His Women (2) by wirepaladin

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“We’ll just have to work around it, she was pretty insistent, she particularly wants to see you Ryan, first grandchild and all. Since you’re so frequently deployed she wouldn’t be denied.”

Back in Springfield, Gram, Tina Wright, was a little befuddled, it had seemed that Kim didn’t really want her to come but she wasn’t going to be denied. At seventy-one she was a rather regal woman, her hair, now snow white with age was still beautifully coiffed, she, like her daughter was tall and slender her clothing modest, for she was a modest woman who led an exemplary life. She had a voice from the angels, a high soprano. She sang lead in the church choir, she’d done so since she was seventeen. She attended church services every Sunday, Wednesday evenings were devoted to choir practice, she went to the garden club on Mondays, her roses were prize winners every year. On Tuesdays she got together with three other friends for bridge and their one vice, they all drank a little wine. Thursdays she volunteered at the church thrift shop, Fridays she met friends for an evening out, they tried various restaurants and took in a movie. Saturdays she devoted to herself, she studied her bible.

Her life seemed so full, she was continually on the go, but to her, it was like life was passing her by, sometimes she felt like she was in a cloistered convent albeit one without walls. Tina had grown up as the only daughter of a church deacon. Her father recognized her fantastic voice, he’d introduced her to the choir master, at seventeen he’d made her the lead singer. His name was Marvin Wright, he was twenty years her senior, she was twenty-two and a virgin when they married. They had their daughter Kimberly when she was twenty-four, she was a widow by the time she was thirty, a heart attack had taken Marvin at the young age of forty nine. She had been celibate since. Forty-two years, she’d prayed that she would meet someone but that prayer was never granted, now she was well past any expectation. The bible offers a life span of three score and ten, she felt like she was living on borrowed time, she was three score and eleven. That was why she was so insistent about visiting, it might be her last chance to see her grandson Ryan.

Yes, Tina Wright had led a chaste and righteous life and sometimes she regretted it, somehow she felt she may have missed out on some of the fun things in life. If asked if she was happy she would reply that she was content. She had her friends, her church, her little Peekapoo Mitzi (who would be staying with her neighbor while she was away), her home and financial security, what more was necessary?

Well, she did have one secret, she’d prayed about it many times, it seemed somehow evil, but buried in her panty drawer was her secret, a small vibrator she used once a month. She could get herself good and wet although she’d never climaxed. She’d gotten it out, should she take it with her? No, she’d be too embarrassed to use it, she reburied it among her plain white cotton undergarments.

Her flight was uneventful, Ryan had parked in short term, sh there was a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, he grabbed her luggage and off they went.

“I thought Kim and Ursula would be with you,” she said.

“I think they’re in the midst of fixing a big feast in your honor Gram, we’re all so glad you came, it’s been to long.”

“You have no idea how happy to be here, you’re right, it’s been a long time, far too long.”

They made small talk for the remainder of the ride. Both Kim and Ursula were in the kitchen when they got there, hugs and peck kisses all around, both of the girls were clad in shorts and tee shirts, the fact that they were braless was evident (well at least in Ursula’s case), Tina was a little surprised at the casualness but refrained from commenting. Kim suggested that she might want a bath after traveling all day. Tina said she did, Kim asked Ryan to show her to the guest room.

He carried her suitcases and put them on the bed then showed her to the bathroom , he started the water running to fill the huge tub.

“Gosh, I believe I could swim in this,” Tina commented.

“Try the Jacuzzi jets Gram, they’re great on stiff muscles.”

He got a fluffy white bath sheet and a loofah sponge, “Enjoy,” he said as he left.

She did, enjoy that is, she’d never been in a Jacuzzi tub, she could get used to it and she could afford it, she might just to have one installed.

She’d positioned herself to get a shoulder massage, rolled onto one side for her back then the other side for the rest of her back, she even presented, she’d never had a butt massage, again, she could get used to it, then her legs and thighs, it got a little too close, she thought, naughty girl, she’d never gotten a massage there either, it had reared it’s little pearl tip in appreciation of it’s bath, it was now nudged through her labia, all she could think was “Down Girl,” then she thought, Oh Lord, I’m seventy-one years old, what am I doing, she’d pray on it tonight.

She dried with the big fluffy bath sheet, opened her suitcase, took out and put on her brassiere and her cotton panties then sat at the vanity to brush her hair. She applied antiperspirant and dabbed on a little cologne, then a light lipstick, she stood, she approved, she put on a white sun dress and a white blouse adorned with blue sun flowers, she stepped into a white pair of mules and opened the bedroom door.

She was hungry, peanuts on the flight didn’t go far, her mouth watered, a beautiful roast of beef, brown and crisp on the outside, a band of perfect medium rare and a rare center, it was accompanied brown and luscious Hasselback potatoes and a summer squash medley, there was also a bottle of Zinfandel breathing on the sideboard, Ryan directed her to her seat and pulled out her chair.

“Gosh Gram, you’re beautiful, I love the dress,” he told her.

“Thank you Ryan though I feel a bit overdressed for this occasion,” she eyed her daughter.

“I’m sorry Mom, I should have told you, here we opt for a casual approach.”

“I’ll say,” Tina commented, a little haughtily perhaps.

Both of the girls had removed their shorts, here at the table they were barefooted wearing only tee shirts and panties.

Their appearance didn’t at all detract from the meal, it was absolutely delectable and the Zinfandel, she thought of Zinfandel as pink, this was a deep red and a perfect compliment for the beef. When she commented that she thought of Zinfandel as a pink wine and too sweet for her taste, Ryan educated her.

“Gram, both come from the same grape, the grapes used to make Pink Zinfandel are peeled, the grapes to make this are not.”

Dessert was pecan tarts served with a Malmsey Madeira, coffee was offered but no one was interested, the wine was the perfect compliment for the tart.

They sat around the table, each took a second glass of the Madeira, the conversation pleasant as they caught up on family and friends.

Finally Tina said, “It’s been a long day and I find travel tiring, if you don’t mind I think the bed is calling.”

Everyone gave her a good night peck and a hug. Once she’d gone to the bedroom Kim asked, “What’s the arrangement for tonight?”

“I thought you might like company, would you mind?” Ryan asked.

“Your room or mine?” Was all she wanted to know.

“Yours, did you stock up on some lubricants?”

“You know I did, so did Ursula, no way that pole of yours goes in without greasing the chute,” they all had a little chuckle.

The three of them traipsed up the staircase.

“Tina had undressed, hung her dress up like the fastidious person she was, taken off her brassiere and donned her nightgown, she slept in her panties, perish the thought but there could a fire, she couldn’t be caught bare bottomed.

She turned back the covers, the linens were crisp but wonderfully soft, the sheets were 5000 thread count Egyptian cotton, soft as a cloud. But as she’d rolled back the duvet an odd aroma had wafted up, now it was a fragrance that was niggling, she should be able to identify it, it played through her mind, she knew that the sense of smell created the most powerful memories, she was tired but sleep eluded her while her mind churned finally sleep won out, Tina slept.

Breakfast was served at eight, it was Monday morning, Kim had arranged to have the week off to spend with her Mom but Ryan had work and Ursula school, both were dressed but Kim was again attired in panties and a tee shirt. Tina had taken the time, after completing her abulations she’d brushed her hair and put on minimal make up, if pride was a venial sin she was guilty, she did take pride in her appearance, she donned a light blue dress and came out in time to see Ryan and Ursula leave, she joined Kim at the table, white coffee with two sugars, Kim made whole wheat toast.

“Dieting,” Kim asked.

“No, I don’t try to lose weight, I can’t gain it, how about you?”

“One thirty five for most of my life.”

“So why only the toast?”

“My tummy sometimes gets a little queasy.” No way she could confess that nine inches of her Son invading her bowels could sometimes leave her a bit distressed, this was one of those times.

“I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, is there something I can get you?”

“No Mom, I’ll be fine but thanks for your concern.”

And it suddenly came to her, of course she knew the scent from the bedroom last night, fact be known, it was so familiar she’d overlooked it, she’d probably added a minuscule molecule or two, it was a female vagina, she had one, Kim had one and so did Ursula, now she could smell her daughter, it was more than just a scent of her vagina, she smelled of sex, sex with a miasma of sewer gas, ah Jesus, Tina was hardly an expert on sex, Marvin had been her only partner, she’d never done or had done those scary, immoral, wonderful things that she’d read about (under the covers of course) in the novels that were then called “Bodice Rippers,”

“Kim, I’m old, I’m ignorant and I’m naïve, but Kim, I am a woman, would you like to talk about it?”

“What do you mean Mother?”

“You haven’t changed a bit, I’m always Mom except when you have something to hide, then you get formal and I’m Mother. I’ve got a couple of suggestions if you want to hide what you’re doing; bathe before you come down and, for God Sake change clothes.”

“I, I don’t know what to say, was it that easy to find me out?”

“Maybe but not really, when I pulled back the duvet on the bed I smelled something, it toyed at the edge of memory all night, I didn’t realize what it was until I went to the bathroom this morning, I could smell myself, similar genes, we smell quite alike, I knew I was smelling you on that bed.”

Kim’s head hung, was there anything worse than being outed by Mom?

“I I don’t know what to say Mom.”

“Is this why you didn’t want me to visit?”

“How long has it been going on Kim?”

“Several months.”

“I’d like for us to go to church, doing this isn’t natural, we should pray on it.”

“Mom, I have, I prayed for years, life’s lonely without a man, the bed’s cold and so is the heart, I prayed and finally my prayers were answered.”

“Ryan, he was the answer to your prayers?”

“Yes Mom, he’s wonderful, he loves me and he wants me. I’ve never been happier.”

“Sex with your son, I don’t know what to say Kim.”

“Mom, you don’t need to say anything, I’m sorry you found out, I’m sorry but I’m not ashamed, if you want to damn me, so be it.”

“No Kim, I don’t want to damn you, you’re my daughter and I love you, I want to understand you.”

“Mom, I’m a woman, I have wants and desires, I’m forty-seven and life was passing me by, my son is usually out of the house and my daughter will graduate college in two years, I’ll be alone here, I don’t think I could stand it, being alone I mean.”

“He’ll be deployed again, won’t he?”

“Yes, of course, but I’ll have my memories and, beside he gets annual leave, I can wait a year but I don’t think it through a lifetime.”

“Kimberly, it’s been forty-two years since I’ve been with a man.”

“Then you’re a far stronger woman than I am.”

“Does Ursula know?”

“She knows.”

“Have you spoken to her?”

“Yes Mother, I’ve spoken to her many times.”

“The clothes, please don’t tell me.”

“Ok, I won’t.”

“She, she, both of you.”

“Yes Mother, we share.”

“So he has his own little harem if I understand correctly.”

“If that’s the way you choose to view it, I suppose so, it works for us.”

“Tell me, what kind of lifestyle is this?”

“Oh, Mom, I don’t know, that’s a judgment you can make if you must, pretend we’re Mormons or something or maybe he’s an Arabic pasha. But please don’t criticize us, we love each other and Mom, we love you, too.”

“Kim, I’d like to pray on this, I need to ask God’s direction, please excuse me,” as Tina returned to her bedroom and shut the door.

Kim was sick, why did she have to visit now, her righteous, chaste and sanctimonious mother had no place in her life right now. She loved the woman but she was going to be a major intrusion in, perhaps, the happiest time of her life, she wanted to throw something, she wanted to cry. She fixed breakfast, a slice of melon, two eggs poached, a single rasher of thick sliced bacon, two slices of whole grain toast with I can’t believe it’s not butter and a four ounce glass of V8 juice. She fixed two portions.

“Mom,” Tina said as she opened the bedroom door. She found her mother kneeling at the foot of the bed, obviously praying, “I’ve fixed breakfast, yours is ready.”

The older woman looked over, “I’ll be just a moment, you go ahead.”

Jeez, Kim thought, she’s really taking this to heart, instead of having her hands clasped in prayer she was holding her breasts as though trying to gain access to her heart, she silently closed the door.

Breakfast was a silent affair, Kim didn’t know what to say and Tina seemed preoccupied. Finally, finally she said, “The Lord gave me no directions, I guess I’m alone on this.”

“You expected God to speak to you?” Kim asked.

“No, not at all but usually contemplation leads me to an answer, but not in this event. It’s created a dilemma, on the one hand I don’t believe it’s right but on the other it involves the three people I love best in the world, do you see?”

“I guess I can understand but please realize, it hurts no one, no one aside from you knows or suspects and it makes us happy.”

“Kimberly, I have come to a decision, it’s your life, I have no right to intrude.”

“Thank you Mother.”

“And please stop calling me Mother, I’m Mom, remember.”

Kim laughed through the tears leaking from her pretty hazel eyes.

“Yes Mom.”

“That’s better, come here and give me a hug.” The women embraced.

“Ok, now that we’ve gotten through that, tell me what it’s like to be part of a harem, does jealousy rear it’s ugly head?”

“It did but it’s something we’ve worked through, I even believe it brought us all closer.”

“Ok, tell me, why the get-up, the way you and Ursula dress?”

Kim flushed with embarrassment, how could she talk about this with her Mom.”

‘Come on Kim, it wasn’t that hard of a question.”

“Mom, please this is kinda hard, I suppose the answer is we want to show our wares, entice him, and, obviously it makes us more available to his touch.”

“So it’s carnal desire?”

“Yes damn it, yes, his touch inflames me, it makes my tummy churn and my panties get wet, God, just talking about it now and I can feel him me, do YOU understand?”

“No Kim, I’m afraid I don’t,” Tina said as she got up and returned to her room.

She stripped of her dress and shoes and laid down on the bed. No, she couldn’t understand, she couldn’t understand the emotions of her daughter. Tina had been married, she’d had a child, she’d had a sex life. Marvin wanted to engage in sex once a month, it consisted of him mounting her for two minutes then him rolling off and almost immediately beginning to snore, how could that be so attractive, she hadn’t enjoyed it, it was a duty and nothing more.

She wondered what it must be like to experience the excitement and arousal Kim felt? She was seventy-one, she was pious, she was chaste, her hand caressed her tummy, what would it be like to have a man who made you wet your panties and act a bit crazy, her hand slid down to her abdomen, it was really there that Kim would feel the churning, her vagina, her anus, uterus, ovaries, Tina had them, too but hers didn’t churn, they occupied space in her body.

What would it be like to be a woman, oh she knew she was a woman, she sat down to pee, which seemed the only remaining part of her plumbing that was useful, no she meant A WOMAN, one that had a man she wanted as he wanted her, a man to laugh with and to cry with, a man who could ignite her with only a touch. She’d never know now, she was old and alone, she doubted that, at her age, there was even tinder for a spark to ignite.

She softly wept into her pillow.

Ursula came from school and, soon after Ryan was home from work, Ursula bathed then she and Kim started working on dinner. Tina saw more now.

Kim was at the sink, Ryan approached her from behind, he hugged her, “Have a good day?” He asked., His hand was on her abdomen, he pulled her back against him, he kissed the nape of her neck, her head fell back on his shoulder, her smile was angelic as she cooed, “It is now.”

He was different with Ursula, he teased her, “Um, what are you fixing, it smells good.”

“A stew from left over roast beef from last night.”

“And I thought it was the fragrance of sweet sister,” his fingers lightly stroked her shoulders and back. Tina heard her whisper, “It’s my turn tonight.”

“Ah, a dessert sweeter than Pavlova, I can hardly wait.”

He walked over to Tina, “I owe you a hug Gram, and I must say, you look especially attractive tonight, I love your hair.”

Tina blushed, she wasn’t accustomed to such effusive flattery. She made an effort with her appearance, it was rewarding to have it acknowledged. He hugged her and gave her a little kiss on the throat.

“You’re delicious, I’m so glad you’re here with us, it makes the family complete.”

His hand was on the small of Tina’s back, she realized she wanted him to draw her to his body, her knees felt weak, she moaned softly in his ear, she pulled back from his embrace, she was on the verge of making a fool of herself, she glanced toward the kitchen, Kim was watching her, she’d seen, she smiled.

Tina moved quickly back to her bedroom, she’d embarrassed herself, she was Miz Perfect, she kept her emotions in check, she sang high soprano in the church choir, she donated time and money to worthy causes, she’d felt it coming, it’d been like a flash of lightning then a rumble of thunder, she reached under her pretty dress, her panties were soaked.

It had never happened to her before, it was spontaneous and uncontrolled, her body sensed and prepared, she wanted and expected to be bred, her lubrication made it easier for him to get into her. Of course at seventy-one she was well past the age for breeding, she slid a finger through the leg hole of her panty, she touched herself, the fluid was viscous and slick. She laid quietly, lost in though, experiencing self-recrimination and day dreams, she thought herself a silly old woman.

She bathed, the warm water was so relaxing, as it began to cool she added more hot, she wasn’t ready to face whatever waited outside her bedroom door.

Finally she got out and dried, she brushed her hair and touched up her make-up, she pulled on panties and a bra then decided to shelter herself behind satin pajamas, a matching robe and wedge heeled bedroom slippers

“I’m sorry Mom, I guess we thought you’d gone down for the night, we went ahead and ate but I saved you a plate,” Kim told her.

“That’s fine, I’m not particularly hungry, my stomach’s a little queasy.”

“Can I get you anything else?”

“The wine we had last night, the Madeira, perhaps a little of that would help my tummy, could I?”

“Of course, Ursula, would you get Mom a glass please.”

Tina was hardly a drinker, a glass or two of white wine on bridge night, tonight was an exception, when she poured herself her third, Kim cautioned, “Mom, Madeira is a fortified wine, it’s far more powerful than normal wine.”

“Thaas Ok,” Tina answered, gulped down the half glass and poured another.

Ryan excused himself and went into the living room, there was a basketball game on that he and his $50.00 bet were interested in.

Shortly Ursula left, announcing, “Got school tomorrow, night all.”

Ryan called after her, “I’ll be up as soon as the game’s over.”

Tina thought, so it’s Ursula’s night. Kim stayed up for another half hour before saying goodnight, Tina gave her a little two finger wave, “Night Sweetie, I think it’s my bedtime, too.”

As Kim climbed the stairs Tina returned to her bedroom.

She sat on the bed, she felt she was going to faint, when she heard him turn off the television she thought she’d wet her panties, she stumbled to the bedroom door, her knees were knocking and her body was trembling, she was frightened, of course he was going to reject her, she was just a foolish old woman.

He was walking toward the staircase, her voice stopped him. “Doesn’t Gram get a good night kiss?”

His smile was beatific, “How could I forget the sweetest girl I know,” as he came over to her.

She was trembling, when he got to her, she thought she might be sick.

He hugged her and started to give her a little peck, her hand went to the back of his head, she kissed him with a passion she didn’t know she had, she pressed her body against his, he didn’t push her away, he held her close, one hand on the small of her back the other around her shoulders, she held the kiss, he didn’t try to break it.

Her breath was sweet and hot coming in gasping pants, she painted herself to him, her breasts against his chest, her groin grinding his.

He broke the kiss, “You’re sure Tina?” He asked.

She nodded yes then looked into his eyes, “Please Ryan, please.”

The hand on her back slid lower, he caressed her bottom and pulled her even closed, she could feel his erection rising, she felt like she was floating, and then she was, she heard the door close and the lock fall into place then she was in his arms, he was carrying her.

He sat her on the bed then climbed on behind her, with his hands on her shoulders he nuzzled, kissed and softly nipped at the nape of her neck.

He tok her robe down off her shoulders, once it was off he said, “Pretty PJ’s Tina,” as he began to unbutton the front.

Once they were open he cupped her breasts, “Magnificent,” he said.

“Tiny,” she replied.

“Bigger than your daughter’s,” he countered.

“She doesn’t have any, that’s no comparison, look at Ursula’s.”

“I do Tina, I do.”


“I see a spectacular woman who I very much love,” he told her.

She expected to be stripped, she expected groping hands, she expected two minutes of boredom before the infernal snoring, she, she, she.

He whispered, “I love you, you know, you’re such an important part of my life.”

Her pajama top was unbuttoned, the plush satin slid from her arms, his lips were at her throat as though he was tasting her, in fact he was, pheromones, hormones and stress perspiration.

“Relax Tina, there’s nothing to be afraid of, I won’t hurt you, you’re my special gal.”

He unfastened her brassiere and slowly lowered it over her arms.

Over her shoulder he kissed her right breast, “You should never wear a bra again, your breasts are beautiful.”

“Oh Ryan, I sag.”

“Then it will be my job to keep then full and swollen, would you like that?”

“Silly Boy,” she said.

She gasped as he took a nipple between his lips, rolled it and teased it with his tongue, her breath came in ragged puffs

“What do you like Tina, tell me what you want.”

“I don’t know Ryan, I just don’t know, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Wonderful, that gives me the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of your delightful body.”

Fingers stroked her flanks then down over hips then down the outsides of her thighs, he kissed her feet then sucked each of her toes then lightly massaged her inner thighs, instinctively she opened her legs further granting him access, his thumbs pressed along her femoral arteries, beside her vulvae.

Touch me, she thought, please touch me, he continued to tease her, every place touched seemed to burn, his touch was hot her body was demanding, “Take my pants off Ryan, please take my pants off.”

He smiled at her, “If that’s what you’d like Tina.”

Her hands flew to the buttons, she lifted her hips as he pulled her pajama bottoms off, she was now clad in only her panties, finally he touched her, he stroked her vulva through the soft cotton.

“God, you’re such a desirable woman,” he told her.

“Then take me, please take me,” her hips were working simulating sex.

“There’s no rush Tina, do you like oral sex, I can’t wait to taste you.”

“I, I don’t know, I’ve never done that.”

“Then, my sweet lady, you’re in for a treat, lift your hips.”

Her underwear came off, he sat back on his haunches taking her in.

Her face was still pretty, her cotton top in a short bob, she had crow’s feet, smile lines from her gray/green eyes, her neck was long , swan like, her breasts were a size larger than Kim’s and, yes, there was a little sag, there was a small amount of loose skin at her stomach and abdomen, her pubic hair was untrimmed and predominately silver, her thighs were still slim and firm, the only sigh of age in her lower extremities were the blue veins evident in her feet.

She expected him to take her, he didn’t, instead he laid over her, he kissed her then whispered, “I’m going to make love to you Tina, I’m going to make love to like a woman deserves.”

He started with a kiss, he stole her breath, his tongue snaked into her mouth probing her until she answered, he nipped at her lip then moved to her ear, again he nibbled her lobes, with a finger under her chin he lifted her head to kiss her exposed throat followed by a hand, he gently squeezed.

She was scared about what he was doing, she felt the pressure, his eyes locked on hers, “Let go Tina, just let go,” she came for the first time in her life. She was trembling, he held her close, “That’s my girl,” he told her.

He continued to trail down over her, he massaged and caressed her breasts, he circled her areolae with the tip of his tongue, her nipples felt like they were going to burst before hot breath and tongue trailed down over her soft belly. How can tugging at her pubic hair be arousing, it was, his mouth was so close, she’d never done it before or had it done to her, yet she was exuding fluid in anticipation. He was gently blowing on her then a soft kiss, a kiss where no one had ever kissed before, just the touch of his lips, her body shook as she climaxed.

“Nectar of the Gods as produced by my Goddess,” he said as he licked her, he even sucked at her vagina so none was missed.

His tongue circled her clitoris, he kept her at the verge, she cried for him to finish, instead, he worked down.

His lips encompassed her urethra, he even sucked a little, Oh my God, she thought, he’s tasting my urine. It should have been repulsive, it was, she couldn’t think any further as she had her third orgasm, he looked up at her and smiled.

He didn’t spend a lot of time at her vagina, just a quick dip. He hadn’t forced her legs back but now he didn’t need to, she pulled them back herself, she wanted to expose herself, he was licking her perineum, that area between vulva and anus, (some call it taint, taint pussy, taint asshole), he wasn’t so crude, her sounds were luscious when he began to rim her.

Oh my god, he’d drunk her pee but now he was, Sweet Jesus, she had to make his stop, she, oh no, it was so dirty, so nasty, she could make him stop, it was her body, she could tell him no, she could tell him

“Nooooooooooooo,” she screamed as the strongest orgasm she’d had yet rocked her, he moved up, her clitoris was swollen and blood engorged, it protruded between her labia, he flicked it with his tongue, she came again, he moved up and kissed her, she could taste herself and she didn’t mind at all.

“Are you ready Tina,” he asked.

“Please, I don’t think my heart can take any more.”

“So you liked?”

“Oh Ryan, I’m seventy-one, I wish I was twenty-one so I could look forward to fifty years of this.”

They smiled at each other, one of the real benefits of sex between people who love one another, Ryan said, “I’m pretty big so I’m going to use a lubricant, do you mind?”

“I’m the novice, you’re the expert, do what’s right,” she said.

They’d stashed the lubes in the bottom drawer of the nightstand, he got out the KY Jelly, anointed the throat of her vagina with a small amount, slicked a little on his penis then settled into the warm and wonderful cradle her upraised thighs had created.

Their eyes locked, each anxious to see how the other would respond, he ran his penis along her slit, she was breathing hard, he centered on her vagina and nudged the tip of the head into her.

“Ready?” He asked.

She nodded yes.

The lubricant helped as his penis slid further in, she was nearly as tight as a virgin, forty-two years of celibacy left her vulnerable, he took her slowly, gently. She was seventy-one and his grandmother, he watched her face, she was beautiful, nearly angelic, he edged forward, now a grimace, he only had two inches in her.

“I don’t want to hurt you Tina, are you Ok?”

“Oh God yes, please Ryan, put it in me, let me know how a woman truly feels, she had to turn her head aside, these words had never passed over Christina Wright’s lips, they came almost as a plea, fuck me Ryan, damn it, fuck me.

He had about four inches into her, he began to slowly stroke. With each stroke he thrust a little further, a little deeper, she spread her legs further, he stroked her face, she was sweat soaked, she was seventy-one, her body was being stressed, he loved her, he didn’t want to hurt her.

Tina knew this wasn’t going to work, he cared too much for her, she tensed, her hips and legs still retained much of their earlier strength, deep breath and up, she exploded up.

She cried out, yes, it hurt, damned right it hurt, through the pain she smiled, “I love you Ryan.”

“I love you, too, Gram.”

He was in her.

“Now please fuck me, I want to know what it’s like,” she told him.

Really spectacular, her moans and gasps, he really was gentle with her but he couldn’t change the fact that nine inches of cock was exploring the what would have been known on the old show Star Trek as the unexplored country, she gasped as he went further into her depths.

“Am I hurting you Tina?” He wanted to hear her.

“Yes, of course, it feels like I have a telephone pole in me and, foolishly it’s exactly what I want, damn it Ryan, fuck me, I won’t break.”

He held her in the missionary position, his big cock was opening her, her sounds and expressions were delightful, oh, sometimes it seemed she was being hurt and, perhaps she was but it was a pain she’d craved for over forty years, he laid back and pulled her atop, she was riding him Cowgirl, without his weight on her she rode him. Their faces wee only inches apart, her breath was coming in gasps when she came, he loved it, she trembled, her vagina clenched with a contraction, her eyes, they flew open, she moaned then gasped, “Oh My God.”

He said to her, “It is pretty nice, isn’t it.”

“Oh Ryan, why did I wait so long.”

“Maybe I’m glad you did, otherwise it wouldn’t have been me,” her head fell to his shoulder, in her orgasmic frenzy she bit him.

“What are you now, my little cannibal, I’ll remember that.”

“Oh gosh Ryan, I’m sorry, I was just overcome.”

“Are you having fun Tina?”

“This goes beyond fun, fun is a merry go round, a Ferris wheel, this is heart rending, gut wrenching, he thrust up hard, she moaned then admitted, and vagina stretching, you’re so darn big.”

“You like, don’t you?”

Her position atop him and their slow pace allowed for conversation.

“So, tell me Tina, is it what you expected?”

“No, how I’ve felt, how I feel was unimaginable to me just hours ago, Ryan Honey, not only have you opened me physically, you’ve opened my mind, I have a lot to think about.

Tina raised herself above his cock, it fell out, she slid down his legs, “I’ve always wanted to try this,” her hand grasped and stroked his cock as her sweet lips took the head in.

She could get about half of him into her mouth, she worked him, she gagged but she didn’t give up, her cotton top bobbed.

Her head came up, “I never expected that I would do this especially with my own taste on your shaft.”

“Do you like it?”

“Unhunh, I do.”

He let her work on for about ten minutes, she was like a kid with a new toy as she sucked, licked and stroked his penis and God, it felt good.

Finally he asked, “Tina, do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

The cotton top bobbed up, she had a little smile on her face as she admitted, “I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet.”

“Then we better change positions, you’re just too good at what you’re doing.”

He coaxed her up onto her hands and knees, “Damn you’re sexy,” he commented as he licked her several times before he spread her labia and entered her.

He was deeper in her and she realized she was making little whimpering sounds, it was giving her an ache in places she’d never ached before, she wondered how could pain feel so grand. She felt it coming, her extremities began to quiver, the sensations turned her to jelly. He felt it coming, too, he gripped her hips and thrust hard, deeper than he’d been before and held her there, she wailed as the orgasms rolled through her. His arms came around her, he lifted her backwards, with his hands on her breasts he pumped her hard and fast, her legs began to tremble, Ryan continued to hold her, his cock was deep within her, he held her fast.

“Just go with it Tina, let yourself go, I’m here for you.” He could feel her contractions coming hard and fast, she babbled, her feelings beyond lucid expression, she was sweat soaked, her body slick as an otters, Ryan continued to hold her, whispering to her, encouraging her as years of sexual frustration was purged, her head dropped.

His cock was still in her, as he lowered her to the mattress it slid out, he turned her onto her back, she gasped, “Ryan?” It was a frightened question.

He leaned forward and kissed her, “It’s alright Tina, I’m here for you. I’m going to finish now,” as he slid into her vagina.

Her arms and legs wrapped around him as she moaned into his ear, “Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.”

He gave a quiet grunt, whispered, “I love you Tina,” his cock jerked then pulsed within her, his ejaculate was hot as it flooded her, he slowly pumped her until the flow stopped, Still he didn’t pull out, he stroked her face and finger combed her cotton locks.

“It was unbelievable Ryan, I had no idea,” she said.

“You enjoyed it then?” He asked.

“Oh God yes, I had no idea what you brought out of me, it’s just that it was so out of character for me, I’m going to have to contemplate on it.”

She continued, “I’m so naïve Ryan, the feelings you could give my body, I feel like I’ve succumbed to the temptations of the flesh, like I’m unworthy.”

His cock had become flaccid and fallen out, he laid down next to her and took her into his arms.

“As you contemplate consider this, there is so much more that I want to teach you Tina. I’ll hurt you, I’ll make you cry, I’ll make you laugh and I’ll make you see stars, it’ll be a hellava ride. I’ll make you want me as much as I want you.”

She looked into his eyes, “I already do, can’t you see, that’s my dilemma.

He gently stroked her, her flanks and tummy until she settled into the Arms of Morpheus.

He waited several minutes then got up, she was nude, he pulled the sheet up over her.

As he opened the door, she said, “I was afraid you weren’t going to come.”

“I won’t disappoint you Sis.”

He slid into bed with her, she could smell the other woman on him, she moaned, he had taken her quickly, he was in her.

Tina’s sleep was wracked by disturbing dreams, she was a chaste and pious woman, she sang high soprano in her church choir, she, she couldn’t shake the thoughts of what she’d done and it called her faith into question. Not her faith in God, that was unshakable but her faith in organized religion, the rules were written by men not God. Rules that suppressed carnal delight for females, were they only to gain and keep control over women?

