Hell Hath No Fury..._(1) by aliveinpr

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Fiction | Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Interracial, Wife

Hell Hath No fury...

By aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. This is a fictional story, so read and enjoy.

Just like you would find in “Cosmo”, all the signs were there. Jake and I had been married for over 10 years. I saw our marriage as ideal and I thought Jake had the same opinion. We handled chores around the house equally, I even liked mowing and general yard work. I even did some minor repairs around the house. If I knew more about cars, I probably would have been a ‘grease monkey’ like Jake, oil changes, air filters, checking brakes and tires, etc.

Our love life was very good as Jake made me feel well loved and some times he would make me cum. Neither one of us were experienced when it came to sex. I was satisfied with our standard ‘missionary’ and ‘doggy style’ positions. Being inexperienced when we married, Jake taught me what he knew. I felt he was versed in the art of love making by reading articles in his ‘girlie’ magazines.

There were times we talked about having children, but the subject was often dropped by one or both of us. I was on the pill feeling we weren’t ready for a family. A few times, our best friends asked about our plans to have children, but they too were in the same position to wait until ready, mentally, physically and financially.

Jill and Ernest lived three blocks away and we all got together once or twice a month for a BBQ. Of all our friends, they became our best friends. Jill would stop by for coffee or wine a few days during the week and we discussed new fashions and usually the subject would change to erotic stories. I learned from her the various computer sites where people published their sex stories and a few porn videos. We were both hooked and would discuss various stories we had read. What I read, it did excite me, but all I totally enjoyed was Jake’s tongue in my pussy. That was the only way I ever had an orgasm. His cock in my pussy never gave me the pleasure I have read about, but the orgasms I had from his tongue were the only joys I got from our sexual relations. I really didn’t get excited sucking his cock, but it seemed that he liked oral sex and I just continued giving him blow jobs to keep him happy.

Jill would talk about her pleasure from vaginal, oral and anal sex. She talked about Ernest fucking her in many different positions. She was always telling me how satisfied she was in her marriage.

Her stories had me wondering why my sex life was so dull and drab with Jake. Jake never tried to fuck me anally and I wondered what it was like. I read in the erotic stories how ecstatic the women became with their partners. On the DVDs I saw, I would see the women screaming for more cock and wanting to be fucked harder and deeper. They also seemed to be ecstatic when fucked both in the pussy and ass. Why wasn’t my life like that? Jake seemed to be only interested in having his cock sucked, tonging my pussy and unloading his cum in me. Our tender moments in bed lasted less than ten minutes.

Jake then began to work many late hours, got home too tired to spend time with me sexually. Our love making then dwindled to once a week, then down to once a month if I was lucky. It got to the point where he barely touched me or kissed me good bye or hello. Then there were the bar scenes with his buddies from work on Friday nights, those nights turned into 2:00 am closing times, then golf or extra work most of the time on Saturdays. He was working more overtime, but our checking account didn’t seem to grow. I looked for other signs, but no ‘lipstick’ on the collars or strange hair strands on his coat, the usual signs you see on television programs.

Jill’s visits during the week became more varied. Jill had a part time job and I understood that would cut our daily visits from her unusual hours. Ernest worked from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm doing some kind of work in a warehouse and had to do a lot of lifting. Ernest was promoted to foreman and had to work late some nights. I noticed that he was a good looking big burly black man. Jill was a petite black woman and was cute but not model material. I wasn’t a real looker either, but I knew we both got attention from other men.

When we all got together, Jill would dress less conservatively, short skirts, low cut blouses and some times heels. She got more attention from men than I did. When other men stared at me, it made me feel funny ‘down there’. I liked that feeling, but I would feel ‘naked’ if I wore the same styles Jill did. She also flirted with men and I thought I should do the same so Jake would pay more attention to me. I bought a couple of short skirts and low cut blouses to get his attention, but that was no help. I ended up hanging them in the closet. A few times I wore those outfits when shopping and I liked the looks I got from strange men. It was exciting and I began to wear more revealing clothes, Jake never seemed to notice, but all the strange men ogled over my sexuality.

