Poor White Trash by Mystic47

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

“How old are you?” my dad asked.

I wasn’t sure what he wanted, he knew fucking well how old I was. “Seventeen” was my puzzled answer.

“You ever get laid?”


“Laid! Screwed, fucked, had sex, done the bed bounce boogie! Or are you still as pure as new fucking snow?” he growled with heavy sarcasm. I was shocked into silence, even for my asshole father this was over the top. I looked at the five empty beer bottles beside his chair and shuddered, it was going to be another long night before I could escape to my room.

My male parent is not exactly a father figure I could be proud of. He is a bitter alcoholic cripple, trapped in a wheel chair unless my brother and I wrestled him to bed. He lost his legs above the knees in a subway accident so we lived off a small insurance pension, most of which went to beer and pot which was delivered by one of his ex-con friends. My brother and I were stuck with him when mom got fed up with his drunken verbal abuse and abandoned us to him. She was shacking with the same greasy lawyer that helped her get the divorce while I endured the stares and rude comments of my dear father’s buddies. About a year after she left mom asked me if I wanted to come live with her, but her sleazebag asked me to give him a blowjob while she was in the bath so I backed off. At least in the trailer I didn’t have to worry about getting raped in my sleep. I would be eighteen in five weeks and I couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of the crud covered double-wide garbage pit I had to call home. “Answer me you fucking little twat! You ever let the boys stick you?”

“Shut the hell up you drunk bastard, I got enough fucking problems with just you, I don’t need any more.”

He ogled me with bloodshot eyes that told me he was stoned as well as drunk. Great, a real winning combination for a bitched-up night. I wondered where my brother was, he could help by being here. Dad would focus on him and tell him what a fucking wimp ass little dick sucker he was. I felt sorry for my younger brother but at least when he was here, I didn’t have to take so much crap. As for me I wasn’t the pure little innocent my father might have wanted. I had secrets but I sure as hell wasn’t going to share them with him. He looked at me up and down and said more to himself than me, “Girl got a body looks like that, she’s fucking the whole goddamn town.” He leveled his bitter gaze at me again, “Why don’t you sell what you got, earn your goddamn keep around here?” I stormed out of the room to cook dinner. My brother Max would be home from his part time job soon and he would be hungry.

Max and I were close, we had to be in that dump. He and I protected each other, cared for each other; we relied on the sanity and solidarity of our relationship as brother and sister. I recently graduated high school in spite of the mess of my life and he would be a senior at the end of summer. We both had part time jobs to earn a little money for ourselves; dad didn’t share any of his except for food and some bills. He wasted all his spare change on being wasted.

That night after we struggled to get our unconscious father out of his wheels and into bed Max and I sat in the living room and let the hostility of our parent drain away. I told my brother about dad’s latest barrage of questions which shook him up, “Does he know?” he asked uneasily.

“No, he just thinks all women are fucking whores so I fit right in. He don’t know shit about what I do. I expect he’ll be asking you if you bang girls yet. If you tell him no he’ll cut you apart for being a dickless little homo, if you say yes he’ll rant and rave cause he can’t get screwed anymore.”

“He might if he could ever sober up.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know any woman that would want him right now unless she got paid to suck him off.”

Max looked at his watch, “It’s almost eleven; you ready for bed?”

I nodded my answer and turned off the lights on the way to my room. My brother was in the bathroom so I had time to strip nude then put on my night gown. I fluffed my pillows, turned down the blanket and when I heard the toilet flush I knew he was done so it was my turn. I peed, brushed my teeth, rinsed my face and went to bed.

After I peeled off the gown Max held the blanket up for me then I crawled under it. I moved over his prone body and laid on him, his long stiff cock fitted between my legs and stroked along the lips of my girl when I bent my back. He smiled up at me, put his hands on my ass and pulled me tighter against him; I kissed him softly on the lips and caressed his erection with my crack. His pubic hair tangled with mine briefly then I got to my knees and lowered myself on him. I was wet so he slipped in easily, when I was sitting on him completely I began to roll my hips; I began to fuck my brother.

