Bailey and Jade part 9 by DR_smilez

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Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Female, Incest, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Young

Emily woke up from a very nice sleep, and smiled. Today was Mother's day. She loved this day of the year just like all mothers. She stayed in her bed as Johnathan brought her waffles and orange juice, which she ate happily. He gave her a kiss, tasting the syrup on her lips, and headed downstairs. Bailey came in a little later, and gave her mom a beautiful card, and said laid down next to her mother. Then she heard her youngest daughter run down the hall, and jump onto her mother's bed, smiling.

        Jade had other plans than just a card and a kiss, and Bailey was in on it. Jade kissed her mother on the lips, also tasting the syrup, and smiled. She had an idea, but decided to save it for later. As she kissed her, Bailey got to work on the rest of her. She unhooked her mother's bra, revealing her beautiful breasts. She fondled one as she sucked on the other. Once they heard her moaning, the two little devils knew it was time.

        They reached down to her panties, and felt them already soaked. Bailey continued on her upper body, and her younger sister removed her bottoms. When they were off, both sister slid down, and slid two fingers each into their mother. She inhaled sharply, and squirmed as her daughters worked her. Bailey flicked her tongue over her clit, and she squealed. Johnathan heard the noise, and went upstairs to see what was going on. His cock hardened as he saw the way his daughters were treating their mother.

        He asked "Well, what to do?" Bailey answered him by rolling over, exposing herself, and cupping her breasts. Her father got the message, and set to work on her, sliding his cock in, and back out, building up speed. Jade took over Bailey's job until she heard her father cry out as he came into his daughters maw. He was tired, and left, satisfied. Bailey returned to her position, and made out with her sister, passing their fathers cum, as they continued to work their mother. She cummed, and shreiked as she did, and her daughters ignored her and continued.

        She tried to reason with them "I am your mother, and I want you to... to.. STOOOOOO" she never finished the word stop because Bailey sucked hard on her clit, and she came again. When they had finished, they said "Happy mothers day" in unison, and walked out the door, showing of their behinds for their mother.

        "That was great, but holy hell that made me horny" Bailey said. "I might be able to fix that problem sis" Jade said with a smile. Go to your room and wait for me. Oh and your going to need this" she said with a wink, handing her some rope. "But we have cuffs" Bailey said. "I know, now get a move on" she replied with a playful slap on her butt.

        Bailey laid on her bed, waiting patiently, playing with herself absent mindedly. Jade entered the room quitely, holding something behind her back. Bailey's breath quickened, unsure of what this horny little demon could be hiding. The reason she had grabbed rope instead of handcuffs became clear, as she bound her hands and feet together, hands behind her back so she could freely move, but was limited.

        "Close your eyes sis" Jade whispered. She felt heat as Jade lowered herself onto her sister's face, facing away from her.

        "Taste" she said. Bailey opened her eyes and licked, tasting her feminine lubricant, but also something sweet. It was syrup! She had covered her pussy in it. Bailey lapped at her sister's sticky slit like a dog, enjoying thouroghly. Jade enjoyed this even more, and began to grind her. She reached behind her, and drizzled more of the syrup. It got everywhere on Bailey. Her cheeks, mouth, and dribbled onto her neck and chest. She continued Jade released the built up pleasure, pouring a mix of cum and syrup into Baileys mouth.

        Having not been attended to, Bailey was hornier than ever, and her sister saw this. As she tried to touch herself, bound by the rope.

        "Don't worry, lemme get it for you" Jade said as she kissed her sister, softly rubbing her pussy which was hot and wet, begging for attention. She cleaned the syrup off of her big sister, licking her cheeks, neck, breasts, and stomach, bathing her like a mother cat would her kitten. She paused at each nipple and bit softly, causing Bailey to shudder, enjoying the sting. She kept licking, surprised how far the syrup had run. When she had finished, convincing Bailey that she was done, she poured the whole bottle onto her midsection, and laid on top of her, pussies grinding in a sticky mess. They both loved the feeling, and Jade could tell her sister could as she watched her body convulse, spraying cum onto her pussy and stomach. They kissed for a while, and decided afterward to go hose off, as a shower surely would not suffice.

        As they walked down the hall, their mother saw them, and almost came for a third time that day, seeing her daughters covered in syrup and female cum. Bailey slapped her sister's ass as they walked outside, leaving a sticky handprint.

        The two walked outside to the backyard, still a sticky mess, and turned on the hose. Bailey went first like always as the oldest, she always got first for everything.

        Bailey inhaled sharply "Fuck that's cold" Jade giggled, and placed her thumb over half of the tip, making it spray harder. She turned slowly and sensually, making sure it hit every inch of her body. Jade sighed as she thought about just how beautiful her big sister really was. Bailey smiled, she liked how her sister stared with those big Bambi eyes. She blushed and took the hose.

        "Your turn silly goose" she said. Jade walked away, and it was Bailey's turn to gawk, as she still envied her little sister's perfect butt. Jade put on the same little show Bailey had as she washed her down, loving the cold water against her skin, feeling goosebumps cover her skin. She bent over for her sister, and she washed the handprint she had given her a little while ago, leaving nothing but the faint red hand-shaped slap mark.

        Dylan was watching the ordeal from the door, and decided to surprise them he had been jerking off to his beautiful sisters, and was ready to finish. Bailey squeaked as she felt something hot and sticky hit the cold skin on her lower back. She turned around, and blushed again as she saw her brother, eyes closed, still finishing. She had turned to quickly, and some hit her in her midsection.

        "Dylan!" she said annoyed "I just cleaned up". He laughed and kissed her, grabbing her butt playfully. She wiped some off her stomach and broke the kiss, quickly put her finger in his mouth, and resumed the kiss. He liked the taste of himself among his sisters mouth. Jade, not wanting to be left out, cleaned Bailey's back for her orally, but kept some on her hand, and used it as lube to give herself a quick fingering while she watched the sexy scene of her siblings' passion. When she finished, she tasted herself mixed with what was left of her brother's, and thoroughly enjoyed the mix. When they were finished, they all went inside, and laid down on the couch. Jade drifted off to sleep, tired from the whole morning. Her birthday was coming up, and her brother was going to take her horse riding. Her dreams were happy as she imagined how fun it was going to be.

Rating: 81%, Read 10005 times, Posted Jul 03, 2015

Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Female, Incest, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Young


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