The fundamental enigma for her was, if God had endowed his female creation with such an extraordinary body, a body structured for pleasure, why had the authors of the Bible denied and stiffled it’s existence. Was it possible that womankind was a metaphor for the forbidden fruit in the story of Adam and Eve? Her delights the temptation of Adam? She thought not, the urge to couple, to procreate was fundamental to the existence of mankind God in his wisdom, had made it a pleasurable experience for woman, why else would she permit man to penetrate and invade her?

Tina woke fresh and invigorated, she bathed and dressed then knelt at the foot of her bed to pray.

She thanked God for her family and for her faith in Him, she hesitated, could she even say it? Thank you Lord for making me a woman and for leading me to my grandson so he may be my teacher, amen.

When she came out they were already at the breakfast table, Ryan in uniform for his day at the recruiting office, Ursula in shorts and a top for her day at school and Kim in panties and a tee shirt.

“Good Morning,” she greeted.

With a smile from each of them she heard, “Good Morning Gram.”

She poured herself a cup of coffee.

First Ryan then Ursula left to meet their responsibilities for the day, Kim and Tina remained.

“Mom, I’m gonna add a little brandy to my coffee, then we’re gonna talk, you want some?”

“Will I need it?” Tina asked.

“Probably,” Kim answered.

Tina pushed her cup toward Kim.

“Do you want to talk about last night Mom?”

“You know?”

“Yes Mom, I know, how did it happen?”

“I can’t really say, I guess I realized how you all were living your lives, or maybe better said, your communal life and you all seemed happy. Happy in a way that I’ve never really experienced, I wanted to sample it, taste it, feel it.”

“Did you?”

“Oh My Yes, Kim, your father was the only man I’d ever been with, his penis was about five inches long and no wider than a taper candle. Sex or what passed for sex was two minutes atop me, roll off and snore. That’s all and everything I knew about sex until last night.”

“Mom, we’re not so different, I’d been with three men, two short term and, of course my husband. Sex wasn’t comets and starbursts, it was an obligation, at least I got five minutes before the snore.

And Ursula, she was a virgin, she insisted that Ryan take her virginity, isn’t it ironic, he has three generations and we all offered or forced ourselves on him.”

“Kim, it scares me, I don’t mean what happened, I mean how I feel, I’ve never felt so much a woman, sometimes it came close to ripping me apart, sometimes I wanted to just scream, I am woman hear me roar, and, Oh God he made me roar. One night, just one night and I don’t think I can go back to being Miz Prim and Proper, I want to be in his arms and I want him in me.”

Kim smiled, “It doesn’t take long to become addicted, I guess he has three girls now.”

“I can’t imagine I’ll hold his interest long, I’m old.”

“Mom, I believe one is only as old as they let themselves feel, Ryan will tell you, your most important sexual organ is your mind and it’s true, you want to learn, you want to explore, I know him, he’ll want to teach you, you don’t have a thing to worry about.”

“I don’t know Kim, I’m almost afraid, I liked it too well, what happens if he decides to reject me.”

Kim thought on for a moment then laughed, “We go on strike.”

“What in the world are you talking a bout.”

“Simple, we keep our panties on, you got to remember, he wants us as much as we want him.”

Tina laughed, too, “Would we picket out front?”

“Might work, it would sure as heck draw attention.”

“How would we deal with strike breakers?”

“Maybe it isn’t such a great idea after all, so let’s talk about what will work. Ursula and I have a schedule in place, but, for now, let’s just talk about you Mom, tell me what happened, what did you and he do last night?”

“Well, for a little while I took him in my mouth, I’d always wanted to do that and your father wouldn’t let me. But besides that he made it for me.”

Tina told her they had done.

“It sounds like you’re off to a nice start but there is so much more to come.”

“Kim, he even sucked on my toes, he said he wanted to explore me, my body.”

“Oh he will, it will be a learning experience for you, too. It seems we females are blessed with erogenous zones from out head to our feet, some are obvious, breasts, the organs of the vulva, buttocks and anus, some are not so evident, nape of the neck, ear lobes, thighs, but each can and will heighten our arousal.”

“Yeh, I thought that was weird, he even licked my anus when he was doing oral sex with me.”

“Mom, he’ll spend a lot of time there, it’s a major erogenous area, there is a direct nerve link between your anus and your clitoris, you’ll get some of the most explosive orgasms you can imagine from stimulation there.”

“Isn’t it dirty?”

“I suppose it could be so personal hygiene is paramount, bathe frequently and particularly when you’re anticipating sex. Ursula and I also take an enema every three days, I’m sure you’ll want to, too.”

“Why, why an enema?”

“Mom, please don’t be naïve, he’s going to lick you and use his fingers there but he’s also going to penetrate you, the enemas are for then.”

“Penetrate me? That’s sodomy, the Sodomites, that can’t be.”

“Mom, please, religion doesn’t rule our bedroom, we only have one rule, If it’s between two consenting adults and it doesn’t hurt anyone, do it.

“Oh Lord, isn’t it messy though?”

“Could be I suppose, again, that’s why we take enemas.”

“And young Ryan is going to do that to me, Kim, you’re scaring me, isn’t it painful?”

“He’ll use lots of lubricant but he’s pretty big, yeh, it’ll hurt especially the first few times, I cried the first time, Ursula didn’t though.”

“I thought you said you didn’t do things that hurt people and why in the world would you want to do it if it hurts?”

“Ok, maybe I should amend what I said, maybe it should be injure rather than hurt, honestly, a lot of things with sex hurt. But why would I do it if it hurts, Mom, we, women often do it to satisfy our men, me personally though, I get unimaginable orgasms from it, mind blowing, earth shattering orgasms.”

“And he’s going to do it to me?”

“Sooner or later, yeh.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“He won’t force you, but, then he won’t need to, you’ll offer it.”

“Why would I do that?”

“ ‘Cause you’ll want to satisfy him and, besides, you’ll want to know what it’s like.”

“It’s inevitable then?”

“Ready for your enema and bath?”

“Inevitable?” Tina asked once again.

“Yes,” Kim told her as she took her mother’s hand and led her into the bedroom.

Kim tugged the coat tree out of the closet.

“Get undressed while I get your enema ready.”

She added one quart of warm water to the bag and hung it then got the lubricant, she was using the KY Jelly, then put a towel down on the bed.

“Panties, too, Mom.”

“Kim, this is embarrassing.”

“Oh God Mom, I’m your daughter, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. By the way, lose the brassiere...permanently, we don’t wear them here.”

As Tina stood nude Kim admired her, “Mom you look unbelievable for a woman of your age, I only hope age treats me as well, now up on the towel on your hands and knees.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Of course I’m kidding, I really want you standing on your head...not...get up there.”

Once Tina had mounted the bed and assumed the position she quipped, “This doesn’t really show my best side.”

Kim patted her butt, “I think you’re cute.”


“Mom, let me walk you through what I’m doing, first I’m going to put a little lubricant on and in you, it will make it easier to get the nozzle in. Don’t be startled, I’m going to put a finger in you.”

Kim rubbed a small quantity of the KY on her anal opening then added a dab more and slid a finger into her.

“Relax Mom, I’m not going to hurt you,” she said as Tina clenched on her finger.

“If there’s any discomfort it comes next, I’m using Ursula’s nozzle, we each have our own for hygienic reasons, but they’re not simple tubes, they are shaped like a butt plug, it makes them easier to retain. I’m going to add some additional lubricant to you before I put it in.”

Again Kim lubricated her finger and slid it into her Mother’s butt.

“Here it comes,” she warned as she twisted the nozzle into her.

“Ready to go, I’m using a quart of water, from here on out it’s pretty simple, once I release the water it will flow into you, your rectum is like a holding tank and your sphincters function as out flow valves, once your rectum has filled with feces you have the urge to have a bowel movement, Your sphincters release and your rectum is emptied. We’re going to simulate that, once the water fills your rectum you will have the urge to move your bowels, when you do so your rectum will be purged of fecal materiel and you’ll be prepared for the joys of anal sex.”

“Just get on with it, I hate this position,” Tina grouched.

Kim released the water flow.

“If you feel cramping let me know, I’ll slow the water and help you.”

And, of course Tina did feel cramps. “It hurts Kimmie, do something, please.”

Kim clamped off the flow and said, “Just try to relax Mom, I’m going to massage your tummy, it’ll be Ok.”

Kim put her right hand on the back of Tina’s thigh, with the left she massaged her Mother’s abdomen with a circular motion, she was disbursing the water deeper into Tina. Then she did what Ursula did for her, her right hand moved up.

“Relax Mommy, I’m here for you,” she said as her fingers slid along Tina’s vaginal cleft.

Tina gave a gasp then a sigh, Kim felt her begin to lubricate, she resumed the water flow.

Once the quart bag was empty, Kim took the nozzle out and held a tissue to Tina’s anus to catch any excess, Tina turned her head to look at her, neither woman had said a word about it but her daughter’s fingers had given her a jolt.

“Why don’t you lie down Mom, you need to retain the water for a few minutes then you can go.”

Kim sat beside her and rubbed her back as they waited.

When the urge got pervasive, Tina walked to the bathroom, Kim followed her in. As Tina expelled the water and feces Kim filled the tub. Normally Tina would have been beside herself with embarrassment with her daughter being is the same room with her as she moved her bowels, now it bothered her not a whit.

Kim added bubble bath, she held Tina’s arm as she got into the water then stripped of her tee shirt and panties.

“Slide forward, make room, there’s enough room it this thing for four people.”

“What are you doing,” Tina asked.

“Getting in with you, you need someone to wash your back.”

“Yes, I guess I do,” she slid forward.

“Jeez, this feels good, doesn’t it?” Kim said of the warm water.

“Yes, I like it and the Jacuzzi jets are nice, too.”

“So you’ve already found that out, have you?”

“Stop it, you’re embarrassing me.”Kim laughed, Yeh, Ursula likes it, too.”

Kim hugged her, “I love you Mom.” Her hands were holding Tina’s boobs, she amended, “Well maybe not, your titties are bigger than mine.”

“Yeh, but mine sag, yours don’t.”

“Mom, your boobies are adorable, and, no mine don’t sag, there’s not enough there to sag.”

The got out, dried and went back into the bedroom, Tina picked up her panties, Kim said, “Let’s not get dressed yet, there’s something I want to do, I think you’ll like it and it’s part of your preparation, lie down on your tummy.”

Kim got the lube, “I’m going to give you a massage, it’s a special massage and I don’t want you to fight me.”

She climbed on the bed, lubricated the first two fingers of her right hand, then with her left hand spread Tina’s nether cheeks exposing her anus, Kim rubbed her.

“Kim, what are you doing, stop that.”

“Relax Mom, and that’s a word you’re going to hear a lot, Relax, lay back and enjoy, now be a good girl for me and be quiet, I think you’ll like this, I sure do.”

Kim laid partly on her Mother, her breasts against her shoulder, one arm holding her, the other gently rubbing her anus in a circular motion.

She continued the massage until Tina was cooing, her outer sphincter was totally relaxed. She worked her leg between her Mother’s thighs then brought it up, Tina’s vulva rested on in, she continued the massage.

After Tina had resumed her cooing Kim began to press against her mother’s genitals lightly with her leg.

When Kim realized her Mother’s breathing had changed she said, “Mom, look at me.”

Their eyes met, both glassy with desire, Kim whispered, “Have you ever laid with a woman?”

“Never before,”Tina gasped as she began to grind against her daughter’s thigh.”

“Is this one of my lessons,” Tina asked.

“No Mom, this is just for us.”

Kim’s leg was wet when she rolled onto her back and pulled Tina atop her, she was straddling her hips, as Kim pulled her up her body, the lubrication from Tina’s vagina left a snail trail of her precious fluid along Kim’s belly.

Tina fondled Kim’s tiny breasts, her touch was tentative, exploratory, she’d never touched another woman’s boobies, she watched as the nipples stiffened.

“Turn around Mom, turn around,” Kim said urgently.

Tina pivoted as she asked, “What is it Honey?”

“Lean forward.”

As Tina did so she exposed herself to her daughter, “What’ wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I want you,” Kim said as her tongue tasted her Mother.

She licked and probed until Tina was pumping against her face, “Oh God, Oh My God, Kim, Kim.”

“That’s right, that’s right Mom, cum for me, can you cum for me, I want to taste you, God I like your pussy, I want to eat your ass.”

“Yes Baby, yes, Oh yes, Oh Sweet Jesus, eat my pussy, lick my ass, Oh it feels so good, so damned good.”

Kim came up for air, she commented, I smell you, you smell a lot like me only stronger, richer.”

“Shut up and keep doing what you were doing.”

“Well, you do.”

“Of course I’m stronger and richer, I’m aged like a vintage wine.”

Kim gave her a pat on the butt, “Be a good girl,” then resumed the cunnilingus.

Kim got a bit of a lesson, when her mother ejaculated, and she did with thumping pounding against her lips and wondrous sounds, the fluid was flowing from her urethra, not as she’d assumed from her vagina. She realized she was tasting pee and a whole bunch more. No matter, her Mother was in second heaven as her daughter sucked and licked her. Tina dismounted her face, turned and embraced her, the older woman was trembling.

“Two days, only two days, My God Kim, am I an addict?”

“No, I think you’re like I was, years and years of pent up frustration, we’re made to enjoy our bodies and we haven’t.”

Kim embraced her Mother, her eyes were leaking, “Mom, I love you and I know this will sound crazy but I want to fuck you.”

A little taken aback by what was, in fact, a crazy thought, Tina answered, “I think we’ll need Ryan’s help for that, don’t you?”

Kim made a silly grin, “Yeh, I guess so.”

They rested together there on the bed for an hour or so then Kim said, “Get dressed Mom, we need to do a little shopping.”

Kim put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, Tina, of course put on a dress.

“No bra Mom,” Kim asked.

“I’m giving them up.”

“I thought you were worried about sagging.”

“I’m seventy-one, I’ll sag, I’m allowed.”

“Good for you,” Kim told her.

“Where are we going?”

“I just need to pick up a few things.”

Their first stop was Macy’s, in the lingerie department, Kim was looking over panties.

“I’m going to get you some cute ones.”

“I’m too old for these,” Tina said.

“You’re never too old to look cute, which ones do you want?”

“White, I only want white.”

Kim picked out six pairs, lace around the leg holes, ribbons or bows on the elastic waist, she paid then said, “Let’s get brunch, there’s a little place here in the mall that makes a dynamite lobster salad.

The brunch was delightful, they had split a nice half bottle of a Washington State Chardonnay and were feeling a little mellow, Kim drove into a lesser area of town and parked behind a sleazy building, the sign said Aphrodite’s Attic.

“Kim, you’re not going in there are you?”

“Of course, come on.”

“I am not going into that place.”

“Fine, suit yourself, wait here in the car, I have to get your nozzle.”

When she came back she was carrying a bag that obviously contained more than an enema nozzle, Tina asked what she’d bought.”

“Since you wouldn’t go in with me, I’m not telling,” she told her.

“Be that way, see if I care,” Tina answered.

By the time they got back Ursula was home from school, they started dinner.

A little later Ryan got home, a welcome from everyone but a hag and a kiss for Gram. He whispered, “Got a little time for your boyfriend later this evening?”

She whispered back, “You need to move quickly, my dance card’s filling up.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” he said, his hand slid along her body from her shoulders to her buttocks as he gave her a little kiss, she shivered.

Tina still had a lot to learn about herself and her responses, her seventy-one year old body did something that left her dumbfounded, just his touch had elicited a physiological response, she’d be sitting in wet panties through dinner, he smiled, he knew.

Dinner, all of them together at the table, Kim and Ursula in their normal attire, panties and tee shirts, Ryan had changed, he wore gym shorts and a wife beater shirt, Tina was still in the dress she’d worn for their earlier outing. Perhaps it was because of how her body had responded to Ryan’s touch but she became acutely aware, they all shared a sense of arousal, like ozone after a rainstorm it seemed to permeate the room. Kim’s eyes were alight as she looked at her Son, it was her night and she was anxious but Tina knew he’d come for her first.

As he had the previous night, Ryan watched a televised basketball game, Kim and Ursula went upstairs, Tina went to her room, she didn’t have much experience, how does a woman prepare for her man? She paced, she sat then paced again. She decided her nightie would be best, she took off her damp panties and donned a pair of the new, fancy ones.

Tina couldn’t believe how nervous she felt, like a little girl awaiting discipline from her mother she had to pee.

She’s just seated herself when she heard the bedroom open, shut and the click of the lock, he was in the room. Footsteps came toward where she sat. She couldn’t wait, she began to urinate.

He kept coming, he knelt in front of her. Her panties were down around her ankles, it was embarrassing, she flushed red. He stroked her face, “You’re beautiful,” he said then lightly caressed her thighs.

She parted her legs at his touch, her silver pubic hair, a mass of gray curls obscured his view, “Hold your labia apart for me Tina, I want to see you.”

From her pink urethra gushed golden fluid, he watched, fascinated, when she’d finished he made a pad of toilet tissue and patted her dry. He took her panties over her feet, smiled and said, “Cute, they’ll look lovely on you.”

He took her hand and led her out. At the bedside he hugged her from behind, the press of his erection against her bottom, lips on her neck, hands on her breasts.

“No brassiere?”

“You told me not to,” her voice was raspy, she felt a little faint.

Her tummy was swimming, she trembled in his arms, he swept her up and laid her on the bed. Ryan quickly dropped the gym shorts, his knee spread Tina’s legs. She was surprised and more than a little frightened, he’d been so gentle with her yesterday, now he took her hard and fast.

“Unnnnnnnnn,” she moaned as the nine inches of fat cock cleaved and filled her vagina. Once he was in her he stopped for a moment.

“I wanted you so badly,” he said then he began to thrust. Her legs came up around his hips, she clung to him, he was pounding her and it hurt.

Pain, amazing pain, spectacular pain, her mouth at his ear screaming, scream, “Oh Christ fuck me Ryan, fuck me, fuck me.”

He forced her legs up and back, maybe not as far as he would with Kim or Ursula, she was seventy-one and not as flexible, still, he demanded, “Show me that pussy Tina,” as he rammed her even harder.

Her sounds were grunts, groans and little cries interspaced with an occasional shriek, “Am I hurting you Tina, do you want me to stop?” He asked.

“Don’t you dare, don’t you dare, Oh Jesus, don’t you dare,” she managed to get out, he leaned forward, it was a mistake, she was crazed. Her nails clawed his back, he tried to lean away, his shoulder got too close, she bit him in the midst of a screaming orgasm.

Pussy up,” he ordered.

He got her up on hands and knees, he pulled her to the bedside and stood behind her, he took her that way. He gripped her hips and pulled her back as he thrust, she wailed as he bottomed out in her, he pounded her.

She dropped her head and moaned from his assault, his right hand slapped her right cheek, then again and again, the skin reddened, his left hand shot up, he entwined his fingers in her cotton top, he pulled. Her head came up and back, she had a wild look in her eyes. He quit the spanking, he caressed her cheek then gripped it with his thumb over her anus, she was trembling, her voice high and shrill, she was cumming again, he pierced her sphincters, she bucked and he went with it, using her hair he pulled her upright, he fucked her hard through her orgasms until she went limp, with one hand on her abdomen and the other on her breast he lowered her.

She was gasping, unable to catch her breath. He stroked her shoulders, back and flanks as she recovered.

Finally she uttered, “Wow.”

“You Ok Tina?”

“Yes, I just wish I’d been fucked like that fifty years ago, I’d be his slut now if I had.”

“He smiled at her and teased, “So you going to be my slut now?”

“Oh God I already am Ryan, I already am,” as she crawled up onto the bed.

“Why don’t we take it easy for a while, let me do some things for you that will feel good, would you like to be on top?”

“Unhunh, I liked that.”

He crawled up beside her and laid on his back, “Mount up,” he said.

She crawled up and straddled his hips, raised a leg to expose herself then guided his cock into her vagina, she settled on him.

“God this feels good,” she said.

“I think so, too,” he answered.

She began to post on him. She was wet and hot, her lubricant and ejaculate coated his cock with a white frothiness, he lightly held her hips and watched her, the little smile on her face was angelic.

“Ryan, what you did, you were hurting me and I loved it, it nearly drove me crazy, does that make any sense?”

“More than you can imagine Tina, it’s your brain and your body responding and I’m glad they do, I think gals that like it a little rough and more interesting, more responsive and much more willing to explore, you and I are going to have a lot of fun together.”

She had begun to slow in her riding, “What’s the matter beautiful, think your horse is wearing out?”

“No, horse is wonderful, old woman’s thighs are beginning to cramp.”

He pulled her to him, “We can’t have those wonderful thighs give out,” as he rolled her off him. “How about I give you a little massage?”

“She grinned, “Sure,” she said.

He began to massage her inner thighs, he was pleased to see her legs open exposing her sex.

They bantered back and forth, “Oh my poor little cowgirl, can’t ride her big stallion,” he teased.

“Cowgirls don’t have to ride like this old girl did, do they?” She countered.

“My poor baby sore,” he shot back.

“Damned right I’m sore; beast.”

“Ah, you liked it.”

“Not true...I loved it.”

“You have anything else that wants a massage?”

She spread her legs further, the pretty coral pink slit between her labia opened.”

“Would you mind if I used my tongue.”

“Oh no, not the terrible tongue treatment,” she gasped as he tasted her lusciousness.

Tina was orgasmic, her ejaculate was pungent as he cleaned her, she truly did like his tongue, he rolled her onto her side.

He moved onto her, she was on her left side, he raised her right leg, slid into her and slowly fucked her.

“You like?” He asked.

“I love, but Ryan, I’m an old woman, maybe you need to think about younger women, I mean, I might like great grandchildren, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Oh yeh, three, Tina, Kim and Ursula, isn’t that enough?”

“You are a bad boy, a bad, bad boy.”

And you are a phenomenal lover,” he began to fuck a little harder, a little faster, she began to pant.

“You want it, don’t you?” He asked.

“Oh Christ, you know I do,” she groaned.

He fucked her in this position for several minutes before he drug two pillows over, he stacked them at hip level and rolled her on top of them, he spread her legs, her sweet pink pussy gaped but that wasn’t his target, her anus was darker, a tight brown ring, his tongue pierced her, she bucked back against him. He held her down and began to rim her.

Tina still thought this activity was dirty, yes, she’d had an enema, yes, she’d bathed, still...still...it felt so good, his tongue was circling her ring, he licked the clenched muscle, it was warm, it felt nice, she began to relax.

He held her buttocks apart, he could smell her, he could taste her. Her sex was wet with her ejaculate, he cleaned her enjoying the tang, the acidic jolt of urine.

She was kinda purring, like a contented cat, “You like this don’t you Tina?” He asked.

“It’s nice, it relaxes me.”

“I like it, too.”

She hesitated to say what she wanted to know, then it came out in a rush, “Ryan, what’s it like to have sex with me, I’m old, you have Kim and Ursula, what am I to you?”

“You’re one of the three loves of my life Gram and you’re an absolute delight to me.”

She sighed, “Thank you Ryan.”

“No, thank you. I’m going to go in you now, we’ll finish and we can talk then if you like.”

He slid up her back, she felt his weight, she softly moaned as his cock entered her, his thrusts were long but gentle until he felt her tense.

“Harder Ryan, fuck me harder, I want to cum again, I want to cum.”

He wrapped his left arm around her throat and applied a little pressure as he fucked her hard, she grunted from each powerful thrust then wailed, when she climaxed he released, too.

She could feel it in her, his sperm, he held her, they laid quietly, she had her head nestled against his chest.

She said, “Im tired Sweetheart, I’m going to sleep now. Are you going to Kim?”


“Am I going to be part of your rotation?”

“For now I’d like to spend time with you every night.”

“But you won’t always, will you, it wouldn’t be fair.”

“If it’s what you want to do we will.”

“Oh I want, I want.”

After she’d dozed off he climbed the staircase, Ursula was waiting.

As he entered the room she called, “Come here big boy.”

He walked to the bed and stood beside it.

He hadn’t bothered to dress, why, he’d just have to strip again, she took his penis in hand and stroked it, it was sticky, she took him into her mouth.

When she came up she said, “Hum, different flavor tonight, am I tasting Gram?”

“I’m sorry Sis, I should have showered,” he apologized.

“I don’t mind, she’s family; but now it’s my turn.”

She turned displaying her back side to him, she liked it best that way. His fingers probed her, she was lubricating heavily in anticipation, he mounted her and slowly eased into her, God, he thought, she was wet, wild and wonderful.

She spoke, she spoke words that can shrink a hard on quicker than any other, his soft dick fell out, “You what?” He nearly shouted.

“You heard me, I want a baby,” she looked over her shoulder at him, she thought he was going to puke before he erupted, “Are you outta your fucking mind, a BABY?”

“Yeh, a baby.”

“My God Sis, you’re twenty years old, you’ve got two more years of college, what are you thinking?”

He settled down (a little), “Why would you even consider it Sis, you’re education, your future, a baby would be an impediment to so much you have to offer, so much to give.”

“Ryan, I’ve always wanted a baby sister, you’re the greatest big brother that ever was but I want someone I can mentor, too.”

“You just want to play dolls with one that actually cries, Sis, it’s nuts.”

“You’re just an egotistical malecentry prick Ryan, you’ve got what you want, life threatening exploits in God knows where since you can’t even tell us, ass from every continent, well maybe not Antarctica unless you’re big on penguin pussy, and three women here that adore you, but I can’t have a baby, why?”

“Jeez Ursula, I just explained, you’ve got your future in front of you, please be sensible.”

“What future Ryan, what future? I don’t want another man, I’ve got the man I chose, I’ve got you.”

He stalked out of her room, his head was spinning, it couldn’t really be happening, Ursula, his beautiful twenty year old sister with a wonderful future ahead of her, she wanted to get knocked up. Oh yeh, she had an IUD but they were removable, what if she, without the doctor’s assistance, took it out? What if he inseminated her?

He had to talk to Kim...No, he had to talk to Mom, he was capable of a lot of things but this was outside his purview, he scampered down the hall, he needed Mommy.

“Settle down Son, I’ll have a talk with her but I’ll caution you, women don’t think like men, we know our place in the overall hierarchy, we’re here to procreate our species, we don’t foment wars, we don’t rise with knives and guns, we don’t rape and murder, we open our legs and create the next generation, I’ll talk to Ursula, you go t bed.”

“Stupid girl, what are you thinking,” Kim said to her daughter.

“But Mommy, I do, I want a baby and he’s the only way I can get one.”

“What do you really want Ursula, do you want to have a baby or do you want a baby here like a little dolly for you to dress up and play with, ‘cause let me tell you girl, that’s not what a baby is. I’ve had two, you and your brother and they’re barf, poop and pee machines, titty chewers that hurt. Then when they’re twenty you get to sit on their bed and talk them out of doing something that will alter their lives.”

“Do you really think I’m stupid Mom?”

“No, I think you’re a woman, I wish I’d had more, I always wanted a big family, but now isn’t the time for you, consider your future.”

“But Mom, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a little girl around? I want a girl baby.”

“Please listen to me Ursula, you’ve got a lifetime ahead of you, don’t make a mistake.”

“What do you mean, ‘a mistake’ Mom?”

“At least wait until you’ve finished school, please.”

“Good night Mom, I can’t promise but I’ll at least think about what you’ve said.”

Kim went back to her bedroom, she laid down but sleep didn’t come, it wouldn’t do for Ursula to get pregnant, not yet. Of course she wanted grandchildren but not yet, her daughter had so much to look forward to.

Finally she gave up and got up, she walked downstairs, she wanted to talk to her Mom, she opened the bedroom door, Tina was in bed but she was sleeping, Kim backed out.

She went to the kitchen, opened the cabinet and got the Madeira, she poured a glass and carried it to the living room. Pale moonlight was the only illumination, she sat and sipped lost in her thoughts.

As she finished her wine she considered having another but didn’t, she needed to be in control of her faculties, she returned to her room.

For a few minutes she simply paced then pressure in her bladder steered her to the bathroom, she sat, was she the crazy one? Good question.

Her fingers spread her labia, she stared at herself as her urine streamed, she patted herself dry but didn’t get up, she probed herself, a firm tug, a quick shot of pain, she flushed and rose.

Back in her bedroom she turned on a light, she stood in front of her mirror. First her tee shirt, she inspected her small breasts, her flat tummy, she ran her hands over her body, she was forty-seven but still sleek, she shimmied out of her panties.

Thighs as slender as a teen, her nicely trimmed pubic hair, she ran her hand down over her abdomen, she realized her tummy was roiling, she felt contractions in her womb. She touched herself, wet, she was lubricating, she walked to his room.

Ryan was sleeping, she crawled in beside him and pressed her naked body against him. She took his flaccid penis from his boxers, kissed it and began to stroke.

It wasn’t a dream, as his eyes opened she was there, “I spoke with Ursula, it will be Ok, but now I want you in me.”

Not one to deny a beautiful woman, Ryan slid atop her as she opened her legs, she took him in.

“Fuck me Ryan, fuck me good, I want to feel your sperm in me,” he started slowly.

“No, no, fuck me hard, batter your Mommy’s cunt, I want to be screaming when you cum in me.”

He climbed further up her body and wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a tight little ball she wasn’t going anywhere, with his first violent thrust he hurt her, he continued to pound, “Is this what you want Mommy?” She was already screaming, it was now,

“Yes, yes, yes, Oh God, fuck me, cum in me.”

He was hurting her, he knew it but it was what she wanted, all balled up she wailed at the top of her lungs as he continued. He came with a roar, thrusting harder and harder, it seemed that it was unending, the massive quantity of semen he deposited in her.

As he pulled out she straightened her legs, crying she staggered towards her room, semen ran down her inner thighs, she fell into bed and buried her head in her pillow.

When she awakened Ursula was sitting on her bed. Accusingly she demanded, “I heard you last night, you were with Ryan, weren’t you?”

She couldn’t deny it, anyone with eyes could see that she’d been roughly fucked, she uttered, “Yes.”

Ursula got up, “It was my turn,” she screamed as she stalked out of the room.

Although they were all at the breakfast table it wasn’t as though they were a close family, Ursula didn’t say a word, she ate, rinsed her plate and, with a sniff of disdain, walked out the front door. Ryan was mute, he’d given a Good Morning to his Mother and Grandmother before squaring himself up for another day as a recruiter, even Tina was quieter than usual.

“We’re not going to play today Kim, he was rough with me yesterday, I liked it but I’m paying today, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mom, last night...

She confessed everything that had happened, Ursula, herself and the agony she’d endured.

“”Why Kim, why let him do those things to you?”

“Mom, you don’t understand, I didn’t let him, I demanded it, I wanted it.”

Tina looked at her like she was demented.

“It’ll make sense when I can tell you everything but I can’t, not now not yet.”

Tina and Kim looked like Mother and daughter, ‘though Tina probably showed her age less than nearly any other seventy-one year olds and there was one distinct difference, Kim was peaches and cream from head to toe, Tina had tanned forearms and lower legs, she was a gardener and it showed.

“We’re going outside today, you’re going to have to go back to work and I need something to occupy me, we’re going to fix your flower beds.”

“Mom, I have a service.”

“Yes, they cut the grass and nothing else, I’m going to turn this place into a prize winner and you’re going to help.”

A trip to Home Depot, mulch, sprays, fertilizers, gloves, knee pads, and a couple of flats of annuals for immediate color. Kim’s knees aches, she was tired of pulling weeds, planting those damned flowers, water mixed with the 10 10 10 fertilizer, what the hell was 10 10 10 anyway, and a mulch collar around them.

“Mom, I need a shower and a drink, I’m going in.”

