My Sisters Best Friend_(0) by phenyxfenyx

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Background: My sister let’s call her Kaylee is 2 years younger than me. We were both really close since the divorce, taking care of each other. We shared a lot and we both played sports and she was starting to come into her womanhood, beautiful long legs that went on forever, small tight ass and great hips. Flat stomach that leads to a nice set of B cups tits, Kaylee had deep blue eyes that looked like the ocean, and she had this long brunette hair that was always in a ponytail. I had checked my sister out and spent a few showers imagining what would happen if she were to walk in as I was stroking my dick. There was even a time that she and I messed around but that story is for another day.

This happen when I was turning 21, this story is what happen between me and my sister’s best friend. Let’s call her Ashleigh, she was this little petite thing that seem to love the attention her body gave her from the guys around town. She was about 5’4, ginger red hair, pale complexion that made everything look sexy on her, I would guess about a size 3 she wasn’t fat but definitely not super skinny. Her tits were full C cups that were perky with cute pink nipples. Her ass filled out in the tight jeans that she would wear. Her green eyes made it easy to get lost in her, freckles around her cheeks just made her look so innocent.

Ashleigh just turned 20, her and my sister was going to go out for the night and celebrate with a bunch of her friends. In was in the middle of summer and she shows up to pick up Kaylee to go out and party. Kaylee was still in the shower getting ready for the night, I answered the door. Ashleigh was in this black strapless dress that barely came down to her mid-thigh, it was hugging every curve of her body. It seemed to barely cover her tits, this dress was meant to steal attention and it definitely was doing that. Wearing black high heels, made her ass pop out of her dress. She must’ve seen my jaw dropped because she just smiled and let herself in. As she passed me at the door, her ass rubbed up against me and I instantly got hard.

She was absolutely gorgeous, and she knew it. Ashleigh and I got along like brother and sister with her being so close to Kaylee, being over every night. I felt like I had two sisters, occasionally Ashleigh would innocently flirt with me. I always just blew it off like it was nothing, her and my sister just being silly, I did have a crush on Ashleigh but I figured it would never go anywhere. A few times I would imagine what it would be like with her and great it must have felt.

“Hey, your sister ready yet?” she asked with a huge smile on her face. “No, she’s just now getting in the shower.” I said trying to regain my thoughts. She said down on the couch in the living room, I sat down in the chair across from her. She didn’t try to cross her legs, the dress came up a little bit on her thigh, and she just sat there waiting for Kaylee to get done. I get a glance at her thong she was wearing, this red and black lace thong. She must have seen me stare at her underwear, I just hear this giggle and she closes her legs. “It’s my birthday so what did you get me?” I smiled and just shrugged “Nothing really. Maybe just a kiss since I didn’t get you anything.” She just smirked “Fine that will have to do.”

I couldn’t tell if she was being serious so I got up and sat down next to her. I turned to her leaning in to kiss her luscious full lips. She grabbed me and immediately pulled me in, kissing me hard and long. Her lips tasted like cherries, intense kissing, she put her tongue in my mouth, passionately kissing me for what felt like forever only in reality it was 10 seconds. Slowly pulling away from me, she just looked at me with those green eyes and had the sexiest smile ever slowly running her hands down my neck and body. “I’m not as innocent as you think I am I’ve wanted to kiss you since I was 18.” Ashleigh said in the sexiest voice, barely whispering in my ear. Just as I am about to say something she immediately goes back to kissing me, moving around, kissing and nibbling on my ear. Her hands would run along my head, neck, and body, I know she felt my hard dick underneath my jeans. I tried to slide my hand up her dress but she stopped me, and just smiled, saying I would have to wait. We just sat there making out for the next few minutes until we heard the shower turn off. She stopped, whispering that more there was more to come later.

Straighten herself up, crossing her legs and waiting for Kaylee to get out of the bathroom.