It started just after his sixteenth birthday which was no day of fun and celebration because first of all neither parent remembered it, I had to remind the legless sot and his ex bitch that their son had a birthday. I bought Max a gift, made him a cake, and sang happy birthday while dear dad mumbled incoherently about ‘fucking useless teenagers’. The next day dad cornered Max in the kitchen and demanded to know if he had gotten screwed on his birthday. Max flummoxed and flustered and denied any involvement with a girl. Dad berated him incessantly for being a nutless little pussy and bragged how he had fucked three girls on his sixteenth. He boasted that he might even have knocked two of them up but he didn’t care, that was their goddamn problem. Neither of us believed him. As Max tuned to walk away the drunken son-of-a-bitch yelled at him, “The best part of you boy, ran down your mama’s leg where the cunt licking dog lapped it off.”

That night Max was a bundle of defeated insecurity. I heard him talking to himself when I went to bed. I stopped to listen at his door and got alarmed at what he was saying. Dad had pushed him to the edge of doing something either to himself or to somebody else; I got scared for my brother.

All the next day I worried about Max. I saw him after school and he looked pale and withdrawn, after dinner he didn’t look any better. Dad hadn’t said shit to us all evening which helped a lot, but as soon as we got him to bed, I asked Max about his day and told him I was worried about him. We talked a little but I didn’t think I was helping much so I took my brother by the hand and led him to his room. I made him undress to his underwear then tucked him in. I laid next to him on top of his blanket and held him while he tried to relax. We were quiet, both of us lost in our own thoughts when I noticed the blanket over his groin rising. I focused on the growing mound in the covers and knew what I had to do. I got up, pulled off my jeans and panties then got into bed with him.

He rolled his head toward me, staring as I reached down and tugged on his shorts; he lifted his ass slightly so I could pull them down. When they were at his knees I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him to me so that he had to roll up and over my body. Max was lying on me, his erection pressed into my pubic hair, the end of it kissing my belly button. I reached between us and bent his cock down until it was between my legs then moved it around until the end of it slipped in. I’d been screwed a few times so that wasn’t a problem, but neither of us was very wet and the friction hurt, but I rolled my hips, grabbed his butt and forced him deeper. As his balls jammed against me, I began to warm up and lubrication began to flow, making it a lot easier for him to fuck me.

Max laid on me completely, his head rested next to mine on the pillow as he humped his ass. He didn’t last long, I didn’t expect him to, and within three minutes he started groaning and jerking; I felt my body being flooded with his hot discharge, he smashed against me for so long I wondered if he would ever empty his ball sack. He finally finished then relaxed completely. I rolled him off, got out of his bed and went back to my own room. Neither of us said a word the whole time.

After I got to my room I realized what I had just done, I committed incest with my little brother. As I cleaned his cum off me with a t-shirt I began to tremble because of how I behaved. I couldn’t believe that I could do that, but the more I thought about it I knew Max needed something like that to make him feel better about himself. I rationalized my action by thinking what I did was concern for my brother, nobody but him and I would know, so I figured there wasn’t any harm.

Over the next few days Max and I didn’t talk about what we’d done but I noticed he was slightly less withdrawn. The longer I thought about what I did, the more I thought about doing it again. Our hurried sexual encounter lasted just a few minutes and I was thinking we could do better. I rationalized, if I let him screw me again, he might lift out of the depression.

