What happens under the covers...Stays under the covers...Part 1 (revised)_(1) by InTheGutter

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What happens under the covers…Stays under the covers…

Part 1 (Revised)

Chapter One

“This will surely go down in the record books as the storm of the century.” The meteorologist’s voice bellowed from the 32 inch flat TV screen. That was the last thing Sarah Sheldon heard before the lights flickered, once…twice, and then everything went dark. Her body stiffened, paralyzed by her fear of storms.

“Shit!” she shrieked. “Daddy…? The power’s out!”

Of course he would have already figured that one out for himself, but Sarah had been afraid of storms for as long as she could remember and the idea of sitting alone, staring at nothing but darkness, made her petite body shiver. Or was that because along with the lights, the heat had been instantly severed by the blustery weather as well?

She reached for the throw blanket draped across the back of the couch and wrapped it around herself until just her face was sticking out of the soft fleece. “Daddy!” she yelled again.

“I’m right here, sweetheart.” Sarah couldn’t see him, only the dim beam of light shooting out from the flashlight he held in one hand, which was quickly consuming its last bit of battery power and looked as those it would die at any second, but his deep, soothing voice resonated from somewhere in the curtain of darkness behind her and instantly eased some of the tension that had coiled itself deep inside her. She hated storms. It was her subconscious mind reminding her of the fiery havoc Mother Nature could injuriously inflict upon them at a moments notice, just as she had done all those years ago when her own mother had been forced to veer off the road to avoid hitting a fallen tree, only to find herself face to face with another much larger, more menacing trunk that she had no hopes of avoiding. It had been the effects of an angry hurricane that had stolen her mother from her that night eight years ago.

Her mother, Danielle, had been alone, on her way home from a double shift at the hospital, braving the heavy, vision impairing rain and blustery winds, while a much younger Sarah and her father waited for her at home. In Sarah’s eyes, all storms had the capability of causing the same heart-wrenching devastation, even this one. The power suddenly going out was proof that this was a storm to be reckoned with too.

She heard her father’s heavy footsteps as he crossed the room. Her eyes were slowly beginning to adjust to the eerie darkness and the puny beam of light her father carried made it possible to just make out his large silhouette as he stopped in front of the bay window and drew back the curtain.

“It looks like everybody is without power.” Michael Sheldon stated calmly.

The streets were vacant except for the occasional car that dared to brave the monumental blizzard despite the cute weatherman’s continuous warnings to stay off the treacherous roads. Sarah had been alone, so totally entranced the handsome face and beaming smile on the TV screen that she had become temporarily distracted from her fears. Her body had felt warm and tingly with a sudden, indescribable dampness formulating between her thighs. Her erotic musings had been shattered instantly, however, by the sudden darkness that had engulfed her and its crude reminder of what was going on outside.

As a slow moving vehicle crept passed their house, Michael could see just how bad the storm had gotten as the car’s headlights illuminated the heavy snowfall that was quickly transforming their quiet neighborhood into a dangerous blanket of white. He hated storms, perhaps just as much as his young daughter did. The painful memories that always managed to surface during a time like this left him cold and trembling, and it wasn’t due to the temperature. He had lost half of his soul that night eight years ago as his beautiful wife, his best friend and mother to their only child, fought exhaustion to get home to them after covering a shift for a co- worker who was unable to make it in because of the storm. Dani had refused to listen when Michael had asked her to stay put, wait out the storm in one of the staff bunkrooms. She had wanted to be home with her family and so ignored his warnings. Now she was lost to him forever.

The pain was sometimes just as raw as if it had happened only yesterday, yet Michael had somehow managed to put the pieces of their shattered life back together. For the sake of his daughter, Dani’s daughter, he had no choice, he couldn‘t fail either one of them.

Being a single father wasn’t always easy, however. A social life was virtually nonexistent when you have a small life depending on you every second of the day. At least that’s what Michael had repeatedly told himself over the years. Sarah is a teenager now, a beautiful, spirited young lady who willingly takes a great deal of the workload off of his own tired shoulders, leaving him plenty of time for dating, but Michael often chooses not to.

Sarah has become his entire world now that her mother is gone and being with her is what makes him happy, keeps him going when he recalls how life has disappointed him.

“Do you think the power will be off for long, Daddy” Sarah asked, a shiver trailing up the length of her spine.