We did have our BBQ get together s as usual and I noted that Jake seemed to pay more attention to Jill. I did not notice any sexual innuendos between them and saw no ‘red’ flags. Ernest apparently didn’t seem to see any unusual signs or he would have said something or maybe punch Jake in the face. Ernest did seem to pay more attention to me. The clothing seemed to work on him, but not Jake.

Reading women’s magazines, I tried to encourage Jake with sexy lingerie and sitting on his lap while watching TV. I even tried rubbing his cock through his pants and several times left the computer on with porn sites, but there was no change in his interest for sex. He did compliment me on the meals I cooked, but anything else I did around the house was just shrugged off. Jake no longer appreciated my help around the house.

It was time to take further steps. I contacted an investigation agency about my suspicions that Jake was cheating. While waiting for any kind of report, Jill came by a few mornings and we discussed the sex stories we had read. I was about to ask Jill what I should do about Jake’s inattentive actions toward me, but then I just thought I didn’t need to get her involved. It was a bit premature that Jake was cheating and our laundry was just ours to clean.

My mouth dropped to the floor when I got the investigation. The report gave dates, times and places. There were pictures and videos of Jake and ‘the other woman’. She turned out to be Jill...my so called best friend. They even used a motel room on the weekends when Ernest wasn’t working or playing golf. I knew why our checking account didn’t grow. I became furious and I felt my option was to file for divorce. I let this problem stew for a couple of days as I was thinking that a divorce was not enough. I felt that Jill was equally at fault, I could divorce Jake, but only drop Jill as a friend, she needed to be punished some how, they both needed to pay for their cheating.

I called Ernest and made a date to meet him for coffee on his day off. I felt that he had the right to know what my husband and his wife were doing behind our backs. I wanted him to see the evidence of their cheating.

I met Ernest and he became furious after reading the report. I took his hands and told him that he needed to calm down as violence was not the answer. He kept re-reading the report. I said to Ernest, “The only thing we can do is to divorce them”. Ernest said, “Let me think about that, I just have to get my head together. I need to think”. I said, “Please Ernest, don’t do anything foolish. Don’t let Jill know yet. I also need time to think what I or we should do before confronting Jake and Jill. We need to do this together”.

A couple of days passed and Ernest called me. He wanted to see the video’s from the investigators report. I let Ernest know that he should come to the house as Jake was at work. He could watch the videos and we could discuss our options.

At the house, I got Ernest a good strong rum-coke to help calm him down. He watched the video as I sat close to him. His hand was on my thigh and every time he watched Jake’s cock enter his wife, his grip on my thigh was so tight, I felt the blood being cut off.

Ernest was hurting me and I told him his hand hurt. He jumped, not realizing and then he just began to ease his hand on my thigh as he rubbed up and down.

We watched the videos. What I saw, it seemed Jill and Jake were doing things he and I never did, but the way they fucked, I felt a burning in my vagina as I secreted moisture. I saw Jake fucking Jill in many positions, and in the ass. They fucked for hours. He did sexual things with Jill that he never tried with me. I have been cheated sexually and cheated on. The more I watched the videos, my infuriation increased. I wanted to hurt both of them. A divorce was not enough.

After twenty minutes, I was getting pissed and strangely real wet in my panties, my mouth was watering and I couldn’t take my eyes off the scenes before me. I felt Ernest’s hand move higher on my thigh and he was very close to my panties. I made no attempt to stop him as his hand inched further upward. I don’t know what snapped in my mind, but I turned and looked at Ernest just as he turned to meet my eyes. Without a word, we embraced in a deep loving kiss.

As our tongues danced with each other, I felt his fingers on the front of my panties and then his fingers went under the elastic and began rubbing my wet vulva. I did nothing to stop him, there was no way I was going to stop him now. Our kiss lingered as my tongue swabbed the inside of his mouth. My desire for sex was building, I wanted everything involving sex.