Two washed bodies, back in everyday attire of panties and tees, yes, now even Tina had adopted the uniform, it was comfortable, they finished an icy bottle of Pinot Grigio and moods lightened, they were chuckling when Ursula stormed in.

Tina said hello to the girl, got ignored for her effort, Kim got a glare that would peel paint and Ursula flounced upstairs, they heard her bedroom door slam.

“Excuse me Mom, I think I need to have a few words with that young lady.” Kim went up.

As she opened the door Ursula screamed, “Get out, I don’t want you here.”

“Ursula, we need to talk,” Kim said as she shut the door.

“There’s no reason for your attitude, you’re upset, I understand.”

“Damnit, it was my night,” the girl shouted.

“Yes it was and you shocked him, you scared him, from the way you were carrying on about having a baby he was afraid you’d taken your IUD out, you haven’t have you?”

“No Mother, I haven’t taken it out but maybe I will, what would you think of that?”

“I’d think you were being childish and spiteful, it’s your future that’s at stake.”

“Maybe my future is having a baby, did you ever consider that?”

“Ursula, I hope you do, I want to be a grandmother but it’s not the time, finish school first.”

“I don’t care about school, all we do around here is fuck, somebody ought to have a baby and you and Gram sure can’t, you’re too old and dried up.”

“Ursula, there’s no need to be rude.”

“Rude, rude, I’ll tell you what’s rude, you fucking Ryan when it was my turn, that’s rude.”

“Ursula, that’s enough, take responsibility for your actions, it was what you said that chased him out of your room.”

“And you ran right to him, you went to his room, I heard you two in there, my slut Mother getting fucked, I heard it all.”

“Ursula, that’s disrespectful and I won’t have it.”

“What, calling you a slut, why, it’s true, you’re nothing but a fucking slut.”

“You’ve gone too far young lady, now just shut up.”

“But you are, you’re a slut, a fucking slut, slut, slut’ slut,” she chanted, her voice rising.

Ursula was still dressed as she had for school, shorts and a tee shirt, she’d kicked off her Nike trainers.

“That’s it, I won’t have my daughter talking like this, calling me names. Get out of your shorts and panties and get over my lap,” Kim demanded.

“No, you’re not going to spank me.”

“Ursula, let me make myself perfectly clear, you ARE getting a spanking and if you aren’t over my lap by the count of ten I’m going to get the paddle. ONE...TWO...THREE...”

The shorts hit the floor, the panties followed suit and she added her tee shirt for good measure. Kim pulled her left leg up onto the bed, took her naked daughter’s hand and guided her down.

“Just lie still Ursula, you’re getting this for the language you used.”

Her hand rested on her daughter’s tanned bottom, she was squirming, “Mommy I gotta pee,” she was nervous.

Kim stood her up and led her to the en suite bathroom, she waited and watched Ursula urinate, wipe and flush then wash her hands. Kim took her hand and led her back to the bed. She took her down over the leg and began to spank.

Ursula soon realized the paddle didn’t have much on her Mother’s hand, it stung like a wasp on her bare bottom.

Kim got in a steady rhythm, from the top of her bottom, down one cheek to the crease where butt meets thigh then up the other cheek.

After five minutes of steady spanking Kim stopped, saying, “I’d like an apology for what you called me.”

“I’m not going to apologize, it was my turn and you are a slut, a damned man stealing slut.”

Kim felt her anger ramp up, she was going to get an apology before Ursula got off her lap, she resumed the spanking.

Another five minutes, Ursula was whimpering but there was no, “I’m sorry Mom.” Kim asked again, “Are you ready to apologize?”

“No, I meant it.”

This wasn’t working, ten minutes of pounding her daughter’s muscular derriere and her hand was throbbing.

“I’m not getting through to you Ursula, get up.”

The girl stood.

“Bring me your hairbrush, it’s there on your vanity.”

“You’re not going to use that on me, are you?”

“I most certainly am, now get the damned brush before I really get angry.”

Ursula got the hairbrush and reluctantly carried it to her Mother.

“Back over my lap,” Kim ordered.

And with a renewed vigor she went to work.

The brush was heavy with a plain oak backing, Ursula cried out with the first stroke and was uncontrollably bawling by the eighth, Kim paddled hard and fast, flurry after flurry, one cheek then the other.

“Ready to apologize,” she asked as she paused.

“No, fuck no,” her daughter wailed.

It was time to put an end to this, Kim put her right leg between Ursula’s, she spread them allowing her to get to the tender soft flesh of her inner thighs but as she tried to spank her there she found the angle was wrong.

“Get up on the bed, lie on your stomach,” Kim demanded.

“Now spread your legs...further...further, yes, that’s good.”

Ursula had her genitalia on display but that wasn’t Kim’s target. The girl’s inner thighs were white, the only part of her anatomy that didn’t see the sun, Kim knelt beside her and firmly placed a hand on the small of her back, she was sure her daughter would try to run when she felt the hairbrush on such a soft and tender place.

She struck, the hairbrush on her butt had burned like fire, this was the jolt of a 50,000 volt taser, Ursula’s screeching was unearthly high pitched, she was screaming, “I’m sorry Mommy, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” before the brush hit her other leg.”

Kim stopped, “Wouldn’t it have been easier if you’d said that earlier?”

Ursula continued to repeat, “I’m sorry Mommy, I’m sorry Mommy, I’m sorry.”

Tears were flowing copiously as Ursula gasped, trying to regain control of her breathing. Kim sat with her, the hand still on the small of her back as the girl began to settle down.

“Ursula, I want you to know that I love you; I came up here to talk, I had no intention of spanking you but I will not tolerate the language you used about me, not not now and not ever. I hated doing it but I want you to know, I won’t hesitate to do it again if the situation warrants it, the only change I’ll make is I’ll bring Ryan so he can watch as I discipline you. I found the hairbrush most effective, keep it on your vanity to remind you that it works on both ends. Now I want you to put your panties on and lie down for a while, I’ll come for you when dinner’s ready.”

As Kim went downstairs Tina was in the kitchen, she looked at her daughter quizzically.

“I had to have a conversation with my daughter,” was all Kim said.

“Some conversation, she hit a high note that I’m not sure Mado Robin could have surpassed, I’d have loved to have her in my choir.”

“Mom, I don’t think she has any desire to duplicate it.”

Shortly thereafter Ryan got home.

Kim told him, “After you’ve changed I’d appreciate it if you would spend some time with Ursula, she’s in her room and is in dire need of some brotherly love.”

He went upstairs, once he was out of ear shot Tina said, “God he’s handsome in his uniform.”

Kim replied, “Yes he is but I prefer him out of it.”

Tina said, “I concur, you know Kim, when I look at him I can’t keep my eyes off his groin, his penis is so big.”

Kim laughed, “Looking’s fine Mom, no drooling though.”

Ryan showered and put on his gym shorts, barefooted and bare chested he knocked on Ursula’s door.

“Go away,” he heard.

“Hey Sis, you don’t love me no more,” he answered back through the hollow core luan mahogany door.

“Oh, gee I’m sorry, come on in.”

Ursula was laying tummy down on her bed, he walked over and patted her butt.

“Ouch,” she exclaimed.

“What’s the matter Sis?” He asked.

“Mommy spanked me...with her hand, and with MY hairbrush.”

“And why was that?”

“It’s your fault, you left me last night and then you were with her, I called her a slut ‘cause she went to your room.”

“Sis, I was worried about you, I asked her to talk to you, after she did she came to my room to tell me she thought you two had worked things out, I was the one that initiated sex, so, you’re right, it’s my fault, now do you want me to kiss it and make it all well?”

“That would be a nice start, take my panties off.”

He did. Her beautiful tanned bottom was tanned alright as in “I’m gonna tan your hide,” it looked like a rainbow, there were shades of blue and purple where she’d been bruised, scarlets and crimsons covered the rest of her bottom and the backs of her thighs and, two unmistakable marks from the hairbrush on each inner thigh. His lips brushed each buttocks and she caught her breath, he moved between her legs.

“I’ll be careful,” Ryan said. His hands were as soft as angel’s breath as he spread her cheeks and gazed upon her tight ring, his tongue snaked out piercing her first sphincter, he tasted her. Earthy, like moss in a deep forest glade, a slightly sewer scent.

“Ryan no, please, I haven’t bathed.”

“Sis, I’ve been eating your shit for twenty years, why change now?”

He burrowed into her as her head fell back and she uttered a soft moan, it was heavenly, she had her man and, more importantly her Mother had sent him to her; it was Kim’s night. Ursula knew she’d feel his fingers as he lubricated her, she knew she’d take nine inches into her bowels, she knew she’d make funny noises and funny faces, he rolled her over and his mouth took her.

In moments she was ready to explode, his tongue flicked the tip of her clitoris, she bucked and moaned, he held her hips as his tongue and lips took her to new heights, orgasms rolled through her, she pulled her legs up presenting herself, “Fuck me Ryan, please fuck me.”

His cock slid into her like it had found a permanent home, she took all nine inches and sighed.

“Two years Sis, if you still want a baby then I’ll give it to you; maybe call it a graduation present but until then we can have a hellava good time practicing.”

“Can’t we, though,” as she wrapped her legs around him.

It was euphoric, they did practice, he came in her vagina. After she just laid on her back and let his cum ooze from her, she dipped a finger into herself, brought it up to her lips and tasted it, it was salty with a touch of sweetness, it was the consistence of egg albumin, she sucked her finger, her brother looked at her and grinned.

“Next time you might want to get it directly from the source,” he teased her.

“You want me to give you a BJ. I’d choke on that beast.”

They bantered as siblings often do, there was a lot of shared love between them but that didn’t keep the zingers from flying, they laughed a lot, they had fun, she ended up in his arms.

“I love you Sis, always have, always will. You know something, yours was the first pussy I ever saw, you were the first girl I ever watched pee, you know...”

“Yeh Ryan, I know, you helped Mom change my diaper, you were seven.”

The laughter continued.

“You hungry,” Ryan asked, he hadn’t eaten since lunch and it was after seven.”

“Yeh, but I may have to eat standing up, she really blistered me.”

Sandwiches at the counter, a shared bag of chips, a Stella for Ryan and a Coke for Ursula, that constituted dinner, they both thought it was delicious.

Before they joined Kim and Tina Ryan wanted to talk to Ursula, “I’m not pleased with what happened today, you were wrong, she’s our Mother and deserving of our respect but, by the same token she certainly overreacted, your ass glows like Rudolph’s nose.

My point is, I’m not going to allow myself to be the cause of this contention, we need to put an end to it or I’ll get myself a little apartment and move out. Not what I want to do but I will if it comes to that.”

“But Ryan, you can’t.”

“Yes Sis, I can and I will if I’m the cause of dissension in the family, now let’s go talk to Mom and Gram.”

In the living room he said, “Ladies, I’d like us all to move to the bedroom, I want to talk with you.”

Once they were arranged on the bed (there weren’t enough chairs for them all), he explained what he’d said in his conversation with Ursula; then he asked Ursula to take off her panties.

“Kim, this is the damage you did.” She was still a fiery crimson, the blue and purple bruising had faded to muddy yellows and a putrid puce.”

“My God, what did you use, a baseball bat?” Tina exclaimed.

“My hand and a hairbrush, I had no idea.”

“Kim, you lost your temper and you took it out on her, you could have injured her severely and I will not allow myself to be the cause of something like this. I further refuse to be the cause of the disrespectful language and behavior Ursula directed at you. The question is, what to do about it? Ideas?”

“Well, I’m not in the middle of it, at least not yet, but we just need to learn to get along,” volunteered Tina.

“Nice thought but that doesn’t seem to be working, we had an eruption several months ago and now today, any other ideas?”

“I don’t know Ryan, could we draw straws about who gets to be with you? Ursula asked.

“Do you really think that would work Sis? He asked.

“No, I guess not, it wouldn’t deal with the real problem, would it?” She replied.

“And the real problem is what?”

“Jealousy, what else? We all want time with you Ryan, you know that,” Kim asserted.

“And I appreciate that, I love and desire each of you. There have intimations that you are my harem, well I’d bet that even Muslim sultans didn’t have three generations of the same family in their harems and that creates it’s own problem. Like today Kim, you exercised your authority as Mother and home provider over Ursula, your ability to do that certainly puts her at a distinct disadvantage, don’t you think?”

“It wasn’t like that, you know what she called me, it made me furious and, besides, let’s talk about Mom, I don’t have that kind of authority over her.”

“Yes, I think we should talk about Tina. I think we all should have some input as to the conversations you and she have had. Tina, please tell us what you would like to do.”

“Ryan, this may be a bit premature, it’s an idea not a plan.”

“What is it that your plan proposes?”

“I, well I like it here, I’ve found things about myself and my sexuality that have astounded me and I would like to explore them further.”

“In other words you don’t want to live in Springfield, you would like to move here?”

“But your idea goes a little further, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Ryan, I proposed to my daughter, your Mother that I sell my property in Springfield and, from the proceeds of the sale that I finance an addition to this house, a mother-in-law suite I believe they’re called. I could maintain my privacy and the rest of the family could maintain theirs yet we could easily come together.”

“Tina, I think that’s an excellent idea, Ursula, what do you think of Tina’s idea?”

“Jeez, I’d love to have Gram right here with us.”

“How about you Kim?”

“Yes, I want Mom here, she’s working to make a gardener out of me.”

“I’ll make it unanimous, Tina, get your property in Springfield listed, Kim get in contact with a reputable contractor and let’s get started.”

Then Ryan went on to say, “See how easy it is if we all work together, if we can deal with a project of this magnitude, selling property, home additions, I expect that we can solve our other problems if we work together; any other suggestions as how we can work together on our other problem?”

No one could come up with workable solution so Ryan said, “I was afraid we’d not be able to solve our problem, that’s why I asked that we meet here in the bedroom rather than sit in the living room. Kim, you granted me authority in the bedroom and now I’m going to use it. We are going to rotate, I know it kinda fell apart with Kim and Ursula, but I think it’s the only sensible way. We’ll draw straws for the order and we’ll start tomorrow night, that will cover six days a week, but we still have the seventh. Today is Friday, Friday will be open and we’re going to make it a day of celebration, one of you, again we’ll rotate will be with me while the other two will be my assistants.

Thus I decree that today is the first ‘Cole Family Fun and Frolic Night,’ let the festivities begin.”

He crooked a finger at Kim and beckoned her to him, she crawled over. “Ursula’s sore and Tina’s not quite ready so Kim, you’re tonight’s guest of honor.”

“What do I do now?” Kim asked.

“Why, you don’’t have to do anything, everything will be done for or to you.”

“Tina, would you help Kim out of her tee shirt and Ursula, would you take her panties please.”

As Kim was undressed Ryan knelt behind her. Once she was naked he brought her into a sitting position.

Kim was a little embarrassed, she felt like a prize dog at Westminster as he extolled her virtues.

“Isn’t she lovely,” she got over the embarrassment quickly enough as his lips and fingers began his lips tasted her ears, her throat and the warm breath of her mouth, one arm embraced her torso, the other caressed her small breasts, her nipples were stiff and swollen. You’re so sexy Kim,” he whispered as his hand crept down her belly, lower he pressed her abdomen, her uterus clutched as he whispered, “You make such a good Mommy.”

My God, did he know, Kim wondered. He caressed her then again whispered so the other two couldn’t hear, “Mommy,” then his fingers parted her labia, he touched her. She was wet, he moistened his fingers and brought them to his mouth.

“Exquisite, the Nectar of the Gods,” he gushed then he touched her again picking up more of her slick juices, he brought them to her mouth, “Share your wonder with me,” he told her.

Gently he eased her down onto the bed, he kissed her then began down her body. His tongue was serpentine, he tasted her neck, covered her chest then sampled her breasts paying homage to each nipple. Kim was breathing hard, her body had a light sheen of sweat, she was mildly salt flavored, he nuzzled her nicely trimmed mound then his tongue slid between her labia, her Venus cleft was sodden, her vagina lubricating profusely as he licked her. He flicked his tongue teasing her clitoris, it’s tip was ruby red, a beautiful jewel, she moaned and gyrated her hips as she enjoyed the first of the many orgasms he was going to give her tonight.

“Ursula, would you be so kind as to get me some lubricant from the drawer, I want to use the PreSeed, Tina I think Kim would like some attention to her breasts and I’m gonna be kinda busy down here.”

“I’ll enjoy helping,” the older woman said.

“Ursula I’d like you to lubricate Kim’s vagina, be generous with the lubricant, I don’t want her to be hurt.”

He slid his middle two fingers of his right hand into her, his left hand rested on her Mons Veneris, his grandmother had a nipple of his mother’s right breast, he directed Ursula to her left, the two women, grandmother and granddaughter, were gentle with her neither wanting to hurt their tiny gems. His fingers penetrated her cunt, Oh God, she felt them as they crawled up within her, they found the spot, the Gräfenberg Spot, the mythical and mysterical point within a lucky lady’s vagina, the tissue was rougher, he began to pressure, he hooked his fingers, rapidly masturbated her, she began to pant, he felt her swelling, she began to swell, it rose, the size of a California walnut, fluid leaked from her urethra, she began to scream, she wanted to escape from him, the sensation was too intense.

“Ryan,” what the fuck, Ursula gasped, her Mother went into crazed efforts to escape.

“Just hold her down,” he said as he pushed harder and faster, his fingers bring her to...

“Yesssssssss, yesssssssss, Oh fuck yesssssssss,” Kim screamed as she squirted, the first eruption was nearly a foot, they continued, each a little less forceful.

Ursula had never seen a woman squirt, she stared in awe, “What the hell was that,” she gasped.

“I’ll take her now ladies,” Ryan said as he slid up her body and entered her.

“Christ you’re tight, it feels good to be in you,” he said as he thrust.

“You like my pussy?” Kim breathed.

“You know I do, now lift your legs, I want to go deep.”

“I thought you favored my tight little ass.”

“I’m not going to ignore it.”

She liked it when he was a little rough with her and he was fucking her hard now. The two other ladies watched like the cheering section at an athletic event, Ursula couldn’t resist, the muscles of his buttocks flexed each time he pumped, she put her hand on him, she wanted to feel his strength. He looked over at her and smiled, “Your turn next week Sis.”

Kim was expressive, lots of “Oh yeah’s, harder, fuck me harder, unh, unh, unh, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,”until she came.” As she came Ryan picked her up and rolled backwards, bring her o top in the Cowgirl position.

“You can do the work for a while, fuck me Kim, give me a good ride.”

“You know I like to do this,” as her tight little ass thundered up and down his shaft, she was driving down on it making herself scream, scream, scream, cream, as she brought herself to another climax. She fell forward with her hear on her shoulder.

He whispered, “I’m going to cum in you, not now, but I will, that’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“How did you know?”

“We’ll talk later,” he emphasized, “Mommy.”

He rolled with her so he was entering her on her side from behind, he forced her to arch, fucked her hard until she moaned then took her hand and brought it down to her vulva.

“Finger yourself while I fuck you,” he told her. He held her against his chest, one hand on her abdomen, the second on her breast then fucked so hard it made her gasp.

“Damn you’re big,” she complained as Tina and Ursula watch his cock rapidly pound into her. They heard as he said, “Cum for me Kim, I want to feel you cum.”

She shuddered as the climax rocked her then lifted her and put her on hands and knees.

“Arch your back and push out your ass, show me all your wonderful things,” he motioned for Tina and Ursula to come look.

“Isn’t she beautiful,” he asked them.

He smiled then began rubbing his cock along her slit, “I’m going to fuck her now,” as he guided his cock to her vagina. He went slowly, “Look at how wet she is.” Her cunt was dripping as the head of his cock slid into her, he gripped her hips, the women, including Kim expected that he would take her with one mighty thrust, he slowly eased into her an inch at a time. Kim more or less cooed, her, “Un, un, un,” was soft, “Oh My that feels good,” she declared.

He looked over at the other two women, both had lascivious looks, Tina was stroking herself through her underwear, Ursula was more blatant, she’d pulled the elastic from a leg hole and had her fingers dancing across her clit.

“Why don’t you two switch off, it would probably be more fun if someone else was doing it for you.”

As they began to masturbate each other he picked up the pace with Kim. There’s nothing like the sounds of a woman being thoroughly fucked to inspire masturbation, soon both pairs of panties were tossed aside. Yes, there’s nothing like a close familial relationship; Tina couldn’t resist the sweet young pussy she had her fingers in. Ursula gasped as her grandmother went between her legs and tongued her. She turned and brought Tina on top of her, in a 69 position they pleasured each other as he brought his Mother to yet another screaming orgasm. He turned her onto her back, he was going to finish in the Missionary position, he entered her.

He fucked her for about ten minutes, the other two hadn’t come up for air yet, he was getting close, he leaned over her body, he wanted to whisper to her but she began to buck, another orgasm was on its way.

Her nails raked his back, he leaned forward to escape her talons, she bit him on the shoulder...again, he groaned, “Ouch damnit, are you a friggin’ cannibal?” Shit, she had blood on her lips, she’d bit him hard, she smiled at him.

He sat back on his haunches to escape the crazy woman under him, the smile had changed to a grin, she was so damned self satisfied, he reach and caressed her breasts then powered into her, when she groaned from his thrust he lifted her left breast, small as they were, they were still breasts, areolae, nipples, small mounds of delightful flesh, she wasn’t flat chested, not quite, he licked the underside of that tit, she was sweaty, salty, good, damned good, he liked salt on his meat, he reciprocated,

“Oooooooooooooooo,” she cried out, his mouth came up so bloody she thought he was Count Dracula, he kissed her, the coppery taste seemed to drive both of them, when the kiss broke they both had crushed lips, even more blood.

“You’re mine now you know, I’ve scarred you, it’s my mark.”

“It hurt,” Kim said.

“Wanta take a look at my back and shoulder?” He asked her.

“Probably not, I did go kinda overboard, didn’t I.”

Then he finished saying what he intended to say before they went vampire on each other, “I’m going to cum in you, that’s what you want, isn’t it? But we’re not done.”

He rapidly pumped then with a series of grunts he filled her vagina, when he pulled out he told her, “Just lie here and rest.”

Then he asked, “If you two can break away for a couple of minutes now would be a nice time to have a glass of wine, please be kind enough to waitress.”

They brought back glasses for themselves and for the featured couple.

“Are you two enjoying the first Cole Family Fun and Frolic Night?” He asked of Tina and Ursula.

“Exhilarating,” said Tina. Exquisite,” added Ursula.

He and Kim sat side by side at the head of the bed, his flaccid penis rested on his left thigh, he took Kim’s hand.

“Get me ready,” he told her. She took him in her hand and slowly stroked,

“It will take more than that,” he explained as his hand went to the back of her head, she resisted for a moment then took his into her mouth. Kim shifted her position, she got her knees under her and bent forward.

The other two had a perfect view of her back side, semen oozed from her vagina,

“Ursula, please lubricate Kim, Tina, could you stack three pillows.”

“I’m going to put Kim in a position known as Magic Mountain, for rear entry it’s quite intimate.”

He guided Kim forward, her arms, chest and head on the pillows. “Get comfortable,” he instructed her.

He moved up behind her, his body was against her back but, because she was angled upward she wasn’t supporting his weight. He kissed the nape of her neck as he massaged her shoulders, his hands slid down her flanks before rising under her to caress her breasts, as she turned her head to look back at him, he kissed her lips.

“It’s nice, isn’t it,” he asked.

As she began to answer she felt the press of his penis against her, his left hand left her breast and circled her throat, he pulled her head back, his mouth covered hers swallowing her moan as his cock pierced her sphincters, opening for him. He penetrated her slowly allowing the two witnesses to see as he slid through her anus and into her rectum. Kim whimpered with an occasional “Ungh,” as his manhood filled her bowels. He knew that, as he filled her rectum she’d feel an overwhelming need to defecate, the muscles of her rectum would clench trying to expel, Ryan thought that clutching was the greatest feeling in sex. A woman could be taught to use her muscles and he would teach her, but for now he let nature take it’s course.

“You like it Kim, don’t you, tell me you like it.”

“Nyes, nyes, nyes,” she uttered as he began to slowly thrust.

She gasped, she moaned, she groaned as he fucked her before she settled down to her signature chugging. Ryan was still amazed at the sounds women made as they were being sodomized, screams, shrieks, whimpers, rhythmic indecipherable words, pleas, prayers and profanities that would embarrass a truck driver, he particularly liked to be mother fuckered by prim and proper church ladies. Kim was no exception, she was putting on quite a show for Tina and Ursula. Ursula wasn’t astounded by what she was witnessing, she’d been on the receiving end but Tina sat wide eyed as she watched and listened. It sounded to her that her daughter was in her death throes until she saw her legs begin to tremble then her body began to jerk uncontrollable. Ryan held her against her mound of pillows, he stroked her hard as she screamed in the language of Babel, spent, she collapsed against her pillows. With a stout thrust he roared and ejaculated into her then held her from behind kissing her back and shoulders.

“Jesus Christ Ryan, I thought you were killing her, what happened?” Asked Tina.

Kim was the one to answer, “I had a spectacular orgasm, Mom, you’ll never know what it’s like until you experience it, it’s beyond magnificent.”

She stayed on her pillows as Ryan pulled out of her, now semen leaked from her vagina and anus, she’d been well and truly fucked, as she rested she was a well satisfied woman. Ryan held her and stroked her oh so sensitive body, her emotions overwhelmed her, her eyes water then she sobbed, “Hold me, just hold me please,” she begged. Ryan took her into his arms and didn’t release her until she’d settled down, even then he kissed her with a loving meeting of their lips.

For the first time all four slept together. In the middle of the night someone cheated, Ryan felt a soft hand on his penis then tongue and lips, he found soft brown hair and a pretty tanned face bobbing, he reached down and cupped the back of her head, she could only get about three inches of him into her mouth but it was enough, he let her finish. The gush of his semen caused her to choke but she rapidly swallowed, as she drained him she looked up, her eyes sparkled, she grinned with semen oozing from both sides of her mouth, she licked like a cat after lapping up milk then rested her head on his thigh, sighed with satisfaction and dozed off. The other two never knew, they slept undisturbed.

Ursula was first up the next morning, she brewed the coffee, Ryan was next. She poured cups for the both of them, they both sat at the table, the girl couldn’t help herself, she just had to say,

“Boy I really do like coffee with my cream, how about you?”

“No, not my style, but it’s fun supplying the cream,” they smiled at each other, their little secret safe.

Kim was next out, she poured her coffee and joined them. When Tina came out she was wearing shorts and an old front buttoning blouse.

“Get some britches on girl, we’ve got gardening to do,” she said to Kim.

“Mom, after breakfast Kim and I are going shopping, we won’t back until near dinner time, do you want to go?”

“No, I want to finish up in the rose bed, you two go on.”

“I’ll help Gram,” Ryan said.

“Thank you, I’m getting too old to tote those bags of mulch, they’re not all that heavy but they’re bulky, I’d sure appreciate some muscles to help me.”

“It will be my pleasure,” her grandson said.

Breakfast was poached eggs, corned beef hash, whole wheat toast and slices of cantaloupe melon washed down with rich Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Tina and Ryan did the clean up as the other two were already out the door for a day of spending, spending and spending.

Ryan toted the bags of mulch, ripped them open and poured them in piles, Tina was on hands and knees disbursing it around the plantings and creating the boarders. Ryan stood back, he admired the gardens she was creating and he especially admired her nice tight ass as she worked. She’d unbuttoned the top button on her blouse, from the front he could see the demarcation between where she was tanned and the creamy white flesh that was unexposed, he liked that view but he preferred the rear view, particularly when she gave her cute little butt a wiggle. She was flirting, he thought it was cute.

Damn, she’s seventy-one he thought, his dick hardened as he admired her, he gave it a slap and whispered to himself, “Down Boy, Down Boy,” your time will come.

“Whew,” she said as she stood up, “I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“You’re still young enough,” he said as he embraced her from behind.

With his lips at her he whispered, “You’re hot and sexy,” then kissed her neck as his left arm circled her and gently squeezed her breast. His right hand snaked down her body, he gave her abdomen a little rub then began to stroke between her legs.

Even through her shorts and panties his touch was electric, she thought her knees were going to buckle. She gasped, “Ryan, the neighbors.”

“What’s wrong with a boy hugging his Gram?”

“Gram’s panties just got soaked, take me inside and hurry.”

Once indoors he again embraced her, this time he slowly began to unbutton her top. Her breasts were two toned, the tops tanned from her time spent out doors gardening, the bottoms peaches and cream, he turned her. Her nipples were stiff and swollen, she sighed as he took one into his mouth. He took her blouse off and let it fall to the floor.

He had been stroking her but now he unfastened the button of her shorts and lowered the zipper.

“Oh Ryan,” she lamented, “Let me get a bath first, I’m all sweaty and stinky.”

Her shorts fell to her feet. “I think you smell delightful,” he said, he knelt and nuzzled her Mons, she could feel his hot breath through her panties, he kissed the soft white cotton, with one hand on each of her small buttocks he pulled her toward him, his tongue played along between her labia. Tina had a small vaginal slit that was encompassed by her labia, sealed like a young girl’s, his tongue probed. She was wet, lubricating, he used his tongue to separate her labium, he could taste her through the fabric, she gasped, “Take me to bed, Oh Jesus, take me to bed.”

She was light as a feather as he picked her up and carried her to the bed. Once on the bed he slid her panties down and off, her aroma was more powerful than usual, sweat and female lubrication were heady, he took her with his mouth, Tina jerked, jerked hard against his lips, she moaned, her ass gyrating as she came, he moved up and entered her.

“Aaaaaah,” she moaned as his cock filled her.

“God, you’re so tight,” he whispered. He’d learned, like guys wanted to hear, “God you’re so big,” Girls loved to hear, “Christ, you’re so tight,” in Tina’s case it was true.

Tina wrapped her long legs around him, “You can do it harder,” she whispered. He did. He didn’t pound her like he would with Tina or Ursula after all, she was seventy-one, but he hit her hard enough that she was moaning and groaning with every stroke.

She began chanting, “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me Ryan, fuck me harder, Oh yes, that’s the way, just like that,” as she clung to him and propelled herself down on his cock.

She screamed like a banshee, so loud it hurt his ear, her mouth was right next to it, her face buried on his shoulder, her body stiffened as she climaxed. Son of a bitch, he thought, the females in his family must have a vampire gene, she bit him, too, and it hurt like hell.

After her orgasm she relaxed her legs from around him, he stayed in her but a hand lifted her left breast, he said, “You know I owe you one but we’ll save it for later, now I’m just going to lick.”

The underside of her breast was nearly snow white, the skin soft, she was salty with perspiration, he liked it and he changed his mind, he did like seasoning with his meat, the nip drew a drop or two of blood, red and coppery. She yipped when he nipped, he came up, with red stained lips he kissed her. Slowly he began to fuck her again.

“You said you were only going to lick,” she complained.

“I lied,” he replied, “Now we’re even.”

He rolled her onto her side, he liked fucking in that position, he could caress her boobage or stroke her tiny little pussy, he took her hand and guided it down, “Play with yourself Tina,” he said as he rubbed her with her hand. Once she took over he massaged her unbitten breast. As she returned to full throat he stroked harder and faster.

“Come on Tina, I want you to cum again, I want you to cum on your fingers, help me get you off, faster, faster, that’s my girl.”

She was moaning, “Yes, Oh God Yes,” the creamy slickness of her vagina increased, she’d cum again. He brought her fingers to his mouth and sucked.

“You’re delicious Tina,” he said as he took her hand back to her vaginal slit, then took it to her mouth, “See?”

He rolled her over onto her tummy and lifted her by her hips. She liked it this way and so did he, she got herself set and he slid back into her. He fucked her ‘til she’d had yet another orgasm then she tried to collapse to the mattress, he held her up.