His daughter’s voice sounded so small coming from the other side of the room and although Michael could barely see her, he didn’t miss the fear that laced her words. Although she would be turning 16 next month, it was sometimes hard not to think of her as his little girl. While other times, when she walked through the house in just a T-shirt and tiny pair of panties, just like she was wearing tonight and every other night before bed, he would find himself taking note of all the wonderful changes that has taken shape in his young daughter’s body. Her breast, although not overly large, appeared high and perky with perfectly taut nipples that would often press against the thin fabric of her shirt whenever she was cold, which seemed to be quite often lately. Her ass was perfectly rounded, not too big, not to small. Just the way he likes it.

The way he likes it? Why should it matter if his daughter has an ass that he likes? It doesn’t matter; Michael reminded himself quickly, she’s my daughter. She looks more and more like her mother everyday. That’s the only reason he assesses her beauty, takes careful note of the vibrant green eyes that sit in her perfect, heart shaped face and … the sexy little body that she does little to conceal while walking around in front of him.

Sexy? Was Sarah, his baby girl… sexy? The same child who had refused to let him out of her sight for almost two years following her mother‘s death, gripped by the fear that if he left the house he might never come back, just as she had done. The same fragile youth who oftentimes woke up screaming in the middle of the night, even now, as another nightmare shatters her peaceful slumber. The same selfless young woman who spends little time doing the things that teenagers normally do, and more time taking care of his needs. That Sarah? Was she sexy? Hell yeah, he reluctantly admitted to himself.

Since Dani’s death he has always seen Sarah as the sweet, fragile daughter who craves her father’s love and protection, and Michael has been all too happy to give her his complete devotion, but was it possible that his innocent little girl has grown up? That while he fought against the pain, refusing to let go of his dead wife‘s ghost, Sarah has come to need him less and less? Was it possible she no longer needed him as much as he needed her? The thought was daunting. After all, the old Sarah would have climbed onto his lap and clung fiercely to his shirtfront the minute the first light flickered, but the new, older Sarah, was still perched on the sofa, silently enduring the darkness.

Michael stared at her for several long minutes. For as long as he could remember it was just him and Sarah. Camping, fishing, weekend dinner dates and movie tickets, everything they did, they did together. Occasionally Michael would chastise himself for monopolizing too much of his teenaged daughter’s time, just to ease his own loneliness, and would force himself to go out on a date, but it usually didn’t amount to anything more than a friendly dinner and a peck on the cheek at the end of the night. He would always promise to call them, but then he rarely ever did. He could probably count the number of times he has had sex, since his wife’s death, on one hand. Of course that doesn’t include the routine jack off sessions his body requires just to achieve a moment of peace, contentment that would last long enough to overlay the haunting memories that made it impossible to fall asleep.

He needs a woman in his bed, and not just for sex. The loneliness that consumes his nights was, at times, unbearable. He misses the closeness that he used to share with Dani, her soft voice being the last thing he heard before closing his eyes. None of the women he dated seemed good enough to meet his Sarah. She was so precious to him, so sweet and innocent. He loved being with her, loved making her smile. She had a beautiful smile, perfect white teeth and soft, red lips, the kind that looked as though they would feel and taste amazing.

Taste amazing? What the fuck?

“Daddy I’m c-cold.”

Michael brushed away the disturbing image of him kissing Sarah in a way that was anything but fatherly and rushed over to where his little girl sat shivering on the sofa.

He really needed to consider getting laid.

He slid beneath the blanket and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his large body. His hands rubbed briskly up and down her arms, over her back, attempting to warm her delicate flesh.

She snuggled against him, sighing happily as she soaked up the heat that radiated from his body. “You smell so good, Daddy.” she whispered as she inhaled deeply. Her small hand mindlessly slid inside and up the front of his sweatshirt and lightly stroked the thin patch of hair that covered his hard chest, wanting desperately to crawl inside his skin and be consumed by his warmth.

Her father was only 34 and his youthfulness showed in his strong, well maintained physique. She oftentimes found herself checking him out while he mowed the grass in just a pair of shorts, sweat coating every tight inch of his impressive chest and shoulders. Or when the two of them would go camping, forced to endure the close confinement of their four person tent, Sarah, who was supposed to have her back turned to allow him some privacy, would sneak a peek at his firm backside and thick, muscular legs while he changed into his pajamas. That was the first time Sarah had felt the unmistakable dampness that coated her inner thighs and the arousing warmth that fluttered in the pit of her stomach. Since that day she has made it her mission to catch her father unaware, to see his hard naked flesh. The thought disturbed her at first, but her teenaged curiosity soon won out and she accepted the inevitable, she was attracted to her own dad.

