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Fiction | BDSM, Bestiality, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Non-consensual sex

Tina was in taking a long, hot bath. She felt sticky from the hot sun and all of the fun that she had been having. She thought back to all she had done since she had gotten there. She had been busy. She had met a few great guys, as well as being with her man, David.

As she was remembering, she slid the douche bottle slowly inside of herself. The door opened at that moment, and Tim walked in. Don’t you believe in knocking? She asked. Sure, if I want the person that I am walking in on to know that I am coming in. He replied.

Tim walked over to the side of the tub and watched Tina as she squeezed the water out of the bottle and into her cunt. I used to help my ex girlfriend with that job, and she always thought that she liked the way I did it better than the way she did. How about I give you a hand? Instead of waiting for an answer, he took the bottle out of her hands and slid it back into her cunt. Put your legs over the side of the tub now. I want to be able to see what I am doing, he laughed. She did as he told her to do, and he started sliding the tube in and out of her cunt. I love doing this, he told her, but I always thought that they should have made the part that goes into your cunt a lot bigger around. That way, you could enjoy it more.

Tina couldn’t believe how hot she was getting just from listening to Tim talk to her. She had always loved being talked dirty to, and she was getting a lot of it lately. Tim pulled the douche out of her and told her that her bath was over. Lets get you out of the tub now. I can think of better things to be doing right now.

She climbed out of the tub and started drying off. Let me do that for you, he said. Tim took the towel and started drying her. First he slowly dried each breast, taking the time to rub her nipples until they were hard, little peaks, then he worked his way down to her legs. He worked his way up each one, then slid the towel between her legs. He slid the material between her cunt lips, and across her clit. The slight roughness of the towel sent waves of pleasure through her. She raised her hips so he could get better contact with her. Instead of the towel, he ran his fingertip over the sensitive area. He then dropped the towel. He made her lay down on the floor and spread her legs as wide as he could make them go. I want to watch you as I play with you. He said. I want to see my fingers slide deep into that hot slit of yours as I finger fuck your cunt hard, and you’re going to let me.

He slid two fingers in her wet cunt and smiled as she gasped. Do you like that? Do you like it when I make you take my fingers in your cunt? I love it. It gets me even hotter knowing that you are watching my body as you play with it. She told him. Then I will see how you like three. He took his fingers out, then slid three fingers up her wet cunt hard. She cried out, but he just gave it to her harder. You love it, don’t you? Tim asked her. Instead of answering him, she just bucked her hips up toward his fingers. You are a horny little bitch, aren’t you? Do you want me to fuck you? You want me to take my cock and slam it up into your hot, wet cunt and make you cum on it? Yes, now! She cried.

Do you want to get fucked by my tongue or my cock? He asked her. This really made her hot. I want your cock now. I need to feel it deep in my cunt, and I know that you like to fuck me hard. He laughed at her, but instead of giving her his cock, he spread her cunt lips and started to tongue fuck her deep. He flicked his tongue in her hole over and over. It felt so good to her but she needed to get his cock into her.

All of a sudden, the bathroom door flew open. It was David. What the hell do you think you are doing? He said. Tina was scared, but Tim just grinned at him. Just having a little bit of morning fun. I didn’t think you would care. Tim told him. Well, maybe I do care. He said. Tina, get up now and get into the bedroom. Could I at least get my clothes on? She asked. Hell no. You don’t need them.

He went into the dresser and grabbed the belts that he needed to restrain her. You are going to learn a lesson. You don’t fuck around unless I say. He took her arms and tied them to the headboard, then took each of her legs and tied her spread out on the bed. Tim was watching her with hot lust as David was tying her up. He had already gotten so hot from playing with her in the bathroom that he could barely stand watching her get tied up.

Go and get Jake and Jack. Who is Jack? Tina asked. You will find out in a minute. Tim and Jake came back with a large black lab. What are you thinking of? Tina screamed. I am going to teach you quite the lesson. One that I don’t think you will forget for quite a while, but also one that we will enjoy. David came around to her side, and spread her cunt lips wide. He started fingering her with two fingers to get her juices flowing. David, I am sorry, Tina said. She was worried about what he had in mind. Please don’t do this. He whistled and the dog jumped up on the bed. Now, since you thought that you could have fun this morning without me, We will all have fun together. The dog lay down between her legs, and stuck his nose up to her cunt. Please don’t let him do this to me. She begged. I will do anything that you want me to. David just laughed at her. Now that won’t teach you anything, now will it. The dog nosed her, and then started licking her cunt. He slid his tongue up and down on her cunt, licking her over and over. That hurts. His tongue is so rough. Please stop him. But he just laughed again.