“We aren’t done Tina,” he said as he pulled three of the pillows over and stacked them. She watched what he was doing, when the mound was complete she looked back over her shoulder, their eyes me.

“I’m going to climb Magic Mountain, aren’t I,” it was a statement not a question.

He didn’t answer verbally, he simply smiled then with one hand on her flank and the other on her shoulder he guided her to the stack.

He got her positioned, her legs partially spread so that her vulva and anus were exposed, her body against the pillows, her arms, chest and head resting atop the mountain.

“I’m frightened you know, please be gentle with me Ryan.”

He picked up the container of Swiss Navy Silicone lubricant and massaged some around the outside then, adding more to his fingers, he penetrated her.

Tina gasped as he probed her, her sphincters clamped down on the invader.

“Relax Tina, that’s the most important thing you can do.”

Her voice was quivery when she asked, “It’s going to hurt, isn’t it Ryan?”

“Yes, I’m sure it will, it most always does the first few times but how much is really up to you, again, the most important thing you can do is relax. I’m going to use plenty of lube. Even after he’d gotten her lubricated he continued to gently massage her tight ring until he felt the tension begin to ease. He moved up against her.

“You know, the nice thing about this position is it lets me hold my Sweetie,” he said, he caressed her from her shoulders down to her buttocks, he leaned against her and hugged her then guided his cock to her opening, he rubbed it along her then she felt it as he pressed against her.

“I’m going into you now, press down like you’re trying to move your bowels.

“Oh My God,” she moaned as her sphincters tightened in a vain attempt to fight his off.

“Oh, it hurts Ryan, God it hurts,” her voice was cracking, she was on the verge of tears.

“I’m in you Tina, I know it hurts, use your pillow, let it out you may feel better, it’s alright to cry.”

She didn’t right out bawl, the tears came quietly but he could feel her shoulders shaking, he only had about two inches in her, but those were the most important two inches. The affected nerves were in her anus and he was through it, the head of his cock was in her rectum.

He kissed her neck saying, “You’re doing wonderfully Tina, I’m going to fuck you now, as I do I’ll be going deeper, it may hurt but not like when I first went in.”

He pumped slowly and gently, with each thrust he went a little deeper. Ryan leaned forward and embraced the older woman, “It’s all right Tina, you’re doing great. God, you’re tight as a virgin,” he said as he got a little further into her rectum.

“It hurts Ryan,” she gasped.

“I’m almost in Tina, just try to relax.” He took her right breast with his right hand and caressed it while his left hand slid down to her vulva to masturbate her.

His mouth was at her right ear, he whispered, “Reach back and spread yourself Tina, hold yourself open, I’m in, I’m going to fuck you and I want to watch as I go in and out.”

When she didn’t do it immediately, he whispered again what he wanted, more forcefully this time ending with, “Do it now Tina, do it for me.”

It felt so slutty exposing herself this way but then he kissed her neck saying, “That’s my girl, God I love you.” He began to fuck her.

Ryan knew that Kim chugged when he was in her bottom and Ursula had her distinct sounds, now, as he began pumping her he learned Tina’s. She climbed the musical scale, not Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do, no, her own sounds but as he buried himself into her bowels her voice rose until her crystal clear soprano “C” echoed, she was beautiful.

Ryan fucked her tight ass for about ten minutes, he could have gone a lot longer, he was really enjoying her mature virgin asshole but he didn’t want her too sore, he fully intended to come back for seconds and maybe thirds before the other two returned.

When he came in her, before he pulled out he cautioned her that she might fart and, of course she did. Her anus was dilated, she gaped then air and semen escaped with small sputtering farts, the semen oozed down over her pussy lips, he got a tissue and wiped her as he let her collapse over Magic Mountain.

He embraced her saying, “Now might be a nice time for that bath.”

“I think you’re right but give me a couple of minutes, that was pretty intense,” he simply stroked her, her shoulders, her back, down both flanks until she said, “Ready.” He went to draw her bath.

While she bathed he showered, they dressed, he was taking her out to lunch.

Tina was still resting when Kim and Ursula returned, he’d had her two additional times. She was probably dehydrated from all of the fluids she’d lost but, to Ryan only one was particularly memorable. She’d climbed Magic Mountain each time but, on the third he’d brought her down, he wanted her in the missionary position so he could watch her face.

Her crystal clear voice had rung out as he penetrated her, he had her legs up but not pushed back, she didn’t have the flexibility of a younger woman, she was after all seventy-one, he watched as he slowly worked his nine inches into her. He never ceased to be amazed at the expressions on women’s faces as they were being sodomized, Tina was no exception. Her mouth hung open as she gasped for breath, her face was a rictus of pain yet she was uttering,

“Yes, yes, yesssssssss, Ryan, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee.” As he forced himself deeper she began to groan, he kissed her, his mouth covering hers, swallowing her sounds as he came in her.

“Hi guys,” he greeted as Kim and Ursula came in, “Have a good time?”

“Yeah, it was nice, we shopped, had lunch and went to a movie, how about you?”

“Oh, I helped Tina in her garden.”

“Where is she?”

“She went upstairs, taking a nap I think, the sun was pretty hot out there.”

“It sure is, damn, I’m sweating like a pig,” Ursula exaggerated.

“Pigs don’t sweat Sis,” Ryan told her.

“Whatever,” was her retort.

“You’re awfully quiet Mom,” he said, speaking to Kim.

“Just tired I guess,” she replied.

“Could I have a few private minutes with you?” Ryan asked.

She looked up at him quizzically, she was seated, he took her hand and led her to the bedroom, he shut the door.

It was Ursula’s night, he’d have her later but now, already having done Tina he was going for a trifecta, he embraced Kim from behind and slid a hand down to stroke her pussy, “I want you,” he whispered.

It was Ursula’s night yet Kim was in with him, Ursula checked the time, it was only late afternoon, she was hers after dinner. Even through the closed and locked door she could hear her Mother, the chugging sounds told her that Kim had climbed Magic Mountain, she started preparing dinner.

Dinner was finished, a movie was watched, Tina and Kim have gone up to their bedrooms, Ursula went to Ryan, she flopped down onto his lap.

“Wanta watch another movie or fuck my brains out?” she asked.

“You got brains,” he teased.

“Sometimes I question that, why else would I be here if I wasn’t stupid?”

“You like big cock.”

“Yeah, I guess there is that, too,” she sighed, her head dropped to his shoulder, he was stroking her through her panties. Everyone else had so she bit him, too, she knew he’d scar her under her breast, she wanted his mark, she got it.

Ryan yelped as she sunk her fangs into his shoulder, he looked at her, there was blood on her lips and a silly assed smile on her face, he grinned back at her.

“You’re gonna make a fantastic Mother...when it’s time...understand, when it’s time. You have beautiful breasts for feeding, your hips are nice and wide for delivery but you’ll never get rid of the scar, will you?”

“What scar?” She asked.

He lifted her rather substantial left breast and bit her so hard she screamed.

“That one,” he said.

She slid off his lap, laid out on the sofa and pulled his cock out of his shorts, saying, “I want you to cum in my mouth,” as she began to stroke and lick. When she got up on hands and knees so she could take him in her mouth Ryan told her, “Take off your top, I want to see your glorious titties.”

She did as he asked but instead of going down on him again she leaned over and, with a hand on each of her breasts, she took him between them.

Ursula grinned, “How about a titty fuck,” she teased.

After a few minutes of breast fornication he moaned, “I’m gonna cum Sis,” she immediately went back at him with her mouth. She took as much of him as she could, abut four and a half inches, and pumped him with her lips, mouth and throat. She began to gag as his semen flooded, he slipped from between her lips, his last two gushes pasted her face.

Ursula sat back on her haunches, semen leaked from her mouth but, more than that, from below her left eye and down to her chin cum had coated her face.

They laughed at each other before Ursula said, “I think it’s clean up time.” She went to the bathroom, washed her face and took a warm damp washcloth back, she washed Ryan then said, “I think I want a Coke, you want something?”

“Yeah, I could use a beer, make it a Stella.”

She came back, handed him his beer and took a gulp of her Coke, “That was fun, wasn’t it?” She asked.

“”Yes and you were damned good at it, where’d you learn?”

She giggled, “I eat a lot of bananas and I practice.”

“Recommend bananas to all your female friends, it would make the world a better place,” Ryan said.

Ursula was suddenly serious, “Speaking of friends, I have a special friend maybe I’d like you to meet, she’s a classmate of mine and she’s brilliant, I mean an IQ up over 175, a true genius. She’s helped me on several assignments when I was stuck, but, well, I’m not sure how to put this, Jada, that’s her name, Jada Livingston, anyhow, Jada’s kind of a geek, she talks to computers not people.”

“Wow,” Ryan sarcastically said.

“Ryan please, she’s only eighteen, she skipped two grades in school, and she feels like a social outcast, shoot, I’m her only friend, so what does that tell you?”

“It tells me that she has good instincts in her choice of friends Sis, you’re the best.”

“Ryan, she’s a virgin and doesn’t want to be, I thought maybe...”

“I don’t much care for virgins Ursula, they get so damned clingy, dreams of weddings and that shit, I don’t much care to go there.”

“You did me, why can’t you at least meet Jada?”

“Don’t compare yourself to a stranger I don’t even know, you’re my sister and you were hurting.”

“Pllleeeeeeeze Ryan, it would mean so much to me.”


“She’s my friend and it’s what she wants, at least let me bring her home so you can meet her.”

“Jesus Ursula, what am I a stud service for wayward virgins?”

“Some guys would say, ‘Not a bad job if you can get it,’ and she’s kinda cute in a nerdy way, you’ll like her. Please Ryan, please.”

“Oh Christ, you’re hard to say no to, bring her on and we’ll see.”

“You’re a prince,” she exalted.

Damn she was so desirable he thought, her full breasts so enticing, her taut, tight belly, her tanned flesh , she watched him over her shoulder as he guided her to the sofa. He faced her away from him, her knees were on the seat, his hands lowered her upper torso until she rested on the back of the couch, he massaged her bottom through her panties then he took them down.

“Lift your knees,” he told her, he tossed her panties aside. “Arch,” he ordered. As she did so his fingers spread her labia, his cock opened her, she gasped, he hadn’t taken her gently nor did he slow down as he took her, it was fast and it was hard, she cried out as he buried himself, all nine inches, in her and began to thrust.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” she cried as he assaulted her, he was deep in her using every inch he had, tearing at her depths, he held her hips and battered her until her cries and pleas changed, “Fuck me you bastard, that’s it, fuck me, Goddamnit, fuck me,” as she threw her ass back against him. When she went off it was pretty damned spectacular, she was all over the sofa, he gripped her like she was trying to run but that wasn’t the case, she was in a state of orgasmic euphoria she’d never entered before, finally she collapsed, he still embraced her fine body as she gasped.

She looked at him, her eyes glistened, her breath came in a sibilant plea, “Take me to bed Ryan, take me to bed.” He led her, closed and locked the door and built the three pillows that comprised Magic Mountain.

His fingers probed her as he applied the Swiss Navy lube, he moved up on her, she groaned as his cock burrowed in. She was tighter than either Kim or Tina, he began to fuck her, she started her sounds as he pistoned through her snug anus.

He fucked her slowly, neither of them were over the top with arousal, he began to talk. “Jada, tell me about Jada,” he said.

“Well, like I told you she’s really smart. She’s a little thing, four foot ten at the most and I’d guess no more than eighty pounds and Ryan, she’s mixed race, her dad’s black and her mom’s white. She’s pretty light skinned, though. She’s gonna be shy, you’ll need to be gentle with her.”

“All that’s nice to know but Sis, what I was asking was, how’s it that sex with me came up?”

“Whoops, I guess I let it slip, I’m sorry.”

“So am I, you know that’s one subject that it’s absolutely taboo to discuss, I’m going to have to tell Mom, she’d be the one most affected if it got out.”

“Jada won’t say anything, I promise.”

“That’s beside the point, you’ve divulged out family secret to an outsider.”

“Ryan, please don’t tell Mom, oh God, she’ll be so pissed.”

“I imagine you’re right, in fact I’m not too happy either.”

“But she’ll punish me, please don’t tell.”

“Ursula, you deserve to be punished.”

All the young woman could think about was the hairbrush resting on her vanity and she knew her Mother would blister her with it.

“Ryan, please, she’ll use the hairbrush on me,” she whimpered.

“Yeah, I remember, she really blistered you, didn’t she?”

“God yes and it’ll be worse this time, I just know it, please don’t tell.”

Ursula was surprised, Ryan pulled out of her.

“Wha...what are you doing?”

“We’ll have plenty of time, I’m with you tonight but we need to deal with our immediate problem, don’t we?” He stroked and caressed her muscular bottom then pulled her up onto her knees, his arms circled her as he pulled her back against his chest.

“Ursula, like I said earlier, you deserve to be spanked, you broke the cardinal rule,” he turned her so that she faced him then he sat with his legs extended, he guided her down.

“Ryan, what are you doing?” He was frightening her.

“Giving you a choice, my hand of her hairbrush.”

“Ryan my God, you’re my brother, you can’t spank me.”

He began to rub her butt then gave her a sharp little whack, “You have such a perfect ass, I’d hate to see it all red, blue and purple again; I’d only use my hand.”

“But you’ve got big hands, it’ll hurt.”

“Ursula, I won’t lie to you, yes, it’ll hurt, I’ll leave you red and crying but you won’t have to lay on your tummy for three days nursing bruises.”

She scrunched her eyes shut, she didn’t want a spanking at all but she damned sure didn’t want the kiss of the brush. “Ok, but only if you won’t tell her.”

“I won’t we’ll work out something to explain Jada, you ready?”

“I guess,” she took a deep breath as he gave her a nice firm whack.

“Ouch, that hurts,” she groused.

“It’s suppose to,” he let her know as he gave her another.

“Damn, you’ve got a cute ass,” he told her as he whacked her again.

He rubbed her bottom then whacked her again.

“This is fun,” he said to her.

“I don’t think so,” she whined as he gave her a fifth smack.

“You’re pretty in pink,” he said as his fingers slid between her legs, surprisingly, she was wet.

He slid two fingers into her vagina, rapidly masturbating her until she began to respond, once she began to thrust back against his hand, her cunt dripping and her arousal climbing, he pulled his fingers out and smacked her butt. She trembled, the pleasure abruptly replaced with the pain of the spanking, he hit her again then caressed her tanned ass. As she settled he smacked her again, he alternated between caresses and spanks until he’d again given her five whacks before he slid his fingers back between her legs and into her sweet vagina. He was working her Gräfenberg Spot and it was filling, Ursula gasping, she lifted her butt inviting more attention, once she was totally aroused Ryan resumed her spanking.

“Aaaaaaah, you bastard,” Ursula moaned, “Let me cum damn you.”

He smacked her again.

She thrashed trying to get off his lap, he pinned her and gave her another whack then massaged her ass, “Damn you’re getting nice and red, I love your color,” he told her.

She remembered, he’d told he was going to make her red and make her cry, she began to whimper.

Ryan realized that Ursula was faking the sobs, this time he didn’t stop at the five spanks, he increased the intensity of the blows and continued until her sobs and tears were legitimate. Now he stopped.

“You shouldn’t have tried to fool me Little Sis, you deserved this spanking but you made it worse by faking, tell me you merited punishment and that you apologize for trying to make a fool of me and no more will be said about this.”

“I’m sorry Ryan, the spanking hurt and I was just trying to get you to stop and, yes, I should never said anything to Jada, I was wrong and deserved my spanking,” she morosely confessed.

“Good Girl,” he complimented her as his fingers again sought her.

“Hey, it couldn’t have been that bad, my Baby Sis is soaking, You liked it, didn’t you?”

She moaned, “No,” as she was penetrated.

It took only a few minutes, he felt her swell then fluid leaked from her urethra, she thrashed, trying to get away as she screamed, “I have to pee, Ryan, I don’t want to pee the bed and I have to go.”

His hooked fingers exerted even more pressure and began to move more rapidly while his Sister gyrated, twisted and tried to escape his grasp. Suddenly she stiffened as he held her then screamed an ear piercing screech, his legs and crotch were suddenly soaked as she ejaculated, she, of course didn’t fountain as had happened with his other two women, she was belly down, none the less her quantity was immense.

She looked bedazzled as her eyes sought his, “What the fuck just happened?” She gasped.

“I think you came,” he calmly answered.

“Jesus Ryan, that was unbelievable, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.”

“I take it you liked it then?”

“I can’t tell you how much.”

“I wish you could have seen your face, I can’t believe how similar women’s faces are when they’re in pain and when they’re cumming.”

“Yeah well, they’re kinda alike...no, that’s not right, it’s more like they’re opposite ends of the same spectrum, both can hurt and both can feel good...am I making any sense Ryan?”

“I can’t answer that, I’m not a woman. Guys it’s poke, poke, cum, feels good, wait twenty minutes and try again, you gals, totally different. Stupid us, guys I mean, we chase the hell out of you females and you win, you cum and cum again, shit, sex is more fun for you than it is for us.”

She stuck her tongue out at him and flipped him the bird. “Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?” she teased.

“And so’s my Little Sister,” he said.

He swatted her nearly perfect ass and told her to get up on her hands and knees. She was spectacular from behind, her pussy was still dripping some of her ejaculate, his tongue laved her slit tasting her nectar. She arched her back raising her bottom for his attention, he didn’t disappoint, from the top of her slit down to her vagina with a momentary pause to suck her urethra like it was a tit, he tasted her urine tainted fluid then further down. He lapped her perineum, the small patch of flesh between her vaginal slit and her anus, then he rimmed.

His cute sister made some strange noises as the tip of his tongue parted her outer sphincter. He could smell her and taste her, once he’d opened her she had a funkiness that brought to mind damp mossy earth, he reveled in her nasty fragrance, he moved up and mounted her.

Ursula gasped as he took her, nine inches of cock forced in was a lot to absorb, she moaned as he rode her like he owned her, his cock pounded deeply into her vagina, she screamed, “Fuck me, Goddamnit, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeee.”

Synergism, a melding of shared desires, his cock pounded into her, her cunt accepted it with heartfelt screams, she wanted a pounding, he wanted to pound, he gave her the ride of a lifetime. To Ryan an unknown phenomenon began, aside from his Sister screaming and uttering what sounded like an unknown foreign language, her thighs began to tremble, he’d heard of leg shaking orgasms but he’d never witnessed one, he had now. He jammed his cock into her then simply held her around her hips until, after about thirty seconds, she fell to the mattress.

“Wow and Jesus Christ in a shoe box, we can do that again,” Ursula gushed.

“You can’t imagine what it was like.”

“Guess not Sis, I don’t have a pussy, but I’m glad you do.”

“Me, too, Ryan, Jesus, I mean...”

He reached and got the Swiss Navy lube and smiled at her, “My turn,” he told her.

His fingers probed and prodded her anus as he lubricated her, he was opening her further, his fingers parted her outer and inner sphincters opening her to her rectum, her scent was more distinct now, in spite of her enema earlier she had a slight sewer like scent, he raised her to her knees, caressing her breasts and stroking her vulva.

She expected that he was going to sodomize her so she was pleasantly surprised when he bent her forward and filled her cunt with his nine inches. He fucked her hard, he had a hand on each ass cheek spreading her. The sounds she was making were music to his ears, her magnificent ass was still reddened from her spanking, her asshole glistened with the lubricant he’d used, he could smell her sex each time he split her labia, she was beyond desirable, she was fantastic, her body began to quiver, she was on the verge of a climax, he shoved his right thumb into her, she stiffened and screamed as her orgasm nearly doubled her over. Her right hand came back, she tried to push him off, he smacked her crimson butt, said, “Don’t fight me,” which was the exact opposite of what he wanted, he wanted the struggle, she was big, five eight, a hundred and sixty pounds of feisty woman, she twisted and turned, she was sweaty and slick, it was all he could do to control her. God, that girl had a mouth on her, she swore at him like she was a sailor, he was glad Mom and Gram weren’t near, the language alone would have got her a hairbrush blistering from Kim.

“Mother fucker, Goddamned mother fucker she screeched at him as she tried to kick him in the nuts.”

He sang to her, yes sang, Buckcherry, “Hey you’re a crazy bitch,” he let her do the scream when he turned her belly down, climbed her back and took her rapidly and hard.

“Still wanta fight me?” He asked, her eyes had teared as he sodomized her.

His left arm snaked around her neck tightening on her throat, compressing her carotid arteries until her vision began to tunnel.

“Please don’t hurt me Ryan,” she gasped out as darkness over took her.

“I won’t,” he whispered as he eased the pressure, “I’ve got something special for my favorite girl.”

He bone proned her for several minutes while he kissed and nibbled at her neck then he rolled with her so he was behind her as she laid on her side. He had his left arm under her where he could cup her fantastic breasts, his right arm stretched downward, he forced her to arch then masturbated her for a few minutes. He took her hand and brought it down, “You do it,” he ordered.

She puffed like a little steam engine as her fingers danced around and over her clitoris, he liked it when she swung her head back against his shoulder, her brunette hair often covering his face. Her moans and groans were interspaced with babbling in an unknown language, she whimpered and she screamed depending on what he did with her. He stroked her body from her neck down over her breasts, her tummy and her abdomen, her flesh was smooth and warm, twenty years of perfection, “You like it, tell me you like it,” he whispered.

“No, no, I hate it, you’re a beast, you’re raping me.”

“But I’m your beast, tell me how much you want me Ursula, tell me.”

“Oh Christ Ryan, yes, I want you, you know I do, I’m yours forever, please, I’m young, I’m pretty, I can give you baskets full of babies, God what do you want me to do?”

“Get your degree like a good girl, I promise, the day you graduate we’ll have your IUD out and I’ll fuck you every night until we’ve made a baby.” He caressed her abdomen, “I’ll fill you here, I’ll suck your breasts and drink your milk, you’ll be my wife.”

She turned her head toward him, “Kiss me, tell me you love me,” she asked as her pretty brown eyes sparkled. He did, then he slid a hand under the pillow, he’d prepared for this moment.

“I want you to cum with me in you,” he told her, she heard the low buzz as he switched the tiny vibrator on and brought it down to her vulva.

She took the toy, she could use it, better she than him, she could find the right spot. He began to fuck her earnestly, her ass was wonderfully tight. Delightfully she started to push back against him,, she brought the vibrator to her swollen clitoris, he could feel the rapid buzzing through her body, she was losing control, she shimmied and shook before her anus clamped on him and she screamed. Her legs quivered then shook, it was wonderful as she squirted from her urethra while her anus clamped his cock squeezing him, holding him in her as he pumped his semen into her, he couldn’t hold back, his arms were wrapped around her, he held her as she settled back against him, he kissed her, tasting her sweet breath.

“I love you,” she gasped. “I Love you, too,” he whispered into her ear before sticking a tongue in.

“Prick,” she exclaimed, “You’ve got it in the wrong hole.”

They laughed, both of them in a way that only siblings can share laughter, she rotated her body, he came out of her, she straddled him then thrust her breast into his face, he took a nipple and sucked like he was her baby, she cooed softly as her pussy leaked her fluids on his belly, they stared at each other, nothing need to be said, they both understood.

Ursula accepted the fact that Ryan would never be completely satisfied with a single woman, be it Kim, Tina or other strays that might be drug in, hell, she was recruiting Jada for him, she thought she might like to spectate live (she knew the cameras were recording for posterity), we’d see. She got up and went to the bathroom, got a washcloth and went back to wash his cock, she intended to suck it and didn’t particularly care to eat her own ass when she did.

She sat on the bed, the warm cloth wrapped around his dick, she gave it a little squeeze, “You liked spanking me, didn’t you?” She accused.

“You deserved it.”

“I won’t deny that, but that’s not what we’re talking about, is it, I said you liked doing it, did you or didn’t you?”

Ryan didn’t answer, he simply smile at his younger sister.

“I knew it, you asshole, you liked smacking my butt, well, now you need to kiss it and make it all well,” as she flung herself over his lap and raised her oh so delightful ass for his lavish attention; he kissed, he was no fool.

“So tell me about this girl Jada, what do you expect?” He asked.

“Ryan, you’re gonna have to be gentle with her, you won’t believe how naïve she is, I mean, she’s probably the smartest person I’ve ever met, a real brainiac, like up there with Steven Hocking but in a social setting she’s absolutely lost. When I talked to her about visiting with us here she started to stutter, like I..., I..., I, ‘til I finally told her, ‘Yes you can Jada,’ you’ll have fun, we can do some things together, shopping, a movie, whatever and I’ll introduce you to my big brother Ryan, I know you’ll like him and, more importantly, I know he’ll like you.”

“So how’s this suppose to go Sis, I mean I’ve never been ah, a swordsman for hire by my little Sister.”

“Oh screw you Ryan, I’m not hiring you, you’ll be the one paying me, I mean, how often are you offered an eighteen year old virgin?”

“I told you, virgins don’t turn me on, present company excepted of course, but is she gonna follow me around like a puppy?”

“Probably, but you’ll be able to expand your harem by one so don’t bitch, don’t you kinda like having three generations of fantastic female flesh just drooling over you, and you’ll get to add a sweet young chick.”

He laughed, a true belly laugh, “Yeah, I guess I do like the idea,” he told her.

“How can we get rid of Mom and Gram for the weekend, maybe you can get them to go to the beach condo for the weekend, I’ll ask Jada over after classes on Friday and I’ll take her home Sunday evening.”

“You set it up, but tell me how you want it to go.”

“I don’t know Ryan, we’ll play it by ear, Ok.”

When Tina and Kim got home, Kim asked to have a private moment with Ryan, it was her night with him but she explained that her period had started, she wanted him to know. Even more than that, she was cramping, she was kinda off the board. After she’d had the IUD inserted her periods had been light or nonexistent but this one was heavy, like the nasty joke men said of women; “How can you trust anything that can bleed for five days and doesn’t die,” God, sometimes she hated men.

He smiled at her, “Tell me what I can do for you Mom,” he asked.

“Maybe a glass of wine?”

He brought her a glass of Merlot along with the rest of the bottle and a glass of Madeira for Tina. He stood behind her and circled her with his hands, softly massaging her tiny breasts, she laid her head back against him, he slid his hand down and caressed her abdomen, “fourteen days, isn’t it?”

“You know,” she was startled, how did he know.

‘You’re a good person Mommy, Ursula needs to finish her education.

“You won’t tell?”

“No, never.”

They kissed as they shared their little secret, then Ryan said, “Ursula had a friend, she wants to introduce us, maybe you and gram would like to spend the weekend at the beach, you think?”

“So long as she washes the bloody sheets, tell her that,” Kim giggled as she collapsed into her Son’s arms.

At breakfast the next morning Kim announced, “Mom, we’re going to the beach, we’re gonna get tanned and eat lobster and shrimp and we’re gonna have a hellava lot of fun, get your stuff together, and let’s go.”

It was after four in the afternoon, Ryan had dressed causally, shorts, tee shirt and flip flops, he was sucking on a bottle of Fat Bottom Beer when Sis and her friend arrived.

The young girl could hardly speak, she appeared to be terrorized.

“Hi, you must be Jada,” Ryan said, “Ursula had told me so much about you; I don’t think I’ve ever been in the presence of a true genius before, she tells me you’re the smartest person she’s ever met.”

He immediately realized his approach had been totally wrong, the girl was as tiny as advertised, no more that four ten and eighty pounds if she was soaking wet, she was black white mixed race, her complexion was coffee with three creams, her hair was long, black as a raven’s wing but straight, her eyes obsidian, he reached for her hand, using both hands he held hers, “My Sister had told me so much about you Jada, I’m so glad to meet you, may I get you something to drink, maybe a nice glass of wine?”

The young girl gasped, “Oh no, I can’t drink wine, if Mommy knew she’d spank me,” the girl confessed.

“So you still get spanked, hunh, so does Ursula, right Sis?”

Jada looked at her big friend with a question in her eyes, Ursula dropped her eyes, it was obvious they shared this embarrassment, then to exacerbate this moment Ryan continued, “I think you’d find my Sister has a bright bottom right now, let's go into the bedroom and you can show her Sis.”

You can show her Sis,” wasn’t a request, it was an order, in the bedroomshe lowered her panties and disclosed her scarlet cheeks.

“Oh My God, what did you do? Jada asked.

Ursula began to snivel, "What we do here is secret and I said some things to you that I shouldn't have, you shouldn't be here Jada, I mean, Oh fuck, I don't know what I mean."

Ryan was prepared, he cupped his Sisters head with his hand and brought her over his lap, five firm smacks on her perfect ass, she gasped then sat back on her haunches,

His eyes drilled Jada in place, she'd worn a white blouse decorated with blue corn flowers, white shorts and a pair of white sandals, her eyes were as big as pie plates, she wondered what she'd gotten into. Ursula was so self assured, she couldn't believe what she'd just witnessed, her big friend was teary eyed and sporting a scarlet bottom, her panties were still down, her humiliation absolute.

Ryan said, "I'd like a few minutes alone with Jada, maybe you'd like to watch a TV show or something."

With her panties still at half staff Ursula left them together, she closed the door on her way out.

Jada just looked at him, she was speechless, then he smiled.

In a mesmerizing voice he said, "Come here Jada and tell me what you want," he reached for her and took her hand then simply picked her up and sat her on his lap.

"Jada, if you want to leave I'll understand, it's frightening, isn't it?"

She stammered as she acknowledged her fear, he was so big and strong, then he said, "But I'd like it if you would stay, I think we can have some fun."

His eyes locked on hers, he stared through her wire rimmed glasses, she felt like he was staring into her soul, she squirmed, she could feel him under her bottom as he grew, his hand was on her tummy, he caressed her then the hand rose. She was virtually breastless, flat as a board, but still her chest was sensitive, as he touched her her nipples swelled and stiffened, her breath caught in her throat, his face moved toward her, he kissed her and said, "I really like you Jada, you're so cute."

She'd been kissed by her mom and dad and even by her aunt but never by a man, she was so tense it was like she was frozen, "Relax Sweetheart, it'll be all right," he said, then he kissed her again.

Bells were ringing, she was all a tingle as his tongue tasted her lips, her mouth opened, they shared breath, she pulled away aghast, he'd unbuttoned her blouse as they'd kissed. Jada wasn't wearing a bra, there was nothing to support, she just looked at him.

"I want to see all of my pretty little girl," he told her as he gently toyed with her nipples.

She'd never thought of herself as pretty; geeky maybe but never pretty but he was making her feel pretty, this big handsome man was holding her, kissing her, his hands felt so warm, so gentle as he took her blouse off, his mouth took one of her nipples in, she gasped, it felt incredible, suddenly her panties were wet, she'd never lubricated before, for a moment she was afraid she'd peed herself but it felt better than any pee she'd ever taken.

"Jada, you're an absolute delight," he whispered to her, then asked, "What do you like?"

"Wha..wha...what do you mean," she stuttered.

"How do you like to be touched? What turns you on?" He asked as he lowered her to the mattress then laid beside her on his back and pulled her atop. He did find her delightful, he wanted to hold her and caress her, his hands slid over her naked back, each cupped her buttocks, he massaged her through her shorts as he studied her face. She was studying him just as intently, he ran a finger along her anal crevasse, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, he pressed, she opened her eyes and began to rock on him, it was something she'd never done before, it was instinctual, she was making him hard.

"You've got the cutest little bottom," he said as he gave her a squeeze. Again she pressed herself against him and, this time she ground her pelvis to his penis.

"Have you ever seen a man's cock?" He asked her.

She didn't answer but she shook her head no.

"Take mine out Jada, hold it."