The feel of Sarah’s fingers, caressing him in a way that was almost intimate sent a mass of tingles straight to his groin. Michael felt his cock twitching beneath his tight jeans. Anger and disgust rose up inside him, sickened by the thought that his body would betray him like this. Michael pushed her hands away and abruptly stood up. His heart was pounding fiercely in his chest as an unwanted wave of desire flowed through him once again.

No… No way! Desire and Sarah were two words that did not belong in the same thought!

Michael stalked off to the kitchen to fetch a beer. He needed to be alone. He snatched the matches off the back of the stove and lit the two small candles that sat on the table, then turned and opened the refrigerator. Just as he popped the top of his beer can and took one long, deep swallow, Sarah came into the room. He could barely make out her petite figure, standing in the dimly lit doorway, wrapped up tighter than a Christmas gift beneath the blanket. The vision would have been comical if not for the hurt look in his daughter’s eyes.

Sarah‘s tiny voice was barely audible beneath the blustery howling of the wind as it rattled the windows. “I’m going to bed now.” That was all that she said before quickly turning and rushing from the room. No hug? No kiss? It had been their nightly routine since Sarah was fresh out of diapers, but tonight, she had looked dejected and sad as she walked away without offering him either one. Michael was shocked by how disappointed he felt. He enjoyed the feel of her soft lips as they caressed his cheek while she held him tight up against her budding breasts.

You’re a sick, sick man, Sheldon. Michael whispered in the empty kitchen.

* * *

Michael downed his beer in one last gulp, reached inside the refrigerator for another one and headed up to his own room. There was no telling when the power would be back on so he may as well get under the covers and attempt to stay warm, disappointed that his nightly jack off session would have to be without the aid of his favorite porn video, Daddy’s Love.

Daddy’s Love? Of course he knew what the video was about, fathers fucking their on screen daughters, he should know he’s seen it a thousand times, but why was it that, until this very minute, he had never questioned what had motivated him to buy it? Did he subconsciously desire his own daughter? He already admitted to himself that he found her sexy, but did he also want to fuck her, like the men in the movie? Taking their daughter’s innocence and loving them like no father had any business doing?

No, No, No! He was horny, who wouldn’t be when they only got laid 2 or 3 times a year, but he wasn’t some sick pervert who dreamt about ravishing his own daughter. Was he? No. Absolutely not!

With a cold beer in one hand and a candle in the other, Michael carefully navigated his way through the dark hallway. As he neared his daughter’s door he suddenly stopped. He felt bad about the way he had pushed her away when all she had been doing was trying to soak up some much needed warmth, but if she only knew the lust-filled thoughts that had been running rampant inside his head, while she innocently touched his bare flesh, she’d understand. Not that he intended to ever tell her about the disturbing images.

After grabbing an extra blanket from the hall closet and stuffing it under his arm, he quietly opened her door. The room was dark and frigid. The moon streaming through her window offered some visibility as he set his beer on the dresser and moved towards the bed. Sarah was in the fetal position, huddled beneath a mountain of blankets with just her head left uncovered. She was already asleep.

Michael just stared down at her for several long seconds, absorbing the beauty of his young daughter. She was no longer a child who could be placated with simple words; he had hurt her feelings and would have to make it up to her. Tomorrow. Right now, the aching between his legs told him he needed to get far away from the cause of his incestuous thoughts, and stroke himself until every lustful image was exorcised from his brain.

He gently laid the blanket atop her sleeping body and bent down to kiss the top of her head. Just as his lips were about to brush against her forehead, Sarah lifted and turned her head, his lips found hers instead. Michael was startled but didn’t immediately pull away. Her lips were just as soft as he’d imagined they would be. He moved his lips softly over hers, tentatively, teasing her with quick, innocent kisses, carefully concealing the dangerous fire this simple kiss was igniting in him. When he felt her arms wrap around his neck, pulling him closer, and her tongue traced a path across his bottom lip, he couldn’t help parting his lips for his daughter’s gentle invasion.

