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True Story | Black, Blowjob, Incest, Young

I was 12 with dozens of younger cousins that all looked up 2 me but one cousin was always a lil too close. she was 9 about 4'6 and thick and a high school girl . She alwayz used to want to play fight all day and never mind when we ended up in weird positions hell my cock was always hard so i enjoyed acting like i didnt notice. One day all the fun and games stopped she became the cousin from hell always mad at me and tryin to start real fights it too me a few dayz to figure out why but when i did ''jus keep reading the story lol.

One night we got into a big fight for are age and by fight i mean her throwin punches and me doing my best to block everyone. In her rage she didnt notice that her tits " too big for her age i might add " were bouncing out of her shirt . I couldnt help but look in amazment they were perfect so nice an perky with a beautiful golden brown skin tone large nipples too. Her next few punches landed right in my face but i didnt care one bit.

After i cleaned the blood from the little cut on my lip I looked at the clock and it was past 2pm we never had a bed time but that night i needed to be alone. I jumped into bed in one of the extra rooms in my grandmothers huge house and thought about those tits . In a matter of seconds i was rock hard ! At 12 I was mybe jus a little over 5 inches. After 20 minutes of stroking and 2 nuts i was pleased and ready to go to sleep and dream about it .

I was sound asleep in jus a few minutes of watchin so dumbass soft porn special on shotime. then suddenly i wake up but remain still as if i was asleep. It was my mean ass cousin again . she tiptoed over to the bed then lad beside me like we always did befor she started acting differnt. Still actin sleep i peeked and seen she was in her night clothes a long T-shirt and panties. she got real close and just staired at me i think tryin to see if i was really asleep i played it off good !

Slowly she got under the covers with me i was wearin boxers and i T-shirt. I could feel the heat from her body she was so close befor i knew it my cock was hard as hell. First she started out my rubbing her feet against mine her skin was so softi couldnt take it any more. I started rubbing her feet back with mine . i lloked ove rand she was play sleeping too so i decided to take over things being the horny bastard i was .

I needed to speed thing up but not too fast i got up to us the bathroom and when i got back i lad with my head near her legs. It started with a little rubb of her caft muscle then up her thick legs untell i got to her pantie line. i was so nervouse i was even breating heavy i took a beep breath and grabbed a handful of her phat lil ass. she moved closer to me so i could feel her up better she kno jus what her lil fresh ass was doin and i loved it . As her lad on her stomach i could feel the lil wet spot in her cute pink kidy panties.

AFter thinking about how i was goin to do it I diciced to mover her pantie over I fingerd a few girls from school and thought i was good at it . With my index finger i mover her pantie over to her plump right ass cheek then rubbed her hairless mound with my middle finger. Wet wet wet her juices were everywhere soaking my figer insently . She moaned softly and spread her egs open i guess i wasnt the first to get to her.

Rushing like the young dumb hornball i was i begain fingering her slow and deep. Stilll in her sleepin act i pulled my boxers down and placed her hand on my precum drippin cock. forming her hand around my dick i slow start to stroke my cock with her hand. She was a Quick learner and started doin it herself up and down in slow long strokes. With my middle finger inside her i took my now free index finger and started running it up and down her asshole softly.

In a very short time i became bored with the hand job and need more much more. i slowly moved the covers over and sat up next to her. still fingering her i wounderd what it would be like to eat pussy i always heard my uncles talkin about and i want to be able to talk about it too. SO motioned her to turn over by givin her a lil tugg she did it jus like i thought she would. I was wrong she did have a lil hair it was light colored and stright. I too another deep breath and when head first into her lil pretty pussy.

Damn that was the bets taste of my life and wit no smeel ether I was in heaven . Sh espread her legs wide and i put my head down lower and my lung deeper. Licking on her clite and figering her sent her into a orgasum I was surprised she could even have one . I was goin to town licking all over even went down really low and licked her ass i was 12 i didnt know lol

i started to get that feeling i wanted more . So i pulled up her shirt and begane to suck on her tits . she could tell becouse she was still faking being sleep was that i was lining up my dick to go in but hten it hit me i never done it befor and I was clueless. So i did what i thought was right and and leand forward . The head of my dick when in with no porblem i felt like the MAN . But jus a few minutes later i got that fellin like i was jerkin off bu tthis time it was a stronger feeling. I started Cumming in my new kissing cousin the biggest load i ever let off at the time . That went on for the next hour me lasting 5 or 10 minutes the nutting inside her by the end i had worked my whole dick in her wit was hard 4 her to fake sleep even with the many moans she still kept the act going. Finally i was tired and out of cum

I lad on top of her 4 awhile kissing her and her kissing me back . After a little of that i stood up and leand over her face and let me wet dick run across her sexxy little lips. I used my finger to open her mouth then i stuck my cum soaking dick tip in her mouth and slowly diped it in and out tell she got the hint and started tryin to lick and suck her big cousin...

THE END LOL Hope u liked it thatz my first story plz comment Would love to see some of my favorit writers comment and even give tips !!! [email protected] 4 females that was sex chat and share childhood sex stories

Rating: 49%, Read 30394 times, Posted Oct 01, 2008

True Story | Black, Blowjob, Incest, Young


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