She edged down so she was sitting on his thighs then unfastened his shorts, her tiny hand dug down, she brought him out, her eyes were alight with surprise and awe, "It's so big," she said, "How can it go into a girl?"

"Girls are wondrous things, they stretch, I mean they have babies, don't they."

"Is it going to hurt when you put it inside me?"

"Yes Jada, when I break your hymen it will hurt and you'll probably bleed, does that frighten you?"

"Maybe a little."

"Take your shorts off," he told her.

She unfastened them then stood over him as she shed them, she was now clad in only her panties; white hipsters, as she began to lower them he told her to wait, He wanted to do that when it was time, he reached for her hand and brought her back down.

She straddled him, he could feel her dampness and warmth through her panties and he could smell her, her fragrance was intoxicating, again he clutched her ass, she pressed herself against him, her breath was coming in small pants. "Kiss me," she asked.

He let her lead the way, she nibbled at his lip then slid her body up so she was on his belly, she leaned forward, she wanted him to suck her nipples. Her areolae were large and chocolate brown, her nipples even darker, nearly black, she gasped and shuddered as he took one into his mouth, her tiny body trembled, he stroked her bottom through her panties, he felt her anus clench, she mouthed a little moan.

"Felt good, didn't it."

"Yes, what happened?"

"Have you ever climaxed before?"

"That's what it was, it was pretty wonderful," she gave a little giggle, "Can we do it again?"

He rolled her so he was on top, he knelt between her slim girlish thighs then took the elastic waistband of her panties and lowered them, her pigmentation was darker than elsewhere, her labia darker still, her inner labia fringed nearly black, he rather enjoyed the stark contrast, the dark lips welcoming to her pretty coral pink inner core.

"Lift your legs, let's get these off. She threw her legs straight up into the air, he brought her panties to his nose, sniffed then tossed them aside, she began to squawk as his mouth came down on her, it changed to a moan as his tongue swirled around her clitoris. One of the few things he liked about the young ones was how responsive they were to stimulation, in just moments Jada was squirming all over the bed, Christ, he had to chase her, he only got control when he hoisted her legs onto his shoulders. She was screaming, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Ooooooooooooooh God, Jesus in heaven, fuck, fuck, fuck, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah," as she climaxed he sucked her ejaculate from her vagina, she was delicious.

"I'm going to use a little lubricant, it should make it easier for you," he told her as he reached for the Swiss Navy. He dabbed some at the throat of her vagina then slicked a bit on himself.

Pull your knees up, try to touch your chest with them. Once she'd gotten in position he moved up to her, Like everything else about Jada her vaginal slit was small, no more than two inches at most, he ran the head of his cock along it. She was tense, holding her breath, her eyes fearful as she stared at his penis, it looked so big and she looked so small.

"Relax for me Sweetheart," he said as he caressed her cheek. He leaned forward and said, "Give me kiss pretty little one." As their lips met he took her, his mouth covered hers, he swallowed her scream as he broke her hymen. She buried her head on his shoulder, sobbed and bit him, he wondered how he was supposed to bite her under her tit, she didn't have any. He kissed her eyes, "Don't cry Little One, the worst is over, I'm in you now."

"It hurt," she whimpered.

"It will get better, I promise," he told her as he worked his cock deeper into her and began to fuck.

She made little mewling sounds as he stretched her tight vagina. He asked, "Are you on any birth control?"

"No," she whimpered.

"Jada, when it's time I'm going to cum in you, I have some Plan B pills, I'll give you one then you need to see a gynecologist."

"I've never been to one."

"That's Ok, I'll have Ursula take you."

"Does it feel any better now?" He asked.

"It still hurts a little but not like when you went in me, it really hurt when you broke my hymen."

As he began to thrust she started making little yipping noises, then he heard muffled giggling from beyond the door, he knew Ursula was listening, he'd get to that later, he planned to embarrass and humiliate her but, for now he was going to enjoy fucking Jada.

He fucked her in the missionary position for several minutes then rose up on his knees and brought her up, too. Now face to face he continued fucking although one hand was now rubbing her ass. Her knees were on his thighs and she began to hump up and down on his shaft.

"That a girl," he encouraged her, she was still yipping, now each time she came down on him.

He said, "Let's have a little fun," as he rolled backwards and brought her on top of him.

"Your turn to do the work, get that cute butt of yours working, that's the way, up and down," for the first time since he'd penetrated her she had a smile on her face.

"You like it this way don't you?"


"Most girls seem to, let's them be the boss, I guess. I like it, too, it lets me look at and feel your breasts and your plump little bottom."

"Well, I do have a plump butt but there's no breasts to look at and feel."

"Don't worry Little Bit, once you've been pregnant they'll grow."

"Mom's didn't grow much after she had me but at least she has some, she's not flat like I am."

"Your Mom's small like you?"

"She's a little bit taller but not much, lots of people tell us that looks a lot like an older version of me."

"So she's cute, too."

Talk about cute, Jada blushed at the compliment then just shook her head yes.

"What does she do?"

" She works for the post office," then she blurted out, "She doesn't have a boyfriend but I think she needs one, whoops, I shouldn't say that."

"Why do you think she needs one?"

"'Cause of the stuff she thinks are hidden in her panty drawer; why do girls always hide that kinda stuff in their panty drawer?"

"What kinda stuff," Ryan asked.

Jada blushed again but she answered, "Toys, you know."

"You ever try them?"

"Oh no, Mommy would whip me white if she ever caught me."

"Whip you white, don't think I've ever heard that before."

"Well, you tan a white girl's hide, what do you do with one that's already tan?"

"How you feeling?"

"There's an ache in my pussy but I suppose that's to be expected, but my thighs are starting to cramp from this riding."

He reached and pulled her down so he could whisper to her, "We're going to take a break, there's something I need to do but we'll have all night to finish, you're sleeping with me. But, now be quiet, I need to catch an eaves dropper."


"Shhhh, don't let on," as he lifted her off, sat her on the bed and crept to the door.

He jerked the door open, startled, Ursula jumped back.

"Sneak," he chastised her, "Get in here," he ordered as he grabbed her arm and led her into the room.

"Your 'Good Friend' was listening at the door, the sneaky little thing. I think she needs to be taught a lesson in manners."

"You, my dear Sister are getting another trip over my lap, get undressed."

"Ryan, please, I was just walking by the door."

"Ursula, you've just earned yourself extra strokes for lying, I heard you giggling out there at least fifteen minutes ago, now get undressed, shoes, top, shorts, panties, everything."

"No, not while Jada's here, I'd die of embarrassment."

"Maybe you should have considered her potential embarrassment, would you like it if a friend of yours eaves dropped on you when you were engaged in sex?"

"Well, no, I don't think so."

"Of course you wouldn't, but you did it, didn't you? Now, get ready, I want everything off and you over my lap within the next two minutes."

When she didn't move, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. Either you get ready or I'll take your clothes off for you, is that going to be necessary?"

Her lower lip quivered and her eyes got glassy with unshed tears, she stepped out of her shoes. Her top came off, she was braless, her magnificent breasts on display, she was wearing a pair of shorts since they had a guest, they fell to her feet, she kicked them away.

She looked at him imploringly, she wanted to keep her panties, he said, "I'll do that for you."

As he took them down he realized that the gusset was wet and he could smell the tangy scent of urine.

"I think you better use the bathroom, don't you?"

She quick stepped to the toilet.

"I do that, too, sometimes when Mommy's getting ready to spank me, I get so nervous," Jada whispered.

Girls, he thought, wonderful and wondrous beings, he was looking forward to disciplining Ursula, her bottom was just so spectacularly spankable, Jada's too for that matter, he'd have to find a reason.

Ursula came out of the bathroom, she already looked like a whipped puppy, she walked to him and tried one more plea, he took her hand and gently guided her over his lap.

Jada was sitting at the head of the bed, she'd have an unobstructed view of Ursula's bottom and, as the spanking progressed all of her feminine wiles and treasures.

She yelped as he left the red imprint of his hand on her right cheek, then the left and again, the right, she began to kick at the tenth spank, her hand came back trying to protect herself at thirteen, he pinned it to the small of her back, "Careful, I don't want to break one of your fingers," he told her. She flailed her legs and broke at seventeen, the tears came.

At twenty she jerked her right leg up, modesty be damned, all of her luscious pinkness was on display, he glanced to where Jada was sitting, she was staring in wide eyed wonder at his Sister. Then it dawned on him, unless she'd used a mirror she no doubt ever viewed a woman with her sex organs and anus so exposed, he smiled at her as he continued with the spanking.

Ursula was crying choking sobs when he stopped at thirty, he rubbed her back and told her, "Just lie here until you can compose yourself." He then asked Jada if she would get the jar of aloe vera with lidocaine from the nightstand.

"Would you be kind enough to help Jada, get some of that gel and gently rub it onto Ursula's bottom, it will take the sting out of her spanking."

Her hands were so tiny, she was gentle as she smoothed the balm over Ursula's tortured bottom.

"Rub some along her inner thighs, too, I smacked here there a few times."

" A little higher, on the meaty part." Ursula still had her right leg pulled up, the position exposed her anus and caused her labia to spread, Jada couldn't pull her eyes away, her fingers were mere millimeters from touching her."

"Go ahead Little Bit, she'd like that, too, it provides a wonderful distraction from the pain."

Her finger was tentative as she touched her right labium.

"Go ahead, masturbate her, make her feel better."

She looked at him, there was a question in her eyes.

"You've touched yourself, haven't you?" Her eyes fell away in embarrassment. "There's nothing to be ashamed of, everyone does it, boys and girls, just do to her what you like to do to yourself."

Her small fingers slid along Ursula's slit, she looked up in amazement, "She's wet, I thought girls only got wet when they're sexually aroused."

"That's generally true but some girls find a spanking arousing in spite of the pain."

"I don't get aroused when Mommy spanks me," she stated.

"I'm not surprised, it probably wouldn't have happened to Ursula if Mom had been doing the spanking but when the spanking is delivered by a male to a female I believe there's always a sexual component."

"Really," she said.

"Really, maybe I'll have to try out my theory with you." He gave her a big smile.

She smiled back, she knew he was kidding with her.

Ursula had stopped crying, now she stirred, "Feeling better Sis?"

"A little except my butt hurts but Jada's fingers are helping."

As she started to climb off his lap he held her in place, "We're not done quite yet," he said. "You listened to what was happening to Jada, I think it's only fair if she gets to listen to you."

"Jada, I'm going to be doing some things with Ursula, she listened to you but didn't see you, I'm going to have to ask you to go into the bathroom and shut the door, you'll be able to hear but won't see, same as she was with you."

As she walked toward the bath, she saw that Ryan had three pillows stacked against the headboard.

Ursula was begging, "Please Ryan don't make me climb Magic Mountain, you know I make some really strange sounds when you do that."

He laughed, "You certainly do," he agreed as he guided her into position. Jada's last sight of Ursula before she closed the door was her on her knees, her legs spread and her breasts, shoulders and head resting atop the mound of pillows. He got the Swiss Navy, spread her nether cheeks with the fingers of one hand and lubricated her with the other, her sounds were already beginning as fingers probed through her anus lubricating her internally.

There was no mistaking her next mournful sound, it was a low throaty moan followed by the banging of the bed's headboard against the wall, it was evident that she was being fucked and fucked hard, the accompanying sounds weren't so identifiable, whimpers, mewling, yips, curse words and incomprehensible words that sounded like some weird foreign language surrounded the occasional screamed, "Fuck me damnit Ryan, fuck me good, ah you bastard, you damned bastard."

Ooooooooooooooh and Aaaaaaaaaaaaah that came out as moans and groans, it went on for fifteen or twenty minutes, Jada sat on the toilet with the top down, sometimes it sounded as though Ursula was being tortured while at others she sounded like a big cat in heat, finally the sounds stopped. Ryan brought Ursula to the bathroom, she looked frazzled.

"I'm going to grab a shower, I'd like it if you two would take a bath, I'll fix us a snack then we'll all come back to the bedroom, I have some unfinished business, don't I Little Bit."

He took his shower and was gone to the kitchen before the girls' tub had even filled, they were to bathe together.

Once he was gone Ursula asked, "What unfinished business?"

"He went to catch you before we'd finished having sex, he said he was going to cum in me but he hasn't yet."

"Are you on birth control," Ursula asked.

"No, but he said he had some pills."

"Yeah, Plan B, the morning after pill, be sure you get them, I don't want my BFF getting pregnant."

The slid into the warm water. Ursula grabbed the loofah sponge, lathered it and set about bathing Jada like she was a much loved dolly, when she asked the small girl to stand up she understood Ryan's prurient interest in her back side, its shape was borderline perfection, divided into two delightful globes by her dark and mysterious anal cleft. As she gazed at her it struck her, there was a question she must ask and action she must take dependent on the answer.

She stopped her scrubbing, Jada looked at her questioningly.

"I know this is going to seem strange, what I'm going to ask, but did you have a bowl movement this morning?"

"Why, why do you want to know?"

"It's important, please answer."

"No, I don't eat very much so I don't go a lot, only two or three times a week, why?"

"Do you remember when you last did?"

"Oh three or four days ago, again, why?"

"You listened when he had me out in the bedroom, right?"

"Yes, and God, it sounded awful, my Golly, what happened?"

"It wasn't nearly as bad as it sounded, but when does certain things a girl becomes inspired to speak some strange sounds and noises, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it creates an emotional experience that I can't describe. He was having sex with me but not in the conventional sense, Ryan likes to come in the backdoor, that's what he was doing with me."

A little slow on the uptake, the naive young woman said, "The backdoor?"

"Jada, God, yes, the backdoor, Ryan likes it that way, what you were listening to, he was in me, his cock was in my rectum."

"No! God what does that feel like?"

"Yes, and that's why I was asking you those questions, it's best if your rectum is empty, we use enemas but that's not convenient, so I'm going to give you a suppository."

"Whatever for?"

"Jada, don't be dense, you and Ryan are going to be together, probably from now until tomorrow morning, he'll do it with you, several times I don't doubt."

"Ursula, you're scaring me, I don't think I want to do that."

"I don't think it will matter what you want, he's infatuated with your cute ass, and, don't worry, it may hurt a little but it won't kill you, look at me, I survived and, sometimes I even like it."

"What are you going to do?"

"It's a Ducolax suppository, it'll make you poop, it takes about ten minutes, we can stay in the tub 'til you have to go, when you're done I want you to get back in, I'll wash you real good, when I'm done scrubbing it will smell like you're farting lilacs."

"Oh Ursula, you know girls don't fart," Jada giggled.

"I know you've never had anal sex, air gets in you when guys do that, you'll fart like a truck driver when he's done and usually you'll be shooting cum along with the fart."

"Oh God, you make it sound so romantic, any other tidbits I should be aware of?"

"Yeah, I suppose I should warn you, you may be constipated or have diarrhea the next morning, if you have any problems let me know, I have medicines that work."

Ursula got out of the tub, wet foot prints traipsed to the medicine cabinet, got one of the Imodium suppositories and a jar of Vaseline, the only lube that was there, wet foot prints back to the tub.

"This goes up your butt," she held the suppository out for Jada to see. I need you to bend over, first you'll feel my finger in you with some lubricant then I'll put the suppository in, bend over and hold on to the side of the tub."

"Going it," Ursula said.

"Jada replied, "Ungh."

"Comin' out," Ursula announced.

"Whew," was Jada answer.

"Jada, I'm going to put the suppository in now, when I do I'll leave my finger in you for a little while and I'll be pushing it deep, I need to get it into your rectum, Ok, deep breath."

Ursula pushed through her two sphincters, the inner tried to clench but the Vaseline overcame the resistance, she was into the rectum. She left her finger in her friend. It was strange, it felt warm and the sphincter muscle was pulsing, then she realized Jada was panting, her breath coming in gasps, instead of pulling her finger out, she massaged her cheeks then she mentally chastised herself, she was enjoying this too much, she pulled her finger out and washed it with the loofah.

"Come here Sweetie, Ursula said, "Sit between my legs and I'll finish bathing you."

"Jada did as she was asked, Ursula scrubbed her neck and her shoulders then gently laved where her titties would be it she had any, still, titties or no, it was nice, she felt her nipples stiffen, Ursula did too, she dropped the sponge and used her fingers to "wash" the small girl.

Jada loved the feeling, she leaned back and used some real breasts as her pillow, she didn't think she'd ever been as comfortable as she was at that moment, Ursula kissed her neck.

"You're a wonderful friend, my very best friend," she whispered, Jada had never been happier.

Twelve minutes later Jada was on the move, the swirling in her tummy sand, "Potty Time," she quick steeped on wet feet, grabbed a towel to dry her but and made it to the commode just in time.

She knew one thing for darned sure, if she ever needed help pooping she'd buy Ducolax, they damned sure worked.

She voided her bowels, wiped, fanned the air to dissipate her less than lilac scent and flushed, back in the tub Ursula meticulously cleansed her anus, gave her a little peck on the cheek and said, "Time to bard the old lion in his den, plus we get a ham sandwich and chips; it's the extent of his culinary abilities.

Jada laughed, being here was fun and funny plus ultimately sexy and the very air so sexually charged, it pulsed like alternating current electricity unencumbered by mere lines.

Ryan smiled at them both then said, "I see you've adopted the uniform."

Jada was clad in only panty and tee shirt, she was barefooted.

"Come on, ham sandwiches, chips and whatever you want to drink, I'm having Stella Artois, my favorite beer, can I get you girls one or would you rather have Cokes or iced tea?"

It was a trap but it proved unnecessary, both girls, surreptitiously I might add, opted to join him and Stella for lunch. The trap was, Ryan intended to ask Jada what would happen if she knew her daughter had drunk a beer, a spanking, of course. Ryan had intended to be her Mother's surrogate but it proved absolutely unnecessary; but I digress.

Everyone had their sandwich although Jada only took a bite, her nervousness evident. She knew wha she wanted to say but had no idea how to proceed, with a trembling hand she reached for her drink thinking that maybe a bit of alcohol might steady her, it didn't but Ursula's hand over hers buoyed her confidence. Ursula said, "Go ahead and ask him, that's the only way you'll get an answer."

Ryan looked from one girl to the other, finally he asked, "What is it you want to ask Jada?"

Stammering she began, "I...you...,your theory, about girls and...girls' bottoms, I...well I asked Ursula if she thought...Oh Gosh, I'm sorry, it's just that this is hard...I mean hard for me...what I mean, would you test...would you test the theory on me?"

"You'd like me to spank you, is that what you're asking Jada?" Ryan said.

"Yes, and I want Ursula there, too, I want Ursula with me for everything we're going to do."

Ryan looked at his sister and raised an eyebrow, "I'm not sure that's a good idea, some things, well some things could prove to be embarrassing, especially to the girl."

"I watched her get her spanking, I want her to watch mine, I won't be embarrassed."

"Yes, well, we'll be doing other things than just a spanking, you know."

"Yes, I know, but I don't want to do anything, I won't do anything if Ursula isn't there."

Mimicking "Who wants to be a millionaire," Ryan asked, "It that your final answer?" And smiled.

His attempt at levity broke the tension, Jada smiled and said, "Yes, my final answer, Ursula is my lifeline."

They tossed their paper plates in the trash and put their beer glasses in the dishwasher then went to the bedroom.

They all sat on the bed, Ryan said, "Sis, when Kim and Tina get home I'm going to need to talk to them, first, this is Kim's night, I'm going to have to explain that I'll be with our guest and that we'll move her up two days; and second, I'll have to explain our guest. I can't avoid telling her that you talked about what we do here. I will let her know that I've disciplined you for your mistake and that she's not to take any further action."

"Thanks Ryan, I don't want to meet her hairbrush again."

"And now without further ado, let's get this show on the road." Ursula, please close and lock the door then have a seat over there," he said as a pointed to the chair that would provide the best viewing point.

"Jada, tell me how your Mother administers your spankings?"

"I have to take everything off except my panties, she lets me keep my panties on but they don't provide much protection."

"No, I don't a thin piece of cotton protects much and we'll start that way but removing a girl's panty is more than just removing an obstacle to the spanking, fully naked there is a sense of embarrassment and, when the spanking is a punishment I think that's an important piece, and, as I posited with a male on female spanking there is the inevitable sexual tension."

"So, you're going to take my panties off?"

"Jada, you won't have them back on 'til tomorrow morning, now, let's get ready."

"Jada, please take your tee shirt off and come stand at my right side," he was employing a commanding voice.

As she stood at his right thigh he took her hand and guided her over his lap, she was light as a feather, her panties pulled tight over her delightful little bum and she was quivering with dark excitement.

He picked her up and stood her up, "Let's go," and led her to the toilet. He pulled her panties down to her knees, lifted her and sat her on the commode and ordered, "Go."

She gave him a pouty lower lip and said, "I can't go with somebody watching."

"You're going to now," he said and reached to turn the water on like a mother might for a reluctant child.

It took several minutes but finally there were several small tinkles and her flow started.

When she'd finished he make a pad of toilet tissues, wiped her, stood her up and pulled her panties back into place and carried her back to the bed, he sat and draped her over his lap.

"Jada, you asked for this, thus you started it, I want to caution, you won't be able to stop it. I'm going to spank you for a while on your panties but then I'll take them off and continue with the spanking. I don't give a set number of strokes, I spank until I believe the lesson is learned and that means you'll be in tears when I stop, do you understand the ground rules?"

"A hesitant and shy, "Yes."

His big hand fell, he gave her a firm whack for the first one.

"Yowee," his little spankee screeched.

"I don't think I've ever gotten a yowee before," he said to no one in particular as the second struck bottom. Three more fell in rapid succession.

"That's enough, I believe you Ryan," Jada said.

"Oh we've only just begun Little Bit," he told her, his hand massaged her bottom, her gluteus maximus muscles were a taut as a drum head.

"Try to relax, it doesn't hurt quite as much that way."

When he felt some of the tension leave her he resumed. Like he'd done with Ursula, he spanked in groups of five, it was whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, in relatively rapid groupings.

As he caressed her this time, she took a demanding posture, snarling, "Let me up damnit, let me up now."

He ended her pending tirade with five more swats.

Jada was now at the begging stage, with "Please Ryan, it was my mistake to ask for a spanking, let me up, please."

"Jada Honey, we still have a long way to go, try to relax."

He gave her another five, when he stopped she was whimpering.

"Time for the encore Little Bit, lift your hips, I'm going to take your panties."

"Nooooooo, please nooooooo, I want to keep my panties on, please stop now," her right hand had come back, she was gripping the elastic waistband of her panty like it was it was the most precious thing in her world and maybe it was.

"Jada, let go, I can rip them off if you prefer but it would be better if you just gave them up, don't you think."

She gave a shuddering sigh and took her hand away, Ryan took her panties off and tossed them on the bed, he noted that he'd raised a little pinkness, he enjoyed admiring her cute butt. He caressed her, now that her bottom was bare, he traced finger along her dark anal cleft then dropped it down to cup her sex. He lightly masturbated her and was pleased to see her thighs inching apart.

He leaned so he could whisper, "You're a good girl and a beautiful Girl Jada, but you need to be punished."

The sound was different on bare skin, more a crrrack than a whack, "Crrrack," echoed in the room.

She screamed with the intensity of the strike., four more followed, each crrrack resounding, Jada's breath was coming in gasps, she was on the verge of breaking.

Again he masturbated her, this time he continued until her little ass began to pump, now he spread her cheeks, her anus was dark and inviting, he rested his thumb against her, she gave a little jump but quickly settled down, if asked she'd have to say it felt good, what he was doing. The break was longer this time, she was getting aroused, she felt it, she was lubricating, suddenly the fingers were gone and the spanking was back.

Ursula realized that he wasn't giving the girl his best effort, he wasn't exactly playing patty cake, there was a nice crrrack to his spanks but it wasn't his best by far, and she'd know. She found it interesting to watch Jada's face as it ran through the emotions she was feeling, the pleasure vs. pain, it was amazing how rapidly her responses could change.

Five more, firm but not devastating, then the fingers were back, the fingers danced around but not on her clit, it was so swollen it hurt but the thumb the thumb at her backdoor gently massaged her, it took some of the sting out, as she relaxed from his gentle ministrations there, she realized it had eased into her, not deep, just like a welcome visitor come to the backdoor because they were a friend, it felt good, then the hand was gone.

Crrrack, crrrack, crrrack, crrrack, crrrack, his hand fell fast and harder than before, Jada wailed then from deep in her soul a sob gushed up and she broke into tears, tears of pain, tears of confusion, tears she needed to shed, his hand was back.

He had one hand stroking her hair, her face, her back, the other was bringing her to the verge of an orgasm, her body was shaking like she was riding out a level 10 earthquake on the Richter scale, even through her tears she gasped,

"Ooooooooooooh, I'm cumming," her tiny body thrust itself against his groin, she stiffened, he held her as she shook, she had her answer, of course there was a sexual component, he slowly massaged her anus as she settled down.

"Ursula, maybe you'd like to use some of the ointment Jada used on you."

Enthused that he was letting her get involved, she leapt at the chance, but he said, "And please get the Strawberry Mango lube."

She looked like he was crazy, Strawberry Mango lubricant?

"It's in the top drawer of the dresser, find it please.

Damn, there it was, under her Mom's panties, she got it and gave it to him.

With a snicker he said, "It adds to the flavor."

He took some on his fingers and smeared it on Jada's anus before he began to massage her. She set about her task, using the aloe vera lidocaine gel she soothed her little friend's stinging, burning buttocks, Ursula was surprised and a bit appalled with herself, she liked touching Jada, liked caressing her little red bottom, she wished she could kiss it and make it all well or, at least kiss it. This close she could smell her, how she had lubricated, the scent of her ejaculate, she could see her tiny vaginal slit, her black fringed labia, how she was darker "down here" than the rest of her cute tiny body, she looked at Ryan, he gave her a little smile and a nod yes. Ursula wiped the gel off her hand, she didn't want to taste aloe, her fingers did the things she liked, the small girl moaned, she loaded her fingers up and offered them to Ryan, the King eats first, he silently laughed, she served herself seconds, she'd tasted herself along with her Mom and Gram, Jada had a richer more distinct flavor and a more pungent fragrance, well, she was one quarter black, this must be soul food....

Now Ryan lifted the tiny girl off his lap and positioned her on her hands and knees, he pressed her head and chest to the mattress so that her bottom was elevated he nudged her legs further apart then took her with his mouth, his tongue laved her from clitoris to anus, he dipped the tip into her vagina and gave a suck on her urethra like he was nursing, it was wonderful listening to Jada as her arousal mounted. Ryan teased, he kept her on the cusp for long minutes, time after time he brought her to the edge then backed off, the girl was writhing, she needed to cum, it was getting painful, the unfilled arousal, just a second from flying and he kept her earthbound, she screamed at him demanding release, Ursula had been there, she knew about the pain in her belly when he did this, she continued to watch, glad and sorry simultaneously that she wasn't the girl with Ryan.

Jada wasn't sure what had happened, suddenly she heard the clash of cymbals and the chorus of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus," she lost awareness of time and space, Ryan had released her, she was flying, when she landed it was pretty special, too, she was on her tummy and her lover, oh yes, he was her lover was atop and behind her, she couldn't believe how comfortable and excited she felt, his tongue was probing into her, she knew she should be sickened by what he was doing, his tongue was licking and penetrating her anus, she began to coo like a turtle dove, it felt so sensuous, so erotic, so damned good.

His voice was in her ear, "Stay up on your knees Little Bit, arch your back and show me your spectacular bottom," he told her,

"That's my girl, now spread your legs a little."

His big cock, just the head penetrated her, it slid deeper, she moaned as it slid into her, he had to pump her a little to get it further, as the girl whimpered Ursula climbed onto the bed, she stroked Jada's face and hair, "It's Ok Baby, he's almost in, you'll be all right."

As she comforted her friend she watched as Ryan's cock slid slowly into Jada's vagina, he was so big and she was so tiny it didn't look possible but inch by inch he got deeper and deeper. It rocked her forward when he began to thrust, Ursula pulled a pillow over so she could rest her head then said, "He's all the way in you, just try to relax Sweetie while he fucks you."

Jada began making sounds from deep in her throat, little "Un, un, un," noises each time he thrust forward. Thus far it had been a spectacular day, Little Bit was proving to be a real pleasure, she was such a nice person and, unquestionably he was enjoying the sex with her, she was incredibly tight and every man liked his women tight, of course at his size most were at least relatively although even he had encountered several that it was like opening a gate and fucking down the road. He patted her bottom, he could hardly wait, he'd soon learn what tight really was. Then, of course he'd sodomized Ursula, he loved wrapping himself around her plump posterior as he made her moan but, perhaps the highlights had been the spankings, he hadn't known it of himself but he realized he reveled in turning female bottom flesh red, he smiled at the memory and fucked Jada a little harder. He was pleased when she began pushing back.

"I believe she's beginning to like it Sis," he said. "Do you like it Jada Sweetheart?" He asked.

"Nyess, nyess, nyess, I like it, I do, I do." He doubted he'd make her cum this time but he was sure she would the next. Just to find out, he gripped her by the hips and began fucking her hard and fast, her head jerked back and she trumpeted, "Oh God yes, fuck me, fuck my little pussy," the rest of what she was yelling he couldn't translate to English. Then she screeched, "Make me cum Ryan, please, please make me cum, Oh God I want to cum. He continued the rapid strokes and she continued to babble until he felt the contractions in her cunt and she screamed,

"Yesssssssssssss, Yesssssssssssss, Yesssssssssssss," and collapsed to the mattress, he rode her down and continued fucking her, she was back to her , "Un, un, un," when he whispered, "I'm going to cum in you now," as he released.

She spread her legs further and exclaimed, "It's so hot, Oh Golly, it feels so good, I love it, God I love it"

As he withdrew his penis Ursula could see semen leaking from Jada's vagina, the amount of Ryan's ejaculation was prodigious, additionally his member was coated with their combined fluids. Ursula got up and got a warm washcloth,, she came back and cleaned Jada's groin. When she moved to do the same for Ryan he stopped her.

"No, Little Bit needs to do it, she needs to learn how to take care of her man."

"I am your man, aren't I Jada?"

"I want you to be."

"I'm waiting," he said.

She reached to take the washcloth from Ursula, Ryan said, "No, not that way."

She looked at him befuddled, what was she to do?

A hand snaked behind her head, he drew her to him and kissed her then said, "With your mouth, Sweetheart."

Jada looked like she was going to vomit, he pushed her head down.

"Take it in your hand, lick it and then take as much as you can into your mouth, get me hard, I want to fuck you again."

She took him between thumb and forefinger and was slowly lowering her head when Tina's voice rang out, "Yoohoo, we're home."

"Ah shit, give me the washcloth Sis."

He wiped his cock, pulled his gym shorts on and reminded Ursula he was going to have tell Kim what she'd done, it was the only way they could explain Jada.

He went out and closed the door behind him.

"Hello ladies, have fun shopping?" Both were carrying shopping bags.

"Yes we did," Tina said.

"Where's Ursula?" Kim asked.

"Ah, I need to talk to you, we have a guest."

"A guest? And who would that be?"

"A schoolmate of Ursula's, her name is Jada."

"Let me put it another way, why do we have a guest, particularly a schoolmate that is currently cloistered behind a closed bedroom door, is there something I need to know?" Kim asked, her voice had become quite serious.

"I guess Ursula made a mistake, she let it slip about the relationship we, she and I share and Jada wanted to join. She's said nothing about you and Tina. I disciplined her, she has a sore butt right now from it."

"You disciplined her, that's my responsibility."

"Kim, the bedroom is my domain, we've settled that and I felt this was a bedroom issue."