The first sweep of her tongue inside his mouth was like a thousand tiny firecrackers had been set off inside his pants. His cock instantly swelled and pressed painfully hard against his zipper. Michael dared to deepen the kiss, placing one hand at the nape of her neck and holding her still while he plundered her mouth like a man dying of thirst. His tongue probed deep inside her wet cavern and was met by the hungry flick of his daughter’s tongue.

What the hell was he doing? This is Sarah, his baby girl, making him hornier than he had ever felt in his life, yet he was unable to pull away. He had to stop before he did something they’d both come to regret, but as Sarah continuously shoved her tongue deep inside his mouth, he was lost beneath a heavy cloud of lust. The kiss was hot, passionate, and was making his dick hard enough to pound nails with. How far was he willing to let this go before he put an end to it? He couldn’t fuck her…could he?

Sarah didn’t seem to be in any hurry to end the taboo kiss. But that was all she wanted…right…a kiss? She’s probably frightened by the ugly memories, the vicious storm outside has created and just wants to be comforted…right? Her kiss was tender, yet filled with passion, not the kiss of an innocent child. Is it possible that she’d more experienced than he had first thought? The idea of some other man kissing his beautiful daughter, and maybe more, sent an unexpected jolt of anger and jealously straight to his heart. He wanted to be the one to teach her about sex. The first man to bring about her sweet cries of passion.

What the fuck? How could be even be considering having sex with his minor DAUGHTER? Had years of loneliness turned him into some kind of sick predator? Michael abruptly ended the kiss. He stared into Sarah’s confused eyes for a long second before pulling away.

“Good night, Sweetheart.” His voice was full of pent up longing, a need that would have to remain unfulfilled. His cock was hard and weeping with disappointment, but his mind reminded him that he had to be the adult here. Wasn’t it his job to protect his daughter from perverts like him? But even as he scolded himself for letting the simple kiss turn into a heated exchange of want and desire, Michael knew that when he got to bed, he would not need to watch Daddy’s Love, his mind was all to eager to conjure up its own erotic images, scenes were he touched, tasted and fucked his little girl with no care as to the consequences.

Damn! He was going to burn in hell for this!

Chapter Two

Michael downed his last beer in three quick gulps, hoping the cool liquid would help sooth the fiery ache between his legs. It didn’t. The air in his room had turned icy cold with the loss of power and their only heat source, but still he tore his clothes from his body and quickly threw himself beneath the heavy quilt. He groaned as the soft material brushed against his throbbing hardness, causing a heavenly tingle to course through his lower body.

His hand immediately found the unruly organ and, not caring that his straining hard-on was caused by his incestuous thoughts of his 15 year old daughter, began to stroke the engorged flesh.

Michael closed his eyes, knowing that when he did images of Sarah’s lips pressed against his, her hand gently caressing his heaving chest, would assail his mind, but he no longer cared. It was all in his head, a fantasy. That couldn’t hurt anybody…right?

His hand moved faster, gripping his cock with vise like precision. He could feel the steady ooze of pre-cum as it dripped like a leaky faucet from the head of his cock. Images of Sarah in her tight T shirt and tiny lace panties swam behind his eyes, making his strokes faster, his breathing harsher. Release was within his grasp. His daughter’s name fell quietly, like a gentle caress, from his lips as he threw back the covers, knowing that when he came, it would be an explosive, sticky mess.

Just as he bared himself to the cool air, and felt the knowing tightness in his cum-filled balls, his bedroom door flew open.

Sarah’s petite figure quickly rushed into the room. Michael had just enough time to throw the covers back over his oozing cock before Sarah slid her trembling body into bed beside him.

“W-What are you d-doing?” Michael panted, frustrated by the interruption and his need for completion.

“I’m soooo c-cold, Daddy. Please k-keep me warm.” she shivered. Her cool skin against the side of his body was like a cold bucket of water thrown in his face. Michael instantly snapped out of his lusty trance and wrapped his arms around his daughter’s trembling body. Disgust filled his mind as he realized he had been whispering his daughter’s name while he prepared to expel his heavy load. He had to stop thinking of her like that. But even as he scolded himself for his unfatherly behavior, Michael could feel small fingers entwining themselves in his chest hair, a soft yet firm thigh rested atop his bare leg, just inches from his unaffected hard-on. He prayed that his innocent daughter would not feel the puddle of pre-cum that had moments ago dripped down his heavy meat and pooled in the trimmed thatch of pubic hair at the base.