Without thinking, I said, “Ernest, it’s clear they are cheating on us, we need to get back, punish them more than just a divorce.” Ernest stood, pulled me up and removed my clothes. I did nothing to stop him, I was finally getting attention from a man. I didn’t feel uneasy being nude in front of him, a man not my husband. My mind told me that this was the right thing I needed to do. I had been sexually starved for a long time. I wanted this black man to make love to me. I then unbuckled his belt and zipped his pants open. I pushed his pants and boxers to the floor as I looked at his freed cock inches in front of my face. I knew what to do from watching videos and reading the porn stories. His cock was as big as I have seen in our DVDs. His cock was a giant compared to Jake’s. I knew he would be stretching my pussy and pushing my womb up to my throat with his beautiful cock, something Jake could never do. I thought this must be step one of our revenge.

His cock was beautiful and my tongue licked the gleaming liquid from the tip. I was surprised that the taste was enjoyable. Then I opened my mouth and sucked his cock into my mouth as my hands then cupped and rubbed his balls. I sucked his cock deeper as my mind told me that Jake’s cock never touched the opening to my throat. With Ernest’s cock, I kept gagging as I tried to get more of his cock into my mouth. I now desired to be the slut like those I watched on the porn DVD s.

Ernest began groaning. He then said, “Yes, baby, suck my cock, suck it as deep in your mouth as you can.” I was feeling funny as my pussy was becoming wetter. My nerves were tingling. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I was beginning to have an orgasm from a sexual act with a man other than my husband. Jake never made me feel this way when I took his cock in my mouth, something only he enjoyed. I had what I thought were orgasms from having sex with my husband but this was an exquisite feeling. I looked up at Ernest and saw his smiling lustful eyes as my mouth tried to suck his entire cock into my mouth. His cock began to swell and he jerked back from my mouth.

He saw the sad look in my eyes as he said, “I don’t want to cum yet, I want to cum in your pussy”. I could only murmur, “Oh, yes, I want to feel your cock in my pussy, I want you to fuck me”. My language had become the language I read in the sex stories, this was the first time I openly said those words, it was exciting and I had no shame.

Ernest picked me up and took me to my bedroom. He placed my naked body on my back on the bed and I opened my legs wide for him. He climbed on the bed and his hands pushed my legs further apart and slowly inched up my legs. His teasing hands rubbed higher and higher as his lips began to kiss the inside of my thighs. After a few minutes, his mouth was in front of my pussy and the first feeling of a tongue flicking my labia lips was electrifying as my body trembled, my back arched and my hands pulled his head into my pussy. My legs were shaking as my head pushed into the pillow and my entire body was at the height of my orgasm with me screaming unintelligently for the first time in my sexual experience. I never felt this way with my husband, I was now aware that the orgasms with Jake as he ate my pussy, were mild, nothing like this.

My desire for Ernest was at the extreme as I wanted to feel his cock deep in my pussy, to fuck me over and over. I didn’t care that I was now cheating on Jake, this man was making me enjoy the feeling of true love. Something, I realized, I never felt with Jake.

Suddenly I felt his fingers pinching my nipple. Now my juices were flowing heavy and I could hear him slurping as his tongue and lips ravished my pussy. l was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss, stimulated from my pussy to my breasts. The dam broke when his nose began rubbing my clit as his tongue was buried in my pussy. I thought I was peeing and he was drinking my liquid. He kept his mouth, tongue and nose working their magic and since he didn’t care that I was peeing, I just let the flow continue.

Ernest raised his head and was smiling at me and began moving upward. His face, covered with my juices and was only inches from mine as I felt the bulbous head of his penis rub against my pussy opening. As his cock was beginning to enter me, he said, “Your squirt tastes wonderful. I’m glad I could make you squirt while I ate your pussy.” I didn’t know what he meant by ‘squirt’, maybe it was a slang word for pee. I didn’t care, I loved the feeling and was still in a mild orgasmic bliss with the feeling of his cock inching it’s way through my vaginal canal with the desire to reach it’s target. My cervix and womb desired the pressure from his cock as he began to inch it’s way do them.

