Accidents aren't all bad. by iLestat

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It had been two days since the accident that left us at the bottom of this cliff. It was beginning to get dark again, and the fear of freezing to death lurked in the back of my mind. We couldn't use the car as shelter in it's current state. I managed to pry off the hood and make a quick shelter with a blanket I kept in the back seat. Using the hood mostly to block the wind. With every gust I could feel my core temperature drop. Luckily we were coming home from shopping so we had food enough for a few more days. It was storming out and I live very far from town, in a little home up in the mountains in Canada. I lost control of my car and we careened off the cliff. Neither of us were injured more than a few scrapes and bruises. We considered ourselves lucky.

Sierra was just a friend that I hung out with at times. She needed some things from the store and we live close to each other so we decided to carpool. She's a shy, sweet girl whom I've always had an eye for. She's 5'6'' with very long wavy light brown hair. She doesn't smile often, but when she does it brightens up any situation. Her breasts are fair, nothing too out of the ordinary. A solid C-cup. What really stands out for her, are her legs. Tight and toned leading up to a firm very round ass. She has a proper woman's body, complete with hourglass hips with a little to grab on to in all the right places. Her skin is like porcelain. At times I find my self getting lost in her big auburn eyes. I myself am 6' and a little. Fairly well built, a little extra on the gut, but nothing to be ashamed of. Years of working from home took it's toll.

I told Sierra, that come morning we would really need to figure out a way to scale this cliff, or find some way to get back to the road. We didn't want to leave our car just in case someone came looking for us, but the chances of that were very slim. We lived pretty secluded lives out in our little town. I couldn't stand the idea of spending another night freezing. I noticed Sierra starting to shiver, and asked if she would like to sit closer to me for warmth. The first night was awkward and we both nearly froze to death because of it, but tonight I was not going to let that happen. She nodded and scooted closer to me. I put my arm around her and pulled her close. She let out a soft sigh and I thought nothing of it.

After a short time we decided it was best to try and rest, because we undoubtedly had a long walk ahead of us in the morning. About half hour had gone by of us laying side by side shivering. When Sierra finally asked if we could cuddle together. I unzipped my jacket and wrapped it around her. Again she let out a soft sigh. I felt her firm breasts pressing against my chest, and her breath on my neck. I started to softly run my hands up and down her back trying to warm her up. It had some unintended affects. She started to move her hands up my chest at first over my shirt. Then she made a pass downward and put her hands under my shirt and continued to move them up and down.

I noticed her breathing becoming more frequent and I decided to take a chance. I leaned in hoping for a kiss, and was not let down. She kissed me softly at first. Just a peck on the lips. Then again I felt her big lips on mine, only this time I felt them part and her tongue pressed against my lips begging to be let in. I obliged. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Absorbing each others warmth. I reached up her shirt to feel her breasts. I wanted to feel her skin. It was so smooth and silky. She reached back and unhooked her bra. Her nipples were firm at full attention. Perfect pink little eraser tips.

My cock was begging to be let out. I was so hard it started to hurt pressing against my jeans. I think she started to notice, because she reached down to undo my jeans. At last my 7 inches were out in the open. The feeling of her soft hand stroking me was almost too much. I started to kiss down her neck. Unbuttoning her shirt, I had full access to her perfect round breasts. I took one nipple in my mouth and pinched the other. She let out a moan. I couldn't wait, I needed to taste her. I kissed my way down and admired the way her jeans hugged her hips so tightly. I unbuttoned them, and revealed her baby blue cotton panties underneath. I lowered my head and kissed her beneath her belly button. I tugged her jeans passed her hips but left her panties in place. I kissed her over her panties and breathed in her intoxicating aroma. I could feel her warmth and dampness on my lips. She reached down and removed her panties, and spread her legs as if welcoming me to her sex.

Her taste was unlike anything I had ever had before. So sweet and aromatic. Almost had a little spice to it. I licked from her clit down to her dripping wet hole. I dove my tongue in as far as it would go and drew up some of her sweet nectar. Every time my tongue passed over her engorged clit she would shudder. After a few minutes of this she cried out, asking me to fuck her. I kissed my way back up her smooth body. I kissed her passionately as I put the head of my cock at her entrance. She whispered that she was ready and I pushed myself in slowly at first. Savoring every moment. I was an inch or two in when I felt a resistance. I broke our kiss and looked in her eyes. She said softly that she was ready, that she wanted me to be her first for quite some time. I had no idea she was a virgin and was a little stunned, but didn't want to ruin the moment. I returned to kissing her as I thrust in her completely. A few tears rolled down her cheeks. Her shriek of pain was soon replaced by moans of pleasure. I could feel her muscle contracting around my erect shaft. She rolled me on my back and moved her hips. Awkwardly at first, but it didn't take long for her to find a rhythm. Back and forth, up and down. It was pure bliss.

Her breathing was shallow and rapid. I could see her face was flushed. I knew she was almost at her peak. I grabbed her hips and increased her speed. She moaned and I felt her muscles spasm. I could see the high on her face and let her experience every moment of it to it's fullest. Not long after I felt a similar urge and let her know. She hopped off of me and started to stroke my cock. Increasing her speed and tightening her grip I moaned letting her know I was very close. Then to my amazement she took my length into her mouth as far as it would go. I was sent over the edge. The first blast hit the back of her throat, and she started to gag. She moved her head back until just the tip of my cock was in her mouth and the second blast shot all over her tongue. She swallowed while ramming herself back down as far as she could go. I couldn't resist and I held her head down while I finished my climax. The pleasure was so intense I felt as if I would black out.

We got ourselves dressed and cuddled up to each other again. There was a few minutes of awkward silence and I asked how long she had wanted me. She started to say what sounded like, " Ever since I met... " She was cut off by the sound of a vehicle up on the road. We jumped up and I grabbed a flare gun that I had kept in my glove box. I shot it straight up in the air hoping it wouldn't hit any of the trees surrounding us. We heard the car come to a screeching halt. I looked at her, and she looked back the sense of relief was visible on her face.

Rating: 91%, Read 45266 times, Posted May 26, 2016

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, First Time, Male, Romance


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