What the fuck was he supposed to do now? The object of his inappropriate desire was lying nestled beside him, half naked, innocently stroking his bare flesh in an attempt to share his warmth, and his cock was twitching uncontrollably. He was certain she had to have felt it. Michael knew he should put a little distance between them, but at the same time acknowledged that they needed each other for warmth. Even if that heat was coming from the fire she was unknowingly igniting in his groin. He was an adult; he should be able to ignore it…right? Wrong!

His dick seemed to have a mind of its own.

As Sarah’s soft lips pressed against the side of her father’s neck she felt his body tense, yet he remained silent. Emboldened by this, Sarah planted innocent kisses along the column of his neck, breathing in his fresh, masculine scent.

* * * *

Sarah was inexperienced when it came to pleasuring a man, yet she had decided long ago that who better to teach her than the man she loves and trusts the most in the world. All of her friends had already lost their virginity and constantly belittled her for not making the same leap into womanhood. None of the boys at school interested her in the least. She wanted a Man. She wanted her Daddy.

At first she had fought against her unnatural attraction, telling herself that a man as handsome and experienced as her father would never want anything sexual with his virginal daughter. She almost convinced herself to give up the absurd idea that he should be her first lover, afraid that his rejection would be humiliating and ruin the wonderful bond that they shared, but as she routinely paraded her newly obtained curves around the house, wearing very little to cover her B cup breasts and tight young ass, she was once again encouraged by his reaction. She had given him a hard-on on more than one occasion…including tonight.

Sarah hadn’t missed the hard flesh that had nudged against the side of her thigh when she had boldly kissed her dad while huddled together on the sofa. He hadn’t pushed her away, as she had feared he would, instead he temporarily lost himself in the gentle kiss. For a brief moment he had kissed her back as if he wanted her too. His reaction had been fueled by desire, pent up lust. For her or for any female flesh, she wasn’t certain, but then again did it really matter?

She had laid in bed, listening to the walls creak and shake with every angry gust of wind, and shivering despite the internal heat that was causing her blood to boil inside her veins. She had let her mind wander down that familiar path, fantasizing about what it would feel like to have her father touch her intimately, as no other man has ever done before. The image of his bare flesh, hard and aroused, flashed in her mind and she had found herself cupping her fingers over her quivering pussy to try and ease the ache. Her fingers had moved under the waistband of her panties and rubbed briskly across her engorged clit, trying fiercely to relieve the building pressure that assaulted her body. It wasn’t enough, she needed more. She needed him.

Sarah had had no choice but to pull her fingers out of her damp panties, wrap a blanket around her chilly body and head to her father’s room. As she stopped outside his bedroom door, gathering up the courage needed to seduce him, she could hear a muffled sound coming from the other side of the door. Carefully she turned the knob, knowing that her father never locked his door just incase she had one of her horrible nightmares and needed him. She quietly pushed the door open a crack. When the sounds from inside didn’t stop, she knew her presence had not yet been detected and so she pushed the door open a little further.

The room was dark. She could just make out the shape of her father’s large body lying in the center of his bed, but could not make out the details of what she imagined was a magnificent male body. But what she heard was enough to make her pussy tremble.

Heavy breathing filled the air. She could hear the soft creaking of bed springs with every movement he made, smell the intoxicating scent of male desire and heard her name escape his lips with a breathless sigh. He was masturbating AND he was thinking of her!!

Sarah felt the instant moisture that seeped from her untried pussy and soaked her panties. Encouraged by the sounds of her father pleasuring himself, knowing that her timing was perfect and she would no doubt succeed with her plan, Sarah had pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

* * *

With his daughter snuggled up against him, her soft thigh draped over his leg and her warm lips nuzzling the crook of his neck, it was hard not to let the strangled moan escape his lips. Just minutes ago he had been fantasizing about touching her, degrading himself for wondering what it would feel like to be inside her tight, virginal passage, and now…now as her soft curves were pressed firmly against him, the throbbing between his legs was enough to erase all rational thinking from his muddled brain.