Our father got his pot legally and illegally. In our state he could get medicinal marijuana for pain with a doctor’s ***********. He had that, but it didn’t last long so he got some dope dealer pal to bring him some too. Every once in a while, after dad was in bed my brother and I would sneak a joint or a couple of hits off his bong. Max and I both enjoyed the mellow high in the quiet of the night. On a Friday, nine days after I seduced my brother we were alone again. Neither of us had any close friends to hang with because of our parent; nobody but a bunch of grubby trailer park assholes could put up with him, so Max and I were almost pariahs in our small community. Oh, there were guys that tried to fuck me, not because they liked me as a girlfriend, but because I come from a rough family background which obviously meant to them, I would be an easy piece. I wasn’t easy, at least not for any of them. My brother took a couple of hits then settled back and looked at me long and hard, “What?” I asked him.

“I was thinking about what happened, how come you did that?”

Even though we hadn’t said anything about that night I knew what he was asking, “I don’t know, maybe because I got tired of hearing dad yelling at you for not being a man. He doesn’t know but now I do so it won’t bother me anymore.”

“You did that because of me?”

“Yeah, I felt sorry for you.”

Max sat up, “You gave me a pity fuck?”

I thought about it then answered, “No, that’s not what it was; I did it for both of us.”

My brother leaned back on the sofa and I could see a tent forming at the front of his jeans, “Do you have a boner?” I asked even though I saw the evidence.

He colored red, sat a little straighter, “No, not really.”

All of a sudden, I felt playful, maybe it was the pot, maybe it was his puppy dog eyes daring to hope for another treat, “Yeah you do, come on, stand up, let me see.”

He looked a little apprehensive but he stood, the front of his pants was bulging. I looked at the lump in his pants then up at his eyes, I said “Show me, take it out Max; I want to see what you put in me last week.” My temperature was rising.

Max unbuttoned his fly, pulled his pants open then dug into his striped boxers and pulled out his stiff cock. I couldn’t see it all so I reached up, pulled his hand off, grabbed his erection and pulled it free of his clothes. His balls were still covered by his shorts so I grabbed his pants and pulled them to his knees followed by his underwear. In seconds I was looking at what he had to offer a girl and I was impressed. My body heat increased in proportion to size of his erection. I pushed and pulled on the shaft watching the single eye of his cock play peek-a-boo in the foreskin then made up my mind. I stood in front of my half naked brother, reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties. I sat back on the sofa, legs spread and held my arms out to him. Max stepped between my open thighs and put the end of his hard-on against the lips of my pussy and moved it around a little, easing into me. I felt my lubrication flowing and he had a large smear oozing from the end of his prick so when he penetrated me, it was smooth and gentle. He pushed up and in until our pubic bones mashed then started thrusting in and out of my willing body. I let him fuck me until he couldn’t hold out any more. I was hot and getting hotter but this was for him, he needed to have complete control over what we did. It didn’t take long before he lost the rhythm of fucking and started jerking and groaning. His eyes rolled up and his neck muscles strained as he clenched his jaws, I could feel his erection pulsing round after round of cum.

I heard a faint slurp when he pulled out and I felt the results of his ejaculation leaking down my ass. I smiled up at him and held up a hand. He helped me stand then stood there with a vague guilty look. The asshole cripple was out for the night and I knew an earthquake couldn’t wake him, so I said to my brother, “Let's go to my room, we can do this in bed.” Max’s experience was a total of maybe eight or nine minutes but I liked what we had done. That he was young, eager and full of energy was obvious because his cock didn’t get limp and useless, it stood from his body mostly stiff, I wrapped my fingers around it and pumped him a few times to keep his interest. I picked up my underwear and led him to my room.

I stripped nude and threw myself on the bed, rolled to my side to watch him take off his shirt and socks. I propped up on my elbow and admired his equipment. This was my first intimate inspection of him and I liked the view. As his shirt hit the floor he started toward me but I told him to stop. He stood fully erect to his 5’10” and fully rigid to well over 7” down there. Dad always belittled him for being a wimp little pussy, but Max looks good and his big erection was not out of proportion to the rest of his body. He has broad shoulders, deep strong chest, ripped abs and well formed, firm butt and legs. It wasn’t his body that kept him from having a girlfriend. He was young and strong so his heavy looking hard-on stood proudly, angled slightly toward the ceiling. It was long and thick and my cunt rumbled with hunger as she sensed that she would soon feast on that top-grade meat.