Jack was licking her harder and harder. He was sticking his long tongue deep in her cunt, burying his nose deep inside her hole. David had her lips spread so wide that Jack could get his tongue deep inside of her cunt. That is how he wanted it. He wanted to watch the dog eat her out deeply. He wanted to watch her get tongue fucked hard by the dog. She started getting hot. It didn’t hurt now, and she was shaking now from the feel of the long, hard tongue that was licking her cunt. It was also getting the men quite hot. Spread her cunt wider. I want to see him stick it to her harder and deeper. David did just that, and the dog licked her harder and deeper. Tina started cumming then. Oh yes, oh yes, she cried. Deeper, I want it deeper. The men watched as the dog kept licking her cunt. The harder she came, the deeper he went. Let him lick me harder! Fuck me with your mouth she cried. She kept cuming so hard that she thought that she was going to faint. Finally, Jake pulled the dog away.

Now it is my turn. He pulled his cock out of his pants, and while her legs were still tied open, he shoved his cock to the hilt in her cunt. Fuck her hard! Fuck her cunt hard. David told him. We are all going to fuck her good. While Jake was fucking her cunt, Tim knelt over her face. Suck on me while he fucks you. I want to be good and hard when it is my turn. Tina took his cock in her mouth, and he pushed it all the way into her mouth. Suck me good. I know how good at it you are. Watching that dog fuck you with his tongue got me so hot that I am going to fuck you until you beg me for mercy. Wrap your tongue around my cock like he did in your cunt. Jake lifted her hips up so he could fuck her even harder. He loved to have a woman totally at his mercy, and where she was tied up, he could do anything to her that he wanted to.

He liked the power that he had over her, and it made him harder than ever when he thought about her being tied up under him. He slammed his cock into her cunt hard and fast. This made Tina cum again. It is my turn, David said. Jake pulled his cock out of her, and David untied her legs. I want you up on your knees. Now I am going to fuck you like the dog that just ate you out would have. Maybe I will still let him fuck you. I know that he wants to. No She cried, and she meant it this time. If you don’t want that, you had better please us all then.

David put his cock deep into her wet cunt. Now, fuck me. Rock back and forth on my cock. She did as she was told. He spread her ass cheeks, and played with her asshole as she fucked him. David slapped her ass. Fuck me harder. You need to show me that you want me to fuck you instead of the dog. She slid back and forth on his cock hard and fast, fucking him until he came. That was better, he told her, but I don’t think it is fair to Jack to let him get hot from eating you out, and not get fucked for it. Tina was begging him not to let the dog fuck her, but he just laughed as the men all forced her up on her hands and knees. David spread her legs as Jack mounted her. He took jacks cock and guided it to her cunt. The dog slammed his cock all the way into her hard and fast. He kept fucking her as the guys watched him and got hot all over again. When the dog was done fucking her, Tim was not going to be left out. His cock was hard and ready. Spread your legs and get your ass high up in the air. Tina did, as she was hold. He wanted to fuck her ass.

He wet his cock in her cunt again, and slid it up her hot little ass. Now, I want you to turn around with me, and sit on my cock. They managed to turn around, and as they sat down, she buried his cock deep into her asshole. Jack came up to sniff at her cunt again. Looks like he wants another taste of her, Jake said. Spread her legs and let him at her, David said. Tina did it herself this time. She wanted to get eaten out hard again. Especially since she was sitting on such a hard cock. As the dog licked her cunt, David shoved three fingers up her cunt. He finger fucked her as the dog licked her and Tim fucked her ass. She wiggled on Tim’s cock. She couldn’t hold still. It felt so hot that she couldn’t wait for Tim to cum. She was Cumming hard on her own. Tim spurted deep in her ass. David kept fingering her and holding her cunt lips wide so Jack could keep licking her. He was out to punish her and enjoy himself at the same time.

Rating: 67%, Read 127617 times, Posted Jun 15, 2004

Fiction | BDSM, Bestiality, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Non-consensual sex


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