Michael couldn’t resist sliding his fingers through his daughter’s thick hair and tilting her face upwards. Their lips met for a gentle, experimental kiss. Soft at first, just a sweet brush of his lips to hers, father’s against daughter‘s. Michael made no demands of her, just waited to gauge her reaction. When Sarah suddenly parted her lips and slid her tongue into his mouth, encouraging him to deepen the kiss, Michael couldn’t refuse.

The gentle caress of lips soon turned ravenous, hungry. Passion exploded in the air around them as Michael pulled his daughter’s small body on top of him and kissed her passionately.

All coherent thought left his brain, melted his conscience as he felt her wet panties slide against his rock hard flesh. The friction between her panty-covered pussy and his hot, naked cock was heaven, but the knowledge that his daughter was wet with desire…for him, nearly pushed him over the edge. His hands cupped her firm ass and pulled her tight against his aching flesh.

He tried to grasp at some semblance of restraint, attempted to reign in his demanding lust, and remember who it was that was making his mind swirl with need, his body hum with pent up hunger, but his sweet, sexy daughter made it nearly impossible when she began grinding her pelvis against his erection. The soft mewling sounds she made against his lips were driving him insane. Michael tried to console himself with the rationalization that perhaps if this was all they did; pleasuring each other while at least one of them still had clothes on, it would be okay. But deep down he knew, as sure as he knew the sky was blue, that he would never be satisfied until he was seated deep inside his young daughter’s body.

No! I can’t violate my little girl for my own selfish pleasure. She’s a virgin AND she’s my daughter!!

But before Michael could ease her off of his trembling body, the dreaded words fell from her lips.

“I want you, Daddy.” She stared up at him with bright, clear eyes. “Make love to me, please.”

Michael’s heart nearly burst with excitement. Did he really just hear what he thought he heard? His 15 year old baby wants him to fuck her? No, she had said make love. He did love her, more than anything in the world. Would it really be so bad if he showed her that love…physically?

His cock swelled to an unbelievable fullness at the sound of her soft, breathless plea. She wants him… and he wants her, more than he’s ever wanted a woman since Dani, and while her small body laid atop him, grinding her pussy against his manhood, kissing him with more passion than a 15 year has the right to display, Michael knew this was meant to be, no matter how wrong it may seem. Sarah is his lifeline, his heart and soul, and tonight…she will become his lover as well.

* * *

Michael’s large palms gripped Sarah around the waist and rolled her onto her back, their lips never parting. His tongue probed deep inside her mouth, telling her without words how much he wanted her. By the time he released her lips to trail hot kisses across her face, to nibble gently on her earlobe, they were both breathless. Michael yanked her small T-shirt up over her head, exposing two perfectly round, firm breasts. He could see the young, creamy flesh, illuminated by the soft glow of the candle, making him smile in appreciation. His mouth was instantly back on her heated flesh, kissing and licking its way down her neck until his tongue reached one perfectly erect nipple. He licked across the sweet nub and his daughter’s back arched up off the bed with approval. He suckled her for several minutes before moving to the other breast and repeating the same delicious treatment. She smelled so good, like vanilla and spice mixed with the scent of her arousal.

He already knew she was wet as she had rubbed her soaked panty-covered crotch against his pulsing dick earlier, but when he finally moved lower on her body, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of her tiny thongs and lowering them down her petite legs, he growled with hunger at the first sight of her glistening wet pussy.

He pulled the covers up around him, attempting to keep the chill off of her bare skin. Michael spread his sexy daughter’s legs and settled his face between her thighs. The first gentle lap of his tongue had her instantly whimpering with excitement. He couldn’t suppress the moan that welled up in his chest as his fingers parted her lips and he sank his tongue between the puffy folds, licking softly at her young flesh. When her ass lifted up off the bed, pushing her cunt further into his face, Michael knew his baby girl was already close to reaching that wonderful peak. Her responsiveness drove him on. He hooked his arms around her thighs, urging her back down onto the mattress as his tongue licked up and down her dripping slit. When he found her sensitive nub and sucked it into his mouth, Sarah once again bucked against his face. This time her fingers fisted in his hair and she held him to her, squirming beneath him while he licked and sucked her clit relentlessly.

“OH God, Daddy!” Sarah whimpered. “I…I’m…gonna…” her sexy pants egged him on, making him lick faster, suck harder. “Don’t…s-stop…please don’t stop!!!” she begged.