"I'm not sure that I agree but get her out here, have her friend stay."

He stuck his head into the room, "Ursula, Mom wants to see you, Jada, this is a family matter, please wait here."

Ursula approached with her eyes downcast, before Kim could say anything, she said, "I'm sorry Mommy."

"I should imagine, do you realize that we practice incest, incest is illegal, we could all end up in police custody."

"And that if for no other reason is why I disagree that this is a bedroom matter, it's my responsibility to protect our family."

"Ursula, go up to your bedroom and wait for me."

"No, Mother, I told you that I'd disciplined her, I gave her a pretty severe spanking."

"You say." "Ursula, drop your panties, I want to see."

Kim inspected her, her sit spots virtually glowed they were so red but from the top of her buttocks down to the top of her anal cleft she was unmarked and her inner thighs were barely pink, there was no bruising at all.

"Seems an amateur job to me," Kim sniffed.

"Mother, she's been punished, let's leave it at that, Ursula, you can go back with Jada."

"I am not happy about this Ryan."

"Well it's over and done with now, she's been punished, right."

"We'll see."

"Come, let's go upstairs, there's something else I want to discuss privately with you."

He led her through her upstairs bedroom and into the bath, he closed the door.

"Mother, I'm afraid that while Jada's with us, I need to spend time with her, I won't be able to spend the night with you or Tina until she's gone, I'm sorry."

"Perhaps it's just as well, I began my period last night and the flow is heavy."

"That's strange, isn't it, I mean your periods have been light or nonexistent over the last several months, what do you suppose has happened?"

He stepped behind her and held her, "I guess it doesn't really matter, does it, I love you Mommy and I want you."

She was wearing a black and white print blouse, black linen slacks and three inch wedgie sandals, a pearl necklace and pearl earrings, he began unbuttoning her blouse with one hand as he pulled her back against him, he was nuzzling her neck and nibbling her ear.

'Ryan, we can't," she gasped as the last button fell open on her blouse, he caressed her small breasts then unfastened her slacks, unzipped them and lowered them to mid thigh he only lowered the seat of her panties so that her bottom was exposed. He reached over her to the medicine cabinet, there was only Vaseline as a lubricant, He opened the jar then gently pushed Kim's upper torso down onto the vanity, she was face to face with herself in the mirror.

As his fingers began to probe her anus with the lubricant she said,

"Ryan, please, I feel like a slut bent over this damned wash basin."

In the mirror she saw him smile as he moved up behind her, of course he smiled, she was a slut, his slut, she'd do nearly anything to please him, she felt the press of his penis against her, she gasped and then moaned as he penetrated her, she began her chugging as he sodomized her.

His hands caressed her ass as he slowly fucked her, he said, "We both wanted this, it may be the last time for some while, right?"

"But why?" She asked.

"Count the days Mommy 'til my Mommy becomes the Mommy to our baby."

She gasped, "You knew?"

"From the day you took the damned thing out."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"What was to be gained, we both wanted the same thing, you wanted it for Ursula, she wanted a baby, you decided to give her one, I wanted it because there's no one that I'd rather be the Mother of my, our child."

He fucked her vigorously, one hand, well, the fingers of one hand danced over her clitoris, the other massaged her abdomen, the future home of THEIR baby, she was lubricating heavily in spite of the tampon, now she came, she climax sent his over the edge, too, he filled her rectum with semen.

"God that was wonderful," he told her.

"Yes it was, but what do we do now?"

"You count the days, let's start a couple of days before your Golden Window and we'll continue for a couple of days after, sound like a plan?"

"We don't have to do it that often, you know sperm will stay alive in me for up to five days."

"Good for sperm, I can't wait that long, I'll want you."

"Then it certainly does sound like a plan, now hold still while I wash your cock, we don't want our guest eating my ass."

He started back down the stairs and Tina came in, "What's going on, is he the authority in this house now?"

"He thinks so, he just sodomized me, it was wonderful, don't ask, and he's going to knock me up, you'll be a granny again but the house is still mine and I'll run it as I see fit. I don't at all like this Jada girl knowing whatever it is she knows. He says she only knows about Ursula and him, how long is that going to last, I mean, he's going down right now with the scent of my ass all over him."

"What happened Ryan, what did she want?" Ursula asked.

"She's pissed about what Jada's learned but I think I've calmed her down, I think it'll be Ok."

"God, I hope so, I thought her eyes were gonna burn holes in me."

"Holes in girls, now that sounds exciting, where's Jada?"

"She hid in the bathroom when she heard Mom, she's still there."

"Well, let's go get her and party."

He stuck his head into the bathroom and called out, "Ollie oxen free, you can come out now."

He couldn't help himself, he chuckled as he saw the naked tiny teen crawl out of the linen closet, she ran to Ursula, "Is it safe?"

"Yeah, it's safe, or as safe as it can be with this big lout in the room," she pointed at Ryan.

"Where were now," Ryan asked.

"Ah, I think I was about to give you a real messy blow job," the little girl said, "Can I try again?"

"You certainly can only we'll share."

"What do you mean?" Sometimes her nativity was astounding.

"Pick a number between sixty eight and seventy Sweetie."

Her IQ was over 175, this wasn't a tough question, she smiled and said "69," He said, "Bingo," as he picked her like she was a little dolly, turned her upside down and laid on the bed, her crotch was at his face and his at hers, he licked her cute little pussy.

She understood, her tongue swirled around and along his large shaft, Ursula could only watch now, no one needed any help, she contented herself with a little fingering.

Ryan was convinced this was the best view in sex, her thin thighs were at his ears, her nice little ass was pushed back towards him, that tiny slit was opened and her anus was a dark mysterious treasure, she was doing everything she could to suck him, she could get about three inches into her mouth, he licked her tiny slit like a cat on a milk bowl, then she quivered and gave him that tasty milk, she moaned as she came, he let none of her nectar escape, he liked her flavor.

He massaged her butt cheeks, spreading her so he could appreciate the view as she continued to work on him, she couldn't come close to deep throating him but she sure was trying, an occasional gag was a small price to pay for the effort she was putting forth, he'd liked her before but now he respected her, she was intent on not failing, unfortunately her problem wasn't one her immense IQ could solve, his cock was just simply too big for her. She finally just surrendered and licked, it felt great.

In time her ministrations began to succeed, from flaccid to half staff and then a full blown erection rose, she'd worked so hard, he had to ask, "What did you like best?"

"Your tongue," she exalted.

"Ok, what did you like best when I was in you?"

"Me on top, that was fun."

"Ok, mount up cowgirl."

Ursula helped her get into position, Jada slowly eased herself down until she was sitting on the mass of his pubic curls, she lifted herself then slid back down, lifted herself and slid back down, grinned like a Cheshire Cat and sped up. Ryan grinned up at her, "Having fun?"

"Unhunh, lots of fun."

"Me, too," he said to her.

Her pussy was so tight it seemed to clasp at him, he reached around her and took an ass cheek in each hand before he yelled, "Rideum Cowgirl," she was well spread, he gave her a nice anal massage as she did her yippie ki yea screams.

He let her ride to her hearts content, he wanted her to have fun, he held her little girl hips and asked Ursula to massage the places she might have grown breasts, the girl's nipples stuck out more than three quarters of an inch, his Sister knew what was coming, she kissed her young friend then slid her face over her chest, Jada moaned as Ursula took one of her swollen nipples in her mouth, that was the trigger, Ryan felt her contractions then her fragrant juices, he pulled the girl down and kissed her, "You're fantastic," he whispered, he let her continue to ride him until her thighs began to cramp, she fell off with gales of laughter, he kept her atop him but he was no longer in her.

"Having fun?" He asked her.

"Oh man, am I," she confessed.

"Ursula, maybe you can help, she has such a cute little ass," Ryan said, it was a virtual code, it said, Ursula, begin lubricating her.

Jada liked the feel of Ursula's hands and fingers on her, she was surprised and happy when she felt her BFF's lips and tongue, her little body trembled when the big girl kissed her bottom then tasted her in that most secret of places, she nearly swooned (do girls still swoon) when that so facile tongue touched her, Ursula simply licked, it was beyond relaxing, the tiny girl wanted it to go on for ever, the fingers that probed her were gentle, when they penetrated her she did everything in her power to lie silently and enjoy the sensations she was getting, she even felt wonderful as her big friend lifted her and had her lie over two pillows, they were under her hips, her bottom was elevated, it was almost as though she was drugged, everything seemed to come from another dimension, then she heard Ursula say,

"I'm sorry Jada."

She screamed and screamed and screamed, she was pinned down, her face and chest nailed to the mattress, over the pillows that kept her bottom elevated, fire was burning in her from her butt up, she tried to escape, kick away, his weight, over twice hers took the breath from her, she hurt, God she hurt, and then his voice.

"Don't fight me Little Bit, it won't help it will only hurt, I'm going to fuck you, try to relax."

Now she knew what was happening, Ursula had warned her but she'd had no idea what it would be like, it put a burning fire in her, she felt like she was aflame, her cute little ass was spread as wide as the Atlantic, nine inches of thick man meat had invaded hr bowels.

She broke out in tears, "You're hurting me Ryan, please don't, Oh God, please don't."

He kept her under him, he'd sunk his full nine inches into her, "Let's be fair Little Bit, you got what you wanted now I'm getting mine. You're the tightest woman I've ever been in, Oh Girl, you define superb, you need to try to relax, I'm already in you, now I'm going to fuck you."

He didn't pound her, he took long and gentle strokes, still the pain was excruciating, finally he just held her, "Relax Baby Girl, it hurts, I know it hurts, but the worst is over, I'm in you, just let me hold you."

"But it hurts so bad, Oh God, it hurts so bad," she sobbed.

"Ursula's here, she can help you, would you like that?"

When the youngster didn't answer, Ryan said, "Help her Sis."

"Turn on your side so I can reach her," Ursula told him, he rolled onto his side and carried the small girl with him, this put them into the spooning position, she was arched with him behind her, she was presented nicely to her big girl friend, Ursula kissed her lips while her fingers stroked her tiny slit.

"Relax Baby, try to relax, it won't hurt as much," Ursula tried to counsel her friend.

"But it hurts so much, help me, please."

She looked up at Ryan.

"Do whatever you need to do Sis, I really don't want to hurt her any more."

She wasn't sure, I mean it wasn't something she'd be inclined to do, still, WTF, she slid down the bed, she moved on her, first the scent, pussy, girl, then the taste, Ursula had never gone down on a woman, her tongue barely touched her, salty with a slight citrus tang, her clitoris red and swollen, she flicked it with the tip of her tongue, Jada kinda jumped, she realized that Ryan was slowly and gently fucking her, she did what she liked. Her lips encompassed Jada's vulva then she licked around but not on her clit for a few minutes before she flicked her tongue down her slit, with a suck on her urethra, a tongue tip tasting her vagina then using only her lips she tugged at first one labium then the other before returning to her clit.

Jada was still crying and pleading with Ryan to take his cock out of her in spite of Ursula's efforts, Ryan said, "Under the pillow Sis." She knew what he meant, the little vibrator, she retrieved it and at it's lowest speed let Jada feel it.

This was better than he'd ever imagined, the teen was tight beyond his wildest dream plus he'd engaged his sister, he wasn't going to last very long and he knew it, the friction was beyond belief and now Ursula was holding the vibrator to her and was kissing her, it was erotic as hell, it only got better, once they broke the kiss Ursula offered Jada a nipple. Like mother's breast would her baby, Ursula's breast settled Jada down, she no longer fought, cried or screamed.

You girls appear to be having too much fun, I think I'll go upstairs and say goodnight to Mom and Gram, we'll finish this when I come back down.

He washed his dick and pulled on his gym shorts, he went up to Kim's room.

"Hi, I just wanted to check on you and say goodnight, is there anything I can do for you."

"Yeah, you can make these cramps go away, I haven't had cramps like these in years."

"I could rub your tummy, would that help?

"You'd start on my tummy then you'd be rubbing my abdomen and, before long you'd be playing with my pussy. I'd get all excited and want to be fucked except I'm on my period so when you stopped I'd still have the cramps but on top of that I'd be sexually frustrated, I don't think that's a good idea."

"Well, if you put it that way, maybe not. Mom, I want to apologize, I didn't mean to usurp your authority today."

"Don't worry, I'll deal with it."

"Ok, goodnight Mommy."

He went to Tina's room and sat on the bed beside her.

"Hello Ryan, I thought you were busy downstairs."

"I'm never to busy for my wonderful grandmother, he slipped his hand under the covers and massaged her tummy."

She smiled at him.

"You mind?"

"Never, Ryan, you make me feel young again, I won't ever complain."

He bent and kissed her whispering, "I love you Gram."

"And there's nothing that makes me happier," she answered.

As he kissed her his hand under her tee shirt massaged her breasts, he was pleased to feel them swell and her nipples stiffen, her breath momentarily caught in her throat, he lifted her top exposing them.

After a few minutes he asked, "Would you like me to suck them?"

She grinned and threw her chest out, he took the hint.

As he sucked he moved his hand down her body touching her in all the places she liked to be touched. When he got to her groin he stroked her through her panties even running his index finger along her slit giving her a camel toe.

"Take them off Ryan, please take them off."

He pushed her legs up and pulled her panties off, they of course made a stop at his nose, "You smell delicious Tina," he said.

"And you are a nasty boy," she retorted. As his mouth took her she gasped, "It's fortunate I like nasty boys."

"And this nasty boy likes his Grandmother."

He slid two fingers into her and masturbated her as he performed cunnilingus on her, she gave a little tremble and he tasted her delightful nectar.

"Feel good Tina?" He asked.

"Oh gosh, you know it did," she breathed.

Let's turn over, I want you up on your knees."

He helped her to turn and get into position, he was pretty sure this was his favorite way to view a woman, his tongue and fingers went back to work on her 'though now he was able to access her anus and his tongue swirled around her tight pucker. He loved listening to her, it was a contented cooing, he continued to rim her until he got another orgasm then he reached for the lubricant. There was lubrication on every nightstand in the house, hers was KY Jelly, he took a dab on his finger to lubricate her vagina, at seventy one she didn't produce nearly as much lubrication as the younger women.

He lowered himself to get the proper angle, the fingers of his left hand parted her labia and his right hand guided his erection into her, he didn't slam her but he did push into her snug vagina, she caught her breath then emitted a quiet moan of satisfaction. She settled back taking all of him in then she began to slowly rock back and forth, he let her run the show, she was enjoying herself and he was willing to give her all the time she wanted. He stroked her from her shoulders, along her flanks and her nice tight ass, then he massaged her breasts and down, she had a tiny paunch, he gave it a rub and she shook her ass, she didn't appreciate being reminded that she wasn't quite as svelte as she once was.

"Did you and Kim get things worked out, I'd hate to see any discord in our family,"Tina asked.

"I think so, maybe I was wrong, I didn't consider the legal ramifications, all I knew was that she ran her mouth about our bedroom arrangements."

"This girl, do you think she'll be able to keep our little secret?"

"No, no, I don't think she will be able to, she's too honest, if her Mother ever questions her she'll fold quicker than a bad poker hand."

"Is there anything we can do?" Tina asked, I can't imagine spending my last days in some state controlled dungeon.

"Come on Gram, let's not get overly dramatic, we're not going to any prison."

"Well, in case that's where I'm headed I want a little fun before I go; fuck me harder, I want to enjoy it."

"You are unbelievable," he said as he slammed her.

She replied, "Ungh."

He took her harder and more rapidly, giving her pussy a nice work out, her, "Yes, yes, yes, yessssss," were enough satisfaction for him, she was getting what she wanted, she got vocal and she got active, hoots and hollers and a pounding little butt, he enjoyed every minute of it, he was satisfying one of the loves of his life and it felt damned good. She was close, her cunt was already clenching at his cock when her orgasms rolled through her, she was spent by what she'd done, she simply fell to the mattress. He pulled out, he was still erect, he hadn't ejaculated, not yet. He laid on her back kissing her neck and nibbling at her ears, he wanted to accustom her to his weight,his heft because that was how he intended to take her when he sodomized her, in the prone bone position, he continued to tease her. He reached down and parted her nether cheeks then laid his cock along her anal cleft and rocked gently letting her feel his penis against her anus,

"Damn, you're so desirable Tina, I adore the feeling of my body against yours you're so sexy and I crave the taste of your pussy, you mentioned it but I'm a believer, you're like a fine wine, you only get better with age."

He reached over and picked up the KY Jelly, he opened it and laid it beside her right hip then whispered to her, "You know Tina, we can't climb the Magic Mountain, we don't have enough pillows so I'm going to explore a wondrous valley, she felt his lubricated fingers rub and then slide into her anus, he added more, she was well lubricated when he straddled her hips.

"Raise your bottom or do you want a pillow ," he asked.

"Pillow," she said.

He lifted her and gave her the pillow then remounted her hips, he guided the head of his cock to her crinkly portal, let her know he was ready, and pressed down, he watched as three inches of his cock disappeared into his grandmother.

"Ahhhhhhh, Ryan you're such a big boy."

"Relax and enjoy Tina, you've got such a spectacular ass, take advantage of it; I certainly will."

He continued to slide into her, as he moved through her sphincter muscles and filled her rectum he knew she'd be feeling the urge to defecate, the body's response to a full rectum, but, of course it was a false positive, she didn't have to shit, she was being fucked; he began to slowly thrust into her.

As he stroked he circled her neck with an arm and lifted her head, he wasn't going to play breath games with her, he just wanted to bring her head and face back to where he could kiss her, he had a special soft spot for Tina, she'd missed so much, surrendered so much raising Kim as a single mother in another era but she'd done it, she was a special woman to him.

"Am I hurting you," he asked.

"A little but it's a special kind of hurt, one I want, one I wish I'd known fifty years ago. He didn't ask any further, he simply filled her bowels with long languid strokes as she said, "Ynn, ynn, ynn," to the rhythm of his strokes. It was nice when she quivered, she was cumming with him in her anus, he followed her giving his offering, she gasped, "Unnnnnnnnn," as his semen warmed her rectum, he pulled out and simply held her, she wanted his arms, his chest. She buried her head against him and luxuriated in his strong arms as he held her to him, maybe a hot tear or two ran down his chest, the question, whose.

He cleaned her then apologized, he needed to go back down stairs, she asked for a goodnight kiss and prepared to sleep.

He glanced into the down stairs bedroom the two had panties and tops back on, from the scent and the humidity he knew they had bathed, Jada was laying on Ursula's belly, they both appeared to be napping, he went on to the kitchen and had his usual, ham sandwich and chips with a Stella Artois right from the bottle, he ate his sandwich and chips then carried his beer back with him, he took the chair and watched the girls.

They laid face to face, Jada's legs rested on each side of Ursula; he was surprised at himself, he'd seen the young girl dressed as she came into the world, he'd had his cock in two of her three fuckable orifices yet he found her pantied groin and bottom exceedingly alluring and arousing, he realized that he was getting hard.

He rose, walked to the bed and sat, they were dozing lightly, both sets of eyes opened.

"Hello my sleeping beauties, I'm sorry if I disturbed you."

Ursula smiled, "You didn't disturb us Ryan, we were waiting for you, did you bid Mom and Gram a goodnight?"

"Yes, of course."

"Maybe I should go up, too," Ursula said.

"I don't think that's a good idea, it might be a good idea to stay away from Mom for a while."

"I guess you're right; what do you want to do, shall we start where we left off?"

"That was the plan but the more I think about it, I think I was too aggressive with Jada, she had no idea what was coming." Jada had dismounted her perch on Ursula's tummy,, she was on her side beside her propped up on her elbow. "What di you think Jada, would you like a demonstration? It would be interactive, you'd participate."

"Unhunh, that sounds like fun."

"How about you Sis?" His hand was between her legs, he was stroking her vulva through her panties.

"Oh hell yes," Ursula exclaimed.

"Good, Jada, the first job is yours, get a towel from the bathroom and give me the strawberry mango and the Swiss Navy lubricants from the nightstand drawer."

He put the stuff at the end of the bed then asked Ursula to sit up.

"Now for the unveiling of my personal Mona Lisa," he said as he pulled her tee shirt over her head.

Her full breasts jutted out proudly.

"Jada, sit up, I want your tee shirt, too."

"I'll be embarrassed," she said.

"Sweetheart it's not a contest, I want to see you, too, please for me."

She pulled off the shirt but folded her arms over her chest.

"That won't work Sweetie, I need you to do some other things, we need to get our girl aroused with your help. Would you suck her breasts, I want you to get up on her like you were before. As she got into position and took a nipple into her mouth he began to stroke both of them through their panties, it was exciting watching them both beginning to become aroused, he let it go on until Jada had serviced both of Ursula's breasts.

"Lift your hips Sis, I want to take your panties off so I can see your pretty pussy."

He then pulled Jada's off. He resumed stroking them 'though now he could wriggle fingers along their slits and tease clits.

When Jada began to rock on Ursula's tummy he patted her on the butt, "No fair dry fucking, just suck, you're doing fine, she's getting wet." "And my gosh, you are, too aren't you Little Bit."

When Ursula began to exhibit the symptoms of a pending orgasm he stopped the action saying, "No cumming, not yet anyhow, Jada why don't you come here and watch, I'm going to use my tongue, I think you understand the pleasure that can be given by oral stimulation here. He spread her labia wide exposing, from her perineum up to her clitoris. He laved her in her entirety with just the tip of his tongue. Jada gave a little giggle, "Yes I have."

"Surround the clit, lick along the stem, the tip is too sensitive for much direct contact."

Now he began cunnilingus in earnest, he continued until Ursula began chanting, "I'm gonna cum, Oh, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, Oh damn, damn, damn," her head fell back, open mouthed, she gasped, Aaaaaaaaaah, fuck, she was trembling as she came.

"Jada, would you hand me the Strawberry Mango lube, I'll be going down on her later and it goes so well with the delightful flavor of a sweet vagina."

"Now listen and watch carefully and you'll see the wonderful and the unexpected. It's something few women have done yet, if done properly any woman can do it, it just takes the right partner. I find it best if my partner has had an orgasm or two to relax her before we start.

He lubed the two middle fingers of his right hand and deftly slid them into his Sister's vagina.

"Slide the fingers along the front vaginal wall until encountering a rougher surface, it will he an inch and a half or so above the entrance, you will have found the Gräfenberg Spot, the "G" Spot of myth and mysticism, and yes dear, it's real and every woman has one but all are not easy to find. Firm stimulation will cause the area to swell, often as large as a California walnut, that's caused by the Skene's glands filling with fluid. That fluid is partially urine but there are a number of other components, it is not a discharge from your vagina but from your urethra and you will feel the urge to urinate, but just wait."

"Once you've found the "G" spot, cup your fingers as you would when making a come hither motion," he demonstrated. "Then with firm pressure use that come hither motion rapidly to make your partner cum hither," he smiled at his little pun as he began the "G" spot massage.

She wasn't responding rapidly, he wasn't making love to her, he was using her like the subject of a medical school lecture, that needed to change.

"I think we need to get Sis more involved, I'm sure I'm boring her with my pedantic recital, she needs a little lovin' not a bunch of words, would you help Jada, use your mouth if you would."

The little gal fell on her like a cat on a mouse and Ursula's reaction was immediate, her little gasp and moan said, "yes, yes."

Ryan shut up and concentrated his efforts on her, the transformation was astounding, Jada's joining had invigorated her, Ryan felt her begin to swell. He began to ask Jada to give him the towel but saw she was otherwise engaged and having one hellava good time in that engagement, He reached to the end of the bed with his off hand and brought the towel up.

Increasing the pressure and speed of his fingers the swelling rapidly increased, fluid began to seep from Ursula's urethra, "Stop and come watch," he said to Jada, he slid the towel between his sister's legs.

Jada sat back on her haunches wondering why he'd made her stop, then, with a writhing twist of her body Ursula moaned as fluid fountained from her groin, Jada's jaw dropped in awed wonder then it happened again and again and again, five gushes, her friend's thighs, abdomen and belly were awash although the towel had absorbed the majority of the eruptions, Ursula looked dazzled and spent.

"Your job, clean her up, towel or tongue, I prefer my tongue, I think of it as a lady's precious nectar."

Jada tasted, smelled then licked, "Did she pee or what?" She asked.

"She squirted responding to the pressure on her "G" Spot."

"Can I do that, it was so cool," she grinned at him and licked her lips like a little kitten.,

"Not yet I don't think, I don't want to do anything inside you until your torn hymen has healed but then, you betcha Little Bit, now finish lapping, I'm going to fuck her."

At that Ursula smiled, God she loved fucking and she loved getting her pussy licked, Jada might be tiny but she had a facile tongue.

Ryan raided her legs and rested them on his thighs as he moved against her, he was grinning at her as he ran his penis along her slit, he found her vagina and pushed into her. Momentarily it took her breath away then she exalted in his penetration slowly filled her.

He had entered her slowly because Jada was watching google eyed as Ursula accepted his nine inches, Ryan commented, "She's lovely, isn't she," Ursula was making soft huffing sounds as he stroked into her.

"Jada, you can suck her breasts again if you want, I think she'd like that."

The small teen needed no further encouragement, she thought Ursula's breasts were beautiful, of course she was envious but she wouldn't think of missing this opportunity, she was falling in love with her big friend.

He slowly fucked his sister for fifteen minutes, her face was beautiful as she enjoyed having love being made to her, both Jada and Ryan were being gentle with her, it was so romantic. Oh, she knew she'd want him to pound her, get a little rough, but she was in no big hurry, when it was time he'd turn her over and take her from behind, make her scream and make her cum like her body was being drained, but for now, it was beautiful. She caressed Jada's cheek and gave her a smile, it was like having a baby at her breast, she closed her eyes and fantasized.

"Straddle her, you know like you did before."

She liked being on Ursula's belly, she was soft and warm, her little pussy was leaking on her and, yes, she liked leaving her sticky mark on her, she slid her face up and kissed her BFF, she nearly wet herself, her euphoria was absolute when Ursula gave her tongue, she hugged her big friend.

Ryan watched the interchange, he was pleased, he'd like a little girly-girly action, live beat the hell out of the staged shit that passed for video porn, and no, he didn't delve into the dark web, he had no desire to see a nine year old torn apart by some Muslim asshole that thought he could emulate Mohamed the Blessed pedophile on a white horse, Insha Allah.

"Time ladies," he announced, Jada looked back at him. "Dismount Little Bit, she's mine now," as Jada climbed off Ursula knew what he wanted, she rolled onto her belly, came up on hands and knees, lowered her head, arched her back and raised her butt, it rocked her when he slammed in, she screamed, God she wanted it.

His hands gripped her hips, he pulled her back as he thrust forward, it gave her the deep ache, the ache she craved, he fucked her like he owned her, like she was his whore, she was, she couldn't deny it, they all were, her, Mom, even Gram and Jada was about to join the semi-exclusive club, she screamed again as he battered her cervix, he changed his angle of penetration, he slid under the abused organ and went deeper, Jada looked on amazement, Ursula's belly was bulging each time he thrust into her. Jada put her hand at that spot, she could feel him in her. Ursula was gasping and moaning, Jada thought she was suffering until she started screaming for him to do her harder, between her moans and groans she was shouting, "Harder, fuck my little pussy harder Ryan, give me that big cock, Aaaaaaah Christ yes, hurry, Oh damn hurry, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna Oh fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she was bucking as he gripped her hips and let her ride it out. He gently lowered her to the mattress and pulled out.

Jada was on her knees beside them, he took her small hand, "Your time," he said to as he guided her towards him. He hadn't cum, he was still erect.

"I...I...I don't think I can," she said as she tried to hold back.

"Of course you can, use your hands, lips and tongue, remember, I explained that you have to take care of your man."

He took her hand and put it on his cock, how tiny it was became evident, she couldn't get it around his circumference, still he said, "That's a girl Little Bit, now stroke it."

She held him with both hands and began to masturbate him, it was wet and slippery from Ursula's vagina, he cupped his hand around the back of her head, he gently guided her. He wasn't going to force her but he wasn't above "encouraging" her, as her closed lips neared he said, "Lick Little Bit, clean me."

After a couple of tentative laps, her tiny tongue swirled until she'd cleaned him, she'd even tried to gt him in her mouth, she got most of the head, she couldn't manage any more.

"We'll have to work on this, let's do something else, Ok?"

"Sure, what can I do?"

"Get the Swiss Navy lube, you can help me get Ursula ready."

With hand on his sister's butt cheeks he spread her exposing her anus. "There you go Little Bit, squeeze of some on her then use your index finger to work it into her, we'll need to do this several times, she needs to be well greased or I might hurt her. When Jada hesitated Ryan said, "There are vinal gloves it the drawer if you're afraid to touch her."

"No, I'm not afraid, I just wast to look at for a minute, she's so sexy, so pretty, don't you think?"

"Yes Jada, I think she's magnificent, I always have, she's my little sister after all, she's so dear to my heart."

Jada was using only her index finger, her hands were so tiny Ryan said, "We've to get a lot of the lube into her, I think you need two or three fingers, don't you," he squirted more of the lube onto her.

He let her work on his sister for several minutes, Ursula was quiet, she knew she would be mounted anally son, her tummy cramped, his cock was just so damned big. Kim had learned to take it and like it, she found it easy to have shuddering anal orgasms that seemed to rock her to her very soul, Ursula couldn't say the same it hurt to take him, she heard him say,

"I think that's enough for now Little Bit, what I want you to do now is spread her buttocks, hold them apart, you understand?"

"Yes sir," she replied.

Tiny hands stroked her friend's substantial bottom then, with a hand on each cheek she opened her and Ryan ran his cock along her anal cleft before guiding the head to the crinkled flesh, he pressed, Jada was torn, she wanted to watch as his cock entered her friend but she also wanted to see Ursula's face.

Ryan saw her dilemma, he pointed to the mirror. Jada saw she could see both, not at once but all she had to do was turn her head. Watching his cock slid into her, she turned to the mirror. Ursula hadn't screamed, just, as Jada now watched an open mouthed gasp, he cock was sliding deeper, as he got into her she threw her head back, with her mouth open she moaned, then her mouth drew back in a rictus, pain flashed in her eyes, her voice became a little girl's as she tried to talk to the big man that was looming over her. Jada, as an observer discerned a major difference between vaginal and anal sex, vaginal sex seemed to her to be a mutual sharing between the two participants, anal was pure and simple subjugation and domination, that and an overwhelming desire to please her man. The noises Ursula was making, mewling sounds then an occasional grasp or a moan, the look in her face, the attempt at a smile, the rolled eyes, and the sweat, she was slick as an otter, her stress was obvious, he messaged her shoulders, he caressed her flanks, but he held her cheeks apart, Jada watched as his cock pistoned into and out of her, her anus seemed to grip him, as he pulled back her ring, it pulled out when he pulled out and clutched at him as he went back in. Jada watched her face in the mirror, the range of emotions she displayed was phenomenal. Jada realized Ryan could, at least in part, dictate Ursula's response. If he was gentle she'd have a slight smile playing over her face, if he gave her a hard thrust, she'd throw her head back and make a little crying sound. Perhaps the most pathetic was when she'd look back over her shoulder, her eyes didn't reflect fear, Jada read surrender.

Ryan laid over her back, his left arm snaked around her throat, he pulled her head back, she was whimpering, he fucked her faster, he groaned as he filled her bowel with his hot semen. After he quit pumping he whispered, "You're the best Sis."

He gave the "come hither" signal with his fingers to Jada, then he looked at Ursula's add, Jada's eyes tracked his. Her jaw dropped, she could look into her BFF, her anus was wide open, she could see the red bowel, then slowly she started to close.