My walls were constricting against his penis, even tho he was stretching me wider to accommodate his girth. I had never felt anything this huge in my vagina. Jake could never fill me like this. My body was again tingling as my toes curled inward and my legs wrapped around his back. I did my best to pull him hard into me as I felt his cock finally ram into my cervix.

I quietly said in his ear, “Yes, Yes, I feel you, I want you to fuck me.” His cock was stuffing me full and the friction against my nerve endings was causing my pussy to pulsate. My body trembled with excitement. Now I was screaming, “YES, YES....FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME, FUCK ME DEEP”.

Ernest was a wild man and fucked harder and harder. His force was causing my body to inch toward the headboard. Our bodies became one as we thrashed on top of the bed. His cock would thrust into my cervix and I would push back wanting more. I was in a total melt down as my orgasms increased. My legs gripped his back with as much force as I could to pull more of him into me, my arms flailed from my body, my back kept arching up toward his body and I was yelling, “YES, OH, GOD, YES...FUCK ME HARD. FUCK ME, FUCK ME. FUCK ME DEEP”.

With each thrust of his cock, Ernest kept asking, “who are you?” I could only answer, “I am your white slut, wanting your cock to fuck me.” He then said, “We don’t have spouses anymore. I want you.” I could only say, “Yes, I’m your slut, I want your cock, I’ll do anything for you.”

I felt Ernest begin to stiffen, his cock was now throbbing and swelling in my pussy. I knew he was going to satisfy my desire to be filled with his cum. Ernest then said, “YES, I’M GOING TO CUM. I’M GOING TO FILL YOUR WHITE PUSSY WITH MY SEED. YEAAAAAAAAA.” And I felt his cock spasm as he shot his seed into my womb, one shot after shot at a time, filling me. His cum was pumping into me as I have never felt it before. I just had a sexual adventure and I knew this man was going to fuck me any time he wanted.

We laid still, sweat glistening on our bodies. Ernest was still inside me as he held me close while our bodies calmed. I could feel my juices mixed with his cum seeping out around his cock and coating my pussy, running down my crack and pooling at my ass. Our lips met and our kiss lasted a long time while we ran our hands over each other.

My sexual life was opened as Jake never made me feel this way. I could not see what Jill wanted from my husband, he wasn’t able to satisfy a woman the way Ernest had. Why was she cheating on Ernest? My libido was at it’s high peak and I knew Ernest was going to fuck me for years. I desired his cock, my husband was a worthless worm and his cock would never touch me again.

I told Ernest, “I never felt this way with Jake. His cock is so small, he’s like a pencil stub and never hit my cervix. You stretched my pussy open, it did hurt at first, but now I will accept you at any time. Jake never made me cum with his cock in my pussy”. Ernest then said, “That must be why Jill is cheating with Jake. She has always had trouble with my size. She always complained that I hurt her, even in her ass, she couldn’t take me comfortably. With Jake’s size, she can take him without pain. What I saw on the video, it seems like she is teaching Jake how to please a woman”. I told Ernest, “He isn’t going to use his education on me. His cock will never enter my body again. I need your cock to please me, I will do anything you ask of me”.

Ernest’s cock softened and pulled from me. Our juices were now flooding the bed as we still held onto each other. I slowly pulled my head back from our kiss and said, “We need to make our FORMER mates suffer for their cheating”.

Now, I knew that Jill was not honest when she discussed her sexual enjoyment with Ernest. She never told me about her husbands size and the way it hurt her. She had painted such a rosy picture that they were so happy. I have never had such a huge cock in my mouth or pussy, but after the initial pain, I had exceptional pleasure and earth shattering orgasms.