Stopping was the last thing on Michael’s mind. His daughter’s pussy was unlike anything he’d ever tasted. So wonderfully sweet and satisfying. He could do this all night, tongue her glistening slit while she thrashed beneath him, crying out with her pleasure.

Michael knew the very second it started. When her body tensed and her breathing became raspy and quick, his baby girl was about to have her first orgasm. He couldn’t wait to have her juices covering his face, soaking his tongue and sliding down his throat.

He slid one finger into her wet channel, careful not to penetrate her too deeply. She was so tight, so wet. As he gently probed her vaginal walls, slowly moving his finger in and out of her, Sarah dug her fingers into his hair and screamed. She came so hard, and for so long, unlike anything Michael had ever seen before. Her enjoyment made his cock throb, aching to be deep inside her adding to her pleasure. He could feel her tight inner muscles clenching` around his finger.

“Yes! Yes! Daddy!” she cried. “Fuck yeah!”

Michael had never heard his little girl use vulgar words like that before and the thought of her saying them while he was lapping the cum from her pussy, made him want to shoot his load onto the mattress beneath him. Her body thrashed against his, but Michael fought to hold her down. He wasn’t ready to stop licking the sweet cream that was flowing from between her legs. Every lick from his experienced tongue was like an explosion in his mouth. Michael had never been with a woman that was capable of squirting, but as he pumped his finger in and out of his daughter’s tight passage, pressing upwards to hit that sweet, erogenous spot, cum flowed from her body like a broken water pipe. Michael was all too eager to lick up every drop.

He didn’t want to stop. It was like he was entranced by her taste, her moans of ecstasy, but when his torturous caresses became too much for Sarah’s incredibly sensitive flesh to bear, she gently pulled his hair and begged him to stop.

Michael quickly slithered up her body until his hips rested between her thighs. His glistening lips captured hers once again and he delved deep inside her mouth, sharing with her the amazing taste that lingered on his tongue. His swollen cock rubbed against her wet pussy, making her quiver with anticipation.

Sarah was the first to break the kiss. She sucked in some much needed air and stared into her father’s eyes. Her smile was ravenous as she stroked his hair, the hard muscles of his chest and then lower. Her hand slid between their bodies and for the first time she took her dad’s cock in her hand. Sarah gently caressed his throbbing meat, using the fluid oozing from the slit of his cock head to glide easily up and down his hard shaft. She had never touched a man like this before and the excitement she felt as her father moaned and arched into her caress was empowering. He was so big, so hard. Possibly 8 inches or more, and thick…Holy shit was he thick!

A moment of fear washed over her as she thought about having this enormous rod deep inside her virgin body, stretching and filling her, but when her father set his lips to hers once again, gently stoking her inner fire even higher, her apprehension slowly dissipated behind a renewed cloud of lust. The pleasure he had just given her was incredible, better than she could have ever imagined. Love swelled in her heart and all she could think about was returning the favor.

Sarah released her father’s cock from her hand and attempted to roll him onto his back. She wanted to taste that wonderfully hard organ, but was suddenly pushed back down onto the bed.

Sarah felt a moment’s disappointment and stared at him with confusion.

“I want to taste you too, Daddy.” she protested.

“Not this time, baby. I’m too close.” he whispered against her lips. Then she felt the head of his cock as it probed her slick entrance. “I need to be inside you.” Sarah smiled and braced herself for the first penetration. She knew it would be painful, but she trusted this man with her life. She nodded and her father slowly slid his cock into her hot channel. Just the head at first and Sarah sighed with relief when she felt no pain, just the wonderful connection of their bodies.

Michael’s eyes never strayed from his daughter’s face as he slowly pushed into her body. She was so amazingly wet and TIGHT! He only had the head of his cock inside her yet the muscles gripping his shaft already had his balls screaming for release. How would he ever hold out long enough to fill her completely? He wanted to make her cum again, feel her sweet juices gushing onto his cock as he fucked her to a second orgasm.

“Ready?” he groaned.

Sarah answered him by wrapping her legs around his waist, urging him to take her. When Michael pushed deeper she moaned. When he buried himself to the hilt, breaking through her womanly barrier, she cried out and dug her nails into his back.

“Fuck!” they both shouted in unison.