Max climbed onto the bed and tried to get on top of me, “No, Max, slow down. I want you to seduce me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I want you to make love to me not just fuck me.”

He looked at me blankly not knowing exactly what I meant, so I pushed him to his back and said softly into his ear, “Relax we’ve got time.” I picked up his left hand and pressed it to my tit then put my mouth over his and started his first lesson in sex.

He was too eager and rough for the first few minutes but after repeated urging to go slower and be gentler, my brother started feeling and touching me with caresses and strokes, not grabbing and pulling. While he was exploring me, I was exploring him. My hands flowed over his muscular stomach and back. I held his ass then went to the focal point of my desire, when I fingered his balls the first time I thought he would swoon.

When I was done stoking the furnace inside my womb I pulled my brother over me and let him in. This was the first time we were both completely naked and I reveled in the feel of his skin rubbing on mine as we mated. He had cum a ton earlier so I hoped he would last a little longer that time. My breasts were bouncing, my nipples rubbing on his chest, his hips and ass flexed as he pummeled my puss. Gradually the fires inside my stomach were burning so hot that nothing but a massive injection of his fluids would douse the flames. He kept hammering my cunt; I had lost all will to tell him what I wanted because he was giving me what I needed. It started as a shiver in my clit then grew rapidly to a muscle wrenching body quake. My climax rattled the bed, I was dimly aware of it banging against the wall as my brother banged against me. My back arched over the bed and Max lifted off me just enough to let me thrash under him. As my orgasm receded I fell back flat to catch my breath. Just as my butt dented the mattress Max grabbed my ass and rammed so far into me his balls filled my crack. He gasped a deep breath and let it out in small groans as he finished the job of fucking me.

We were quiet for a minute or so, I looked at the clock and saw that Max had stayed with me over fifteen minutes. Not bad for an amateur I thought to myself. Between the stolen hits of pot and the intense sexual activity we were both exhausted so my brother and I curled up together and slept away the night. We didn’t fear discovery; our father never woke up before 10.

After that night the only time we weren’t together was when I had my period. Neither of us gave any thought to being careful so the third month after I started screwing Max I missed my cycle. I panicked! For five days I was a nervous wreck. I’d never missed before, never been late, I was terrified that my brother had knocked me up. It was on the sixth day late when I found spots in my panties, I prayed thanks to any god that would listen then hurried off to see my mother.

“I’ll be 18 in a few months but I can’t wait” I told her, “I want birth control now.”

She didn’t hesitate or question me at all. We went to her gynecologist and I got protected. When I told Max about it he paled and started shaking and said “I never thought about that.”

“Me neither, not really, but it scared the fucking shit out of me.”

My brother and I screwed relentlessly for over a year and we got very good with each other. We went all the way with oral, anal, toys and hundreds of hours seducing and fucking in every possible way. I eventually saved enough money to start college and he joined the Air Force. Max sent me part of his pay every month which helped a lot because I didn’t have a full-time job and it got me out of the trailer, Dad has some poor daycare wench he abuses now, but at least she gets to go home at night.

Max and I phoned, texted, and emailed while he was away, he told me he missed me and I teased him with promises of wild uninhibited sex when he came back on leave. Every time he came home I kept my promises. We both dated when he was gone for those years but when he got out of the military he moved in with me. We share a two-bedroom apartment but often share only one bed. I have my degree now and a job I love and he is finishing his last year of college. We date others and maybe one day we will meet someone we want to love and marry but for now we have each other, just like when we were growing up. Our parents know we live together and maybe they think we are fucking but we don’t give a damn. We grew up in a poor white trash trailer with poor white trash parents.

What the hell can they expect?

Rating: 93%, Read 69958 times, Posted Sep 03, 2019

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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