she was by raising the glass to Gus, “Cheers” she said, and sculled it in one go. That made everyone raise their eyebrows, because they knew all about Dan’s “Champagne Cocktails”, which had a base of 120 proof Russian Vodka!

By this time, Gus’s brother, Duke, was starting to squeeze Leeza’s butt cheeks, which at first she seemed not to notice, then suddenly brushed his hand away.

“Another?” enquired Gus. “You bet” Leeza replied. The glass was refilled and duly downed in one mouthful.

“So” over came Jimbo, a huge bear of a man, accompanied by his 2 almost as big brothers, “reckon you can hold your drink baby, or are you a bit too young to manage more than two?” he says in a challenging tone.

Well, Leeza was not a girl to back away from a contest, especially with men, whom she is well used to being in control of, with her feminine charms.

“I can out-drink any one of you guys here” she boasted. BAD MOVE!

“If you’re so sure of yourself, how about a little wager?’ suggested Gus. “Name it” said Leeza, too far in now to back down without losing face.

“OK – if you win, we’ll be your slaves,” says Gus, “ but if WE win, you’ll be OUR slave”.

“DEAL”, she said in a louder voice that she’d intended, the first 2 cocktails already starting to have their effect.

“Mix the jugs Dan” orders Jimbo, “That’s 6 jugs, one each”.

Soon the jugs were lined up on the counter, one for each, sitting on bar stools – with a little difference. Leeza’s had treble the Vodka than anyone else! She fell off her stool only half way through her jug.

“Well boys” says Jimbo with a leer, picking her up and hoisting her over his shoulder, showing off her sexy arse cheeks and the bulge of her young cunt, “I guess we got ourselves another slave!”

He carried her into the back bar and laid her down on the pool table. The other patrons all looked on in surprise, but knew enough to take care where Jimbo and his brothers were concerned. “You all just get on with your own business,” he said.

“She looks overdressed in tha silky top” says Jimbo, at which his brothers, Bob & Peter, ripped it off her, exposing her creamy tits and pink nipples, with their coffee coloured aureolas.

Bob and Pete took to fondling one tit each, quickly progressing from squeezing to suckling her nipples, which got hard in a hurry. She moaned and moved slightly, trying to open her eyes.

“Easy baby” says Jimbo, “remember, you’re our slave. Now be a good girl and it’ll go much better for ya”.

With this Jimbo raises her knees up, grabs her tiny skirt and pulls it all the way off. “Well, them things ain’t hardly worth wearing”, he says seeing her tiny thong, which he grips and rips straight off leaving her totally naked.

They all take a moment to enjoy the sight of her fantastic young smooth body, noticing she was completely hairless. But soon Jimbo was spreading her legs and pushing her knees up to her chest, opening her pink slit for all to see.

Jimbo began running fingers up and down her slit, noticing it was already wet, then his thumb found her clitty and started to kneed it. Leeza started moaning and was coming around like out of one her sexy dreams, suddenly realising her predicament, she mumbled to please let her go, she was a virgin, she didn’t mean any harm, etc etc.

No-one took any notice of this, least of all Jimbo, as she put his mouth over her pussy and began to lick, suck and plunge his tongue in and out of her honey pot, making her wriggle and become even wetter.

“See, we knew this is what you wanted” says Jimbo.

“HRRRG” was all she could manage, feeling thrilled and violated all at the same time.

“Hurry Jimbo, we all want a turn” said Duke. “We got all night boys” said Jimbo, at which Leeza let out a muffled scream and started pleading again in drunken gibberish.

By now, Jimbo had worked 2 fingers into her pussy and was sawing away, when he suddenly encountered a barrier – she WAS a virgin after all!

“Well, well” exclaimed Jimbo, “what a lovely surprise!” “What. What.” The others all asked. “You’ll soon find out” said the big guy, removing his enormous fat 10” cock from his trousers.

Keeping his 2 fingers in her pussy, he edged forward until the tip of his rock hard cock touched her lips, making her shrink back, only for the guys playing with her tits to hold her steady.

The huge head entered her lips slowly, her eyes bulged, Bob put his hand over her mouth, Jimbo put his hands on hers shoulders, then with one almightly push, Jimbo’s 10” cock burried itself up to his balls in Leeza’s virgin cunt, making her almost swallow her tongue as she tried to shriek out in pain.

Soon the crowd noticed a blood trickling onto the blue cloth of the pool table. “Sheeet”, said Bob, “ she was a virgin”.

“WAS” said Jimbo with a smile from ear to ear.

She was still shaking from the shock and the pain when Jimbo started to pump his dick in and out, gradually increasing speed with the help of her blood acting as lubricant.

With her mouth wide open, Duke took his chance to introduce her to oral sex and forced his 7” nightstick into her mouth, making her suck and lick as he thrust in and out.

She was totally in a daze. All at once in pain, hating being raped, hating being gotten the better of by men, being seen by a dozen or more men naked, being a sex slave, and yet – feelings were stirring deep in her belly, which is where she was sure the end of Jimbo’s cock reached!

Before long, as Jimbo’s cock was beginning to bulge even more prior to cumming, she felt her first real orgasm happening, arching her back, thrusting herself onto the invaders prick and then losing all control as she came and squirted her juices all over Jimbo’s cock, at which he came squirting gob loads of cum into her raw pussy, both letting out loud growls.

Duke was so turned by this, he thrust his dick into her mouth hard, down her throat, and pumped her with his jizz, almost choking her, she spitting out the creamy cum to clear her airways. [That didn’t taste bad, she thought, disgusted at hersef].

Jimbo zipped up his trousers and headed for the bar – little Miss Leeza tried to push herself into an upright position and said, “Thank God that’s over”, only for Gus to put his hands on her shoulders stopping her, saying, “Oh no, honey, this has only just begun”.

To Be Continued . . . .

This is my first attempt at a sex story, so any words of encouragement would be good, constructive ideas, etc. Thanks.

Rating: 90%, Read 65303 times, Posted Oct 26, 2010

Fiction | Coercion, Drug, Group Sex, Humiliation, Rape, Young


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