Michael couldn’t believe the incredible pleasure he felt at being deep inside his daughter’s tight pussy. Sarah couldn’t get passed the burning pain that his huge cock had created. She felt as though she had just been ripped in two. They both went still as their bodies adjusted to the unfamiliar sensations rippling through them.

He kissed her tenderly, first her lips then her tear-stained cheeks and behind her ears, his gentleness helped to ease some of the agony she felt as her pussy stretched to fit his massive cock. Michael didn’t dare move for fear of hurting her further and because the pleasure was so intense his seed threatened to spill out of him at any second. He lowered his head until he was even with her breast then laved the nipple with his wet tongue causing a tiny whimper to escape her lips. He needed to keep her aroused, stoke the dwindling embers of desire that had been obscured by the pain, rekindle the fire they had created together. At this point he was so aroused by his teenaged daughter there was no way he could stop even if she asked him to. Her pussy was so hot and tight, gripping his dick like a mini vise; making him clench his teeth as he fought to remain still, remain in control. He wanted to move so badly, but he didn’t want to hurt her.

The pain was slowly subsiding and in its place a delicious warmth and fulfillment was starting to emerge. Sarah could feel every delightfully alarming inch of his cock as it pulsed deep inside her. She knew her father was forcing himself not to move, not to cause her any more pain, and his willpower was a testament to his love, their love.

She rocked her hips, letting him know it was okay to move. And that’s exactly what Michael did. His long, thick cock moved painstakingly slow in and out of her body until he felt the tension drain from her trembling limbs. He watched her face transform from a look of searing pain, to instant pleasure. He smiled down at her as he increased the pace of his thrusts. He still didn’t take her as hard or as fast as he wanted to, instead, as it was her first time, he reminded himself to go slow. There would be a next time, of that he was certain. She felt too good to not have over and over again.

“Does that feel good, Baby?” Michael whispered.

“Oh Yes, Daddy. It feels amazing.” she sighed. “Faster, Daddy. Please.”

Michael picked up the tempo of their love making, thrusting into Sarah’s tight cunt again and again. He would pull his thick cock back until it was almost all the way out of her clenching wetness before plunging back in again, deeper with each thrust, his bulbous head rubbing repeatedly against that special spot buried deep within her tunnel.

Sarah was panting and clawing at his back. The same tingling sensation that she had felt earlier, when her father had been eating out her pussy, was slowly spreading across her heated flesh, starting in her toes and moving up her body until it pooled at that wonderful bundle of nerves that was still swollen and super sensitive. Instinct guided her fingers to that tingling nub of flesh and she began to massage it in a gentle, circular motion.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Rub your little clit for Daddy. Make yourself cum for me.” Her father hissed. His own climax was hovering a little too close for comfort. He didn’t want this to end yet, it felt too incredible. He wanted to stay inside his little girl forever, pumping in and out of her deliciously tight pussy, feeling her small body rise and fall to meet each demanding stroke of his throbbing cock, but he knew that wasn‘t going to happen. And he was right. Sarah’s fingers were moving frantically across her swollen clit, making her moan and writhe beneath him. He picked up the pace once again, anticipating the joy she would give him when she came all over his pounding cock. She did not disappoint him. With the first wave of ecstasy that passed through her petite body, Sarah’s screams filled the room as she gushed that sweet nectar once again.

“Ohmygod… ohmygod…Yes!” Sarah cried. “Faster!”

Michael pumped in and out of her soaked cunt, driving his cock in as far as he could get it and still wishing he could be deeper. The feel of his daughter’s young pussy gripping his dick as he hammered in and out of her, the swishing sound of her sloppy cunt as her feminine juices continued to squirt from her climaxing body, was too much to handle. Michael released the restraint that had been almost nonexistent since sinking deep inside Sarah’s warmth. He came harder than he ever remembered cumming before in his life. Even with his wife his orgasms had never been this intense.

“I’m cumming, Baby!” he roared.

Rope after hot rope of cum shot from the head of his cock to spray the inside of her vaginal walls as he pushed one hard final thrust deep inside his little girl’s pussy.

Michael shook uncontrollably as his spent body pressed Sarah into the mattress. He couldn’t catch his breath, couldn’t move as wave after wave of sweet aftershocks sizzled through every nerve in his body.

The last thing he remembered before sleep claimed his sated body was Sarah’s soft giggle as she said, “Damn, it got hot in here!”

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