I was brought out of my thoughts as Ernest said, “I’m going to the house and kill those two”. I rolled over and then straddled his chest and said, “No. You aren’t going to do that. I want you to act like nothing had happened. Continue to act like you still love Jill. I have to do the same with Jake. I have an idea and I need to talk with a lawyer first. Yes, you are going to keep fucking me, but I need you to stay calm until I can get my plan together”.

Ernest gave me a sad look and said, “That’s going to be hard. Pretending to be the loving husband when I know she is fucking your husband.” I said, “Remember, we just cheated on them and as far as I am concerned, we will continue to fuck each other.”

It was 9:00 pm and I figured Jake would be getting home, I’m sure from cheating with Jill but he would use his usual excuse of 'working late'. Ernest was reluctant to leave, he wanted to keep fucking me and letting Jake walk in on us, then spring our knowledge of their cheating. I told him to be cool and leave until I could formulate my plan with the attorney.

Jake came home as usual, tired from ‘working late’. I hadn’t showered after Ernest fucked me and I knew I smelled of sex, but he didn’t even notice. I had put on a see thru camisole showing cum dried on the inside of my thighs. The sheets were still wet from cum and my juices, he still didn’t notice. I knew then that I had a dead head husband and I was going to wake him up to the realistic world soon. We fell asleep that night and he didn’t even try to hold me or cuddle. What a jerk, another sign he was cheating.

I contacted an attorney. He advised me of my choices and how the laws in this state worked. I decided that I would not file for a divorce at this time, we would put it on hold. I asked him some other ‘what if’s’ and now my plan was being formulated.

I called my friend Bonnie. She had gone through a divorce due to her husband cheating on her. I needed her advice so she came over for coffee. Bonnie got her house through the divorce and had been stuck with the mortgage. She said that she found a job where she could pay the bills. I asked her if I could bring a ‘lover’ and use her guest bedroom. I didn’t want Jake to get home unexpectedly to find Ernest and me fucking. She wasn’t keen on the idea but finally agreed as long at we didn’t use her ‘motel’ too often. I didn’t want Jake to turn the cheating thing around blaming me. I called Ernest and he came to her house to meet Bonnie so we could all be comfortable.

After an hour, I took Ernest to the guest room and we fucked for nearly an hour. When Ernest left, Bonnie said, “God, you guys really went at it. Your screaming excited me and my pussy really got wet. You kept screaming how big his cock was. I’d like to see what you were screaming about”. I said, “Next time he comes over, I will leave the door cracked so you can ‘spy’ on us. You’ll see what I am screaming about”.

A couple of days passed and I couldn’t stand it. I called Ernest and had him meet me at Bonnie’s house. I knew Jill was getting ‘ho hum’ sex from Jake and I was going to be getting the best sex in my life. I didn’t see why it should change.

Ernest met me at Bonnie’s. We rolled around on the bed naked for a few minutes and I had to get my pussy full of his cum. God, Ernest could make me tingle and shake all over. He had explained the term ‘squirt’ and he was able to make me squirt again as he inserted his tongue inside my pussy.

As we laid together sweating and laying in the cum soaked sheets. I knew I had to help Bonnie with house work and wash bed linen. I saw Bonnie looking through the gap in the door and her skirt was up to her waist as her hand was in her panties, frantically fingering herself. Yes, she saw his huge cock and probably wishing she was in my place on the bed.

Ernest and I fucked three more times, I even had him open up my ass. I knew we were going to be lovers and I wanted him to enjoy every hole I had. I was his slut and would do anything he wanted. He could fuck me any time and any place, even out in the middle of the park if he wanted, my naked body was his to display, especially with cum oozing from my pussy and ass. My sexual life had changed with Ernest. I didn’t care how he used my body. I was now a new woman, my sexual desire had peaked.

Bonnie was still in the door way all this time watching us fuck. Her skirt and panties were on the floor around her feet and her blouse open as one hand caressed her breasts and the other was almost shoved totally into her pussy.

After Ernest left, Bonnie told me, “I want a cock like that, my ex-husband could never fuck me like that. Does he have a friend with a big dick? See if you can help me out, I need to be fucked and fucked like he fucks you”. I told her I would talk with Ernest and I was sure he would be happy to set her up with one of his friends. I even thought of sharing Ernest with her.