"Jada, move to the side, Sis, squeeze it out."

"Whoops, didn't plan on that," Ursula said. She'd farted explosively jettisoning semen out of her anus, some splashed on Ryan, some oozed out then a series of smaller farts blowing even more. Ryan produced prodigious quantities of ejaculate, now another pop, pop, pop, Ursula was looking back and laughing, he gave her a little whack on her butt, she laughed even harder, she'd gotten him, he used the towel to wipe the slime off his arm then he wiped his sister. Jada was sitting back on her haunches, she'd not only never seen what just seen , she'd never imagined it then she wondered, would the same thing happen to her?

Ryan interrupted her thoughts, "Could you clean us up Little Bit, my sweet sister is kinda messy."

She got a warm washcloth and wiped off the semen and female juices that Ursula created.

"I think I want a break and beer, will you ladies join me?"

He popped the cap on a Stella for himself and poured glasses of wine for each of the girls, "I promise I won't rat you out, Enjoy," he said as he gave each of then a glass of a nice crisp Washington State Chardonnay.

Ursula sipped but Jada, nervous, slugged her glass down like it was h20 and held her glass out. He smiled and gave her a refill, at least she sipped this one. He understood, she was building "Dutch Courage," she might need it, he poured her another glass, there five in a bottle, Ursula got the last.

"Come here Little Bit," he said. As she came to him he picked her up and put her across his lap.

The spanking was sexual, several light stroked then he played with her. Both of the girls had put their panties back on but not the tee shirts. His fingers inflamed the young girl.

"Is this the spanking you'd get from your mother if she knew you'd been drinking?"

"No," she moaned as his fingers found her wet spot, "Oh God no," she cried out, one of his fingers had penetrated her, he'd moved the gusset of her panties aside, she rode the finger, it felt good, then a second finger came into play, she gasped as it slid into her anus, he pumped, ass and cunt, "Oooooooooooooooo God, what are you doing," she asked.

"Making you feel good, you like it don't you Little Bit?"

"Nyesss," she was on the verge of cumming with just his fingers.

Wet fingers was not what he wanted, he carried the small girl to the bedroom and laid her in her back. He took off his shorts and stripped off her panties, although he'd seen her naked he hadn't really looked at her. Her mons veneris was nearly denuded, she hadn't shaved, there was just simply not much there, her slit was amazingly short, again, mo more than two inches but her clitoris was exposed from between her labia, it was swollen, blood engorged and red, he knew it would take only seconds, his mouth covered her, just a flick or two of his tongue, she wrapped her legs around his head and pounded his face. It was all he could do to hold her down as she bounced around the bed, when he finally go control of her, her head was hanging off the bed and his face was buried in the "V" of her thighs, it was like enjoying the greatest ice cream cone ever, he pulled her back up and went down for seconds.

His tongue brought her to the edge but he wanted something else, he laid back and brought her atop, he had her guide his penis to her then allowed her to slowly slide down his shaft.

"That's my girl, you've got control, Ride'm cowgirl," he teased.

The girl's face was angelic, she cracked something in Ryan, how often does one see pure euphoria, he gently let his hands rest on her hips, he didn't want her to fall off, she was giggling like a little girl, she leaned forward and kissed him, little pecks on his lips, one after another as she laughed, she was astoundingly lovely, she rode him until she was exhausted. She flattened her small body against him, her lip at his ear, she whispered, fuck me now as she rolled off him onto her back, she pulled her thighs up and cradled him, her face was beatific, she gave the slightest wince as she took his full nine inches, his ear was at her lips, she moaned, "I love you, you know," as she climaxed, she clung to him like a limpet then whispered, "I mean it."

Ryan hugged her to him and kissed her passionately, nibbled her ears, slipped down her body and sucked her tiny breasts, her head was thrown back, her breath was coming erratically, she screamed.

"Why did you do that?" She pouted as a small dribble of blood ran down her torso from below her left breast.

"I owed you that," he reminded her as he licked her blood.

"You're a friggin' vampire," she bitched.

"You bit me first, " he reminded her.

"I was in the throes of sexual euphoria, I had an excuse."

"Yeah, and now you've got a scar."

"Bastard," and then she laughed. "Fuck me damn it, I think I like this stuff."

He lifted her up on hands and knees and took her fast and hard, she moaned, cried out and screeched, she screeched, "Oh God Yes, fuck me, fuck my little pussy," as her tight little ass pounded back against him eating up every inch he could offer. She moaned, she squealed, sounds like cries and she continued to thunder against him, he winked at Ursula.

She began caressing her little friends ass, her fingers lightly stroked deep into her anal cleft as she gave the girl an anal massage, Ursula was happy as she felt Jada's outer sphincter began to relax, she now put some of the Swiss Navy on her fingers and slipped one into her. Jada gave a little gasp as she was penetrated but soon settled down. She looked back over her shoulder at her big friend and smiled, "That feels kinda good," she said.

"I'm glad you like," Ursula smiled back, she kissed Jada's buttocks then ran her tongue over her, "You're delicious," she traced her anal split with her tongue as she continued to finger fuck her. Her other hand was massaging Jada's tiny breasts.

"Ursula," Jada moaned, as she turned her head to lo-k back, Ursula swooped in, their lips met, she got her tongue, she nibbled at her lips, her ears, her throat, she whispered, "I want you."

Jada gasped, "I want you, too."

Ryan overheard, he gave her a slap on her ass, "Later, you're mine now." To Ursula he said, "Do your job."

She squeezed more of the lubricant onto and into J, ada, her tight little anus glistened in the low light, the lube giving it a sheen. Ryan fucked her hard and fast, he wanted her to climax. It wasn't long before she began to tremble, he reveled in her contractions, he held her hips and fucked her hard, she was screaming as her body shook.

"Help your friend," Ryan said to his sister, It's time."

Ursula did as he's instructed, she swung around so that Jada was between her legs and drew the small teen to her.

"Let me hold you, I'm here for you Sweetie," Ursula whispered as Jada gasped.

"He's going to do it to me, isn't he?" She whimpered.

"Try to relax Jada, I'm here for you."

The teen felt Ryan's fingers spread her cheeks, her anus was exposed, he stroked his cock along her crack then he pressed against her. Jada froze and tensed.

"Just relax Sweetie, I'm here for you," Ursula said as she stroked and rubbed her friend's sides, back and buttocks. "When he starts to push in push back like you're trying to poop, it will make it easier." Her eyes met with her brother's, Jada grasped her even tighter, from her angle she couldn't see her being penetrated but she could see Ryan's cock as it sank into her friend's bottom. Ryan was taking it slowly and gently, he'd only put about three inches in her, nearly all of the nerve endings that registered pain or pleasure were located there, now the youngster was experiencing the pain, her sphincter muscles were being forced to yield as his cock opened her, he wished Ursula could see, her anal ring was tight around his invading penis, she was well lubricated; Ursula had done a wonderful job, he began to slowly and rather gently began to fuck her.

One of the simple pleasures in Ryan's life was listening to the women he'd sodomized, whether they hated it, were nebulous about it or craved it, they each and every one had a unique sound; from a whimper to a screech, he loved them all. Jada started with a painful whimper but soon changed, as Ursula brought her to her breast and let her nurse, he heard his sister ask, "You like it, don't you?"

The child like girl under him confessed, "It hurts, but it hurts so fuckin' good," as she fell into a soft chant matching each of his gentle thrusts.

Ryan saw she was straining, her body was sweat soaked, he leaned forward, his tongue traced her from the tip of her tailbone up and along her spine, she shivered and gave out a quiet moan as he nibbled the nape of her neck. He gave her hair a little tug pulling back until he could see her face, he smiled at her, "You're wonderful Little Bit," he told her.

She wanted to hear that, no, she needed to hear that, she so craved his approval, she tried to smile back but smiling's difficult when your mouth is agape and your eyes are unfocused pools, he brought his hand to her throat and gently squeezed.

Jada was a smart girl, a wizard in fact, the random thought shot through her mind, why would girls and women endure what was so utterly painful if it didn't meet some primal need? Maybe it did, call it a "Me Tarzan, you Jane," complexity. Jane want strong dominate man to protect her, provide for her and make powerful, beautiful, healthy children, Jane get Tarzan, Jane get what Jane want at the cost of a little pain, Tarzan get what Tarzan want so Tarzan won't stray, Jane get monogamous mate (mostly), Tarzan get a damned fine piece of ass (literally). He brings in mastodon haunch (or a six figure paycheck), she and their brood of progeny grow strong, while he gnaws on the mastodon bone she gnaws on his then gets on her knees, lifts her leopard skin skirt, makes another little Tarzan or Jane and, a few minutes later a bit of mastodon fat greases where he's going next.

She thrust her cute little ass back over her thoughts then groaned and whimpered at her stupidity, she now had six inches of cock pumping her.

"Don't rush things Jada," Ursula cautioned, there's plenty of time." She kissed her BFF on the lips and massaged her tiny titties.

"Thanks for the help Sis, but now I want my little Sweetie on her side, then you can probably help again," Ryan told her.

He withdrew from her and rolled her before having her pull her legs up, her tiny pussy looked like a small pouch but her anus was absolutely available, outside Jada's line of sight he motioned Ursula to him.

"Maybe you can help," he winked, "Can you hold her cheeks apart for me?"

"Oh yeah, I can do that," it came as a gasp, she was gonna get to see.

She watched as her brother's rather formidable cock inched toward her friend's anus, he put it against her and let it rest there, her ring looked so small and his cock so large, then he pressed forward, Jada gasped.

Ursula's eyes were locked, the head of his cock opened Jada's tiny back door, he stopped there. "For a lot of reasons I like this position," he said, "I can see her pretty face if she looks toward me, I can reach her cute little titties, her adorable body is totally accessible, and, of course her delectable little pussy just cries for attention."

"Jada, I want you to arch your back and push your groin out, I'm going to fuck you but I want Sis to be able to help you, can you do that for me." His voice was soft as was his touch as he began to fuck her.

Once he'd established a nice gentle rhythmic stroke, Jada had, too. She murmured, "Nyess, nyess, nyess," each time he went deeper into her bowels. He hand signaled Ursula closer.

"Like?" He asked.

"Yeah, I do, do I make all those faces when you're doing me?"

"Oh God Sis, I'll have to show you some of the videos."

"Videos?" She gasped.

"Just for us Baby, they're not going viral, one evening we'll have a home movie night."

"Oh My God Ryan, you aren't kidding are you?"

"You're the best of the bunch, but I'll let you decide."

"Ah Jesus Ryan."

"Time to help," Jada was arched, her swollen clitoris protruded like a tiny dick from between her minuscule labia.

Ryan grinned at his sister, "Fire her up, use your mouth."

She looked at him, "You're shitting me, right?"

"I'm going to truly enjoy giving the spanking you've nearly earned, you have the most spankable ass in the family."

Her lips softly circled the clit as her tongue tickled and teased, truly she didn't mind, she kinda liked the taste of girl.

It wasn't before Ryan began to use a little more cock, he was now giving her about six inches and the back stroke was seeming to pull her bowels out that Ursula noticed. She was close to the action, her lips on Jada's pussy, his cock up her ass, her nose able to discern fragrances, scents, and odors that she recognized the pungent aroma of a backed up sewer, it wasn't overwhelming, more like an overlaying miasma. It became more evident as he pulled out, 'My fault,' Ursula realized, she'd used a suppository, that wasn't nearly as effective as a series of enemas, Ryan might not notice but she sure did.

He turned the small teen onto her back and had her pull her knees back to where she'd had breasts if she had breasts, his cock was, once again out of her as he gave her a bit more lubricant, "I want to see your pretty face when I cum in you," he told her. His cock slid in, Ursula s eyes looked like an owl's, Jada's fluttered as her head fell back, she was exposing her throat, he stroked, lightly pressing each of carotid arteries, the threat implied.

"Use the vibrator," he ordered his sister.

Low speed on the Hitachi Magic Wind was more than enough, she bucked like she'd been struck by lightening, her motions were jerky, she mumbled and moaned and looked like she was dancing 'The Robot' as she gyrated on his cock. He went deeper stretching her rectum, she screamed, pain and something approximating pleasure as she felt the pulse and gush, he ejaculated into her.

He held her afterward, his chest was soaked, her eyes had leaked. Not sobs, just an overwhelming desire to be desired, Ursula had her arms around both of them, she stroked them both, she loved them both, she held them both. Wow, she'd seen it all, every damned bit, did she look like that when she took it in the ass? God, she hoped not, but as her brother looked at her and smiled a wicked smile she realized she'd soon find out.

Ryan kissed both of the girls as he got off the bed, "I'd gonna grab a shower, Sis let me talk to you for a minute."

"Look, she needs to get on birth control, phone the doctor, get her in, do whatever needs to be done, you know the drill then give her an enema, have one yourself then a bath, we'll party when I get through upstairs, Ok?"

After the shower Ryan put on gym shorts and nothing else, he went to Kim's room, she was under the covers, he sat beside her.

He gave her a little kiss then said, "I want to apologize about the stuff with Ursula, I didn't mean to upset you, I'm sorry Mom."

"As far as you're concerned it's forgotten."

"How are you feeling? Still having cramps?"

"Thankfully that stage is passed, now to get this damned period done."

He slid a hand under the covers and fondled her breasts, "Wantta play around?" He asked as he smiled at her.

"I'd like that," she answered, "I need something to help me relax."

He turned her onto her side and laid down facing her. He pulled her to him, their lips met, he kissed his mother as he would a lover. She pressed herself against him, "I love you Son," she breathed.

"I know you do, from womb 'til today, I've always known, now relax and let me make you feel good."

His hand slid down her back, her skin was so smooth, then he went under the elastic waistband of her panties, he caressed her butt before fingers dipped into her anal slit, her taut cheeks relaxed, she opened for him.

"Umm, umm, umm," Kim cooed as his fingers spun their magic. It was so relaxing, he felt her outer sphincter relax then soft snores only a woman can make, he kissed her cheek saying, "Night Mommy."

Tina was even easier, her face relaxed in slumber, he kissed his grandmother and left the room.

Downstairs it was a bit different, there was a heavy freshness in the room, bath water, bubble bath, and a hint of girl sweetened the air. He almost had to laugh, both of them had their panties on, Jada, little Jada was on her back, his sister was above her sucking her minuscule breasts but, best of all, Ursula had her ass up in the air, even pantied it was a sight to behold, he simply watched. Swathed in white cotton bikinis, the cute little pouch that was her labia between her beautifully tanned thighs, he couldn't resist.

"Don't let me interrupt," he said as he stroked her ass then gave it a firm pat, adding, "So utterly spankable, so delightfully fuckable and tasty as a chocolate bon bon, well maybe a vanilla bon bon. You seem to have the corner on the chocolate market."

Ursula replied (well, sorta) with, "Um, um, um."

He thought, I can use a break, he took a seat in the recliner and just watched, within minutes he dozed off.

Sunlight was just beginning to wink through the blinds when Ryan was most pleasantly awakened, he squinted a single eye open to find a pair of fine females pestering him, Jada had two small hands wrapped around his cock while lovely Ursula bobbed.

They saw the opening eye, both stopped their ministrations and laughed then fist bumped, "Told ya we could wake him up." Ursula crowed.

Ryan asked, "Wanta play?"

"Hell yes but we can't, I've gotta get Jada to the doctor, she's her first appointment, 8:00 A.M., she got her enema last night but she needs to start drinking so she can pee, gonna start with coffee then a whole bunch of water," Ursula said.

"Pour me a cuppa Joe, I'll grab a shower while you make it," Ryan told her.

The girls were already out the door when he came back, he poured another cup of coffee, this to Kim's exacting requirements and carried it up stairs.

She beamed at him, life saving caffeine, it burned her lips but it was a wonderful burn, he sat beside her on the bed and finished his own cup. His hand began massaging all and everything she liked to have massaged.

"That's nice," she commented as a hand caressed her small breasts, she caught her breath as the same hand tracked down her belly, clear down her belly. She was still on her period but Ryan concentrated on the area around her clitoris. She was so anxious it took only moments before she was writhing in the throes of a much needed orgasm.

She'd not taken care of her early morning abulations, she had to pee like a mare racehorse, he led her to the bathroom. She always found this embarrassing, he made her spread her legs so he could watch her golden flow, he smiled and kissed her as she pissed. He wiped her, flushed and took her back to the bedroom.

In stead of directing her back to the bed he simply held her and asked, "How much longer Kim?" He was asking about her period.

"Just a day or two, I'm ready for it to be over, God i want to get fucked."

Ryan chuckled, a memory of an old joke; "Mom, do you know why a man can never trust a woman?"

"Well, I think they can, but, no, tell me."

"How can anyone trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn't die?"

She scowled at him.

He picked up the lube and bent her over, his fingers probed her anus as he lubricated her. Instead of the bed he led her to the lounge chair, he sat and positioned her so her could enter her from behind, she gave a little gasp as his cock slid into her. He pulled her back against him, guided her own hand down to her clit and fucked the shit out of her. He knew he was hurting her but it was a wonderful hurt, her voice sang, whimpered, screeched, begged, he grasped each of her small breasts, he squeezed and pinched, she screamed, "Ryan, you're hurting me, stop, Oh God, please."

He rammed himself deeper into her rectum, she fell back against him, tears were cascading down her cheeks, she moaned.

He pulled her head back and turned her, the kiss he gave her was as though he was swallowing her, her head fell onto his shoulder. His fingers touched her, her cunt was aflame, her climax was spectacular, it was all he could do to hold her on his lap.

"Bastard," she screeched at him, "Prick, asshole," as she sobbed.

"You liked it, hunh," he said.

"Fuck you," his Mother told him.

"No Mommy, I believe it's you that's getting fucked, want some more?"

His cock was still up her delightful poop chute, now he was gentle with her, he let her control the action, she cooed as she slowly rode him. His fingers fluffed over her clit, it was close to heaven for her, she shivered, it was beyond wonderful. She rose a little too far, gas escaped, she farted, God she was embarrassed, Ryan only laughed, "It's Okay Mom, I put the air in you, you can let it out on me, no problem."

"I like it this way," she said as she leaned forward, she wanted him to see how he had her skewered on his cock.

He did enjoy the view, her tight asshole was wrapped around cock, he gently thrust into her letting her enjoy the sensations. Later he took her back to the bed, put her on her knees and took her hard from behind as he slapped her ass. She moaned, groaned, screamed, and cried as he pounded her. Under the intense pressure she collapsed onto the mattress, he rode her down still fucking her. His semen was oozing out of her as he left the room, he stopped at the bathroom to wash his cock then went to visit his grandmother.

"Hi Tina," he said.

"Hello Ryan," she answered as she turned the covers down. "Get in and give me a hug," she said.

He did but he continued to hold her, the kiss he gave her was not the kiss of a grandson to his grandmother. She responded, her tongue was in his mouth exploring as his hand went to her breasts, she gave a little gasp then said, "You bad boy."

"Want me to stop?" He said as he lifted her top exposing her small tits, "Or would you rather I did this?" He kissed down her neck and across her chest until he could take a nipple between his lips.

"I think that's better," she told him in a halting voice, it felt so darned good.

He alternated between kissing her and taking her nipples, a hand slid down, he rubbed her through her panties until he could feel her wetness, she emitted a loud moan.

He slipped two fingers beneath the gusset of her panties to masturbate her, he watched her face. It never ceased to amaze him how women looked to be in mortal agony when they climaxed, maybe the French had it right, la petite mort, the little death. He took her panties off, fondled and fingered her vagina then moved up onto her, as his cock slid into her his fingers went to her mouth, she was tasting her arousal as he took her.

"God, I can't believe how tight you are," he exclaimed.

She giggled, "Lack of use, I'm glad you're trying to fix that problem."

"You like?" He asked.

"I love, Ryan I'm old, I thought my life was over, you're the greatest thing that's happened for me in years and years, even the women at the garden club have commented on the changes that have taken place in me, I'm the oldest of our women but they envy me, I tell them it's the energy drink I've become addicted to, I don't explain that my energy drink is a young man's semen."

He bent forward and kissed her, "You are a Princess," he told her.

She was afraid to broach the subject, how do you, well, how do you..."I have a close friend, I mean, a really close friend, she'd a member of the garden club but, more importantly she's my bridge partner, we take our bridge very seriously, last week we won $5.00 each. She's lonely, she's only fifty eight, a real youngster in our group, but she's so shy, she needs a man sometimes, I guess all women do, that must be why God made men and women, so they'd need each other to become whole, anyhow, she needs to become whole."

"You're kidding, right!"

"Please Ryan, just consider it."

"Gram, I have you, Mom, Ursula and now Jada, I'm not an Arabic Pasha."

She smiled then enjoyed the sex, nothing more was said.

He spent the night in her bed, he knew that if he went back downstairs he'd have to have Jada but she was ready for her doctor's appointment, he'd cum in Tina once but now she drilled her ass back against him, his cock stiffened, he could smell her arousal, he was cradling her, he entered her from behind, she rested her head on his shoulder as he slowly fucked her.

"If this isn't heaven I can't imagine what is," she professed. He was in her, she was being held, all was wonderful as she fell into the arms of Morpheus.

He slept with Tina that night, rose early and went downstairs. He brewed coffee then poured a big glass of water, coffee and water were waiting when Jada and Ursula came in, both were casually dressed.

Ursula smiled at the liquid display, "You've got it right bro, plenty of fluids for our patient." "Jada' drink it all, you'll need to pee for the doctor."

They left at 7:30 for the 8:00 appointment, they didn't make it back until 11:30,, the doctor had been, in a gross understatement, thorough, Jada felt like she'd been folded, stapled and mutilated but, at least she had the copper "T" in her, she had to go back in a month for a follow-up exam.

"Wanta talk about it?" Ursula asked.

"Not really, that would just make me relive it; right now I'm sore everywhere, how come if it's about my pussy she did so much in my butt, hunh?"

"Maybe she just likes cute little asses, you suppose?"

"My God, she took my temperature in my bottom then she stuck her fingers in me and, worst of all she had me on my knees bent over the table then the table bent me over, she told me it was the Jackknife Position, she greased my butthole and stuck this thing called an anoscope up my butt so she could look inside of me, God it was terrible."

"Worse than Ryan sticking his scope in you?"

"Well, she didn't kiss me, he did."

Ursula could only laugh, she'd had the Ryan scope enough times to know how it felt.

"Ryan's not gonna be home, he and a few guys are watching some football then beers and wings, you wanta do something?"

"Sure, what sounds good?"

"I don't know, maybe a movie and some food?"

"Yep, I'm all for a movie and I do want to get something to eat."

That didn't happen, as soon as they walked into the house Kim stormed at her.

"You take your little friend home and get back here, you and I have some issues to settle," Kim shouted.

"What Mom, I mean..."

"Get her and get gone, you have twenty minutes to get back here."

"As the girls rushed out of the house Jada asked, "What's that about?"

"I don't know but it can't be good, she's really pissed," Ursula answered.

"No movie?" Jada quipped.

"I don't think so, I'll call you later," Ursula said as she dropped her friend off.

When Ursula walked into the house the greeting was ominous, "Get upstairs into your room and wait for me," her Mother growled.

Jada was met bu her Mom as she came in, "Where have you been and what have you been doing?" Her mother demanded.

The young girl couldn't lie...not to her mother, she tearfully confessed that she was no longer a virgin.

Her Mother's glare wilted her, the older woman's voice was low but chilling, "Jada, go to your room and wait for me, we have things to discuss, don't we?"

Jada scampered upstairs and sat on her bed, she'd never seen her Mother's eyes bore into her like a few moments ago, she was such a good girl, always first in her class but creating such great expectations, now her Mom, Oh My God, her Mom...

Ursula couldn't believe how upset her Mother was, what had she done? Nothing she could think of, what was this about? She didn't have long to wait, Kim came in.

"You disclosed our familial relationship to your little friend, you know that is not permitted."

"I know and I'm sorry Mommy, Ryan gave me a good spanking for that."

"Ursula, this is my house and I am the head of this family, it's not your brother's job or position to dispense discipline, it's mine, now I want you to take off your shorts and panties and bring me the hairbrush."

"But Mommy, Ryan already spanked me," she pled.

"Get the pants off, get the brush and get over my lap, NOW," she enunciated.

"But Mommy."

"NOW or it will be worse."

Ursula's first stroke with the brush nearly broke her, she screamed but the first stroke was followed by nine more, ten with the damned brush and she was sobbing but it didn't stop, her Mother put all her effort behind each viscous slam. From the top of her buttocks down the back of her thighs, tears streamed from her eyes and snot leaked from her nose by the time Kim quit. She dumped her daughter onto the floor and stalked out of the room satisfied that she'd exercised her authority.

At the Livingston house things weren't so simple, Mrs. Livingston, Annie, had devoted her life to her daughter. Jada was gifted with a superior mind, Annie, a single mother, had labored and denied herself so that her child could have the very best. Everybody knows about athletic scholarships for star athletes but, certainly more quietly but no less aggressively schools, different schools than the jocks but schools like Cal-poly Tech, University of Chicago, Harvard, Yale and MIT. Now her daughter was going to risk it all for a damned man's cock. She slowly climbed the stairs, she didn't want to be here, she didn't want to do what was necessary.

"Why?" was all that Annie said.

"I'm a woman Mommy, I have desires."

"You are a genius, I've devoted my life to your future, your education, you're training, your success and this is how I'm thanked?"

"Mommy, I'm eighteen, I'm a woman, I, I have hormonal urges, I mean..."

"Who, who wrecked my daughter?"

Jada couldn't lie to her Mother, she confessed Ryan, her Mother made her pay. She always used only her hand, this afternoon Jada experienced the hairbrush directly on bare flesh, she had pulled herself into the fetal position as she sobbed pathetically, her Mother left her to her misery.

Ryan had taken time to be out with the guys, watched a B ball game on TV with pitchers of suds, hot wings, curly fries, then to Jimmy's house. More beer and now some poker, a great time, the hockey game, yeah, up in the North East they loved hockey, Hull, Esposito, Gods of the past, they talked Boston sports.

Who was their greatest Boston player?

Yaz, he won the triple crown.

Pedro, name a better pitcher of his era.

Tom, The greatest quarterback ever.

So many greats...but

The babe started his career in Bean Town, but as a pitcher and he was a damned good one, held the record for most consecutive scoreless innings in world series competition until Whitey Ford broke it.

And how can the Celtics all timers be omitted, Russell, Cousey, Bird, on and on.

The arguments over sports heroes could go on forever, but Ryan needed to get home.

Tina was the only one downstairs when he came in, he asked about the others.

"They're both upstairs in their rooms. Ryan climbed the stairs, at the top he heard whimpering coming from Ursula's room, he went to check on her.

His sister was naked and pulled up in the fetal position, he could see her butt which was a mass of bruises, he knew immediately it was the work of Kim's hairbrush. There wasn't much he could do, he walked over, gave her a kiss and pulled a sheet over her then stalked to his Mother's room.

"Why, why did you beat her, I thought you said everything was settled between us?"

"Between us it is, now it's settled between her and me."

"I don't fucking believe you," he said as he stormed from the room.

Downstairs only Tina waited, he took a cup of coffee from her and they sat down.

"God, I can't believe what she did Gram, I'm gonna have to go out and get my mind straight, right now I hate her."

"I know how you feel Ryan, but understand, she was only trying to exercise her authority, after all, this is her house."

"You know, you're right, this is her house and I'm not going to argue that, I'm simply gonna let her live here without me." He kissed his grandmother, rose from his chair and walked toward the door."

"Ryan, please, don't, we all need and love you, no, please stay."

He wheeled on the older woman, "Come with me, I want you with me Tina."

I really don't want to leave

"But...but, I mean, what are we going to do?"

"I'm going to get us an apartment, you, me and Ursula, Kim can have her house, she can rule it as she chooses."

"Ryan, I don't want that, I don't believe Ursula would and, honestly, I don't believe you really want that either. Something happened, something really bad but families overcome adversity. Stay, please."

"Ah hell Gram, you're right, I really don't want to leave, but if Kim's going to be a horse's ass I will."

"I'll talk to Kim."

"Ok, I'll drop it for now."

Ryan got up and walked to where Tina was seated, he stood behind her and caressed her shoulders then nuzzled and kissed her throat. "Ummm," Tina purred, that feels so nice."

Ryan slipped a hand down, he fondled her small breasts through her tee shirt, her nipples swelled and she gave a small moan.

"Take me to the bedroom Ryan."

He took her hand and helped her rise, as she stood he hugged her from behind, his hand caressed her naked belly then slid down, a finger traced her vaginal slit, even though it was through her panties, when he brushed her swollen clitoris her knees buckled. Ryan held her up then turned her toward the bedroom, he patted her ass and moved her into the room. He heeled the door closed then reached back and snapped the lock.

"We have things to discuss before we have fun," he said as he led her to one of the recliner chairs, he sat and brought her down onto his lap.

"Lets talk about your bridge partner Tina, tell me about her."

"Well, her name is Louise Kemper, she'd fifty-eight years old and , I think she's cute as a button. She's short and a little chubby, with her white hair she reminds me of for all the world of Mrs. Santa Claus. She's a real peach, a Georgia peach with a little of the South still in her voice. Ryan, she's a delight, you'll love her."

"So tell me Tina, what does she want?"

"Oh Ryan, this is hard. Louise hasn't been with a man in years and years."


"Well, she noticed I was, what can I say, friskier, anyhow she quizzed me and I told her; she mumbled how lucky I was, then she said she only wished she could be so lucky."


Tina confessed, "I told her maybe she could be."

"You discussed what we do here, is that right Tina?"

"Well, well, ah, maybe I hinted at it."

"The truth, tell me what she knows."

"She knows I'm happy."

"Does she know about us?"

"I don't know, maybe."

"She knows, doesn't she, you told her."

"Ok, I told her, she seemed so desperate and she's my friend, I just wanted to make her life a little happier."

"You know the rules Tina, why would you do that?"

"I only wanted to help her Ryan, she seriously needs a man and I thought maybe you'd, you know, maybe you'd help her for me."

Almost as a non sequitur he said, "You're going to spend the night with me and we have a lot to do."

"What do you mean Ryan?"

"Tina, you broke our cardinal rule, I'm going to spank you for that. I'm going to give you a choice, do you want the spanking before or after we have sex?"

"Ryan, you don't need to spank me, I'll never do anything like that again."

"I believe you Tina but I'd make odds that your friend Louise has already spoken with the other members of your bridge club, you don't suppose, do you?"

Christ, she did know Louise could be a gossip and what better to gossip about sex, she knew Ryan was right, she couldn't even deny it.

"Spank me first then, I want to end the night on a high note," she said.

"Stand up, take your panties off and hand them to me Tina."

She did as she was told.

Ryan took the panties from her and brought them to his nose, they were damp and her fragrance was heavy, she'd lubricated. He smiled at her and took her hand, she was trembling.

He stood and led her, he took her to the bathroom. "Go," he told her.

Shakily she said she didn't need to. He explained that she would before her spanking was over then ordered her to sit.

As her flow began he said, "Good girl, I knew you could."

With a hand on each of her inner thighs he spread her legs until he could watch her golden fluid drain from her urethra, "You're beautiful," he whispered. He folded several sheets of toilet tissue, when she'd emptied herself he patted her dry and flushed for her before leading her back to the bedroom.

Normally he'd have taken her across his lap but this time he did things differently. He brought her down so that she straddled his left thigh, her head and torso were resting on the mattress, her legs were spread and her genitals were exposed, he enjoyed the sight and scent of female genitalia. He rubbed her ass several times before he began to spank.

