Playing with Sister and her Friend Part 2 by ermac117

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Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Young

I could hardly believe it myself. I had just tricked my nine year old sister and her friend to suck my dick. Not only had both Sam and Holly sucked my dick unknowingly, Holly had swallowed my cum. And to make things better, they both wanted to try some more. Needless to say, my heart was still racing with the possibilities of having fun with these two nine year old beauties.

“So,” Holly began, “Can we have some more of that salty gooey stuff now?”

“Yeah, I didn’t even get to taste any of it last time!” Sam whined.

“Look girls,” I hesitantly started, “I told you if you really want some more of that gooey stuff, I will tell all about it after dinner, ok??

“Alright, we’ll wait till after dinner” they both agreed.

I ordered a few pizzas and anxiously awaited their arrival. It seemed like hours before the pizzas arrived, but when the delivery guy rang the doorbell, I quickly answered the door and paid for the pies. Bringing the pizzas back to the table, I couldn’t believe the two girls were still talking about the game earlier.

“So what did it taste like, that gooey stuff?” Sam innocently asked Holly.

Holly responded, “It was weird. It was warm and really gooey. Like I said it was kind of salty, but it was also strangely sweet. I think you would really like it, I know I did!”

“I wonder what it was. I never had anything that sounded like that before, but now I really, really, want to!” Sam cried with childlike curiosity.

Here there were two nine year old girls, not talking about toys or music, but how much they are looking forward to their next taste of semen! Ok, they didn’t know what they were craving was actually baby batter, but regardless, they still seemed restlessly eager to consume some more.

I handed out plates to each of the girls, and we began eating our dinner of pizza. Holly kept twirling her fingers through her soft blonde hair, eyeing me throughout dinner. I knew that she was extra vivacious now that she knew she had a second helping of cum coming her way. However, as excited I was for the after dinner activities, I was still pretty scared at how I was to present the situation. Was I to continue our little game from earlier? Should I invent a new game? Or, should I just out right show them the truth? Thinking about all of these possibilities gave me a hard on. Even though I had just had an intense orgasm about an hour later, it came as no surprise that my fifteen year old libido was responding.

“Jake?” Sam chirped, “Are you okay? You haven’t talked in a while.”

“Yeah sis,” I responded, “I’m fine. I was just thinking about showing you girls where I got that gooey stuff from.”

Holly perked up, “Really?! I been wanting to taste some more ever since I tried it!”

“No fair Holly!” Sam glared, “You already had some, it’s my turn!”

“Okay girls, head into the living room while I clean up,” I said. “And when I get back, I am going to show you firsthand how to get that gooey stuff.”

I nervously put away dinner and locked all of the doors and windows (just to be safe). I slowly walked into the living room where I was greeted by two nine year old girls, smiling away at me. My erection unfortunately had not gone down, and the girls noticed.

“Jake,” Sam began, “What’s wrong with your pants?”

Oh shit! I thought. Well, I guess this was inevitable. I took a deep breath and told myself there was no going back once I started.

“Well sis,” I said in a shaky voice, “that actually has a lot to do with the gooey stuff.”

“Oh, I get it! You’re hiding it in your pants!” Holly said giggling.

“No girls. I have to tell you something. That gooey stuff is actually called cum” I said, not believing I had just said cum in front of my little sister and her friend.

“Cum?” they both chinned

“Yes cum. And believe it or not, it came out of my body.”

“What?” both girls exclaimed, not understanding a thing I was talking about.

“Here let me show you.” And with that, I stood up and slowly unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped the zipper. I then pulled my boxers down to expose my fully hard five inch dick to two nine year old girls. “This is called a penis, cock, or dick.”

Both girls looked at my dick and then back to my face and then to each other with wide eyes. “Do you see this slit? This is where cum shoots out of my dick. And these hanging sacks are called balls. This is where the cum or semen is made.”

I could tell neither girl believed me, so I had to revert back to our game from before.

“Here Holly” I said grabbing her small tender hand and guiding it to my dick. “See how hard and soft it is, and how the head is a bigger than the rest?”

While Holly was busy playing with my cock, Sam boldly stated, “Jake, are you saying that that gooey stuff, I mean cum, came out of your dick?”

I was impressed by her understanding, so I told her, “Yeah sis, you girls both sucked on my cock earlier and made the cum shoot out, then Holly swallowed it.”

Sam timidly said, “So to get the cum out, I have to suck on it like before?”

“Yes you do Sam. Do you want to try it now? You can finally get a taste of cum.”

“What about me!” Holly pouted.

‘Well honey, since you already got to taste it earlier, I think you should let Sam get it this time, but you can still help her”

“No!” Holly said angrily, “If I’m going to suck it, I want to have some of the gooey stuff that comes out.”

“It’s called cum Holly” Sam jokingly chided as she got down on her knees in front of my cock.

“Know Sam, just put it in your mouth like before and suck like a popsicle. Remember, don’t use any teeth, ok? And Holly, if you would like, I will warn you right before I cum so you both can get a taste, ok?”

“As long as I get some I’m happy” Holly proclaimed.

Sam slowly opened her mouth and wrapped her soft, wet lips around my aching hard on. I moaned with pleasure as I once again took hold of her ponytail and guided her into a bobbing rhythm. “You’re a natural sis, just keep it up and I promise you will get your first taste of cum.”

Holly instinctively started to rub my balls, I guess thinking that since cum was made there, rubbing them would help make it come out. All the while Sam was busy bobbing here head up and down here big brother’s dick, eagerly trying to make him cum. I tried to hold on as long as I could, but it is not easy to prevent cumming when two young girls are trying to eat your semen. I felt my balls tense up as I knew I was going to cum.

“Quick! Here it comes, open your mouths and get together!” I groaned. I watched as Sam and Holly quickly put their heads together and opened wide just as I had told them. I stroked my cock the last few stroked before it happened. I aimed my cock head at Sam’s awaiting tongue and watched as two thick ropes of cum gathered on her pink tongue. I then moved on to Holly and unloaded the last few spurts onto here pretty pink tongue. However, in the heat of the moment, I had not realized that the kitchen door had swung open. It was far too late when I saw my mother standing not fifteen feet away. Imagine her surprise to find her fifteen year old son unload his cum into his nine year old sister and her friend.

My heart was beating faster than it had ever in my entire life when Sam innocently said to Holly, “Wow, you were right. Cum is really gooey and salty. But it is pretty sweet. I think I really love it!”

When Sam and Holly had both swallowed, they then turned to see my mother with her arms folded across her chest glaring at me. My mom calmly stated, “Jake, we really need to talk about what the hell just happened here. I was supposed to be the one to teach your sister how to give a blowjob” Needless to say, my heart continued beating as my cock began to get hard once again.

Rating: 93%, Read 156672 times, Posted Jun 06, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Young


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