Few minutes after Kaylee got out of the shower, she finally made her way down to the living room where Ashleigh and I were sitting apart from each other. Kaylee was wearing this red dress that hugged her body in all the right places. That dress was very sexy on her, it was one size too small but it was great for Kaylee. “Hey! Happy birthday sis! Did you say happy birthday to her yet?” Kaylee said looking at me. I just smile and say “Yeah!” Ashleigh giggled and just as quick as Kaylee showed up, they left.

After they left I showered, changed into gym shorts and t-shirt, watching movies for the night. Thinking of that kiss and Ashleigh’s smoking hot body in her heels and black dress. Late that night they get home, Ashleigh was helping Kaylee in the house. Kaylee loved to drink and tonight she was trashed. I help Ash get Kaylee to her room, just as we get her to her bed Kaylee said she didn’t wanted to ruin her dress so she wanted us to take it off of her. So Ash and I slide off her dress, and Kaylee was wearing these matching bra and thong combination, it was making me a little hard. Ash just smiled turning to me “she had a bit much to drink.” I just shook my head, and went into the living room, hoping we were going to pick up where we left off earlier. These shorts don’t hid the fact that I have a semi-hard dick, just as I sit down and get comfortable I see Ashleigh come over to me, in a sexy model like walk. “I want the rest of my birthday present from you.”

She sits down on my lap, kissing my neck, nibbling on my ears, and rubbing herself against my dick. She lets out a small moan, as she feels my dick get harder and harder the more she rubs and kisses. She took off my shirt kissing her way down my body. She pulled me up on my feet and slid down my shorts showing my full 8” dick hard as it’s ever been. She got to her knees grabbed my dick, stroking it slowly; as she is doing this she puts her head at my thighs, kissing them, moving closer to my dick. She sucks on my balls, and licking the shaft looking up at me with a teasing look. Stroking my dick faster she went between my legs, licking slowly from my gooch up my balls then she slides her lips around my penis head.

Sliding down sucking my dick so passionately, stroking my dick it was so hard not to cum in her mouth. She starts to suck harder, going faster, playing with my balls and I grab her head and start to fuck her mouth. I cannot contain myself anymore I can feel myself getting close to going. She stops sucking my dick stands up, pushing me down back to the couch. She slips the black dress off, to reveal her beautiful body. She was wearing red and black lace bra and thong that did take very long for her to strip off. Her tits were full C cups that were perky with cute pink nipples, her pussy was shaved and dripping wet. Ashleigh straddles my dick, grabbing it and guiding it into her dripping wet pussy. As she slid down, I felt her tight pussy squeeze harder around my dick. I grab her ass, and she moans and rocks her hips back and forth. Grabbing her hair, pulling her head back I push her all the way down, she bites my neck clinching her pussy around me. Ashleigh is riding me harder and faster letting out moans quietly as she scratches my back and I grab her ass and hips. Just as we are starting to build a rhythm she gets off of me, bends over next to me “I want you to fuck me from behind and I want it fucking hard.” She said with a moan.

I get behind her, and the view was incredible to see her ass, I slide my dick in hard and deep. I grab her hips holding her in place; she throws her head back moaning loud enough I thought Kaylee would wake up. I shove her face into the couch and just fuck her as hard as I can; she is moaning and rocking back into me. I smack her ass; she loved it and just started to clinch my dick harder. I feel her pussy tighten up, she is definitely getting close. It makes it harder for me to hold back my climax and I feel myself getting closer the harder I fuck her. I don’t have a condom on and I don’t know if I should go in her but at this point I don’t care. “Cum in me, I am close, I want to feel your cum in my pussy!” Ashleigh screamed, just as she said that I let my load loose, cumming so hard in her pussy. As I am blowing my load she starts moaning that she is cumming, gripping my dick so hard it. I stay in her for a few minutes, relaxing; we sit down on the couch, she licks the juices off of my dick. We finally get up and go to my bedroom…….

Stay tuned for the morning after

Rating: 88%, Read 25912 times, Posted May 30, 2014

True Story | Blowjob, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female


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