Another day and my pussy was yearning. I told Ernest that I needed to meet again at Bonnie’s. Ernest agreed and we set a time and date. While in our room, yes, we did fuck with the door open. I admitted to him that I was excited when being watched, and Bonnie was going to watch from the open door.

I asked Ernest about his work and if he liked being the foreman. I was truly interested in his work and he told me what he did. Ernest told me that he had a crew of twenty five guys and they unloaded and loaded trucks with goods that needed to be stored or shipped. Orders would come in to load a truck, they would pull the pallets out of the stacks which were over thirty feet high. They would use fork lift trucks to pull out the needed pallets and then load the trucks sitting at the docks.

Since he was black, I asked him if most of his crew were black. Ernest smiled and asked, “Are you raciest?” I gave him a deep stare and said, “Hell no, I fuck you, don’t I? What a question to ask a white slut that loves your black cock.” Ernest chuckled and said, “OK, you win. Yes, most of my crew are black. Why do you ask?” I said, “ Bonnie also needs a ‘boyfriend’ with a big cock. Maybe one of the guys in your crew would fit her deion. She and I would trust your choice.”

Bonnie was still at the open door as Ernest and I were still nude laying on the bed. As I stroked Ernest’s cock to erection, Bonnie’s eyes became saucers as she said, “Oh, my God, yes. I want a cock like that in my pussy.” Ernest’s cock twitched as I took him into my mouth. Bonnie was fingering her pussy as I sucked Ernest’s cock dry.

Before we left Bonnie’s, Ernest said, “I have the prefect guy for Bonnie. He has the big black cock she is asking for”. He looked up at Bonnie. She was smiling and rubbing her pussy through her panties.

The next evening, after Jake got home late from work, I told him it had been a long time since Jill and Ernest joined us for a BBQ. The only response I got from Jake was, “Yeah, sounds good. You and Jill can set it up”.

I called Jill and we agreed on next Saturday, we would all get together. She was going to get steaks and potatoes. I would get beer and wine and made a salad. After the plans were made, I called Ernest and we planned to meet my attorney Friday morning.

Ernest and I met with the attorney. Ernest had the papers made for his divorce and I had mine done and let the attorney know Jake would never agree to a divorce. He said that would be a problem as Jake had to sign the papers so they could be filed with the court. All I cared about was that he was served and knowing that, I considered he was no longer my husband. Court or no court, he was going to move out and be out of my life forever.

As we left the attorney’s office, Ernest asked, “Why don’t you care that Jake won’t sign the divorce papers?” I answered, “This way, I kick him out and he will still be responsible for the mortgage. He will keep paying to keep the house from foreclosure. His credit rating is more precious than allowing the house be taken in foreclosure. You and I can live together and he will continue paying the mortgage. I’ll teach him for cheating on me.” “I never thought about my house,” Ernest said, “I might get stuck with the mortgage with Jill living there”. I said, “No, give her the house through the divorce, that way she will either have to sell it or pay the mortgage herself. Double whammy, they both get what they deserve for cheating”.

Ernest was still laughing as we got in the car. Ernest then asked, “When do we drop the bomb on them, the evidence we have”? I said, “At the BBQ. After eating, we will all get settled in the living room for drinks and I will play the DVD of them fucking, that’s when they will be served with the divorce papers".

I then added, "While they are in shock, I will tell them to get out of MY house and never return. You and I will go to MY bedroom and fuck the rest of the night. Maybe, we should invite Bonnie and her new boyfriend to the BBQ as witnesses. They could use the guest bedroom.”

Ernest then said, "Maybe in a week, I will have my crew over for a BBQ so you and Bonnie can 'entertain' them". I looked at Ernest, smiled and said, "I think that would be delicious".

Rating: 89%, Read 18538 times, Posted Apr 06, 2018

Fiction | Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Interracial, Wife


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