Anonymous online pickup! by Steve+Edwards

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True Story | Authoritarian, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Torture, Transvestite

CL pickup!

I was on holidays and cruising for cock and abuse one morning. I had put an ad on CL and was waiting for a response. I didn’t have to wait long before I got a reply. It was from an out of town Dom who wanted to use a sissy before he had to leave. I’m a submissive CD that craves use and abuse, so I quickly agreed to meet him. I was to meet him at the truck stop just outside of town dressed very sluttily. I was to wear my shortest skirt, no panties, heels, white bra and a jean jacket. I was to park by the picnic table under the streetlight at the far end of the lot.

I arrived on time and awaited his arrival. A few minutes later he pulled up in a half ton. He came over and introduced himself. He explained that he was going to use me hard and that if I wanted to leave, now was the time. I shook my head and he said, “Good, you are to do everything I say without hesitation or I will really fuck you up. Understand!” I nodded my head. He told me to hike my skirt up and bend over the picnic table. As I did this he pulled out a huge rock hard cock. I spread my legs and presented my hole to him. He laughed and rammed his cock into my cunt in one swift plunge. I screamed at the savage intrusion as my hole was raped. He pounded my hole without mercy for about 10 minutes. He finally tensed up and shot his load deep in my battered cunt. He held it there until it softened and plopped out of my hole. “That’s good for starters,” he said.

He produced a huge butt plug from his truck and told me to insert it in my cunt. I tried, but it just wouldn’t go in. He got frustrated with my efforts and took the plug and placed it on the table. I was told to squat over it and descend. When I got to the widest part he grabbed my shoulders and viciously pulled me down. The widest part of the plug ripped through my sphincter was imbedded in my cunt. I was then handcuffed with my hands behind my back. He told me to get in his truck and that we were going for a ride. He hiked up my skirt up to expose my clit to all who could see into the truck cab. As we drove into town my clit started to harden. He looked and said, ” We can’t have any of that.”

He drove to the stroll (where street hookers hang out) and parked the truck. No sooner had we parked than a hooker approached the truck. He rolled down the passenger window and she stuck her head in. When she saw me she took a step back. The Dom explained what was going on. She laughed and came back to the window and asked what he was looking for. He produced a chastity device and said he wanted this put on me, but with an erection that was impossible. He’d give her $100 if she could get the cage on my clit and make sure I didn’t get erect for the rest of the night. She said, “No problem, pull into the alley and I’ll fix you up.” The Dom pulled into the alley and the hooker was there, with a couple of friends! She said the friends wanted to help, at no extra cost. The Dom readily agreed.

I was told to get out of the truck and present myself. The three hookers all laughed. “Boy, are we going to fuck you up,” one said. The one hooker grabbed my skirt and pulled it off while the other two put on some latex gloves. The third hooker took my clit in her mouth and roughly started sucking. It was brutal and I soon came in her mouth. She let the cum dribble on my softening cock. “Okay, he’s ready now,” she said. The one hooker grabbed my softening clit and coated the palm of the glove with my cum. She then placed the palm of her glove on the ground. When she brought it up it was covered with little pieces of gravel. The hooker smiled, wrapped her handed around my clit and started jerking. The gravel started biting into my clit rubbing it raw. “Baby, we are going to milk you this way until you cum again and then we are going to put the cage on you. So, if you don’t want your cock to be a bloody mess you’d better cum quick,” the hooker jerking my cock said. I knew I couldn’t cum that quick unless I was being fucked. I begged the Dom to fuck me, but he just laughed. The one hooker said she would fuck me and I begged her to do it. She told me to push the plug out of my ass. As I was pushing it out she produced an aluminum baseball bat, hat she used for bad johns. As soon as the plug exited my cunt she shoved the head of the bat in the gaping hole. She roughly pushed it in and out while her friend vigorously jerked my cock. Between the jerking and the fucking I eventually came, but it was too late for my cock. It was a bloody, raw mess. The one hooker produced a baby wipe, cleaned off my cock and attached the chastity cage. The Dom paid them for their services, shoved the plug back in my cunt and we left.

He was staying at a rundown motel on the edge of town. We got to the motel and went to his room. He went first and had me follow, naked from the waist down, to his room. Once inside he uncuffed me, stripped off the remainder of my clothes, except the heels and the wig. He recuffed me, attached a spreader bar and placed me face down on the bed. He took his belt off and started to whip my bare ass. He said he was going to leave it bloodied, just like my cock. I was crying and begging for him to stop. Just as I thought I’d pass out there was a knock on the door. “About time you got here,” the Dom said. I looked and it was the hooker that had jerked my cock raw. She quickly stripped, crawled on the bed and presented her asshole to me. It had obviously been fucked and was oozing cum. The Dom told me to suck the cum out of her ass and be quick about it. I started licking the cum and sticking my tongue up her ass. She was moaning and calling me names like faggot, queer, etc. As this was going on the Dom got behind me. Pulled out the plug and started fucking my cunt. It was so ruined that I hardly felt it. He finally tensed and planted his seed deep in my cunt.

The sun was just coming up and he told the hooker he had to go, but that the room was paid for the remainder of the day and that the faggot (me) was hers to use. He uncuffed and uncaged me and left. The hooker quickly got some ties from her bag and retied me spread eagled on the bed. She then got on the phone and invited her friends over. The other two hookers soon arrived and walked in as the first one was fisting my ass. My cunt was so loose she was in up to the elbow. Soon the other two were naked and as I serviced one with my tongue the others would took turns fisting my ass. The younger one eventually got her arm up to the shoulder in my ass. When she pulled it out my ass prolapsed. It was huge and they all stared at it and started laughing. “You really are fucked up,” one said.

Check out time was approaching and they were about to leave. I begged them to take me to my car, which was nearby. I had some money in my car and I said I would pay them. They agreed and marched me naked out to their car. We walked right past the maid with my prolapse hanging out. She just stopped and grinned. When we got to my car I retrieved the key from its hiding place, gave it to the one hooker so she could get the money. The other two kept guard over me. When she returned she had the money, but wouldn’t give the keys to me unless I agreed to one more thing. Reluctantly I agreed. I bigger hooker grabbed my arms and held them behind my back. In this position my balls were totally at their mercy. The smaller one swiftly kicked me in the balls. It was excruciating and I would of buckled over if not being held up by the big hooker. The other two took turns destroying my balls. After about a dozen kicks I was let go and fell to the ground. They threw the key by my car and left. I lay there for quite awhile, until I heard the sound of traffic. My cock was raw, my balls swollen and my ass was prolapsed. I slowly made my way to the table, found my keys and headed home. What a night!

Rating: 63%, Read 12888 times, Posted Aug 29, 2015

True Story | Authoritarian, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Torture, Transvestite


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