He spanked her as he would with a little girl, she was seventy one, he wasn't going to abuse her. Nonetheless, her bottom brightened to a pretty pink. He heard the hitch in her voice as she begged him to stop, he continued, more slaps than a severe spanking but continuously until she broke and the tears began to drip from her eyes down her cheeks. He laid back and pulled her atop him, he wasn't surprised as she mounted, her cunt was liquid, leaving a snail's trail of her viscous fluid on his thighs and belly.

"Put it in you Tina," he told her.

She raised herself over him, her hand held and guided his cock, slowly she slid down until he was completely in her, with her salty tears still dripping she smiled, God she loved to be fucked.

"Bring Louise over, I'd like to meet her. Make it next weekend, start Friday evening and have her bring enough clothing and stuff to last until Sunday evening, plan a nice dinner for Friday night. Does she know what it will be like?"

"Not really, she's excited about the possibility of having sex, she's been celibate for the better part of thirty years. I can understand her frustration, I felt the same until you rescued me; I'll be here for her if it becomes to intense."

But that was for her friend and for next weekend, now she was astride her grandson's huge cock, she slowly posted on it as though she was riding English, he caressed her tits as she fucked him.

She didn't feel seventy one as she rode him, she felt like the long tall sexy girl she'd been forty years ago, he pulled her down and kissed her, her belly clenched, she moaned as she climaxed.

"I love it when you cum for me," Ryan told her.

She grinned, "So do I."

He rolled her of him, forced her legs back and stabbed into her. Though he'd fucked her a number of times there was still a bit of pain when he buried all ten inched into her, she gasped as he took her, the excusite pain, her legs wrapped his waist, she wanted to feel it, his big cock opening her, oh Christ, what would Louise feel, and, as she came again she didn't care.

He pulled out, his hot mouth caressed her body, her tits, each nipple attended, her belly, her abdomen, her mons venus, her leaking vagina, his tongue savored them all, she screamed as her body trembled with multiple orgasms, even while she was cumming he entered her, he entered her hard, she screamed when he hit her cervix, she cried as he pounded her, she clawed at her breasts and ripped at her hair, he stopped, their lips met, it had been beyond spectacular.

He held her, she was totally exhausted, she wanted nothing more than his strong arms, he held her.

"Wanta take a little break?" He asked.

"Maybe a little one."

"Tell you what, we can do one of two things then we'll rest, did you have a bowel movement this morning?" Ryan asked.

She didn't want to answer, she knew what it meant but the answer would become obvious. "No Ryan, I haven't moved my bowels in two days," she confessed.

He smiled at her, "Would you perfer an enema or suppositories?" He asked.

Her head dropped, she didn't want either one, that she needed to cleanse her bowel meant that he was going to sodomize her and it still hurt, god did it hurt. She opted for the suppositories, they took longer to work and she was in no hurry to be sodomized.

"They're in the fridge, bring two."

There was an under counter fridge, mostly it contained wine but the suppositories were there, too, they could melt in heat.She handed the foil wrapped bullets, these were cocoa butter based along with their active ingregints, "Thank you Tina, do you want to be on hands and knees or would you like to be over my lap?" He asked.

She whispered, "Lap."

He took her hand and brought her over his lap, his left hand parted her nether cheeks as the index finger of his right hand forced the first of the suppositories into her rectum, he kept his finger in her until her muscles clamped on the invader. He repeated until the second was seated deep in her bowel.

"Just lie her for a few minutes," he said as he caressed her cute pink bottom.

He held her until the medication took effect, as she emptied her bowel he ran a bath for her. While she bathed he poured glasses of white wine for both of them, it was time to relax for a few minutes.

She was naked when she came out of the bathroom though she did have a nice fluffy bath sheet covering her from breasts to knees, he motioned her to him.

Ryan took her onto his lap, the press of her sweet bottom against his groin was arousing, she felt him grow under her. His fingers sought out her most private parts, he stroked her until she was soaked, she knew he could smell her arousal, she could smell herself, he brought fingers to his mouth, commenting, "You are absolutely delicious." He dipped again then fed her.

"Let's talk some more about Louise," he said. He continued to masturbate her.

"You're making it difficult to concentrate," she smiled at him, "I'm thinking more about Tina and Ryan."

"What did you think about your spanking?" He asked.

She was a little shy with her answerd, she stammered for a few moments before she got out, "It made me cry but it made me cum."

"Would you want me to spank you again?"

She dropped her head, her answer was going to be embarrassing, she whispered, Yes."

"Are you ready for anal sex?"

"It still hurts, you're just so darned big."

He lifted her from his lap and led her to the bed where he poised her, her forearms were on the mattress, she was on her knees with her small, tight bottom raised, his tongue licked and then pierced her anus, she moaned as he tasted her. Then his fingers, one then a second opened her, she felt the chill of the lubricant followed by the press of his cock against her, she pushed as she'd been taught, her voice came up into a clear and ringing soprano as his cock forced it's way through her sphincters. Everyone in the house now knew Tina was being sodomized, there was no mistaking her voice.

Ryan slid up on her back, he wrapped his fingers on her short bob hairstyle then forced himself deeper, she was getting all ten inched.

Tina began to moan, her sounds bordering on crying, her face a rictus of pain, he lowered her so she was on her side, he could easily reach her tits and pussy in this position, he slowed his thrusting and caressed her breasts while he stroked her genitals, her legs began to quiver like she was suffering from restless leg syndrome, the rest of her body followed. He pulled out of her and just held her until her body had settled. He just held her.

His Grandmother began to sniffle, "I'm sorry Ryan, I want you in me, I really do, I don't know what happened to me, it was really weird."

"It's Ok Tina, just rest for a while, maybe we can try again later."

"God, I feel so bad, I really wanted your cum in me."

"And I wanted to give it to you but, like I said, it's Ok, we'll catch up later."

She turned so that she was facing him, she kissed him then buried her face in his chest, "I love you, you know, don't you," she said. He answered in kind. He began to stroke her body, from her face down her nexk, her breasts, her belly, her groin and then around to her ass. She thrust her body against him.

"I'm so sorry Ryan and I want to make it up to you," she took his penis in her hand and began to stroke him. He'd gone flaccid after their failed anal but now, with her ministrations he was regaining his erection.

Tina swung herself over him, she was now facing his feet, she continued to masturbate him then he felt her hot breath. Her mouth was like moist satin as she slid along his shaft. He loved the view, all of her feminine treasures were on display, she was still lubricated, he couldn't resist, he began to finger her anus.

She gave a little groan as he penetrated her but looked back over her shoulder at him, "Sweetheart, just let me do what I want to do, I want your cum in me, please let me make you cum in my mouth." She began to more vigorously pursue her goal. Ryan honestly didn't particularly care for receiving oral, he'd suffered too damned many teeth over the years but Tina was spectacular, who'd have guessed that his seventy one year old grandmother was the best fellatrix he'd ever encountered. He laid back and enjoyed the sights and feelings.

As their mutual arousal rose he asked her to turn around, he surrendered his favorite view of a woman but he did want to see her face when she took his semen. God it was wonderful, her surprise was evident as his cock jerked then exploded, she pulled off him, took a blast in the face, went back down and started swallowing. By the time he'd finished, her cum drench face smiled at him, "you're salty," she announced.

"And you're sugar and spice and everything nice," he answered "Though in you're case there must be a touch more spice," he smiled at her as he said it.

She got up, went to the bathroom and rinsed her face, back in the bed she let him cradle her. His left arm was under her, it held her and cupped her left breast, his right stroked all of the places she liked to have stroked, "Wanta cum?" He asked.

"Silly boy," she grinned at him. Fingers dipped into the lubricant, those same fingers penetrated her vagina, slowly they crawled upward, gold, treasure, the mysterious and, perhaps mythical Gräfenberg Spot (it's not mythical Ladies in my reading audience, search it out and enjoy), with pressure he hooked his fingers and rapidly stimulated her.

Ryan felt as the gland began to swell, it was filling with the fluid she'd soon ejaculate, he pressed and more vigorously massaged, she was leaking from her urethra then the explosion. He continued to massage and she continued to squirt. Some women went crazy when this happened, Tina simply tensed and moaned.

"Wow, that was something but now I'm exhausted," she said.

"We have one more thing to finish," he answered. She felt the press of his penis against her anus then the pain, she groaned as he penetrated her. He took her slowly, gently, still, it hurt, he was so darned big.

"Relax Tina, just relax," his left hand was caressing her breasts while his right masturbated her, she whimpered then began huffing in a rhythm with each stroke as he fucked her. After several minutes he shifted his position, he kept Tina on her side but he moved so that he wa straddling her left thigh with her right leg raised, he enjoyed this position, he could see her face, he could reach her breasts and pussy, and he could easily do what he now, he took her right hand and brought it down.

"That's right Tina stroke yourself, faster Sweetheart, help me make you cum, I want you to cum with me in your bottom. God you're tight, I love being in you. Do you want me to cum in you?"

"Yes Ryan, please cum in me, God yes, please cum in me."

He knew that part of the reason she wanted him to cum was because the sodomy would be over so he said, "I can't cum until you do." He smiled as she began to aggressively dance across her swollen clitoris, it took fifteen minutes, a quarter of an hour as he watched and listened. He knew these were some of his favorite moments, the facial expressions and the sweet sounds of a woman being sodomized, the unmistakable blending of passion and pain. As her body shuddered in climax he filled her rectum with his hot semen.

He got a warm washcloth, cleaned her oozing anus then wiped himself, Ryan held the older woman until she slept. He got up, pulled on a loose fitting pair of gym shorts and went prowling the upper floor.

Ursula's room, she seemed to be sleeping, he went in. When he sat on beside her on her bed her eyes opened.

"Hi Ryan," she said.

"Hi Sis, how you doing?"

"My ass is sore, she beat the living shit outta me."

"I'm sorry, I thought that had been settled."

"So did I, but when I said that to her she said it was settled between you and her but not between me and her, Christ she can wield that damned hairbrush."

"Let me see," he said as he turned down her sheet. Her ass was a rainbow of colors, various shades of red, some pink blue and purple from the bruising, then her beautiful golden tan on her thighs and hips.

"Maybe I can kiss it and make it all well," he smiled at her.

"I don't know about making it all well, but I love it when you kiss it, I love seeing my big bad brother kissing ass."

"Get up on hands and knees then."

She did and he moved behind her. He loved looking at the other women in his life from this perspective but there was really no comparison, Ursula was beyond spectacular, he didn't hesitate for even a moment, he parted her cheeks and dove in.

She was funky, she hadn't bathed today and she probably needed her an enema, but for his sister he could endure and even enjoy the funk, his tongue pierced her sphincter and she squealed with delight, he licked, tasting her, he lowered him approach, her vagina was luscious, she was lubricating, her discharge was viscous, thick, white and tasty, it coated his tongue as he again penetrated her anus, she squealed in absolute delight, she dropped to the mattress as his tongue took her to heaven, as she came he sucked her fragrant juices from her lusty vagina.

"Feel better?" he asked

"Oh my God, fuck yes, I forgot all about my ass."

"I haven't, what the fuck is she trying to do, drive me outta the house?"

"Bro, she beat the shit outta me but I know why, wasn't about what I did, was about you, she sees me as competition for you."

"Bullshit, I try to spend time with every one of you."

"I know you do, she doesn't see Gram as competition but she's in her forties and I'm young."

"Jesus Sis, I don't think I've shown any preferences, I mean I love you all."

"I know Bro, I know, but she's beginning to under the change, she's scared, she feels like she's getting old. Guys don't understand, guys are cock oriented, but the ladies, oh yeah, we like the thrills but we're not so much cunt oriented as we're ovary conscious, I mean we enjoy the fun but why are we here? I mean guys may have a hard time getting it up so they think gals are lucky, that hole don't close, but a guy, if he can get there can accomplish what Mother Nature put us here for, procreation. Your sperm is infinite, millions and millions of those little swimmers, us, only so many eggs, we run out and Mommy is running out, she's scared. Look, I'm no fool, I know she's trying to get pregnant for me, she has baby I finish college, right? I'm not pissed at her about what she did, I understand."

"Maybe you do but I don't, I'm not sure I even want a kid with her, she's become such a bitch."

"Please Ryan, for me, please."

"Whatever," he said as he left her room. As he strode past Kim's room he heard her calling his name, he paused, should he answer or not, his inclination was to ignore her but she sounded as though she was in pain. He opened the door.

She was smiling, "You've been ignoring me, I've missed you," she said.

"It was intentional, after what you did to Ursula I didn't want anything to do with you, I'm still not sure I do."

"Please Ryan, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have beaten her, I know, but I've been so messed up, I'll apologize to her, I promise, but please don't cut me out, I couldn't live with that."

"What do you want from me?" He asked.

She replied quickly, "A baby, our baby, my period's over and I'm nearing ovulation."

"You want me to fuck you, right?"

"No, I don't want you, I need you, I'm old and getting older, I want our baby."

"I want it, too, but at your age it's gonna be risky, I'll want someone with you to protect you, will you agree to that?"

"Yes, of course, I'm not ignorant of the risks."

"Good, Now lie still, I'll be right back."

He returned to Ursula's room and explained what he expected of her, taking her hand he led her to Kim's room.

As they entered Kim blurted out, "I'm sorry Ursula, I guess I took out my frustrations on you."

"I survived...barely, it's Ok Mom."

"Ursula's gonna be your protector, she'll be with you 24/7 in case you need anything, she starts tonight."

"Now let's talk about how things are going to happen. To impregnate you I'll fuck you three times a day, sperm lasts up to five days in a vagina but I want it to be fresh, three times a day. You'll get anal twice a day, so I'm going to be in you five times a day. Ursula will give you a small enema and a bath each morning then you will return to bed until you and I have finished. You're to start on a regimen of pre-natal vitamins immediately, once you're pregnant you're on bed rest. Do you agree with my terms?"

"Yes, Oh God Yes, Let's make a baby."

"Ursula, help your Mother out of her clothing;" as Ursula stripped Kim, Ryan dropped his shorts and pulled off his tee shirt. He displayed the physic of an Adonis, 6'3" at 220 pounds, his cock was flaccid but, erect it was a hefty 10 inches and he was handsome as a man could be. Kim was on her back waiting when Ryan smiled.

"Scared Mommy?" He asked.

"You hate me, you're going to hurt me," As she she looked at him, she thought he seemed to be a predatory animal as he looked at her naked body.

"No Mommy, not yet," he said as he sunk down and his mouth encompassed her clitoris. His tongue flicked at her tiny jewel until she released her fragrant fluid, he quickly mounted her, he forced her legs up, she was open and he stabbed ten inches of cock into her, she gasped then cried out, he slammed her cervix as she screamed, then he went deeper, places never before entered, stretching virgin tissues as she continued to cry out from his onslaught. Ursula watched bug eyed, what he was doing to their Mother was appalling as she saw her Mother reduced to tears then Ryan roared, he sounded like an animal, a lion over it's victim as he released into her. Cum was pouring from Kim's cunt as he pulled his cock out of her, he twisted her and lifted her to her knees, semen dripped from her, he slapped her ass, once, twice, and said, "Don't fucking move."

He was back moments later, "The only I'm using this is because I don't want to tear my dick up going in dry." His fingers parted her sphincters and he was into her rectum, he could smell her bowels as he held her open, he chided, "You smell like shit, take care of yourself you nasty cunt," His cock stabbed her, she howled as her belly cramped, he was into her abdomen.

Kim clawed at the sheets, the mattress trying to escape, she got her feet under her and launched forward, one of his arms circled her then his weight slammed onto her back, she couldn't move, his right hand slapped her buttocks, once, twice, thrice, then four and five. His mouth was at her ear.

"Don't you run on me, don't you ever run on me, you're mine, your body is mine to use as I see fit, do you understand?"

Kim sobbed, "Yes, Oh Christ, yes"

"I handle the discipline in this house from now on, what you did to Ursula brought this on, you fucked up, plain and simple, and now you pay."

His cock had slid out of her during their struggle, he was riding her back and now he had her in a prone bone position, he made her reach back and spread her cheeks, his cock opened her, he fucked her until she'd gone beyond begging and crying, she was limp under him. He pulled out and turned to his sister, saying, "Now you're even, clean her up, give her an enema, bathe her and put her to bed, I'll be back in the morning and I want her ready."

"Yes, sir," was all Ursula could say.

Ryan added, "Have an enema and a bath yourself, you're kinda funky." He left the room.

Ryan wasn't a heavy drinker but he did keep some good stuff on hand, he poured himself four fingers of Macallan's 25 year old Scotch, slowly sipped it as his adrenaline stabilized then went into the bedroom where Tina was waiting.

"What happened?" She asked.

"I dealt with some problems," was all he said before cradling her.

She liked it when he held her but what he said gave her a little chill.

"Slide your butt back against me and arch your back," he said, as she obeyed she felt the press of his cock against her anus, he said, "Push out," as he penetrated her.

He took her slowly and gently but he worked all ten inches into her rectum, it hurt, not that he was trying to hurt her, it was just that he was so damned big, she hadn't screamed, he'd not heard her clear soprano no, it was just her own particular huffing he listened to as he fucked her.."

He came in her as gently as he'd fucked her, he held her until he heard her muted snores, then he allowed himself to rest.

When morning came Ryan was the first up, he brewed coffee and had a cup before going upstairs, Ursula and Kim were in bed together, surprisingly in each other's arms, he just watched them, even in her sleep Kim clutched at Ursula, her protector. He lifted the sheet, though she was still bruised the color was fading, he sniffed her, she'd cleaned herself, he went to the other side of the bed.

"Wha...wha, Kim mumbled."

I'm going to make you a Mommy again Mommy," Ryan said as he came down on her. Her pussy was dry, unsuspecting sex she hadn't lubricated, she cried out as he thrust into her, she couldn't hold back, tears flowed as she moaned under his assault. Ursula awoke as her Mother was raped.

"Ryan, please, don't hurt her any more, please, please, please."

Ursula was sure he was going to sodomize Kim but, instead he left. saying as he walked out, "I'll be back at noon, have her ready."

Kim was sobbing, the pain was terrible, she was sure he'd torn her then her daughter took her into her arms.

"It's Ok Mommy," Ursula crooned, "It's Ok, I'm here for you." She held her Mother until she'd cried herself out, took a tissue and wiped her leaking nose then pulled her to her breast. Kim burrowed in, with her face buried she whimpered, "He hates me, doesn't he?"

"No Mom, he doesn't hate you but he is pissed with you."

"Because of what I did to you?"

"Yes, you lost control and I paid but I forgive you, now just relax."

"I think he tore me, I hurt so much down there."

"Let me look," as she spread her Mother's legs.

She was red but fortunately there was no bleeding, Ursula told her that he'd bruised her but she didn't appear to have been ripped. She did see the semen oozing out, she did what only moments ago would have been unthinkable.

Her head dipped as she tasted the commingled creaminess of her Mother and brother, her tongue was soothing, Kim began to relax then began to become aroused, moments later she added her ejaculate to mix at her groin.

"Jesus, Joseph and Mary, I came in your mouth, I'm so sorry Baby," Kim cried.

"And it was delicious, now relax and rest, you can pay me back later."

As Ursula pulled her to her breast Kim realized she couldn't resist if she wanted to, her daughter was bigger, stronger, more athletic and younger than she, Ursula had endured the beatings simply because Kim was her Mother, it was from respect, God she felt the fool, she snuggled in her strong arms.

Resting her cheek against her daughter's breasts Kim felt a new sensation, one she'd never felt before, desire, no, desire for a woman, she worked her hand under Ursula's tee shirt and caressed her. Unlike herself, her daughter had full breasts, she raised the shirt, her daughter's nipples were swollen and distended, she was waiting, waiting for her Mommy, plump as a ripe cherry and even sweeter, Kim took one between her lips then into her mouth, she began to suck.

"Yes Mommy, that feels so nice," Ursula moaned. Kim straddled her leg, her wet pussy left snail like tracks as she rode her daughter's thigh.

It was nice, Ursula liked the feelings she was getting but she wanted more, she pulled her Mother up atop her then brought her up until she could smell her, taste her, Kim howled as Ursula's tongue touched her, fire and rain, then her daughter turned her, she was facing downward and the tongue was in her anus, she screamed as she was pierced, the tip of Ursula's tongue had passed through her outer voluntary sphincter and was teasing the inner involuntary muscle, it made her feel like she was going to shit, but of course she wasn't, she'd had her enema earlier.

Ursula knew how much her brother enjoyed the rear view of a female, now she understood. Kim was pretty, red lower lips, a coral pink inner core, dripping female fluid, a tan/dusty rose anus more like the blossom of a chrysanthemum than any rose bud but still, oh so desirable, The scent here was rather wonderful, the blending of cunt and ass was arousing.

Kim hadn't6 done anything, it was as though she was undecided, it was a big step, was she heterosexual or bi? Her daughter's nicely trimmed mons, her clitoris barely peeking out, her head dipped, she tasted woman, well maybe girl, Ursula was only twenty after all, she wrapped her arms around her daughter's muscular thighs, pulled them back and feasted.

Afterward as then laid wrapped around each other Kim said, "You know Ryan would beat both of our asses if he knew."

Ursula smiled, kissed her Mommy and said, "So we won't tell him, will we."

Ursula asked, "So what was it like for you?"

"Damned nice, different, it's like girls know what girls like, guys hurt us even if they don't mean to, but you knew exactly which keys to play, how about you?"

The question was a little embarrassing, as the color raised in her face Ursula confessed, "I wished i was a guy, I wanted to fuck you."

"I'd let you," Kim replied, with a smile, "I think I'd like that."

Ryan hit it at 12:00 noon as he'd said, He took Kim like she was his bitch, no foreplay, just a fucking for procreation, he hurt her as he rode her, he left her sobbing, slapped her ass and let her know that he was going to sodomize her for her bedtime fuck.

Ursula comforted her after he'd left.

Again Kim moaned, "He does hate me, oh God, he does, he does."

"He'll get over it, understand Mommy, you've challenged him and he's a guy and, worse yet, he's a special forces soldier, he'll fight and he is."

Surprises of all surprises, Ryan was sweetness and light when he came into the room, in one hand he held a floral bouquet and in the other an ice bucket containing a bottle of French Pouilly-Fuissé along with three glasses, chilled, of course, he presented the flowers to his Mother and opened the bottle. I have two more on ice ladies, we'll have reason to celebrate."

"Oh, you won the lottery, hunh?" His sister teased.

"The one I want to win, I feel it, tonight you, my dear Mother are going to become the Mother of our child and, notice the flowers are predominately pink, I forecast that we'll have a little girl; now the wine. Kim, Mother, you can drink to your hearts content now but, understand when the test is positive you get two glasses a day, no more, we don't need a child with fetal alcohol syndrome; that's a rule, we'll not risk our baby."

They clicked glasses.

"Sis, take Mom's top off, I want to look at her little titties while they're still small 'cause they're gonna fill up and she'll have boobage like yours."

Both of the girls laughed, Kim sat so Ursula could take her tee shirt then Ryan said, I get the left, and, yes, I know, you take the right. Her children who had first fed from her breasts now returned for seconds. After several minutes of enjoyment, Ryan pulled the gusset of her panties aside and stroked her, his fingers probed her until she was flowing then he said, "Ladies first," and her daughter's mouth fell on her with a twirling tongue and soft lips.

They both held her as she gyrated on the bed, her orgasm was explosive, as her groin thundered against her daughter's lips her son kissed her, kissed her hard, she could taste from her bloodied lip, he sucked it and drank her life's fluid, then she vaguely heard, "Take her panties, she'd mine now," and ten inches of cock made her scream, she screamed, "Yes, yes, yes, Oh Christ, Yes, fuck me, fuck your Mommy, make me a Mommy again, Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Fuck Meeeeeeeeee."

He smiled, said, "Yes Mommy, pushed her legs back so she was totally exposed and fucked her exactly like she liked to be fucked, slow, deep strokes, sometimes going so deep he was in virgin territory. God how she loved that, it made her scream, her ass would pound as she begged; fuck me Ryan, God be damned, fuck me Son, Yes, Yes, Yes, you are my Son.

"And you are the Mother, my Mother, my soon to be created child's Mother, it was hot, burning hot, she'd never felt anything like it, her cunt was on fire but she didn't, couldn't fight it, her Son kissed her, her breath came in heaves, he held her, she'd never experienced anything like what had happened, she never would again, his cock was still in her.

He was so gentle with her, they, the three of them drank wine and the girls got giggly. "I'm pregnant, I know I am," Kim exclaimed.

"I can't wait until I am, too," Ursula said.

Then, on a serious note Ryan said, "Yes you can, college degree and then a swollen belly and not until, understand?"

"Yes spoil sport, I understand," his Sister pouted.

"Hey beautiful, doesn't mean we can't practice 'til then, right?"

She jumped into his lap, "Right," she exulted.

Her cell phone bleated, she looked, it was Jada, she decided to take the call.

"Unhunh, yeah, I'm in his lap right now, my pussy's leaking, I want some of that dick."

"Hunh, she beat your ass, why?"

"I know you can't lie but what did you tell her?"

"Ah Jesus Little Bit, let me ask."

"Ryan, Jada's mom wants to talk to you, you wanta talk to her?"

"Sure, why not."

"Jada, put her on."

"Hello Mrs. Livingston, this is Ryan Cole."

"You want to talk to me face to face, I don't see a problem."

"After dinner this evening, eight o'clock? I'll be there, give me your address I'll use GPS."

"Yes Mrs. Livingston, I'll be there, Good bye."

"I don't think this is gonna be fun, you know," Ryan said.

"What?" Ursula asked.

"It seems she's unhappy that I busted her daughter's cherry."

"And you're gonna go?"

"Guess I have to, it'll be Ok Sis."

That conversation kinda fucked up what he was sure was gonna be a wonderful evening, he munched a couple of slices of cold pizza, had a Sam Adams to wash them down, showered and dressed rather formally for him; khakis, collared pull over, socks and boots, commando, left setting the GPS and drove to meet his fate.

It didn't start well, Jada wasn't part of the conversation as a participant, she was banished to her bedroom upstairs and he was a fucking rapist white pig. How did he know this, Mrs. Livingston explained it in no uncertain terms.

Ryan just shook his head at the woman.

"I'm no sure you have all the facts Mrs. Livingston, I didn't seek out your daughter, she'd a friend of my sister and that's how we met. She's over the age of consent and had decided, well, decided she wanted some sexual experiences, they came to me. Yes, I can't deny, I took your daughter's virginity."

"Mr. Cole, you took far more than that."

Ryan said, "Please call me Ryan."

"And you may continue to call me Mrs. Livingston. You took advantage of a child, RYAN, a child with no worldly experience."

"Mrs. Livingston, your daughter is eighteen, I'm sure she's stifled hormonal urges for some three or four years, she, except for her huge brain, in a normal teen aged girl, but she waited until it was legally permissible and, through my sister, she came to me."

"So, you're no more than an arborist of young, innocent girls, a gatherer of cherries?" Mrs. Livingston spat.

"Mrs. Livingston you couldn't be more incorrect, I have, if you prefer, violated several virgins, but I don't try to "count coup" with young female pelts, it was as a favor to Jada and to my sister. I protected her, I gave her a morning after pill, I paid for a gynecology examination and a birth control implant, would or could have you done more?"

"Yes, damn you, I'd have left her a virgin, I haven't been with a man in nearly seventeen years, we don't need you."

"She knows, she told."

"What are you talking about?"

"Your panty drawer, why is it that women always secret them in the panty drawer along with pads or tampons, scents for the lower body, whatever, that's where the toys reside; Jada knows."

The woman's eyes bugged out, she gasped, "What."

"Yes, Jada knows, she knows her mother is human with human urges, urges she's controlled with toys so she could take care of her daughter rather than lose herself to a man. Annie, Jada respects you for what you've done for her but, by the same token she sees you as a hypocrite. You address your hormonal urges but she's to remain a little girl. Wake the fuck up Annie, your daughter is a woman."

The woman across from him broke, she sobbed, "I only wanted what was best for her."

Ryan got up and moved so he was standing behind her, he massaged her shoulders as she cried, "Only the best for her."

"Annie, you have a brilliant and beautiful daughter, I can't imagine her making mistakes."

"But I did, didn't I?"

"Nothing that can't be overcome, she'll understand."

"Oh Jesus, I hope so."

Ryan grinned though she couldn't see, "Want to show me your toys?"

She had a nice collection, vibrators, rabbits, a whole bunch of stuff, but he was intrigued by the anal play things, he asked,"like anal?" I've never really tried, just like to play." He smiled.

From behind he held her, her nipples were as hard as candle sticks and almost as hot, he caressed her, his hand slid down her tummy until he could strokes her womanhood, it had been too long, she released, her panties were soaked with her ejaculate, she folded backwards into his arms.

New sounds, never before heard sounds, moans, cries, gasps, something from a movie, Jada awoke, her mother didn't watch this kind of shows, she got up and, on bare feet padded down the stairs. The sounds weren't from the TV room, they were coming from the guest bedroom and, as she neared, she recognized the voice, it was her mother She crept, she knew the human eye detected movement first, she dropped to her belly and snail crawled.

He had her from behind, she watched mesmerized as his huge cock pistoned in and out of her mother's anus. She remembered, Oh God how it hurt opening her, and now she was able to watch the same thing being done to her mother, she heard the wails, she saw the tears streaming as Annie screamed, "Yes, Oh God Yes."

He came in her, came in her slender ass and walked her to the bed. He laid her down, he was still in her, he continued to fuck her in her ass, she sobbed as he rode her. Jada nearly went into the room, she wanted to stop it, she wanted to protect her mother but she sensed that would be futile, all that would happen would be that he would take her, too. Two small women, virtual twins in all appearances would be left in tears. When he finally pulled his cock out of her she was amazed, her mother rounded on him, spit, "Bastard," and took his cock into her mouth.

He said, "That's a good girl, get me hard and I'll fuck you again."

Her mom's legs were pinned to her shoulders, Jada had watched her have two orgasms before Ryan had pinned her, she moaned and cried out as his big cock filled her, he came then lowered her legs and gently kissed her. Jada snuck back down the hallway as he dressed and left.

His sister had waited up for him. "What did she want?" She asked.

"It's Ok Sis, we worked things out, you and Jada can still be buds."

"It's not buds now Ryan, it's BFF's, Ok."

"So, what does that mean?"

"Best Friends Forever, silly."

"Gee, and I kinda thought it might mean Butt Fucked Female," as he pulled her down onto his lap.

She was mounted on the Magic Mountain, her head was back on his shoulder as he went into her, he loved how she moaned as his cock slid into her, he fucked her slowly just so he could listen to her sweet voice, he whispered in her ear, "Invite Jada over again, I want you both."

Six days later Kim failed or passed, depending on your point of view, the home pregnancy test, she made an appointment with her gynecologist, two days later Annie puked in the morning, she'd forgotten the Plan B pill Ryan had left for her, her breasts were tender and swollen, she cried as she realized she was pregnant, she told Jada who called Ursula who told Ryan.

He immediately drove to the Livingston residence, he want to talk to Annie, assure her that he would be there for her and their child, he held her as she cried, "I'm too old, I have an eighteen year old daughter."

"I'll take care of you both Annie, she climbed onto his lap like a child, her tears stained his shoulder, her small body shook with emotion, emotion that translated to arousal, she rocked on his lap, the soon to be mother of his child, she pled, "Love me Ryan, please love me."

"I do Annie and I'll do what's best for you and our child, I promise."

Sometimes emotion takes control, Ryan was wearing gym shorts commando, Annie's hand sought him out, he sprung forth fully erect, she slid the gusset of her panties aside and threw herself down as she skewered herself on his huge manhood, she moaned as she slid down.

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